Questionable circumstances of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death: Could it have been prevented?

Even as the country mourns the death of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jess Robredo in a plane crash this week, some questions are starting to emerge. An observation made by a certain Adolfo Mortera re-posted by Showbiz Government covers most of these questions in summary…

[Philippine President Benigno Simeon] Aquino has micromanaged Sec. Robredo’s case, from Day 1, to Day 4 today, up to the airlift of Sec. Robredo’s remains to Naga City airport. He supervised the search and rescue operations, and was the first to get Abrazado’s testimony, whose whereabouts now are unknown to most media persons. He also personally updated Atty. Leny Robredo, the late secretary’s wife, on each detail. Did he also do the autopsy? There’s no media report an autopsy was done. DZMM mins ago reported Mar Roxas as saying the bodies of the 2 pilots can’t be found, contrary to his earlier report this morning. What really happened? Meantime, the yellow ribbons they are now waving seem to have covered the many unanswered questions. Yes, this president has never been so busy. Why?

Some people have also speculated on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the way Robredo’s aide Jun Abrazado “survived” the crash. One of them is Nemesio Antonio Jr in an article on his blog Danger Signs. Some questions he poses among others:

(1) Initial reports stated that Abrazado suffered a fractured arm during the accident, yet situation spokesperson at the time Mar Roxas reported that “Abrazado swam out of the plane’s cabin upon regaining consciousness and not finding Robredo.”

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(2) Abrazado reportedly related how he observed that the plane was broken into two after the crash. But having reportedly lost consciousness after the crash, how did he know this?

(3) How did Abrazado lose sight of Robredo so soon after regaining consciousness?

But Philippine politics cannot be escaped — even in death. reporter Natashya Gutierrez tweets on location in Naga City: “A city in mourning. Yellow ribbons all over the city for Robredo.” Was Robredo part of Aquino’s laban? It would seem so, considering that even the gate of his residence is adorned with yellow ribbons…

[Photo courtesy Showbiz Government.]

…which leads us to the obvious question (as already stated in the caption accompanying the above photo, though this may have been made before news of the recovery of Robredo’s body came out): “What is the significance of the yellow ribbons adorning the gates of Secretary Robredo’s residence?”

One commenter coined a term in apparent response to the question: necropolitics.

According to news reports from more traditional sources, Robredo’s remains had been returned to his hometown in Naga City only “a few hours after technical divers found and recovered his body in the waters off Masbate.” From there, it will be made available for public viewing. There is no report of any autopsy being performed nor any plans for one in the future.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile also raised an important question

“Why use a small plane like that to travel at night? It is a no-no,” Enrile said.

“I do not know his advisers in the Department of the Interior and Local Government but when I was in the Cabinet and I had to travel at night, I have to make sure the plane was adequate for travel and small airplanes traveling over bodies of water is inadvisable,” said Enrile who served as defense minister for more than 10 years during the Marcos regime.

It is indeed tragic, as his death seems to have been one that could have been prevented. It was an absolute waste of a good man’s life. Secretary Robredo seems to have been a well-loved politician and government official. He was a high-achiever, having received many distinctions and was first elected mayor at the young age of 29. A tribute published on The LaSallian, school paper of De La Salle University where Robredo graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering sums it all up:

Jesse Robredo is known as the man who reformed Naga, the man who stood up to institutions, both in administration and corrupt giants in local government. Through his reformist approach of Naga City, he was made Secretary of the DILG, a task heavy in his heart, but a Cross that he bore, nonetheless. And he bore it well.

He was an administrator with integrity, a humble engineer and loving father who never forgot where his loyalties lay — to his country, his family, and the dream of clean local governance. May his efforts, quiet but strong, be remembered and emulated by his alma mater, DLSU, and the Filipino people.

You will be surely missed, sir.

R.I.P. Secretary Jesse Robredo May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012

120 Replies to “Questionable circumstances of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death: Could it have been prevented?”


    Abrazado supposedly made a testimony in Malacañan which was released by a “highly placed source” to the Inquirer which contradicts many of the earlier reports released to the media.

    In this document he states that he swam out of the partially submerged plane while initial reports said he jumped out of the plane before it crashed which caused his injury.

    Even his statements that hopefully would have shed more light, only added more shadows to this grim incident.

    There are no reports of trying to get to the plane’s flight data recorder? Does it actually have one? Are they trying to recover it?

      1. Completely missing the point yet again. For a yellow zombie, you really are too retarded to even READ a simple article.

        1. bakit san ba napunta ang kasam nyang piloto..walang balita tungkol dun…so ibig lang sabihin mahina ang Arm Forces ng Philippines….matalino ang Noynoy Abnoy Aquino sa mga gawaing pagpatay ng kapwa ang mga magagaling pinatay nila.

