Ever since he became president, PNoy’s Decembers have been “in the red”


Let’s cut to the chase since the Christmas holidays are upon us, after all: Has anyone noticed that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (BS Aquino) has been “seeing red” every December since his presidency started?

Noynoy’s beloved Truth Commission got shot down due to unconstitutionality

Noynoy lambasts former CJ Corona at the National Criminal Justice Summit and fast tracks his impeachment.

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Noynoy’s government screws up the response to typhoon Sendong big time

Noynoy’s government prematurely congratulates itself on its “improved” response to typhoon Pablo amidst the rising death toll

Noynoy “strong-arms” the RH bill passing (allegedly, of course.)

Noynoy and Mar Roxas go after Pangasinan governor Amado Espino for alleged links to the illegal numbers game “jueteng”

Noynoy and Mar Roxas also go after Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia for alleged grave abuse of authority.

noynoy_aquinoAs Ilda mentioned, does BS Aquino have an end of the year deadline or what? Is he trying to use the merry and festive mood of the holiday season as an opportunity to pull off fast ones? Is his idea of ending the year on a good note synonymous with putting his political enemies through hell? In cases when the typhoons hit, is his government, plain and simple, unlucky?

One thing is for sure ever since BS Aquino took office: every time he tries to end the year with a bang, it looks like his government winds up shooting itself in the foot instead.

When the Truth Commission was declared unconstitutional due to its going against of the equal protection clause in the Constitution, BS Aquino didn’t see it that way. What he saw was a Supreme Court composed then of mostly Gloria Arroyo appointees protecting her. Forget the incompetence of his own team, institutions be damned, this was but the “last straw” for him and prompted him to go on an all-out war on what he deemed as a “corrupt” Supreme Court.

The corresponding impeachment trial of then Chief Justice Renato Corona was under the guise of “cleaning up a corrupt government”, yet the railroading of the impeachment complaint in Congress cast doubt on the means. A process that normally takes about two months or so was completed in a day! And the congressmen were not allowed to read the complaint!

BS Aquino’s government eventually admitted that its excessive pre-occupation with Gloria Arroyo distracted it from flood warnings. The government was reportedly aware of the disaster waiting to happen in CDO, but they were hampered down by something. What that something is, is, until today, a big question mark.

Perhaps, as I mentioned above, BS Aquino’s government can be considered unlucky, in a way, because when Sendong struck the CDO residents were saying that it was the first time such a strong typhoon hit them. One would think, though, that what happened there would have allowed them to learn a few lessons for other parts of the country outside of Metro Manila, but no. It happened again in the Compostela Valley when Pablo hit, and they claimed that their early warnings were “enough”. No sign of the learning curve, is there? So, if a typhoon hits yet another part of Mindanao next year, what will they do differently?

What happened with the RH bill? The Roman Catholic Church just happened to be the next institution to get in Noynoy’s way; too bad for them that BS Aquino doesn’t take opposition very well. I don’t know how many people get a feeling of déjà vu; certifying it as urgent rings eerily similar to “railroading”. It’s bad enough that the pork barrel is in the hands of one office only, but it reflects even worse on the type of government officials and us that they allegedly had to be “persuaded” with it in order to do their job. The president has shown that he can get things done when he wants them to be. Too bad he’s not keen on the freedom of information (FOI) bill, which is actually in line with his calls for government transparency.

The cases that just suddenly came up against Pangasinan governor Amado Espino and suspended Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia have prompted San Juan Representative JV Ejercito to claim that the Liberal Party (LP), where BS Aquino and Mar Roxas belong to, is declaring an “open season” on governors who aren’t affiliated with them. Cebu and Pangasinan happen to be vote-rich provinces where the ruling governor isn’t aligned with the LP. Plus, the midterm elections are coming up in May 2013, which is why Ejercito and House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez think the timing of the complaints is suspect.

I just have a few questions to ask Mar Roxas and the rest of the other people involved with the charges against Espino and Garcia: Do you have sufficient evidence to prove your cases against the accused? If not, you’re wasting everybody’s time and are only adding credence to the theory that these cases are politically motivated. Why are you pursuing these cases only now, if there was sufficient time to file a complaint before? In Espino’s case, Bugallon mayor Rodrigo Orduña reportedly had known since 2001 of protection money being collected from jueteng operators. That’s more than a decade of simply doing nothing about it. In Garcia’s case, the late Vice Governor of Cebu Greg Sanchez filed administrative charges against her back in 2010. What had BS Aquino’s people doing about these cases ever since?

