President Noynoy Aquino shows he does not have empathy and compassion

They say it is easy to judge a person’s character by the way he treats animals, kids, the elderly and the sick. It’s not hard to agree with that statement since animals, kids, the elderly and sick people are the more vulnerable and weaker among us. In the same manner, it is easy to judge Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino by the way he treats his political enemies particularly former President and Pampanga Congresswoman, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

Not only is GMA at a fragile age, she is not in the best of health — which means she is in a very delicate and vulnerable condition at the moment. A close friend of the former President claims that she is in deep pain and cannot eat properly. A report published in May states the following:

Also on Friday, Occidental Mindoro Rep. Ma. Amelita Villarosa, a political ally and close friend of Arroyo, confirmed the Inquirer report, saying the former President and now Pampanga Representative was facing a “life and death” situation.

Villarosa, who visited Arroyo at Makati Medical Center on Thursday, said she saw how Arroyo was in “deep pain.”

“She needs medical treatment. She cannot eat because there is a metal blocking her food. She can speak but with great difficulty,” she said.

“It’s a matter of life and death. When any part of your body is feeling pain, your heart will be under heavy pressure,” she said. .


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A source close to Arroyo told the Inquirer the other day that the results of the examination showed that the choking sensations she had been experiencing was caused by the titanium implant””which had been placed in her body during surgery for a cervical spine ailment in 2011””protruding into her esophagus.

It is interesting to note that the doctors at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) where she has been detained since December 2011 pending her trial for the non-bailable charge of electoral sabotage refused to issue a statement about her condition. It seems, they are being careful about confirming or denying the gravity of GMA’s condition. It’s as if they are under strict orders from Malacañang not to say anything that would result in her gaining public sympathy. But the fact that the doctors at VMMC cannot outrightly deny the claim that she cannot eat and is only on a liquid diet due to her condition possibly proves that it could be true.

Alarmingly, even in the absence of statements by medical experts, PNoy is adamant that GMA’s condition is nothing to worry about. He even thinks that GMA is just pretending to be sick. Referring to her illness, this is what he had to say:

“Now, they are again saying the same. What’s the difference between their claims before and their claims now?” Mr. Aquino said in an interview after addressing rural development stakeholders in Mindanao.

It is not an exaggeration therefore when people say that PNoy does not have compassion. Judging by the way he has been treating GMA for the last several months while she is ill, one can be forgiven for thinking that PNoy’s set of values does not include showing kindness or benevolence even to a fellow human being — something that an openly religious person like him should be doing. Maybe he was absent when his Catholic school taught the lesson on empathy. It seems PNoy is suffering from tunnel vision and can only focus on pursuing his vendetta for the Supreme Court’s decision to distribute his family’s Hacienda Luisita, a move that was set in motion by GMA during her term.

You would think that since PNoy’s own mother, former President Cory Aquino suffered a terminal illness, he would exercise more compassion, but no. He appears to be more vindictive towards sick people now. Perhaps it could be because his mother passed away still reeling from anger towards GMA. It was said that it was Cory’s wishes not to have a state funeral just to spite GMA.

Reading about what GMA is going through brings to mind my own mother. A few weeks ago, she was hospitalized when she suffered a condition called Achalasia. It is a disorder of the esophagus – the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. The tightened muscle in her esophagus affected its ability to move food toward her stomach. She too could not eat because of the gagging feeling she gets when she attempts to put food in her mouth. And because she could not eat, her overall health and wellbeing was getting worse by the day.

Because of her frail condition, everyone in the family agreed that only the best doctors should treat her. Her specialist doctor had to conduct a procedure called dilation that expanded the tightened muscle in her esophagus so she could swallow without vomiting. The doctors spoke of the risk of it collapsing but thank goodness it all went well. My mother’s ordeal only lasted a few weeks. But I can just imagine her condition would have gotten worse had we delayed the procedure similar to how long GMA has been suffering. It would have been torture. But perhaps torturing GMA is what PNoy really has in mind.

