Everywhere There’s Lots Of Piggies Living Piggy Lives



Everywhere there’s lots of piggies living piggie lives,
You can see them out for dinner with their piggie wives,
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

The Beatles 


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A sample of the sentiment in Luneta.

A sample of the sentiment in Luneta about piggies.


For me it always begins and ends with “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”. In one sentence this election slogan promised an end to poverty and corruption in our third world country. Which on it’s own was already beyond the grasp of any science fiction writer. There is poverty and corruption in first world countries. Yet enough voters in this country believed that this could be accomplished by somebody who has nothing on his resume except wining elections presumably because of his famous parents. His mother’s death made him a contender for President in 2010 and nothing else. Don’t believe me, ask Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez.


I originally wrote the next two paragraphs for my Sharknado blog  but it serves as a good primer for this one. : I have no idea why many people are looking to Noynoy to get rid of the pork barrel? Noynoy depends on the Pork barrel the same way Samson depended on his long hair, the same way Thor depended on his hammer, the same way Dirk Diggler depended on his… well you get the idea.


The Pork Barrel practice has been going on a long time. I have no idea who does not believe there is some financial atrocities going on with it. There will come a time when Noynoy will try to convince you that he is a virgin in a brothel considering his litany of daang matuwid at every turn. If the pork barrel was a gravy train, I find it hard to believe that the whole time Noynoy was in Congress and in the Senate that he was not on that train. Yet he promised in 2010 that he would stop that train.


For the sake of people who may not have read me before that I know there are people still out there who believe that Noynoy Aquino existed in Congress and in the Senate for a dozen years and was miraculously untouched by corruption. Forgive me for repeating the only three scenarios that could have existed for a pre presidential Benigno Simeon Aquino:


  1. He was corrupt like every other senator and congressman. The Alfred E. Neuman Approach. What Me Worry?
  2. He was not corrupt, saw the corruption in others and felt it was not his job to stop it. The Doris Day Approach. Whatever will be will be.
  3. He did not see any corruption because he was too detached and disinterested from any kind of real work to be aware what his colleagues were doing. The Sgt. Schultz approach. “I see nothing!”


Those three scenarios suggest that Noynoy was either careless, indifferent, cowardly or corrupt himself. The trappings of a trapo so to speak. Assuming no other scenarios exist why is that guy holding the highest elected office?


On the left Noynoy could care less. On the right taken from his Facebook, Noynoy welcoming pork protesters as his own. So limp-wristed of him

On the left Noynoy could care less. On the right taken from his Facebook, Noynoy welcoming pork protesters as his own. So limp-wristed of him


In my previous blog despite all the other things you can’t respect someone who told you that despite heavy security a lone communist gunman was able to get to Ninoy Aquino to fire one fatal shot. Same in this case a trapo politician ascends to the presidency on a holier than thou platform but claims he is not corrupt despite no record of crusading. He then says he is indifferent to pork protesters then claims he is on their side then he claims the same people who he says he is cool to as endorsing him. Noynoy has proven without a doubt even with a one-track mind he has no direction in his thinking. And he is our president.


This is what it looked like walking there on a closed off Roxas Boulevard.

This is what it looked like walking there on a closed off Roxas Boulevard.

I did attend the Scrap Pork rally in Luneta August 26 2013. A cab driver took me as far down Roxas Blvd as he was allowed to go that morning. He told me he was glad I was going. He also said something to the effect of “dami pala yung pera nang Pilipinas.” On the way there, the cab passed by what was once known at the Folk Arts Theater. The one show I remember seeing there outside of school field trips was Bonnie Tyler in December of 1979. The opening act was Hagibis. Which actually has some significance to our story later on. I don’t know if you can ever Google this but if memory serves back in 1979 Hagibis denied being Village People copycats in a newspaper interview.. “Bakla sila”  was their logic if I recall. Of course that can have significance too later on too in this story but I digress.


People braved the gloomy weather and gave up their holiday to voice out against the hypocrisy.

