MTRCB slams Wowowillie for dancers’ skimpy attire

Too much flesh on Wowowillie? Willie Revillame is once again in hot water after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) slapped a three-month probation on the popular noontime show after netizens supposedly complained about the skimpy outfits of its dancers featured in its 16th April episode. TV5 Network management which airs the show have since reportedly apologised…

“At today’s hearing conducted by the MTRCB’s Ad Hoc Committee on the skimpy outfits and excessive flesh exposure in Wowowillie’s 16 April 2013 & other episodes, TV5 and the said show accepted responsibility for the said lapses and apologized to the MTRCB,” the statement read.

“The MTRCB, through the panel, ordered placing the program under probation, subjecting it to per-episode review for 3 months, and subjecting it to an SPG (Strong Parental Guidance) rating effective immediately. Tv5 and Wowowillie were further required to submit reform and self-regulatory measures by 06 May 2013,” it added.

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! OMG!.]

You wonder though if there is some kind of perverse double-standard going on here considering images of skimpily-clad women are a common sight in predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines. Driving down the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila alone already treats one to lots of, shall we say, pleasant sights…

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[Photo courtesy The Lifestyle Section.]

And, lest we forget, last December we were treated to the spectacle of presidential sister Kris Aquino wearing a revealing wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen gown to the awarding ceremony of the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines if you are not a prude or self-appointed morality police officer. It is likely that what at the moment seems to be a major setback for Revillame will turn out to be a big publicity bonanza.

8 Replies to “MTRCB slams Wowowillie for dancers’ skimpy attire”

  1. Willie Revillame is well known for his lack of taste and liking for young girls – some might think he is the filipino jimmy saville, but i suspect he is just another dirty old man.
    nevertheless am sure it attracts the pervert/paedophile market segment and am sure they are not there to watch the endless adverts.
    in fact can you even call it a programme or just a vehicle to circumvent the already loose regulations on advertising/airtime.
    either way an insight into filipino culture and morals – not very impressive, and people wonder why filipinos are seen as the bottom of the culture barrel.
    and it is not that wowowillie is alone. the copycat shows abound.
    no chance of women being taken seriously in the philippines.
    beauty pageant, dancer, or brothel – take your choice, if there is a difference.

    1. Well, we’ve seen a number of probation and summons from MTRCB, like.
      – GMA’s Party Pilipinas [1]
      – ABS CBN’s ASAP [2]

      You know what, the showbiz industry in the country bears similarity with the cigarette industry in which both are finding ways to get around the law just to gain customers.



  2. Yes, Benign0, but in case of the billboards, its reach is only those motorists and pedestrians passing through those billboards. Kinky tv shows have a far wider audience. However, EAT Bulaga has young ladies similarly dressed, but is not subjected to the MTRCB’s scissors. Is it because Willie’s girls are more provocative and more beautiful, and the Sottos are too well-connected?

  3. To begin with Willie Revillame have lost several of his shows before because of his somewhat pervert mindset.

    What more can be expected from him? If there are no watch dogs looking over him he’ll surely prefer to have all his dancers naked.

    Looking at how the MTRCB’s mindset is working, always it’s as if they’ve always waken up from a deep sleep in cases like these.

    They don’t have their own sense of responsibility in looking at what’s happening now with those noon time shows compare to about over a decade ago. Before, lady dancers wearing these kind of outfits could only be seen in beer houses and exclusive clubs. How about now? They even wear smaller bikini suits than those worn by GRUs during the 80s and 90s and being shown live worldwide.

    So what’s the MTRCB so concerned about? How about the far more hypocritical and meddlesome CBCP? They seem to be quiet…

  4. About friggin’ time. But it’s a delayed reaction from MTRCB. They should have done this for years. Good thing a lot of watchdogs got noisier and finally got listened to.

    1. Billboards like that have been around long enough. Some have been taken down. But they just demonstrate the hypocrisy of Philippine society. I doubt that kind of attitude has been dropped.

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