The Fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino – July 22, 2013

noynoy_aquinoPresident Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino will be delivering his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 22, 2013. It has been three years since majority of Filipino voters elected the son of so-called “heroes” into the highest office in the land. Little did those voters know that after he banished the use of “wang-wang” on the streets in his first month in office — a decision some thought was bold and a sign that he meant business — not much would change under his leadership.

In fact, the culture of impunity remains alive and well under the Second Aquino Presidency. Likewise, poverty levels in the country remain unchanged which, according to the President’s own motto, is a confirmation that corruption still exists in government. This is hardly surprising considering the PDAF or pork barrel funds given to congressmen remain exempted from auditors. Allegations of misuse of these funds keep haunting its recipients under the Aquino government with scams run by organized syndicates implicating the President’s men. Recently, even the Presidential sister Ballsy Aquino and husband Eldon Cruz were accused of extorting money from a Czech for a government contract for the Metro Rail Transit.

When people go through President BS Aquino’s previous SONAs, they will find that some of the stuff that he claimed he had already achieved were mere intentions or are still on the drawing board. They appear to be products of his wishful thinking or something that he wanted to achieve but could not because, for one, he kept focusing too much on the wrong set of priorities and, two, he has gone about achieving his goals the wrong way. After four years, it is safe to say that his plans need to go back to the drawing board because they have not delivered the results everyone is waiting for. As the saying goes, plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. Here’s a statement that he claims were achieved in his third SONA:

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Now, with a level playing field, and clear and consistent rules, confidence in our economy is growing. Investments are pouring in, jobs are being created, and a virtuous cycle has begun—where empowered consumers buy more products, and businesses hire more people so they can expand to keep up with the growing demand.

One wonders what his basis is in saying that there is now equal opportunity for all when he only gives opportunities and breaks to his own family members and friends. This is evident when he quickly dismisses allegations of corruption involving his allies. This was also evident when he granted the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to his long time friend and former classmate; Maria Lourdes Sereno even when there were candidates more qualified for the position.

Some people were actually saying that putting a close ally in the Supreme Court was the Aquino-Cojuanco clan’s ultimate goal in removing former Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012. They say it has something to do with prolonging their hold in the family’s sugar plantation in Hacieda Luisita. This was an observation made by a lot of people when the President’s bid to impeach the former Chief Justice became increasingly irrational as it played out before the media. He had no qualms about conducting a trial by media and releasing his hounds in the press to demonize Corona. It is no secret that Corona put the distribution of Hacienda Luisita as one of his priorities during his stint in the Supreme Court. It was quite bizarre that crimes like the Maguindanao massacre where 56 people died did not get as much attention as Corona’s “offenses” — offenses that pale in comparison to what some public servants have committed in the past.

Sereno’s current stint as Chief Justice has not brought the “reform” BS Aquino has been boasting about. Reports even say that Sereno’s inexperience and the fact that she leapfrogged more senior justices for the coveted post has brought disunity and animosity among the justices in the Supreme Court. This is hardly good news for the victims of heinous crimes who thought real reform would come as President BS Aquino promised.

In his previous SONA, President BS Aquino claimed that investments are pouring in and jobs are being created. This is contrary to what the figures are saying. 2013 unemployment rose to 7.5 percent in April from last year’s 6.9 percent according to the latest Labor Force Survey. The National Statistics Office likewise confirmed that Philippine employment dipped to 37.82 million in April 2013 from the 37.84 million in April 2012.

In his fourth SONA, BS Aquino will predictably highlight the country’s 7.8% economic growth achieved in the first quarter and the Fitch Ratings credit upgrade from BB+ to BBB- last April without admitting that they did not make a difference to the employment and poverty rate. As some of us have predicted in the past, the economic growth rate will not mean much to the unemployed Filipinos because government and consumer spending – the primary driver of the Philippine economy – do not create permanent jobs for people outside of the retail and building industry.

Cash dole-outs promote a culture of dependence.

Cash dole-outs promote a culture of dependence.

The SONA will not be complete without the mention of the government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (PPPP) and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT). It is interesting to note that without Filipinos realizing it, the country has somehow turned into a welfare state. In a move that could be considered yet another band-aid solution, the government is increasing their budgets for the projects from 44 to 60 billion pesos. It is possible that this is a response to the critics who are saying that the poor did not feel the effect of Noynoy’s much-touted economic growth rate. Indeed, in a statement, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad admitted the “government would try to make people feel the effect of economic growth with the use of the CCT program.”

It is very convenient for the Aquino government to simply use taxpayers’ money to keep the poor from complaining. Some would say it’s all too easy. He and his cabinet won’t have to think of a permanent solution to the rise in poverty. Obviously, this program will continue until BS Aquino steps down in 2016. The problem will be somebody else’s after that. He might even boast the way he boasted in the past about how the number of recipients of the cash dole outs will increase. Not realizing that of course it would increase when the number of poor people continues to grow. And it will keep growing if the government does not find a more sustainable solution to the unemployment rate.

Despite the Philippines’ territorial disputes with our South East Asian neighbors, which has made headline news for the last couple of years, BS Aquino will likely gloss over these issues only briefly in his SONA. Unless he wants to risk the ire of China once again, he will not mention the fact that the US military is back using Subic in their military exercises. Glossing over it reduces the likelihood of people noticing that he could be violating the Constitution for allowing its use. Well, some might think that BS Aquino has sought the help of Uncle Sam in easing the tension with China but he won’t admit that in his SONA for sure.

The territorial dispute with Malaysia regarding Sabah will hardly get a mention in the SONA considering BS Aquino does not want to risk endangering the recently-concluded talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which was held in Kuala Lumpur. The deaths of Filipinos who laid claim on Sabah soil in the hands of Malaysian military forces will not get a mention. The Philippine government treated them as terrorists anyway.

Speaking of terrorists, what President Aquino will highlight is his own impression that the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro will pave the way for “peace” in Mindanao. Never mind that some people perceive the deal as giving in to the rebel forces of the MILF and technically giving away the region. According to a report, “the government and MILF have agreed to a 50-50 sharing but with incremental increases in access to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) and uranium” in the region. Some of BS Aquino’s critics even claim that he has done this deal just to win a Nobel Peace Prize. If he ever wins the prize, it still won’t guarantee a long lasting peace in the region.

Previous SONA’s took over an hour to finish. This year could go over two hours. President BS Aquino has been reportedly been busy in the last few weeks writing it himself. He could be putting a little bit more unnecessary motherhood statements similar to his previous one that claims, “the government that once abused its power is finally using that power for their benefit.” Such statements hardly inspire Filipinos to be more vigilant of government activities. If anything, they just make people act indifferent and apathetic. As long as the majority thinks he is doing the right thing, BS Aquino will continue to act like he is. As another saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, perhaps paved with excessive use of taxpayers’ money too.

[Photo of squatter shanties courtesy Data Entry Philippines.]

200 Replies to “The Fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino – July 22, 2013”

  1. Nice summary of pnoy aquino’s lacklustre performance, and no doubt a SONA where style has to compensate for lack of substance.

    Dressing it up

    Fine clothes and fine words do not mask the underlying self-indulgence and hypocricy of narcissists on display, nor the reality of poverty, corruption, and PNP massacres/rubouts seemingly every week. ( ? Atimonan anyone!)

    ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig’

    3 years characterised by calamities, catastrophes, cockups and cover ups

    Monopoly/oligarch profits up ( no chance of competition/anti-trust)
    Poverty up ( let them eat rice)
    Unemployment up ( go abroad – and be abused!)
    Underemployment up
    Ofw’s up ( except in taiwan!)
    Prices up ( utilities – simple robbery)
    Inflation up
    Corruption up ( BoC – band of criminals)
    Pork barrel up (and the scams)
    Money-laundering up (new york condos/las vegas house)
    Political dynasties up
    Crime up
    Gun ownership up ( PNP gun happy!)
    Illegal gambling up
    Smuggling up
    Prostitution up
    Child laborers up
    Human trafficking up
    Human rights abuses up
    Extra judicial killings up
    Commuting time up (traffic a disaster)
    Inequality up

    Time’s nearly up, pnoy:
    Wake up,
    Wise up,
    Shape up
    Man up,
    or Shut up and Pack it up

    The poor cannot afford to have rich ‘leaders’, or a noynoying president.

    The un/underemployed cannot be told ‘all is good’ when there is jobless growth

    OFW’s cannot be regarded as a human export to be abused abroad and exploited at home for remittances, and overpriced badly built ‘rabbit hutches’

    The impunity of KKK, PNP et al, and the ability to buy ‘justice’ cannot be allowed to create a repressive & retrogressive society where the rule of law is replaced by the law of the gun

    1. Hi Libertas

      Looks like you’ve got a better list of the President’s shortfall. I was shaking my head while I was reading his previous SONAs. He was congratulating himself already without achieving much.

      1. Was wondering when you’d show up.

        Positive, hmnh? How about this?

        I am positive the Aquino administration’s infrastructure projects are all at a standstill. Equally positive that the bills for the agreements we entered into with the companies (foreign and domestic) who will undertake the government’s infra projects are piling up along with the penalties and interest payments.

        Or this? I am positive the Philippines lost out on the deal with the MILF. Also that this sets a precedent for anyone who wants to grab a chunk of land from the country. Just make enough noise, hunker down and wait it out. I am positive that some cowardly, weak-kneed politician will surrender his vastly superior forces along with large swaths of territory to the caprices of the mob for the possibility (however remote) of being considered for the Nobel Prize.

        I am also positive that the Aquinos will attempt to manoeuvre the president’s diseased sister Kris into some political position in preparation for another run at the presidency.

        1. if you were the president what will you do? I know that PNoy was trying to do his best . It isnt a magic that all of your complains be gone. YOU what is your contribution to the country ? Before you criticize are you sure you are doing good deeds for the others , if he done bad he will go to hell I know If there’s no justice here God is there. Think positive in a way that we must do our job too.

        2. i agree with positive.
          This is the problem with us Filipinos, we tend to see the flaws of the government and criticize them, claiming that WE are just being “realistic”. In fact, it’s hypocrisy. You are hoping that the best will happen to the country, but you are booing the administration.

          the aquino administration is doing its best: new laws such as rh bill, pantawid pasada to help the poor and marginalized population of the country, tanking off the pork barrel scammers and corrupt politicians…etc..

          The country is already filled with haters, why not just do your part, and then blog something when you have already changed the country. blog and criticize again when in six years, you will be able to reform the country. OKAY? okay.

        3. Positive,

          If I was Aquino, I would not be president. I would know my limitations and I would know my lack of skill and leadership and I would get out of the
          way and let somebody more infinitely qualified and capable run this
          country. Someone who has prepared for the position of president and by definition more suited. Since when was who you parents are the gauge of success in ANY position.

          Let’s put it this way. If Chris Paul is lost for the year, do we just put
          Vice Ganda as point guard for the Clippers and just say he is doing his
          best and be positive and let others only criticize if they were doing something??


          Sorry to disappoint you that GRP does not have the usual kissass writers
          you seem to need in your life. Don’t come. The administration rather we not discuss their shortfalls or anything and you defend them. This
          administration promised to get rid of corruption and poverty. Do you like
          being promised things and people not delivering? New RH Bill??? Like that was only them and that was all new? Nice how you don’t mention the administration’s reliance and concealment of pork. They are as transparent as KFC gravy. Don’t know what you were watching but Noynoy allies are no different and even worse than the people they chose to take the fall for pork. You can be educated on issues here in GRP or you can be lead down some imaginary rose garden by the government spin doctors and trolls.

          Your choice.

          Just because we expose lies does not mean we are haters. Doesn’t hating us make you a hater too?

      2. @icedfeather

        Care to explain why your president is too busy playing the “blame game” then? Care to also explain why PNoy wants to ignore his critics this year?

        Are you still living in a fantasy world where everything’s OK?

        “You are hoping that the best will happen to the country, but you are booing the administration.” – I believe GRP does not offer a 1-point solution to all of our problems in this country, that’s why we are given POINTERS on what this country needs to develop.

        “The country is already filled with haters, why not just do your part, and then blog something when you have already changed the country. blog and criticize again when in six years, you will be able to reform the country.” – a quote from someone who underestimates him/herself. Please elaborate your solutions then instead of whining around like your beloved president.

        1. “noytards?pangulo ninyo? hindi ka ba pilipino? okay lang ang magcriticize pero yung tawagin siya nga kung “anu-ano”, is crossing the line.” – Boo-hoo-hoo, halatang butthurt kasi nainsulto ko ang pangulo NATIN na talaga namang walang alam kung paano magpatakbo ng bansa.

          Totoy, kahit hindi pa bumoboto…alam kong isa ka rin Noytard…or an altnick of a previous poster here.

          Paano ko irerespeto ang pangulo ng bansa kung hindi sya marunong rumespeto sa mga bumabatikos sa kanya? Mabuti nga at may nakakakita ng mga pagkakamali niya para siya ay magbago kasi matigas ang ulo e…magulo at walang pinatutunguhan ang priorities niya as president, period.

          Basa-basa ka pa ng mga articles dito para ma-enlightened ka, hindi yung panay depensa mo sa pangulo.

        2. try mo rin kayang magbasabasa ng articles ng kung anong nagawa na ng administrasyong ito, hindi yung puro panlalait at critics yung inaatupag..umakyat na nga yung gdp nung bansa dahil sa mga negosyo, proweba na kahit papaano ay umngat na ang pilipinas, kulang na lg sa implementation pa..

          hini po ako diehard ni noynoy, pero alam ko na walang magandang magagawa ang pag whine natinnagpapakita lang ito ng pagiging arogante natin..optimist kaya ako no?lol at yang sabi na building by cricizing na parang lahat na lg ng nakikita ay mail, doon yun sa kay hitler..yan yung resulta.

          at ganoon talaga ang tao eh, yung mali lang yung nakikita..kahit pustahan pa, kahit naman yung susunod presidente na sa una ay “mahal ng bayan” ay talagang mapupuna parin… hindi naman nauubos yung nega sa mundo eh, pero limited stocks na lg yung maghahanap ng kabutihan ng iba at palaganapin ang solusyon.

        3. “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the (insert country here) public.” -Theodore Roosvelt

          Fact: Makitid ka because you’re basing your comments on EMOTIONS. And please don’t give me the GDP crap because only a FEW will had a hand on it.

          “lol at yang sabi na building by cricizing na parang lahat na lg ng nakikita ay mail, doon yun sa kay hitler..yan yung resulta.”

          Mali ang analogy mo. It’s like saying that a coach should say to his players “Go ahead and play. You guys are the best.” Can you even tell me that there are times that when a team wins a game the coach is not happy? In order to IMPROVE, CRITICISM is necessary. Former President Arroyo would like to respond to his critics by doing her job but unfortunately, the media loves to highlight her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. On the other hand, the media who are allies with the Aquinos love to turn a blind eye by not looking critically on their mistakes, especially the President’s ineptitude. See the bias?

          Never call criticism being ‘insulting’ because it’s just another excuse for promoting mediocrity. Hindi mo alam siguro kung gaano kasama ang ‘pwede na iyan’ attitude in our culture. Kung walang criticism, parang sinabi mo na rin na ‘Ok, gusto ko ganito na lang palagi’ or ‘Eh ano naman kung bobo? Pantay-pantay lang naman, ah.’ Hwag ganun ang mindset.