People braved the gloomy weather and gave up their holiday to voice out against the hypocrisy.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, which is my way of saying I did not see any foul politicians try to own the moment. You had to encounter mud at some point if you did not want to be confined to the perimeter of the venue. Leave a goofball like me to imagine myself transported to Woodstock.  There was mud , people and music. There was this song.  I am not entirely sure if it was the same guy but he did an adaptation of one of the biggest hits of the aforementioned Hagibis. The song was Katawan. I heard it on the grounds but can’t find it on Youtube. Who cares if the protest did not reach a million? What was important is people of all types were there. This was a nationwide protest as well. You know that the President is uncomfortable with this because he is switching his position more than Beyonce switches costumes. Maybe him being uncomfortable might mean it is finally dawning on him how inappropriate he is for the position of the president. The last four years some people just throw up in their mouth whenever they see or hear or read Noynoy acting so entitled and smug.


Cheating is what represents the gap between your present ability and your present goal. You can always develop yourself over time and accomplish your goal in the future when you are ready and worthy. That concept occurred to me with all the debate over performance enhancing drugs in baseball. I won’t get into it too much here but the steroid era has turned the baseball record book into a book of lies. Going back to our situation, the problem is (like I said in 2010 ) Noynoy convinced the country to vote for him in constant reference to 1983 and 1986. He always talked about his dead parents and what he claims was a vanished eutopia that he will bring back. What the country did not figure out in this promise of Noynoy was :1) Noynoy had nothing to do with 1986 if that was indeed worth crowing about. 2) Noynoy signed up to tackle 2010- 2016 which is a very different time with very different dynamics in play.


Do you know of any high profile people in this country who hold grudges in public?

Do you know of any high profile people in this country who hold grudges in public?

Incompetence is the price you pay for going for the “name” and not going for the “game”. The word “game” in the vernacular of contemporary sports is somebody with chops, moves, hops or mad skills. Filipinos can be results oriented when they want to be. Unfortunately it tends to be in spheres of minimal consequence. There may not be a more popular basketball player in the Philippines over the past two decades as Kobe Bryant. Kobe for years showed he can dribble, shoot , play defense and often he can will his team to win. Kobe is not popular because he kept invoking his father. His father was a decent basketball player in his time but Kobe took whatever genes he inherited from his dad but more importantly absorbed at a very young age the mentality it took to develop NBA level skills. Ultimately Kobe’s skills and reputation surpassed his father’s fame.


Pinoys love their basketball players not because of “heritage” or “tradition” but because of skills and results. Unfortunately pinoys have higher standard for their basketball players than president or other elected officials. Just tick off the last name that you are familiar with and you are good. Because Kobe has skills that are compatible with his goals and his chosen profession there is zero talk about Kobe cheating the sport. He earned his skills and he earned his results. Noynoy on the other hand was a guy whose mom died at the right time. He may have told you his goal is to lead the Philippines but what is he really doing? Look at his declared goal and try to match that with his experience and his skills. He tells you that the nation is his boss yet he does not wear the symbol of the nation. He wears the yellow ribbon/ dove that is associated with his own family and not the Filipino people.


I continuously harp on Noynoy’s uselessness  in his previous life because it explains his uselessness in this life. A life that involves you and me. A life that involves him using pork. His performance enhancing drug of choice. The Pork Barrel fiasco is a problem that Noynoy help snowball. Yet he claims people who are against it are seeing things his way. I have often referred to Noynoy in the last four years as somebody who is less than a genius. This move is right up there or right down there in the grand scheme of all those Noynoy genius moves.


Ricky Carandang should use those Mac Books  and enormous survey budgets  not trolling GRP, Showbiz Government and Gising Pinoy but use them to lurk the Instagram accounts of every offspring of every government post that is prone to corruption. Anybody with access to what is known in the Philippines as the pork barrel of fun. The Beatles are so correct when they say “Everywhere there’s lots of piggies”. They are all in it. It goes up to the top. Napoles is just a scapegoat.


Back in July 16 of this year, this website already referred to a suspicion of the shenanigans that eventually resulted in the Scrappork Protest.

Talk about quick reaction.

Talk about quick reaction.


The government made headlines August  5 deciding that was the time to question. Those guys really know how to get things done quick.


Not everybody was booing the former Chief Justice.

Not everybody was booing the former Chief Justice.

