18 Statements You Will Never Hear Leave Noynoy’s Mouth

“Some things are better left unsaid,

some lies are better off believed,

some words are better left unspoken.”

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Hall and Oates




Truth be told about our precious president, there is enough comedy with what he says on the record. When he said traffic was representative of the economy was just one of many gems. Not once did he mention the death traps that occupy and threaten our streets. He says there are jobs in this country but no applicants. Which is already inane on the surface then couple that with his force feeding the RH Bill and you have this goofy push me pull you type creature ruling over a nation. Just shows you that he truly takes the latter part of the word oxymoron quite seriously.

I came up with a few things I doubt the president will be saying anytime soon. Whether or not these are just random thoughts or hints of any significance and substance is up to you to determine. I have said many times before that for all of you that think sites like GRP are negative or are haters, good luck taking Edwin Lacierda and cohorts at face value.

Once again, Noynoy never said these following statements  but I would like to make the argument that the statements have  some validity even if unsaid. Is it the case or should it be the case ? Should it be said or shouldn’t it be said? Can they be said and at what cost?  What’s stopping it if it should be said? Through this exercise I hope to shed some light on what is important and what is not important to him or you or me. What is true and what is not true. If something is not said there could be several possibilities why:  1) admitting truth could be admitting weakness. 2) Saying something that is so far from the truth just might wake up some but not all yellow zombies to how ridiculous their beacon of leadership, morality and competency is.  After all this is the guy who paved Daang Matuwid. Sometimes what we don’t say is as important to what we do say. This is a guy who never sought out the heat yet lobbied to get into the kitchen. Surprise, he is not cut out for it, yet keeps insisting he is great at it. It’s always somebody else’s fault. He alone stands right and just. We may never get Noynoy on truth serum but people who are totally willing enough to accept Noynoy’s statement as the Gospel truth, deserve their “savior”.


I Am The Law

Is Noynoy as rigid as Judge Dredd?

Let the system run its course

Acceptable variation: The law is on our side.

Noynoy truly believes he is the system. He is often heard and quoted making sweeping absolute definitive declarations on guilt and innocence.  I can imagine Noynoy like some goofy Judge Dredd ” I don’t break the law. I am the law! “. Noynoy truly believes he is the Judge Jury and the Executioner. Like I said before he is all wise, all knowing, the country can save money using him as the one man judicial system.

Renato Corona was accused but any accused person in a civilized society has certain rights. Like the right to their day in court. Somebody forgot to inform Noynoy. There is no cut to the chase when it comes to Chief Justice stepping down, you follow procedure. Yet there is Noynoy insisting that he resign. Does this guy come across as someone who respects the system he has sworn to uphold? There lies the irony. In trying so hard to get a rapid impeachment on Corona, Noynoy may have crossed the fine line between due process and conflict of interest. Is it possible this whole thing was personal?

My bad.

Acceptable variation: I will learn from this/ This one is on me/  In hindsight that person may not have been the best choice for the post/  We can learn from this. / Maybe I don’t know everything.

First of all those statements are the statements of someone accountable. The guy has never been accountable to his past, present or future. His past was never part of his election campaign. Except for the part where he reminds everybody a thousand times of the two people who sired him. Look at experiences in your own life. Pride gets in the way of learning. If you feel you know everything or are beyond criticism what motivation do you have to listen and learn? Humility is important with any leader because it keeps that edge to always be learning. Just my opinion but this guy is so clueless that he is truly clueless to how clueless he is. Noynoy from Day 1 had all the answers even if the answer was to avoid the question.

I examined all sides of the issue, came to a logical decision then I signed it. Acceptable variation: my PR has no business answering questions about that, you come straight to me.

One of the most depressing aspects of the May 2010 elections is that the people rewarded a guy who evaded debates and had no clue how to prove himself in a battle of wits with people that have actually accomplished things. Voters were not thinking so therefore voted for someone who was doing the same thing they did. So the next time something passes and you get the impression the president did not think it through. He is just doing exactly what got him there as well as mirroring the electorate that voted for him.

