Oakley: Killer Eyewear?


oakley rajiv dargani 2(Rajiv Dargani, the President of Sunglass Hut Philippines, who killed one person and maimed another in a series of car collisions on Mckinley Road in Makati, has not yet surrendered.  Police say he is liable for homicide, physical injuries and abandonment of one’s victim.  Other online articles hint that Dargani may have been under the influence when he caused a series of collisions on Mckinley in the wee hours of Saturday April 20.)

In the wee hours of Saturday April 20, 2013, Henrix Bernardo and Glenn Nacion Jr. were riding a motorcycle on McKinley road in Makati City on their way home.  Then, just a few hundred meters on the road flanked by the country’s poshest enclaves, their motorcycle slammed into an Audi that had been bumped head-on by another Audi from an oncoming lane.  The Audi that started the series of collisions drove away from the accident and quickly disappeared behind the gates of Dasmarinas Village.

Henrix, the driver of the motorcycle, died on the spot.  His passenger Glenn survived with severe injuries and had to have one of his legs amputated.

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mckinley road makatiIn the trickle of news reports that came days after the incident, not much was written about the circumstances of either Henrix or Glenn.  Ordinarily, such a news item would make it to the front page of most tabloids on Monday at the very latest and there would have been the typical outrage bleeding on the front page in bold, red letters: “Dalawang Nabundol ng Audi Sa Forbes Park, Tinakbuhan!”

One curious thing about tagalog news is that ordinary people who become victims of an accident are often referred to by the type of accident they were involved in.  For instance, fire victims are called “nasunog” (those who were burned), earthquake victims are called “nalindol” (those who were in the earthquake zone), or in this instance, car accident victims are referred to as “nabundol” or “nasagasaan”.

However, affluent and influential people who figure in an accident never lose their humanity.  They’re referred to by their names and rarely, if ever, are their disheveled or bloodied pictures carried on the front cover.


Moreover, if they cause an accident that claims the lives of people, they are usually not arrested on the scene.

As expected, it was only after almost a whole day had past that people found out the identity of the Audi driver who caused the accident.

Rajiv Dargani, the president of Sunglass Hut Philippines and  president of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce, was identified in police reports as the drive of the R-8 Audi with plate number JVV-88.

Sunglass Hut Philippines distributes Oakley Sunglasses, a rather popular high-end brand of eye wear.

According to one report, Dargani was liable for “ reckless imprudence resulting in homicide, physical injuries and abandonment of one’s victim”.

Other details surrounding the accident on McKinley were hinted at in other articles, like “Horror on Mckinely”:

While the crash may not have been a terrorist act with the same magnitude as the Boston Marathon explosions, witnesses said they were aghast and appalled to see the driver of the R8 speeding away from the accident, going straight towards the entrance of Dasmariñas Village where he reportedly instructed security guards not to let anyone enter the Village. The driver – said to be a wealthy young man who has a business importing eyewear (an oaky-dokey kind of brand) – was allegedly high on booze and prohibited drugs.

Ten years ago, a similar incident also happened to a businessman involved in a hit-and-run, then later on paid his driver to take the blame. This time however, there is no chance for the Indian national pinning the blame on anyone else since he was positively identified by the driver of the other Audi as clearly the one on the wheel. Several sources said Makati police authorities as well as Mayor Junjun Binay have reportedly been informed of the accident and the Dasmariñas Village address of the R8 vehicle driver already pinpointed. A manhunt has supposedly been launched with a warrant of arrest being prepared, our Spy Bits sources claimed.

In another column, “Deadly Traffic Accidents“, the author underscores the implications of allowing Dargani to get away scott-free:

And even if the victims’ would no longer pursue formal charges against him for whatever reason known only to them, Dargani should not be allowed to leave the country until he is held liable for making a mockery of our criminal justice system. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima should keep a tab on this case. This is one too many accidents.

So far, the latest word about Dargani is that he was recuperating after being traumatized by the accident and had sent surrender feelers.

So far, Dargani hasn’t surrendered yet.

