Faster than a speeding bullet – Noynoy Aquino to the rescue?

noynoy_aquino2It’s been 8 hours or so since an earthquake struck Bohol, Cebu, and some other parts of the Visayas region in the Philippines. Netizens were quick to post pictures of the aftermath in social media, and news reports keep coming in regarding the extent of the damage wrought, and the number of lives lost in what could only be described as a tragedy.

And yet, it’s time to ask the question once again: Where is President Benigno Simeon Aquino (BS Aquino) when the nation, or any part of it, needs him?

I once made an off-the-cuff remark that it is easier to find Wally in a “Where’s Wally?” book, or that it is easier to find Carmen San Diego in the old “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” series of computer games than it is to find BS Aquino in times of calamity or crisis. People who grew up in the 80’s-90’s would be familiar with these.

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Let’s get back to the main topic, though.

BS Aquino has had a reputation for staying out of the public eye immediately and for several days following a natural calamity. When a habagat struck Metro Manila in both 2012 and 2013, there was no official message from the office of the President days after the height of the storms. When the waters did subside several days after the rains stopped, that was when BS Aquino came out to visit the affected areas.

I doubt anyone could forget that in 2012, when he visited a certain flooded area in Metro Manila, he brought out all his then senatorial candidates with him, and they were all atop a military truck. Back then, critics of the Aquino administration described the manner in which they decided to “grace the area with their presence” as reeking of epal. and of premature campaigning for the 2013 mid-term elections.


In August 2013, during the heavy rains brought about by Maring, people started wondering where BS Aquino was again. He justified his delayed appearance at sites by saying that he was coordinating with his cabinet secretaries. The report also stated that he followed up with Department of Justice chief Leila de Lima regarding the status of cases filed versus establishments blocking waterways.

Now in October 2013, what can the people expect to hear from him this time? Maybe that he is preparing for his trip to the Republic of Korea, scheduled on October 17-18. Who knows?

A friend of mine made the point below during the August 2013 habagat:

Look, we’re not saying that you should have visited each and everyone of the cities and regions ravaged by the storm. All we’re saying is that it would have been nice to hear from you, a few official statements on TV and radio here and there, just to let your countrymen know that you’re on top of the situation.

It would have been comforting for those ravaged by the storm to know that their President cares for them, most especially during these trying times.

Instead, you did the most predictable and made your presence felt during your father’s death anniversary.

That’s exactly it: timing is everything. In the hours immediately following a crisis or calamity, the people are crying for assurance that their government officials are on top of the situation, and that they are going to respond accordingly. I don’t think it is an unreasonable expectation that we hear a few calming words or words of assurance such as “we are prepared to assist you”, “help will come immediately”, or “your government will not abandon you or leave you to die”. You know, things that will help put confidence, and most importantly, trust, in the eyes of the people. Is it?

I don’t understand how the Aquino administration, that is so obsessed with its image and perception, can repeatedly miss out on opportunities like this to improve it. Unless, of course, it turns out that the government is not really prepared to respond to natural calamities. Year after year, the verdict is the same: they aren’t.

Then again, official statements on TV or radio were things the Arroyo administration did. Since BS Aquino is also obsessed with being totally unlike his predecessor, I guess it is only natural to expect that he won’t do it.

When calamities or crises strike, BS Aquino’s bosses need him. They need him to perform, and they need him to come up with a plan to help them recover. That’s what they paid him for. However, his reputation of “disappearing” during the heights of calamities or crises has only served to further his reputation as an incompetent president.

Defenders of the Aquino administration would say that when he does nothing, his critics complain, and yet when he finally does something they still complain. They (the critics) have every reason to do so. Nobody’s expecting the president to be perfect, but it is reasonable to expect more than a half-assed reaction from him when the time calls for it. You can’t please everybody? The post of president, the highest government post in the land, is one where intense public scrutiny is not only experienced, it is expected. It has aged and sucked the life out of those who have held its position. If BS Aquino and his supporters do nothing but complain about critics complaining about BS Aquino’s less-than-stellar performance, then perhaps he shouldn’t have been put there in the first place.

29 Replies to “Faster than a speeding bullet – Noynoy Aquino to the rescue?”

  1. The pweh-sident is always absent whenever disaster strikes and we can expect that stupid malacanang kiss-ass to show his retarded face here trying to defend his precious pweh-sident.

    We have every right to complain about his absences so why does malacanang keep sending out their moronic trolls here?
    Are they really that desperate to save face?
    They really don’t realize that the more they send out their goons, the more that they make themselves look foolish online or otherwise.

    1. Why are you such an expert in intimate details? Do you give a discount after “the deed” In exchange for his plans ? Oh yeah, you are an expert on presidential intimacy.