The month of December is usually a festive one, where Filipinos enjoy the Christmas holidays. What BS Aquino and his government have been doing every December ever since he became president is to go after his political enemies and either fumble with the ball, or just show to the world just how not different he is from other scheming Filipino politicians of past.

Unless BS Aquino learns from his mistakes, he and his government are going to keep making the same mistakes same time every year.

Perhaps somebody needs to put some Christmas cheer into his life. He’s been giving it to his critics ever since.

Happy holidays, everyone.

35 Replies to “Ever since he became president, PNoy’s Decembers have been “in the red””

  1. chubby chaser p-noy and his porky friends (why are they all so fat – must be a psychological reason for him choosing such people), consistently show their ineptitude, any time of the year.
    all they are interested in is the socialising aspects of their jobs, and trips abroad.
    could you imagine a 1st world country having such a work-shy government and congress.
    no doubt FoI will not prosper since congressmen will now not turn up until new session in june 2013. that shows how valuabke they are!!
    merry xmas.
    especially those undertaking voluntary work for those less fortunate at this time of year.

  2. Ok, so we end another year “in the red”. The urgent( kuno) bill was rammed down the throats of our poor countrymen. Do the ‘geniuses’ now think that prosperity will come upon this land? They have another think coming. The major reason for pushing for this bill is to remedy poverty in the Filipinos. No country in this world has eliminated poverty of its populace by population control. They achieved prosperity by intelligent economic management of their resources and mainly providing opportunities for gainful employment. We should not even have wasted our time debating the RH bill. It will not alleviate the desperate poverty that is now enveloping the country.

    1. I don’t think aquino will last that long. Aquino’s time in malacanang is coming to an end. Don’t even try to deny it benson, your president has effectively landed himself in political quicksand due to his actions.

      1. It might happen but I think the key to getting him off his high horse is to convince his ‘masa’ supporters about his incompetency. Otherwise, they will continue to be fooled into believing that he’s an angel (with less hair).

        As to population control, whether we like it or not, it is a necessary evil. The means to attain it however are varied and most of them may not necessarily be to the majority’s liking.

        1. Aquino seems to have forgotten that his popularity can’t protect him forever from the increasing discontentment of the people that he has sworn to serve.

    2. Another intellectually-challenged noytard offering a baseless opinion.

      Screw five years. In five years, Myanmar will have overtaken the Philippines economically if we keep letting absolute spastics like Aquino be president – or be anywhere near the national government.

      Anyway, Aquino doesn’t care about the RH Bill or its effects. He’s a practising homosexual and a you can’t impregnate a rectum!

      The real question now is why did Aquino suddenly get interested in this piece of legislation? What’s in it for him?

      Also, remember that both his grandfather and father were guilty of treason (as he already is because of Trillanes selling out to China on his behalf) so his bad blood means he has probably sold out to some foreign interests otherwise why would he get behind the RH Bill?

      Face it, Aquino is not interested in improving the Philippines. He’s just another tool of the oligarchs who can be manipulated really easily because he’s lazy, he’s stupid and he’s afraid of being exposed as a homosexual.

  3. Please do not forget BS Aquino’s first major, major boo boo in the tragic Luneta Hostage Crisis. A lot of red blood spattered the bus. BS was seen smiling, he never accepted command responsibility and he never apologized or compensated the victims. What he did and failed to do puts the red color of blood on his hands. It also made a lot of people see red for his lack of apathy/empathy and very clear incompetence.

    1. T.J. Don’t get some people wrong . The only ones that don’t believe BS Aquino is a year round screw up are the posters here from the Malacanang Communications Group. For me the point of Fallen Angel ‘s point is just like publicly listed companies , Noynoy engages in year end window dressing to give the impression it wasn’t a wasted year.

    2. @TJ,

      His first screw up as I’ve commented in this blog –


      How about his Memorandum Circular No.1 which would have paralyzed the government once implemented?

      His first official act was to paralyzed the government?

      Pang student council talage heh…

      This bobo is signing papers without comprehending what he is signing.

      You want some more?”


    3. Hi Thomas,

      I agree. Noynoy must never forget that the blood of those eight tourists is on his hands, and neither should we, his critics. Up until now, I haven’t heard a formal apology from his government about this, nor do I expect it in my lifetime.