There’s a reason why controversial laws like the Cyberact are released on a Saturday morning quietly.  Maybe all of us are guilty of boasting about our good points and being quiet about bad points but if you do it as a government that claims you are holier than thou, you are leaving yourself open to criticism. Criticism this administration does not seem to receive well.

Make up your own mind

Acceptable variation: Come to your own conclusion/ a viewpoint different from mine can be valid/ Not a cent of tax payer funds goes towards trolling independent forums on the Internet.

I doubt Noynoy will ever tell us to make up our own mind. He sees the world one way and expects you to see it the same way. Otherwise you don’t exist or there will be retaliation. The alleged existence of Malacanang online trolls is actually the forerunner of the onion skin portions of the Cyberlaw. There is no reality other what Noynoy declares to be true and just. Some people can consider him focused. Others can see it as simply being closed minded/ conflicted/ lazy/ to consider other options. A sad world to live in if that is really the case.

My predecessor actually did something right.

Noynoy is a classic case of a person you know that is so insecure that  the only way they know how to make themselves look good is they have to make someone look bad. Pinoys are at fault for focusing more on personality instead of issues . Political parties are not about ideology or schools of thought but about barkadas. Valte is quick to point student surpassed the  teacher. Which makes you wonder if she ever took economics in high school. Time discrepancy of rule, how long fundamental change takes to manifest, world conditions are things to figure in. Valte seems to be addressing only the ignorant in her claim that the economics of a country is a one variable equation. That one variable is that wild card in power. You can’t point to anything he ever did except his sprouting of things of an intangible nature.

Speaking of Valte , I love how they announce something apparently flattering about the President that is hyperbole at best and blatantly untrue at the worst in terms of Davos. Which begs the question, your tax money goes towards the salaries and the expenses of the Malacanang Communication Group. The easiest thing to do is spend someone else’s money. The people you predominantly hear from are Valte, Lacierda and Carandang. (VLC). Can the case be made our tax revenue goes towards misinformation than information? When I did my research there was no effort on their part to downplay or correct what was previously announced.  Nor was there an effort to scream bloody libel on sources that cut through their false claims of Noynoy prominence and prestige. What I did find was Conrado ‘Use The Force Noy’ De Quiros still portraying Noynoy as the centerpiece and guru of Davos. Thank you FallenAngel for actually putting up with the stench of De Quiros’ Noynoy slobbering and bringing his fabrication to my attention.

There are definitely allegations of wrong doing pending against his predecessor. If they were as open and shut as Noynoy (and the GRP trolls) always claimed they were, how come almost three years after she stepped down is Gloria doing her impression of Velcro. As in nothing sticks to her? You may interpret this several ways: 1) Noynoy is more eager to get Gloria so the case is presented haphazardly. 2) Legally Gloria is trumping Noynoy 3) There is not much substance to Noynoy’s claim. Unlike the President I will consider other possibilities. Tip to Noynoy, gloat after you get a guilty verdict not while trying to fabricate one.


Now that I am president, we will all finally get to the bottom of who had my father killed.


500 Peso Bill

Isn’t that instinct? Exact same thing goes for his mother. There is a combined nine years of the presidency between them. Their father/ husband in death made both of them more significant than in life yet there is no effort on either part to put some kind of closure to his killing. Is that a sign of indifference? Incompetence? Fear? All three? They will solve the mystery behind the Lochness Monster before they solve this. Every thing is a secret including Noynoy’s accomplishments pre-presidency. This is the guy who will eradicate corruption? Really??

There is no justice for his father and in public he is fine with it. What do you think he feels about justice for the common person he has never met? Let’s say a deal has been struck behind the scenes what does that say about us? Murder somebody and just make a deal with the family? Sorry, it’s far from transparent and speaks volumes of how the Aquino family views Ninoy, the country and justice. No person should be murdered. I find it fascinating that Cory and Noynoy feel that the death of Ninoy is a crime best left unsolved. If I was murdered I wish my spouse and son would do much more for me than what Cory and Noynoy did for Ninoy.

She / He is my friend but no one is above the law.

