The INC Mafia and The P8.3 Billion LTO IT Bid

Ron Hubbard start a religion to get rich

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was claimed to have said “You don’t get rich by writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”

I’m not into religion bashing, really. I believe that everyone will ultimately account for their own world view and their actions in their own way. Some will call out to Jesus, others to Jehovah, others to Buddha, and some to one Hindu god or another. I don’t know who atheists will call out to, really, but I guess they will have their own way of looking back at their lives and find things to account for — to whom or for what, I have no idea. But, still, I believe that we will account for things — it is in our nature to remember, regret, and perhaps seek a way to atone for deeds in the past.

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If religion ever has an evil thing about it, it is what some people in the name of their religion or worse, what people do because of their religious organization’s clout — which, in either case, may not have anything to do with the tenets of their faith.

I am certain no religion will at all permit its members to profit over something using unfair means.

While I’ve seen so many people bashing the Catholic Church over its stand on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, legalized prostitution, and other things, I haven’t seen a lot of people pick a fight with Islam or the Iglesia Ni Cristo over the same things.

We’ve seen Carlos Celdran doing his “performance art” at a Catholic Church, supposedly to protest the Catholic Church’s meddling in government matters — specifically the RH Bill. But what I haven’t seen are people who protest the under worldly maneuverings of members of the Iglesia ni Cristo in politics and government dealings.


One blog I’ve found makes mention of the Manalo aka Iglesia Ni Cristo Mafia:

Religious Dynasty runs in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The Manalo family is influential in Philippine politics. Manalo family is filthy rich. INC members are proud of it even if most members are in a dire state of poverty; Manalo followers are proud and sometimes boastful of these blessings.

One former official of the Department of Justice managed to get his post supposedly because of his clout with the leadership of Iglesia ni Cristo and apart from his main job at the Department, he “fixed” some problems for members of his religious organizations in exchange for favors for the powers that be. As you can imagine, some of these problems had to do with certain legal cases of some members of the INC and then some.

This happened in the previous administration and guess what? It’s still happening in the current administration and in a very recent instance, it’s happening over a government contract to supply an IT System to the Land Transportation Office worth P8.3 Billion.

The winner of the government contract is supposed to takeover from Stradcom and supply the LTO with the following: Motor Vehicle Registration System;  Manufacturers, Assemblers, Importers, Dealers Accreditation; Reporting System Drivers’ Licensing System; and Revenue Collection System.

Being a driver and car owner, I know exactly the inconveniences of having to deal with the LTO. Renewing your drivers’ license takes hours and in certain instances, may take half of the day — by the end of which, you’d be so tired from waiting in line it’ll be impossible to get any work done afterwards.

The field of bidders were recently reduced to just three: Digitext Asia, a company owned by former Camsur Governor Lray Villafuerte; Fritz and Macziol Asia, a German IT Systems Integrator known worldwide for its expertise — highlighted by its work on the IT systems that supported the 2012 Olympics; and Eurolink, a company who I am told is heavily backed by the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

For a while, it seemed that the bidding process was going on smoothly and really cleaving to the “Tuwid na Daan” of President Noynoy Aquino.

The first sign was when the DoTC announced that it had disqualified Digitext Asia after it was discovered that it lacked very important documents required for the bid — one of which was the Billing of Quantities, which details the specific items and services it would deliver to the LTO. If the DoTC awarded this bid without the Billing of Quantities from Digitext, it would have allowed the company to supply or not supply a number of things.

Notwithstanding the fact that Digitext itself does not have the expertise and track record to implement any of the systems in the LTO bid. Digitext is actually relying on Trimax and New Tech Media solutions. If it is somewhat of a joke to bid for something you have neither expertise nor track record in supplying, here’s the punchline: Trimax is a Mumbai based tech firm in a part of India that is known worldwide as a counterfeiting capital and New Tech Media Solutions is owned by the Binondo Mafia, the so-called financial capital of the country’s underground economy.

Oh, and did I tell you that Digitext Asia is owned by former Camsur governor Lray Villafuerte? Yes! The same Villafuerte who is running for congressman under the banner of Team Pnoy and the same one who is embroiled in a number of plunder charges amounting to more than P50 Million.

If at all DoTC Secretary Jojo Abaya would make his mark on the “Tuwid na Daan” it would have been with this.