While we are certain that the eye wear brand Oakley doesn’t condone drunk driving or running over people with cars, this accident caused by the president of the company that distributes Oakley in the Philippines is certainly enough to consider boycotting this eye wear brand.

51 Replies to “Oakley: Killer Eyewear?”

  1. no doubt he wasn’t driving!
    and de lima will talk tough – after he had left the country.
    all so predictable and so 3rd world

  2. according to philstar he is ” resting after being traumatised”
    nowhere to be found
    sending out feelers
    paid for funerals.

    no doubt case closed in a couple of weeks.
    life is cheap, and so are bribes.

    1. and thats your only take on the story.
      is that insightful comment indian or filipino thinking or just sheer pig ignorance

  3. Taking refuge in Dasmarinas… really gives the impression that rich kids in the Philippines enjoy some immunity from the law.

    1. Haven’t heard much about the young men that stabbed to death the American Commander right in front of the gate guard who also did nothing. These young upstanding youths showed up the next day with the same attire, hoodies, hats and glasses, after seeing that I had a feeling somebody probably has some wealthy parents in high places.

  4. The rich do this sort of thing globally, and get away with it for the most part. That is why whenever I see a ‘rich-kid’ catch a GFB, I somehow never feel bad.

    1. That’s the thing… we get inundated and then desensitized by all the spoiled-brat crap that erupts around the world.

  5. Why is there such a clear link to Oakley sunglasses?! As I understand it you want us to “consider boycotting this eye wear brand” because… one of it’s owners had a terrible car accident? No doubt there was wrong in his part, but what is the link to Oakley’s eyewear other than his ownership of the Sunglass Hut? Surely his personal accident is not reflective of the Oakley’s brand as a whole?!
    As far as I know this is already the 4th fatal accident that has happened on McKinley this year. Instead of playing the blame game maybe we need to write articles focused on how to fix that road (that is KNOWN for numerous horrific and fatal accidents), and strengthen drunk driving regulations instead of pinning it on “spoiled brat crap” and point fingers at brands to BOYCOTT them. This McKinley road fatal car crash is not an isolated one, and it has not only happened to “spoiled brats”.

    1. Rhiannon here clearly says it best. What on earth has Oakley and the brand got to do with this accident? And, for your information Sun Glass Hut is not an exclusive dealer of Oakley eyewear. Sun Glass Hut carries a multitude of brands under their banner… From Ray Ban, to Gucci, to Perosol, and what not. We all enjoy freedom of speech, but that does not give you the right to lambast a brand, or make accusing statements based on hearsay and tabloids that sensationalise stories like “Remate”. Accidents happen. In most cases, if not all accidents are never meant or done on purpose. Leave it at that… an accident happened, the authorities are doing their jobs, and that is all that needs to be done. I wonder… did someone pay you to write this blog? Has someone given you, through monetary gifts, a topic to write about and sensationalise? Mckinley should be addressed by the MMDA. This area has caused enough problems and accidents. Your blogging does nothing to help this cause or provide a solution for these vehicular accidents. Shame on you for writing something that lacks factual basis or merit.

      1. If you READ what I wrote, I never said Sunglass Hut was an exclusive distributor of Oakley. But IT IS a major distributor and in fact the company makes more money out of the brand than any other brand it carries.

      2. Oakley is exclusively distributed by Dargani, based on my recent findings from his friends in the community. Dargani has been distributing Oakley since the very start. Sunglass Hut only came in the Philippines about 3 years ago. He is the distributor of Oakley and Sunglass Hut. Both individual contracts.

        Sunglass Hut carries Oakley, Ray ban, Prada and other eyewear brands that are in the hands of Luxottica group, the largest eyewear company in the world.

        Dapat naman gawa nila ng paraan yung kalsada na mckinley. Sobrang delikado na talaga ang pagmamaneho doon. Madaming mga mayayaman at mga bata na nangagaling sa Fort papuntang makati o edsa at dumadaan sa mckinley road habang sila’y nakainum.

