The cherry on a pile of BS: Noynoy Aquino comfy in bed with the Malaysian police state

What is the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III doing in bed with a police state like Malaysia to begin with? This is, after all, a regime that is the antithesis of every piece of the Philippines’ Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan’s Yellowist rhetoric. President BS Aquino ascended to power on the back of talk and symbolism that advocates the supremacy of the “people’s will”, some sort of “fight” for “reform”, an upholding of a right to expression and self-determination, and — get this — transparency as key to all that.

Malaysia is all about everything that is anythig but.

Malaysians like it rough.

Malaysians like it rough.

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Malaysia under the regime of its Prime Minister Najib Razak is known for its appalling record of human rights abuse. Back in 2011, an Amnesty International report cited the way Malaysian police allegedly used excessive force to quell a peaceful protest rally organised to demand electoral reform.

Police arrested peaceful demonstrators, fired teargas canisters directly at protesters, and teargassed a hospital compound on 9 July, in attempts to stop the electoral reform rally known as Bersih 2.0 from gathering in a stadium.

One protester, 56-year-old Baharuddin Ahmad, collapsed near the landmark Petronas Towers while fleeing teargas, and was pronounced dead later in hospital.

“Prime Minister Najib’s government rode roughshod over thousands of Malaysians exercising their right to peaceful protest,” said Donna Guest, deputy Asia-Pacific director at Amnesty International.

“This violent repression by the Royal Malaysian Police flies in the face of international human rights standards, and cannot be allowed to continue. Any future peaceful demonstrations should be permitted and respected by the authorities.”

More recently, a Human Rights Watch report describes how the human rights record of Malaysia has in the last several years remained unprogressive and may have even regressed despite token gestures on the part of its government to institute “reforms”. Notable of all is the approach its police force takes to maintain peace…

Malaysian police appear to routinely violate the rights of persons in custody, Human Rights Watch said. Police personnel have employed unnecessary or excessive force during demonstrations, while carrying out arrests, and in police lockups. Deaths in custody, routinely attributed to disease, go uninvestigated, suspects are beaten to coerce confessions, and criminal suspects die in suspicious circumstances during apprehension by police. Alleged police abuses go uninvestigated.

Malaysian immigration law still does not recognize refugees and asylum seekers, and prohibits them from working and their children from going to school. Unauthorized migrants face arrest and detention in unsanitary and overcrowded immigration detention centers, and caning for violating the immigration law. Anti-trafficking efforts conflate human trafficking with people smuggling, and punishes rather than protects trafficking victims by holding them in inadequate, locked shelters that resemble detention centers rather than care facilities. The government continues to do little to protect migrant domestic workers from beatings and sexual abuse by their employers.

Indeed, take stock of how well President BS Aquino remained consistent with his own propaganda, and you will find that the Yellow One has spent the last three years living up to his name’s now-iconic two-letter acronym. His collusion with the Malaysian police state against his own people in a blatant contradiction of everything his so-called campaign platform stood for tops the hump year of his six-year term as “president” of this sad modern-day by-product of Spanish imperialism. The only aspect that one might consider consistent in the conduct of the Second Aquino Administration is how yellow they now come across — not in the sense of how the colour symbolises the Pinoy “Fight” but in the sense of how the rest of the world really thinks of what it means to be yellow.

It is hardly surprising now that even his closest cohorts — the men and women he is trying to infest the Senate with in the coming May elections, and the Media lapdogs whose loyalties his Uncle Peping likely spent a lot of money cultivating now struggle to themselves remain consistent with all the BS. There is, after all, only so much BS one can take — and dish out.

[Photo courtesy Herald Sun.]

37 Replies to “The cherry on a pile of BS: Noynoy Aquino comfy in bed with the Malaysian police state”

  1. “It is a paradox that every ‘dictator’ has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each ‘dictator’ then tries to suppress all free speech except his own.”
    Herbert Hoover

    Birds of a feather stick together, so no surprise aquino is helping malaysia, even at the expense of the national interest, and malaysia is playing him like a puppet.

