True Pinoy Pride: Nurse to stay at job despite singing star chance

Now here is Pinoy Pride worth mentioning.


Dubai-based nurse Mariella “Yelle” Gutierrez Castro has a chance to take the path to fame. Ms. Castro has recorded two songs in her repertoire under GMA Records, “Bubble” and “Escape.” She proves that she has talent. She can write songs, as well as sing and play instruments. She may even have the looks. Her employer in Dubai even supports her singing career.

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But she also has dedication and wisdom. Ms. Castro says, despite bright prospects in the music industry, she will remain a nurse. For me, that is a good decision.

In my opinion, if she is a good singer, she certainly may have a chance at fame. But she can help a lot more people in her nursing job. She even plans to specialize in some fields later on; meaning, she is serious about developing her skills in her scientific job. She probably still feels her scientific skills are of as much importance as her musical skills. That’s something I consider rare in a culture that seem to dislike scientific stuff.

Some people would rather leave their job and seek fame and fortune. Some people would say she is foolish to stay at her job. But Ms. Castro says, “why not do some awesome things at the same time?”

Good decision, Yelle. You know your priorities. May more Filipinos follow your example.

46 Replies to “True Pinoy Pride: Nurse to stay at job despite singing star chance”

  1. HAH! Kaya siya nagnurse kasi gusto niya magkaroon ng maraming pera. Kung nag artista siya, pera at kapangyarihan sana ang meron siya. Problema, hindi ginagamit utak niya.

    1. Congratulations drama queen. You’ve won the worst comment award. Here have a pagpag trophy and a year supply of pagpag.

    2. At least mas productive iyon kesa na mag-artista siya. Makakatulong rin siya sa iba. 😛

      In case you don’t notice, IKAW ang isa sa mga dahil kung bakit lugmok ang Pilipinas ngayon. With that thinking of yours.

        1. Pfft yeah right like willie revillame who let Janjan dance like a puto while he’s crying only for the sake of money? Are you impying that showbiz is a god tier job only because of the millions of Pesos you’ll gonna earn every year? Halatang utak pera ka vincensus ignoramus. She just prefers what she likes most for her life and not money. But if she continues to make music, it’s best that she’ll stay independent instead of making herself popular like justin bieber. Mind you, in the world of showbiz, tsismis and paparazzi are one of the celebrities worst enemy.

        2. Lahat ng trabaho, may bad times. Lampasan niya lang ang mga times na yon, sisikat at yayaman pa siya.

        3. But what’s up with you having the audacity to demand that she deserves to be in showbiz than what she wanted most? Is that for her own good or for yourself?

        4. Pero hindi naman talaga iyon para sa national progress e. Ang pag-aartista ba ay nagpapangat ng ekonomiya natin? Turismo?

          If you say yes, then you’re an idiot. 😛

    3. Sounds like a TROLL but I will bite: Siguro alam niya na madumi ang showbiz. puro drugs, drama, chizmis, backstabban, laglagan, pokpok, pedophile, bading, power play at kung anu-anong corruption. Hindi naman lahat ng tao ma-aappreciate ang ganitong kalakaran ng buhay. Kaya niya siguro pinili maging nurse dahil mas simpleng buhay gusto niya. Tyaka hindi naman lahat ng artista makapangyarihan. Karamihan sa kanila hawak ng mga bading na manager. At madaming babae sa showbiz ang dumadaan kay Lopez. Kung gusto mo yung ganyang buhay hindi kita masisi kasi ganyan ka pinalaki ng magulang mo at ng TV, peer pressure.

      1. Hindi naman tama yang sinasabi mo at sinisiraan mo lang ang industriya. Madali lang iparatang mga yan.

        1. Ahem, ang sinabi ni RRN ay narinig ko ring sa editor ko na matagal nang showbiz writer, at marami pa. Hindi puedeng i-deny ang totoo.

        2. Sira na nga ang industriya natin, sisirain pa? 😛

          Oh, the good old days of the Philippine music industry.

        3. But what makes you think that what she wanted the most will make her life miserable drama queen? Hell, have you even saw the hell she experienced for being a nurse? Until she is passionate on what she wanted for her life and not giving up on it, she will still gonna be a successful person. Wag mo nang ipilit sa kanya kung ano ang dapat para sa kanya. It’s her own dreams and decision not yours.

        4. @bida kapamilya:

          Lame comment.

          You’re already a slave in your own path. Slave to mediocrity and stupidity.

          Deal with it.

        1. I removed the extra copy of this, including your reply to it, in case you’re wondering.

          Look at that; even the “positive” articles of GRP are wrong for them. haha

        1. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, or the finger types…
          masaya namang may malusog na talakayan at pagbabahaginan ng kuru-kuro’t opinyon dito. Masaya ako sa mga natututunan ko sa mga kababayan natin, subalit nalulungkot kadalasan. 🙁

      1. Ano naman kung kapamilya ako? 60 years of Philippine television is ABS-CBN anyway and I am a part of it.

        1. And Yelle is with GMA Records. Competition. Siyempre, sisiraan, diba? 😉 Kung talagang taga-ABS ka.

        2. kung magaling siya at maraming fans, sa ABS CBN din ang bagsak nya. Ang mga Pinoy Pride natin, kapamilya ang network.

        3. Fake troll, not even from that TV network I’m sure, spreading unnecessary “competition.”

        4. @bida kapamilya:

          Bring up some good points or your comments are full of HYPOCRISY, hypocrite. 😀

        5. Hey oca/sendonggirl/vicenzoarellano/prieto/(whatever), stop pretending to be what you’re not and pulling down a good achiever with your crab mentality. You got better things to do.

          You ask for “more positive” articles, and yet you still criticize them? It shows that the request for more “positive” articles can actually be dishonest.

        6. “Ang mga Pinoy Pride natin, kapamilya ang network.”

          That definitely explains a lot of things.
          You guys keep churning out stinkers like “Juan de la cruz”,”Kokey”,”Krystala”,”Super Inggo” and you still think they’re worth mentioning as part of pinoy pride?

          Don’t make me laugh you stupid retard.

    4. Congratulations, you just went full retard with that comment.
      Your attempts to troll us has failed yet again.

      Kapamilya network SUCKS.


      1. P.S.

        I know that you’ll attempt to attack me again,sendong”girl”,so don’t even bother starting another futile and senseless argument.

    5. duh! what kind of thinking is this? @bidakapamilya

      she knows her priorities, don’t bug her with your nonsense.

  2. But if she ever does pursue her musical career, I hope she can do something different than what most recording artists here in the Philippines do.

    On the other hand, I’m really glad she’s using what she learned from nursing school by continuing her job and thus making her license worth taking for. Makes me inspired to continue my studies in architecture.

  3. Hmm, base on reading the article on GMA, I think she decided to focus more on nursing than on singing, though she’ll make an album from time to time as part of her other income. Basically, she’s testing to see how well she’ll goes in the music industry while retaining her main income – nursing.

    Wise decision, indeed.

    1. Once again, you missed the whole point of the article. You really should go back to school since it’s painfully obvious that your reading comprehension is very very very lacking.

      Still not very smart,are you, sendong”girl”?

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