          No criticism = no improvement. Result: grave consequences.

        4. “umakyat na nga yung gdp nung bansa dahil sa mga negosyo, proweba na kahit papaano ay umngat na ang pilipinas, kulang na lg sa implementation pa..” – As if naman lahat ng tao dito sa ‘Pinas e alam kung ano ang GDP. Bakit hindi mo muna tignan kung gumaganda na ang kabuhayan ng mga mahihirap. Sa paligid ko pa lang, nakikita ko nang walang pagbabago sa mga mahihirap – naghihirap pa sila lalo.

          So you would rather avoid criticism and let the president continue to be satisfied with the “positive” survey results that’s rigged by those who are allied with him? That’s not helping him at all – it would only boost his pride.

          I’m sure lahat ng pangulo ay nakaranas ng criticism kahit wala pa sila sa administrasyon pero kung sa tingin mo lang e pampababa ng loob lang ang criticism, hindi na ako nagtataka kung bakit naghihirap pa rin tayo.

        5. @wintersoldier
          i don’t have the time for stupid, judgemental AND plain stupid comments. I hope you wasted a minute of your life.

        6. kahit kaninong administrsyon naman ay dapat pa rin tayong magpasakop dahil in the first place, c noynoy annointed ng Diyos para magrule ng bansa natin. hindi naman siya uupo sa puwesto kng hindi will ni God.. kagaya ni King Saul, nakita ni God na nasa puso niya ang maglingkod sa mga israelites ngunit nung nagtagl ay nagkamali siya.. nagalit ba ang mga israelites? aba’y siyempre. nagrebelde ba at kumontra? hindi. alam nilang ang Diyos ang naglagay kay Saul sa puwesto kaya’t ang Diyos din ang may kakayahang magpadala ng bagong leader. dito na pumasok c king david na ang pinakamabuting hari ng israel for 30 years.
          paparang sa mga magulang ntin,, ang Diyos ang nagtala..c noynoy ay parang ang ama rin ng ating bansa…kung nakikita namang ginagawa niya sa kanyang makakaya bilang ama ng bayan at kung may pagkukulang man ay ipagdasal natin dahil ama natin siya.
          ang pagpapala ng Diyos ay darating kung marunong tayong rumespeto sa mga inilagay Niya sa puwesto..

          God bless us all.

        7. “c noynoy annointed ng Diyos para magrule ng bansa natin. “- icedfeather

          If that is true then God does not love us very much. Let me offer an alternative, God gave man free will. The Filipino exercises their free will by ignoring their God given brains and votes in somebody out of sheer emotion. Which does not speak well of the Filipino capacity for logic. The people who the FIlipino voted in back in 2010 then use taxpayer money to covertly trolls like yourself to argue on its behalf during inevitable episodes of lackluster performance. Which may not seem fair to the taxpayer but it benefits you. People like you who have no brains or conscience but are instruments of a God forsaken government. There is your version and there is mine. Maybe somewhere in the middle lies the truth. You should leave God out of justfying that montrosity. The guy is incompetent and you are too dumb to see it or he is paying you to defend him. Either way you are screwed.

          Besides since when do jejemon deserve sympathy?

        8. “c noynoy annointed ng Diyos para magrule ng bansa natin. “

          Fact: Walang katungkulan ang Diyos sa PULITIKO. Kung sabagay matagal nang nakatingin ang Diyos sa atin at PALPAK pa rin ang gobyerno.

          “i don’t have the time for stupid, judgemental AND plain stupid comments. I hope you wasted a minute of your life.”

          Pathetic. Point f*cking missed but what do I expect from an angry mob mindset of yours.

          You’re the one who’s wasting your time in your life. If anything, bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Sorry if I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide like you do.

  2. Great article as usual Ilda!
    Although Im certain that the stooges from malacanang will show their retarded faces here again in an attempt to attack your article.
    I hope the people will realize now that after 3 years of nothing from this government that they had been duped by empty promises from this sham of a president.
    No amount of propaganda will ever change the fact that aquino has failed as a leader.

    Its about time that the people should take to the streets and demand change.

      1. Maybe they’re still waiting for Mr. Carandang to provide their spiel or maybe they have ran out of ammunution again

  3. Remember that ABS-CBN report earlier this month that featured Dr Celia Reyes from the so-called government “think tank” PIDS? The Aquinos’ own propaganda arm admits the CCT doesn’t work. That makes me wonder WHY they are clamoring for a massive increase in budget. Ostensibly, increasing the budget will, as the PIDS claims, allow them to reach more underprivileged. In effect, they hope to make their unproductive dole out program work by throwing more money at it. That goes against all logic.

    On the other hand, it fuels a rumour going around that the primary beneficiary of CCT is DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman. Before disbursement to individual recipients, CCT funds are deposited in a separate bank account. According to the rumour, the INTEREST payments are credited to Sec. Soliman. With the current number of 3 million recipients and the PIDS recommendation to increase both the number of recipients as well as the amount of the dole out, the interest payment reaches into the billions. In that light one can understand the Aquino administration’s insistence on keeping what is essentially a money pit going for the considerable future.

    1. Hi Johnny Saint

      It’s so funny how BS Aquino is so proud to say that the beneficiaries of the government handout will increase. His goal should be to decrease it. Meaning, whatever government assistance they provide should be temporary and that recipients should be able to walk on their own two feet after a certain period of time. What’s happening is that they seem to be forever depending on the government’s for assistance.

      I just can’t believe how this government is mismanaging the taxpayer’s funds.

      1. Because the guy has never managed anything. Never planned for anything. He can’t see the big picture. The easiest thing to do is spend somebody else’s money. Takes zero brains. Which is what he has.

      2. Ilda,

        “I just can’t believe how this government is mismanaging the taxpayer’s funds.”

        That’s why I am inclined to believe the real problem isn’t just simple inertia on the part of the Aquino administration, but something more sinister. There is enough EMPIRICAL as well as anecdotal evidence to prove that the CCT and all the other dole out programs WILL NEVER WORK as a catch-all solution to alleviate poverty. All they had to do was make a phone call to the economists at UP. But they refuse to listen. And now we’ll be on the hook for billions more.

        1. Here’s another positive idea: I am positive that according to economic laws and practical experience the government has no power at all to magically create sustainable, long-term, high-value employment through its welfare programs. The positive thing to do will be to abolish these freebies and dole outs in favor of opening up the economy to support growth and job creation.

        2. Paid hack or not, Ilda made a lot of sense. If you don’t want your president “attacked,” go tell him to make “positive” moves. He practically fed fodder for his critics’ cannons. Harriet, I guess you are the paid hack in coming up with this comment. Hehehe

        3. Ohoho! The usual cheap attack because you can’t do better arguments. Tits or fill my glass with your tears of defeat.

  4. Noynoy keeps on lying about the true state of the nation. Did he inherit that liar trait from his late father? Marcos once called his late father a “congenital liar”. Maybe Marcos knew a lot of things about Ninoys’ character at that time.

  5. Let us not judge Noynoy Aquino too hastily. The primary objective of this blog is to promote constructive criticisms and healthy discussions and not to downgrade anyone. I believe that it is your genuine motives to promote change and achieve realizations of our struggle.

    Let us be objective. Don’t let our emotions prevail and cloud our already confused state of mind.

    Have we asked ourselves if Noynoy is indeed committed and deeply sincere in his intentions? Is Noynoy being continuously pressured by bureaucrats as well as his own family? Are there any circumstances that hinder his ability or inability to perform his duties? Is the media being fair and honest about his personality? Are we being fair towards him?

