Was LTO Chief Virginia “Virgie” Torres Caught On Video Playing Slots in a Casino?

Yet another scandal video has gone “viral” and this one doesn’t involve sex, but someone who looks like Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Usec. Virginia “Virgie” Torres playing a slot machine inside a casino.

Here is a link to the video which allegedly shows Usec. Torres playing slots, click here.

lto chief virginia virgie torres caught in a casino

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Philippine government officials are prohibited from entering casinos and if the person in the video titled “LTO Chief Casino Queen” on youtube is proven to be Usec. Virgie Torres, it could have dire repercussions — especially at a time when her department as well as the agency she head is embroiled in a number of corruption exposes.

lto chief virginia torres casino

President Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino already received flak over Torres’ appointment as LTO Chief, with many pointing to it as proof of hiring cronies, shooting buddies, and allies instead of basing his decision on appointments on professional merit.

Apart from a number of corruption exposes, the LTO has been in the target sights of motorists who have been having a difficult time for the past year or so getting drivers’ licenses, car registration stickers, and new license plates.

77 Replies to “Was LTO Chief Virginia “Virgie” Torres Caught On Video Playing Slots in a Casino?”

  1. Let us not jump to conclusions immediately, and see the other side of the coin. This video may be before she entered the government agency and just released to destroy her reputation.

        1. Nope, it is YOUR propaganda that is a blatant lie.
          You obviously lack the brains to realise that nobody will believe you.

          Your propaganda has failed you once again, fool.

    1. Double standard much?
      When it comes to your president’s enemies, your kin ALWAYS jump to conclusions.

      It’s ironic how you malacanang stooges manage to fuck up your logic

      1. Careful of your words. It is not the president’s enemies but it is the people’s enemies. And the president do it for the people.

        1. Is that supposed to scare us?
          Oohh, im shaking in my shoes
          It’s really pathetic how you still manage to be incompetent in threatening people on the internet.

          Not gonna be surprised anymore if your malacanang miscommunications group gets disbanded after your president’s imminent ouster

  2. How come this issue on the non-availability of LTO stickers are not being reported in the media…nothing on TV, radio, nor dailies. I only got my sticker in June after refistering my cars in Jan and Feb. Imagine the 4 months delay which I have never experienced before…a delay that long. My guess is the money they have collcted was used in the last election. Damn with the excuses given about their supplier’s fault. Now, LTO has yet to release those for April and we are already in August. It obviously is not caused by their supplier otherwise they would have corrected the problem sooner. tsk tsk tsk

    1. The president will not, together with the Aquino’s legacy to us, the Filipinos, appoint a corrupt and incompetent staff in his cabinet. He knows what to do.

      1. and yet his KKK is implicated in corruption scandals.

        Let me remind you that HE is the one that appointed them.

        Don’t even try to deny it. Your president is already doomed to fall.

        1. So what if they are on scandals? Run an investigation, then. But it is a waste of time. People are not outraged anyways. The people supports our president and his ways.

        2. Oh really? Then how come a lot of people are voicing their complaints on social media? Don’t forget that your network’s recent attempt at glorifying your president’s mom spectacularly backfired in their faces. The overwhelmingly negative comments against your so called heroes are already a sign that the people are NOT happy.

          Your propaganda has failed you, fool.

      2. You disregard the KKKK term so accept the fact that you are a LIAR and it’s all Yellow Propaganda BS.

        Fact: the President himself is incompetent. It’s total hypocrisy if you said ‘no’- πŸ˜›

        1. It is only you that will believe in what you said. The others (majority of Filipino citizens) will not.

        2. And yet here you are, pathetically attempting to convince us through your stupid propaganda and failing yet again.

          Still not very bright are we, Bobong Kapalmukha?

      3. The president is a brainless, spineless, quivering, sheltered mama’s boy. Who handpicks morons for employees. Present company excluded of course. Well not really.

        1. ^ Might be the reason why Aquino is still hiding in his closet, wearing his yellow pajamas and clutching his yellow teddy bear whenever disaster comes. -_-

        2. Post that nonsense at the official Facebook page of our president and see how the people will reply to you if noticed.

        3. Looks like someone here is getting butt hurt.

          Go cry us a river, butthurt noytard.
          Your president is finished.

