Is The Ten Billion Pork Barrel Scam Premature Mudslinging For The 2016 Presidential Elections?

In my previous post, I mused about the reason behind why Rappler came out with an article which claims that lawmakers allied with the Aquino Administration were included in a list of those involved in the P10 Billion pork barrel scam.  My theory is that it is part of an effort to lay the predicate for refuting the argument that the pork barrel scam is nothing more than premature mudslinging for the 2016 presidential elections.

Just now, I came across a post on Facebook by Showbiz government which shows Janet Lim-Napoles with senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada which in my view tends to support my theory.

jean napoles jinggoy estrada bong revillaThe post which is actually a re-post of an update from Jerry Ocampo says: “Naglabas ng retrato ang Malacanang black propaganda group (which is synonymous with Rappler) that shows Jean Napoles (the lady who is the central figure in the pork barrel scam) partying with Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada, who are said to be the main contenders in 2016 presidential elections. Ngayon ako nakakasigurado kung ano talaga ang pakay ng scam na ito.”

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(Translation: Malacanang’s black propaganda group released a photo that shows Jean Napoles partying with Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada, who are said to be the main contenders in the 2016 presidential elections. It is only now that I’m sure what this scam is all about.)

At this point, despite the “acoustic warfare” being played out in media between Janet Lim-Napoles and her former employee/accuser Benhur Luy, there seems to be no sign that the senate or house of representatives will be conducting a probe into the alleged pork barrel scam.

One journalist who observed the ensuing media melee actually remarked that if the allegations were really backed up by strong evidence, Luy the accuser should have filed a complaint at the Office of the Ombudsman instead of going to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.   Even better still if the story centered on the Ombudsman acting on Luy’s complaint — which, in a way, might mean that it had evaluated the complaint and found it worthy of backing up with a formal investigation.

In which case, the question to ask is: Would Luy’s allegations and evidence passed muster at the Ombudsman?

With the allegations being quite serious and involving so many big political names, perhaps it would have been better if Nancy Carvajal (who “broke” the six part story on PDI) waited for Luy to file a formal complaint at the Ombudsman first.  As it is, the Ombudsman is conducting its own investigation into the pork barrel scam motu propio or on its own accord rather than on the basis of a complaint from Luy.  Like the policeman who arrives late at the scene of the crime, the Ombudsman’s rather late appearance in the story could very well just be to respond to the overwhelming “media pressure” created by the pork barrel scam story.

31 Replies to “Is The Ten Billion Pork Barrel Scam Premature Mudslinging For The 2016 Presidential Elections?”

  1. Is anyone in charge?
    Does anyone care?

    Already known as the smuggling capital of asia, the philippines is now being called the sewer of asia, with the increasing levels of crime, massacres, corruption and scams – most of which involve ‘political leaders’

    And with no congressmen even wanting to head up the committee responsible for pushing FoI, it looks like the criminals are in charge, and it will stay that way.

  2. You will only hear what they want you to hear and you shall only see what they show you. WAKE The fuck UP, the entire country is one gigantic scam after another.

    it doesn’t matter if you “FIND” evidence. if 50 years of rampant corruption is not enough for anyone to know that where there is smoke there is a FIRE, then what can be done for you?

    Leave the country immediately if you are not an ‘elitist’, you MIGHT be able to prosper as an OFW. MAYBE!

    1. Call it quaint but I still believe that the judicial system, despite all its flaws, is still the best way of determining the guilt or innocence of people who are accused of a crime or crimes.

      Until Janet Lim-Napoles is taken to court on the basis of claims made by Benhur Luy, there is actually no legal basis for saying that she is guilty or not.

      And yeah, at least to me, evidence DOES matter as much as the right to due process and the right to face one’s accuser.

      1. Well, that’s great and I am glad you still believe in the right to due process. There might have been a time in the country where I believed in it too, BUT NOT ANYMORE. I have seen too much to believe anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone who is part of ‘that’ government. Blue shirt/yellow shirt/tie dye shirt…doesn’t matter.
        To me, they are all the same: KRIMINALS!

        as the RED QUEEN says: “Off with his head.”. BTW, that RED QUEEN is HOT!WOWO!

      1. Corrupt officials routinely besmirch the reputation of whistleblowers rather than logically refuting the charges.

        Why focus on the motivations of Rappler rather than the truth of the allegations themselves?

        You also claim that the accuser should have filed a complaint at the Office of the Ombudsmen instead of going to the Enquirer.