    The more we question others, the more we see that the real answers that we seek are within ourselves.

    1. Three years without a single accomplishment and the best you can offer is we shouldn’t judge P-noy “too harshly” because he might actually be sincere after all? A dismal performance record doesn’t mean anything to you? Pardon my french, but that’s bullshit!

      1. I understand your emotional response and I can see your disappointments. I too, have my own reservations. I too have been struggling to promote social change and give what little I have to make a difference.

        Or maybe, should I say let’s kill em motherf***rs. What do you say?

        1. That isn’t an emotional response. That is an honest assessment of an obvious attempt to make excuses for piss poor performance by a president who had no qualifications to lead in the first place.

          Goading people to “kill them motherfuckers” on the other hand IS an attempt to use emotion to elicit a response. I won’t have it.

    2. “Pressured by bureaucrats as well as his family?” It’s been three years since they made the deal with Mar Roxas to bow out of the picture. What? The entire Philippine government now has to work around him to assuage his hurt pride and the rest of us have to go along with it if we want our public infrastructure? And potential political appointees need to kiss Ballsy Aquino’s ass to get her blessing and approval.

      That’s stupid!

      Being elected to the highest position in the land is a grave responsibility and carries some risk as well as the supreme authority. If BS Aquino is unwilling to take those risks or, worse, is disdainful of the responsibilities of his office, why did he take the position in the first place? Pointing to the bureaucracy or “family pressure” as the cause of his failure as a leader is no excuse for doing nothing.

        1. Actually, I have. See, I’m betting the average reader of the GDP blog could come up with their own game plan for, say, economic development that eludes this administration. And that is what I aim to prove in the next few days.

        1. The preservation of the family landholdings are just the start and, honestly, it’s a small portion of the egregious cycle of corruption that the Aquinos have inflicted on the Philippines.

        2. Incidentally, I posed that question to Amh Camp because of his insistence that the president is subject to forces beyond his control. Utter hogwash! This is the presidency we are talking about. Posing the question demonstrates that the suggestion that P-noy, as president, HAS to bow to family pressure is tantamount to admitting his weakness and the stupidity of his corrupt administration.

        3. the Aqino’s are not the only ones, far from it.
          Anybody that cares already knows that the country has a totally corrupt system and only one type of governance/politician.
          What anyone or everyone is going to do about it remains to be seen.

    3. Your style seems familiar like a Brother or Pastor that used to frequent here. Anyway I will play your game you rogue. Noynoy wants us to judge him. Here is a guy who ran for president at age fifty and yet he pulled an “Andy Gibb” by telling the nation “I just want be your everything”. Well we should expect what he promises. Even though the data proves otherwise.

    4. @Amh Camp

      I’ve been writing about Noynoy even before he won the election. Unfortunately, a lot of people have confirmed that they have similar observations about him. In other words, he did not disappoint us in terms of making our predictions a few years ago to be true.

  6. I already judged BS Aquino. Guilty of treason! Did I not say repeatedly that the worst is yet to come? BS Aquino continues to harp on the BJE MOA-AD sub-state dog with a different collar. In doing so… he defied a settled ruling of the Philippine Supreme Court and he is still doing it with impunity. The wealth sharing deal (Lion’s Share for the MILF) is still without Constitutional authority. BS gave everything in terms of patrimony and resources to the MILF jihadist terrorist criminal group… While the genuine dirt poor in Mindanao will get nothing. Remember that the MILF is allied with the terrorist NPA, ASG and JI Al Quaeda in Asia in Mindanao. We stand to lose our territories in Mindanao and perhaps Palawan. Our strategic resources of oil, natural gas, etc. will be used to fund the MILF state. They now have the capability to buy modern weaponry like aircraft in the future. What next? Perhaps the BJE will realize its dreams to revive Moro political and economic power in the archipelago. Wake up Philippines! Our sovereignty is threatened by the very President who is sworn to protect it and our territorial integrity! Defend and uphold the Constitution! Down with the traitor!

    1. What’s next is Muslims now have access to uranium deposits in Mindanao. And that could possibly end up with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. At the very least they could use the materials for a dirty bomb. Worst case scenario — we just gave them material for a nuclear arsenal. Thanks to BS Aquino, the world just became a lot more dangerous.

      1. @Johnny Saint

        I too am very alarmed at your revelations. Giving access to uranium ore in Mindanao to the jihadist, terrorist criminals of the MILF will have extremely dangerous implications. With their lion’s share wealth sharing gift from BS Aquino, they will have the capability to process this or ship it out to rogue states with nuclear capability. Our national security people should be alerted to this danger. I wonder what BS Aquino’s US pals would say about his major boo boo in not even securing uranium ore resources in Mindanao. BS sure loves the MILF jihadist terrorists.

        1. has anyone actually seen this uranium ore? REALLY seen it? the stuff is extremely rare, hard to mine and the MILF hasn’t got the technology to dig it up, maybe not even the ability to even know what they are looking at when and if they do find some of it.

        2. Gerry,

          There have been studies by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) going back to the 1970s that indicate the presence of uranium deposits on Mindanao and Palawan. The problem with predicting the future on the exploitation of these resources is hampered by the fact that we can’t do follow up surveys because of the ongoing conflict.

          Suffice to say that the possibility exists that there may be a significant deposit on the island. If it turns out that the deposits aren’t large enough to be used commercially or if they can only be used for medical purposes, then perhaps we can rest a little easier. Still, nuclear material that isn’t weapons grade can still be used in a “dirty bomb” to contaminate a target. That is still a dangerous possibility.

          Right now, there are too many unknowns. The fact that there is the possibility of a source of nuclear material should be enough to raise a red flag. And considering the ties the MILF has had to other Muslim terrorists, giving all them full access to exploit the natural resources of Mindanao shows the lack of foresight P-noy has with regards to future security issues.

      2. @Johnny

        What’s next is Muslims now have access to uranium deposits in Mindanao. And that could possibly end up with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

        I thought about that too while I was writing my piece. I just didn’t want the article to be too long. It would be really ironic if BS Aquino wins a Nobel Peace Prize for arming the rebels with weapons of mass destruction.

        1. Suuure he’ll bring peace. When everyone in the world is dead from the nuclear holocaust there will be peace 😉

    2. don’t worry, the MILF ain’t gettin the resources as they lack the engineering chops. the resources will be split between the chinese, USA and whatever corporation is hired to dig the stuff up. and a few Filipino politicians will get their ‘beaks wet’ as well.
      as for the ‘people’, well, they will get nothing, zip, zilch, nada, zippo! sound familiar?

      1. Funding and the lack of qualified personnel have always been the problem with the Philippines’ attempt at a nuclear industry. That isn’t new.

        What is new and the reason why we should be alarmed is the fact that the MILF are fanatics who now have carte blanche to exploit the patrimony of the Philippines without the requirement to share whatever product, profit or other benefits that may be derived from them. Jihadists who have ties to other terrorists — Jemaah Islamiyah, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. They also receive money from Muslim “charities” who are known fronts for terrorist organisations and their sympathizers.

        You don’t need local nuclear engineers. The Saudis and Yemenis can bring them over at any time. What Mindanao’s Muslims will provide is the same thing they gave the Jihadist cause in Afghanistan and Serbia — warm bodies for labor.

        They can get money from Middle Eastern “charities.” They can make money selling off gas, oil and other fossil fuels. They can bring in engineers and other experts to manage an (nuclear) engineering project. Because they have full control over their own areas without intervention by the national government, they can build whatever facilities they need for that project. And they have a pool of devoted, fanatical followers who can do the heavy lifting.

        Put all those things together and a Mindanao with weapons of mass destruction is very much a possibility.

