How To Win Friends And Influence People Noynoy Style


Cover of Rolling Stone Noynoy

Please Inquirer, don’t put this on your front page. This is not real.


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But the thrill we’ve never known

Is the thrill that’ll getcha

When you get your picture

On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone

Wanna see my picture on the cover

Wanna buy five copies for my mother

Wanna see my smilin’ face

On the cover the cover of the Rollin’ Stone

Cover of The Rolling Stone – Dr. Hook.

So Pinoy cyberspace has been rocking with both cheering and jeering with how media viewed President B.S. Aquino. Primarily his inclusion in Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. Influence is defined as power to affect others. Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs, Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill, had an effect on others. Just recently the world saw the death of Margaret Thatcher and in her country she was both mourned and reviled. No matter what side of the fence you are with her, I doubt you are literally on the fence. That is influential.


Noynoy’s inclusion in the Top 100 most influential actually makes sense the more I think about it. Believe it or not being elected President does not make one deity. The list is about influence . The dictionary defines influence as power to produce effects. That cuts both ways. Martin Luther King influenced the civil rights movement. If you are driving from Alabang to Pampanga, a flat tire has influence on your time table and your mood. Noynoy if anything is influential ever since September 2009. He is influential because this emo country let him be influential.

“If Voltes V drops into the ocean the sudden change in temperature will surely make it explode.”



Divers that go deep underwater have to go through decompression on the back up. This is to prevent a phenomena known as the bends. Nature and physics both resist dramatic changes in anything. Even in the world of 70s Japanese robot cartoons. For those of you who remember Voltes V.


Beast Fighter


There was an episode where the beast fighter du jour (Korakas as best I can tell from the video)   totally heated up the Voltes machine.




Then as it was plummeting to the ocean Sandra (the  architect of Korakas)   was relishing the thought of the unified Voltes machine   hitting the much cooler ocean and tearing apart with the extreme change.




Oh the lessons of my childhood.




The only two places where success comes before work are the dictionary and the Philippine presidency in 2010.


Gogs of Get Real Philippines May 5 2013


Noynoy as I have said many times before, lived the first fifty years of life much like the way Jesus Christ lived his twenties. There is nothing recorded. If he actually did something worth noting we would have heard it none stop in his campaign. There were no battles won or challenges overcome on his resume. The guy is wallpaper. He is just there. Yet his campaign made him out to be the best person for the job as president of the country. Well, getting him elected was the easiest part.


What we do.

If that is true, then what if we do nothing?


In the real world, responsibility is something that you prove you can handle. Ideally if you prove you are worthy some people higher than you in the food chain give you more since you have proven yourself in a practical way. Lately much has been made about Ms. Nancy Binay avoiding any and all debates. Noynoy Aquino in 2010 was very similar in terms of his attitude. He showed back then he was not capable of thinking on his feet. Nor was he articulate on issues. Nancy Binay may not be Noynoy’s party mate but she sure as heck is following Noynoy’s blueprint of exploiting one’s last name and not one’s last action. Jojo Binay probably thought to himself “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” During his campaign in 2010 the only thing Noynoy showed to the world was that he was a 50 year old mama’s boy. Hardly a qualification for commander in chief of a country. Granted seeing what Nancy Binay is doing , Noynoy blazed that trail.


Crimson Tide


Something brought up time and time again is that Noynoy is popular. Our mistake is we confuse popular with effective.Our mistake is we confuse popular with appropriate.   A true leader fully understands that a situation may call for popularity to take a hit if that indeed is the cost for doing what is right. Noynoy definitely has power as he has shown us time and time again ( no pun intended). My question has always been what in his past prepared him to wield such power effectively and for the benefit of his constituents? I don’t bring up the film Crimson Tide just because I love military movies. I bring it up to stress that Noynoy went from negligible responsibility as an adult to the most responsibility one can possibly get in this Third World country. You can see the results for yourself. With the grace he has handled his duties or lack thereof.   That’s not being a hater. That is pointing out a fact. Noynoy was not known for anything while Cory was alive and he had no qualms taking advantage of her death to propel himself to the presidency. Nice son.

Hurry up!!! I gotta catch a flight to China Gramps!!!

Hurry up!!! I gotta catch a flight to China Gramps!!!

