Emergency powers for President Noynoy Aquino: Like giving a blowtorch to a child

Members of Congress are reportedly proposing the granting of emergency powers to Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to “give him more control over power generation in the country.” To that, Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone also added the country’s commuter woes as further justification saying that development of solutions to these problems “can be achieved by empowering President Aquino with powers that will expedite the processes of implementing mega power and mass transit systems.”

Does PNoy possess sufficient vision to run a benevolent dictatorship?

Does PNoy possess sufficient vision to run a benevolent dictatorship?

The problems underlying power and mass transit in the Philippines has festered for many decades as these had followed the same slow rot that besets much of the other degenerate aspects of Philippine society and industry. But electric power came to light again recently after electricity distributor Meralco announced steep hikes in power rates last December. This provoked a public outcry that led to the issuance of a temporary restraining order by the Philippines’ Supreme Court on the price hikes. Meralco’s response was to threaten the public with “rotational blackouts”, an act Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon described as an attempt to “blackmail” the public into timidly accepting the situation like they always have.

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Manila Times columnist Ben Kritz highlights the plight of Filipino consumers who are unfortunate to be living under the crushing weight of of “one of the world’s highest energy costs”. This situation is unlikely to be alleviated anytime soon as the problem is deeply systemic owing to “a legal framework that prevents rational planning and regulation of the energy sector.” He sums up the Philippines’ electricity production and distribution woes thus…

The southern island of Mindanao continues, just as it has for at least the last six years, to be beset by supply problems, heavily reliant as it is on aging, seasonally-affected hydroelectric power. The heavily populated northern island of Luzon actually has enough power, and if a sound growth and management plan was in place would continue to stay five or six years ahead of anything resembling a supply shortage, but suffers from technical inefficiency and politically-enabled rent-seeking. The central Visayas region of the country, really a collection of many small grids due to its geography, suffers from a bit of both the problems of its neighbors to the north and south. And all across the country, customers are at the mercy of business relationships between power producers and suppliers, relationships that are by turns collusive or adversarial.

Power failures take the glitz out of Manila's already meagre glamour.

Power failures take the glitz out of Manila’s already meagre glamour.

Given the breadth and depth of these problems, it is unlikely that President BS Aquino or any president for that manner can implement the right solutions within the one year limit on the timeframe of the effectivity of the “emergency powers” Evardone proposes.

The key question here is quite straightforward:

What will President BS Aquino do differently this time?

Because the country’s energy and transport woes have spanned many presidents and their administrations, it is unlikely that the least-qualified among Philippine presidents and one who now presides over one of the most fragmented administrations in Philippine history will be able to competently tackle a crisis of this magnitude.

Developing solutions to energy and transport, furthermore, will require cooperation across sectors and branches of government. But the Philippine government under the watch of President BS Aquino has degenerated since coming to power in 2010 after having antagonised the Supreme Court over Aquino’s personal vendetta against former Chief Justice Renato Corona and dragging Philippine Congress into a vast pork barrel corruption scandal that has virtually paralysed the nation.

The extent of this paralysis and dysfunction remains at the fore as the Philippine government and Philippine society at large continues to fail in efforts to recover from the devastation wrought in November last year by super-typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) after a flaccid emergency response immediately following the disaster that was witnessed worldwide. The failed emergency response and the continued failure of on-going recovery is seen by many to be rooted in a long-brewing political rivalry between the Romualdez clan that rules Leyte province which felt the brunt of Haiyan’s destruction, and the Aquino-Cojuangco clan that currently rules from Manila.

Politics trumps results as far as Filipino politicians are concerned.

Politics trumps results as far as Filipino politicians are concerned.

With so much evidence that neither wealth of resources nor an abundance of political power makes much of a difference as far as any Philippine government’s overall ability to step up and collectively work properly, the question of the effectiveness of any further power given to President BS Aquino becomes a no-brainer.

[Photo of President BS Aquino courtesy Interaksyon.com.]

55 Replies to “Emergency powers for President Noynoy Aquino: Like giving a blowtorch to a child”

  1. Evardone also said the two problems – which are threatening to undermine the country’s growth – should be tackled by an administration armed with emergency powers.
    “The emergency powers shall, however, provide safety nets to ensure transparency and accountability,” Evardone said in a statement.
    “I think this is a golden opportunity because we have a very honest President who is incorruptible and who enjoys the confidence of domestic and international investors,” he said.