        Who makes a charge and how a charge is filed are side issues that have nothing to do with the truth of the charges. Instead, they are smoke screens designed to distract, rather than making an issue clear.

        1. Charges and complaints against public officials are usually filed at the Office of the Ombudsman.

          Since the allegations center around senators and congressmen, Luy should have filed his complaint at the Ombudsman’s Office.

          So, where is the ad hominem or attack against a person’s character?

          Did I assail Luy’s character here?

          Moreover, in litigation, a witness or complainant’s credibility is often questioned and this is not an automatically an ad hominem.

          In fact, if you understood what I wrote here, I asked specifically “would Luy’s allegations and evidence merit the support of the Ombudsman?”

          In any case, only a court (perhaps in this case, the Sandigan Bayan) will be the best way to determine the truth behind the allegations made by Luy.

          As for Rappler, what’s wrong with questioning their motive behind the story?

  3. Perhaps, I misread your article; but to me you seem to be sure that the Pork Barrel Scam is not true; and is instead is mudslinging for the presidential election. On what evidence do you base this conclusion? Not on the accuracy of the story; but on the motivations of Rappler (which you insinuate are not honorable.) Ad- hominem fallacy #1…and on the Facebook post attributed to Malacanang (which questions the integrity and honesty of the president.) Ad- hominem fallacy #2…Is the photo not accurate? Does it not show an association between the parties? Perhaps, I have misinterpreted your article. If that is the case, I apologize. However, to me you seem more interested in the machinations of the personalities involved than in the merits of the case.

    1. I am not at all saying that the allegations against Janet Lim Napoles are untrue, but rather, if it IS true then the next step would be to have a formal complaint filed at the office of the Ombudsman.

      You may want to read my post again because I clearly stated that all I have is a theory, I haven not made any conclusions.

      Perhaps you’re talking about Jerry Ocampo and not me. All I said is that what Ocampo posted on FB tends to support my theory, whether or not Ocampo has made an accurate conclusion is another matter all together.

      1. Hey Paul.

        At the very least, Napoles’ ostentatious displays of wealth should be enough to warrant a “lifestyle check” if they are serious about getting to the bottom of the affair. One other issue I’m waiting for the BIR to focus on is this: How did Napoles move huge amounts of money around without anyone noticing? PhP10 billion — all from one person/company — going through the country’s financial system and no one had any idea? I find it inconceivable that the banks she dealt with did not find her transactions suspicious.

        1. I came across part of a TV report a day or two ago and then just today. Apparently, Janet Napoles is quite the businesswoman — with businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, etctera… She ships coal to South Korea, I think.

          But yes, I think the BIR should look into her financial records.

        2. I don’t have a problem with Janet Napoles if she came by her wealth honestly. I wouldn’t have a problem if she made her money through “aggressive” business practices that might cause Teddy Casiño and his leftist cohorts to burn her in effigy and hold protests on her doorstep. But she should be made to answer for profiting off government kickbacks and money laundering if the allegations are proven to be accurate. Regardless of how canny she is at doing business. Hell, what she has going must be pretty impressive if residents of Ayala Alabang will describe her lifestyle as “lavish.”

        3. I think so too Paul, the BIR now that the outfit seems okay well-led to ferret out at least some measures of good work, allow for propriety especially lifestyle checks may be able to let out truth in some other way I’m sure.

          Nice one Paul.

      1. Come to think of it, Ochoa’s name was mentioned as one of the the customs padrinos… hehehe!

        And JLN, apparently, had hired someone from Ochoa’s law office MOST (Marcos Ochoa Serapio Tan).

        Then again, it was explained that one of Janet Napoles’ daughter was a classmate of one of MOST’s lawyers.

  4. Janet Lim-Napoles certainly seems to have a number of ex-military and ex-government officials serving as board members in her family’s group of companies.

    Take a look at the “Asia Star Power Resources Corporation.” The company claims to be an international trading corporation, specialising in coal sourcing, financing and logistics. This company also has for its address the same suite at Discovery Center on ADB Avenue as the JLN Corporation.

    Maj Gen Ricardo Brillantes (RET) — President and CEO. Former Vice Commander of the Philippine Army (2006).

    Gen Efren Abu (RET) — Director and Vice President for Operations. Former Chief of Staff Armed Forces of the Philippines from 2004 to 2005.

    Gen Abu and Gen Brillantes both worked with Sparkling Energy, a Hong Kong based coal trading company.

