Ms Philippines USA Joanlia Lising: the latest beauty pageant gaffe

Making waves following the latest beauty contest gaffe: Ms Philippines USA Joanlia Lising lets out a doozy of a Q-and-A response! Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald

Asked which of the five senses she would prefer to have and why, the “Licensed Practical Nurse graduate” began by thanking the host “for that wonderful question”.

Advertisement “If I had to pick out of the five senses,” she said, “I would pick seeing because seeing is the sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing.”

She got that part right. If only she quit while she was ahead.

“And believing … what you see is perfect and out of all the senses seeing would really be wonderful because … thank you that will be it.”

And with that she gave a winning smile. Winning, but for all the wrong reasons.


To be fair, Ms Lising’s is just the most recent contribution to a long tradition of hilarious beauty contest quotable quotes.

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13 Replies to “Ms Philippines USA Joanlia Lising: the latest beauty pageant gaffe”

  1. I am trying to figure out the larger question as to why there is a “Miss Philippines USA” pageant in the first place?

    1. A lot of different asian ethnic groups in the US (Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese) hold pageants for community building in California and I’m sure, other states, where there is a critical mass of Asians.

    1. Wherever she claims to be from should be getting rid of any evidence that might backup such a claim right about now.

  2. Whether she is lacking in intellect or what?, we can’t really judge, basing only from this incident. Committing a major blunder (especially) in the question and answer portion of a beauty contest is not uncommon. It happens. Sometimes the pressure does induces mental block. But just the same, it was really embarrassing.

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