    3. @Thomas Jefferson

      And it could be all for the sake of winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Never mind that there are parties who are at a losing end on this deal – mainly the majority of Filipino people. If these rebels have the backing of Malaysia, then they could mobilise mining the natural resources faster than the Philippine government.

      1. @Ilda

        I read the Daily Tribune yesterday. Malaysians are flocking to MILF territory for business and whatever support they will give. Question is… are they intruding into our territory without passports and visas?

  7. It’s time to start developing and setting up business in the provinces, municipalities, Manila no longer requires or needs anymore business’s or government buildings constructed. Cronies enjoy their 60-40% business ventures with a few foreigners but the major companies will never accept that kind of screwing and there seems no will to change this, so nothing changes, OFW robot goes to work, municipality git waits for cash, same shit different day.

  8. “It’s time to start developing and setting up business in the provinces, municipalities”

    It’s already started. Some have transferred or just created new offices in Laguna and Batangas. I think the call centers lead the way then some manufacturing plants followed.

  9. This is my game plan:

    1. A move to develop more support base for the Freedom of Information Act into law and subsequently, I hope, to abolish the “pork barrel”

    2. Support to abolish CCT (Conditional Cash). More and more people are starting to realize that this is not the solution to alleviate poverty, just “pogi” points.

    3. Education, education, and more education. Like this blog, for example – educational and informative. I am playing my part in disseminating useful information to as many Filipinos as I can. Sadly, we are but a minority. Majority still loves the oligarchs.

    4. Push for a reform bill to allow foreign ownership of the media. I’m literally puking at ABS-CBN and GMA Network, the two most influential TV stations.

    That’s it for now.

    Oh, and one more thing, I hope Pnoy can explain himself in concrete terms come Monday.

    1. are you seriously thinking that your game plan will be supported by aquinot? you can have reservations as you want, we already know what kind of person our president is – protector of oligarchs.
      boy do i hope to be proven wrong.

  10. it has been said b4, and MAYBE needs to be said again:

    The country is in need of a change, by any means necessary. How many lying thieving weasels have to lie to all of you b4 what needs to be done gets DONE?

    this guy is a laughingstock, but at least he knows it.their is NO FUTURE for anyone in the country that was not born into one.

    still need to have it explained?

  11. SONA secrets:

    1. Start with plenty of window dressing.

    2. Add repeat propaganda(matuwid na daan, etc.)fashionable wear and beautiful faces.

    3. Add drama with bombast and bashing rants by
    concentrating on blame games.

    4. Include straight lies, white lies and half

    5. Insert lots of applause.

    6. Agape smile as the gullible are hooked.

  12. care to proofread your article before publishing?
    -what’s “park barrel” ?
    -it’s just his 3rd year, not fourth
    -plans are only good intentions unless they immediately ‘degenerate’ into hard work. “degenerate”? I think you used the wrong verb.

    nwy..di ko binoto si BSA eh… lol

    1. @boyb

      Thanks for the heads up on the pork barrel. I have fixed it.

      Now it is your turn. FYI, it is his fourth SONA. The first one was in 2010. I should know because I have been writing about it since.

      Please look up the saying “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work” and let me know what you find. It seems you didn’t get what it meant.

      I didn’t say you voted for Aquino.

      Is there anything substantial you’d like to say?

  13. It is sad and revealing that butch abad says pnoy aquinos greatest achievement is his high level of trust ( only according to cojuangco-aquino owned false asia survey).
    Theabs-cbn reader mid term survey rates pnoy as 2 out of 10.
    No performance related achievements, no implementation of promises, just endless propaganda and meaningless motherhood statements

  14. While we read this the Chinese mining companies based in Zambales are “invading” and exploiting our nickel resources and transporting this by ship to China. Farther north, black magnetite sand is also being taken. What happened to the LGU’s and DENR?

    1. thanks to all the corruption the Republic lacks a Navy. the country is totally unable to protect any maritime resources it may have within its own EEZ.
      this is why it is a given that any resources to come out of the West Philippine/South China sea will be divided between China, the USA and whatever Corporation that gets the contracts to dig the stuff up. and , of course, the usual politicians will get a bit of a ‘beak wetting’ as well.
      SAD, but most likely true.

      1. The state of ND has more oil than all of Saudi, the US doesn’t need oil, China does but it’s not fair to have super power come in and developed and construct all that’s needed to tape into the oil safely and not want something. You’re correct the Philippines is far from being developed, look at Taiwan, Japan dang their smaller than the Philippines but manufacture for the world, condos and mega malls won’t get you big money it’s manufacturing, and electronic technology that create jobs. lower priced items, no more importing, start exporting.

  15. Hay ang gagaling nyo naman,,May Pilipino kaya sa inyo,, puro ingles kayo eh, kayo na kaya mag presidente at kundi umikot ang tumbong nyo sa dami ng problema,, puro kayo puna,, bakit di na lang kayo umisip ng paraan para makatulong sa bayan natin? Mabuhay tayong lahat….

    1. Hahaha here comes the trolls. Coming up with their template: mag presidente muna kayo, tumulong muna kayo bago pumuna. Given the opportunity many of us will run as president but FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Not because “my mother died,” the protection of family interests in Hacienda Luisita, tuwid na daan, etc. But not everyone can be president. Let me remind u that IT IS THE RIGHT & DUTY of every Filipino to criticize a president who doesn’t do his job properly. It is our way of contributing, oo ito ang tulong na maaaring gawin ng mamamayan. If we don’t do this, we will be remiss of our duties. Kahit nga barangay captain pinupuna mo di ba? Karapatan mo yan, at karapatan din naman namin na pumuna sa inutil at bengatibong presidente gaya ni Noynoy.

    2. Ano ngayon kung nagsasalita kami ng Ingles? Pilipino pa rin kami. At baka nakakalimutan mo na Ingles din ang isa sa mga lenguahe natin. O baka naman kasi dinadaan mo lang sa pinoy prayd iyang anti-English mo?

    3. I have ways to make it better, can you stop developing “Manila” and put stop to all business permits within and surrounding Manila and give them incentives to set up in municipalities, provinces, everybody’s grateful for the 7-Eleven but can you do better? people also have money here, dang.

      LTO, make it a one compound spot get rid of other fake or helper dwellings that perform double paper work and fake photo ID’s … it seems to be cleaned up in the large cities but the provinces still deal with fixers and multiple confusing compounds some are actually a part of the LTO some aren’t, man who can figure it out.

      Put govenors on those large passenger buses and slow them down, includes Jeepeny’s.

      Enforce vehicle reckless driving laws, get more officers out on the road collecting revenues from violators.

      Get rid of the MMDA division and install traffic lights.

      Start up manufacturing plants in several provincial area’s, making tools, generators, air-compressors, ect…, motorcycles, why import motorcycles when they could be made here and exported.

    4. Seriously, is that the best trolling that you guys can do? 3 years and still nothing to show for it. Just like Gogs said, Your precious pwesident doesn’t need you trolls if he is doing a great job.

      Troll Harder

      1. “the aquino administration is doing its best: new laws such as rh bill, pantawid pasada to help the poor and marginalized population of the country, tanking off the pork barrel scammers and corrupt politicians.”

        RH bill is a law? Anong petsa na bahit hindi pa naipapasa yung “law” na iyan? “Pantawid pasada?” Bakit lalong dumadami ang mahihirap sa bansa? “Tanking off pork barrel?” E fan nga ng presidente mo ang pork barrel e dahil nakikinabang sya diyan!

        Mas marami pang mga highway at daan ang naitayo ng mga dating pangulo kaysa kay PNoy. My goodness…you all love to copy and paste your spiels like what you are doing right now.