    Maj Gen Rodolfo Alvarado (RET) — Member, Board of Directors. Former Commander of the 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army.

    Atty. Rocky Nelson — Member, Board of Directors. Served as State Corporate Attorney at the office of the government corporate counsel, Department of Justice. He also serves as corporate counsel of the JLN Group of Companies.

    1. That must have to do with Janet’s husband, General Napoles.

      Infact, in 2001, the hubby was embroiled in the Kevlar Helmet corruption controversy.

      Napoles’ husband was cleared though…

      check this out:

      Then Ombudsman Aniano Desierto issued an order dated March 18, 2002 dismissing the case against Maj. Napoles “for lack of probable cause”.

      But Mrs. Napoles stood trial on both charges but was cleared of any liability on October 28, 2010 for lack of evidence.

      1. imagine that? only took 8 yrs, and a new admin. to clear the charges.
        what a joke the Justus system in the country is, huh?
        and how ’bout that Maguindanao Massacre case? 57 dead journalists? no? nothing? nada? zippo? zilch?
        kinda ran outta gas that case did, huh?
        u kno, to think that anything in the country is not CORRUPT is truly laughable. would have to be very dumb to even imagine that.
        if it weren’t so SAD, it would be VERY funny.

        1. Well, imagine the happiness of corrupt politicians if people just gave up trying to get them to answer for their crimes.

          That’s certainly not one of the options people should choose.

    2. I think people have pretty much made up their minds that Janet Napoles is guilty of Benhur Luy’s accusations.

      But so far, the real basis for saying Janet is guilty is a court verdict saying so, right?

      Thing is, all that has happened so far is “trial by publicity”.

      My hunch is, this thing will blow over and no one will come close to the truth.

      Unless, of course, Janet is taken to court and that’s what I want to see happen.

  5. the entire country is run by CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIANS that take turns ruining the economy at the expense of the people.
    the solution is clear as the day is long.

  6. Certain types of people in the country are sooo practiced at hiding wealth and as an added bonus to that there is no FoI, which (in the words of the governor of Camiguin) would liable everyone in congress to extortion (because they are ALL thieving weasels).it is almost impossible to put a solid case against the KRIMINALS because the law protects them so well. BUT the lavish life-style tells all that is needed to know, yes it DOES! on their salaries, not a single one of these POS could possibly live the way they do, not a single one!
    Lying, Thieving POS Weasels, each and every one!

  7. Let’s be frank here mr Paul, how many cases have the Ombudsman successfully filed and the number of politicians served warrants?

    On Gen. napoles, lack of evidence? The mere fact that the helmets were made in Taiwan and the contract stated USA.

    Money is the root of this all and with sufficient money, the Napoles’ have been buying their silence and freedom.

    If there’s a whistleblower, the media treats them as criminals instead of witnesses.

    Now that there are papers that prove that several organizations had fake names or rather names of people unaware that their identity have been used, it should have warranted investigation. Especially since these people had relationship with the Napoles.

    The PDAF should also be placed under scrutiny once more. If a magnitude such as this can be stolen “legally” should we just let it pass by?

    I understand that Napoles are guilty and their crimes are being trumpeted to hide Ballsy’s crimes.

    But the courts are flexible, we don’t need to wait for Napoles to be charged before Ballsy.

    Criminals don’t follow a chronological schedule, why should the courts have to call them on trial one by one?

  8. I think the answer to the title of this blog post has been resolved.

    No, the 10-billion pork barrel scam is not a premature mudslinging.

    The people have spoken and the preference of filing a complaint via the ombudsman has been rendered moot and academic.

  9. Minsan ang btas nang pilipinas ang mismong tmutulong sa mga salarn para mkagawa nang paraan ang iba pang sangkot na malnis ang knilang mga pangalan.
    Dahil sa “prosesong nagpapabgal” gnun naman pg myayaman akusado mtgal umusad ang kaso,pag MAHIHIRAP AT DUKHA kht walang hearing kulong agad. Karamihan sa nkakulong sa pinas mga ‘Dukha’. Mga dukhang ang ib nkaka gawa nang mali dhl sa khrapan,bgamat di lahat.
    May iba na nakakulong nang walang sentensya.pero pag myaman nanjan na ibedensya di agad pinipiga.

    -sana lang sa pg suko ni JN, before anythng happen ay makuha nla ang testimonya nito na ukol sa mga sangkot-

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