    I also have full faith and confidence in our dear leader.
    The president must let the peoples voice be heard!
    We need a referendum to change the constitution so that our president can stand for elections past the two term limit, we need him to finish the great work that has been started.

    More power to Mr Aquinos! Put the electricity companies in their place!

    1. Contrary to the hate posts and lies by the GRP, the president has done a very good job. I really felt sorry to read GRP trying to discredit all the major media, surveys, polls that show Sir Aquino’s enduring popularity.

      Once you discredit everyone else that do not agree with your own personal opinions, then write hate posts and try to misconstrue biased ideas as “unrefutable” facts, it’s a very slippery road.

      The article tries to imply our president is childish and incapable.
      I am fairly confident that NOT ONE of these so called grp propagandists will tell our president or any public official what they write about them face to face… Why? Because they are cowards hiding on the internet.

      Would you respect anyone that will only pen lies and hatred posts on the internet, yet never say the same things in a public place?
      That is why these posts are worthless.

      Long live the Aquinos! May they rule our nation forever!

      1. Bwahahaha! Another created alternick from a Yellowtard? PROUD PINOY II…seriously? Man, you folks must be so desperate to create multiple accounts just for your propaganda.

        Care to explain why so many people remain poor? How about the increase in electricity, the failure to create more jobs and the so-called surveys that are just hocus-pocus?

        If your idol was such a performance-driven person, he wouldn’t be blasted by the international market and the local people as well. Years of nothing but empty promises is the kind of character I’ll remember from PNoy after his term.

        Enjoy promoting your useless praises – his lack of credibility to be a president was clearly evident even before campaigning to be one.

      2. What the GRP crowd fails to realize is that the masses have already been captured by the mass media which is under the control of Big Business.

        For you “intellectuals” to think that this little blog can compete with organized financial (business), spiritual (religion), and cultural (mass media) subjugation is quite funny really.

        Yeah dream on folks. You guys really crack me up.

        Just take my advice and leave that stupid country.

        1. @Conyo

          You are a defeatist.

          Here’s the meaning of the word if you don’t know what it means:

          Noun 1. defeatist – someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions.

      3. Facts not Fiction wrote: “we have a very honest President who is incorruptible and who enjoys the confidence of domestic and international investors”

        Proud Pinoy II wrote: “Long live the Aquinos! May they rule our nation forever!”

        And these my friends, are the reasons why these trolls should be accorded with contempt and disdain. It’s amazing how such a wonderful bunch of delusional and fanatical asswipes can claim to be living in a supposedly democratic society and keep a straight face.

        A perfect president that can do no wrong even in the face of mounting evidence and biting reality. A people claiming they live in a democracy yet wants their president to rule forever.

        What an incredible display of cognitive dissonance – two conflicting belief systems vainly rolled into one. That people like this in such stupor exists is testament to the mental sickness that infects this country.

      4. and i am confident pnoy aquino would never have a face to face debate. he can’t think on his feet.
        reading badly written speeches, badly, is all he does. oh and questions from schoolgirls and elderly women ‘journalists’
        debates and discussions are beyond him.

      5. You have got to be kidding! Even blind freddy can see that thus current government is the most hopeless in Philippine history. Pnoy is only a champion at pkaying the blame game and taking credit where it’s not due. Get real!

      6. Aquino was was an unqualified disaster who led this country down the drain and you elected her even more unqualified dipstick of a kid to her previous post? If Cory had not conveniently died in the run up to the past election then Manny Villar would be President. I believe he is a thief, but at least he is an efficient thief.

    2. “…we have a very honest President who is incorruptible…”

      Proof of this statement or your you are a massive liar.

      I, on the other hand can show you more times than one that shows he is a massive liar.

      1. One is that he is claiming that he’s ignoring his critics yet he sends out his moronic malacanang trolls to “silence” them for him.
        Another one is that he said that he wouldn’t leave the residents of tacloban behind yet he left almost immediately when his PDAF was scrapped.
        He also lied when he said that he’ll put in priority the FOI bill yet until now, it’s still stuck in limbo.
        So how is that being honest hmm?

