President Noynoy Aquino claims sole credit for the new Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro

Trust Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to take credit yet again for a project progressed initially under the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Despite undertaking a massive campaign to cancel key infrastructure projects initiated by Arroyo when he assumed office in 2010, the Aquino Administration has glided on the wind of many such projects. The latest one is the newly-opened Laguindingan airport in Mindanao currently being trumpeted by the government.

Laguindingan International Airport inaugurated by President Arroyo on January 11, 2006

Laguindingan International Airport inaugurated by President Arroyo on January 11, 2006

The airport opened June 15, 2013 and is the main airport of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City in Northern Mindanao (Region X). Construction of the airport will be completed by June 2014, after the ILS equipment has been installed.

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In her Philippine Star column dated the 29th November 2007 Domini Torrevillas wrote about former President Arroyo’s involvement in pushing the project along…

The former congressman [Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar Moreno] recalled having invited President Arroyo to the 76th anniversary of the founding of his province in January 26 last year, and it was then that he realized how serious she was about getting the project rolling. The night before she had discussed the project with Department heads at the Pryce Hotel, and two weeks later she organized a Task Force that would look into all details β€” the master plan for the project, expropriation of properties, the access road, and compensation for small farmers to be displaced by the project. Said the governor: β€œThe President was concerned that the farmers be properly compensated. She said no progress takes place unless we help the farmers.”

The airport feasibility study and master plan were made in 1991 by Louis Berger International with assistance from USAID, its purpose to meet the increasing and future aviation traffic demand on the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor.

Yet in what looks like a plaque purported to have been installed at the new airport, it was only President BS Aquino’s name spelt out in bold and in red that appeared for the kudos. You’d think the most eligible bachelor in the country would at least be a gentleman and acknowledge the efforts of his predecessors which include not only Arroyo but the leadership of administrations going back to 1991.



This Airport was built
by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines
and completed under the Administration of
through the
Department of Transportation and Communications
in cooperation with
the Government of the Republic of Korea
with funding support from the
Economic Development Cooperation Fund

Laguindingan-AirportLaguindingan International Airport (Filipino: Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Laguindingan, Cebuano: Tugpahanang Pangkalibutanon sa Laguindingan) (IATA: CGY, ICAO: RP02) is the first international airport that serves mainly the areas of Misamis Oriental and its nearby provinces in Northern Mindanao region in the Philippines. The airport replaces Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro. It is a flagship project of the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor Special Development Project, which covers both cities of Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro, as well as five coastal towns in Lanao del Norte, and in the twenty-three local government units of Misamis Oriental’s first and second congressional districts.

The airport sits on a 4.17 square kilometre site in Barangay Moog, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, and is located 46 kilometers from the city center of Cagayan de Oro.

Interestingly enough, President BS Aquino holds a spotty record for being on top of Mindanao’s many development issues. He is perceived to be a distant leader by many Mindanao residents as a result of the way he botched the whole Bangsamoro “Framework Agreement” with Mindanao’s Muslim community, sided with the Malaysian Government against Mindanao’s embattled Tausugs during the Sulu Sultanate imbroglio, and oversaw a less-than admirable service delivered by the national government in response to the devastation wrought by typhoons on Mindanao in recent years that have cost tens of thousands of lives.

Indeed, the fact that the Philippines is still a nation that presumes to be composed of a northern island historically ruled by a bunch of quaint Ilocano- and Tagalog-speaking tribes and a southern island chain composed of largely Cebuano-speaking remnants of ancient sultanates, is a testament to the strength and endurance of the colonial legacy of European civilisation in the Far East.

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56 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino claims sole credit for the new Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro”

  1. I will give B.S. Aquino one thing . He is consistent. The guy will always claim credit and deflect blame. He will never be accountable to flaws or mistakes yet claim any accolades as his own. He will take credit for a bull market but be silent on a bear market. All I can say is what do you expect. The guy had no achievements whatsoever at age 50. He relies on his parents and his sister for identity, how pathetic that Bam relies on Noynoy for identity. Plus he loves making jokes directed at hospitalized women in a so called professional setting where he represents us. Guess what? The guy is a limp wristed wimp no matter how you slice it.