Acceptable variation: The person may be a friend but the accomplishments speak for themselves when compared to the other qualified candidates

Erap was the same way with the likes of Dante Tan, and Atong Ang. Why is everybody associated with Erap have a one syllable last name? As citizens and tax payers of this nation we have every right to question any government deal or government investigation involving the friends of any serving president whether they are Arroyo, Erap or Aquino. My question is , are you satisfied with the way Noynoy answers legitimate questions about his friends? I will always say that May 10, 2010 was a dark day in our country’s history. Imagine Erap and Noynoy coming in #1 & #2 in the Presidential election. 90 million people and those are our two best? Pinoy Pride!!!!!

I am not my mother /father /sister.


Acceptable variation: I am my own man/ person. I have no originality whatsoever.


Here is a guy who already had a famous name who has done nothing of note yet told everybody he was the best qualified person for the office of the president. All he did was copy everything his parents did. Hand signals, color scheme, quotes. If you recall Noynoy was anxious to meet Paris Hilton. Among the many things they have in common, both are famous for being famous. One of the quirks of fame is some people don’t really have to earn it. Noynoy never did anything original. I don’t know about you but to me that’s a red flag. You want the president of your country to be able to think for himself, to be his own man, to look at his family name as a fact and not a crutch. But then again that’s just me.

This has nothing to do with my family’s interests.

Noynoy’s reign has always about his family’s interests. It’s so symbolic that he force feeds us that obnoxious yellow ribbon. Patriot Games. Jack Ryan was able to manipulate the resources of the CIA to protect his family. Noynoy was able to overtly manipulate the legal system in the effort to protect his family farm. I won’t go through all the legalities here how Noynoy fits the analogy though I gave my own perspective here and here. Just this week we have this story of Noynoy shirking procedure and giving his family a pass.


I had a harder time before I was president.


Variation: let my track record speak for itself. I could never cut it in the private sector./ When I was . …. / I was able to steer _____ through crisis and I can get us through this. / I have been challenged before /

Noynoy’s first fifty years of his life was a lot like Jesus’ life from 12 years old to 30 years old: A complete mystery. His campaign was perfectly comfortable with that. He will never point to experience because there is none to point to. The guy has no practical experience in running anything. Not only that but there is no proof of him being practical at anything. Look at his bloated self serving entourage in Davos. Three Speechwriters? Really? There is this invention called email in the event you need a speech in another part of the world touched up. I was not there but I bet there were far more accomplished leaders in that conference whose support parties were nowhere near as obese as Noynoy’s . I also bet they did not travel as far.

Not only is this the most challenging thing Noynoy has ever gone through. The “magic” of the Aquino name has insulated him from many challenges in his first fifty years that normally shape the rest of us, let alone competent leaders.


This has nothing to do with my predecessor.



Everything has to do with GMA. Vince Lombardi famously said Winning isn’t everything , it’s the only thing. For Noynoy GMA isn’t everything she’s the only thing that occupies him. For any of you that may confuse Noynoy obsessing with GMA as work, there is this blog that attempts to explain what work really is. There is no such thing as a leader who has not experienced guiding a group through crisis. Yet Noynoy was elected as president of a nation with no documented experience through crisis. The nation gets to see him wallow through misstep after misstep. Congratulations picking this simpleton Philippines. You are all reaping what you sow.


The buck stops with me.




The guy never had to show intestinal fortitude in his life. He never stood up for something. He never fought anything against all odds or against any odds. Yet he acts like he has the monopoly on virtue. The guy though is good at making grandiose promises ( walang corrupt). In his slogan he suggests he can eliminate poverty and corruption. The Catholic Church should have called him out then. Noynoy thought for some reason he can go against a universal truth Jesus said in John 12:8 “The poor will always be with you”. Smarter men have tried to eliminate poverty and corruption. Based on what I have seen, Gomer Pyle is a smarter man than Noynoy.  Noynoy made a very extremely naive promise only to be believed by extremely naive voters and extremely naive campaign volunteers. Yes I am referring to some of my relatives. Pinoy pride indeed.