Surprisingly, quite a number of the Senators who convicted GMA ally, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, are calling on PNoy to show compassion. Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Pia Cayetano, Vicente Sotto III, Gregorio Honasan, Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Francis “Chiz” Escudero echoed the sentiments of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile:

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on Thursday warned the Aquino government against mistreating former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, noting that she has not yet been convicted in the electoral sabotage case filed against her.

“No matter how bad they think about her, she is presumed innocent until she is really convicted,” Enrile said in an interview with dwIZ radio.

Placing Arroyo in the company of common criminals would not sit well with the international community, considering that she is a former president, he said.

“What if she dies in jail? How would it look like to the rest of the world when you put a former president in jail together with (common criminals)?” he said

Enrile also reminded everyone that even former President Marcos allowed PNoy’s father to seek medical treatment abroad saying “the martyred opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr., the father of President Aquino, had been allowed to seek medical treatment abroad despite being convicted by a military court during the Marcos regime.”

Indeed, mistreating a former head of state would not look good to the rest of the world. PNoy should learn a thing or two from people in sophisticated societies about how to handle compassion. Even former Libyan intelligence officer, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi who was responsible for the death of 270 innocent people was released by Scotland in 2009. He was convicted for his role in blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 on Dec. 21, 1988, over Lockerbie, Scotland but was released in 2009 “on compassionate grounds to let him return home to die after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.” His release caused uproar from some of the relatives of his victims but the Scottish Justice Secretary said that he decided to release the convicted terrorist because his Scottish values dictated to show mercy even though al-Megrahi had not shown compassion to his victims.

If a convicted criminal can be given leniency, what more GMA who hasn’t been convicted and whose case is considered by many to be too weak to prosper in a rational court considering the charges of electoral sabotage are based on Norrie Unas’s hearsay testimony. Unas also happens to be directly involved in the Maguindanao massacre in which 59 people were murdered. As such he wants to turn state witness by testifying against Arroyo.

The case against GMA might even end up being dismissed in a way similar to how Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales dismissed the bribery charge against GMA during the 2004 Presidential Elections for insufficiency of evidence. Now it can be said that that the bribery allegations against GMA in 2004 are not true.

Yes, you can definitely judge a person by the way he treats animals, kids, the elderly and the sick. Frankly, some people even treat their animals better than the way PNoy treats former President GMA.

267 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino shows he does not have empathy and compassion”

  1. Question: How can a retard show mercy/empathy to animals, kids or sick person? The way I observed them pains of others give them joy/happiness =(

      1. Vengeance!!! A pound of flesh… and then some.

        ( Eh hindi pa kasi lumuluhod at himihingi ng patawad sa bagong-Caesar, eh. Hail, Caesar!!!! )

    1. This is the same guy who was laughing and smiling at the hostages who died during the bus crisis, he’ll smile and laugh even harder if GMA dies.

      1. I thought that the former Police Chief was found corrupt in his treatment of the Inspector and was fired, he may have been consulted on this guy and gave a bad review to the President, I do agree it was a serious botched scene I watched it live and could not believe just how bad things got with little or no empathy for the tourists.

    2. OK,this is a no-brainer.The Lady has a spine problem,it is not life threatening.I repeat,NOT LIFE THREATENING.The pain she is in is significant yes, but it is not life threatening unless she can not stand the pain.A geographic location will not change that.There are medications that are readily available:Oxycontin tablets and if necessary Morphine Sulfate tablets and even Morphine intra muscular/venous injections are readily available as well.A trip to a specialist in another country is not going to take the pain away any better than a pill/injection administered where the Lady is RIGHT NOW,as a matter of fact travel will exacerbate her pain and maybe make it so she can not travel back ‘on the advice of her doctors’,wouldn’t that be planned/ironic?
      The empathy being afforded the Lady right now is a lot more than most other people would get if they were not a member of a political dynasty,a lot more.The fact that the Lady is not in JAIL cell is about all that should be afforded her,as the charges are non-bailable and more serious charges are about to be levelled as well.
      If justice is to be served equally to all filipino’s then the Lady should face the charges against her,regardless of the ‘pain’ in her neck,and if guilty..send her to jail.The Philippines treasury was plundered by a few people who should definitely face the charges,regardless of ‘pain’.