  2. it will make it easier for pimp pnoy and DFA to fly ofw sex workers to the middle east. good for remittances.

  3. magaling mambatikos si PNOY sa nakaraang administrasyon pero ito ang malinaw na ebidensiya isa sa mga magandang nagawa ng administrasyon ni Pangulong Arroyo pero hindi manlang nabanggit ni PNOY na ang nakaraang administrasyon ang nagpasimula nito at ipinagpatuloy lamang ng kanyang kasalukuyang administrasyon.

  4. hmm.. but i suspect BS Aquino sipsip alipores did the initiative (claim) for him. but of course the BS president gladly accepts it (kapal muks eh).

  5. nothing in the citation said he credit-grabbed. and he was not even the one who wrote the citation, how quickly the writer jumped to that conclusion. but credit goes to a president who can quickly implement projects without corruption. when a new administration takes over, it does not throw away past five- and ten-year development plans, only reviews and throws away those tainted with corruption. a citation cannot include everyone, even past presidents do not own sole credit for development plans. i pity the present administration, trying to do its best, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. kaya ang hirap umusad ng bayan natin, crab mentality from those who will see what they wish to see, criticize till kingdom come.

    1. “kaya ang hirap umusad ng bayan natin, crab mentality from those who will see what they wish to see”, criticize till kingdom come.”

      slight OT – just a rebuttal to your above statement – kaya mahirap umusad bansa natin kasi di marunong pumili ng leader ang mga pinoy (the evident is right before your eyes – 2013 senatorial election result says it all). di marunong pumili kasi tatanga-tanga, oto-oto, mang-mang. walang disiplina at tamad. hinde dahil sa “crab mentallity”.

    2. Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell but total softies on the inside, resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

    3. He may not have grabbed the credit himself, but I am sure he had it approved. Yes, his minions may have started it, but he approved it. Baka hindi lang nya naisip na ganun ang effect — kasi di sya nag-iisip talaga?

      As to criticisms, Filipinos should be glad there are critics who are always after what government does (or does not do). The critics will keep government officials on their toes. Hindi kritisismo ang dahilan kung bakit di tayo umuusad — ang pagiging sensitibo sa pagpuna ang isa sa mga dahilan.

  6. Halatang bayaran ng kurakot at mapangabusong Gloria Labandera etong si Benign0 Mangnanakaw na puro papuri kay Gloria at pangiinsulto sa mga Pilipino at kay Pangulong Aquino

    Si Kagalang-galang na Panuglong Aquino ay ang tunay na pinakadakila na panuglo sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at tunay na nagpayaman at nagpaunlad sa bansa kaya tayo ay mayaman na at unti unting nawawala at nagpapakulong sa lahat ng kurakot sa pamahalaan

    1. “Si Kagalang-galang na Panuglong Aquino ay ang tunay na pinakadakila na panuglo sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at tunay na nagpayaman at nagpaunlad sa bansa kaya tayo ay mayaman na at unti unting nawawala at nagpapakulong sa lahat ng kurakot sa pamahalaan”

      Lies. If that is the case, then why is PNoy is getting away with Hacienda Luisita (which he succeeded BTW)? How about the other politicians? Barrangay governments on a local level? If PNoy is serious about it then GET EVERYBODY, not just FPGMA. You’re just totally EMO.

      Malign0 is proven being corrupt because he’s nothing more than a Yellow Zombie who worships the Aquino as demigods; proud being a sheeple.

      If you fail to reply then I am totally right. πŸ˜€ You mad?

      Deal with it.

      1. Looks like he has failed to reply…AGAIN.
        What a waste of space.
        Too dumb and stupid to walk the talk.
        All bark and no bite just like his balding faggot of a boss.