But alas! Today, things seem to have gone awry, after columnist Jojo Robles and Mary Anne Calma that the next bidder in line after Digitext, Fritz and Macziol Asia was disqualified over items that weren’t at all essential to the bid.

Here is part of Jojo Robles’ column on the LTO IT Bid.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya and his bids and awards chairman Undersecretary Perpetuo Lotilla have already eliminated the last viable bidder for the contract, currently on an extended run with hard-luck provider Stradcom — Germany-based Fritz und Mackiol Asia, which submitted a lower bid of P5.3 billion. That price, taken together with the extensive track record of FuM, should have swayed the DOTC bids and awards committee of Lotilla to give the contract to the German outfit.

Instead, FuM was disqualified on technical grounds that the company said amounted to trivial and non-substantive grounds.

Besides, the only remaining bidder, an outfit called Eurolink, offered a higher price at P5.8 billion. But Eurolink, which is supposed to own the most extensive chain of emission-testing shops authorized by LTO to operate (a measure of its “insider” clout at the agency), was never disqualified by the IT consultant hired by DOTC to look into the bids.

The consultant reportedly has close fraternal — as in school fraternity — ties to Lotilla, apart from being under the direct influence of LTO’s longtime “owners”. This influential group has run LTO for so long that it needs to capture the IT upgrading contract that Stradcom will leave behind, if only to complete its domination of the agency’s operations.

Of course, if the upcoming DOTC announcement concerns a failure of the bidding process, that can only mean that the Stradcom contract (which expired last month) will have to continue for at least two more years until a new bidder is found who will meet the requirements of Abaya, Lotilla and the committee. And that will surely delay — if not totally derail — the department’s plans to upgrade the current IT system.

Ultimately, if the IT project bidding is declared a failure after repeated tries, the contract can be expected to go the “negotiated” route. And if that happens, given the dismissal of all other bidders except Eurolink by Lotilla and his panel, no one is going to bet that anyone else will end up with the lucrative deal.

Which is sad, really, because this sort of bureaucratic hanky-panky was supposed to have gone out of style with the previous administration. Apparently, Abaya and Lotilla are making sure that, if the crooked system ain’t broke — or if it’s been running as good as ever before under their watch — then who are they to attempt to fix it?

66 Replies to “The INC Mafia and The P8.3 Billion LTO IT Bid”

  1. That’s what I said three weeks ago. Brother Eddie started a religion and is running for Senate. Personally I doubt it will be a seamless coexistence of two diverse roles. No one protests him. Even in 2004.

      1. Sorry for calling you pathetic but it’s foul calling INC as Mafia. We all know Mafia defines as criminal syndicate right? Yung napagkuhan mong blog galit lang sa INC.

        “INC members are proud of it even if most members are in a dire state of poverty; Manalo followers are proud and sometimes boastful of these blessings.”

        Totoong proud ang mga INC kahit mahihirap ang karamihan dito kasi organized church ang INC dahil dito nakapagpapatayo ang INC ng maayos na bahay sambahan hindi para iimpress ang mga tao o hindi member nito kundi makapagbigay ng kaluwalhatian sa AMA. Naniniwala ang INC na dapat walang kasiraan ang bahay ng Diyos kaya nakita mong palaging maayos. Lahat ng kapilya ng INC may auditor at general auditor sa Central, pinapasuhuran din ang mga kapatid na ito para mabantayan ang mga handog ng mga kapatid hindi lang sa pilipinas kundi hanggang ibang bansa. Mula America, Middle East, Africa, Australia at Asia kung paano mo nakikitang nagtatagumpay ang INC sa pilipinas ganoon din sila sa ibang bansa. Iisa ang aral, iisa ang namamahala at lahat ng pagpapasya ay galing sa Central kaya nirespeto ng mga members nito ang INC at dahil kinakalinga nito ang mga members nito. Ang INC nakapagpatayo ng malalaking bahay sambahan galing sa mga handog ng mga kapatid hindi dahil sa mga donation ng mga pulitiko di tulad ng ibang relihiyon. Ang INC ay may pabahay sa mga kapatid na naglingkod sa loob nito tulad ng mga ministro kapag tumanda sila may mga pabahay na puede nilang tirhan maging ang mga nabalo. Ang INC may sariling manpower agency upang ihanap ang kapatid na nangangailan ng trabaho or irekomendang makanap ng trabaho sa mga kapatid na may mga sariling kompanya o sa pag-aari ng INC. Meron din lingap kapatid at hindi kapatiran sa INC sa medaling salita Foundation sa tuwing dumarating ang sakuna or mga bagyo namamahagi ng mga relief goods ang INC hindi kailangan manawagan sa TV o Radio para humingi ng donasyon sa mga abuluyan nila inuukalan ito.