  2. Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Noynoy Aquino
    For starters, Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III has quite a legacy to live up to. It’s part of the package when your dad’s a hero and your mom’s a revered leader. Things get even more complicated when it looks like you’re going to be part of Philippine history yourself. On top of that, a lot of people get on your case because you’re not cute, you can’t quit smoking, and you haven’t gotten around to getting married yet.

    Despite the pressure and the pettiness he has to deal with, Noynoy has managed to stay relatively calm. No public meltdowns from this Aquino.

    In any case, there are still many things about Noynoy that we don’t know. Never mind the big, scary stuff–his politics, his allies, his future Cabinet members–SPOT.ph lists 10 interesting tidbits about the man who would be president.

    1. He likes sneaking off. In a Probe Profiles interview with TV journalist Cheche Lazaro, Noynoy disclosed that he used to have lone “escapades” when his mother was president. “May mga times tumatakas ako,” he said. Apparently, he would wait for everyone to fall asleep and then he would go off to take long drives. He revealed, “Umaabot ako ng Tarlac.” What are the chances of him still being able to do that when he’s already president?

    2. Bananas saved his life. When Noynoy was just a little over a year old, he got sick and could not retain any food. Already on dextrose, one of his dad’s friends even said that that particular night would have been Noynoy’s last. Fortunately, they thought about feeding him bananas. So he lived. It makes so much sense that he would be saved by a yellow fruit.

    3. He knows Battlestar Galactica. When asked about his cellphone’s ringtone, Noynoy said that he used to have one that “sounds like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica.” These days, though, he puts his phone on silent mode. (Sir, at least set it to vibrate.)

    4. He has the relationship guru jargon down pat. At the height of younger sister Kris Aquino’s troubles with her husband James Yap’s allegedly overzealous fan, Noynoy was asked what advice he would give the couple. He said, “Kailangan n’yo ng quality time para magkaroon ng communication na maliwanag.”

    5. The way to his heart is through Caesar’s Salad. In a Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho episode, Noynoy assisted sister Pinky Aquino-Abellada in tossing his favorite salad. “Breakfast, lunch, at dinner n’ya yata ito,” Pinky said. Noynoy, however, revealed that his kitchen talents were confined to frying things and using an oven toaster.

    6. He joins shooting competitions. In 1987, Noynoy got shot when there was a coup d’etat attempt on his mother Cory Aquino’s administration. He took five bullets–one of which is still lodged in his neck. Perhaps, as a reaction to that frightening encounter, he took up shooting as a sport. Among lawmakers, he’s known as a competent marksman. In 2003, he was declared champion of the 1st Speaker Jose de Venecia Cup Shooting Competition held at the Armscor range in Marikina City. (Does he set off airport metal detectors with that bullet in his neck? We can’t help but notice that he still has a potbelly in the video. He doesn’t have it now. Good job on the weight loss! Crunches?)

    7. He loves music. Noynoy listens to folk, jazz, bossa nova, and techno–but he has no musical talents. Still, there have been a few times when he’s been convinced to take the microphone. (Please, sir, promise us you’ll never rap or sing again. You don’t have to entertain us that way.)

    8. He’s been linked to hardworking women. Based on the women who have been linked to him–beauty queen Maricel Morales, actress Barbara Milano, TV host Korina Sanchez, TV journalist Bernadette Sembrano, and current girlfriend Shalani Soledad–Noynoy seems to have a soft spot for women who work hard for what they have. It’s safe to say that he probably doesn’t like spoiled brats.

    9. He’s not really “poor.” Though he was the “poorest” presidentiable, GMA News and Public Affairs’ Votebook revealed that Noynoy’s most recent Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth or SALN puts his worth at P14,403,073. So, no, he’s not exactly a poor bachelor.

    10. He takes his kuya duties very seriously. When sister Kris’ love life was still chaotic, he made his sentiments plain to her via Boy Abunda’s Kontrobersyal. He said: “Yung taong sinasabing mahal ka, ilagay naman n’ya ang sarili n’ya sa sitwasyon na tama ang pagtrato sa ‘yo. Yung wala s’yang marital encumbrances beforehand so he’s free to (marry you). Doon wala na akong objections, kung talagang maligaya ka.” Clearly, Noynoy is more of a father figure than a brother. (Now, we sort of understand why, at 50, he has remained a bachelor. By the way, like Kris, his birth month is February. Maybe they’re more alike than we think.)

