PCGG throws in the towel

My compliments to Andy Bautista for his honest assessment of the PCGG today, in spite of his efforts to revamp the same and revitalize the hunt for the vast remainder of Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. Like most government agencies in the Philippines, the PCGG has been corrupted to the core and has indeed become the Marcos’ greatest ally in protecting their stolen wealth. As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” After a good old-fashioned college try, Andy has concluded (and I believe him) that the PCCG today is set-up for failure. By all means, let’s shut it down as soon as possible and plug yet another parasitic drain on taxpayers.

With Marcos’ widow and children back in positions of political power, and the government tightening its belt, the cost of the pursuit has become prohibitive, said Andres Bautista, head of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

“It has become a law of diminishing returns at this point,” Bautista told the Agence France-Presse in an interview at the commission’s offices, a now rundown building where Marcos’ oldest daughter Imee used to hold office.

“It’s been 26 years and people you are after are back in power. At some point, you just have to say, ‘We’ve done our best’, and that’s that. It is really difficult.

“In order now to be able to get these monies back, you need to spend a lot.”

Bautista, 48, left a high-paying corporate job two years ago to answer a call to help the government of President Benigno Aquino, who promised to end corruption and uplift the lives of millions of poor Filipinos.

ferdinand_marcosIt’s nice to hear that the Department of Justice will pick-up where the PCGG left-off but let’s call a spade a spade. This is a prime example of the Philippine Government abdicating at least two of its most important roles; namely, (a) caring for resources that rightfully belong to Filipinos and (b) punishing those who have wronged (in particular, stolen from) Filipinos. This is tantamount to Pontius Pilate washing his hands in front of the lynch mob and handing over Jesus to the same. The difference is, Jesus was innocent; whereas, the Marcoses have already been proven guilty. And unlike Jesus who was at the mercy of the lynch mob, the Marcoses are not only fully funded and protected but are, in fact, capable of eradicating and/or buying-off the lynch mob. It is only the extent of the Marcos’ guilt that is still being determined to this day and such degree of guilt will only be proven worse over the course of time. In short, the Marcoses deserve to be crucified and should be crucified, down to the last heir of Ferdinand and Imelda. Yet, the government has “washed its hands” over the matter.

What now? It appears that mob terrorism (much like the lynch mob of Jesus Christ, only justified this time) is the only remaining recourse, if Filipinos are to exact any justice from the Marcoses. The New People’s Army (NPA for short) has been the longest running terrorist group in contemporary Philippine history and they will finally have an opportunity to redeem themselves–albeit as the terrorists that they are–if only they decide to use a small fraction of their brains. Instead of harassing and/or assassinating inconsequential low-level targets (e.g., Marcos lapdogs like Rolando Abadilla) and/or extorting so-called “revolutionary taxes” from defenseless citizens, the NPA could employ a tried and tested terrorist approach to the Marcoses, which was successfully implemented by the British during the Second Boer War in Southern Africa and by Hitler during World War 2–the Concentration Camp.

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Imagine the NPA capturing all of the heirs and extended families of Ferdinand and Imelda, placing them in a concentration camp, then shooting one individual everyday until the Marcos heirs relent and instruct their lawyers, bankers and muchachos to wire transfer and/or return their ill-gotten funds/assets (like the recently recovered paintings of impressionist masters, among others) directly to a Philippine Government account/agency. This could arguably be one case of violence justified and grounds to elevate a terrorist group like the NPA into a national hero! We execute the thieves, we recover the money, we transform a long-time enemy into a long-lost friend and, last but not the least, the Philippines’ sovereign credit rating instantly jumps to investment grade. Talk about a win-win situation when the Philippine government gets out of the way!

60 Replies to “PCGG throws in the towel”

  1. “This could arguably be one case of violence justified and grounds to elevate a terrorist group like the NPA into a national hero! We execute the thieves, we recover the money, we transform a long-time enemy into a long-lost friend and, last but not the least, the Philippines’ sovereign credit rating instantly jumps to investment grade.”

    Who made you judge, jury and executioner?

