President Noynoy Aquino not happy with candidates for Supreme Court Chief Justice

Perhaps to the chagrin yet again of his bloated Communications Team, Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III expressed his personal view on the final list of nominees to the role of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court unveiled by the Judicial Bar Council (JBC). Asked if he is satisfied, his reported reply: “Personally, I’m not”.

Why else wouldn’t he be dissatisfied with this outcome? His manok, current Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila De Lima, had been disqualified from further consideration by the JBC owing to disbarment charges against her that are currently being investigated…

“In my view, what happened was not fair,” Mr. Aquino said. “Their rules say that those with disbarment cases will not be considered. There are those facing cases, but were suddenly cleared. There are others who don’t have any case, but were suddenly disqualified. How can that be fair?”

Well, for that matter, perhaps someone ought to also ask President BS Aquino whether or not it is fair to be using state resources to defend De Lima against these charges. Recalling my simplistic view on the matter, I say disbarment is a consequence of a lapse in professional judgment of a lawyer, which means that a case of disbarment is something that is solely between the individual law professional and the governing/regulatory body of said profession, in this case, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP). When you fail personally in your profession, your qualifications as a professional to your employer comes to question. It is therefore bizarre that Malacañang would be using taxpayer’s money to shore up the professional integrity of a person whose employment it should, in principle, be re-evaluating in that light.

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Indeed, as writer TJ Burgos observed, in making these personal statements the President “let the cat out of the bag”. Said cat was what, until now, was the unspoken truth about who among the candidates for the Chief Justice post Malacañang was backing. But not only did President BS Aquino let that cat out, he also confirmed to many what is likely to have been the original over-arching mission of his presidency — to take control of the Supreme Court and secure Uncle Peping’s family jewels. It was literally a two-bit plan: first remove Chief Justice Renato Corona on trumped-up charges, then install henchman Leila De Lima to the post. Control over the Supreme Court will have given Aquino’s feudal clan power over the fate of the vast Hacienda Luisita estate that, under Philippine laws, is due in 2014 to be subject to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

The thing with true class acts is that they do not throw temper tantrums when they do not get their way — not when they are aged in their 50’s, and certainly not when they are president of a country of 100 million.

Unfortunately for the class-starved Filipino people, President BS Aquino is renowned for his juvenile tantrums. Even early in his presidency, BS Aquino was already known as The Man of a Thousand Gaffes. One of these gaffes was his having to eat his words after refusing to recognise Renato Corona as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during his campaign, proclaiming that…

“If elected President, I will not recognize a Chief Justice appointed by the outgoing President [Gloria Arroyo], contrary to the constitutional ban on appointments during the wee hours of her presidency, and contrary to propriety and delicadeza and long standing precedence of prohibition against appointments two months before the outgoing President’s term expires,” Aquino said in a statement sent to the Inquirer via text message by LP campaign manager Florencio Abad.

“Let me forewarn any member of the Supreme Court, who shall accept to be Chief Justice by appointment of the outgoing President, that not only shall he not be recognized, but he risks even his presence in the Court as an associate member,” Aquino added.

…only to retract all that huffing and puffing just a month after his ascent to the presidency:

[Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eduardo De Mesa] was asked if President Aquino was recognizing the validity of Corona’s appointment as Chief Justice.

“That should be obvious by now,” De Mesa said.

“The President has acknowledged Chief Justice Corona as Chief Justice,” he added.

Of course, being the gun-loving president of the Philippine Republic, Aquino will not be beaten. It is likely that this humiliating backpedalling was what galvanised his resolve to get his way by any means his office puts at his disposal. As history was to later show, the President eventually got his way after unleashing his fury on the House Representatives to trump up, cobble together, and submit an impeachment complaint against Corona and mounting a more than six-month-long full-court-press on the case — and the media — to ensure his prosecutors — and conscripted persecutors — were properly “motivated” to deliver results.

For now, President BS Aquino is experiencing another one of the kabuwisitans that he associates with his job. But, if we are to believe his legions of admirers, he will probably be clever enough to find a way to work around it — and mount another circus that will yield the results he personally prefers.

64 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino not happy with candidates for Supreme Court Chief Justice”

  1. Gadarnit benignO, you and the rest of Get Real make me feel confident that all is not lost.

    Sanity is alive in this country.