      The only reason I didn’t include it here is because I limited the scope of this article to his December “highlights” (screw-ups) ever since he came into power. Why December? Because it is a good chance for him to end each year on a positive note, yet he keeps playing the wrong ones. Kind of like window dressing, as Gogs mentioned above.

    4. It’s almost been forgotten. Better keep reminding people of it. Hopefully the families of the victims don’t give up their fight.

  4. Surprise! surprise! December 2012 reveals BS Aquino being offered a red alliance by the CPP-NPA-NDF. All this to form an Aquino alliance. BS is even wishing for an extended truce. Is this a Nepal style power sharing and coalition? Are we literally headed into the red as the “great leader” compromises internal security in favor of peace at all costs? From the Manila Times:


  5. People/opposition need to focus on the hypocricy of the govt, and the increasing inequality being perpetuated by policies which only benefit the top few % ( i happen to be one of those , so tend to see it as it really is) – the reality – absolutely no inclusive growth, no reductions in poverty or in unemployment. Foreign direct investment has nosedived, and PPP has been an unmitigated disaster. Add to that an increase in corruption – illegal mining, logging, importing, jueteng, customs, etc., and the only claim is removing corona (itself through corruption and bribery and a very questionable legal process, and arroyo under house arrest, but nothing to stick even after nearly 3 years and little due process – amazing. Even the flawed Democracy of the philippines has clearly taken a major step backwards)
    P-noy and this government simply isn’t working – literally and economically, but content that the oligarchs and political masters are happy – low wages and no foreign competition which equates to high profits despite inefficiency and a lack of innovation. The human traffick of ofw’s will keep the economy afloat and buy overpriced shoddy rabbit hutches from ayala, camella, sm etc. So stupid.
    False asia surveys, warped propaganda, attempts to control the press/internet, and selective targetting of political enemies is neither the ‘straight path’, nor progress. All in all a sham from p-noy and his incompetents who clearly have no integrity or ethics, and no shame or conscience, simply self-interest ( hence no chance of FoI being passed or SALN’s being released in time for campaign season).

    If people really knew what politicians earnt/stole from tax-payers and their 5 star lives for doing nothing (even attendance figures are hard to get) maybe they could summon up some emotion/anger especially when they have no job and their children have no future.

    Even my doctor girlfriend gets 5 million pesos a year, and doesn’t live as well as many politicians i know.

    Living well in makati/QC, 2 cars, maids, house in US, child studying abroad, mistress, etc. Estimated income required – minimum 10 million per annum and no tax paid.

    I thought serfdoms no longer existed, but clearly they do in the philippines.

  6. what always staggers me is that p-noy only gives govt positions to classmates.
    he is hardly a scholar and certainly his classmates have no distinction.
    if you limit yourself to such a small pool of mediocrity the consequences are inevitable.

    1. @Libertas

      You are right on target. What is happening is tragic. Before BS leaves his office he will do more damage than anyone in politics has ever done before. As I said before… The worst is yet to come.

      1. The best way to prevent this bozo from further running our country into ruin is to continue educating our countrymen on aquino’s screwups and lies. We should continue to expose him for the fraud that he is.

  7. 2010 p-noy try to appear macho by sacking pagasa guy.
    pagasa screw up today and malacanan say ” you cannot predict storms”

    you can predict the stupidity of the comms group and the hypocricy of the govt.

    are these idiots for real. only in the 3rd world would they get away with it

    no wonder the west sees the philippines as a basket case run by psychos

    1. Well, we’ve already encountered most of vincenzo’s retarded kin so it is safe to say, yes they are for real. Unfortunately for them, their repeated attempts to troll here so far has been very very unsuccessful.