    1. He is helping nobody. It is already stated that our government cannot do anything more so Kiram’s men that is now in Malaysian Borneo must surrender without conditions and solve this peacefully.

      1. Nope. Another solution: go back to the Philippines and discuss about this, in order to find a solution.

  2. BS Aquino is collaborating with a foreign state. The Malaysian police state is a friend of BS. It is true that BS Aquino slept on the brewing problem which has now escalated. Malaysian forces went on search and destroy mode and the most recent Philippine Star story today states: “KL: No ceasefire, wipe out all militants.” Does this mean that genocide and ethnic cleansing are not far behind? BS Aquino will pay dearly in terms of political suicide and repercussions should these come to pass.

    1. He has high ratings in different surveys so why do you think he will pay? Besides, it is only Kiram that brought this chaos. He is the one who will pay.

      1. Your comment is BS because….

        Surveys are BIASED. They’re always MANIPULATED.

        Oh yeah, let Kiram should decided that because Noynoy doesn’t even know ANYTHING and doesn’t even know what to do about the situation. Because he knows NOTHING.

      2. Surveys huh? riiight..oh, by the way he is not only sleeping with the RMP (Royal Malaysian Police) but with the police state that is Malaysia..the used of fighter jets against combatants and non-combatants alike is a Modus operandi of a TOTALITARIAN STATE, like what happening before with the Russians and the Chechens..and btw, Malaysia is in the forefront of creating that abomination of the Islamofascist State of BangsaMoro in Mindanao, a very excellent legacy of the Yellow Emperor and his dynasty, cheers to your boss! tsk, tsk!

      3. Not only is your bald faggot of a boss sleeping with the malaysians, he is also kissing their a$$es as well. Your beloved leader will soon learn that not everyone is happy with his clear betrayal of our muslim brothers to the malaysians. You are soo naive to think that your boss won’t get away scott free from this mess that HE made.

    2. Aquino will not pay anything. The idiots that went to invade a foreign country as if they own it are going to be slaughtered as the invaders the rulers of Malaysia say they are, it is their country!
      It is laughable to think that Aquino and his non-existent armed forces can do much of anything to help avoid the slaughter of these mis-guided idiots that are so far being treated decently for the fact that they have not been slaughtered…yet!OR to think that Aquino is responsible for the idiots actions and/or well being. They have dug their own graves and will be laying themselves down in them very shortly.
      Why everyone in the world thinks that democracy exists and human rights are actually something a government gives people (only begrudgingly when they do!)because they exist is really laughable. These guys did what they did and do not represent the Philippine gov’t. so anything that happens to their dumb-asses is nobodies fault but their own, certainly not Aquino’s.
      Aquino probably doesn’t even realize he is not responsible for these guys actions, how dumb he is.

    3. … or Noynoy and his cabinet could’ve simply played the chips they had the wrong way — that they thought of the Sabah issue as an intractable one and acted accordingly.

      There is no need to jump to conclusions and accuse the President of something so grievous without further proof to back it up, even if that President is someone who has been a bumbling idiot of himself here, and even if that President is someone this site has made its raison d’etre to hate with all-consuming passion.

  3. Sabah claim: A tale of two versions

    Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s defiance against calls for his army in Lahad Datu to surrender despite having lost his soldiers in a shootout with Malaysian security forces and his men’s decision to “die in Lahad Datu” has stoked the curiosityof Sabahans.

    His daring modus operandi in claiming Sabah as his rightful homeland has awakened the curiosity of many here who are in the dark or have only a vague knowledge about the historical background of Jamalul’s Sabah claim.

    Why did Jamalul make his move now? In his own words he can no longer “trust” the Philippine government to justly pursue his claim on Sabah.
    The fact is the Philippine government has been inconsistent in its claim and on its recognition of the Sulu sultanate.
    Many parties in the Philippines, including the pretenders who claim the throne of Sulu, have been speaking up more out of political expediency than of historical realities.
    And it is obvious that Malacañang Palace – the seat of the Philippine government – itself has been making decisions on these issues based on changing political climates and pressures, blowing hot and cold to fit its own needs at the material time in violation of past treaties and agreements, even its own declarations.