    1. mga tao talaga
      naghahanap ng
      perpektong presidente
      eh samantalang wala
      namang ganun. sa
      magandang simulain lahat tayo manalamin
      din sa ating mga sarili
      kung malinis ba ang
      ating mga intensyon at
      kabuuan. matatawag
      ba rin natin ang ating sarili na perpekto
      kagaya ng hinahanap
      natin sa iba? ang dami
      nang dumaang
      mangmang pa ba tayo sa laro ng pulitika sa
      pilipinas? let’s be
      practical na lang at
      mag-asal na may mga
      pinag-aralan. ang
      freedom of speech and expression dinadala na
      natin sa ibang lebel ng
      pambabastos di natin
      alam sumasalamin sa
      ating mga sarili. sa
      madaling salita ang kasamaan sa pulitika ay
      di na mawawala, ang
      piliin na lang natin yung
      hindi pinakamarumi at
      sa aking pagkakaalam
      si PNoy na yun.

      1. Pure kabobohan ang nakikita ko sa post mo. Pwes, nagkakamali ka. Well, you don’t care since you got paid by Malacanang’s communications group.

        We don’t need someone who is supposedly ‘clean’. We want someone who has BALLS to do the job. At hindi si PNoy yun.

        Proud ka nga talagang maging TANGA. 😛

        1. That’s uncalled for. You don’t have to resort to gutter language just to get your message across. I think, beside the owner, we’re all equal here in terms of privilege to post as members. Let’s not abuse it by resorting to offensive words or statements.


      2. I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

        1. I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. – Daido

          And what kind of future would that be? I say, be careful with what you wished for. Especially, when you don’t know what it is specifically.

        2. The moron above me is talking about palusot once again. Is your moron gene growing rapidly once again? Just admit that you and your precious president are one of the cancer of this country that you morons want it to run like somalia. Oh and don’t forget: you’re not just a regular moron. You were born to be a moron.

        3. No, name-calling is a cheap shot. That is not why we’re here for. You wished for a future, now it’s time for you to identify what kind of future you are wishing for and justify your want for it. Remember, it is not only you who will benefit or suffer on the kind of future you’re wishing for.

          Name-calling is old stuff. Immature stuff actually. Stop provoking chaos. Stick to the issue.

        4. Tell what to Singapore & Malaysia? First, you hope to scrap the 1987 Consti. and now you’re telling me to tell something to our two Asian neighbors?

          Anyway, it’s good that Noynoy is transparent and honest on his feelings towards the selection process. At least, nobody suspects that he’s doing something behind people’s back to manipulate the process to favor his bet.

        5. @Jona-s: Clearly missing the point. Singapore and Malaysia are progressive countries due to their workable methods and laws. oh yeah, who helped the author of the 1987 constitution? Policies that helped Cory and her personal cronies do their thing LEGITIMATELY and set the country back for years while she and her group get kickbacks. In other words, it’s a screwed up constitution with dated laws that allow no real financial progress or growth, oh and the constant brownouts.

          On the other hand, I sense hypocrisy here. Noynoy was expecting that de Lima will make it to the list but he’ll chose Carpio instead. Double standard much?

        6. How can one miss a point the existence of which he doesn’t know? I don’t know what you’re insinuating aboutt Singapore and Malaysia and I missed the point? Lol!

          Anyway, what you’re talking about is already way off from the real issue of this thread but just the same let me respond to what you just said.

          You said Cory and her cronies, through the 1987 constitution, got kickbacks. So as not to ‘miss’ the point let me ask you, how did she do it?

          I mean, if it is true that Cory was able to do what you’re alleging, are you telling us that Ramos, Erap and Gloria, under the same ‘screwed’ constitution, got their own respective kickbacks too?

          Oh boy, I tell you, that’s a serious allegation.

          And to go back, if we scrap the 1987 Consti. what are we going to have in its place?

        7. @jona-s: About the Cory issue: it’s not a serious allegation. I-Tagalog ko a: Nung pa angat ni Cory na paging presidente, mga Lopez at kaibigan nya umangat. Tinayo mga micro breweries, canning companies at yung ABS-CBN umangat din. At ano naka sulat sa constitusyon tungkol sa protectionist law? Alam na rin yun. Dahil di pwede magtayo ang mga foreigner na 100% sa kanila na di na magbabayad, eh may monopoly nga yung higher class. Puro sari sari store at small middle stores na lang ang matatayo ng mababa. Ang saya noh?