      1. Assec Torres decieded to get rid of the Urinalysis requirement LTO because out of 100 people tested only .06 tested positive for drugs….there was such an outcry from fixers (family members of LTO employee’s) that the requirement remains still, when was the last time you registered your car or renewed your license in a provincial area, get ready for fixer buildings not defined compound for the LTO branch, your sent outside the compound for eye testing, insurance and urinalsis. You must be a very wealthy person and pay the fixer to do everything for you? I would like to hear your reply please, address your reply to the Philippine citizen, tell them why they need to play games at the LTO office, many wait for 4 hrs plus to get a simple thing like this accomplished, they need to pay 100 Peso’s to lesson the time line to 2 hrs and the wealthy dogs just walk in and walk out in minutes, one cashier window and double the paperwork.

    1. Another form of HEARSAY.

      Since when the people here believe in a BS newspaper like the Inquierer?

      TROLL. πŸ˜€

        1. And your point is?

          No matter what you say, it still won’t hide the fact that newspaper is clearly favoring your incompetent president.

          Your propaganda has failed you again, fool.

        2. TROLL. πŸ˜›

          Who is the liar? A biased newspaper who are allies with the Aquino family or the unbiased ones?

          Of course you won’t answer because what I’ve said is actually TRUE. πŸ˜€

        3. Top selling news in the country, try to make some sensible comments on their board…they will give you warnings, GMA won’t follow-up on foreigner death stories they won’t give their side of the story and wont’ address corruption in the government other than the blame game on scape goats and if I say things such as there’s no need for MMDA or a police force I get blocked for a time, 70% of the general population can’t use the police because they have no money to pay them, without payment money no case solved, LTO in many provincial area’s are way corrupt, full of fixers.

    2. Your propaganda is a diversionary tactic. One that will never convince us. Just give up since your president is already outed as a FRAUD like YOU.

      TROLL HARDER, fool

    3. napoles lawyer was in malacanan 2 weeks ago.
      mar roxas is involved up to his scrawny neck.
      another of pnoy’s corrupt lowlife.

      no doubt de lima will let napoles escape the country to save the cabinet the embarrasment of being shown as corrupt.

      any comment on ochoa and his contract commission. i guess not

      what a bunch of crooks

        1. And those issues against the presidents’s enemies are a fact? Nice logic you got there, Noynoy fanboy. πŸ˜›

    4. Your president can’t fool the people much longer.
      The people are already getting tired of your president’s incompetence.

      Give up, you fool.

      1. “Your president can’t fool the people much longer.”

        So why is he still not ousted after 3 years? Remember that no people power can happen during PNoy’s term because his family are the ones who made it possible.

        1. he might not be ousted through people power but there are other means of kicking him out of malacanang.

          your logic fails again

        2. Just accept the fact tht you are a LIAR because what comes out from your mouth are nothing but PROPAGANDA.

          I would love to see your comments being deleted because you are SPAMMING every blog post with that.

          Accept it or go home. πŸ˜€

  3. She was supposed to get rid of the urinalysis requirement because I think the results only netted 0.6% caught, so why is there a need for a urinalysis? With their computers whats the purpose of all the paper work and only one cashier, gets old people..why can’t you fix this.

      1. “Because it is still standard.”

        So you are basically admitting here that the present administration has done nothing to change the shitty system in the LTO.

        You have once again shot yourself in the foot, you fool.

        1. It’s not standard to take a urinalysis…anywhere but here, I have never heard of that and it costs extra along with the dirty fixers ya know family members of the LTO employee’s they have their fake but real looking buildings next to LTO offices, some LTO offices dont’ have one compound but several that sever corruption and nothing done about it. Workers at the LTO branch should each have their own cash drawer and be able to handle the job, the paper work is already on the computers because the employee’s need to input a little bit of data so what’s with filling out all these forms, it needs to stop and just saying it’s standard, man your part of the problem, it doesn’t need to take more than 10 minutes for a renewal but it takes hours and of course with 100 peso’s its two hours, enough already.

  4. torres admits it is her in video.
    maybe she is like kris aquino and harbours a secret gambling addiction.
    no doubt torres will say it only happened once! a true addict and congenital liar

      1. It still doesn’t hide the fact that she got caught red handed and all you pathetic malacanang stooges can do is damage control. Typical for an incompetent government to rely on retards like you to do ineffective propaganda in order to desperately hide the truth.

        Still not very bright are we, bobo kapamilya?

    1. We’ll see how PNoy and his “Tuwid na Daan” (c)(tm) will work on this.

      My assessment
      – another distraction will be set up for the public and she’ll be dismissed quietly, typical of his allies in messed up situation.