  2. [“Why use a small plane like that to travel at night? It is a no-no,” Enrile said.]

    Robredo’s plane would have landed naga city a little past 4pm in broad day light. What is JPE blabbing about – epal mode again?

    No FDR, no voice recorder, no autopsy?

    NTSB or its equivalent should make a thorough investigation.

      1. So Enrile is not epal? Well, that’s politics.

        Let’s wait for further developments? How about no? Kasi IKAW lang ang may maraming espekulasyon e. Don’t you know that? 😀

    1. I think what Sen Enrile said was that he shall not travel by plane crossing oceans when approaching night time or darkness. And that a small plane is a no, no for such a travel.

  3. if an autopsy is not performed,something is not right here.the one guy survives and no one else does,OK….HOW? Inspect the bodies for injuries,cause of death.If he were knocked out and then submerged,while alive,Lungs with water in them would be present.
    Contradictions,diffuse stories,speculation.YUCK!

    1. kapag may anumalya dyan, ang pangulo pa mismo ang mangunguna para mag-imbestiga. Sa ngayon aksidente pa lang ang anggulo. Mag antay pa tayo ng developments.

  4. They chose Aug 21 as Robrero’s date of death which was August 21 which is Ninoy Aquino’s death anniv. Ano to orchestrated by Abnoy?

      1. Anong nagkataon lang? Robredo already died 3 days before his body was found. Are you drinking the yellow kool aid again vincensus ignoramus?

  5. This could also be necropolitics regarding the “killer” Rhbill. Ninoy: Filipinos are worth dying for. Robredo: Filipinos are worth living for. Abnoy: Filipinos are worth killing for. (his avid support for RHbill considered as killer of the unborn bill)

      1. Still going EMO over GMA, claiming that she is taking the people’s money (when its the government’s money to begin with) yet nobody was shocked and awe that PNOY took over 60 million pesos in pork barrel money? Oh but of course not since the incompetent individual has not done anything bad and is compensating himself as a proud member of the Aquino family and taking his rightful place in the government.

        Yes, for Abnoy: Filipinos are worth killing for. We can never move forward with INCOMPETENCE mind you. The Manila Bus Hostage Crisis is a primary example of that.

        Care to elaborate?

      2. How pathetic, still blaming GMA. You obviously don’t have anything anymore to throw at us. Just go f*ck yourself stupid retard.

      3. @fishball

        Is state sponsorship of murder being applied to Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Her medical condition is critical.

        The head of state refuses to let her go abroad. Maybe he forgets the historical fact that his father Ninoy supported the NPA and had an informal alliance with Jose Maria Sison.

        Ninoy was allowed to go to the USA because his heart was also critical. Is GMA worth killing for?

  6. bakit kung sino pa
    ung mababait na nagtatrabaho sa
    gobyerno sila pa
    ung nadidisgrasya?
    bakit di na lang ang mga magnanakaw at masasamang damo na sina gloria arroyo o renato corona ang naunang mamatay?

    1. IKAW ang dapat mamatay due to your last sentence. 😛

      Well, it’s unfortunate that Jesse Robredo died but it’s inhuman to cry for someone’s death who was perceived as ‘evil’. Gullible, brainwashed, idiot. That is what you we get from mobsters like yourself. 😀

      1. kasama ko ang sambayanang Pilipino sa pagsugpo sa corruption. Napakaraming kasing anomalya noong panahon nya. Talagang mtatawag m syang demonyo at walang puso sa mga ginawa nya.