          TBH, Ramos is not part of the oligarchy, which it was comprised by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and other rich families. So does Erap and Arroyo. In fact, Ramos wanted to go for charter change yet many opposed him. And the rest is history.

          If we scrap the 1987 constitution, the better. We can have a better economic system, a better form of government. In other words, a better way to move forward. Unfortunately, because of the state that we are in, we are going backwards.

        8. Daido, so you’re saying that Cory, not Marcos, not Ramos, not Erap and definitely not Gloria, is the most corrupt president in the history of Pinas?!

          Nagtataka lang ako, bakit ‘yung tatlong presidente na nabanggit ko, katakot-takot na kaso o anomalya ang naisampa at na-identify with pero kay Cory wala? Honestly, tila baga kabalintunaan ang sinasabi mo.

          Ang ABS-CBN naibalik lang sa mga Lopezes. Si Cojuangco, Danding ha, isa sa mga top cronies ni Macoy. Walang binatbat si Peping kay Danding. In fact, nagbalak pa ngang tumakbo o tumakbong presidente si Danding? Maraming na-sequester at binawing companies dahil under the control of Macoy and his cronies.

          Wala naman talagang nagbago, except sa pagbalik ng demokrasya sa bansa. ‘Yung mga mayayaman nuon, sila pa rin ang mayayaman ngayon. Of course, with the exception of Manny Pacquiao.

          You cannot just say scrap the 1987 constitution and “We can have a better economic system, a better form of government.” You know that is not true. What will regulate, protect and preserve the ‘better economic system’ you’re talking about if there is no constitution or fundamental law which will govern the running of the gov’t.?

          The 1987 Consti. is not a perfect law, but I still prefer it anytime than your proposal to scrap it because what you’re saying doesn’t make sense.

        9. @jona-s: You’re not even make sense either. Because the fact is that you’re just want to remain on the status quo.

          I’m more of a Cory realist. Unlike the millions of idiots who uplift her, don’t overlook her as a semi deity of the nation due to her last name and association with a prominent family that has been power in society for over 100 years. And the mess is far more damaging even before the 1987 constitution, considering the framework of the constitution instantly locked the lack of future and progress the country would have financially and socially. If THAT is what you wanted, then no wonder why the Philippines is going down to the drain.

          You mentioned Danding since he’s a Marcos crony but why didn’t Cory punish him? Of course, KAMAG-ANAK iyan. Oo nga pala, ung mga binawing companies na sinasabi mo, binigay iyan sa mga Cojuangco at hindi sa government! And in regards of ABS-CBN, the Lopez family were hated before Marcos becomes president.

          “Wala naman talagang nagbago, except sa pagbalik ng demokrasya sa bansa.”

          Pure lies. This form of government you look for certainly isn’t our current democracy. The people make a spectator sport of it, turn into a mob when it goes haywire and lay reason to do such an act as ‘people power’. I guess not following the process and being orderly and upstanding citizens is not ‘people power’ as well eh?

        10. @jona-s: …..the fact is that you’re just want to remain on the status quo. – Daido

          Unfortunately, you are right. I’ll always opt for the status quo than leap on something as obscure as what you are saying about scrapping the Constitution to have a “better economic system and to move forward.” Up to now you cannot explain nor elaborate what you mean by that.

          What country in the world which is moving forward and have a better economic system that do not have a basic or fundamental law that would regulate the entire bureaucracy? Daido, even the communists system have laws. For you to scrap the 1987 constitution and hope for the best is just unbelievable.

        11. @jona-s: So you agree on this; you prefer a government whored by media, telling you that ‘everything is ok’ and never to look forward for progress as a society but to be part of a MEDIOCRITY. THAT is what happened after Marcos left. To scrap the current constitution can be a big help because it can pave the way to move forward for progress. After all, it has a flawed government the Filipinos took and copied the wrong way, especially a flawed economic system.

          Lemme tell you something about Cory and Noynoy: not only they are incompetent but also corrupt in their own way.

          Cory: Internal strife in her admin, screwed up constitution with dated laws that allow no real financial progress or growth, oh and the constant brownouts. No wonder people couldn’t remember, it was REALLY the *puts on shades* DARK AGES!
          PNOY: Pork barrel. Got away with murder. Fun stuff. Potentially could have been linked with narco-politics but we’ll never as that is an unsolved mystery. Persecuting his political enemies and incompetence.