        “Eurolink, a company who I am told is heavily backed by the Iglesia Ni Cristo” so anong point mo ng sinasabi mong binakiran ng INC ang bidding para manalo sila ang Eurolink? Kung sana mas malinaw yung pagpapaliwanag mo. Iwasan natin gamitin ang Iglesia ni Cristo sa blog mo dahil siya appropriate dapat kung may ebidensya ka magdropped ka ng name para mas malinaw yung point mo hindi mo dapat idragged ang buong INC sana naget mo ang point ko. Bakit pagnaabsuwelto ba ang member ng katoliko sa mga kaso nila sinasabi niyong binakeran kasi yan ng Iglesia Katolika?

        1. Ang point ko dito ay hindi para yurakan ang imahe ng INC. Marami nga akong kaibigang miyembro niyan.

          Pero kahit sila, alam ang hindi magandang gawain ng ilang miyembro nila.

          Merong mga dokumento akong hawak proving Eurolink is backed by the INC and also kung sino ang inatasan na magsulong sa Eurolink para manalo sa bidding. INC member din ito.

        2. Ano kamo “Ang point ko dito ay hindi para yurakan ang imahe ng INC”???

          It seems thats not what your post reflects my dear.

          Dahil po ba may mga kaibigan kang mga INC hindi na point ninyo yurakan ang imahe ng INC.

          For your info po hindi po perpekto ang mga miyembro. Wala pong sinasabi ang INC na gayun. Kaya nga po nangangailangan kami ng kaligtasan.

          Kaya po may pagtitiwalag sinasagawa ang INC sa mga ganito pong miyembro.

          At kung meron po kayong DOKUMENTO di dalhin mo sa korte dahil hindi naman po ibig sabihin na meron kayong dokumento ay SOLIDO na hawak ninyong ebidensya. Abay kaya nga tayo may KORTE para sa ganitong mga bagay.

          Marami po kasing PEKENG mga DOKUMENTO na madali lang pong gawin. Abay kung para sa inyo matibay yang mga dokumento na yan. Hindi po kayo ang magsasabi nun kundi po ang KORTE.

          Marami mo na nagmiss-representa sa INC. Hindi po bagong kuwento ito. matagal na ito. Kaya nga may mga natitiwalag po dahil dito.

          Its a bit unfair my dear to use your limited knowledge of the INC as if we condone such practice.

          You say ” Manalo family is filthy rich” due to your misguided thingking of a religious dynasty they head.

          So FIND us DOCUMENTs what PROPERTIES does the MANALO family UNDER their NAMEs have? before you come to that misguided conclusion of being FILTHY RICH.

          Last time we checked the properties of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO was never under the MANALO families name my dearest.

          Check the SEC registration are the MANALO family OWNERs of the INC? Unless your saying an ADMINISTRATOR is the OWNER.

          You profess to be christian. I hope you act on it and be more careful in your unfounded accusations.

        3. Sana basahin mo at intindihin mong mabuti ang sinulat ko bago mo kwestyunin ang integridad ko.

          Yaong pagsasabi na mayaman ang mga Manalo ay hndi galing sa akin kungdi sa ibang blog.

          Hindi sapat ang pagtiwalag sa mga miyembro niyong nagkasala, kailangan panagutan nila ng paglabag nila sa batas.

          At maraming beses nang may INC member ang nagka-kaso, yung nga at dumudulog sa tanggapan noon ng DoJ at merong silang taga-asikaso dun, lalo na kung high profile na member.

          Hindi ko na sasabihin kung sino yun.

          Huwag ka na lang mag-malinis, lahat ng relihiyon ay may mga bulok na bunga.

          At kung ang pagka-Kristyano ko ang pupuntiryahin mo, marapat lang na sabihin ko sa iyo na hindi sa iyo ang paghuhusga. Hambog ka kung ganun.