    Let’s take a quick look at the history of the Philippines’ changing position on Sabah claims.

    Two versions of contract
    In 1658 the Sultan of Brunei gave away the north and eastern part of what is now Sabah (not the whole of Sabah) to the Sultan of Sulu after the latter helped the Sultan of Brunei quell a rebellion in Brunei.
    The most critical turning point in the whole issue of the Sabah claim began on June 22, 1878 when a contract was signed between Sri Paduka Maulana Al Sultan Mohammad Jamalul Alam – representing the sultanate as “owner and sovereign of Sabah” – and Gustavus Baron de Overbeck and Alfred Dent, representing the British East India Company (later named the North Borneo Company) as the “lessee” of North Borneo.
    The great controversy here is whether the signing of the contract was for a lease or a cession.
    How history came up with two conflicting versions of this contract is difficult to understand.
    The British version of the treaty says that “… hereby grant and cede… all the territories and lands being tributary to us on the mainland of the island of Borneo… from the Pandassan River on the north-west coast and extending along the whole east coast as far as the Sibuco River in the south and comprising, amongst other, the States of Paitan, Sugut, Bangaya, Labuk, Sandakan, Kina Batangan, Mumiang, and all the other territories and states to the southward thereof bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuco river with all the islands within three marine leagues of the coast”.
    The Sulu version says, “…do hereby lease of our own freewill… forever and until the end of time, all rights and powers which we possess over all territories and lands tributary to us on the mainland of the Island of Borneo, commencing from the Pandassan River on the west coast to Maludu Bay, and extending along the whole east coast as far as Sibuco River on the south…, and all the other territories and states to the southward thereof bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuco River…”
    If you lease something “forever and until the end of time,” can you reclaim it?
    Now the question is which version is real?

    Madrid Protocol
    On July 22, 1878 – one month later – the “Bases of Peace and Capitulation” was signed by the Sultan of Sulu and Spain in Jolo in which the Sultan of Sulu relinquished the sovereign rights over all his possessions to Spain.
    This means thereafter the sultanate no longer had the right to claim North Borneo of Sabah.
    But Filipino writers argue that North Borneo was not mentioned, therefore not included in the “possessions”.
    But what did “all his possessions” mean if it didn’t include everything he owned?
    In 1881, North Borneo had its first government under the British North Borneo Company which was given royal charter by Britain.
    On March 7, 1885, the famous Madrid Protocol was signed by Spain, Britain and Germany.
    The purpose of the protocol was to recognise the sovereignty of Spain in the Sulu Archipelago and also for Spain to relinquish all claims it might have had over North Borneo.

    Article III of the protocol states: “The Spanish government renounces, as far as regards the British Government, all claims of sovereignty over the territories of the continent of Borneo, which belong, or which have belonged in the past to the Sultan of Sulu… which form part of the territories administered by… British North Borneo Company.”

    The sultanate was not involved in this protocol because despite the cession or lease to Overbeck and Dent on June 22, 1878, he had on July 22, 1878 surrendered “all his possessions” (by understanding including North Borneo) to Spain!

    Didn’t cession to Spain therefore nullify the claim that the June 22 treaty was a lease?
    To confirm his surrender of North Borneo, Sultan Jamalul Kiram II signed a document on April 22, 1903 known as “Confirmation of cession of certain islands,” under which he either granted or ceded to British North Borneo Company additional islands in the neighbourhood of the mainland of North Borneo from Banggi Island to Sibuku Bay, which were not mentioned in the treaty of 1878.
    Note that the document’s title says “cession,” not “lease” and that by the understanding of the Madrid Protocol he should no longer be authorised to cede any part of North Borneo.

    Wrong translation of term
    By 1915, the status of Sulu entirely changed because the Sultan had by then been stripped off all temporal power and retained only the empty title of Sultan.