          TBH, China wasn’t considered as a communist country anymore since they have a free economy, making them one of the rising economic powers today. They learned a lot from Singapore. If you want a communist country then it’s North Korea. Period.

        12. “@jona-s: So you agree on this; you prefer a government whored by media, telling you that ‘everything is ok’” – Daido

          —Again, I prefer the status quo than the one you are proposing. At least, the status quo is clear and, contrary to what you are saying, it is not saying everything is ok And even if it is I have my own mind and I am capable of distinguishing what is real or not.

          You said scrap the constitution but up to now you are quiet as to what would be in place in the absence of the 1987 Constitution. What is the model of your proposed gov’t. in the future, if any?

          You have to be clear as to what you really want and it should be possible.

  2. What if secretary de lima
    allow gloria to go out of
    this country for health
    reason, inspite of many
    crimes she committed
    against the pilipino people, will she coming
    back to face cases in
    court? If you know
    gloria, do you trust
    her? Gloria’s cohorts
    are trying to cover themselves from
    legality. That is their
    strong and logical
    defense but she can not
    and will never hide the
    crime she committed while in Malacanang. So
    who do you think is in
    the right position, was
    it the supreme court
    who violated the law or
    de lima. JBC must be reprimanded for
    keeping de lima’s case
    on their cabinet.

    1. Nice words, but the thing is it’s nothing more than a smokescreen to deceive a simplistic mind. You know what they quality over quantity and yours words are just quantity.

    2. So tell me again, birdbrain, exactly what crime of gloria arroyo has been proven beyond reasonable doubt in the court of law?

      …None. Exactly my point.

      SC violated the law? Are you trying to make us laugh?

    3. Persidente needs all the help so he can SAVE THE REPUBLIC from the corruption of the previous administrations.

      Walang magugulat kung si PersiNoynoy ay gumagalw na para pabagsakin iyang JBC para — alam mo na — so PersiNoynouy can appoint people he trusts who will follow his instructions so Presidente Noynoynoy can SAVE THE REPUBLIC. Eh baka 170-plus congressmen get invited by Malakanyang to impeach the next Chief Justice… why not? Persidente needs all the help so he can SAVE THE REPUBLIC from the corruption of the previous administrations.

  3. @fishball

    Your choice of De Lima is not going to pass in this site. First, she is immoral as it is public knowledge that her driver is her lover. Second, she is related to Juliet De Lima-Sison who is married to communist chieftain Jose Maria Sison.

    This fact makes Leila De Lima a major security risk. She could leak classified information to Jose Maria Sison. BS Aquino should be aware that the relationship with Joma Sison is a very high risk to his leadership as any association with the communist reds could be seen by many as sleeping with the red enemy of the state. He cannot afford a comunist tag.

  4. @fishball

    Again you accuse Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before trial and without evidence. You better advise your president BS Aquino not to support Leila De Lima as she is related to the top communist enemy of the state Joma Sison. If he forces the issue, he will be seen as an ally of the maoist communists.

  5. Imagine Leila De Lima as the Chief Justice. She could manipulate decisions to favor the red comrades of Jose Maria Sison and the communist movement at large. Wake up fishball!

  6. Remember fishball that the CPP-NPA-NDF have a tactical alliance with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front! The MILF could be favored by a sympathetic Leila De Lima to allow a sub-state or other arrangement. Kapish?

  7. bah, bakante na naman si fishball. siguro pinakawalan na naman yan ni carandang. teka, di ba marami pang binabaha? dapat busy pa rin yan sa labas.

  8. So you say Gloria is innocent? The answer is no. She is involved in this anomalies.

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal 2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and
    Governors (October 2007) 3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (Hello Garci) 4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728
    Million) 5. Jose Pidal Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200
    Million) 6. Nani Perez Power Plant Deal ($2 Million) 7. Use of Road User’s Tax
    for Campaigning 8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of
    P532 Million) 9. Juetengate (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks) 10. Extra Judicial Killings 11. Arroyo Moneys in
    Germany (Exposed by
    Senator Cayetano) 12. General Garcia and Other Military Men 13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract (P1.3
    Billion) 14. Northrail Project($503 Million) 15. Maguindanao Results of
    2007 Elections (Zubiri,
    Bedol) 16. NAIA-3 17. Venable Contract
    (Norberto Gonzales) 18. Swine Scam (Exposed
    by Atty. Harry Roque) –
    Details in this link http://
    /02/hl/hl107311.htm 19. P432-million fertilizer
    deal in 2003 Gold Parties Journalist and former
    Ombudsman of the DA
    Marlene Esperat was killed
    2005. The gunmen were
    apprehended and
    convicted, but the mastermind was never

    1. The correct term is “allegedly involved” idiot. And “these”, not “this”. “Allegedly” because she, as all Filipinos, is innocent until proven guilty.