Generals over the years have always been quoted and had their stories retold because in order to succeed in what they do they have to be extremely accountable. George S. Patton took the you can count on me no excuses attitude. Douglas MacArthur  famous for coming through on a difficult promise. Not only was Noynoy not a general but there is no record for him being accountable for anything. So why start now? (Patton Video)

Man am I ever photogenic!

Acceptable variation: The camera loves me.


Kiss cam


Lookin good

 photo 95F83696-88D8-408D-A4C4-6C4D203CF12C-4204-0000050F70968F9D_zps495f0b3b.jpg

Lookin Good

I am on pace to fulfill all my election promises.

Acceptable variation: I have a lot more to do before my term is up.

For someone who used Facebook and Twitter and his website a lot. It’s weird how none of them have his election promises on them. In fact his website took them down right after the election. You can make the argument that no politician can say this. It’s just that Noynoy had nothing to back up his promises when he made them. He just wore yellow , made an “L” sign and showed his parents photos in the background whenever he could. That was supposed to make everything better.


My Critics Might Have A Point.


In a previous blog I explored the notion that there is much more to Noynoy than lack of personal success in his life. I also brought up the fact besides the lack of a long term romance there is no real documented failure on his account either. A wise man once said that experience is a name we give our mistakes. The thing is you make mistakes on your way to getting very good at something. I have no idea what our 53 year old president is competent at besides bringing up the name of the former president with some derogatory sentiment whenever there is a camera crew or microphone nearby. He would be good if there was a casting call for an oriental Lurch. There must be some marketable skill he is good at since he is so popular and won the election. Or is looking for skill and leadership in a Filipino election winner as futile as looking for something kosher in Chowking?

Many of these phrases that will never be uttered by Noynoy’s lips involve humility. It is my opinion that he does not possess much of that trait. John Maxwell says “Humble leaders readily accept responsibility for failure. When things go wrong, they instinctively look within to understand what they could have done differently instead of looking outward for someone to blame. Willing to take ownership of mistakes, humble leaders are quick to fix them; they do not wait for someone else to solve a problem. ” Noynoy never admits his wrong and will blame Arroyo endlessly. Actually read any book on leadership or self improvement and the contents there do not describe our precious president at all. Unless I missed the chapter where you take advantage of the death of a more famous family member.

As far as trolls as concerned in places in Get Real Post and Showbiz Government   anybody who does not open wide to what Malacanang is feeding you is a hater or paid by Gloria. They are just taking a cue from their yellow ribbon donning leader. They are only capable of pointing to something and calling it bad. When asked for an evaluation why is it bad or legally why is it bad, they just give you a canned response in return.


Campaigning is over, time to serve the whole country.


That guy has never shown a capacity to think holistically about serving the country. He wants his 12-0. Ever occur to him that is exactly why it is proportioned that way so as not to have this monolithic perspective. It[‘s always about his family or his party. He is not one to take alternative views kindly. Maybe because he is incapable of articulating his own stance against an opposing view. Then again maybe tunnel vision is all that he is capable of.


Let me tell you how I really became president.


Acceptable variation: Skills? Decision Making? who needs them?/ Am I glad that our voters have no idea how to Google/  Am I Glad There Is No Swimsuit Competition. Am I Glad Some Columnists Have No Spine/ Am I glad the voters grieve through the ballot box.

Noynoy anchored his campaign to his parents because revisionist history resides in those voters. Noynoy rarely remembers he sometimes is not talking to the easily swayed emo masa. At this point I would like to address the academic/ financially elite who voted for Noynoy. Do you really think you would have voted for Noynoy based on what he was known for as a write in candidate if he was not on the ballot?? Here’s a thought. Treat elections like you run your own companies. You see what an applicant brings to the table before you make a decision. Last name does not count. Nobody in Noynoy’s campaign pointed to his performance in whatever debates he did join in as anything to write home about. Voters never held him accountable to it because it is something they don’t value. Let’s face it, this is the Philippines where whatever a pinay answers in Ms. Universe is more scrutinized than whatever a front running candidate says in an official debate. Pinoy Pride indeed. A superficial exhibition that is masquerading as a competition has move value than determining if a candidate has substance.