        4. Acts 7:48
          Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

          Mark 10:25
          It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

  2. They are all guilty … the difference with the Catholic church here in PH is the political pull it has over policies and how they undermine progressiveness for their own benefit.

  3. For your enlightenment. Most Atheists are intellectuals and humanists. They don’t need a God or its representative to call out to or tell them what is right or what is wrong. Of course being humans they will have regrets. An atheist doesn’t need a diety to make ethical decisions…and I defy anybody to prove that any religion through their various moral teachings are the preserve of ethical behaviour. Who needs a heaven and hell…its here on earth.

    1. Come again “Who needs a heaven and hell…its here on earth.”

      Well, your entitled to your misguided atheistic opinion dearest.

      You have your own definition of heaven and hell here on earth.

      Ethical behavior? religion? that would be your silly opinion dearest. That is if your referring to the FAITH of CHRISTIANs dear.

      The faith of Christians is not anchored on your silly thinking of ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. Don’t be silly.

    2. I am not an atheist, in fact I from a catholic religion, then become a born again and when invited by jehova witness, also attended their biblical studies, hence I am certain only one book, the BIBLE, has been used by them.But what you have stated is clear and correct. I agree to that.

  4. IDK, but the ‘accounting’ for ones life and looking back w/regrets/atonement seems like a waste of time.
    Allow urself ‘no regrets’ and live by a book written in 1680 by Baltasar Gracion and you’ll have no need for the ‘accounting’.
    Rather than a stoic belief in dogma’s that purport to ‘know’ things that are now proven to be ‘un-know-able’, RELAX, have a good time, and live each day like it will be ur last. Because one day…it will be(maybe?).

  5. BTW, if the current system were up-graded then many of the scamming ways of the evil would be un-done.
    Besides the benefitting from supplying the entire country(Pesos, pesos and more pesos) with LTO services the Vehicle Identification system could immediately stop the registration of a vehicle stolen in Manila and shipped to IDK, say, Dinigat, and get the PNP involved to rightfully put behind bars the person registering the stolen vehicle. Putting organized criminals out of business, can’t have that now can we?

  6. L. Ron Hubbard never said that. The person who did say it was Orson Welles in a letter to his friend Jack Common. (In Collected Letters of Orson Welles)

      1. It’s generally attributed to Hubbard because it’s entirely plausible, in hindsight, that he would have said something like that, and he has plenty of detractors who wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make him look like an even bigger d-bag, which isn’t that hard to do, really. But yes, it is pretty likely that you stumbled on a repetitive attribution error. Welles probably didn’t originate the quote, either, but was simply repeating something clever he’d heard.

  7. Hoy…”Tiwalag ka na”. Your religious belief is your own business. It is nobody’s business. However, if they make religion as a business. This is another matter. It is deception, not Salvation of Souls. This is Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan”. Railroaded government business contracts of the Igelsia ni Kristo, to gain favor and votes.

  8. Yes. Maybe Paul Farol should do more research about the INC before he start calling them “Mafia”. This just just tells me that many people including Mr. Farol are still very naive with the lack of information and knowledge to write such article and blogs. This is an example of Philippine crab mentality.

    The Mafia (also known as Cosa Nostra) is a criminal syndicate that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century in Sicily.

    A good journalist is one who is able to take personal responsibility for what they write. They must keep in mind that there will be people who will be upset because they disagree with the angle of the story or because they wanted their story to be given more importance.

    “Either way, a journalist must be fair all the time and maintain a level of objectivity in what they report. The Media Alliance Code of Ethics is a great starting point for journalists, outlining some essential ethical requirements”.

    Here is the website of the INC if your interested.

    1. The term ‘mafia’ used here loosely to indicate the mafia-like actions of some of its members. I currently hold documentary evidence of this which, however, I am not at liberty to post on this blog.

      I am very much aware of the need for fairness and journalistic objectivity, and I believe these were followed.

      1. Thank you for exposing this. I have known of that operation for years already. Even in the previous admin., that group has been doing that. Yup you said it straight that INC is indeed a mafia with a facade of being a religious organization. Carlos P. Romulo once stated that the greatest threat to Philippine society was these so-called “religious institutions” which are nothing more than business enterprises. Take note, I am not an atheist, I hate what atheism stands for and how it is utterly inconsistent and stupid! But condemning the INC as a fraud(religious organization) should be in order and should had been done a long time ago.