      2. e di law na kung law naipasa nga..error lang okay? sa lahat nang punto yun lang yung nakita oh. kasi nga maraming mahirap sa bansa kase bunga yan nung mga kamalian pa noon.. kagaya nung isang “certain” pres. na nagpasa ng e-vat e di nagkanda utang na ang pilipinas..
        yung mas corrupt na government ng last administration, madali bang alisin yun?
        ano naman yung proof mo na isa nga c pnoy sa nabebenefit nung scam na yan.. hindi lahat ng isinusubo sa media at critics ay tama.. discern mo din oh…
        at abay natural mas maraming highway na naipatayo dahil over fubding rin naman yung iba at ipapasok sa bulsa.. at saka hindi naman direct kay pnoy yun eh pinapadaan muna sa local officials diba?


        “isipin din natin na sa administration ni noynoy ay maraming kalamidad ang bumangga sa atin lalong lalo na yung yolanda at yung pagupo niya pa lang ay yung issue agad sa taiwan dahil sa bus massacre.” – Hmm, let’s see…the Manila hostage crisis botched hard and poor handling of the relief goods and housing for the victims of the Yolanda tragedy. Dapat nagawan nya agad ng paraan pero utak-sanggol pa kasi ang pangulo e.

        Kung magaling talaga ang pangulo natin, hindi ka nagco-copy-and-paste ng mga spiels mo dito at makikinig sya sa mga criticisms, hindi yung aasal siya na parang batang pikon.

        1. ikaw nga copy paste ng copy paste nung sinulat ko eh.. e di kung sanang magaling ka e di sana naghanap ka rin ng solusyon sa problema db?
          bago pa nga lang yang yolandang yan..atat lang? try mo kayang ipamudmod yung goods sa buong visayas..
          nakikinig nga siya at alam niyang hindi naman makakatulong yung criticisms nung iba, siya nga yung presidente kaya siya yung gumagalaw..kesa naman eh yung gawin niya eh makinig lang sa mga nega niyong comment.. alam din naman niyang developing pa lang yung progress nung projects nia, hindi naman siya ganun ka tanga, kaya nga siya naging presidente eh para solbarin ang nerereklamo NIYO araw araw.. nakikita niya lahat ng movements.. e tayo one sided laang yung nakikita, asa sa media.. e kung aawayin din naman niya yung press at critics niya, e di siya din naman ang lalabas na masama..
          simple logic ba, kung mga may nagtsitsismisan sa bawat galaw mo, at alam mong hindi totoo..papatol ka ba? siyempre babalik sayo, e di mananahimik ka na lang at gagawin ang dapat mong gawin kasi alam mo namang ikaw ang nakakakita ng lahat, sarili mo yan eh at pamamahay mo..hayaan mo na silang magcriticize dyan…uubos lang ang laway nila sa kaka kontra sayo, diba?

  16. Sonny coloma when asked what was pnoy aquino’s biggest infrastructure project to date.
    “widening/improving the road from tarlac to baguio”
    (actually, the only one)
    Not only is that a pathetic performance for 3 years, but that was only done to help cojuangco and his tarlac based tourist/airport/airline/resorts strategy!

    1. Pathetic indeed. Had he not cancel some of the projects initiated by previous gov’t, he could have taken credit for their completion too.

    2. They are claiming to have completed one major project — the Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro which was initiated during GMA’s watch.

      Unfortunately the DOTC screwed that one up too. They seem to have forgotten an airport needs air navigation and night landing facilities. They inaugurated the airport with only visual flight rule in place. The ILS (Instrument Landing System) and other vital facilities are supposed to be installed later. Twenty years in the making and you can only use it safely during the day in perfect weather. (I think it’s what store owners like to call a “soft opening.”) Pathetic.

  17. This is article is about negativity of Pnoy’s SONA or performance.The content is inconsistent with the topic. You should have use a relevant topic. If Pnoy is not the President , what would happen to the country? Why won’t you run the country and be the president? For you to understand and realize how it is to be in that position. Be open minded

    1. Pnoy’s presidential platform was
      – Pro-poor
      – Pro-transparency (FoI)
      – Anti-corruption

      Poverty and unemployment is up.
      Malacanan blocked FoI
      Corruption is rampant, as are scams in government.

      He has failed miserably based on hiw own promises, which were nothing more than outright lies.

      Now endless propaganda, and more lies try to paper over the ever widening cracks.

      Get your excuses ready for next year, and the year, after because it will only be more empty promises, motherhood statements, and ‘buying time’ for as long as possible, whilst the taxpayers coffers are raided and dubious contracts signed.

      Systems only improve with accurate measurements, feedback, and corrective action.

      No wonder this government and its follows fail when they want to simply make it up as they go along, and bury reality underneath a web of lies, deceit, and paid for surveys!

    2. Same old argument. We should first be president? We need not be the president ourselves not to realize the ills of our society. Mahirap ngang magpatakbo ng bansa, bakit nagrereklamo siya at ginagamit ang argumentong ito? He SHOULD NOT HAVE RAN on the 1st place kung mahirap pala. Pathetic excuse not to criticize!

    3. @Precious

      If PNoy is not the President and someone more competent is in his place, the country would be better off. Instead, Filipinos have to endure six years of mediocrity from the son of so-called “heroes” because of ignorant voters.

      The article is not being negative. It’s realistic. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos want to live in a fantasy concocted by the Aquinos and their minions.

    4. P.s
      What happened to the huge investments pnoy always touted/promised were coming after every foreign trip he made??!!

      FDI now the worst in ASEAN

      A snake oil salesman – just more lies which the international business community can spot a mile off

      1. The 60/40% ownership law enacted against foreign business would be the deal breaker, who in their right mind would go for such a shoddy deal and to invest 3 million dollars of their money on a 1 million dollar company, what a loosing proposition but apparently nobody can see this? Time to get out of the pool.

    5. I asked this earlier:

      Being elected to the highest position in the land is a grave responsibility and carries some risk as well as the supreme authority. If BS Aquino is unwilling to take those risks or, worse, is disdainful of the responsibilities of his office, why did he take the position in the first place?

    6. @Precious

      The article is all about the truth of the lies, half-lies, half-truths, propaganda, survey manipulations and false facade of the SONA. If you can’t deal with it… troll somewhere else!

  18. Only in a country with an average I.Q. of 86, could politicians/leaders with an average I.Q. of 87 get away with such incompetence, lack of integrity, and sheer self-interest.

  19. Habang binabasa ko ito ay nainis ako dahil pulos negatibo ang nakalagay. Kung ito paniniwalaan natin, parang kawalang gana na at wala ng pag-asa ang ating bansa.

    Napakaraming puna ang naisulat dito, pulos pangit at ni wala man lang appreciation.

    Ang tao na sumulat nito marahil ay malaki na ang nagawa para sa bayan at marami ng natulungan sa ating mga kababayan na naghihirap.

    Ang sa akin lang ay hindi natin kailangan ang pagbatikos, ang kailangan natin ay tumulong upang mai-angat ang kalagayan ng ating bansa.

    1. If the President was really doing so well he would not need you trolls. Things seem negative because this country with complex problems has a simpleton in charge. And only cause Monmy died. Then you attack the language used. Not content. Or relevance .

  20. ” It has been three years since majority of Filipino voters elected the son of so-called “heroes” into the highest office in the land.”

    @Ilda, I believe that he was not voted by the majority. We can only have a leader voted by the majority if we just have 2 or 3 candidates or much better yet, a two-party system. Maybe this is one of the reasons idiots win.

    After more than 2 decades, the Aquinos have succeeded on dumbing down the Filipino to their advantage, and a lot will still believe in his SONA, they will be the ones applauding and cheering for him.