        1. NBN ZTE Scandal 2. Millions of bribe
        money to Congressmen
        and Governors (October 2007) 3. Cheating in 2004
        Elections (HELLO GARCI) 4. Joc Joc Bolante Case
        (Fertilizer Scam, P728
        Million) 5. JOSE PIDAL Bank
        Account (Unexplained
        Wealth, P200 Million) 6. NANI PEREZ Power
        Plant Deal ($2 Million) 7. Use of Road User’s
        Tax for Campaigning 8. Billion Peso Macapagal
        Boulevard (Overprice of
        P532 Million) 9. Juetengate? (Illegal
        Numbers game
        kickbacks) 10. Extra Judicial
        Killings 11. Arroyo Moneys in
        Germany (Exposed by
        Senator Cayetano) 12. General GARCIA and
        Other Military Men 13. Billion Peso Poll
        Automation contract to
        (Mega Pacific) (P1.3 Billion) 14. Northrail Project($
        503 Million) 15. Maguindanao
        Results of 2007
        Elections (ZUBIRI,
        BEDOL) 16. NAIA-3 17. Venable Contract
        (Norberto Gonzales) 18. Swine Scam
        (Exposed by? Atty.
        Harry Roque 19. GLORIA Arroyo son
        hidden assets in united
        states 20. EURO GENERAL’S 21. CALAMITY FUND
        SCANDAL. 22. C-5 road
        controversy — Senator
        Manuel Villar 23.P550-million worth
        of funds from the
        Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration
        (OWWA). 24. P780-million LWUA
        PICHAY 25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria
        Birthday gift 26. Arroyo linked in
        P325M lotto intelligence
        fund 27. Arroyo got P200M
        in kickbacks from govt
        projects-Zaldy Ampatuan 28. P200.41 billion or $
        4.6 billion in Malampaya
        royalties from 2002 to May this
        year. 29.LACSON ACCUSED FG
        P105 MILLION EACH 30. 600,000 metric tons
        of Rotten rice imported
        from India.Kishore Hemlani,
        an Indian trader
        allegedly close to Arroyo, reportedly
        bagged the P9.5 billion
        contract for the rice importation. 31. DATO ARROYO wife
        bought the condo unit
        for $570,000, 70-square-meter one-
        bedroom, one-
        bathroom unit (Unit No. 533) at the luxury
        high-rise, full-service
        Gramercy Towers located at 1177
        California St. in upscale
        downtown San
        Francisco. 32.- P50-million bribe to
        FG for the president’s
        veto of two franchise bills 33. The additional
        funding led to a 41-
        percent spike in advertising expenses,
        from P76.129 million in
        2008 to P107.420 million in
        2009, which went
        mostly to ads for Arroyo’s achievements. 34. The report said the
        PIA received from the
        Department of Budget and
        Management a notice of
        cash allocations amounting to P344.789
        million, even though
        only P222.488
        million was
        appropriated for it
        under the national budget. 35.- Denial of pork
        barrel funds to
        Malacanang’s political enemies 36.- Praises for Jovito
        Palparan, alleged
        mastermind of extra judicial killings of
        militants 37.- Removal of govt
        bodyguards for former
        pres and Arroyo critic, Cory Aquino 38.- Appointment of
        manicurist as a member
        of the board of Pag-Ibig 39. Appointment of
        gardener as deputy of
        the Luneta Park Administration. 40. MIDNIGHT
        APPOINTMENT of an
        CORONA, as SC Chief Justice 200+ other illegal
        midnight appointments 41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s
        undeclared properties
        in California 42.- Pardon of
        controversial convicted
        criminals like Ninoy’s murderers 43.- EO 464; requiring
        Cabinet members to
        seek presidential clearance
        before testifying in
        Congress hearings 44.- Promise (on Rizal
        Day) to not run for the
        presidency in 2004 45.- “Vote Buying” by
        giving away Philhealth
        cards 46.- Taxpayers’ money
        for her giant billboards
        and and PCSO tv campaign ads[/
        b] 47- Appointment of
        Ben Abalos, a staunch
        GMA ally, as COMELEC chair 48.- Mikey Arroyo’s
        importation of 32
        thoroughbred horses from Australia worth
        P384 million. 49.Former First
        Gentleman Mike Arroyo
        used 2 choppers 16 times, son Mikey 69 50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent
        P1 BILLION on coffee 51.Jose Miguel Arroyo
        owned helicopters’
        all Robinson R44 Raven
        Is with Series Nos. 1370
        to 1374
        A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for
        the five helicopters. 52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to
        Gloria Macapagal-
        Arroyo: P345M 53.The godmother’s
        ties to the Pinedas
        (Jueteng lord) 54. Glorietta 2 and
        Batasan bombings The Glorietta 2 bombing
        happened during the
        height of the bribery case which
        took place in
        Malacañang. 55. Misuse of Balikatan
        funds Navy Lt. Nancy
        Gadian revealed an alleged
        malversation of funds
        in 2007 56. Solon: Charge Gloria
        Arroyo for taking P98-
        M from PNoy’s social fund 57. 50 MILLION PABAON
        GENERALS Former Armed Forces
        chiefs of staff Narciso
        Abaya, Dionisio Santiago,
        Generoso Senga,
        Hermogenes Esperon,
        and Alexander Yano,chiefs
        of staff – Angelo Reyes,
        Diomedio Villanueva, and Roy
        Cimatu and MANY
        MORE.. 58.Colmenares: GMA
        had P488 billion in
        ‘pork. 59. P1 BILLION down
        the drain in Arroyo-era
        jatropha project—DOST chief
        60.Fishers push plunder
        rap vs Arroyo in
        purchase of ice
        machines( overpriced at
        P455 million in 2009.)

        1. Most of the list are more like hearsay so why would I believe it? Oh yeah, mobster morons like yourself will fall from it. In any form of government, there will ALWAYS be corruption. The difference is the progress made and how it is ran to meet the day to day and yearly goals. But remember this:

          “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

          If you are insistent on corruption then not just PGMA, get everybody. Why is PNoy and his family getting away with incident of Hacienda Luisita? How about the other politicians? Barrangay governments on a local level?