        1. I go through that road two or three times a week when I have meetings with clients in Makati. I think it is sufficient when it comes to road signs and lighting.

          What makes it dangerous is when people drive their cars above 30 to 40 kph. The bends in the road makes it difficult to stay in the right lane.

          Just imagine what happens when you try to do it at 90 kph while you are under the influence?

          In fact, almost any road in the country is unsafe when you’re driving with someone who is drunk.

        2. “In fact, almost any road in the country is unsafe when you’re driving with someone who is drunk.”

          I think you can remove every word after “unsafe”. From people crossing highways to basketball players to people treating the streets as part of their home, almost every street in the country poses some sort of danger to both drivers and pedestrians, not to mention that in this country, everything is a driver’s fault, including running over someone who deliberately jumps in front of your car.

      3. “In most cases, if not all accidents are never meant or done on purpose. Leave it at that… an accident happened, the authorities are doing their jobs, and that is all that needs to be done.”

        That’s true. IF IT WERE AN ACCIDENT. As you said, let’s leave the authorities to do their job. The way they’re supposed to. It isn’t the public’s job to DECIDE that the events were accidental. Nor anyone else posting comments on GRP.

        That still doesn’t absolve Dargani of the responsibility of showing up for the interview. Which he didn’t. And now, apparently, he skipped for Hong Kong last 26 April. We can all understand that the PNP’s record when it comes to prosecuting “elites” isn’t exactly stellar. And we can appreciate that Dargani may have cause to fear for his safety given that police in the Philippines aren’t exactly paragons of professionalism. You might even sympathize with why he felt he had to flee.

        All that really is beside the point. The facts of the matter are that there was a collision. One driver was killed; his passenger was maimed. The other driver involved in the collision fled the scene, took refuge in a gated community, and has now absconded to Hong Kong. Under normal circumstances, fleeing the scene of a traffic collision would already have incurred some criminal penalty. That would have been aggravated if it turns out that the person who fled actually caused the incident. That makes the crime even more serious, especially in a homicide.

        As it stands, fleeing the country just reinforces the accusation that Dargani IS guilty. And in the Philippines, that goes a long way to people deciding ACTUAL guilt even if it isn’t there.

        1. Johnny Saint…

          The guy wrote a letter to Philippine Star protesting an article saying that he had been stopped from leaving the country for Hongkong.

          The tone of the letter was kind of arrogant and he said that he was in fact momentarily detained upon ARRIVING in the Philippines from Hongkong because of a Lookout Order from the DoJ.

          Wow! It’s as if he is even bragging that he had managed to skip town!

          As far as I know, people on a Lookout Order or Watchlist Order need to ask permission from the Office of the Secretary of the DoJ before leaving the country. It wasn’t clear at all in reports whether Dargani did this.

          As for the police doing its job, what normally happens to average people who are involved in car accidents resulting in homicide is that the driver is immediately hauled off to jail — even after fleeing the scene of the crime.
          We’ve seen this on TV many times when a truck driver or bus driver runs into people or structures on the road.

          In Dargani’s case, the Makati City Police Chief Lukban gives Dargani seems to have bent over backwards to give Dargani an easy time.

          The accident happens on a Saturday morning April 20 and it wasn’t until Monday that Lukban got his ass moving to INVITE Dargani over to issue his statement on the matter.

          When Dargani doesn’t appear, Lukban extends a previously set deadline — which was again ignored by Dargani.

          I don’t know if Lukban made good with a threat to automatically raise the matter to the fiscal’s level, in which case the fiscal ought to immediately issue an arrest warrant — this is the procedure, as far as I know.

          Anyway, I don’t think there is an arrest warrant at all, so may be it hasn’t gone up to the fiscal’s level.

          Then, at the end of the week, Dargani goes to Hongkong!

          Wow! Talk about being entitled.

    2. I said “consider” and it’s a personal stand.

      It’s something I’d do to pressure someone to own up to the crimes he committed because CLEARLY the person involved ISN’T DOING THAT.

      Moreover, why are you taking the cudgels for someone who KILLED one person and MAIMED another?