    1. @VV

      Geez, are we going to apply a red final solution on the Marcoses using their kangaroo courts? Not acceptable! You must remember the communist purges ordered by Jose Maria Sison. Oplan Ajos, Oplan Missing Link and Oplan Zombie are still remembered as the day when thousands of their comrades were tortured and murdered. Women comrades were even raped and then murdered. Killing fields of mass graves are still scattered in the hills. This single act divided the communist movement. If Jose Maria Sison can purge his red comrades, he can purge the Sovereign Filipino People! I prefer the democratic way and reject the extreme criminal communist way of mass murder! They are still the enemies of the state!

  2. Using the NPA would have been interesting if they were themselves (at least some of their leaders) not allied with established political families. I remember my mom telling me that my late dad, when he was a young Philippine Constabulary Officer, was once asked to escort a mysterious passenger from Manila to Hacienda Luisita. When they arrived, lo and behold, my dad’s shock when he saw coming out of the escorted car Bernabe Buscayno – Kumander Dante. I’m sure the alliance today goes further than that.

  3. I’m sorry but the proposition is too extreme.

    I do not see how that would even improvement our outlook for investors abroad. You are basically supporting vigilantism while at the same time advocating removal of NPA of any guilt after 1 act which you desire they do in this scenario.

    It is sad when your mindset has stooped to that level to “resolve” a problem.

    I would have agreed on a complete overhaul of the government/system. A revamp if you will, even to the extent of a new constitution to be crafted to fix our woes. But nowhere in that solution would you desire death upon your fellow man regardless of his sins. You only wish that justice be served.

  4. “The difference is, Jesus was innocent; whereas, the Marcoses have already been proven guilty.”

    It has been 26 years for the Aquinos trying to prove the Marcoses guilty. Dont you think if they were really guilty, then they would still be where they are now? 26 years, with all the resources and all the means to prove their point and up to now, they still have to make it stick.

    1. Joeld,

      I have no idea why people can be so proud of the Philippines when simple justice is not even on the menu. Ninoy Aquino gunned down with tons of media and army nearby. His wife and his son become president. Nobody found guilty. None. Ah let’s just the name the airport after him and put him on the 500 peso bill, that will make it OK. It’s also tangible proof how useless the Aquino family is if the two presidents can’t even get justice for Ninoy what more the man or woman on the street??

  5. wow. i’d rather execute barbarians like you who resort to such tactics than the marcoses. i may be too young for i wasn’t even born yet when the marcoses ruled the philippines. fine there are many anectodal evidences of the abuse of power that time, but the so called ill gotten wealth? if all those accusations are true, how come i have yet to see hear undeniable evidence that they really stole that much from the people? if they have undeniable proof, shouldn’t they all be jailed by now?

    i used to love get real philippines. but a lot of stupid writers like you pop up these days and it’s really ruining the site. i guess it’s about time i stopped checking this site everyday.

    1. Indeed, you are young and obviously a product of the ever regressive quality of education in the country. Just one question. How would you characterize the nearly US$4 billion that has already been recovered from Marcos and his cronies? It’s called “undeniable proof” and the only reason the Marcoses have not been beheaded like Marie Antoinette is because the Philippine government is broken–an abject failure. Thanks to the next generation of your kind, the socio-economic and political demise of the Philippines is guaranteed.

      1. V.V.,you are correct the demise of the country is virtually guaranteed and it because the kids today have NO BALLS and are a bunch of pussies!

        1. …not to mention that today’s music is drenched in “formula” designed for pussies.:)

          The signs of demise (or doom) are all around, but energies are often wasted elsewhere. One look at the surnames running in this year’s elections alone proves the ol’ saying that “those who forget history are bound to repeat it”…and I’m just echoing the last two posts above.

      1. Sana gumana nang maigi iyong mga family planning programs ng RH Bill, kasi kung magkakaanak iyang si sendonggirl, naku lagot na lalo ang future gens sa kanya. -_-

    1. It seems malacanang has lowered it’s standards for hiring trolls. Their trolling methods keep getting dumber and dumber.

    2. @sendonggirl

      GRP standards are higher than your lack of principles. We value the truth. This is achieved by the presentation of facts, logical argumentation, news commentaries, articles and presentations through links. Of course we are not all perfect being just human. Carandang must have low qualification standards for hiring you. Show your proof girl.

      1. What standards? I don’t think there is a uniform standard that all members need to conform to… Kaya na “We Beg To Differ” and I don’t even agree with that. I don’t think we ought to beg, we should just differ.

        1. Quite frankly, GRP has a better handle on issues than what you’ve written here so far. I’m already being nice by saying that you have to leave now if you can’t bring anything more than finger pointing to the discussions.

