Megan Young overcomes controversy, bags Miss World title for Ph

Despite attracting controversy over supposedly topless photos published in the March 2012 edition of Rogue Magazine, Ms Philippines contestant Megan Young has been crowned Miss World 2013.

According to an International Business Times report, the photos had “drawn ire from the fans”…

“Rules are rules when it comes to the Miss World beauty contest it seems that contestants’ taking their clothes off is a clear breach of the laws,” a user wrote to IBTimes UK on condition of anonymity.

“A beauty queen is somebody that is a good role model inside and out and obviously is a beautiful person. It’s not just about exterior beauty; a beauty queen has to have outstanding morals, elegance, femininity and class. And that’s what everybody thinks it is. Beauty queens should be seen as role models not sex object.”


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The fact that most international beauty pageants include sections where contestants are required to parade on stage in swimsuits seems to escape the sensibilities of people who would like to think the reality of the effect of a woman’s physical appearance on men can simply be ignored.

Nonetheless, the nature of Young’s toplessness in the controversial photos is also subject to debate. The “offending” image does not provide a frontal view of Young’s upper body. Whatever the case, the photos were clearly for the purposes of a fashion spread and not pornographic in nature.

37 Replies to “Megan Young overcomes controversy, bags Miss World title for Ph”

      1. We live in a country where people bomb each other in restaurants, drivers kill on the road, people vote for a six year president on the basis his mother died and an impeachment trial based on huge bribes from public coffers and you want to chest beat over a pageant where brains don’t matter? In the words of Christian Bale ” Good for you!” Proud to be Pinoy!!! Nice application of crab mentality .

      2. The beauty queen has given you honor? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        Wait, hold on. Let me go look outside for a bit. Hmmmm… let’s see.

        Same shitty roads, with equally shitty drivers.
        Same shitty looking jeepneys.
        Same shitty politicians.
        Same shitty people who keep voting in the shitty politicians.

        Ah… but wait… there is now honor in that shit. That is honorable shit! All thanks to a beauty pageant.

        The Philippines: It’s shit. But it’s honorable shit. (Unless they can’t win a beauty pageant. Then it’s just plain shit.)

      3. (Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell but total softies on the inside, always resorting to emotional outbursts than logical thinking)

      4. So Megan Young won an international beauty contest. Well and good.

        It’s her achievement though and not the achievement of the country. Congrats to her… not to the Philippines.

      5. How can someone else’s accomplishment bring you honor? My opinion is that a country should be judged based upon how it treats the most vulnerable members of its society (women, children, the poor, the disabled); not on some fictitious notion of tribal superiority based on the fact that some of it’s women have European features. “Race” is not a scientific construct; but rather a sociological one. There is no such thing as a pure race. Humanity came out of Africa and migrated throughout the world. Beauty contests are mindless pap.

    1. “What’s so Filipino about the name Megan Young?”

      Nothing. But if she had a typical Filipino name then most people would think she was from Mexico. 😀

      1. probably born out of wed lock, otherwise she should’ve been a US citizen. anyway, what happen to their policy of “only true, pure blood” filipina to represent filipin? they have been insulting other asian countries for sending “half breed” reps to pageant and here we have filipin sending their own “half breed”. a case of shooting at one’s foot, i may say.

        1. @ sandra derrick, I find your post really offensive and insensitive – and sexist. For your information, Megan’s mother worked in an office at Subic Bay, not a prostitute you creep. And her dad is even an manager/accountant who once worked in Subic. I also read that her mother worked in the US. Her mother is from Antique. Learn to research, pal, before you blabber stupidity.

          I don’t like beauty pageants but denigrating people like that (really racist as well), smells like crab mentality as well self-righteousness in your part. She may be half american, but she grew up most of the time in the Philippines and claims to be culturally filipino.

          What the heck is wrong with some of you? She hasn’t stolen anything, she hasn’t run for presidency, didn’t she? She didn’t even have to scam anybody’s money.

          Be glad that she’s even studying film-making and not like going through dirty politics like some of the scum bags you’d find lining up hungrily for the next elections.

          Besides, she won not only for looks (I don’t even believe she was the most externally beautiful gal in the contest) but she had the smarts – and that made her stand out.

          Ignorant and narrow-minded is some of us filipinos being most of the time. Time to change your perspective and learn that not ALL are scum bags at heart and in deed.

          You may criticise the actions of that person, but condemning/ scorning them, calling them names as if you even know these people personally simply makes you no different than the scum-bag pinoys you so criticise.

    2. I know this post is a month old but I’d like to add something. First off, Megan Young is actually born in the state of Pennsylvania and yet she represents Philippines? Hmmm…. makes no sense to me.