        1. Sorry you did not essentially say that the INC is a facade of a religious org. I did and I believe I have my RIGHTS to say that, added with the evidences that I know of that organization and how it operates to “silently suppress” opposition.

        1. Thats why who killed Ninoy Aquino a known CATHOLIC.

          We all know the killer is likewise a CATHOLIC. And his boss who ordered the execution is likewise CATHOLIC.

          When you talk about MAFIA do venture into HISTORY. The VATICAN is quite well versed on this matter.

          Heck their MAFIA like ANOMALIEs where exposed by their very own BUTLER.

          Not to mention the MAFIA like actions by COVERING up the SEXUAL PERVERSIONs of their fellow priest. Instead of turning them over to authorities they sent them off to another country to elude the law. And later found that those pedophile priests CONTINUED in their perversions. Sad really sad.

  9. The INC has been very notorious in influence peddling. Now that Paul has said that he has documents to prove, I wonder why INC members who respond to this do not accept the challenge to see the documents? Obviously because they all know that there are some heartless, wicked and even power hungry INC members who use their religion for their own personal gain. You all deserve to go to hell!!!!

    1. it is good to save your documents to prove about this issue with INC. They will start suing people left and right, bloggers, fake INC accounts on the www owner to smear the INC soon. So you better have a good one.

  10. lucky for the catholics, they dont need a stinking blogger to keep tabs of their “documents” – they have abnoynoy to prove that they are more than a mafia.

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah… Let’s pretend that the reason why politicians greet the leaders of INC happy birthday is because they’re just nice.


  11. The INC has the power to change the political landscape in the Philippines for their famous bloc voting. It would be nice if the INC start choosing a candidate who are qualified preferably, a politician who holds a college degree. It’s not just a regular Filipino who suffers if a wrong politician is elected in office. Everybody suffers including INC members.
    Uneducated / Unqualified politician INC helped to be elected in office.
    1. Bong Revilla – uneducated
    2. Lito Lapid – uneducated
    3. Erap – uneducated convicted plunderer.
    4. Tito Sotto –

    Just stay tune: the movie “Ang Sugo” it will be played by Richard Gomez, Bong Revilla, Albert Martinez, Lani Mercado… 3 of these people are inspiring politicians. The INC should scrutinizing these people on their qualifications before they start choosing them to be their candidates on election day not because they are popular entertainers, it’s because they can do the job. Politicians are expected to write laws, how can these people create laws if they themselves do not have the knowledge to understand it. Let alone write one.

  12. ” Eurolink, which is supposed to own the most extensive chain of emission-testing shops. ”

    sino ba owner ng eurolink?… name one,two or more emission under his name?…

    kung si tony halili yan maniniwala ako madami emission yun…

    Eurolink ay isang PETC LTO Accredited IT…

  13. Paul Farol how much did Fritz and Macziol pay you? Looks like god is giving you information that you know everything happening in Mumbai.

  14. Your obvious foil to get attention by dragging the entire INC body is highly uneducated and irresponsible. I’m not sure if you were absent during Philo class but sweeping generalization is a fallacy only bystanders recognize. If I were to follow your level of argument then I can call your entire clan stupid because you’re simply being stupid as a writer/blogger. I dare you to prove that the INC Administration is behind the backdoor negotiation. Site your references, and documents. Any annotation, approval by the Church Administration,etc.. The burden of proof is in you so I won’t waste time rectifying your false and imbecile accusation.

    FYI. Opinion, and hearsay is inadmissable in any legal forum so I hope you’re knowledgable enough to know that.

    1. I’m pretty sure I made a point to indicate that SOME INC members are involved in such a racket.

      Did you read my article? Because it seems you are grossly mistaken.

      Perhaps, if you were serious about wanting to see my proof, you should have left your real name, email address, and phone number.

      1. You stated “One former official of the Department of Justice managed to get his post supposedly because of his clout with the leadership of Iglesia ni Cristo”

        SUPPOSEDLY or KUNO.. nakuha niya KUNO. Are we suppose to TAKE it as a FACTUAL statement? VERIFIABLE in any way? Because some said this and that KUNO.

        If you indeed have PROOF on this matter dear then the word won’t be “SUPPOSEDLY” now don’t you think?