Renato Corona, I thought was the perfect poster boy for pork barrel. People just think he was impeached as Chief Justice in the highest budget reality show we have ever seen. I have always subscribed to the thought that if you have to lie to make your point then how is good is your point? You can extrapolate that thought one level deeper that if you don’t intend on fighting a fair fight why should I give credibility to the outcome? So I basically asked myself two questions at the time of that trial: 1) why is our president so personally invested 2) if Corona was really as bad as they say why was there so many exceptions to standard operating procedure? I wrote my reaction in my early days in GRP titled BaSta Aquino.  It basically portrayed a spoiled brat getting what he wanted. It had nothing to do with justice, morals, logic or duty. The government’s case totally lost me at that point. Noynoy got what he wanted because of pork.


Renato Corono was a victim of the pork barrel discretionary distribution with a face and a name. Unfortunately most of the country confuse an accusation with being guilty. Unfortunately most of the country confuse impeached over a non impeachable offense with guilty over a reasonable doubt. The Corona case was do as I say and not do as I do.  Because if we all did what Noynoy did and not what he said, we would all do nothing. If this really was about good government then the government should have just done it’s job normally. BS Aquino wanted to deny Corona his right to his day in court. The process from the beginning should have just played out by the book without any zeal emanating from the President. I personally believe Noynoy’s mobilization of everything towards Renato Corona was personal. Noynoy greases the procedure then takes credit for  circumventing the process. Thank God for pork for making it all possible.


BS Aquino has on more than one occasion acted impetuously, impulsively and vindictively. Like using a state financed international trip as his own venue for wheelchair jokes.  There really is a cross section of the population that is totally fine with that. Either yellow zombies or they totally believe what the yellow zombies have been shoveling. I belong to neither group though. If you are like me and you ask yourself how does someone who gets elected despite being known as “Abnoy” still choose to behave in a manner befitting a head of state then you can see my theory here.


The protests were nationwide August 26 2013. Picture from someone on the ground in Bacolod.

The protests were nationwide August 26 2013. Picture from someone on the ground in Bacolod.

Noynoy’s sentiments are not aligned at all with the people who showed up in Luneta August 26, 2013. The Napoles case is the cost of doing business Noynoy style. To paraphrase Mark Cuban, Nonoy is not even capable of managing a Dairy Queen. What BS Aquino lacks in skills, charm, statesmanship, experience, diplomacy and good judgement are made up with the pork barrel. Don’t you guys get it? You are all saying you want to abolish the pork barrel but it is a necessity for someone you also voted in who showed no evidence of leadership, planning, preparation or crisis management when he ran for president. Noynoy Aquino is worse than Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds and Rafael Palmeiro when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. At least those guys had talent. Those guys only fooled baseball not an entire country. Steroids enhance a batter’s performance. The Pork Barrel in the hands of Noynoy is a complete substitute for his complete lack of leadership skills. And you guys booed Corona?

Hardcore Noynoy troll Ricky Carandang Epal hijack 2

Handy work of Ricky’s boys and girls???

In the words of the Doobie Brothers  “What a fool believes, he sees. ” The fool believes he is the righteous man and the others are not worthy. The fool believes those disgruntled with the squandering of their tax revenue are really there to cheer him on. Can we possibly have a more clueless President? Just like you can not possibly go on a campaign to abolish spinach and think Popeye won’t be affected there is no way on God’s green Earth you can want to abolish pork in the Philippines  and think Noynoy Aquino won’t be affected.

69 Replies to “Everywhere There’s Lots Of Piggies Living Piggy Lives”

  1. Right again, Gogs, it’s a sad legacy. The children of privilege (including the President) rise to power as if it is a Devine Right. They are so jaded, they never saw the Pork Barrel or the Presidents Social Fund as the cumulative result of hard work and sacrifice by millions. This money is theirs by entitlement, to manipulate, leverage and abuse the peasant class. As we learn today, it is “Not their responsibility to check if the NGOs are Bogus”, which means even the theft is delegated to subordinates, setting the stage for common people to be convicted.

    There is hope, however!!! Senator Drilon said that without Pork Barrel to play with, Congress would be useless and should be abolished!!


    1. Ever notice how presidents’ live in a PALACE and the politicians are just keeping everything in the family? Often they invoke divine right or bloodline requirements. While the rest of us work hard for meager returns and they reap the benefits

      “Monarchy” is spelled with a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y

  2. In the spirit of transparency and accountability pnoy aquino should itemise what his pork barrel was spent on during his years in congress and the senate, especially now he is saying how important it is in funding local initiatives/projects. Show me the proof!