    2. So you’ve come back again, TROLL?
      No matter what you post here, it will always backfire.
      By the way, how much do you earn while sucking your gay president’s c0ck?


        1. So you basically admitted here that you created an account in order to troll/attack me.

          Unfortunately for you, it didn’t work at all.

          TROLL HARDER, cdokay a.k.a. sendong“girl”

      1. It is not the fact that pnoy is gay per se – just that he is two faced, and his being gay does explain a lot about pnoy aquino’s character, attitudes and actions.

        1. i meant to ask whether jonnyderp was gay because his comments are filled with graphic description of homo sex acts

        2. Nope, Im not gay but your president is 100% gay so what is your point sendong”girl”?

          TROLL HARDER

        3. You created a new account just to ask a stupid question like that?
          Talk about being a pathetic troll.
          You are still not very bright are you, sendong”girl”?

        4. Oh, isn’t this typical kiddie-shit!

          Whenever a point can not be made w/intellect, an insult bearing an assault on a person’s sexuality, parents , or some such nonsensical/moot issue appears courtesy of the ignorant one.WOW, how not impressive!

      2. Tsk tsk tsk, there you are again with the personal attacks eh, sendong”girl”
        Why do you keep showing your face here even though you always get your retarded ass kicked?

    3. What planet where you came from to tell us that noynoying is pinakadakilang pangulo sa kasaysayan ng pilipinas? Filipinos are not idiot as you may think to believe you? Am aafraid you might be hogh on drugs too!

  7. How is this news? I bet the NAIA 3 and the Skyway has a “completed under Gloria Arroyo” plaque too. It’s nothing about claiming credit for past history, it’s just to show when it was completed.

    MRT3 will most likely have an Erap plaque too, even though construction was done mostly in Ramos’ era.

  8. My challenge to Yellow Zombies like Malign0:

    What are the benefits of CREDIT-GRABBING?

    I’m waiting….. πŸ˜›

    1. Good thing the airport’s up. But the credit stealing sure has to stop. Maybe credit grabbing is a complement to land-grabbing.

  9. If you don’t have any accomplishment. Grab credit from someone. If you fail, blame everybody, except yourself. This is the tactic of Aquino….

    1. And in the end, that tactic will soon lose its steam since it would be very hard to be in power once riots and rallies start popping up here.
      Our countrymen can’t be kept in the dark forever.

  10. Philippines – sexploitation capital of the world presided over by pimp pnoy and his economic policy of human trafficking – women abroad for remittances, and child labourers (5.5 million ) at home to keep wages low.
    A civilised society would have strung him up by his balls for allowing such inhumanity tantamount to barbarism.
    Lets hope ethical tourists boycott an unethical country.

      1. so you want philippines to be like pattaya.
        with the current strategy of attracting the corrupt and criminal from russia and china because it is easy money then the country is already en route.
        and pattaya is full of filipina girls and ladyboys already a prime export market.

    1. HA!the shits been goin on for decades, you seem to think it did not exist before Aquino, LOL!
      believe it, that one trip to the country is enough for most people. getting out of the terminal at NAIA and seeing all the thieves offerring triple price fares to tourists who get the same treatment from each and every person they meet from the minute they walk into the country to the very second they leave the country leaves a bad after-image! believe it, most do not return.

    2. Bakit naman si Presidente Pnoy ang idinahilan mo at sinisi mo Adre? Nakita mo naman ang ginagawa ng president para umunlad ang Pilipinas at para magkakaroon ng trabaho ang mga walang trabaho. Hay naku kung ikompara mo si Pinoy sa ibang mga presidente sa Pinas maliban kay Presidente Garcia,at Macapagal mas mabuti na lang sa tingin ko si Pnoy. Mababantayan ba kaya ni Pnoy ang babaeng mababang lipad na nag kukunwari na decente yun pala bayaran? Personal na transaction iyan between two people or more.Ikaw kaya mo bang sabihin sa isang babae naglalakad sa Mall na bawal dito dahil PUTA siya? Mi batas naman tayo diyan. Eh di sampal at tadyak ang aabutin mo niyan?Nag sisimula palang ang Pilipinas. The administration is trying to correct the wrongs and mistakes. Developments and progress does not happen over night. Of course there are people who does not like the president specially those nakikinabang sa mga previous administration.P