          And if you wanted to see PGMA pay for her crimes, then sadly you are looking at the wrong persons and admin to do the job. You and everybody else who are high on this claim the allegations are present, the information is there and she managed to dodge a trial during her term. So if Aquino is stern about his anti-corruption, then why did he not do anything the first thing in order when he became president? Why did she sit on it for over a year only to revisit it again when media caught fire of PGMA needing medical attention? If you think the idiot will actually be able to pull this off, then sir your problem is your faith in the wrong power and system. Godspeed.

        2. So Fishball, why can’t you accept the fact that you are just a FRAUD, going EMO over Gloria claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when its the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

          Pwes, proud ka namang maging TANGA e. Ika nga, “Small minds discuss people.” Astig, no? 😛

        3. @Fishball

          Your post can only be summed up in one phrase:

          “Propaganda, propaganda everywhere.”

          Stop trying to convince us that your president is clean. Your propaganda has already failed the first time, why do you still insist on posting it again and again??? You are already becoming too predictable….

        4. Tell that to your landgrabber, do-nothing, vindictive, wishy-washy, clueless, retard of a boss!!! Yeah, the one whose family is still holding on, after all these years, to land that does not belong to them!Kapalmuks talaga!!!

          Oh yes, fishy, care to present your solid proof that GMA had a hand in all these anomalies? Proof beyond reasonable doubt??? Looks like your dirty list was prepared by the blackberry/macbook air gang of that limpwrist Carandung!

        5. ” So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.” – Daido Katsumi

          Isn’t that an admission that, indeed, Gloria Arroyo is corrupt? Just asking.

        6. MR Fishball kung sino ka mang nagtatago sa pangalang yn, papaano kang paniwalaan na kasama mo ang sambayanang Pilipino lumantad ka

        1. Oh but of course not since the incompetent individual has not done anything bad and is compensating himself as a proud member of the Aquino family and taking his rightful place in the government. So what do you call on his bigger pork barrel? Di ba corruption iyon?

          Kahit si Noynoy hindi malinis iyon. Blaming the past admin makes you more than a coward. And you’re totally wrong about corruption. At least I know a lot because the problem is the SYSTEM, not necessarily the people in it.

        2. tsk tsk, you still think aquino is clean?? you should think twice before posting stupid yellow propaganda, you shithead.

        3. @Fishf#ckface
          Only idiots like you still believe in yellow propaganda. you should jump off a cliff stupid emo prick.

        4. Stop hallucinating, man! By the way, what are you smoking ba? Same thing as your panggulong pangulo maybe?

        5. Hey fishball, news is that GMA is already going to be set free due to lack of evidence.

          Sinasabi mo 4 years ago na guilty siya, mukhang kinain mo ang salita mo.

      1. Dude,he/she is right,those things happened and are documented.BUT,no one else,everyone considered,is any different.THEY ARE ALL THE SAME,OR DON’T YOU GET IT?Kill the King,long live the King!!!SEE???? GET IT NOW???
        OK,I will repeat,THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!! ALL OF THEM,DUH!!!! or do people kill each other to get elected for no reason??? please….

    2. Birdbrain,
      Ayan ka nanaman eh. Nakikiramay kami sa kawalan ni Robredo ngunit gusto mo sanang mamatay si arroyo o si corona?

      Ikaw kaya ihulog namin sa bangin? Maski ilan libo pang katulad mong aanga-angang noytard ang ipalit namin mabalik lang si robredo.

        1. @fishball

          Kuya Noy said that there is no more corruption… If you believe that then you are living beyond reality.

          Corruption is systemic even in his new administration. You are not angry at the systemic corruption still plaguing the government.

          Your problem is your sick hatred bordering on madness directed against GMA, Corona and other blame game scapegoats who are tagged as guilty before trial.

          Live with it. You are one very sick mind. Seek psychiatric help before it is too late.

        2. Corruption is defined as ‘the inability or refusal to do the right thing.’ It’s more than just stealing. Defying the rule of law? Bribing to whole Congress to impeach someone? THAT’s corruption.

          If you are intent on busting corruption, don’t just look at the biggest leak. Take the smallest ones too. ALL OF IT. Before and after so you show no bias to it at all. Local AND national. In other words, you have to be mad at yourself. Why? Because it’s easy to say that GMA or anyone is corrupt but how about you? Well, hindi ka magsasalita because may tinatago ka.

          It’s hard to admit that we, as citizens, are corrupt.

        3. delusional retard is sooooo delusional. Face it fishf%cker, we have destroyed your argument yet again. You have failed yet again.