    1. Doug,

      Let me reply to all your points.

      1. To discover that Noynoy likes to have escapades like JFK and Bill Clinton only improves his image. Everyone secretly admires that “naughty boy” like JFK and Bill Clinton.

      2. Eating fruits is essential to a balanced diet. I hope this example makes Noynoy a good role model for having a balanced diet.

      3. Noynoy being a Sci-Fi Geek greatly enhances his images. This is a new generation where nerds are cool and I am sure a lot of people would like to know what Noynoy thinks about the Next Star Wars trilogy being produced.

      4. Noynoy is not given credit for his wisdom. I hope the relationship guru side of him gets more exposure to the public.

      5. Another example of Noynoy’s self awareness of living a healthy lifestyle.

      6. People don’t know that Noynoy is such a total badass with guns that he makes FPJ look like Dolphy. Even Ben Kritz will be impressed by Noynoy’s shooting skills if he actually had the chance to witness it.

      7. Noynoy has such good taste in music as it is a reflection of this refined and cultured upbringing by our National Heroes Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

      8. Noynoy is such a ladies man that he could easily compete with JFK for Marilyn Monroe’s affections. Noynoy should even give Bill Clinton some lessons on how to attract quality women (Monica Lewinsky? Really Bill?)

      9. He is the Son of our National Heroes Cory and Ninoy Aquino. Success breeds success!

      10. This shows that Noynoy has a very loyal and loving heart. This same love is what sustains him to face the challenges of running a nation. Only with Great Love can one overcome all the many Haters like Get Real Philippines who constantly try to tear you down no matter what you do. Don’t worry Noynoy, we Love You too.

      1. “To discover that Noynoy likes to have escapades like JFK and Bill Clinton only improves his image. Everyone secretly admires that “naughty boy” like JFK and Bill Clinton.” – Yeah, he is a expert in escapism…the ability to dodge issues and put the blame on anyone else when something gets in his way.

        “Noynoy is not given credit for his wisdom. I hope the relationship guru side of him gets more exposure to the public.” – I guess being immature and whining like a baby is now supposed to be a form of “wisdom?”

        “He is the Son of our National Heroes Cory and Ninoy Aquino. Success breeds success!” – Wrong kind of reasoning, a fallacy in short. Your post obviously reek of the Yellow Propaganda. Just because he is the son of Ninoy and Cory does not automatically mean he can now be considered a “hero” in a sense.

      2. 1. Jfk and bill clinton were not gay. No male massages for them. And pnoy disappears only when there are decisions to be made. no AWOL for them.

        2. 5 fruits a day and 3 packs of cigarettes. The balanced diet of a moron. Some role model. And a broken promise to give up cigarettes. Too weak. “Can’t take the stress” is pnoy’s excuse. Pathetic.

        3. playing game boy with young boys is not cool but just creepy.

        4. Pnoy aquino in true narcissistic personality disorder mode is incapable of intimate relationships. Actually prefers textmates as he admitted. Plain weird

        5. The only 8 inches pnoy aquino has ever seen is the vibrator in his ass.

        6. Shooting fixed targets is easy. Try fighting in iraq. Pnoy is a mummys boy. Wouldn’t even go into the armed forces. Coward. No wonder he hides so much.
        Great sport for a lazy coward. You dont have to move, can do it lying down, and feel macho inside. Penis envy, just like the porsche

        7. Late night karaoke and love of michael jackson music another red flag. Bad. A cultural oasis

        8. Marilyn monroe liked comedians not clowns. And intellects not simpletons.
        And men not mummy boys.

        9. grandfather a traitor. Traitors breed traitors. genetic disposition skips a generation. Even ninoy had to send him to a psychiatrist in boston. And as cory told the us ambassador – “pnoy is not an achiever or worker”. Pnoy was a failure in his parents eyes and now a failure in the worlds eyes. Mother knew best

        10. Self interest and retaining hacienda luisita was and still is the prime motivator.
        The family comes first – screw the country. The cojuangco-aquino mantra as formulated by the aquino patriarch himself.