  15. You stated “While I’ve seen so many people bashing the Catholic Church over its stand on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, legalized prostitution, and other things”

    And you say also “I haven’t seen a lot of people pick a fight with Islam or the Iglesia Ni Cristo over the SAME THINGs.”???

    Well, do read the news more it may have eluded you in some way. The INC differs from the Catholic stand on CONTRACEPTION. Heck even WITHIN the Catholic leadership ranks are NOT UNITED in what they stand for.

    The INC does not condone ABORTION. Unfortunately the Catholic came up with their OWN DEFINITION of ABORTION that is where the we differ in stand.

    Euthanasia? Legalized Prostitution? are you saying we are not against it?

    Please be more rational on what your posting sir.

  16. Paul FarolKung may hinahawakan kang ibidensya ilabas mo , hindi puro satsat ka, sa pag susulat mo. OO naniniwala akong may mga bulok sa mga Relihiyon kaya nga inaalis sa loob ng INC … kung may alam ka na sangkot sa sinasabi mo na miyembro ng INC ilabas mo at pag napatunayan makikita mo kung pano ang gagawin sa kanya. Kung gusto mo naman E-mail mo na lang kung sinong pinagkakatiwalaan mong INC na sinasabi mong mga kaibigan mo rin. Dahil sa loob ng INC inaalis ang mga bulok na mga sinasabi mo kahit na siya ang PINAKA MATAAS PA SA INC… Dahil naniniwala ang mga INC ang Panginoon Dios ang mag hahatol sa kanyang ginawang kasalanan. At gusto ko lang linawin sa iyo hindi si Manalo ang mayaman lahat ng INC ay mayaman dahil ang lahat ng pag aari na nakikita mo sa INC ang lahat ng miyemro ng INC sila ang may ari at higit sa lahat sa PANANAMPALATAYA sa Reliyon.

    1. mahalaga pa ba ang ebidensya? kase sa commonwealth pag pinatay ka ng iglesia kahit lahat na ng tao makakita.
      Ibig sabihin non walang krimen na naganap. guni-guni lang yun oo kahit magsumbong kapa kay tulfo, mike enriquez at gas abelgas. hindi yun tutulong sayo.
      Example na lang yung video na kumalat sa facebook noong April na “binatang lalaki binaril walang tumulong” (
      Pagmasdan nyo ang mga tao, diba parang wala silang nakikita? Kase sa sobrang takot baka sila ang balikan.
      Higit sa sampo na kase ang pinatay sa ibat ibang lugar sa commonwealth sa loob ng 2 weeks bago yan nangyari.
      at alam nyo ba na ang taong kumuha ng video at ang lalaking tumulong sa biktima ay patay na rin? Binalita ito sa channel 5 sa tulfo wala rin hindi rin natulungan.
      kaya kalokohan ang sinasabi mong inaalis nyo ang bulok kase buong relihiyon nyo bulok. kaya tama ang term sa blog nato INC MAFIA!!!

    1. What does that have to do with the article?

      It doesn’t matter what your belief is, in this site you get respected, but posting your bullshit here like the above makes you the one who is BOBO, bobo!

  17. I believed Paul Farol.
    1) INC is a fraternity,though commited a crime you’d still get a free defense lawyer and not be charged.Madaming galamay yan mangyayari lang e bka ikaw pa ang makasuhan.Malakas yan sa Arroyo ADM kya mdaming nakaupong station commanders,Judge,cohorts sa Ch2 / 7 and other staion,newspaper atbp…myayaman ksi yan
    Di man aminin e nakikita nman ang ebidensiya like a)4pup students na pinatay nila mga deakono pa ang involve dahil lang sa away basketbol,..nadesisyunan yan ng korte under judge Davide b) yun pinatay nilang ex-manalista na UNTV host yun motorbike niloob ng Dios na di umandar kya tumaksa n lng ,after checking it sa LTO ang may ari deakono ng INC ,. c)namugot at inihaw pa yun kanilang pinatay nkadiyaryo yan,..d) me mga binugbog yan at least 12 member s ng Ang Dating daan sa Jollibee Apalit pampanga gamit tubo at mattigs na bgay kya lang d nkasuhan instead ang nksuhan ay nag mga nabugbog at madami pang iba like nakawan sa Clark Air base noon etc,..haay kaktakot ang INC