      Oh wait, how stupid of me. In your idiotic world, it’s the other way around. The accused is guilty until proven innocent, and the burden of proof is on the accused. Just as what transpired in CJ Corona’s trial.

      Maybe that’s why you support De Lima’s appointment as CJ. Maybe you ARE a communist yourself. Mind you, communists are a much more dangerous monster than you claim GMA allegedly is.

    2. That’s the problem of most mobster morons like yourself: you treat hearsay and allegation as ‘truth’ which is stupidity.

      Poor Philippines. Most of its people are intellectually bankrupt. The reason why there is rampant corruption because people treated the government as a spectator sport.

    3. @fishball
      Point completely missed yet again and you still post your “I hate gloria” spiel like it’s soooo effective.
      Guess what dipshit,

  9. Noynoy is not happy with the lot he has to pick from. The question is what does he have in mind as the ideal CJ ? Someone who will serve the country best or someone who will carry out the Noynoy agenda best? Happiness is relative.

    1. You are on point Gogs, goodness gracious. Craving for street food on a stick not the one where you make multiple sawsaw in public.

  10. Another blatant disregard to the rules of daang matuwid and another blatant intervention to judicial independence. In the first place, what should be the importance of Noynoy’s opinion here when we are to base it from the qualifications of nominees for the next CJ, he himself is not qualified of being a president.

  11. Drama lang yan ni N/A, may at least dalawang tuta pa siyang pagpipilian. Nungka, tingin ko sacrificial goat lang yan si De Lima. I can even smell the stink all the way here in Jeddah.

  12. So many bad news have rained on the denuded head of the president of the yellow mob. Recently, it was the exclusion of the secretary of injustice from the shortlist for the Chief Justice. And now it is the crash of Robredo’s plane. Before we know it BS Aquino will blame GMA for the tragedy. Let’s wait and see.

  13. Why should the president be happy? Are we responsible for his happiness (personal or professional) now? He’s in the position to do the job and the only merit he is going to be judged is how we do the job that we gave him. Maybe, he should do his job to keep us content and happy – that is his main job. IF there was happiness in this picture, it should be the public’s Good grief.

    1. AbNoy is responsible for his own miseries. It isn’t our responsibility to make him happy, produce for him a girlfriend, or get him an expensive car like what his “tuta” does for him.

      If he is unhappy, then he deserves it.

    2. hindi ba fishball is Presidente Noynoy’s BOSS?

      Sabi ni PersiDente, ang BOSS niya ay ang mga bumoto sa kaniya, eh di si fishBall at si MLQ3 at si cocoy at si ManuelBuencarmino…

      pero sabi ng barbero, mas BOSS ni perss-idente ay iyong mga KKK’s na nagbaba ng pondo para sa Kampanya ni Noyi-noy Aquino.

  14. Topic aside… president Noynoy Aquino is now in Masbate directing search and rescue operations for the downed aircraft of the still missing secretary Jesse Robredo and two pilots.

    Why is a politician directing search and rescue operations when he is not an expert on this? Why is PNP chief Barolome and Chief of Staff Dellosa with him when there is a pressing need to fight rising criminality, the seccesionist and insurgent problems? The WPS Chinese problem is still there.

    They are more needed in the capital to attend to their respective duties and responsibilities! Is SAR part of the president’s functions and duties under the Constitution? Only in the Philippines!

    1. I’m going to give him that one. We constantly criticize him for not giving a shit in a crisis, it’s fair to acknowledge his getting off his duff for a change. Sec. Robredo was a member of his Cabinet, and so the news reports say, a friend of N/A — if I were in his shoes, I would go. We had the same thing happen when Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash in the Balkans; Bill Clinton showed up in person, and everyone thought it was right and appropriate.

      On the other hand, if N/A follows this up by acting like the next typhoon/flood/what have you is a big inconvenience (or a campaign opportunity), there will be no end to the venom I will spew about that. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.