        4. Puede ba, huwag mo akong isama jan sa yellow mob nyo!!! Huwag kang mandamay, fishy!!! Soooopeeee, alis jan!!!!

        5. If u say that all fishball was saying are all propagandas then what do u call that yellow mob thing… So u think you guys were not brainwashed by that youtube video? So ur claiming that because they put those things there facts na agad? Id rather be for a president who is trying to be good and just despite the controversies than be for one who does good nga but keeps on doing more bad… Gma is a really good politician… A really good one.. She knws how to take care of her allies. Tsk tsk. Mtatanggap ko pa kng ayaw nyo kay pinoy e.. Pero ung ipagtanggol pa si gma despite all things happened? Worse. Nabayaran din ba nya kyo? Tsk tsk. Now who’s pathetic. Now who’s blinded.

        6. speak for yourself fishball. di mo ba alam galit at sukang suka na ang taong bayan sa presidente mong inutil! binaboy lang nya ang bansa!

    3. Beating up a dead horse eh? If your last sentence fails, what will you gonna say next? Ask God to kill gma and Corona because they’re corrupt and evil? Well guess what vincensus ignoramus. God Himself will just stick His middle finger directly to you on how retarded that wish you’ve made that He might gonna give you a nightmarish despair later.
      You’re as worst and BS as the stupid kid who reviews Contra so badly only because it’s too hard.

  7. Many speculators, are saying: “it could be this…this could be that…” I believe that , if your time has come, and you have to go…YOU GO… Death can never be prevented, because, we all die. Life is fragile. It is a reminder to everybody; that no matter: how powerful you are; how rich you are; how famous you are…someday, we all will face death. Leave everything, we built in this world.
    The things you did: good or bad. Will only be the ones people will remember. So, do good now. Give us some chance to remember your good works, and not your bad and evil works. You will never hide what you did, from God. Your Akhasic Records or the Book of Life, will be opened to your view on your life review…

        1. Well… Lawyers ang yung ngpapakalawyer hides in that statement. Naniniwala ka ba kay God pre? Can you prove it? Na prove ba na si marcos ang pumatay kay ninoy? Hmmm.

    1. You really believe that,don’t you?Somewhere,someone ‘super-natural’ is writing down all the good and bad things every single one of us has done,HUH???OK…… UH,
      Got any proof of this????

      1. Have you seen your brain? Do you have a magnetic resonance image of what resembles your brain? It could be a lump of tangled stomach lining for all you know?

        Other than that your cranial cavity houses what’s supposedly your brain, do you have any proof it exist?

        1. @justsayin,…that is your come back?that is all you got,huh? still believe in Santa Claus too?
          in the free-world we are all entitled to believe in higher-beings.intelligent countries have gone to separation of church and state is a secular world that I live in.
          I have beliefs that do not interfere w/society and those beliefs do not enter the public realm.
          if people are waiting until someone goes before their ‘creator’ to get justice…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
          My brain came up with it or not.Save your insults as I am sure that is all you have.Nothing wrong with having faith,but faith without works is dead.

        2. Just answering back your sarcastic tone with that same bitter irony you laced your post with. You can’t assume your smart ass comments entertains a lot of people hovering here.

          You have faith that what’s up in your skull is a brain then leave some of us believing that there is a Supreme Being who designed order in this otherwise chaotic universe. The Laws of Gravity, Inertia and what have you can’t be just a random thing.

        3. “You really believe that,don’t you?Somewhere,someone ‘super-natural’ is writing down all the good and bad things every single one of us has done,HUH???OK…… UH,
          Got any proof of this????” (Only an cerebrally-challenged person will think you are not contesting the belief)


          “you said to me that I ‘should leave’ you/us with ‘a sense of belief in a higher being’.I did not try to take it away,nor did I say there was none” (You are contradicting your initial statement)

          Either you do not understand what you were posting or you have short-term memory. The problem though is that you’re using explicit media so we can always compare your statements.

          Think before you click, eh.

  8. More questions:
    1. the whereabouts of this supposed survivor, why has he not surfaced to be interviewed by the media (even ABS-CBN)?
    2. is the survivor “secured” for debriefing somewhere due to inconsistent declaration?
    3. why the unusual high profile figure manning the “rescue” retrieval ops?
    4. why was the gov’t. search team focusing their search so much “farther” than the actual spot where the body was found? why were they searching away from the spot where the fisherman witness pinpointed? (review footages of Roxas in day 2)
    5. how come the foriegn volunteers scoured not the site pinpointed by Roxas in day 2 as the target site?
    6. why am i asking these questions?

    1. Do you think we don’t get the WHY in question #6?
      Exactly what is any one,other than the authorities,going to do about any of this?

  9. Yo BENIGNO,Is that a picutre of YOU.on your avatar?OR Jimi Hendrix OR the Monkey in ‘Planet of the Apes’?a combination of them?none or all of them?

