Is Death The Door To Other Side Or Merely A Billboard For Opportunists On This One?

“Every movie in every cinema is about Death, Death Sells!”

Ian Faith, manager of the legendary band Spinal Tap.


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Michael Jackson was as hot as a musical artist can get in the mid 80s.Like anything else there will be a regression. When he died people in my life from maids to our H.R. were blasting M.J. thinking it made them “unique”.  Well there is no such thing as unique in the bandwagon. It’s the same music whether the artist is dead or alive.

One of the major themes of what I write is what is good is good regardless of other factors like the environment or time or in our case here,  if your pulse beats more then zero times a minute.
If you want it in one word it is “intrinsic”. You enjoy something simply because it is. Not because it’s in and you want to fit in. I delved a bit into it in my blog why I don’t like American Idol.

I have seen bandwagon jumping upon instigated by death celebrity death that I made conscious effort to blog once in a while about artists that were still alive and what I liked about them. I don’t need an obituary to be informed. I did it for Kirk Douglas and Charles Durning.




I did however blog about two celebrities who I happened to see shortly before their unexpected demise both from diverse fields. One a former preacher turned comedian and the other maybe the PGA’s most flamboyant golfer. You just never know.

Back in 2009 there was a trilogy of deaths that some people close to the situation tried to exploit for their own ends. I still can’t wrap my mind how others can be so cold to exploit the end of a person’s stay on Earth.

1) Everybody knew where they were when they heard Michael Jackson died. I declared my opinion    that he was not taken far too soon. What  you may not have known was Michael’s own father that same weekend kept promoting his record label.

2)’Win One for Teddy,’ Say Dems Pushing for Health Reform
Honoring someone’s memory is about the worst imaginable reason to pass any law.12:01 AM Aug 29th 2009  from web

And you thought only Pinoy politicians rallied around corpses. That is exactly what the Democrats did with the demise of Ted Kennedy in 2009. Yes the brother of John and Robert. You can read the gory details here.


Noynoy suck


3) Yellow Tide Rising
Finally in that trilogy of 2009 , the Pinoys will not be outdone.   As usual , death like anything is exploited because people can not accomplish their goals solely on merit. Noynoy himself has never accomplished anything regardless what the Malacanang trolls that inhabit GRP say. I don’t care how cold you find me for describing it this way but save your wrath for the person who actually did it. Noynoy used his own mother’s still cooling corpse to pole vault into Malacanang. Which is about the most disgusting thing a son can do to his mother. So having done that , Noynoy doing what he has been  doing since Saturday   should surprise no one. The Inquirer story describes Noynoy as taking charge and leading. We all know that Noynoy Aquino could not lead anyone out of a paper bag with a lightsabre.

I hate bandwagon jumpers because those people don’t know what values to stick to. Well to stick to values you have to have some to begin with. Noynoy Aquino is a bandwagon jumper because he has never driven anything himself. Now he is in charge of the country. Lovely.

Benign0 in his post         makes points that might be fingernails on a chalkboard to some but have to be made nevertheless.      Why weren’t these guys trumpeting the Secretary on Friday or the Friday before that or in July? Why now? That method is how we now have our current president. He himself was anonymous in the middle of 2009 other than his parents. He used death to attain a position he otherwise would not have. Why stop there?

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