Do Century Tuna and ‘Dyesebel’ mix with Anne Curtis’s career?

So Anne Curtis will now be doing a reprise of the mermaid role in the latest film version of Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel. This was announced last week by ABS-CBN and Curtis is reportedly excited…

“It’s another dream come true. Sobra lang akong speechless kasi napakalaking project ito. Sinasabi ko noon sa interviews dati, dream role ko ang Dyesebel. So ito na, 2014, great way to start the year,” she told media in a press conference on Thursday, January 9.

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos playing 'Dyesebel' in the 1973 film

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos playing ‘Dyesebel’ in the 1973 film

Dyesebel is a popular mermaid character in the Philippines. The comic book character was originally conceived by the Filipino comic book illustrator, Mars Ravelo and drawn by Elpidio Torres. Dyesebel is a prominent character in Philippine cinema and television. It was first serialized in Pilipino Komiks in 1952-53, and was later adapted into the big screen that same year. The movie topbilled Jaime de La Rosa as Fredo and Edna Luna as Dyesebel. The movie produced under Manuel Vistan Productions, Inc. and released thru Premiere Productions, was directed by the great Gerardo ‘Gerry’ De Leon.

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I wonder though… what are the implications of Curtis’s new role as a half girl, half fish ocean dweller on her being the current celebrity endorser of Century Tuna (the Philippines’ biggest producer of canned tuna)? Won’t it be a kind of betrayal of her fishy friends?


Well, as a consolation to Dyesebel and friends, Century Tuna Philippines joins the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in promoting handline fishing “in a bid to cut overfishing of yellowfin and bigeye tuna.”

Dyesebel can rest easy.

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12 Replies to “Do Century Tuna and ‘Dyesebel’ mix with Anne Curtis’s career?”

  1. Dyesebel. Again.

    And I heard there’s gonna be Kambal Sirena too. So much for Has Christian Andersen’s A Little Mermaid spinoffs.

  2. Good thing I don’t watch local TV anymore. This is another rehash/remake of a show that I can only enjoy if I’m high or drunk.

    And I’d rather get high than watch this show in the first place.

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