  18. Di ako naniniwala sa pagttiwalag process ng INC, biblia bago magtiwalag si Paul and other apostles me warning and at 3rd time ititwalag ayon sa 2-3 or more witness,kaya lng s aINC ititiwalag tapos tatanggapin ulit e,..mali ang aral nila, mebers sila sa US na ngpatotoo na at least 3times siyang tiwalag-balik ksi nga madami na siyang alam n gngawang kabalbalan ng leadership ng INCs.——ayon sa biblia pag ang relihiyon ay pumapatay JOHN 8:44

    Kayo’y sa inyong amang diablo, at ang mga nais ng inyong ama ang ibig ninyong gawin. Siya’y isang mamamatay-tao buhat pa nang una, at hindi nananatili sa katotohanan, sapagka’t walang katotohanan sa kaniya. Pagka nagsasalita siya ng kasinungalingan, ay nagsasalita siya ng sa ganang kaniya: sapagka’t siya’y isang sinungaling, at ama nito.

    Kaya d dapat aniban yan mapapahamak lang ang kaluluwa ninyo,…

    mahilig sa kampi kampi – IWASAN NATIN SILA-INCs
    ROMA 16:17 17 Mga kapatid, nakikiusap ako sa inyo: mag-ingat kayo sa mga pasimuno ng mga pagkakampi-kampi at sanhi ng pagtalikod dahil sa pagsalungat nila sa mga aral na tinanggap ninyo. Iwasan ninyo sila.

  19. Nice article, we need more of this, yung mga writers na may prinsipyo na nagbubunyag ng mali, ’cause we all have the right to know the truth. Good job Paul Farol!!!

  20. “and Eurolink, a company who I am told is heavily backed by the Iglesia Ni Cristo”… But who told you? Is your source credible?

  21. May God Blessed you for this post
    we need commentator like you to give information to the public that cannot influence and not afraid to this religion regardless of its criminal records

  22. Nice article. Very informative. I also read some of the comments… unfortunately, there really are blind followers who do not use their conscience (wag na brain and common sense kase di naman lahat meron nyan) to understand things that concerns moral matters.

  23. INC members always look at what INC members say about their close criminal case over five PUP students who murdered by their on own deacon,ministers and gang members at their chapel at local of Punta Sta.Ana and to hide the crime they salvage the into the Pasig River.All details was in the Supreme Courts Record Annotations or SCRA.Many INC members cant able to comment on that because of unaware of the case and also by blackout on talking on their on chapels and all organization,maybe you hear once or once in upon a time but the that case is just a myth on their brainwash mind.INC is a truly a mafia but it even it has many evidence,its members doesnt believe just like easy like because there are just very stick incline to the their believe.
    Im very impress to the bravery of Mr.Paul Farol but believe me,saying the truth has a consequence so brace yourself as you said this group is truly a mafia.

    1. I-state mo yung complete reference ng SCRA at GR No. para maresearch ng readers like G.R. No. 164785, April 29, 2009…
      Kung wala kang ma-state, bubbles lang yang paSCRA-scra mo, Dong….
      Yung binanggit ko pala na SCRA, pakibasa nyo mga readers, in full text, wag yung case digests…igoogle nyo lang, makikita nyo yan..

  24. Best of Health to you and your family. I praise you for being truthful in your blog. This is the case that every politicians know. Nagbubulagbulagan lang sila, kung baga sumusugal kahit alam nila na walang katotohanan ang sinasabing “block voting” ng INC.

  25. lagi sinasabe ng mga inc member maglabas daw ng ebidensya.
    ang tanong saan iprepresinta?
    sa supreme court? sa senado? eh lahat naman ng office ng gobyerno may galamay kayo.
    ngayon april 2015, si sec sevilla ng department of custom nag-resign dahil sa pang-gigipit ng INC. di daw kinaya presure. 1 time lang na flash sa tv tapos nun dedma na. o diba kahit media kontrolado nyo? di man lang nag pa interview kay boy abunda.
    yang kaso sa PUP wala yan sisiw lang yan kumpara sa nangyayari sa commomwealth/fairview na kung pagpapatayin mga kaaway nila parang manok lang.
    na kahit may makaalam walang papansin at tutulong.
    kaya tama ang terminology na ginamit ng author.

