Malacañang mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda flip-flops on Congressional pork

First it was a dare to give up pork…

[Quoted from Manila Standard Today.]


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Lacierda said it was also up to Congress to decide on the fate of the P27 billion in Priority Development Assistance Funds or PDAF in the proposed 2014 national budget.

Then it was claiming that “elected representatives” know their constituencies better and that the Executive branch cannot be bothered with non-national affairs…

[Quoted from Business Mirror.]

Ano ba talaga Secretary Edwin Lacierda??

18 Replies to “Malacañang mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda flip-flops on Congressional pork”

  1. I pity the man who cannot speak for himself, and would be a fool to uphold the actions of fools. obviously what lacierda speaks is not his own words, but is what his masters want him to say on their behalf. wonder what it would take to break him and make him speak out..

    1. But “solon” in the first part means congressman. Lacson was only mentioned for an example. But it’s understood that both senators and congressmen are expected to give up pork.

      1. I think everyone needs to stop calling them “solons”, as that implies someone a whole hell of a lot more philosophical and legalistic than this bunch of yahoos.

  2. I’m slow..this supposed to go on previous blog….anyway the 10 million reward for Napoles person was gone to her husband already? because he surrendered his wife to the palace… well, she will give it back to Pnoy for pardon and be back scamming again.

  3. The Pork Barrel is just the name of the system, the Money remains available. It will resurface under a different PROGRESSIVE SOUNDING PROGRAM.

    Same song, different tune.

  4. from where is the 10m reward came from? and where again is the 10M goes to after the surrender…….i thought and i firmly believe that ours is a government with transparency….and Pres.Pinoy we are the boss……so where is the 10M now?…..this money is enough to buy lland for the informal settler ……..

    1. I think the 10M is intact. No one gets it because nobody found Napoles. She surrendered.

      Money enough to buy land for informal settler? That would be corruption like the pork issue.

    2. Excuse me?!? You really believe that when he says the people are his boss?! His only boss are his campaign contributors and Uncle!!!!

  5. ulol talagang si Lacierda, kaya tahaimik muna for a while kaya yong isang ulol na spokesman ngayon ang laging nasa TV,,,kasi nga puro haging ang ulol na Lacierda,,,nadududulas sabi ni Abnot.

  6. kaya nga po ang sinasabi kelangan na nakaupo eh kayang ipaglaban ang kanilang interes sa bawat distrito or probinsya o baryo. hindi basta basta ang pagiging politiko…palibhasa puros pulpul ang ating trapong politiko eh dinadaan sa pork barrel ang kanilang budget na hindi naman maganda kasi hindi kayang bantayan ang gamit nito…bilyong salapi ang winaldas at wawaldasin pa kapag ito ay pinabayaang ganyan..meski insertions ay ginagatasan din lang yan…biti bit kontratesta at lahat ng award eh rigged lahat…tanungin nyo probinya tulad ng ilokos sur, o kaya nueva vizcaya o kaya mindoro…tanungin nyo kung meron makubuluhang procurement na sinunod talaga ang proseso at ispiritu ng bid system wala wala wala….kaya alisin na yan…kung hindi mga poliko na lang ang hayan hindi ang layunin sa pagawa ng pork barrel ang masama kungdi ang ang pork barrel mismo…walang transparency o ni walang accountability…

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