    3. Your standards are lower than hell. Fact.

      Please state proofs and not hearsays. You’re embarassing yourself if you did the latter.

    4. @sendonggirl

      So you finally admitted that you have been a avid reader of GRP and that their standards have been excellent until you read an article today that you didn’t like. Good to know that 😉

      1. i would be here if i didnt learn anything from the articles. im just the grp fiscalizer you know i set them writers straight

  6. As Proudhon and Shakespeare said: “Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth! They are spider webs for the rich and mighty, steel chains for the poor and weak, fishing nets in the hands of the government. Thieves for their robbery have authority when judges steal themselves.”
    Even so, the proof of how much was stolen is clear and can be found here:
    Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos / Arelma Deposit Case: http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18500
    Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos / Accounts in names of associates: http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18498
    Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (Switzerland): http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18497
    Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (WestLB account): http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18496
    Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos: http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18641
    Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos (United States): http://star.worldbank.org/corruption-cases/node/18499
    Roger ROXAS v.Ferdinand E. MARCOS and Imelda Marcos: http://uniset.ca/other/cs6/969P2d1209.html
    The Puppet Masters: http://issuu.com/world.bank.publications/docs/9780821388945/1?mode=window

    1. Billy, thanks for reiterating and highlighting the “undeniable proof” of the Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. I am shocked that some youth today even question whether or not Marcos and his cronies plundered the coffers of the country. Poor education, weak minds . . . neither bodes well for the future of the Philippines.

  7. Bottom line… The ends does not justify the means. Bloody mass murder of an entire family by the NPA goes beyond the rule of law. It will validate the vicious past of the thousands of comrades who were tortured and murdered in the communist purges. I hate Jose Maria Sison and I most certainly hate Pol Pot. May they both burn in hell!

  8. Even if they weren’t apparently allied to political clans, the thought of using the NPA to carry out such whimsical actions is unthinkable, straight out of fairy tales if I must say. Even more so, despite the Philippine govt’s delisting of the commies are terrorists, in the eyes of the world they still are terrorists. And if I may infer, probably a good number of Filipinos will consider them such as well. Why not use government assets instead? Does the military abductions of activists ring a bell? With regards to your use of the words “concentration camp”, it is a too-glorified term in place of abduction, which is quite similar to what you’re proposing plus the interrogations and torture. Too extreme I must say, and if I can recall correctly I have heard something like this during my drunken revelries sa kanto ng tirahan namin noon.

    I have to agree with joeld that this is a poorly written article and it took me by surprise to see this kind of article after being an avid reader of this website, but I have to disagree with sendonggirl that GRP’s standards have been reduced. Nay, as long as hard-hitters like benign0 and Madame Ilda continue to write, GRP will remain as it is.

  9. The scam committed by the Aquinos and the Conjuangcos in obtaining the Hacienda Luyisita , is more than the wealth stolen by Marcos. They do not even touch the issue with a ten foot pole. Many of the politicians, have multi million dolllars account in foreign banks. It is even rumored that, Fidel Ramos and his family owned the Seafood City, in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
    So, you are just wasting your time pursuing these crooks…Enrile and Honasan have foreign bank accounts in millions…

    1. Any links about those rumors? I would try to avoid stating rumors to avoid any assumptions, rumors are dangerous as it gives some people basis for their dubious claims. Btw Seafood City is the name of a chain of Filipino supermarkets in the US, particularly in the West Coast. Hence, what his family apparently owns is a franchise.

      And yes, I would have to agree that the Hacienda Luisita issue must be attended to before the aims stated by the author. The injustice being served by the Cojuangco-Aquino clan has been going on far too long. I opine that this matter deserves to be dealt with especially with the current regime.

    2. Hyden, I agree with you that all of these people are crooks of the highest caliber. I espouse the execution of the family of Marcos and Imelda for plunder and for benefiting from the same. I would espouse the same course of action for the rest of these scum.

      1. @Virtual Vigilante
        You propose the mass murder of the entire Marcos family. Obviously this includes the innocent babies, toddlers, children, adults and even senior citizens. Regardless of gender. Regardless of blood or affinity relationships. Regardless of age and innocence. Chilling isn’t it? Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Jose Maria Sison would love your lawless style. You espouse the law of the jungle, the holocaust and all purges conducted on human kind. Does this mean that uncivilized savagery, criminality and anarchy should prevail in this country? No more human rights as the kangaroo court rules the land? Will this political, ethnic cleansing make us an improved nation? I know reality and I reject living in a cuckoo clock world where mad tyrants dictate to us what is best for the country.

