‘Full-blooded’ Filipinas do Miss Universe: Riza Santos and Ariella Arida


Two “100% full blooded” Filipinas who have bagged slots in this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant are making waves and are going to be sharing rooms!

Miss Philippines: Ariella Arida

Miss Philippines: Ariella Arida

Gee whiz!

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So there’s Miss Canada, Riza Santos and, of course, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida. Arida, described as a “24-year-old stunner” lists among her current pursuits an effort to “improve her communication skills so she can fully express herself.” This was after she had attracted some criticism for her perceived “flaws” in her ability to communicate.

Do agree though. It sounds like she does need a lot of work in that department. Pressed by Karen Davila to comment on her critics, her response was as follows:

“Especially, you know, Latinas cannot even speak a sentence, right? I mean, a complete sentence in English… You know, I think, it’s the Filipinos who are very critical about this,” she said.

Ouch, that hurt me in the head — from the inside…

Not to worry. There is some hope expressed that the 20 days they will be spending together sharing the same hotel room would “lead to a good friendship between the two beauty queens”.

Miss Canada: Riza Santos

Miss Canada: Riza Santos


We just can’t get enough of our “special blood”. Another report made it a point to highlight again and again how “Filipino blood” flows through their veins — Arida described as a “natural born Filipina” and Santos “a Filipina at heart as both parents are Filipinos”. And having emphasized all that ethnicity, well, one more point to make for good measure just had to be added in…

Whoever takes home the crown, may it be Miss Canada or Miss Philippines, would surely be a further representation of the Filipina beauty.

“Filipina beauty”.

I dunno. I once walked into the Singapore store of Jollibee and was a bit stunned by the Filipinas I saw there. They were stunning indeed. But not in the same sense of the word used earlier.

6 Replies to “‘Full-blooded’ Filipinas do Miss Universe: Riza Santos and Ariella Arida”

  1. Hmmmm. They May be 100% Filipino blood but look 90%
    Filipino-pean. Beauty products promotion queens have never created a nations jobs.

  2. “full-blooded” and “pure-blooded” are terms that reflect a NAZI mentality. In fact “race” is not a scientific term; but a sociological one. Humanity arose in Africa and has been migrating ever since. There is no such thing as a pure blooded filipina. The origin of this misguided type of thinking is probably in the Spanish Colonial Caste System. see “scribd.com.”

  3. ariella has a nice face, but a bit of a chunky monkey down below.
    she needs to watch the diet, or its thunder thighs, and beauty pageants goodbye.

  4. Sorry but I am TOTALLY confused as to the point of your article. And this is not some nationalistic bias here, believe me. I am just not sure what you’re article is trying to convey.

  5. I feel more proud if we send candidates that are of a Filipina beauty, as opposed to a candidate that is straight out foreign mixed. Even if they don’t win, bahala na, for as long as our candidate would show off Filipina-beauty, mas nakaka.proud pa rin!

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