Noynoy depending on his agenda can be so vigorously for, vigorously against or indifferent. He rarely looks calculated in his evaluations. It’s like his agenda has been set. I have no idea if what Noynoy did in the Shoal territorial dispute was worth international recognition. What I do know is internally it was handled so clumsily it made the Keystone Cops look like Cirque De Soleil . How else would you describe sending a covert negotiator whose international claim to fame was twice commandeering civilian locations with armed battalions? How else would you describe undermining the duly appointed head of Department of Foreign Affairs? How else would you describe Noynoy and Trillanes never once appearing like they were on the same page? Most importantly of all did you see any accountability from the President? I admit I have unconventional theories but we have an unconventional country. We vote a guy in to our highest office simply because his mother died just before election. How screwed up is that? I believe that Senator Trillanes convinced Noynoy to disregard all standard protocol when it comes to negotiating with China by simply looking Noynoy in the eyes and allowed the magic to takeover. Cue some Air Supply.


I really really believe that Noynoy is influential. How else would I able to write about him with this much gusto? Forget personally, I want you to think institutionally. You take a look at what should be done in terms of our institutions and what is actually done and the resulting difference is the actual influence. Noynoy has actual influence on the yellow zombies. People who have bought Cory, Ninoy, Kris and Noynoy emotionally and try (in vain) to defend logically. I don’t know about you but I can never get my head around someone who spent the first fifty years of his life on neutral then suddenly he is behind the wheel of an F1 car. He went from one extreme to the other and we expect him to do OK??



Noynoy influenced the process of the Corona trial which in turn influenced the outcome. He even thinks of it as a personal achievement when he talks. His paws were all over the place and he was not subtle. He said what he wanted to happen and it did. Superman changes the course of mighty rivers, Noynoy changes course of the Philippine legal system. He could care less about conflict of interest.


We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the impeachment of Renato Corona. A few people in GRP and elsewhere are of the belief that Noynoy used the entire system to impeach the Chief Justice as a means to a very personal end. That is influence. I am no legal expert but I have participated in the system. No, not as a defendant but you can read about it here. We can argue about many things in that impeachment trial. What can not be argued is the accused is entitled to their day in court. What also can not be argued is that Noynoy by publicly declaring Corona should resign was prejudging a case. He was basically saying he had no idea that the Corona was entitled to a fair trial. What Noynoy was saying was that he does not respect the duty of the judicial system to render a verdict based on its own procedure. The fact that many do not call him out on it is proof of Noynoy being influential.




What is coming up is a spoiler alert if you will ever watch the espionage TV series Homeland. You need not avert your eyes I will just have the spoiler content in white letters and you can just run your mouse over it. No idea how that would work on a tablet or Iphone. In the show, the CIA is doing what they can to foil a terrorist attack on American soil. What gets in the way of the CIA in their operation is they are dancing around certain aspects of the investigation since the officers do not want a dark episode of their past exposed. The officers were covering for the Vice President who is running for President. Before that he was the one that oversaw and covered up that dark episode. Noynoy was very vocal for Corona to resign which is a weird position to take considering Corona has his right to his day in court. It is alleged that the real goal of the impeachment proceedings was to stop the Coanguanco family farm from undergoing due process and being reformed. The prosecution made mistake after mistake but was granted a lot of leeway. In the end was it worth it to the taxpayer considering what they got him on? Corona is still a free man. They could not find or prove criminal wrong doing. Was it worth the circus? Allegedly it had to be done for the same hidden agenda Noynoy had. Just like in Homeland you use the public agenda (and public funds ) to fuel your own selfish agenda. By the way, the Filipino tax payer picked up the bill for that one.




Speaking of conflicting agendas, a news source should be about reporting the news. The good the bad and the ugly. Opinons and editorials should be in designated areas. The news should be about the facts and not the agenda of partisan parties within that news organization. PDI and some other news outlets seem to practice the pinoy version of “yellow journalism”. Overblow Noynoy’s positives, obscure his negatives. That is not news, that is fairy tale telling. In his and this case, pardon the subtle pun. Noynoy back in 2010 told the Filipino public that he is the best man to lead our country for the next six years. How did he do it? By copying gestures, colors and other symbols made popular by his mother in the mid 80s. Let me put it very simply. If a fifty year old man has to resort to copying what his mother did twenty five years earlier with no original input of his own then he has no capability to evolve and will tend to ride coattails. It is very doubtful that this person has the capacity to think creatively or to even assess a difficult situation. Is that being a hater or is that trying to assess the capability/ inability of a self proclaimed leader?