      2. @ Virtual Vigilante
        All the Marcos family are guilty as crooks of the highest caliber? It seems babies, toddlers/children, teens, adults and senior citizens are on your hit list. Regardless of innocence. Regardless of age or gender and regardless of blood or affinity relationship. What you espouse is uncivilized savagery, the rule of the jungle, the mob and the tyrant. Your stand makes you worst than a dictator!

      3. Someone has finally had the balls to say what needs to be done.Yes,that is right,NEEDS TO BE DONE. Correct with a capital “C”.
        Those who have exalted themselves must be humbled so they don’t ever get the idea to do it again.Being nice and democratic will get you NOWHERE.
        but,itssa too bad,it issa no gonna happen cozza the kiddsa 2day?They have ano BALLS!No BALLS!

      1. And everything against the past administration and even any blunders from the current one isn’t tsismis?

        Who’s laughing now? Of course you wouldn’t understand since you’re a yellowtard.

        1. Wrong. I guess you prefer demonizations and hearsays than facts because you support the Yellow Horde. Ok that’s your choice.

          Actually, thanks to the biased media, every hearsay and tsismis became ‘fact’ and they successfully destroyed their own enemies by totally demonizing them. Just look at what happened to GMA and Corona. Ang saya ‘no?

          Mas marami pa akong alam kesa sa iyo kaya hwag kang umasta na may facts ka kasi gusto mo lang talagang mag-SPAM dito. Halatang WALA KANG ALAM!

        2. And why are you still doing here desperately trolling and spamming this site? You enjoy “killing” us here are you?

        3. sendong: And why do you condone every Yellow media outlet here? Because you’re a Yellow minion? Ah ok.

        1. nothing happened to Arroyo or Corona,what?one of them lost a job? whew!!! When millions of dollars are at stake,the seemingly horrendous vilification one goes through in the press becomes something laughable.
          what happened to Corona and Arroyo?HA!they’re laughing all the way to the bank and back!
          and laughing and everyone else too!

        2. @Joe: I beg to differ. What happened after Corona was impeached? HA! Noynoy and his minions are laughing all the way to the bank! Fact is there are many reasons why the ex-CJ was impeached.

          Never cite facts if all you do is making assumptions.

        3. Excuse my vergit, they are all laughing on their way to the bank, and especially on their way back from the bank .Corona kept his money,maybe he shared some of it? When he challenged all of them to show their bank accounts with foreign currencies they all got pretty quiet didn’t they??? and he was allowed to get away without answering a single question from his so called accuser’s,huh? aint dat right?

          So tell me ,brilliant one:who is missing what?what is it you think I do not understand?
          if you think that the whole process is anything other than a staged performance with actors playing specific roles well the there is just no hope for you!

          They are HOWLING,yes,HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER AND do you have any guesses ,brilliant one,who they are laughing at?

          ‘BS’ about it all ya want, nothing will come of it.at least one guy has a better idea.

        4. @Joe: Oh, very simple. The gist is the reason for Corona’s impeach is not that he did something wrong. The procedures are wrong, and even the process are wrong either. Even Tobias Tiangco admitted that the filing for the ex-CJ’s impeachment is RUSHED and RAILROADED. No deliberation whatsoever.

          And even his accuser’s aren’t even clean either, especially Tupas and others. You’re missing the point because it was the President himself who was behind all of this. When the distribution of Hacienda Luisita was announced through a vote from the SC, Noynoy called for Corona’s impeachment and they rushed it. They’re fishing evidence against the guy and they glorify it, thanks to the media behind their backs. And the rest is history.

          Sorry, but there is no hope for you because what happened to Corona can happen to anybody. A fine example of an angry mob mindset.

          Now who’s laughing all the way to the bank now? In fact, PNoy and his minions are much more worse compared to Arroyo and even Corona. 😛

  10. OK,now wait a second here,lets lighten it up a li’l bit,huh?

    the old joke goes? how you say? whaaat?oh yeah….
    What do you call 300 members of congress at the bottom of the pacific ocean?

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