      And, really, it is not a blame game.

      As far as reasons for the accident are concerned here are the facts according to my sources:

      – Rajiv was intoxicated.
      – Rajiv swerved into the oncoming lane, which is marked with a solid line — which, if you are aware of road rules, INDICATES that you cannot cross over to.
      – Rajiv caused a series of collisions that led to the death of one person and left one other critically injured.
      – Rajiv FLED the scene of the accident like a RAT and HID in Dasmarinas village instead of helping the people he HURT, or staying until the POLICE came so that he could TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AS HE SHOULD.

      This is me, a citizen, pressuring another citizen to OWN UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

      1. i dont think rhiannon would understand the principles or linkage of responsibility, accountability, sponsorship and brand image.
        dizzy or what

  6. Since you make so many assumptions and poor suggestions, I’m going to go ahead and tell you what you clearly are:

    1) A bad reporter
    2) A very jealous and spiteful person
    3) Somebody that hasn’t lived up to their expectations so they are taking a shot at others that have and have worked hard for it
    4) A piece of shit

    I just hope this guy gets a chance to get his side of the story out because I’ve been implicated in a similar incident that I wasn’t even involved in. “Bribery” or not as you claim, if someone has been helping the families of those involved, that’s great news. I hope someone comes looking for you after this bullshit article to defame you in the same way that you try to do others. Or worse.

    1. Hey Anonymous…

      Rajiv telling his side of the story? He was given that opportunity and FLED from the police.

      Succeeding invitations by the police for him to air his side on the matter were IGNORED.

      The rest of what you said is drivel.

    2. You’re just another guilty guy defending similar types.so you are attacking the writer coz you cant win the argument.fallacy. Google that word

  7. I understand the sentiments expressed here by Mr. Farol. As an outsider it does seem that justice in PH is all too often dependent on your wealth and ones ability to frustrate and evade proper legal action. At the same time I have to agree with the comments of others regarding the commercial connection. It speaks to the wealth of the guy but shouldn’t be the issue. Likewise, I would suggest there is no observable attempt in PH to apply any drink driving laws. It appears to be relevant only after an accident.

    Another point and one that maybe unpalatable is this: A lot of foreigners that live permanently or part time in PH know that when they are involved in an accident or other situation, regardless of where blame should lie, they will be the ones treated like the perpetrator. I can give plenty of examples of this. I’m not suggesting that Dargani is innocent, only that foreigners are only to aware that when it comes to a legal situation in PH it’s better to pay and run than fight…even when you’re the innocent party.

    1. Dargani is a Filipino Citizen, not a foreigner.

      Sorry to have to say it this way, but what you said about “it’s better to pay and run than fight” is seriously flawed if not actually criminally ignorant.

      It smacks of callousness.

      1. ha. Callousness. Criminally ignorant? I believe in justice and i’m not criminally ignorant. Just a realist. For fucks sake. really? You miss my point. Too often foreigners in PH don’t get any justice. They know it. Even when a victim they become the accused. Not being a foreigner you either wouldn’t know, wouldn’t care, or wouldn’t believe. Just proves my point!

        1. David, Dargani is a Filipino Citizen and not just any Filipino Citizen, he’s also rich and well connected.

          In fact, the Makati City Police Chief Lukban has been treating him with kid gloves from the start. So, at least in his case, he doesn’t have any reason to be worried that he’d be treated like any other person who figures in a car accident where someone gets killed.

          Moreover, I think what you are trying to say is “Don’t surrender to the police because the police and justice system in the country can’t be trusted.”

          In which case, that is the wrong thing to do. Ask any lawyer here and that lawyer will tell you that it will just make things worse.

      2. it smacks of cowardice and the low life foreigner which the philippines tends to attract especially from the US.

    2. The “commercial connection” IS valid. If I were the owner of the Oakley brand, I wouldn’t want my merchandise to be associated with homicide at all.

      I’d rescind whatever distributorship deal there was.

      Moreover, I wouldn’t buy a pair of shades associated with homicide.

