Anne Curtis’s business sense: ‘I can buy your friends, and this club!’

Poor little rich starlet Anne Curtis, caught behaving badly in no less than the Privé Luxury Club. Tsk tsk. Turns out these artistas aren’t too far off from the characters they portray in Pinoy movies. Sampal sampal pag may time. Lol! Thing is, she had to make sampal sampal no less than John Lloyd Cruz of all people. Mr clean-cut overall nice guy himself. How could she??

Oh yeah, I forgot… she can “buy [his] friends, and [the] club” to boot. Parang sine ba? That’s entertainment nga naman.

anne_curtis_buy_your_friendsCome to think about it, a lot of these popular Pinoy artistas are really not that good. The characters they portray on screen are not really much of a stretch from their off-screen personas. Ai Ai de las Alas is pretty much her same self on screen. Derek Ramsay plays pretty much the same sort of character in all of his movies. For that matter, the range of plots and characters to work with in Philippine cinema isn’t really that all too impressive. I mean, how many types of hapless mistresses, palengkera kontrabidas, politicians’ wives, cheating D.O.M’s, batang yagits, bitchy queridas, pompous mayordomas, sniveling bosses, and “trendy” (in the jolog-conceived sort of way) young entrepeneurs can one fill their acting resumes with?

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Anyways, that’s a whole different topic. We get the celebrities that we deserve, I suppose.

So, what’s next after Curtis’s apology?

For those who have read about the issue, yes, most of it is true. I admit to that & I have apologized to all parties included immediately…

And this one

Now.. I had been on the super popular juice cleanse for 3 days & attended my best friends bachelorette that night, had one too many drinks..

“Popular juice cleanse”. Ano kaya yun? Now I’m curious. Was this whole thing just some sort of publicity stunt leading up to some sort of contrived product endorsement? Sounds like there are conspiracy theory makings underneath all this!

Oh wait, there’s actually a Wikipedia article!

Juice fasting (also known as “juice cleansing”) is a controversial fasting method and a detox diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption. The health benefits are unproven, with many health professionals considering them potentially dangerous. Juice fasts may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The juice consumed during a juice fast is not the type commercially available, but rather that produced from freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.

Lol! Benefits “unproven” and regarded as “potentially dangerous” by “many health professionals”.

And check this one out:

Reasons to undergo juice fasting may include spiritual or religious reasons, detox, desire to lose weight, or attempts to stop habitual behavior such as smoking, drinking soda, overeating, caffeine addiction, etc.

Sounds to me like “juice cleansing” is one of those quack treatments pitched to people with a lot of money and not a lot of brain. Figures. It’s no wonder “juice cleansing” is now such an in thing in Pinoy showbiz. Well, at least some of the dots are now connected in this bizarre picture of showbiz eccentricity.

Perhaps being on a “juice cleanse” diet was what made Anne Curtis crabby enough to slap the uber-guapo JLC. I mean, hey, how crazy does one have to be to wanna do that? Miss Curtis, pwede ba? JLC was made to be loved, not slapped.

I can buy your friends, and this club.

Apologies will be accepted, but words like these will never be forgotten.

33 Replies to “Anne Curtis’s business sense: ‘I can buy your friends, and this club!’”

  1. as long as we have the same people running our movie industry this is the shit we’ll be getting. its always these pinays who grew up in who knows where that will be dressed and forced down our throats.

  2. world’s unlikeliest scenarios number 75

    a filipina ‘actress’ attempting a shakespearean role.

    world’s unlikeliest scenarios number 137

    anne curtis singing in tune

  3. Nothing to see here. It’s Anne Curtis .. I am sorry everytime she presents herself on screen she doesn’t sound very bright.

  4. ang lakas ng loob ipagmayabang ang kanyang pera, kuripot naman! pinagtrabahuhan mo ng mahusay, babaratin ka naman! kung pinatulan kaya sya ng may-ari ng club at yung mg taong gusto nyang “bilhin”, babayaran ba nya ng tama?? i swear, babaratin din nya!!! pwe!!! malalaos ka din punyeta!!!

    1. I wonder about the same thing myself. andaming mas importanteng topics pwedeng pag tuunan ng pansin, pansinin pa natin itong si curtis? seryoso? anong mapapala natin sa isyu na yan? wala. the more we talk about this, pinapasikat lang natin si curtis.

  5. Hindi niya magagawa yun kung hindi gumawa ng prank jokes si JLC, YOU ARE ALL LOOKING ON ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. MGA JLC fans! Come to think kung bakit siya natrigger ng ganun. It’s all JLC’s fault anyway.

  6. Lumabas ang natural…well, I don’t know this Duddette. Take it in consideration; if somebody had placed a “Date Rape” drug on her drinks or food. She is an attractive woman.Some idiots, may had some interest on her. They slipped a “date rape” drug on her drinks (usually, this is how they do it). Mr. Toro is not talking because of experience. I got dates easily, when I was still single…I am not handsome, but not bad looking, either…katamtaman lang ang itsura… those were the days…

  7. Sampal sampal pag may time. Lol! Thing is, she had to make sampal sampal no less than John Lloyd Cruz….dapat lang ky JCL un sana kung nandun pa si Jake hindi lng sampal gnwa nya binuhusan nya pa dana ng Drinks…Hello Who’s Banging the door sa ladies room ? just for a cheap Lil Crazy Prank.they deserve even more!!mga walang modo

  8. Wow, daming santa-santita dito. Kung maka-react at maka-judge wagas. Parang nandun kayo sa Prive bar at witness kayo sa lahat na totoong nangyari.

    1. Nandun ka ba? At ano ang totoong nangyari?

      Gusto mong ipalabas na hindi totoo yung inamin ni Anne Curtis na ginawa n’ya?

  9. The “popular juice cleanse” of Anne Curtis is just shabu, the usual diet of Pinoy artistas. Laos na kasi. Ginaya gimik ni Baron Geisler. Nanggugulo para sumikat uli.Just get yourself banged Anne.

  10. Hmm popular juice cleanse seems to be another hyped up weight loss diet fad these days.

    Anyway, this could have been something that I could say well that is her private life but too bad she did that in a public setting even if it is a private club of sorts..there are still people there. Oh well~

  11. I honestly don’t give a damn about actors and their scandals.

    At least this goes to show that even the “greats” would slip up sometimes.

    I just laugh at those people here who defend her, when she has openly admitted her fault in the first place.

  12. how do you f@ck someone’s brains out, when they haven’t got any to start with?

    anne curtis thinks silicon valley is where you go to get a boob job

  13. sorry bro, you lost me at the wikipedia article. please cite some credible sources if you’re going to attack at the juice cleanse angle.

    I have to agree with you that what she did was wrong.

  14. Ya got that right Ms. Kate, MOST people do not forget! BUT Filipino’s are famous for forgetting who is robbing the states treasury! and for the record, although far from being hard to look at…I just don’t think Ms. Curtiss is as hot as everyone seems to think. AND I am not blind either.

  15. This is what you get when you have no breeding. Before she became who she is now, she was being rented out for at least 10k a night.

  16. All I can say is, this changed my impression of Anne. I thought she was kalog and funny. I didn’t know she was like that but whatever. I’m not really a huge fan of her even though she is beautiful.

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