    Because the United States of America was not interested in the territory of North Borneo, the then powerless Sultan of Sulu was understood to continue keeping his sovereignty rights over North Borneo.
    But remember, he had surrendered these in 1878 (if it was a cession) and in 1903 under the “Confirmation of cession of certain islands”.
    Then in 1935, the Philippine Constitution was promulgated. It stated (in defiance of all contracts, treaties and the Madrid Protocol) that the national territory of the Philippines included, among other things, “all other areas which belong to the Philippines on the basis of historical rights or legal claims”.
    But strangely, a letter to the Governor of North Borneo dated July 28, 1936 from His Britannic Majesty’s Consul General in Manila indicated that the Philippine government decided not to recognise the continued existence of the Sulu Sultanate.
    By this year, therefore, the Sulu sultanate had come to an end.
    But it is understood that the abolition of the Sulu Sultanate did not abolish the Sultan nor his line of succession, which can be interpreted as the sultan continuing to be sultan in a sultanate that no longer existed.
    On Dec 18, 1939 the historic judgment of Chief Justice CFC Macaskie was made in the High Court of North Borneo in the civil suit filed by nine heirs of the Sultan of Sulu, including Sultan Jamalul Kiram II.
    Macaskie ruled that the Grant of 1878 was a cession or sale, and that the money to be paid to the heirs was “cession money” and had nothing more to do with territorial property.
    However, it is argued by the Philippines that Macaskie was relying on a wrong translation of the 1878 document (which was written in Malayan Jawi).
    The Philippines claimed that the later translation said it was a “lease”, based on the meaning of “pajak” or “padjak”, which had been translated both as cession or lease (or rental).

    Philippines recognises Sulu
    Then in 1950, Congressman Diosadado Macapagal, together with Congressmen Lacson and Tolentino, sponsored a resolution calling the Philippine government to formally lodge a claim to Sabah.
    Protracted studies were undertaken to support the claim.
    These determined efforts led to the passing of a unanimous House resolution urging then President Diosdado Macapagal to legally reclaim Sabah.

    Macapagal won the presidency partly by using the Sabah claim as an issue in his campaign.
    In 1957 (according to Jovita Salonga), the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu issued a proclamation declaring the termination of the 1878 contract effective Jan 22, 1958.
    The declaration was served on the British government for the return of the territory, but it was totally ignored.
    The question here is: Did the heirs have any power to unilaterally withdraw the 80-year-old contract when the sultanate was no longer in existence?

    In 1962, Sultan Esmail Kiram I handed over a Letter of Attorney to Macapagal to give the Manila government the right to claim “the territory of North Borneo and the full sovereignty, title and dominion are hereby ceded…” on the sultanate’s behalf.
    By accepting this handover of rights, the Philippine government again had officially recognised the continued existence of the Sulu sultanate and the office of Sultan of Sulu.

    Jabidah massacre
    Subsequently, the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs notified the British government of her claim of sovereignty, jurisdiction and proprietary ownership over Sabah as successor-in-interest to the Sultan of Sulu.

    However, this power of attorney was withdrawn in 1989 when Jamalalul Kiram III felt the Manila government had neglected, or failed, in claiming Sabah.

    On March 30, 1963 Senator Jovita Salonga said in a speech in the House of Representatives that “our claim is mainly based on the following propositions: that Overbeck and Dent, not being sovereign entities nor representing sovereign entities, could not and did not acquire dominion and sovereignty over North Borneo; that on the basis of authoritative British and Spanish documents, the British North Borneo Company… did not and could not acquire dominion and sovereignty over North Borneo; that their rights were as those indicated in the basic contract, namely, that of a lessee and a mere delegate…”
    Interestingly in 1966, President Ferdinand Marcos declared his recognition of Malaysia soon after he came to power in the Philippines.
    Recognition of Malaysia here, by clear implication, meant recognition of Sabah being part of Malaysia, not part of the Philippines.
    In the following year, Marcos confirmed this stance when he made it known that he opted not to pursue the claim and focused his attention on the preservation of Asean unity.
    But diplomatic ties which Marcos tried to build with Malaysia faced a possible breakdown when the “Jabidah Massacre” (of the Corregidor Incident) was exposed, whereby Moros had been recruited for a plan to stage a rebellion and eventual occupation of Sabah under the code name “Project Merdeka”.
    As if to withdraw its recognition of Malaysia, and disregarding diplomatic sensitivities, the Philippines’ Republic Act 5446, took effect Sept 18, 1968 to regard Sabah as a territory “over which the Republic of the Philippines has acquired dominion and sovereignty”.
    On May 24, 1974 the Manila government again recognised the sultanate when Datu Moh. Mahakuttah A Kiram, the eldest son of Sultan Moh. Esmail E. Kiram, was crowned in the public coronation as Sultan of Sulu.
    This crowning was after the issuance of the Presidential Memorandum Order 427 by Marcos, then President of the Philippines, which states: “Whereas, the Government has always recognised the Sultanate of Sulu as the legitimate claimant to the historical territories of the Republic of Philippines.”