    2. In other words, he’s going to hide in south korea hoping that the whole thing blows over while pretending to coerce investors to invest here in the philippines.

      Too bad for you harold that we can see through your LIES.
      Unfortunately for you, the people wont forget the ongoing scandals especially the pork barrel scam and DAP that your president has invented to enrich his cronies.

      1. @ JD, finally someone said it, CRONIES. C-R-O-N-I-E-S. that is what capitalism has turned into…
        “CRONY-CAPITALISM”, it should not be confused with CAPITALISM for the two are very different animals. Almost every Capitalist country in the world has turned its back on true capitalism and is now practicing ‘CRONY-CAPITALISM’ with its deregulated banking systems, manipulated markets and ‘shadow banking’ infra-structures. it is an ugly beast and should be done away with asap, but most people do not even know it exists, so how do you get rid of something most people do not even know about? HHHMMM…

    3. (Right, he assigned INCOMPETENT people to ASSess the situation before leaving.)

      (Nice TROLLING, harold a.k.a. FISHBALL). 😛

  2. Is a re-assuring word from the gov’t. really necessary? it is not the place of the gov’t. to get anyone in particular out of the way of an on-coming bus in mid-day traffic, so why look to them when disaster strikes? afterall the gov’t. has shown time and time again that they are only out for themselves so anyone who counts on them in time of crises is setting themselves up for disappointment.
    the Philippines is a capitalist country? if the people want the gov’t. to ‘take care’ of them, the wrong system is in place.
    Don’t be waiting around for anyone to come save YOU, coz they ain’t coming!

      1. No, not really, they are both examples of a disaster(ever been hit by a bus?). but to take it a step further, WHAT do you expect the guy to do in either case?

        he won’t be rebuilding your house, or setting your broken leg…so WHAT does anyone expect the guy to do? Say a li’l sumthin of re-assurance that things will all be OK?(and then you’d get to say something just as meaningless back to him like “Thank you, sir!”.) .LAUGHABLE, really just LAUGHABLE!
        it is ridiculous to even think the guy gives a shit, coz believe it…he doesn’t. let alone that he will actually do something, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

        1. It is different because a natural disaster is caused by mother nature in which nobody has any control. A bus accident as stated in your example is caused by human error, in which somebody is responsible for the said accident.

  3. Was it not the scenario during the hostage taking at Luneta? I was asking then, where is the president. While i am not in favor with the bad side of arroyo, we saw GMA during crisis. We heard her gave statements even in standoffs involving the armed forces. We heard her in public during the oakwood incident. But where is Pinoy in distressing moments of the Filipinos. Look when he appeared during the Zambo issues

  4. That has been the conduct of Aquino, ever since, he became President. If there is a crisis: he hides. From the Mendoza hostage crisis, to the present crisis. He is nowhere to be found. He is like the Captain of a ship. When, his ship is sinking. The Captain is the first to jump off the ship.
    We have an incompetent , thieving and coward President. To give him a kick on his pants, is the best thing to do.

  5. I’m posting here because the people on Facebook are stupid. I don’t know what article they read but it surely is not this one for this article is not saying anything about BS Aquino micromanaging every single calamity. The article is calling for at least a single comment from our president to show that he cares. You people either read too much into it or don’t know how to read at all.

    1. Micromanaging a crisis, is different from hiding from the crisis. In any battle, the General was always present to direct his troops. Even, if he was in the rear. Aquino is nowhere to be found; when there is any crisis. He is hiding, or somewhat in his body: there are some substances, that makes him invisible, during crisis…what a Dude…

    2. Micromanaging?… What a laugh. He has people to do those things for him. If he is doing that, then clearly he doesn’t have a clear view of what being president of a country is. What a waste of taxpayers’ money!

  6. Resorting to calling us Pro-gloria? Pathetic. That’s the most overused “insult” you Yellow Retards can throw at us.
    You cant even accept the fact that you are LOSING here.
    Like Gogs said before, your president doesn’t need you idiots to spread his propaganda if he is doing his job well, in your case however, you seem to have really low E.Q and I.Q.

    Your president is already done for.

  7. air miles aquino has no interest in bohol/cebu.
    would have been different if ayala properties damaged.

    the travel bug is obviously in the aquino dna as bam aquino also is racking up the air mikes on irrelevant trips abroad every 2 weeks, now that the tax payer is funding him.

  8. the president cannot issue an any statement because he is not prepared…he dont know what to say to his bosses, he is just waiting to his critics to say “something” then he will act upon the things they said and came out to show that their critics was wrong, thats their style…they are more prepared on the statement/script to attack their enemy in politics, they just only waiting for timing to came out and read it, this is what they prepared of…what kind of administration we have…

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