  10. magtataka pa ba kayo eh plano namin talaga ni abnoy ang plane crash na iyan para mailagay na ako ni abnoy as dilg secretary pagkaalis ko sa senado. hindi nyo pa ba alam ang style ko at ng dumbest presidentita na si ate noy? hehehe. si gma lang ang corrupt tandaan nyo yan. basta sya lang ang corrupt kahit wala pang napatunayan. iprito nyo na yang tangang si fishball para maipakain sa mga gutom na filipinos. hehehe

  11. Gloria can be treated here in the Philippines. Hwag na siya sa abroad kasi maraming naniniwalang exile sa Dominican Republic ang habol niya kapag nakalabas na siya sa bansa. Hindi siya mapapanagot sa mga kaso niya.

    1. Palibhasa takot lang kayong mga yellowtard na makaalis si gloria kasi mawawalan ng pagsisisihan si Panot.
      What a predictable yellow retard you are.

    2. In fairness, wala namang masama kung kailangan ngang sa abroad magpa-gamot so Gloria. Ang kaso Lang talaga e napaka-unpopular n’ya, not to mention the kapalpakan she did and the people she made enemies of during her watch.

      The political landscape right now do not favor her. Nobody’s picking up the cudgel for her. The minority that are hurting every time you post derogatory statements about her can only grunt and bite their lips for they know Gloria’s days are numbered.

      Sabi nga weather-weather lang ‘yan. Right now the gloom in Gloria’s days seems to stay longer than expected.

    1. Will you please take off those pyro vision goggles you’re wearing and snap back to reality already? That will never eliminate corruption you moron because YOU are also part of the problem.

      1. pababayaan na lang natin na tumakas ang mga buwaya na yan? Dapat managot muna sila sa kanilang mga kasalanan sa bayan.

        1. At pabayaan na lang iyang tito noy mo at ang mga alipores nya na lumangoy pa rin sa kanilang sandamakmak na pork barrel? Ngayon sino rin naman pala ang corrupt? Again take off those pyro vision goggles you’re wearing retard because you’re not living in a lala land.

        2. TBH, hindi lang dapat si Gloria. GET EVERYBODY. No bias whatsoever. Not only the biggest leak but also on the lower levels. Local AND national

          Well, hindi mo magagawa because you rely on the joke which is trial by media. Keep on dreaming. Ang TANGA mo naman. 😛

        3. Fishy, the biggest “buwaya” of them all lives in Malacanang!!! And nakanganga siya 24/7!!! What did he/she devour? What else….Hacienda Luisita!!!

  12. Saludo kami sayo Mr.
    Robredo.. sayang at
    ngayon ka lang namin
    nakilala ng lubusan…
    hindi pala lahat ng
    pulitiko ay buwaya… kung si Gloria na lang
    sana… walang

    1. @fishball

      Insane in the membrane! Nuff said on scapegoat blame games and guilty before trial tags. You are beginning to sound like a mad follower of a banana republic leader!

    2. @Fishfail

      You should stop with the whole yellow propaganda since it isn’t working. It will take more than a stupid troll like you to defeat GRP.

    3. @fishf*cker
      You fail to realize that once gloria dies because of your vindictive boss, your president won’t have anyone to blame for his screw ups anymore.
      Your boss will have a really hard time diffusing the growing people’s anger on his incompetence.

    4. Oh how come? You who supposed to belong at the same horde don’t have any idea of the good things about the Secretary? It’s really hard to be always under the influence of yellow drugs. Dirty politics is again striking even in saddest times like this.

    5. This reveals on how the Philippines can never move forward. Because of insane people like you.

      This guy is aa FRAUD.

  13. hehehe siguro nangangarap pa yung mga tao dito na maibalik si gloria labandera sa malakanyang. Cgurado ako nakinabang ang mga ito sa corrupt na administrasyon ni gloria labandera hehehe namumulubi na ba kayo mga tol hehehe…

    1. Super bobo mo naman. Well, nakakatawa ka since you never realize that the reason why the Philippines can never move forward because of people like you.

      Just admit the fact na para sa iyo, ang sarap maging TANGA. 😛 So sino ang namumulubi sa atin? Your anti-intellectual, you know that.

    1. “Puede ba huwag na lang kayo mag-react kay fishball. It’s useless. Ignore him.” – Tongits

      Hindi naman siguro useless kung magre-react kay fishball, depende ‘yan sa klase ng reaksiyon. If you will react violently on his post that your statements will be laced with abusive language, insulting words or just plain curse, it will really be useless. Pero kung kokontrahin mo ‘yung mga alegasyon n’ya punto-por-punto hindi magiging useless ‘yon. In fact, magiging useful ‘yun kasi you will be able to show to everybody that you can stand toe-to-toe with him without resorting to dirty tactics.