I had no plans of being president.

Acceptable variations: I am sure glad this nation grieves in the ballot box/ Mom died at the right time.


Spock:As you can see, Captain Kirk is a highly sensitive and emotional person. I believe he has lost the capacity for rational decision.”
Captain James T. Kirk: “SHUT UP, Spock! “

FPJ Rules

Being president is a hard enough job for people who have been preparing and scheming for it their whole adult lives. You can tell yourself someone who had no designs on the presidency is now doing it to serve the country. I personally find it easier to believe that some behind the scene forces find it is to their selfish advantage that Noynoy act or at least be seen as president. The same thing played out in 2004 with FPJ. I always pictured Tito Sotto sitting in FPJ’s living room one Sunday telling him “Sige bossing takbo na, kailangan ka nang bansa! “. My mental picture of how Noynoy was coaxed I encapsulated in the song “We All Live In The Yellow Monarchy“. Having seen Noynoy in action for 3 1/2 years now, I am not sure whether he or FPJ would make a better partner on Jeopardy. Yet the same people who once said “eeewww FPJ, vigorously support Noynoy. Does not compute.

When you don’t feel like thinking , resort to emo. Works everytime for the pinoy. The same people who looked down at others emotionally drawn into FPJ themselves got drawn into Noynoy. As Tom Hopkins the great sales trainer always says “people buy emotionally then defend logically” . My reason for writing all that I have about Noynoy since 2009 is to cut through all the crap. Unfortunately Pinoy emo is really a tough nut to crack.
Noynoy did not win in 2010 through hard work, a bloated resume, experience, achievement and merit. He won through emo, massive generalizations, deception, misrepresentation,  symbolism, boogeyman stories and taking advantage of freak timing. Face it, FPJ tried a similar route in 2004. Oh and FPJ just like the current president avoided debates during the campaign. Which speaks ill of them but even worse of us the voters and our future. The message the voters are sending is the debates do not matter. Intellect and logic do not matter. Noynoy/ FPJ tactics and qualifications matter.  Yeah Pinoy Pride!

I have an uncle who I find smart, reserved and practical. It just so happens his whole family supported Noynoy. He asked me pre election why I begged to differ. His justification was in an one on one ABS CBN interview, Noynoy came across as cerebral. Yes that was the exact word he used. I never saw the interview so I can not give a definitive opinion on what he told me at that moment. By the same token it has been almost three years and Noynoy has has many opportunities to display his intellectual prowess. ABS CBN has also had many opportunities to display its objectivity and ethics when it comes to the codes of journalism. I will let you connect the dots.

Towards the end of Chapter 1 of  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War you find this gem:

Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat:  how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose.

Again my opinion is that you will not convince me otherwise that this  guy is clueless. I have referred to him elsewhere as the “Accidental President“. Assuming none of you (Cult of Noynoy)  can convince me that Noynoy plotted, schemed and prepared to be president for years then I will assume he has done few calculations. I for one believe   the Noynoying phenomena to be true and why not? The guy has no track record of any sustained work or tangible result and he is shocked that he is labelled as such.


I am not married because I am inept at relationships.

Acceptable variation: Maybe I lack social skills/ I have family but I have no personality

I used her, she used me
But neither one cared
We were gettin’ our share

“Night Moves” – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

The guy has no gallantry. He depended all his life on his parents for identity. He has no clue about the common person. He makes jokes about weak, handicapped women during affairs of foreign states.What self respecting woman would want to commit to that long term? I don’t know the guy personally but how much do you want to bet that dysfunction seeps into his real life relationships? Men or women. Romantic or platonic. Look at the way the press sets up the narrative for his femme du jour. They really seem to go overboard trying to convince you of something. Women who are mostly much younger than he is. In the case of one, she seemed to thrive in the spotlight. It never seemed like adult relationships to me. Decoys or arm candy come to mind. One of the women allegedly dating the president threatened to engage in fisticuffs with anybody who so as much doubted the him. She even went so far as to call him “very smart”.  I find it odd that Noynoy was in a high profile relationship with someone named Grace. Odd in the sense he is so lacking in grace and poise. Can a public figure be anymore awkward both verbally and non verbally? It’s up to you if you want to buy what they are selling. Then again this is the same group of people that tried to convince you Noynoy was a keynote speaker in Davos.