    He constantly avoids the question but the answer would be very revealing i suspect, and from his reluctance, clearly not in a good way.

    Leadership by example. Not a chance. Pnoys principles are
    Bribery is the sincerest form of management.
    If you are going to f@ck up, then do it big time, and get your friends to help
    Piggyback on other’s successes, and wear a condom
    Sex sells products, but death buys votes
    If you can’t beat them, bribe them, and if you can’t bribe them, jail them.

    “If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem”
    Abraham Lincoln

    1. You said it well, Libertas. Some weeks ago the Front Page News announced 1) “Rolls Royce coming to Philippines” and 2) Squatter families evicted from estros. Lots of irony there, but not as ironic as the President cutting back on SUC support, CHED raising tuitions, all the while he has P 500 Billion in the PSF. What better social program is he waiting for?? Education is a birthright, not a budget item.

  3. Pigs in clover

    This little piggy invested in the stock market
    This little piggy bought a second home
    This little piggy had louis xiii cognac
    This little piggy watched porn
    This little piggy went wee wee wee wee, pissing himself laughing all the way to the bank

    Pigs will fly before the grunters give up pork barrel.

      1. @ Gogs, Yep 12/8/80. around 11:00PM it was all over the news. By 11:45PM maybe 1,000 people were outside the Hospital E.R.(58Th St. & 11th Ave., Hells Kitchen, NYC). Chapman, a true SCUMBAG, was taken to the ‘MDC’ (‘the Tombs’)by a Swat team escort due to security ‘concerns’ as people were really mad at that guy.

  4. why you guys so anti-president instead of supporting him in his ideas to get rid of this corruption? Yeah, abnoy na kung abnoy but you guys have to have respect. ibinoto sya so let’s support him.

    1. You are asking why? Didn’t you read the article? People here are not dumb iho/iha. If you really want to know why some more, then you can back read all the articles here. Read a few, then come back and comment again. I dare you.

    2. When you say, support him, does it mean to coddle him like a toddler and tell him he can do no wrong? When you say respect him, does it mean to blindly accept everything he says as truth and not bring him to task for his shortcomings?

      That you said “anti-president” seems to indicate that you’re not above personalities, when in fact, we’re discussing ideas here.

      How can the president be credible with his ideas to get rid of corruption when:

      (a) When he chooses to see it in his enemies but not his friends;
      (b) When it took him 3 years into his term to do something about it, which means that he’s either been party to it or just plain incompetent, and;
      (c) When he just doesn’t get it that “imposing stricter controls and regulations” on a system that is flawed at its very foundation just doesn’t work.

      1. 1)No

        a)Yes, it is everywhere…it is a certainty.
        b)Yes, all legalities in the country take forever, it can actually be offered. Try to sue someone anywhere in South East Asia as an example.
        c)is not a real question it is a supposition of an unknown followed by another supposition that MIGHT be known AND Yes,because you answered the question.

    3. Implying that you will still eat shit even if it’ll make you puke because you can’t find any decent food anymore. Troll harder yellow nazi zombie noytard.

      1. @domo…. The only way to fix troubles with corruption is with legislation not pursuing business as usual, self-serving laws in place, takes months to get rid of high level government employee’s I beg to differ, once again self-serving laws and no jail time, these government employee’s have their head very high and many people who follow them around like their Gods they have multi brand new SUV’s for transportation, they bob in and out of traffic with police escort something only a President should have but even a mayor gets this royal treatment.

        Do you feel that as a low-level government employee you can afford multiple brand new SUV’s the pay scale don’t support that, what about the very poor walking the streets, no response…

        1. As you can see, with the way the corruption is arrogantly flaunted all you will get in a trial is more arrogant lies like, “I exchanged currency in 1956.” OR “My wifes’ Father left me an estate that sold in Malaysia for P90 Million 23 years ago and the paperwork is gone.”. With such arrogance involved, trials are to good for them and not good enough for the rest.

    4. Tsk tsk, are you really that stupid?
      Who would support someone that is too incompetent to lead this country?
      3 years, your president had 3 f*cking years and all he did was go after his political enemies and lined his KKK and oligiarch friends pockets full of money.