    Jamalul rescinds decision
    But three years later, in 1977, in a speech at the Asean Summit held at Kuala Lumpur, Marcos formally announced the withdrawal of the Philippine claim to Sabah.
    He said: “Before Asean can look to the outside world for equity, for justice and fairness we must establish order, fairness and justice among ourselves… I wish to announce that the Government of the Republic of the Philippines is therefore taking definite steps to eliminate one of the burdens of Asean – the claim of the Philippine Republic to Sabah.”
    Two years later, in 1989, the Philippine government had cooled down its claim in the interest of resuming cordial economic and security relations with Kuala Lumpur.
    On Feb 12, 1989 Sultan Jamalul Kiram III revoked his power of attorney to the Philippine government to claim Sabah.
    In a press conference on Sept 4 at the Sulo hotel, the Sultan reiterated the revocation of the Philippine government’s authority to claim Sabah on Sulu’s behalf.
    His lawyer, Firdausi Ismail Abbas, said: “We actually consider the authorisation nullified as far back as 1963, when Sabah became a part of the Malaysian federation.”
    Last year, 2012, Onn Ariffin, the Sabahan adviser to Sultan Kiram III, published a statement which, among others, said: “This action [revoking the Sultanate’s power of attorney], therefore, reinstates the power to claim Sabah to the Sultanate, and no longer within the authority and jurisdiction of the Philippines’ central government.
    “Therefore any claim on Sabah made by Manila today is illegitimate because the sole authority to make or to drop the claim is Sultan Kiram III.”

    On May 24, 2008, at the Second MNLF Peace Summit held in Davao City, Nur Misuari, before the presence of the “Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo”, Muhammad Fuad A Kiram I, held a sword and vowed to work for the return of Sabah to the Royal Sultanate of Sulu by peaceful means.
    On July 16, 2011 the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled that the Philippines’ claim over Sabah is retained and may be pursued in the future.

    Manila backtracks
    On Feb 20, 2013, eleven days after Jamalul Kiram III’s intruding followers arrived in Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu, the Phlippines’ The Daily Tribune reported that a Malacanang Palace official said there is no proof that Sabah is part of Philippine territory.
    The official, who sought anonymity, said the government does not have any record of the supposed lease contract signed between the British government and the Sultan of Sulu, which is the basis of the Philippine territorial claim.

    “It was a private contract which neither the government of Malaysia nor the Philippines has any participation,” the official said.
    The Daily Tribune asked the official if the Philippine government has a copy of the lease contract but the official said: “There was not any contract in the archives. So how can the Philippine government claim a thing that is not included in the Philippine territory? It is very awkward to do it.”
    Then on the same day a legislator, Teddy Casiño, pushed the government to revive the claim over Sabah.

    Said Casino: “It would be about time to seriously consider reviving the Philippine claim to Sabah and vigorously pursue a diplomatic and peaceful solution on Sabah, which is based on the national interest of the Filipino people. The recent actions of the heirs of the Sulu Sultanate (in Lahad Datu) have very strong historical and legal grounds.”

    But President Benigno Aquino, embarrassed that the whole world is watching the Lahad Datu incident and concerned over diplomatic relations with Malaysia, as well as being aware of the danger of real fighting breaking out and affecting the wellbeing of the 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah, is adamant that the group “surrender” unconditionally and go back to Sulu before any discussions begin.