 Tony Trillanes has beautiful eyes.



Noynoy is honest! For many a yellow zombie that is their battle cry. They overlook the fact that leading a nation is not a one variable equation. An honest guy on his own would not have a chance of getting rid of corruption. An honest guy who is an effective leader and can alter the culture of corruption that would be some worth reckoning. What’s sad though about this bozo is that there is no recorded history of him taking on any sort of challenge. He is a do as I say not do as I did kind of guy. I intentionally used the past tense form since until now Noynoy supporters can never point to what a 50 year old man ever did to prove he is worthy of being the president of a nation. Hence the nickname N/A which I believe I picked up from Ben Kritz.

By my giving these eighteen phrases that Noynoy could be saying,  I am giving my perception what I believe to be true but won’t ever be admitted to. It takes courage to acknowledge one’s short comings. But Sun Tzu also said to know yourself and I believe Noynoy for all his arrogance and ‘bravado’ is not self aware. Hence the saying:If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.If I am right about Noynoy based on what he could be saying then he does not know himself. If he really did know himself, he would not have run for president or approached a microphone. Still the beauty of not knowing yourself is that _____ is bliss.

Politicians as a group are not exactly known for telling it like it is. In the end it’s up to you if you believe public statements that Noynoy makes for all the world to hear are worth the spit they are spoken on. It’s up to you to believe if I have merit speculating on what could be said by him even if you will unlikely hear it. Politics is deceit. Politics is selling the sizzle but not providing the steak. Noynoy has this hypnotic effect on his yellow horde despite the fact he has never done anything to earn it. His followers actually believe there is a steak at the end of his “sizzle”. If you are an eternal incompetent but want to maintain the sizzle then  some words are really better left unsaid even if they are true. We are on a straight and narrow path all right. A straight and narrow path to somewhere you go if you keep hearing the sizzle but don’t ask for someone to produce the steak.

15 Replies to “18 Statements You Will Never Hear Leave Noynoy’s Mouth”

  1. If… p-noy ever spoke the truth

    Ok. I owe the country’s recent growth to my professor of economics. She tried to teach me , but i listen to no-one.

    Ok. I owe my presidency to the death of my mother. All i wanted was a quiet, lazy life, then the silly cow died at just the wrong time.

    My name is all the qualifications i need. That, and hacienda luisita money.

    As far as my father’s death – We will keep it in the family. Isn’t that right, uncle!

    If i hadn’t been a politician, i would have been a beach bum. The two are similar.

    I must have a good sense of humour. Women always laugh when i am with them.

    Smoking and computer games are my interests. Does that make me sound intellectual and interesting.

    I wanted to marry my mummy.

    My other car is still my porsche – and it is hidden in a friends garage. Hehe.

    I used to read fairy stories. Now i just read the philippine star. The man belmonte – he always says yes.

    Yes, i am a virgin, but not in the boy abunda/vice ganda way.

  2. Nice one, Ed.

    I can add a few more to the list:

    The sound of the wangwang is nothing compared to my tantrums.


    I will keep my mouth shut at the right times.

  3. I am not married because I am inept at relationships.

    Acceptable variation: Maybe I lack social skills/ I have family but I have no personality

    The REAL answer: “I don’t think Filipinos are ready for me to have a “First gentleman” even if I could find some guy to marry me”

  4. Just makes you wonder both Cory and Noynoy never really initiated an investigation to get to the bottom of who really killed Ninoy. As president in their respective terms they have all the power pursuing the CLOSURE “who really killed my husband/father”. If the death of a loved one is not that important for a closure how much more pursuing justice for someone who is not their relative?

    1. The Aquinos’ want it that way…to use it for political purposes … They know the murderer, but, they don’t want other people to know it !

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