      You definitely won’t convince anyone here with your whining.

      Troll harder, Noytard.

    5. @ahlon

      One, your president was never effective for the country or the people. He is lazy when he cannot even solve the flood control problem. He fools the people into thinking that his repeat lies Daan na Matuwid will solve corruption when he has the biggest pork barrel of all. Two, most of us never supported your president and three, respect is earned and not forced you yellow troll. Now get thee gone yellow demon!

    6. Most writers/posters here are really not anti-president but they are anti-Noynoy. There’s a difference between the two.

      Anti-presidents, at least, gives a modicum of respect for the Office while opposing or supporting acts or judgment by the president. They tend to criticize or attack the act, idea or thinking not the person or his being per se.

      For the anti-Noynoy, who dominate this blog, the sky is the limit. There is no restriction and the Office is as sacred as the public toilet. They see Noynoy and attack him before he even opens his mouth. His thinking and action is immaterial. What’s important is he is not worthy.

      Given that scenario it is easy to expect that your appeal to the anti-president to support Noynoy’s ideas on corruption may possibly gain some support. As to the anti-Noynoy crowd, you’ll get the opposite and worse you could be browbeaten. That’s just what it is.

      So what’s to do? Stand your ground and identify the other party you’re engaged with in an argument. And from there phrase your statements based on whether the other side is anti-president or anti-Noynoy defending on where you want to go in the discussion.

      1. @Leb

        Most GRP writers are not anti-Noynoy per se. Most GRP writers are anti-mediocrity and BS Aquino just happens to embody Filipino mediocrity. Of course a lot of Filipinos will not understand that concept because they are happy with mediocrity. Most of his supporters are happy with his mediocre performance.

        Piece of advice: stick to the topic and refrain from speculating on the writer’s motives for criticising BS Aquino or whoever.

        1. Ilda, that’s uncalled for. I’m not criticizing anybody I’m just stating a fact. You don’t have to deny something that is obvious. It makes you a liar.

          Majority of the GRP writers are anti-Noynoy and I don’t see anything wrong there. Do you?

          What’s wrong Ilda is to be in denial. Why, you can’t defend your position of being anti-Noynoy? Tell it as it is because it is true and nothing wrong about it. You have the right to express your view, personal or otherwise.

          You say GRP writers are anti-mediocrity and Noynoy embodies Fiipino mediocrity. Fine, you are anti Filipino mediocrity and you hate the person, not the Office, that embodies it. You’re anti-Noynoy.

          My post is in response to a post that talked about being anti-president and having no respect for Noynoy. I just made the distinction to clarify and remind the poster that are classes of people on this blog that have different point of view. Isn’t that on topic enough as a response?

        2. @Leb

          Of course it is not true that a staunch Noynoy critic like me is simply anti-Noynoy. If Noynoy changes for the better or improves his performance, I will have nothing to criticise him for.

          It’s simple, really. But not for the small-minded. 😉

        3. @Leb

          My post is in response to a post that talked about being anti-president and having no respect for Noynoy. I just made the distinction to clarify and remind the poster that are classes of people on this blog that have different point of view. Isn’t that on topic enough as a response?

          Your first mistake was in speaking on our behalf. You presume to know what our motives are for criticising Noynoy. You should realise that he is the President and a public servant. Therefore, he should be open to criticisms from his “bosses”. What I don’t understand is why there are Filipinos who continue to apologise for his mediocre performance.

        4. Tsk, tsk, tsk, there goes the mob.

          Guys, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’m just commenting on what ‘ahlon’ said in his post. Before I become the topic, which I think where the discussion is going, let me just say this, if you really think you do not belong to those I mentioned (funny, but I did not even name names for you guys to respond defensively in an offensive manner) just show a post of yours where your comments can be called anti-president. Just one post to back those attacks you just made.

          Thank you.

      2. Tsk tsk, looks like Leb is yet another poor soul stuck with small-minded thinking. It is apparent that you are absorbed with thinking that the person is inseparable from the function that a criticism of how well Noynoy does his job is an attack on his person.

        Perhaps, Leb, if you stepped back and separated Noynoy the person from Noynoy the function of president, and focused instead on the latter, then you wouldn’t get so absorbed with what you think are anti-Noynoy the person discussions.