      1. you said to me that I ‘should leave’ you/us with ‘a sense of belief in a higher being’.I did not try to take it away,nor did I say there was none.If all I have to do is state what I stated to make your beliefs feel threatened then MAYBE your beliefs are not as secure nor as deep rooted as you think they are.
        SECULARISM does not state that there is no higher being,it states that the higher being is left out of the state/government.that is for starters,the rest is up to the individual.separation of church and state is a good thing.worship in private, out of the public realm,that way there can’t be any religious arguments or religion based states/governments.

  14. @fishball, wag mu ng ipagmalaki yang si noynoy, at wag mu nring ulit-ulitin n hindi corrupt si noy2.gang nagun wala pang visible n develpment ang ating bansa…anong gnawa ni noynoy sa mga kalsada,inaspaltuhan ng 8 inches kakapal, iniwan ang mga shoulders,mas lalong nakakadisgraxa, contrary sa project na road widening..nasan pa road widening ngaun, hindi na pedeng daanan mga shoulders ng kalsada?

    at yang RH bill n yan, hindi n kasi magkakaanak si noynoy kaya nandadamay.

    if we really know the story, Ninoy is not really a hero, epal lang siya. kung katulad sana ni marcos yang si noynoy at payagan nya din si gloria na magpagamot sa ibang bansa..

  15. FishTroll is trying to reach the post-quota to avail himself of the blackberries given by the miscomm group to their internet hacks.

    We should pity and understand kid.

  16. I don’t want to raise speculations about Sec. Robredo’s death and if would, I think it is still a little bit early as a sign of respect for him and the family. But yes, I have a few questions regarding this incident.
    1. The timing, obviously the incident happened in time when he is set to be confirmed as the official head of DILG.
    2. Could it be that there’s a few people out there, possibly a silent rival who is aiming for the same position?
    3. As to the questions involving noynoy, it’s not a secret that he have double opinions with regards to Sec. Robredo’s position to DILG, having said that they he’ll try to work out with their differences.
    4. How could Secretary Robredo be so convenient and relied, even risked his security by taking a small private plane? Possible that he is inclined and somebody convinced him to take that flight.
    5. According to the media interview with aviatours, the wrecked aircraft have gone through all necessary inspections and maintenance. If engine failure have been the cause of the accident, then they must be lying or there’s a possible technical manipulation of the plane. If the government of Noynoy really shows concern, he will not let this incident to just evaporized and let go of justice.

    1. @pussyfoot
      are those questions or accusations? the plane was old,had difficulties during the flight.No one connived Robredo to get on the plane,he went willingly.A bad move,that is all it was….on his part.
      the only question seen is that gwen garcia has just been indicted by the Sandiganbayan for ‘malversation’ of funds used to purchase land in,guess where?,…wait for it….here it comes….NAGA.Yep,Robredo’s home town.
      BUT,what does anyone think will ever happen to any investigation into this??

  17. latest news… while Mar Roxas, Gazmin were with PersiNoy in Masbate, de Lima was collecting the J Robredo papers (at J Robredo metroManila condo). These are J Robredo jueteng papers.

    I thought Presi-Noy took “jueteng probe” away from J Robredo and given to Puno

  18. As someone from Naga City I’d like to think that the yellow ribbons symbolize our Ina, the Lady of Penafrancia, who wears a yellow manto. Jesse was a devotee of Ina. Most of us would call to her in times of need which is probably why it was all over his residence, his family might be calling for her intercession to save him, before his body was found.

    1. Nope. The colors seen during the feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia are yellow and white, which are the colors of the Church, as well as (light) blue which is the color for Mary. The color you see on the robe and crown on the image of Ina is actually gold, not yellow, symbolizing her status as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

      I would let it go if I also see the color white with the color yellow. Even then, it doesn’t make sense because Robredo was a government official not a Church official.

      1. Good to know, I’m not religious so I didn’t know the meaning/symbolism of those colors. Gold pala yon, it just looks yellow to me when I see it. I guess I’m hoping the family would not let his death be used for anything political or for the benefit of any politician, even if Robredo himself was a politician. Nakakainis kasi kung may mangagamit sa tragedy nya.

  19. I think…Jesse was murdered. I have no proof. I have only my gut feeling to trust…for now.

    Will someone fish some good proof for me?

    1. There is the fact that they strangely refuse to have the family see the body of the late secretary. The government refuses to have the survivor clear up any suspicions on how the crash really happened. They hadn’t even autopsied the body yet.

      1. – Abrazado wasn’t wearing a seatbelt long before mangyari ang crash.
        – Abrazado rushed to get himself out from the plane, along with a suitcase with bibingka in it, instead of rescuing Jesse first.
        – Abrazado kept texting his superior in a plane. DI BA BAWAL IYON KASI NAKAKA-INTERFERE IYON WITH THE PLANE’S NAVIGATION?
        – Abrazado was taken to a Manila hospital to recover from his injuries. Wala silang tiwala sa Masbate medical care?
        – There is a lone fisherman who has rescued Abrazado. Lone! Aren’t fishermen supposed to travel in groups for safety reasons?