  8. The next item I will discuss cannot be considered as a screw-up. It is more of a premeditated conspiracy with the enemies of the state that is tantamount to multiple treason. This includes repeat violations of the Philippine Constitution. BS Aquino was instrumental in creating a terrorist oriented sub-state for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MILF has been giving safe haven, a.k.a. sanctuary and shelter to identified US tagged Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The identified FTO’s are the Jemaah Islamiya Al Quaeda in Asia, Abu Sayaff Group (ASG) and CPP-NPA-NDF. The CPP-NPA-NDF has a formal alliance with the MILF in Mindanao. Remember that BS Aquino signed the Framework Agreement. He gave all the benefits and advantages to the MILF. This included the MILF lion’s share of 75% wealth sharing and natural resources exploitation of strategic resources in oil and natural gas. The National Government gets a measly 25% while the majority non-Muslim population in Mindanao gets nothing at 0%. The deal is still the same MOA-AD dog with a different collar. BS Aquino signed the EO creating a transition set-up that will draft the Moro base law. We still remember the first and only Tokyo, Japan secret talks between BS Aquino and the MILF central leadership. This still remains secret. In meeting with the MILF leadership, BS Aquino conferred a status of belligerency on the MILF which is recognized under International Law. This was conferred many times over when his government participated in the peace negotiations in Malaysia. BS Aquino and/or his chief negotiator Marvic Leonen never protested continuing IED bomb detonations and projectile weapons attacks in Mindanao which may be considered as violations of ceasefire and the peace process. Where are we going? A new Jihadist, terrorist oriented Islamic State will rise in Mindanao. This will pose a greater security threat to all concerned. As the new Islamic State gains immense wealth and power from oil and natural gas resources, it will continue its expansionist ambitions to regain its former political and economic power in the archipelago. The reconquest of Mindanao is at hand. We will of course lose all our territories to the secessionists when the time comes. Thanks to BS Aquino.

  9. I was reading the Philippine Star dated December 28, 2012. The title of the metro news article is: “NCRPO to seize powerful firecrackers” Why only now? A crackdown on powerful firecrackers should have been ordered by no less than BS Aquino before the Christmas season started. Maybe he forgot his responsibility to promote public safety and health because of his stressful job in the palace. Why are they still being sold despite the fact that they are like bombs when they explode? “Lagay” still goes out to corrupt elements. Take note that these powerful firecrackers can be used by terrorists as IED’s even if it uses a non-electrical powder fuse firing mechanism. I will not tell you how to transform powerful firecrackers into a lethal bomb. It can be done.

  10. Walandjo, all the anti-Noynoy discussing and agreeing on the same issue! What a discussion! A very pathetic one, lol!

    Don’t you guys get tired and bored talking about Noynoy and his gaffes? I mean, what do you get from it? Self-satisfaction that you attacked and insulted Noynoy because you hate him?

    Ang babaw.

    1. I will say the same thing Ilda has told you “And still here you are”. You find us babaw unlike your Supreme Lord, so far your Supreme Noynoy has not taken that away from you. but why bother? Once again with the same analogy that you seems to elude you. I never liked Justin Bieber. I see no use in hanging out and criticizing Justin Bieber discussion groups. Why can’t you do the same if you don’t like the discussion here. Unless like the typical babaw pinoy you for some reason value the pansin you get here.

    2. @Jonas
      You are the type of person that adores and follows “the great leader” without question or disobedience. It is obvious that your blind loyalty and mindset is devoid of free and independent thought. In other words, you cannot think for yourself as a blind follower. Read what I posted. Is the truth of repeat treason and violation of the Constitution by BS Aquino an attack, insult or expression of hatred? Your fallacy and black propaganda (i.e. lies) shows. Get real yellow troll!

    3. Hello jon-asshole. Pumapalit ka na naman ng IP address mo ano? Ganyan ka na ba kadesperado para lang “turuan” mo kami ng “ideologies” mo? What are you gonna do next born-to-be-a-moron? Attack us this time by hacking our accounts just like what your fellow moron vincensus ignoramus did here Haay ang sama talaga ng pinakain ng nanay at tatay mo sa iyo ano?

        1. Who could have done that? Vincenzo, highly unlikely. He’s too jejemon to even write good scripting code. LOL

        2. I think we have already thwarted their attempts at being our retarded dopplegangers. Besides, only morons would attemPt that stunt again.

  11. did santa caradang guve you a kicking for xmas – and now have to work overtime.
    you refer to “noynoy and his gaffes”
    i agree it is a long list.
    and his accomplishments with all that power and resources
    all caradang can come up with is
    ‘we put an old woman in jail/hospital but no trial’
    we bribes the greedy sheep in congress/senate to forget the law/due process’
    ‘we gave tax payers money back to them – less our take – via cct’
    what morons these people are.
    nearly as stupid as their blind followers who can neither think for themselves or argue with eloquence and valid facts and counter opinions.
    unless your mother dropped you on your head as a child, what is your excuse fir such tunnel vision and lack of erudite logic

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