  26. actually mas nakakatakot pa ang INC sa mga muslim
    at least ang mga muslim pag may pinasabog sila na lugar or may pinugutan sila ng ulo proud pa sila na aminin at ibandera yun. so may time ka para lumaban ng harapan. di tulad ng iglesia na mga traydor at patalikod kung lumaban.

    hindi po ito tungkol sa INC vs catholic. tungkol ito sa mamamayan ng bansang pilipinas laban sa kultong mafia na nagpapanggap na relihiyon.

    magpakasaya kayo at nasa taas kayo ngayon. hindi nyo alam ang laki ng galit na binabaon nyo sa mga taong winawalang hiya nyo. balang araw sasabog yun. ang nakakalungkot lang syempre naniniwala ako na mas marami pa rin sa inyo ang inosente at wala talagang alam sa nangyayari sa labas ng organisasyon nyo.

  27. sarap magbasa ng mga comments, daming umiiyak na myembro ng INC, 😀 , bayaan nyo sila mag comment dyan kuya Paul, eh di nila talaga matanggap na pinagloloko sila ng sinasambahan nilang tao :D, bubulag bulagan o baka malaki din siguro nakukutong nila sa mga kapwa myembro nila 😀

  28. Believe in GOD but do not believe in any form of religion. The litteral meaning of the word religion has lost its meaning a long time ago (to reconnect), it divides us rather than unites us, it bends what is morally straight, if intructed to kill they will kill. What of god justifies violence. They all claim that they have the means and accces to the right path but all are lies. No one can prove what is the true religion all they have is faith and faith sometimes is dangerous. Religion will be the opium of ache and sorrows. It comforts you in someway but it acts like double edge sword. By history account no one can prove the autenticity of the bible or the koran itself for no one is known to be living that long. Believe in GOD not the religion. GOD gave us common sense use it wisely, pray if in doubt and praise if you have been granted. Be a good person. Remember that we are all interconnected with each other and our environment.

  29. Wow INC masters have their own jumbo jet! To the INC defender who insists that Manalo is not filthy rich… in your face!

  30. asan na ung mga INC? bat biglang nawala…? lumabas na ang totong kulay at hangarin ng mga Iglesia ni Manalo…kawawang mga miyembro ginawang kasangkapan ng mga matataas na ministro!!!

  31. Maimpluwensiya lang talaga ang INC. Sa katagalan lang na ganun at ganun din ang sistema nila sa eleksiyon (bloc voting, kung saan inaalisan ng kalayaan sa pagpili ang mga miyembro) kaya akala ng mga pulitiko na nakakapagpanalo ang boto ng INC. Pero ang totoo kung sino lang ang sikat yun ang malamang na mapili nila, playing safe kumbaga. Kasi kung totoong kaya nila magpanalo, edi sana Pres, VP at mga senador karamihan INC na. Think about it. Tapos yung “maipanalo” hihingan ng sandamakmak na pabor, kaya napakadaming nakaupo sa mga sangay ng gobyerno na member nila eh. Kung tunay ba namang nagpapakabanal ang mga yan eh di sana naimpluwensiyahan na nila mga nakapaligid sa kanila na umayos ng mga paglilingkod nila sa bayan, tutal naman napakataas ng paggalang ng mga pulitiko sa kanila. Pero hindi eh… bagkus palala nang palala ang mismanagement sa gobyerno. Yan ang legacy ng INC sa bansa natin, isa sila sa nagpapatindi ng corruption. Lawakan lang ng mga INC pang-unawa nila makikita nilang lihis na lihis na sa mga lesson na nasa Bible ang pinaggagagawa ng mga pinuno nyo. Lalo pa ngayon na yung mga matataas na ministro nyo ang nagbubulgaran ng mga irregularities sa loob ng samahan nyo.

  32. O nasan na yung magagaling na INC defenders? Itutuloy nyong pagiging bulag sa kahibangan at kabulastugang ginagawa ng inyong mga ministro sa sugo…kahit nasa pinto na ninyo ang pruwebang pinagperahan ang pananampalataya ninyo at ang mismong simbahan nyo… Bat kayo biglang nawala? Sayang ang gagaling pa naman ninyong mag inglis…

    Kawawang mga supporters ni Manalo, at mismong bayan natin ay damay… tsk tsk tsk

    Mr. Paul keep it up…

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