    2. Gumana na naman ang
      mga GMA at Marcos
      loyalists na puro UTAK
      TALANGKA , kung hindi
      pupunta si PNoy,
      kaagad sasabihin niyo walang ginagawa pero
      kapag pumunta naman
      ganun din ang
      sasabihin…sus ! kaya di
      kayo umuunlad sa
      bulok na ugali niyo.

      1. Hay naku, napipikon na ang utak talangka na fishball.
        Bakit?, mukhang nagpapaapekto ka na kaya puro katangahan lang ang pinopost mo dito. Hehehehe, HAHAHAHAHA!

        Face it stupid troll, we have beaten you AGAIN!

  15. @fishball

    You talk too much troll! I am not a Marcos or GMA Loyalist. My loyalty is to the red, white and blue; the Constitution, the people and the Republic of the Philippines. I was a volunteer in the one and only EDSA revolt. You were hiding when it happened so was Cory and Noy.

    We stopped people from killing each other and prevented the division of the AFP. You are the one with crab mentality, your views are full of rotten lies and you love to tag GMA guilty even before trial. Put a sock in it yellow nutzie! You and your ilk are not the master yellow race! We are the boss not you!

  16. Well Gogs fishball must be both brainwashed and highly paid. One thing is for sure. The uber loyal nutzie follower of the great leader does not see his master’s preference of complete loyalty in assisting his KKK.

    In the tragic crash of secretary Jesse Robredo, reaction was immediate and all government resources were put online. There is no more SAR. It is now a recovery operation.

    What irks me is that past reactions in crisis and disasters did not receive the complete focus and attention of BS Aquino. What is also apparent is that BS Aquino and company are at risk from insurgents in the area.

    Bicol is still infested with NPA. The president’s presence along with key high officials is a security risk. He is willing to risk it all to prove his personal loyalty to his dead KKK comrade in political power.

    Mr. president you better treat us your bosses with the same focus that you treat your political comrades. Double standards in treating crisis and disasters differently while your comrades in the KKK get first class response shows your misplaced priorities. Eat this fishball!

    1. Analysis of the troll known as fishball…
      a. Highly stupid and brainwashed
      b. Has insane troll logic
      c. Has no common sense
      d. A pathetic little troll who has no friends
      e. Obviously paid hack of the yellow zombies

      Users who are new to GRP should not listen to this dumbass.
      Reading his/her posts will give you cancer.

  17. meron lang akong obserbasyon at na ranasan sa klase ng patakbo ng judicial natin pati na ang namumuno gaya ni CJ sereno, dumating si CJ sa QC nov.9, 2012 friday, angdaming tao ang nagreklamo, 8am ang hearing umabot ng 10 to 11 ang hearing, yung ibang judges sumama pa kay CJ sa mayor’s office, d na naawa sa mga nagaantay sa hearing, matanda , mga preso, naka wheelchair, iba galing probinsya para lang dumalo sa hearing. d ba dapat si CJ ang nag pakita ng magandang halimbawa, unahin yung mga hearing. pwede naman mamayang hapon o bago mag breaktime, d na naawa.inuna pa sosyalan. meron pa nga heariing day mo, d papasok ang judge dahil may ibang engagement, papano naman ang taong bayan, dapat yung mga ganyan gawing nalang sabado o linggo, d na bale mag bayad ang gobyerno basta kaialgan ang pagpupulong pero isaalang alang naman yung mga taong dumating sa hearing tapos uuwi dahil lamang sa walang kwentang rason. sana po mabago itong mga nangyayari, maraming salamat po.

  18. kung ang mga may hearing pag hindi naka dating sa hearing at hinahanapan ng judge ng NO SHOW cause, dapat sila din, isang tao d naka dating sa hearing tuloy ang proceeding. isang tao lang ang naapektohan, pero pag ang judge ang hindi dumating maraming tao ang apektado, kung ang hindi pagsipot ng isang naimbitahan ng husgado ay nangangahulugan na pambabastos sa huwes, nararapat lang siguro na ang huwes ay may respeto rin sa mga naimbitahan at hwag mag a absent ng walang mabigat na dahilan. alam nila kung kailan ang hearing nila kaya walang dahilan para tumanggap sila ng ibang engagement. kawawa naman ang mga taong nagbigay galang sa kanila at dumating sa kanilang imbitasyon. salamat po

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