Pinoy Pridists Ride on Miami Heat Victory


With the victory of Miami heat in the recent NBA Finals, Pinoy Pride delusionists are sure to make noise again. Well, congratulations, Heat, you won fair and square (though I don’t watch NBA). They did win through skill, determination and other positive traits, which is also present in their coach Erik Spoelstra. If he steered a team to NBA championship, then he is good, gotta hand you that.


The real problem is the delusion that the pridists will trumpet:

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Spoelstra won the NBA championship because he has Filipino blood in him.

What? Sure sounds like something to laugh at, cry about, or pull hairs in frustration over, screaming, “bloody idiots!” I do feel the same thing that would lead others to do the above, but I’ll just calmly say: Spoelstra is American and Filipino blood has nothing to do with his success.

Some of the pridists will explain that they’re like parents, saying “I’m proud of my kids!” Uhm, what? It’s true, parents can be proud of their children. Then only his parents can be proud of him. Nobody else can be his parents. Being proud of Spoelstra because he is Filipino is another severe case of riding-on that reflects the lowest habits of freeloaders.

As usual, Filipino pridists will scream bloody murder, call me a “traitor” or “negative” and tell me to get lost. Sorry, I won’t. The same malady that makes us appear foolish to all the sensible people in the world continues to rear its ugly head, and explains the reason why our country remains in a horrid state.

If Pinoy pridists can’t get it, then let me rub it in: if being Filipino is so good, why can’t we win when we play a real game against NBA stars? Are they too damn big? Isn’t it that size doesn’t matter? Oh, I forgot, this is basketball. Why can’t any of our coaches go right ahead, lead an NBA team and make an NBA team win the championship? Don’t forget, it’s perseverance, skill and a good attitude that help one win. Saying “Filipino blood makes us superior” is nowhere near a good attitude.

As long as Filipinos believe that they are special in the world, they will never understand the real values and traits that make true champions.

And let me state another fact: Spoelstra won not because he is a Filipino, but won despite being Filipino.

Yes, the Filipino Can, but not because he or she is Filipino.

34 Replies to “Pinoy Pridists Ride on Miami Heat Victory”

  1. Spoelstra, that’s a really pinoy name. Whaddaya mean??? Where did he learn his craft? Where did he cut his teeth? Let me tell you something that is 100% true until proven otherwise. Get the same guy and stick him in the pinoy basketball circuit and he will still be here. He will not get a sniff of the NBA. Coach Spo is proof that being a video guy for years and years on an NBA team is a far more plausible path to being an NBA championship head coach than than excelling in the PBA. BTW please turn off your delusions that the PBA is one rung away from the NBA because it is not. Enjoy the NBA for what it is. The best basketball in the world. For now the best basketball without one iota of influence from the one country on God’s green Earth where basketball dominates.

  2. nobody said spoelstra won because hes filipino in the same way that no one is claiming popovich lost because he’s american. thats just stupid.

    just as we can be embarassed at the actions of our idiot kababayans (like the author) then we can also be proud of pinoy achievers. its that simple author do i have to explain everything to you? think before you post

    1. I did think before I posted. And I heard many say Spoelstra won because he’s Filipino. And though he has a Filipino mom, he is an American citizen, so he’s NOT a Pinoy Achiever. Check your facts before you post. 😉

        1. – He Lives in the US
          – He Speaks American Language/dialect probably 90% of his lifetime since he spent his childhood in Portland, Oregon
          – He is an American Citizen
          – we Don’t even know if he is fluent tagalog
          – I don’t think he feels he’s pinoy by heart since he grew up in the United States..
          – He probably acknowledges his Pinoy blood only because of his love for his Mother.

          Bottom line, I don’t even think he’s even 1/4 pinoy 😛

    2. I agree with ChinoF on this one. There are Pinoys who said that Spo lead Miami to their 3rd NBA title because he has, well, Filipino blood in him. Spo is NOT a Pinoy – he just happens to have Filipino blood in him – so technically, he isn’t a Pinoy achiever. Now, if Spo, say, grew up in the Philippines, learned stuff about basketball in the Philippines AND is a Filipino citizen when he won back to back titles, then one can say he is a Filipino achiever. Sadly, he isn’t because he was born an American and is an American citizen.

    3. You can’t be proud of what you didn’t achieve, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into.

      You don’t need to explain because you’re totally stupid since you’re totally missing the point. Think before you post because you can’t accept the fact that you’re very hypocritical in your nonsensical points. <_<

        1. No, you said that. I don’t see that being mentioned anywhere in the article either.

          No matter how many times you change your name, sendonggirl, your penchant for non-sequiturs still shines through.

          You’re still not very smart, are you?

        2. i am just asking diamondog if he meant to say that we shouldnt be proud of our children because he said we cant be proud of what we didnt achieve thats all. and just challenging the author’s claim that nationalities determine basketball results (you have to admit thats stupid)

      1. @amity:


        Being proud of your child doesn’t equate on national pride. National pride goes with collective, not individual.

        You have to admit that you’re stupid. Your purpose is that you just love to have fun. Oh yeah, you’re the queen of strawman arguments.

        Deal with it. 😛

  3. Good read – and I agree to most of what you said Oh as for that “As long as Filipinos believe that they are special in the world…” thing, it isn’t only with Filipinos (though I know you never said it was) – every nationality thinks they are special. Been all over. Heard it all over, more especially with Americans.

    1. True. But this site is for rebuking Filipinos, mainly. Yet I can agree… everybody should stop believing they are “special.”

  4. Ambra battilana is the filipina-italian who was berlusconi’s ‘party girl’.
    No doubt it was the filipina part that made her a prostitute. A role model for overseas filipina sex workers (OFSW’s). She reached for the top whilst berlusconi reached for her bottom. Be proud

  5. It should be noted that what this article talks about is by no means the general sentiment among Filipinos. You’d really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find Pinoys who believe that Spoelestra’s success is because he has Filipino blood. This article however makes it look like they’re as common as adobo.

  6. Seriously, you dont need to jump over hot water with this issue. I don’t think there should be Pinoys who act like this. The only groups who are stupid of those actions are the media and the govenment. As a normal Pinoy who travel everyday I never heard of people being proud of Erik winning a championship because he’s Pinoy. YOU ranting about this, especially over the internet where even other people can see this is more stupid. If you do hear what you are complaining, then the people around you or your community are te stupid ones.

    1. But what about you? What kind of humble achievements do you have on your own? Ang hirap sa mga pinoy praydist na katulad mo, sumasakay palagi sa tagumpay ng isang Pilipino. I mean where the hell were you when Spoelstra worked so hard to become a great NBA coach? Oh I get it. Nasa kangkungan ka lang.

    2. Filipino blood? Then so what? No Filipino coach who was born in the Philippines never went to the NBA.

      So who’s the dumb ass idiot now?

  7. It doesn’t mean that if he’s an American citizen, he don’t care about being Filipino. He should be proud being Pinoy because it is in his blood.

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