        If you’ve got a function, then you evaluate it based on things that determine its value – performance, effectiveness, consistency, and specifications.

        “What’s important is he is not worthy” – Damn right Noynoy is not worthy. Among all the choices for president there were those whose qualifications and past performance outstripped his, and yet Filipinos chose him primarily due to sentimental value and sympathy for his dead mother. They let their emotions get in the way of their critical evaluation yet again.

        And he continues to perform the function of president less than satisfactorily despite it being three (3) years into his presidency. If this keeps up, his performance will keep getting criticized for such. Deal with it.

        1. One question Amir Al Bahr, why are you defending your self being alluded (even though I name no names) to as an anti-Noynoy?

          This proves that you’re an anti-Noynoy

          “What’s important is he is not worthy” – Damn right Noynoy is not worthy. Among all the choices for president there were those whose qualifications and past performance outstripped his, and yet Filipinos chose him primarily due to sentimental value and sympathy for his dead mother. They let their emotions get in the way of their critical evaluation yet again.

          So, what’s wrong in being anti-Noynoy? Nothing. In fact, you can even be anti-anybody and that would be fine because you are exercising your right to express your self. So, where is the hate coming from? Ignorance?

          Why be mad on something that is a fact and natural? This blog consists of anti-president and anti-Noynoy and a sprinkle of pro-president/Noynoy. Diversity is what make this blog relevant, exciting and up to date. So, what’s to be upset about?

          I say, go back on topic and respond to ‘ahlon’ like I did.

      3. @Leb

        A truly free democracy carries with it the right to criticize! I have that right! You cannot force me to respect an asshole dictator like BS Aquino. Deal with it attention whore! You are a pathetic yellow troll of the yellow dictatorship!

        1. “A truly free democracy carries with it the right to criticize! I have that right! You cannot force me to respect an asshole dictator like BS Aquino.”

          I’m with you on that Thomas.

      4. I say give it up. They’ve succumbed to ‘groupthink.’ No use getting trying to show them a mirror.

        I think it’s in our culture to just take everything personally. To take a side instead of be impartial. Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with this, especially if it’s based on the realities of this administrations’ failures. The thing is we have to realize that we’re doing it.

    7. why you guys so anti-president instead of supporting him in his ideas to get rid of this corruption?

      Once he put his “ideas” into concrete actions, open for scrutiny, without showing favor to his allies, I may support him. Otherwise it’s just all sweet talk the placate the public.

    8. Ahlon. It is more like we are anti dumb, anti dumb and anti entitlement and pro work , pro skills and pro leadership. Don’t give me that baloney voted in. Erap was voted in. Let’s get one thing straight. If Noynoy respected US he would wear the Philippine flag wherever he goes specially abroad. I have one word for you: comprehend.

  5. Speaking of corruption, I am also corrupt and a victim of corruption at the same time. Just last month I needed to bring my oil burner rig to the government office they call LTO. It had to go through emission testing as mandated in the law they call “the clean air act”. Its an old oil burner and as I checked out the standards on the emission centers, it’all EURO 2 or close to it, there is no way I am passing this one. Then a saviour comes in the guise of my insurer and he said, that can be arranged for an extra fee, and so I went with it. I have now a very old diesel rig which is EURO 2 compliant, haha.

    Thought running in my mind during that time was if the government was really sincere, then we wouldn’t have the jeepneys and the old buses running around won’t we? So, to hell with it.

    Just sharing.

      1. Glad you address the LTO… I wish they would just implement a single fee for passenger vehicles and skip the smog check because your right they don’t enforce any rules and the Smog check playboys enrich themselves, look at their fancy shoes and cloths, most people here can’t afford a new engine so it’s pointless to enforce smog checks on small vehicles and trikes.

    1. Reading your post, I think, based on your admission, you are corrupt first before you became a victim of corruption. I don’t even see how you became a victim when you perpetrated it in the first place.

      But I admire you for sharing something that a lot of people choose to keep a secret.

  6. @ Gogs…it is a relief to see in your essay that you understand that they are all in on it.The country did not have to remain a shit-hole 3rd world dump but thanks to the thieves in office, it has remained just that. This is the saddest part of the legacy of the Filipino’s that fought WW2, their beloved country was sold short on everything, by their own country-men, and though the Philippines was certainly capable of surpassing Japan it is instead being surpassed by Bangladesh.