    2. Guess what her excuse is

      Torres said she played with the slot machine after having dinner with a friend.

      She said she was amused with the machine’s lights.

      “Yes, I remember having dinner with a friend in a hotel. While waiting for the bill to be settled, I saw the slot machine on the lower floor and out of curiosity, I sat in front of one machine and marveled at the lights and read the instructions. I immediately left when the bill was paid. This happened way back,” Torres said.



      1. ^ Her excuse sounds like it would come out of a malacanang idiot like BK here.

        This government is already falling apart, there is no mistake about it.

        Like Gogs said in a blog post a few days ago
        If this president was really competent, he wouldn’t need idiots like BK to spread his propaganda.

      2. ‘She said she was amused with the machine’s lights.’

        Bring her to Vegas then, there are more lights that can amuse her.

        Seriously though, that is just a sad excuse.

  5. the corruption in malacanan increases by the day.
    pnoy as usual goes into hiding.
    one press reporter said panic is setting in as the incompetent communications group struggle to stem the tide of questions.
    nobody believes anything they say anymore.
    the wheels are coming off.

    1. The fact that BK here is clearly grasping at straws at our points against his propaganda is already a sign that they are doomed.

      1. the fact that they have an uneducated and ill informed fool to try and defend the indefensible with moronic and repetitive oneliners says how devoid they are of intellect and ideas. pathetic

    2. UH, since when was anything that a Filipino politician not taken as a lie?
      THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT and there is NO DIFFERENCE between Aquino, Arroyo, E-rap etc, etc, etc…they are all buddies that ‘shame’ each other in public and laugh their collective asses off at the people in private.
      The people, for their part(and like IDIOTS), feel compassion and ‘righteous’ indignation when their reps are ‘SHAMED’ and that is to the utter delight of the thieves that are the politicians.
      WAKE-UP…THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, red shirt, blue shirt, yellow shirt=SAME SHIT

  6. The only thing going down faster than pnoy’s credibility is foreign direct investment – a barometer of international confidence/credibility in pnoy.

    “Foreign direct investments (FDI) went down by 85.7 percent to
    reach $17 million in May 2013.”
    Business Mirror

    1. FDI going down?
      Why am I not surprised?

      It is already clear that Mr. Aquino lacks the competence to manage the economy. Only thing he’s good at is stealing credit and blaming his enemies for all the ills in the land that started during his mother’s term.

      Not gonna be surprised if that idiot replies with YET another stupid propaganda.

  7. Its a good comedy show at the malacanan music hall press briefings with The Three Stooges

    Abi ‘ i’ll get back to you on that’ Valte

    Ricky ‘oh no!’ Calamityagain

    Edwin ‘eye bags’ Lacierda

  8. What CASINO is it? if its in Vegas, she is guilty of nothing, YES? it may not even be the woman in question as the video is not real HD quality. The LTO chief, as corrupt as she probably is…has nothing to fear from this or any other ‘expose’. everyone knows pols in the country are crooks that have ‘licenses to steal’.

      1. did she say where it was filmed?

        This woman has nothing to worry about. She is protected from prosecution and has no fear of shaming persecution. is it any wonder that ‘shame’ is a big deal in the country, but yet when it comes to pols and thieves(same thing usually), they have no shame? just a way to keep the massa in line, huh?

  9. The ridiculous and obvious lies show what a devious and deceitful person virginia torres is.

    “Only once” !
    “Just for a minute” !
    “Whilst waiting for dinner bill to be paid’
    ” attracted by the lights” !
    “Way back” !!

    Am not a gambler but thought you needed to get tokens for the machines.

    Her posture in video is not casual but someone settled in

    Her use of the machine is not 1st timer but a regular who knows

    Torres looks the same as in recent photos so is ‘way back ‘ last month!

    And very rude if you have been taken to dinner and disappear gambling whilst the host pays the bill. Uncouth as well as unattractive.

    Another kkk behaving badly, acting with impunity, and shrugging it off with more lies

  10. Geez.. Have you guys never heard of the phrase “Don’t feed the troll”? Kaya mahal na mahal kayo ng miscomm-group goons kasi pinapatulan niyo eh. πŸ™‚

  11. dinner date!!
    virginia torres is definitely a candidate for ‘mag and bag’ treatment – stick a facial photo of someone attractive on a brown paper bag and stick it over their head.
    In fact most of pnoy’s hags are ‘mag and bag’s’

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