Honest Mistake is the   declared alibi of the Philippine Daily Inquirer? ??  When it comes to supporting one’s choice for politician there is no such thing. The Inquirer loves that bastion of usefulness Noynoy more than it loves to report the news. That is what lead to them posting a prank on the front page as if it were the real thing. Their mandate is to legitimize the illegitimate. The problem with trying to legitimize the illegitimate is the mind plays tricks. You get fooled into thinking sheer enthusiasm will make up for the deficit of logic. That is why the name Showbiz Government is so apt. Pinoys respond so well to form and presentation that they do not crave the substance. I actually wrote about that notion while the 2010 elections were going on and I dare you tell me that I was wrong or that things have improved.



Thank you Anti Pinoy


Unless proven otherwise Noynoy is our president based on our system and based on the elections of 2010. You will never convince me he is a leader. Bobby Knight once accused Steve Alford that he was not capable could not lead a whore to bed. I can imagine Noynoy in his twenties getting an assist from Mommy. Noynoy never showed any proclivity for independence. Yet the yellow media have you believe he is a leader. That he is a maverick. What leader hides behind his dead mom’s yellow skirt?




Speaking of hiding behind his mom’s skirt. Ever wonder why Noynoy’s fille du jour is always somebody decades younger? Personal theory the guy never grew up. He is more fixated on his mother than Norman Bates. That’s why even in death his mom still is a big part of his identity. He never accomplished anything on his own he has to resort to his dead parents for identity. What mature, secure, non star struck woman would find that appealing in a man?


Not much was made of the Wikileaks involving the alleged thoughts of former  US Ambassador Kristie Kenney  concerning Senator B.S. Aquino’s presidential campaign. Maybe because it did not take a codebreaker to figure out that Noynoy Aquino was no force of nature when it came to politics or anything else really. It even showed a pattern four years ago that is still evident today. Noynoy’s two step approach to answering questions:


1. When in doubt blame Gloria
2. Always be in doubt


Is this a president of a country or the butler in the Addams family?



PDI treated Noynoy’s Davos trip earlier this year like he was a conquering hero. That he he was a keynote speaker. FallenAngel’s own piece quotes the esteemed PDI insitution Conrado De Quiros. On the other hand we have the Manila Times  saying that he did nothing.  I beg to differ, he brought three speech writers and his personal chef. Noynoy created jobs for them. For a guy who chastised GMA for an expensive dinner , he does not seem to be doing much better. Who the hell needs three speech writers ? Based on stories I was reading, (audience) I love Noynoy when the press is really watching he goes and buys a NYC sidewalk hotdog and expects to be canonized on the spot.




lameLame PR Hotdog NYC Noynoy


I know of one way Noynoy can be influential. How he can be a true symbol of hope, change and courage. How he can be true to himself. He can do what Jason Collins did. If you have any doubt that Jason Collins is courageous , all you need to see is the comments directed his way when the story broke. No more choreographed dates with twenty somethings for Noynoy. He should live the way he is meant to live. Noynoy will never do the courageous thing. He lived his life sheltered from responsibility. Even in Congress and in the Senate he was not known for achievement. When it was time to present his credentials as president in 2010 all he did was talk about his parents. Noynoy was not elected out of respect but out of pity. The fact that the country bought his victim act shows you he is influential. Which begs the question, influential over what though?


Maybe Noynoy’s inclusion in the influential list is a way of showcasing his effect on the institutions and people of this country even if he did not have the tools successful leaders possess. His decisions do not seem to emanate from any desire to see a level playing field or an impartial system. His decisions and proclamations tend to favor his personal interests. Isn’t that what he accuses GMA of being? Imposing personal agendas on what is supposed to be work on behalf of the public is being influential. Noynoy does it in such an overt way that it must have been part of Time Magazine’s criteria. Noynoy truly deserves to be on that list. For the right reasons or wrong reasons I will leave that up to you.




If there was a contest for world’s biggest Noynoy fan and Noynoy relatives and my relatives were ineligible, I would give that award to the aforementioned Conrado de Quiros. He of Use the Force Noy fame. Oddly enough, Noynoy does have something in common with the Force in the context of the Time Magazine feature. Because both seem to have a strong influence on the weak minded.