  11. it doesn’t say aquino was solely responsible it simply stated the project was completed under the current administration. how is that credit grabbing? grp fishing for clicks getting tabloidy again

    1. Nah. You missed the point by a mile. The very existence of such a plaque is what is being highlighted here. The key question here is So What?

      So what if it was completed under BS Aquino’s watch?

      What is this Admin trying to achieve by highlighting that? For that matter should government officials be plastering their name on public works to begin with?

      1. well, so what is there’s a plaque? the hoover dam has one too. you are the one who made an issue where there’s none congrats

        1. No, BS Aquino made an issue where there wasn’t one. As if BS Aquino isn’t the biggest epal in the face of the Philippines.

          Same shit, different name, eh sendonggirl?

          You’re still not very smart, are you?

        2. well it wont accept my wise comments anymore so i had to create a new name. plaques are standard before this presidency stop nitpicking hehehe

        3. @cdokay: I smell butthurt and TROLLING is another form of nitpicking.

          The issue here is the excessive credit-grabbing that BS Aquino is doing. Only cowards would do that.

          You’re not wise after all since your comments are the same thing over and over again. Stop TROLLING hehehehehe

        4. @cdokay

          3 years after this article and you guys can’t even bother to show your faces again after Aquino had stepped down.
          So much for your loyalty to the yellow brand, you stupid sacks of shit.

          Still not very smart, are you sendongfaggot?

      2. Yeah, parang another form of “epal”, pero hindi election time. Dapat alisin ang mga pangalan ng politicos sa LAHAT ng public works. Hindi naman kasi necessary.

        1. if we eliminate all thats unnecessary we will be left with just food and shelter maxine. try again

        2. Uhm, I’m just talking about all unnecessary names on plaques for all public works. That’s the topic, right? Sorry if you got lost there. Have a happy meal.

      3. Pwede namang ganito lang:


        This Airport was built by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and completed on (PLACE DATE HERE) in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Korea with funding support from the Economic Development Cooperation Fund

    2. If it doesn’t have to say “Aquino was solely responsible” in order to MEAN it. The plaque just screams it when you read between the lines.

  12. The Lady in the picture has mysteriously been absent from the public eye.What happened to all the trials, slanderous accusations? All dropped like hot potatoes, and it is because of the honesty and dignity of the judiciary in the country(PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME LAUGH, I know MAFIOSO w/more honor!)? IS IT? The turns taken by the crony capitalists that run the country are un-beknownst to those that think there actually is a difference between political ‘PARTIES’and affiliations and that which is seen in public.
    BE NOT FOOLED(there is no difference!), they are FUCKIN CROOKS, each and every one.

    and in considerate support of the last sentence:consider: When was the last time one of these fuckin criminals was put in a REAL JAIL CELL? or any of the PUBLIC’s PESO’s returned? the old POS with the X-MAS gifts is still laughin his ass off at each and every tax paying citizen in the country!

    The really hideous aspect of it all? THEY THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED TO IT!

    as for the airport, who gives a shit who built it or even whose idea it was/wasn’t, it is long overdue, over-budget and will benefit but a few!

  13. Wow ha. Kailangan talaga ma.recognize sya. Eh yung NAIA, that airport was built by Ferdinand Marcos, and named it as Manila International Airport. Marcos could’ve named it after him but the guy wasn’t as much as a prick and credit-recognition hungry as Noy Noy. But of course the politically mang.mang Cory Aquino renamed it after her husband who’s got nothing to do whatsoever in building the airport. The nerve of the Aquinos. Ang kapal ng mukha.

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