    1. Fair enough. He still got the highest votes though and some of his minions keep bragging “majority wins”. That’s the language they understand.

      There are a lot of men and women who don’t use their heads in electing their leader.

      1. puro kayo sat-sat..hindi naman agad-agad mapupuna lahat ng ating pangulo ang mga needs natin,,although 6 years is not enough to change the status of our country still, he’s doing the best what he can do. i appreciate nyu naman ang kanyang mga nagawa kahit man maliit na bagay lang yan sa inyong paningin,.diyan magsisimula ang malaking pagbabago..

        1. The butthurt is strong in your post and once again,TROLL, recycled nanaman ang script mo.
          Tatagalugin ko na ito kung hindi mo parin maintindihan. Kung hindi mo matanggap ang katotohanan, sa iba ka nalang magtroll,or buti pa maghanap ka nalang ng tunay na trabaho since hindi naman productive ang ginagawa mo.

          Troll harder, butthurt fag

  21. @Ilda
    So what’s the verdict? I’m dying to know your latest opinion now that Noynoy has delivered the SONA.

    1. @Amh Camp

      Sorry to tell you that I have been busy the whole day doing something productive. I did not watch the SONA nor have I had the chance to read it.

  22. So bakit nagbasa ka pa kung maiinis ka lang. Dun ka na lang sa mga artikulo na puro papuri sa kasinungalingan ng presidente mo. Si binibining Ilda ay hindi mangangahas na magsulat kung wala pa syang nagagawa para sa bansa. Magbilangan nga tayo aber. I’ve been paying my taxes diligently and I’ve given to charity many times over. Modesty aside, I guess I’ve done so much for my country for all my more than 30 years of existence. So don’t tell us we don’t have the right to criticize your self righteous president!

  23. @Ilda
    It’s ok. Just take your time. I love reading your articles, very insightful. I’ve learned a lot. To all political bloggers, keep up the good work!

  24. So guys, who’s the best president after all? I’m just wondering why we kept looking for something, asking for something and demanding for something… so no, who do you think is the best person to be our President?

    1. For a start, it should be someone who is not from the Aquino-Cojuangco clan; someone who doesn’t play favourites. Meaning someone who can advocate for the prosecution of those who break the law even if it means holding accountable those he consider his allies; someone who has a clear vision in job creation; someone who has diplomacy skills and who can negotiate our country’s disputes with our Southeast Asian neighbours; someone who won’t encourage dependence on handouts; someone who is not too full of himself.

      1. it sounds like you are looking for a perfect boyfriend… haizzz… I pity you… hope you can find one… anyway, parang ganito lang yan… kapag ang tao may nikitang piso sa daan at hindi pinulot ang tingin sa kanya walang pagpapahalaga sa pera… kapag pinulot naman nya ang tingin sa kanya ng iba mukhang pera o pulubi… kahit anong gawin mo may masasabi at masasabi sayo ang kapwa mo… so even if the person you are saying do exist… still, people have something to throw against him/her… sad to say… ang pagiging hindi marunong makuntento sa isang bagay ang nagiging ugat ng problema… sana matutu taung tumulong na lang sa problema ng bansa kesa maghanap ng mga bagay na hindi madaling mahanap. Always remember, that you can’t undo all the wrong doings in just a short period of time, period!

        1. So what your trying to say that you prefer a government whored by media that tells you that ‘everything is ok’ and not looking forward for progress but to live in MEDIOCRITY?

          Hindi ka magrereply dahil TOTOO ang sinasabi namin. You just have a tunnel vision, just like your fellow ignorant Pinoy plebs. Sorry, but red herrings don’t work here. 😀

      2. who the hell do you think you are!? what have you done that would surpass his talk as if Noynoy condemn you to root in hell. unlike you Noynoy contributed a lot in the growth of our nation and restoring the respect that was lost in our previews administration.

        1. Noynoy was a nobody who turned into a somebody because mommy died. Admit it! I know trolls will never admit the truth. Your existence is a manifestation of his insecurity and weakness.

        2. EMO comment detected.

          Noynoy was voted because of his last name. The irony is that the previous administration contribute the growth of the nation even more compared to Noynoy’s term. Most of his claims are propaganda-based so your propaganda efforts are futile.

          All I see is more blame games and vendettas. No respect for vengeful mongrels. And if anything, you are already in hell because you love to live in this hellish society called the Philippines.

          Hope you’re happy. 😀

  25. Verdict – 2013 SONA
    Heard it all before.
    Try working not talking
    Try doing not dreaming
    Try being honest not deceitful
    But a 3rd world incompetent cannot change his spots or deficiencies. A lazy life, a lazy presidency.
    All mouth ( and buck teeth), but no trousers (or hair).
    Pnoy exemplifies why a 3rd world country stays a 3rd world country

  26. Are you the guys the president mentioned about criticizing our working government in Facebook? Then it is clear, you are anti-poor.

    1. No we’re not. We’re the guys who criticise the government at GRPost.

      Working government? What type of work? A lot of people think it’s mediocre work. He can do better than that. Building roads and bridges is nothing new. I think previous governments built more than your President during their term.

    2. If any case, the ‘working government’ you’re talking about is the past administration. No kidding.

      TBH, you are anti-poor to begin with because you keep on supporting MEDIOCRITY and you keep on supporting band-aid solutions. Then it is clear that you are PRO-HYPOCRISY. 😀

      But keep on lying, hellraiser. Your tears are delicious. 😉 I’m sure you won’t reply back because what I’ve said is TRUE. Deal with it.

    3. The poor flock to Manila for work because Manila is so overdeveloped that the jobs are there.

      If your really concerned about he poor, (you live comfortably in Manila I bet) you would develop and provide special business start-up incentives to the Provinces and Municipalities that have no jobs, wouldn’t that somehow keep the masses from flocking to Manila as squatters, beggars for jobs, who cares about the flooding in Manila, people eat grass products where I live, they can’t afford meats.

    4. Working government my ass, all your president did was nothing. If you are talking about a working government, refer to the previous one.

      I know that you will not reply because it’s the TRUTH.

    1. Well, BS Aquino doesn’t like including bad news in his SONAs. It is as simple as that. He probably wanted to copy Obama’s success in taking down Osama bin laden but failed.

  27. tha heavens do rule what ever happens to us we should respect the predsident bcos he the deputy autority of the lord

    1. Seems like people would like some change and it’s not gonna happen by killing foreign investment with 40/60% ownership and a unbendable/never-changing law and OFW’s in full swing back and forth, that’s no life, jobs can be created the talent is here but it has to be exported. Squatter wouldn’t need to travel to Manila for jobs with manufacturing jobs created in provinces, municipalities. Those that never seem to get it live in Manila, it’s a one-sided hammer that never lets up, why can’t you change that, what have you got against the rest of the Philippines.. there’s life after Manila it just tapped into.

        1. What makes me Filipino? My desire to see my country’s system fixed, and my country’s culture transformed into one that is more respectable.

          While you, Yellow Zombie are PINOY who wants to live in a hellish society and not looking for progress and instead, being in a MEDIOCRITY.

          I know you can’t answer because you’re the BIGGEST ASSHOLE. 😀

        2. We have EVERY right to criticize the president. You on the other hand, have no right to tell us that we should accept this mediocre president.

          You have already lost, deal with it

        1. Aba ba’t masyado ka ngayon bastos vincensus ignoramus? Umiiyak ka na naman ano? Please fill my glass with your tears. They’re tasty.

        2. And who is this ‘God’? Please don’t tell me the Aquinos, which you are actually worshipping. 😛

        3. Umiiyak nanaman siya kasi wala na siyang masabi kundi manginsulto. Too bad for him kasi walang epekto ang mga insulto niya.
          Mangiinsulto nalang, mali pa.