    1. u kno, so what? if someone owned something a long time ago and lost it in a war, they lost it! if they want it back they can try to take it back, IN A WAR! but just because some one owned something a long time ago means nothing, especially to the people who own it now and will destroy anyone who thinks they are going to take what they think is theirs. Like Meheecans and Santa Ana that lost the war, get over it or do something about it.Bitching and blaming others will get the ‘Sultanate’,HA! nowhere, FAST…just watch, he will get nothing but a swift kick in the ass!

      1. @Glenn

        The Philippines didn’t lose Sabah as a result of a war. It was leased to Malaysia. To quote: “In Jan 23, 1878, the Ruler of Sulu, Sultan Jamalul Alam leased Sabah (formerly known as North Borneo) to Gustavus Von Overbeck for an annual rent of equivalent 5,000 dollars through Von Overbeck’s trading partner Alfred Dent. It was also recorded that this amount of money (USD1,500 per year) is still being paid to the heirs of the Sulu Sultan by the Malaysian Embassy in the Philippines until today.”

        1. Dent was Overback’s backer. Dent & Co. were a British “Hong” trading with China; they had lost a lot of money in the financial crash of 1866 (the Overend Gurney crash) and had to sell their Hong Kong interests to Jardines (if you shop in Hong Kong, The Landmark is where Dent’s original office, also called The Landmark, stood – it’s owned by Hong Kong Land i.e. Jardines. Dents wanted to get back into the big time. Overback was the Austrian Consul in Hong Kong. He took over an earlier lease of Sabah to an American who could not get the money to develop it.

          Overbeck wanted to start an Austrian colony in Asia; his Emperor, Franz Josef, was not interested (he had his hands full at home with the Balkans!) so Overback sold out to Dent who formed the British North Borneo Company in 1882.

        2. how or what happened a long time ago does not matter. they are not getting it back, ,not now…not ever.
          Sounds like the deal the Iriquois Indians made when they leased the State of New York.
          The Iriquois always felt cheated, but the reality is if they had not signed the lease, they’d have been slaughtered sooner. They got what they got, and were lucky to get it.
          and so it goes with this idiot ‘Sultan’. This guys followers are not only naïve, but in doing what they have done (and expecting anything but being slaughtered), they appear devoid of brains and the ability to comprehend reality. So far they are lucky to still be alive.

  4. The government whine like a 6 year old that they cannot do any more!

    Exactly, because Aquino and his 3rd raters are devoid of intellect, problem solving, and diplomatic skills, and are therefore happy just to go along with whatever malaysia wants to do.

    Singapore news today contrasted the action of malaysia with the inaction of the philippines, and that aquino wants to remain arms length from the issue.

    Aquino is so dumb that if you gave him a peso for every braincell, you would get change from a 10 peso coin.

    Sabah could be aquino’s banana skin.

    1. What is Aquino going to do? negotiate what? it is not up for discussion who’s land it is, as far as Malaysia is concerned, so what is to negotiate? ‘Please don’t kill the idiots who just invaded your country.”? If he gets involved, it should be with a big god dam stick, but he doesn’t have one! the ‘Sultan of Sulu’, ha!

      1. @Glenn

        BS Aquino needs to stop campaigning and focus on the problem. PNoy could have prevented the bloodshed had he stopped campaigning and focused on dealing with Kiram personally. He thought the problem would simply go away by simply issuing a few threatening statements via the media. Like what I wrote in my recent article: He is fully aware of Sultan Kiram’s whereabouts. He is not even in hiding. Would a terrorist hold a press conference? The answer is no. Kiram currently resides in Taguig, Manila. That is only a few kilometers away from Malacanang. It’s a mind boggling exercise to consider the question of why President BS Aquino hadn’t spoken to him in person. Does the President see himself as above talking to Kiram? Considering that the casualties in the fire fights keep going up and how Philippine-Malaysian relations continue to deteriorate, we wonder: Why can’t BS Aquino go out of his comfort zone, make an exception in this case, and talk to Kiram man-to-man? Oh that’s right. President BS Aquino has been busy campaigning for Team PNoy out of town for the May mid-term elections and considers it more important than saving lives and maintaining peace and order.