    1. Chinese are spear heading many of the major projects they own these mega disaster malls and large shopping facilities and terrible grocery stores that cater to the lower class, mom and pop stores and not foreigners or those with taste buds, food is the worst in the world I always dreaded hitting port in the Philippines, Latin blood but they don’t eat tacos only sweet nasty swarma burritos, come one people, nobody seems to like chili what’s corn bread? You allowed the Chinese to take over, look at how they run China, the wealth goes back to the owner not the country, major cities are developed but outlying areas are forgotten, sound familiar, there heavily polluted and very corrupt they have several factions in government that make decisions and they share in the wealth the poor class sure don’t, wages are sub standard does this ring a bell.

      1. You are absolutely right.
        The chinese run the economy with chinoys as their implementors/lapdogs, and act as the main barrier to open markets, constitutional change (60/40), innovation, investment, and inclusive growth, especially when the philippines is a ready made and lucrative monopoly dumping ground for consumer goods – rejects, last years models/fashions, over production, and counterfeits/copies with smuggling, tax evasion, bribery. A perfect chinese market. They are too clever for filipinos

        1. Janet lim napoles is chinese and her forbes park house is ‘rented’ out, not just to priests, but to chinese priests.
          Clever these chinese, and as corrupt and greedy as they come with no concern for others

        2. @ Liber, No, they aren’t so slick. You figured them out fairly easily and it is easy to see what is happening in the malls, shitty food establishments etc…. They are in the country because they pay people off, not because they are so slick, or does paying someone off make them slick?

      2. If you looked at the top 100 richest people in the Philippines, over 90% is Chinese. This reminds me of the situation in Malaysia. Mahathir made it a point that the ethnic but majority populated Malays owned only a small percentage of the resources. To him, this was the clear division that defined their problematic power structure so he implemented affirmative action for the Malays. And look where Malaysia is now. I guess sometimes it pays off to be racist.

      1. Yes, Gogs, it’s the HERD MENTALITY, safety in numbers. They are all in the same class

        The old saying is, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can ROB the WORLD.

        In 1997, 2 guys rob a Hollywood Bank,400 cops show up to stop them and kill them.

        2008, Wall Street Banks steal USD 26 Trillion, not one person goes to jail.

        Napoles conspires with Congress to steal P 10 Billion and a President gives her a ride to jail

        The Elite crooks take care of each other. DON’T GET SAD, GET MAD!!!!!

  7. Just add what is missing…
    Where the pork barrel really goes:

    1. Mansions, townhouses, condominiums, country
    villas and club houses complete with
    accessories, furniture, expensive vases,
    swimming pools and landscaping.

    2. High-end vehicles, aircraft charters,
    power boats/yachts, firearms and

    3. Huge bank accounts, expensive watches and
    jewelry, expensive suits, outfits and

    4. Stocks, bonds and other investments.

    5. Signing privileges in 5 star hotels and
    high class restaurants.

    6. Air fare for jet setting politicians where
    they get to stay in first class hotels and

    7. Kickbacks from contractors and NGO’s.

    8. Pork distribution to cronies and LGU’s down
    to the grass roots barangay level.

    9. High class clubs and using prostitutes up
    to PHP 43,000 a night(Pasay/Malate types).

    10. Funding for the New People’s Army in
    political campaigns and elections.
    Funding for the Moro Islamic Liberation
    Front terrorist, criminal, bandit group.

    11. Overseas high class education for
    relatives and friends.

    12. Overseas real estate investments in
    housing and condominiums.

    13. Overseas bank accounts and investments.

    14. Investments and control of corporations.

    15. Money laundering with Napoles group.

    16. Expensive Shoes and other footwear.

    17. Expensive hobbies.

    Name your own…

    1. Correct me if I am wrong; but aren’t senators and Congressmen given 10% off the top of their pork for “administrative expenses involved with overseeing the disbursement of their funds? If that is the case, Estrada’s claim that he can’t keep track of every NGO; is an admission of his incompetence. He should refund the 10%!!!! As far as he is concerned, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

      1. @Sea Bee… I never here the government going after the toys, why not? That’s big money and it needs to be returned to the citizens or projects.