        Now only 27% trust pnoy, so GRP speaks for the thinking majority.

        50 peso a day trolls speak for no-one. Too uneducated to have opinions.

    2. Although off topic and the article is 3 years old, it only confirms what everybody now knows about the character of pnoy aquino and the 10 words which are most used to describe him

      Childish/mood swings

    3. May sa Demonyo siguro ang Khopal na yan kasi hindi matepok tepok. Sabagay sa mga kasalanan niya sa sambayanang Pilipino dapat mag dusa muna ang hinayupak na yan.

  3. As usual pnoy aquino has screwed up, shown no leadership, tried to hide from the problem, and has ensured international businesses invests in other countries.

    The highest electricity prices in asia and the worst service.

    Clearly he is also not listening to the criticisms from the international community, so must take the blame for not creating jobs – another failure/broken promise.

    Is pnoy aquino, a.k.a calamity juan, capable of doing anything right.
    ‘Weak’, ‘lazy’, ‘indecisive’ – and that is what pnoy aquinos allies are now starting to say about him.

  4. Wow, never thought that Yellowtards would be active in this post in a couple of minutes…

    Or maybe these altnicks are just coming from the same person.

    I’m not surprised.

      1. The common denominator of these losers is that they are all deluded about nothing’s wrong with the country and its government.

        And they are all butthurt inside because we tell the honest truth.

        1. Doesn’t really surprise me that they would do the same mistake of having multiple accounts to troll this site that comes from one ip address.
          Seems like their level of stupidity has indeed increased to retard level since they are still posting severely flawed yellow propaganda.

        1. Same stupidity,same style of posting under different accounts under one ip address, yep definitely the same brand of stupidity that comes from those moronic malacanang mooks that frequent here.
          Maybe they have S&M hobbies for them to enjoy getting severely beaten.

      1. It also makes sense that they get the same result each time they troll here….failure,shame,being laughing stocks and exposure of their stupidity

  5. speaking my mind loud is a basic right under the constitution, someone who are somebody want pinoy out before his term. the primary brains that oust marcos, manipulated cory, got himself in power and now powerless, who also cut short the term of erap and became the puppeteer of arroyo, he thinks he still commands the AFP/PNP, perhaps, his co-conspirators, as usual, like his idea, especially since many of them profit from EPIRA, now they are again on a coup run, their first attempt fail (plan Aand they will continue to go on plan B to Z and so on until they succeed, their motto try and try again until we succeed, when will they ever stop???and when will the people learn and change???

  6. “can be achieved by empowering President Aquino with powers that will expedite the processes of implementing mega power and mass transit systems.”

    Translation: Aquino is able to award contracts at will to his cronies. Once this is achieved, said projects will stand idle while still providing a chash-cow for same.

  7. If this administration can’t even build a few bunkhouses without corruption; how can he be trusted to redesign the energy sector? I think I better buy a generator. We are in for a bumpy ride.

    1. it is not that they can not, they DID not want to build decent homes for the typhoon victims. it should be obvious with the delayed response and the moronically staged ‘argument'(‘ur an Aquino I’m a romualdez’ or whatever) was all part of the plan to keep the donated money tied up in the hands of those in control of it once it got into the country.

      These people are lying thieving conniving scam artisits and the political system in the country is an absolute scam/charade that is choreographed at every angle to make anything but the obvious appear as if it is happening..when,of course, it is not!

      Filipino’s should all just open their windows and shout at the top of their lungs “STOP, THIEVES!”.

  8. It’s news like this that makes me want to get off the grid and invest in solar panels. The problem is, alternative energy resources are an expensive investment in the Philippines.

  9. GMA tried to do the same thing, but could not.

    So now, under the guise of ‘energy concerns’ it appears that GRP commenter Thom Jefferson might actually correctly call BS Aquino a dictator. That is what he will be if this charade is allowed to happen.