        1. Whatever Aquino thinks, in this case, does not matter. The Sultan lives on Luzon, he is not getting anything back, and apparently knows it.
          Aquino talking to the guy would only acknowledge him as some sort of political entity, which he is not. The Sultan should just realize he is done, stick a fork in himself and tell his followers to go home before they get sent home….in boxes.
          There is no ‘fair’.

      2. Mix arrogance with intransigence, stupidity with self-interest, and inexperience with laziness, and it is hardly surprising that aquino makes a balls up on something which should never have escalated to this degree in the first place, and then he simply compounds his inability to problem solve by making up conspiracy theories, getting rosario to take the blame, and sticking his head in the sand.
        Commander-in-chief with a yellow streak as wide as his grin.
        China must be quaking in their boots – with laughter

  5. I read your title “comfy in bed with the Malaysian police state” and I can’t help think of what I wrote in response to the libel portion of the Cybercrime Act as signed by BS Aquino. That it was never modelled after any existing law in any first world nation but oddly enough resembled the actual cyber law in Iran. The same place lead by guy who claims there are no homosexuals in his nation.

  6. The self-styled Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III has declared himself as the “poorest” Ruler in the world, saying that he had consented to his brother leading a group of armed followers to move to Sabah in search of work and a better life.
    He (Jamalul) says, “I’m the poorest sultan in the world,” told newswire Associated Press (AP) when interviewed in his tumble-down two-storey residence in a poor section of Manila.
    He had not intended to reclaim Sabah but wanted more money than the current RM5,300 (P70,000) in annual stipend paid to the Sulu Sultanate, arguing that the sum was not “even enough to pay rental for an apartment” in Manila.
    However, Sabah has joined Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia in 1963, after which Malaysia continued paying an annual stipend of P70,000 to Jamalul’s clan on the basis of the sultanate CEDING the Borneo state (North Borneo). He (Jamalul) knew this fact.
    200 Sulu militants invaded Sabah about a month ago are merely used by Jamalul to pay for his apartment rental.

    1. Right. So far as Kiram is concerned, it’s all about “more money” He actually asked for a billon dollars a year in 2010.

      But I think the actual fighters and arms will have come from the MNLF. Nur Misuari has some explaining to do – he was surely trying to cut a deal for himself having been left out of the Bangsamoro talks – and the MILF deserve credit for not getting sucked into this mess.

      1. Wouldn’t that make Kiram easy to deal with? Why was this not pursued then? Or I guess a few lives lost is less costly than one billion dollars. I might agree with that, but the thing is, once the violence started the body count will pile up at an undetermined rate and extent.

        Similarly, with Nur Misuari, why not include him in the talks then? Better that he talk rather than kill.

        Why praise the MILF for being self-serving in keeping out of what could jeopardize the sweet deal they now have? If anything, I’d credit them for enlightening the Sultan on how resorting to arms has its rewards.

  7. The problem Iam thingking right now is the Bangsamoro Framework, which is to some are the root of this mess, by excluding the MNLF group lead by Misuari. Blame the MNLF, give credit to MILF? Jeez, If the Framework is aimed for peace, why do they not include everyone? Why only the MILF?

    I can relate the framework to a famous quote of Abe Lincon
    ” A house divided by itself cannot stand”
    By excluding others in the framework, it made the Moros more divided. Peace will not happen if there is no unity.

  8. Looks like the shit hit the fan. I was reading the Philippine Star(online and broadsheet) this morning. One online news item says that women and children are being deliberately targeted. Is this the beginning of genocide and/or ethnic cleansing? BS Aquino will have to answer for this under the doctrine of command responsibility. All this for failing to act in defusing the situation in Sabah. I also urge all concerned to get a copy of the Philippine Star. Mr. Bobit S. Avila revealed and confirmed the coming communist coup which would lead to the downfall of freedom and democracy in the Philippines. I tried to look this up online for posting on GRP but there was no posting. The Headline Opinion Section is entitled: “Coming soon: A perfect political storm!