  8. Janet napoles surrenders to her penpal pnoy aquino and gets VIP treatment, including being chauffered by Pnoy to camp crame!! WTF!
    Didn’t she once say ” i own the government”

    I wonder if she passed on to pnoy her regards from her friend shalani soledad, and to give a brown envelope to her best buddy ochoa. Nudge,nudge. Wink,wink.
    All murky roads repeatedly lead to ochoa, his now ex-consultant ( who was on napoles’ payroll), and ochoa’s brother-in-law.

    So what will be the deal – finger revilla, estrada, but leave ochoa out of it and you will be ok.

    Am just waiting for napoles to have sudden heart problems! ( hospital transfer)
    And start to be portrayed as the victim, used by others!! (Witness protection)

    What an incestuous den of thieves and hypocrites.

    Meanwhile ponce enrile runs for cover and won’t attend the senate hearing. Add cowardice to his list of character flaws. The fake only likes fake bullets and fake ambushes

    Revilla hides in his natural habitat of the sewer.

    ‘Actress’ giselle tongi says that when she was having a very expensive dinner with a senator in los angeles (louis xiii cognac at 20,000 pesos a shot!) when he said “Eh ganon kaming senador eh, may P30 million kami a month.”
    I hope his dessert was worth it!

    1. Everything is out of place in that surrender. I cannot even imagine how the majority of the Pinoys can even consider that as normal and much so to beleive it. Parang pelikulang pilipino e. Ang hirap ng bansang madaming aanga-anga!

      1. I agree, Gogs. The whole thing is scripted. Benhur kidnapped for 3 months?? No, he was cleaning the books.

        Napoles interviewed in public for days to threaten PDI w liable, then goes missing for a week? No, she was resting on a Hacienda, waiting for the Public Demonstration to pass.

        Now the intended consequences, abolish the Pork Barrel and run EVERYTHING through the PSF, in advance of the election.

        It’s right out of d CIA Playbook.

        Time to “Get Real Philippines”, these guys are serious.

  9. Ha! She will never go to jail and never give one single peso back. All your gonna get is another ‘TRIAL’ like the last one, not the same exact thing BUT the same exact results.

    Starting to think you deserve it too.

    1. The last one, if I remember right, was an impeachment trial. Unlike CJ Corona, Napoles is a private person. I don’t see the same result. But whatever, I’m still interested to find out what Napoles will say about all the allegations against her.

  10. I say, the Kobe Bryant analogy was a bit of a stretch.

    Just because one has no record of crusading doesn’t mean he is guilty of corruption.

    Accusation, the last time I look, still means a charge of wrong doing. It’s not a complete story until there is conviction and you can only have conviction if the accusation is supported by evidence. And that is the one missing in your story to make it credible.

    I understand being against somebody. It’s one thing when you hate a person and it’s another thing when you invent stories just because you hate him.

    1. Invent what? I gave the 3 scenarios. You may add a fourth. I just find it hard to believe the guy was in there a dozen years and neither saw corruption nor participated. This blog is about my belief. I never claimed with 100% certainty. I just find it highly unlikely that the guy is ivory pure. I am not saying with 100% certainty that the guy has an Oedipus complex either. But the proof is in the actions.


      Besides, what’s so bad about Kobe Bryant?? He is loved by pinoys for his skills and results not his mom or dad. Noynoy is loved for having no skills , no results and having his mom and dad. Or will accuse me of inventing that?

      1. You find it hard to believe that the guy never saw corruption in the years he has been in office? Well, we can apply that to everybody too. To Corona, to Miriam, to Enrile, to Gloria, to Bongbong, to you, to me, etc. I just don’t see the exclusiveness of that doubt to PNoy.

        The Kobe analogy is a stretch because while he’s an athlete, PNoy is a politician. The skills factor blurs the comparison. One has the physical and the other the mental. Kobe and LeBron would be a good pair like PNoy and Bongbong Marcos.

        I understand it is your ‘belief’ and I respect it. I just hope that you will not take offense with my inquiry to it.

        1. I single out Noynoy because of his contradicting statements that I have included visual proof. When you say that can apply to eveybody I am actually developing something on that and hopefully I feel good enough to see it through . Idea came to me yesterday .

          I also single out Noynoy because nobody has grandstanded more than him.

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