33 Replies to “How To Win Friends And Influence People Noynoy Style”

  1. I will answer objections, comments etc that I see on other forums like FB GRP and FB Showbiz Government here.

    1) people getting offended at the Jesus Christ mention. – Some reading comprehension might be in order people. Jesus from the time he was 12 till the age of 29 has no recorded history. That’s all I said. Unless you know something Biblical scholars do not. Noynoy’s pre election life has no recorded history yet he was voted in. Whoever casts the stone at Nancy Binay for having a blank slate better have said the same thing about Noynoy. Granted though I am sure you met people who really are convinced Noynoy can turn water into wine and can walk on water. Many of them work for the Malacanang Communication Group and use Macbooks.

    2) the piece is funny. – I had an expression before ingredients + hot water = soup. Let’s look at the ingredients I had to work with. A joke electorate, a joke president and a joke media. Amounts to a big joke right? The Wikileaks I mention there confirmed that Noynoy was even viewed internally as a joke yet was hoisted to the nation as “The One”.

  2. “He never accomplished anything on his own”

    If this is true, then why did he win as president of the republic of the Philippines?

    1. “If this is true, then why did he win as president of the republic of the Philippines?”

      Simple, he used the wave of sympathy generated after her mom’s death.
      Necropolitics is the name of the game for the aquinos and the cojuangcos.

      After winning, he pretty much did absolutely NOTHING afterwards but to play the blame game and be a credit grabber.

    2. He did not win on his own, idiot. He could never have won if he didn’t have the lineage and idiots like you didn’t have to drink the yellow kool-aid.

    3. What makes you think he “accomplished” that on his own, birdbrain?

      He wouldn’t have won if his mother didn’t die, and if he didn’t have the propaganda machines called ABS-CBN and PDI behind him.

      1. So you want a president who’s mother is still alive after stealing almost all the wealth of the Philippines? Fuck you asshole!

        1. U mad point misser? You’re not a Filipino. You’re more of a pinoy, a ghetto version of Filipino. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi muna ang puso hindi ang utak.

        2. Bigger assholes are people like you are childish and immature.

          As expected, emo-driven Aquino worshipers are the biggest assholes EVER. 😀

        3. Who is this president you speak of? And can this “stealing almost all the wealth of the Philippines” be proven?

          Didn’t think so. Dumbass.

    4. Nah, he just won because of EMO-POLITICS and the Cory Hype Machine. Nothing else.

      Your call. 🙂

  3. LOL, eduardo’s using a different name but he is still using the same spiel, same flawed logic and same stupid arguments.
    Jeez, wala na atang matinong lumalabas sa malacanang miscommunications group kundi palpak.

      1. Seriously, he still thinks that he can change our minds with that kind of propaganda? Really pathetic. He really isn’t putting in a good image for his “president” if they can’t even come up with anything good.

  4. Why? do you still believe he won out of pity because of his mother’s death? For me I don’t believe he won, he was PCOS machine elected.

    1. Apparently “ser chief” a.k.a eduardo believes too much yellow propaganda for him to actually THINK for himself.

  5. “If this is true, then why did he win as president of the republic of the Philippines?”

    could you site 1 significant achievement he did before he became a president?

    your a dumb@ss… Nancy Binay in top 10, the Revillas & etc – they didn’t do anything prior to their candidacy and they don’t have to do anything. Yet you and guys like you voted for them almost with no reasons at all.

  6. And ser chief a.k.a eduardo goes silent again whenever we ask him to present us with concrete facts.
    Very predictable and very pathetic.
    Don’t expect us to believe your propaganda, ser chief a.k.a eduardo since we are not stupid like YOU.

  7. I had a different President before I sat inside the voting precinct. I was rooting for Manny Villar before last minute realizations made me think Pnoy deserves the shot more. I ended up thanking that day as I couldn’t be prouder as I am now with our current President.

    No President can turn things around overnight. Accept that fact, and you’ll start admiring Pnoy’s achievement lately.

    1. It’s already been 3 years and your precious president still did nothing but blame games and credit grabbing and you’re telling us that we will gonna admire your precious president’s “achievements”? Over my dead body you yellowtard.

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