          Walang kwenta talaga.

    2. @precilatrazona

      tha heavens do rule what ever happens to us we should respect the predsident bcos he the deputy autority of the lord

      What duh…? Someone must have been smoking something illegal.

      1. @Ilda

        BS Aquino must have a new underground black religous inverted cross cult coz he is the deputy authority of the lord. It is called the straight and wide path cult. Hahahahaha!

    3. The Lord commanded Christian to submit themselves to leaders because God appointed them (Romans 13:1-5,1 Peter 2:13)

      But it does not mean we can’t criticize them if they do wrong. Just ask John the Baptist when criticize King Herod for his adulterious relationship and it cause John’s head (Mark 6:14-29)

    1. Nope, I’d rather support someone competent and SMART than support your president’s sinking ship.

      If thats all you guys from the malacanang stooge group can say then you guys have already lost here.


      1. Well, join the opposition (especially allies of the former president) and pillage the country. Do it, fool.

        1. Fact is Yellow Zombies like the fraud known as bida kapamilya are the bigger fools because he can’t admit that he’s a Yellow Zombie and being BRAINWASHED.


        2. Be careful of what you say, idiot. It might just come back to bite you in the ass.

          Your president’s ship is already sinking. No amount of propaganda can save him now.

  28. just support our President, it’s an only way to overcome the status of our country, if we always just giving our opinion without acting of something valuable at least we start it from our self theirs is no changing….. ——-thinking of this………being a president is BIG BIG RESPONSIBILTY!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’S NOT A JOKE!!!

    1. Then convince Pnoy IT ISN’T A JOKE! Perhaps he will take his duties seriously instead of going out to watch Dionne Warwick. You want to overcome the status of the country? Get the president to accomplish JUST ONE INFRA PROJECT! Doing that might actually get the economy running down a more sustainable path. As it is, because your precious Pnoy failed to do anything for three years and because his people still refuse to act on any significant project, NO infra will be built before the Aquino term ends. Otherwise you are just ranting apologies on behalf of a spoiled incompetent boob.

        1. You’re a BIGGER FOOL because Noynoy is taking all the credit. The airport was made under FPGMA’s watch.

          So who’s the fool again??? I’m sure you won’t reply back because what I’ve said is TRUE. 😀

        2. FYI,the airport that you are talking about was started UNDER FPGMA and your president took the credit for it. Better check your sources again
          Foolish Troll

        3. “Ha? GMA is already in jail and has nothing to do with it, fool.”

          Ha? Of course it DOES matter because credit-grabbing is bad.

          Yep, GMA is in jail, so what? She was acquitted on most of the cases against her because most of them are based on HEARSAY, fool. 😀

          Of course you will reply with your stupid, foolish comments. 😉

        4. Still dont believe us?

          Here, read it and WEEP

          The Laguindingan Airport Development Project (LADP) was inaugurated on January 10, 2006 with groundbreaking ceremonies presided by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who advocated the idea of an International airport in the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor

          So who is the bigger fool now?
          Definitely YOU, TROLL

        5. Your president is a joke, deal with it.
          Your trolling is ineffective, deal with it.
          You’re the biggest FOOL, deal with it.
          You have already lost, DEAL WITH IT

        6. bida kapamilya,

          Did you actually read the article you cite as proof of Pnoy’s achievement? Or do you lack even the most common faculties required for comprehension?The Business Week story is more proof that the Aquino administration FAILED with respect to the Laguindingan International Airport.

          Planning for Laguindingan began in 1991. It was finally inaugurated in January 2006, under Pnoy’s predecessor, GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO. All Pnoy had to do was let the project finish up and steal credit for it. In his sublime stupidity, Pnoy couldn’t even handle that simple job. According to YOUR article, the Laguindingan airport lacks the proper instrument landing systems to allow it to operate properly. Instead, the CAAP operates the facility using Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only. In other words Laguindingan can only be used in broad daylight under perfect conditions. ILS isn’t even expected to be in place until at least 2014.

          Apparently your IQ needs to come up several hundred points for you to be considered an imbecile. Only a berk would even begin to believe he scored a home run when in reality he proved the EXACT OPPOSITE.

  29. Magaling ang naging SONA ng ating pangulo. He was not reading anything, alam nya ang sasabihin nya. A sign of a good leader.

    1. He memorized a speech. A ten year old could accomplish that. Even a chimpanzee can be trained by rote memorisation.

      1. It was not a speech but it was a report to the people, fool. Many liked the president for being frank about those who failed and anger him.

        1. Iyan ka na naman sa propaganda mo vincensus ignoramus e. Can’t you give us something more truthful than your stupid lies you maggot?

        2. My God! You are incredibly obtuse! A public discourse in which the president addressed not only both houses of Congress but a television audience is NOT a speech? What did you expect? Iambic pentameter!? You must not be breathing; because it is evident that no oxygen is reaching your brain.

          Let US be frank here. All the president did was bloviate. And none of your pathetic attempts to elevate his inept performance comes close to hiding the fact that he has not accomplished one single thing in office you sycophantic pile of apologist ordure.

    2. If he wasn’t reading anything then how the fuck would you explain his mispronouncing words in his speech hmmm?


  30. Just accept the fact that
    1. Your propaganda isn’t fooling anyone
    2. You are a complete retard for worshipping aquino.
    3. You will never win any arguments against us
    4. You are a stupid sack of shit, sitting in a dark room jerking off to naked pictures of Mr. Aquino.
    5. Your president’s days are numbered. One more major fuck up and it won’t end well for him.

  31. P.S

    Almost forgot one thing
    No matter how hard you try,you will always be seen as a FRAUD and a laughing stock here so I suggest you pack your things and get lost.

    Troll Harder, “bida kapalmilya”

    1. @Johnny- Could someone please in GRP press the eject button immediately?? Where is Hitler when we need him!!!!

  32. good eve.,,
    amm… wag muna po sana tayo magcomment ng bad kay pnoy..kung ikaw ba sya kaya mung gawin lahat ng un??tao din siya at hindi superhero na sa isang iglap tapos agad ang problema..tingnan natin ung mga mabubuting nagawa nya..try 2 compare pnoy sa administration ni gma alin ba ang mas maayos at mas tahimik??so,,tingnan nyo magcocomment kau ng bad den what ?? pag iba na nakaupo anu sasabihin nyo?? na mas maayos ung pamumuno nung isa??ganun// im a college student nagreresearch lang ng diff.reactions 4 our project..

    1. College student ka pero you’re a hypocrite because you just want to have a job and to think critically.

      Kakahiya. <_<

  33. ang masasabi ko lang para mabawasan ang kahirapan sa pilipinas , baguhin nya ang patakaran sa pag apply ng trabaho, katulad ng edad ang hirap kasi dito sa atin pag lagpas ka na ng kalendaryo wala ka ng makuhang trabaho nakalagay sa requirements AGED BETWEEN 18 TO 27 OR 31 YRS OLD. paano tayo makabangon nyan, bakit hindi natin gayahin sa ibang bansa na hangga’t malakas ka pwede ka pa mag trabaho, try nyo lang po , siguro naman hindi mahirap gawin itong. marami pa kaming nakatambay na lagpas na edad sa kalendaryo walang trabaho at nagtitiis sa gutom , kaya yong iba dyan nagnanakaw nalang at manghoholdap dahil patakaran na ganito

    1. I agree. When I visited Singapore and Hong Kong, I saw a lot of middle-aged people still working on ordinary but real jobs. One example is a ride operator at Universal Studios Theme Park Singapore in his 50’s I think.
      I think that stupid age limit has to do with our dysfunctional religion and culture.

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