    What is really going on? The people at the top have had the money spicket turned off by the SC. Now in a desperate bid to get the money spicket turned back on, an Eastern Samar representative has come up with this bright idea. NOW, if this doesn’t show every single Filipino that each and every politician in the Congress are connected to the thieving that is going on then IDK what will. This is as thinly veiled an attempt to legally get around what has been deemed ‘unconstitutional’ and to get the money spicket turned back on and flowing into the pockets of the people who are missing that CA$H supply keenly now that it has been temporarily turned off.

    As predictable as finger-nail growth is the never ending political charade that is played out upon the populace.
    When viewed from a proper distance it is as obvious as it is repulsive.

  10. With the way the administration handles the issues at hand? I dont think so.

    And if congress were to give him emergency powers, what can Pnoy accomplish anyway? (He is unable to focus at hand!)

  11. The retarded President will never solve the Energy Problem. Even if you give him Emergency Powers. He cannot solve it then; he cannot solve it now. His “Rah-Rah Boys” in Congress, are trying everything to make this retarded President stay in power.

    If you give him emergency power. Our country has so many problems. That means, all must be solve with emergency powers of the President. They want to circumvent the law that defanged Martial Law…this is the reason. It is a veiled move on his part to have him stay in power longer…

  12. It seems presidents either want emergency powers or else they want to amend the constitution. I feel like I am being blackmailed twice: first but the power lobby and also by the administration.

    1. @See Bee

      Some people behind the scheme are the ones profiting, from his administration. They are the “Men behind the Shadows”, who PULL the strings behind him.
      I will not be surprised; if they are the Oligarchs or the Business people; who have multi-million government contracts on government projects. Profit and Greed are their own motives. To continue to control the country is their ultimate goal. Feudal Oligarchy forever…remember Aquino is one of the largest Feudal Oligarchs in the country….

  13. Deregulation in I think 2001 that lead to privatization of some power plants seems to be whats causing these power hikes.

    No real incentive or cost reduction in solar panels, wind energy and the hardware required to install this…it’s real expensive to power an entire home, somewhere in the range of 100,000 peso’s plus.

    Earlier this year Melarco started charging the equivalent of one months bill divided up into 12 months to acquire more money, so my bill ended up with an additional 450 peso’s extra that I will never see again.

  14. What we need is electric deregulation. Meralco can make these threats simply because it has monopoly on the distribution and supply of electricity in southern Luzon, including Metro Manila. If electricity is deregulated, people can choose another supplier, aside from Meralco, as the electricity supplier.

    In case you do not know what electricity deregulation is, simply click on the first link.

      1. I think we have a different definition of “electric supplier”. As I ponder on it, I think the term “electric supplier” is confusing.

        Anyway, electric delivery can be viewed into three steps

        [Generator] -> [Transmission] -> [Supplier or Distributor]

        Generators, or electric generating companies (henceforth EGCs) are those who generates electricity. Transmission manages the transmission of electricity from generator across the country to distributors. Supplier/Distributor distributes electricity to residential, commercial, industrial, etc. Distributors normally are the ones who comes to the customer for payment on behalf of ECGs.

        Your definition of electric suppliers are actually EGCs. Meralco happens to manage the transmission and distribution of electricity, hence they hold monopoly over asking customers for payment.

        Electric deregulation that I mentioned refers to allowing more than one distributors, aside from Meralco. Meralco will hold monopoly on Transmission (since it’s not feasible to have more than one transmiting company :D). With more distributors, there will be more competition, and distributors will ideally find ways to win customer through better services.

        I mentioned “ideally” because there are ways to get around too much competition, like company merger and acquisition.

        Anyway, I still prefer more distributors than having one company monopolizing the business.

        On the other hand, I would love to have a cooperative or workers corporation as one of the distributor.

  15. No amount of emergency power for BS will let him solve a problem already brewing since his dear mom took to power almost 3 decades ago and failed to address.

    Of course that is ignoring the fact that he does not have the right skills for doing the job anyway. Get that through your thick skulls, proud pinoy and facts not fiction!

  16. Giving Emergency Power to BS Aquino cannot be compared to giving blowtorch not to a child but to an Insane Person which she is really one.

  17. When are those Yellowtards going to provide a counterpoint to the facts we’ve posted here?

    Guess they can’t back-up with those bullcrap they’ve posted. In Tagalog: “Halatang drawing lang yung sinasabi nila.”

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