        Nakakapagtaka, nuh?

    2. I share your sentiments—I do suspect he was murdered. No one as honest as he was could be allowed to continue in government as long as he did. He was a threat to the old way, the trapo way, the corrupt way, and that is why I have abandoned all hope for our government—the good inevitably die young, and the evil will remain in power, passing it to their children and their children’s children, forever.

  20. The yellow ribbons are symbolic of the song “tie a yellow ribbon” which is a song about wanting a person to comeback after we lost him.. it’s not a political symbol, but rather a symbol of affection, longing and missing someone we love.

    1. Be that as it may, it’s not necessarily the first thing that will come to the Filipino mind. As you may well know, Filipinos have a habit of politicizing even the smallest things.

  21. itigil nyo na lang yang pagalingan nyo ng opinyon. salita lang kayo ng salita, wala naman kayo naitutulong sa bansa. pro o anti, totoong pagkilos ang kelangan para umunlad ang bansa. hindi dada. simulan nyo sa komunidad nyo. baka sakali magbago ang estado ng bansa. puro sisi sa mga nakaupong opisyal o mismo sa inyo nagsisimula problema. magulo na yun bansa, guguluhin nyo pa sa mga komento nyong wala namang konkretong basehan. sa inyong tahimik na pamamaraan na hindi kelangang ipolitika, tumulong kayo sa kapwa. kung mas magaling pa kayo sa presidente at tingin nyo alam nyo ang gagawin, 2016 kumandidato kayo at ihayag nyo sa pilipino plataporma nyo. kung hindi nyo kaya, tulungaN nyo ang publiko na kumilatis ng trapo. at huwag ng maloko.

  22. i think jesse was assassinated…..hes a big threat to mar roxas and pnoy!! that yellow ribbon is just a diversionary tactics.

    1. True That. Now the assasins are using his virtually unknown widow to further their cause. What gall this Failipinos have. I’m so “Fucked [not proud] to be a Filipino.”

  23. Robredo was very prominent as a DILG Secretary while Abnoy’s Pet Roxas is never heard. To make Roxas popular he must be in DILG and Robredo must be ousted and terminated. Robredo’s death is well executed plan to remove that obstruct abnoy plan for Boy Pick-up.

  24. I have asked 2 pilots about the case. Their answers are the same. That type of plane can glide, and even with “off” engine it will just land on the sea safely, much more safer than on the land.

  25. That is planted because he investigated mr puno kc may kabulastugan itong ginagawa,at alam nman natin na matuwid itong c dating sec. wala syang pakialam kung Sino man ang managot kahit pa ang presidente ng bansa.basta may kasalanan,at alam din natin na malapit na magkaibigan c mr puno at ang presidente itlog,kaya di nakkapagtaka na planted ang lahat.

  26. I was listening in an interview to Mrs Leni Robredo over the radio while i was on board a bus bound to Manila, and being announced over media outlets of the search operation in Masbate waters for then SILG. If my memory serves me right, one daughter is graduating from a swimming class..but the graduation is in the there is no more rush for the SILG to come home to Bicol..why not then a commercial plane back, rather a chartered small plane? What’s the rush? Could just be his fate…

  27. This makes perfect sense now. Jesse = Ninoy. Leni = Cory. The ‘Widow Tactic” worked perfectly for Cory therefore, they used it again for Leni. The death(assasination rather) of a husband loved by everyone is their perfect little way to gain voters. Sypathy isn’t enough anymore for people are starting to become aware of what truly happened to the Marcoses. This is why Bongbong Marcos topped the VP chart. Hence, LP’s plan B started, cheating. I pity our country.

  28. The Chinese Triad Drug Mafia cartel was being investigated by Robredo. So, they ordered him to be “tepok”.
    If Robredo would had minded his own business; he would still be alive today.

    Aquino knew this was a “contract murder” His people in his administration were very much in huge business of Shabu manufacture and distribution. It is only now that, we see the real situation of the problem…

    It is like opening a “can of worms”…with maggots, all kinds of vermin, coming out….De Lima , the Drug Lord Queen and Porky Drillon, the Drug Lord Swine, are defending this evil that was bought into our country !

  29. I believe that Robredo was murdered by the Chinese Triad Mafia crime organization. This Chinese crime organization has been involved with: contract murders…like the Sicilian Cosa Nostra in Italy.

    If you are blocking their way to make a lot of crime money. They have people to put you away…

    Anybody who is investigating this Chinese crime organization in our country, must be aware that their life is in danger ! Be always careful…watch you back !

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