      Filipinos just like to borrow her achievement and claim it as their own.

      1. She grew up in the Philippines, dodo. She came to the Phils when she was 10. Learn to research on it, before making stupid scummy remarks. She can speak fluent tagalog and even knows tagalog gay lingo, go figure. Her parents have been separated while in the Phils, and she’s more attached in her filipino side than her American.

    1. well Paul, its the filipin way of deflecting ppl’s attention from the real sad situation in the country. reality bites, so before it bites you, better keep it out of sight.

      1. Yeah so what, too. But then again, Get Real Phils cared enough to post about her, eh? And then you came onto her FB page. I didn’t even do that. What I don’t like from some of you is that you misjudge her as if she’s done something wrong to you.

        And making sexist remarks about her parentage. Like saying her mum’s a prostitute – now, how offensive are you to say stuff as if you even know who these people are? She didn’t steal anybody’s taxpayers’ money, eh?

        Gosh, some of you are just out of psyche at times and go over-the-top when you didn’t even have to. Chill out.

  1. Props to Megan Young and other winners of other beauty contests. 🙂

    I liked benign0’s point of the magazine’s “Beauty queens should be seen as role models not sex object” versus “The fact that most international beauty pageants include sections where contestants are required to parade on stage in swimsuits”. How ironic.

  2. She did took her top off and turned her back to the camera. It’s up to the Miss World Org to decide if they want to throw her the rulebook. But IMHO, let the one who had not sinned throw the first stone.. I’m Just Saying .. !!

      1. And? That makes you an angel? So are those other politicians I suppose. They might not have posed for sexy magazines but they have caused greater sins than this person, because they wrecked filipino way of life by their corruption and undiscipline.

  3. Binay says megan youngs victory is a candle of hope – for all those ofw’s who go abroad and get ‘banged up’ by an american!

    1. they love being banged by americans. its their free tickets for a citizenship. remember that girl you cried “rape” at subic bay naval base many yrs ago? where is she now? to keep her shut up she was given a free passage to the US and everything is a done deal. case close!

      1. You loved it, as well. Hypocrite and jealous to the nth degree. This girl not only won for her beauty but also her smarts. You cared enough to post about her here as if you’ve got some personal grudge against her. Get over it, and move on.

    1. I don’t mind her winning. At least, she’s not running for presidency right? And she’s not a stupid bimbo. She’s apparently a nerd and geek so let’s throw away those stupid stereotypes about pretty girls like her. Even though I don’t like how philippine media insists on putting more and more mestizas to represent the majority, this girl has earned my respect for working hard enough not to end up in sell-out sex videos like many sadly end up in.

  4. She was born in the USA, even her dad is American, going to Philippines at age 10 doesn’t change the fact she is American.

    1. How foolish of you, right? Ever heard of the last Miss America that won who had some Indian blood to her? Well, guess what, many complained how she’s not ‘pure’ enough to represent the nation. Your double standards are laughable. Megan wouldn’t even cut out for it as Miss America, because, again, the racism is still there against half-breeds. She’s more now acculturated to her filipino side than her American. Why else should she even stay that long in Manila, if her heart is in America? Same goes for Filipinos abroad. If they feel American than Filipino, why not? Stop touting your hypocrisy you jealous prick.

  5. Instead of giving negative comments to our 1st Miss world, Megan Young, why not give compliments to her,she carries the title Ms Philippines being our own representative. thanks to her because our country has yet some good news to talked about instead of the not so good news. God is really wonderful and always all eyes on each one of us. A pleasant day to everyone.

    1. hahaha i agree with you miss margarita. those who give bad comment are kinda jealous, sad to say.instead of being proud, they say something nonesense.

    2. the same principle should be applied to pinoy too. when other countries win a beauty pageant, why now you congratulate them instead of insulting and criticizing the winner and accusing the whole pageant was rigged (i.e MS Uni 2012). pinoy are so sensitive when they are being criticized by other ppl, but pinoy dont have any qualms when doing it to others.

      1. Speak.For.Yourself.Loser.

        You don’t have her beauty, grace and smarts to even make it international. I don’t even watch these shows, but unlike the other pageants we had in the past who are not as bright, Megan is somebody respectable and is fair enough to represent us, even more so than the dummy president we have now.

        Pinoys are sensitive. You sound typically that way, too. It’s okay to be sensitive about your surroundings. At least you care right? But there’s a lot of downside to it, too. And you’re showing it a lot of that negative sensitivity.

        You’re envious enough to post your narrow-mindedness.

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