    1. Thomas, the news online news says that our women and children are being deliberately targeted is purely false.
      This statement is fabricated by Jamalul Kiram’s daughter, Jacel Kiram.
      I know this fact from my 2 brothers and a sister who are working in kota kinabalu.
      In fact, malaysia rejected Jamalul’s call for ceasefire yesterday, demanding instead that the self-claimed “sultan” order his men to lay down arms peacefully and unconditionally, because malaysia label the bandits as terorist.

    2. The saddest part of the whole mess the Philippines is in for a long time now is that there is NO democracy and very little ‘freedom’.
      The elections are rigged, the people who run the government are just a bunch of thieves grabbing as many peso’s as they can shove in ‘foreign currency’ accounts that are not allowed to be looked into. The theft is so common-place it is now done with arrogance, and will not stop until ‘STOPPED, DEAD IN ITS TRACKS’.
      The situation is such a sad-ass mess that now the leader of the country has given half of the largest island in the archipelago to a foreign government because the central gov’t. can not control the situation. If the thieving weasels had actually spent some of the money they have stuffed into their thieving accounts they might have a Military capable of defending and implementing the laws passed in Manila. But NO, they could not do that, so now it is somehow news that there is a coup-de ta in the works. It is just amazing that if it is true that it has taken this long for some people to get it into their heads that this all must be stopped. The Philippines does not have to be a laughingstock of Asia.

  9. 235 men were promised US$600 each, land in Sabah and “Royal Titles” to join this raid.

    All that has been achieved by these dupes and those who duped them has been to make many journalists abd bloggers in the Filipino chattering classes look very, very stupid.

    Which probably will not be a bad thing.

    I used to take BenignO’s claim to stand for something different seriously.

    1. “235 men were promised US$600 each, land on Sabah, and “Royal Titles” to join this raid.”

      You know, Edwin Lacierda said something along that line. And it remains a mystery where “the media” where he got these claims from is. I am hardly inclined to believe a pronouncement from someone whose job it is to spin bullshit to cover his master’s ass.

      You’d best be wary, too. That’s what begging to differ is about.

  10. Here is my analysis of the building situation… BS Aquino and his followers are now into black propaganda blame games mode. He is obviously against the Sultanate of Sulu and for the dark interests of Malaysia. The name of the game is to divide and conquer the Sultanate of Sulu and other Muslims who believe in the Sabah claim. Al Haj Murad Ebrahim is the man who would be king in Mindanao. He is silent on the issue. He is also in formal alliance with the CPP-NPA-NDF. Remember that he is the friend of BS Aquino who gave him all the advantages of a sub-state. The resulting destabilization in Mindanao shows how vindictive the mind of BS Aquino is in tagging the Sultanate as enemies. The end result of this destabilization could lead to a united Muslim front leading to war in Mindanao. The Muslims could also fight each other as a result of BS Aquino’s divide and conquer destabilization efforts. Why is BS Aquino doing this? Is this part of the revelations of Bobit S. Avila? This is for the yellow apologists in GRP. You are hereby exposed!

    1. Yo T.J., IDK wtf BS is thinking, BUT… Malaysia is a Muslim country. They have just brokered, yes brokered, a peace deal with the Muslims in Mindanao for them to stop the shit they have been starting for 4o+yrs.
      There is a great deal of money at stake and the Aquino gov’t. is not going to be getting a whole lot of it. Not the taxes of the people in Bangssamorro n e way. It could very well be that the Malaysians will do what the Filippine gov.’t. can not be seen doing? and that could very well mean that a bunch of guys who start the shit again get whacked. There is more to this than meets the eye or what is transpiring in the media and in the filippines all you really have to do is look at who is getting paid, and how much, to know what is going on.
      as for this sultan guy, ha, he is a gas-bag to be laughed at, and he may very well be the EXACT guy who gets hung out to dry on this one.If I were a betting man, I’d put money on this fact: his follwers are going to be very dead VERY SOON, and he will be too if he opens his mouth too much. They know where he is, after all,and he is poor as dog-shit and can not make a run for it.he is the perfect GOAT, yes? maybe that is why Aquino is not paying him any attention? he already knows who is going to deal with him, and how they are going to do it?

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