      Or maybe you’re the sort who’d buy a DeLorean despite knowing that it’s connected to a drugs in the US.


        1. David, just own up to the fact that it’s pretty mindless to advise people to run from the police or refuse to go to court because on your say so that the police and the courts can’t be trusted.

    1. Why have immigration officers at the airport? He would have been flagged and encarcerated immediately because he is foreign national or dual citizen unsure and involved with a deadly accident, very troubling events and not the first time someone makes an easy exit.

      1. He claims to be a Filipino citizen. Also, as far as I know, you have to ask for permission from the DoJ to get out of the country if you are on a Watchlist Order.

        Remember GMA?

    2. Predictable
      And a sad indictment of the values within the country – not just that it happened per se, but the lackadaisical and accomodating attitude of authorities involved – another demonstration of the lawlessness under de lima – patron saint of fugitives

      Rajiv dargani is pure scum as demonstrated by his actions

  8. I would not be surprised if Police Chief Manuel Lukban received some kind of payment for this issue and he should also be looked into as to why he’s so reluctant to file/arrest the individual. This issue has gained attention from many people, to say the least and should set a good example for the public, top 5% of the public that is.


    1. Indians are called Bombay in Pinas. As far as I know. That is not being racist. I was born in the ’50’s FYI, most of the early Indian nationals who came to Pinas to do business with their umbrella and do 5/6 hails from Bombay. So the story go.

  10. LOL DELORIAN! You badmouthed Deloreans because you said John DeLorean was connected with drugs! This just shows what a fucking moron you really are. Did you even read that link that you posted? DeLorean stopped manufacturing cars in 1982. 1982!!!! And DeLorean beat his case from the same year because he proved that the US Government used entrapment to make their arrest, the same year that his company went bankrupt and DeLorean was in a desperate position to make good to his employees and investors. IMPLICATED, BUT NOT GUILTY! Also shows that you don’t know shit about business. You’re just a worthless, poor, desperate reporter that splatters at the mouth. LOL, boycott Oakley… What do they have to do with anything? I hope you slip on a banana peel and break your neck.

  11. What’s the latest on this issue? Did the suspect flee the country again? Are the police making an arrest??

  12. Can we put this guy in Jail, or start a petition so that he is arrested, Why isnt the Makati Police filing a criminal case against this killer and arrest the guy with a warrant, we already know he lives in Dasmarinas Village Indian na R8

  13. all charges against rajiv darjani dropped.
    free to kill again.
    why bother with laws and courts.
    the police and judge have shown how corrupt they are and how cheap life is and how easy it is to get away with murder.
    a sick siciety

  14. I’ve just come across this article, read through all of it but still could not make the connection between the accident and Oakley (apart from the suspect being a distributor). Even the title is miskeading: ‘Oakley: Killer Eyewear?’ It somehow implies that Oakley caused the accident, or maybe the person who caused the accident was wearing Oakley sunglasses – but no, he was just a distributor of sunglasses (Oakley being one of the brands linked to him).

    I am in no way condoning what Mr. Dargani has done as that was just pure evil. His lack of respect to Philippine Law and the lack of respect of life makes my skin crawl, how can someone sleep with the images of such accident in their conscience? What goes beyond this person’s mind is beyond me- he is just pure evil.

    The comments on this article shows the writer in a different light. Firstly, he is incarcerating a brand for something that happened beyon the brand’s control and responsibility. It would be a different story if he owned Oakley himself, or if the writer suggested to boycott this man’s company. The writer then goes and attack commenters for their posts, the passive aggressiveness of the writer’s replies is pretty obvious. Lastly, the writer calls Indians ‘bumbay’ and doesn’t think that that is racist. Does he think calling Pakistanis ‘Pakis’ and black people ‘Nigers’ is acceptable? -You, Mr. Farol should reevaluate yourself and be more responsible in your reports and comments. Good luck and have a nice Christmas!

  15. That is arrogance and influence on his part. This Indian national should be treated as an ordinary human being not as a wealthy a$&?,; who think that he can get away with everything.

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