      1. A very vindictive and malicious post, ladies and gentlemen. 😛

        I agree that she should face the charges. But they have to do it RIGHT NOW. You can’t deliver justice with INCOMPETENCE.

      2. Are you an orthopedist? And if you are, have you examined the former president or studied her medical record to be able to offer such an unequivocal diagnosis?

        I’m guessing not.

    1. and Ilda you can not say she was not guilty of the charges for 2004,you can say the evidence was insufficient.They are two different things.Also,
      The lockerbie bomber was dying,GMA is not.It is not Pnoys fault the offenses are non-bailable.Oh yeah great,let her out and show the rest of the world that the Philippines does not enforce its laws.
      Aquino Sr. needed heart surgery,not a pain killer.That operation GMA had should not have been performed on a 65 yr. old.All the medical specialists in the world are not going to remedy the situation.GMA knew the risks and was walking around and traveling abroad right before she had the operation(s).If it weren’t for the operations she would certainly be in jail.She is lucky to be where she is, instead of a jail cell.
      Enough of these politicians getting sick and avoiding the consequences.’High-Blood’ said the Lady married to the General,so she did not have to testify in front of congress,WHAT?
      I do not feel good is no reason to get out of jail.You are not supposed to feel good about it,’cause it sucks being there.You are supposed to realize that before you do what you do so as to avoid going there.

      1. Sorry, but in fact, you’re a total TROLL. Only mindless mobsters like you would think such a thing. If you know what I mean.

        The ‘guilty until proven innocent’ minset reveals that we are a failed society after all. So sad. But if you say that politicians should never run away and face the charges and allegations despite of their condition, I wanna say this: all of taxpayer’s money will be spent on the medical treatment for those people.

      2. The lockerbee bomber is not a former highest official of the Philippines and GMA was. The lockerbee was indicted and was found guilty as charged. He could die while languishing in jail and it will not change the fact that he was guilty as charged.

        What kind of analogy does this Joe has? An analogy that is devoid of logic I’m sure.

        Something that will always suit with the narrative he wants?

        1. I did not use an analogy.I scrutinized the OP’s analogy and find it lacking in merit,for the reasons I stated.

  2. This guy seems incapable of feeling because he is so consumed by hatred. He smirks, he snarks, he projects yabang and is rude. He appears too cold-hearted, unfeeling. Perhaps that’s why he has no true relationship (except for his family, wala naman kasi sila choice) and women scamper away after seeing what he truly is.

    1. Sadly, this is all this balding ass face can do. By continuing to use Former President GMA as a scapegoat for his screw-ups, he has shown his true colors of being an insensitive and incompetent jerkass.

    2. i would 100% agree with you mommyjo,, there is really big problem with this guy in malacanang,, only his family loves him and his sipsip friends. a big question on why he reached the golden age and still a bachelor,, my conclusion: he is such a big problem and our country will be facing more problems with this kind of leader

      1. how can we sure those sipsip friends do love him? arent they only using him like common leeches? he is now being misused for his anger and thirst for revenge. Lets wait and see what will happen in the next few months for something is brewing and definitely not coffee.

  3. In times like this Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should be freed since she obtained uncured sickness while everybody don’t know that she erred for using funds from the requisition of Spiritual Wonder Boy; she’s one of the proven witness of all who dared to touch the divine wealth without prior consultation will suffer immediate death or long term illness.

    1. What does that even mean? I’ve read it four times, and I still can’t convince myself that you didn’t use the Random Paragraph Generator to make that comment.

  4. N/A should be reminded of the outrage directed at the Ukraine for mistreating the (actually convicted) former Prime Minister Tymoshenko.

    He is getting closer and closer to fatally stepping on his own wang, as recklessly as he is conducting himself.

  5. I am sorry for Gloria too, but the sins that she has done had made us not to forgive her:

    The Complete List of
    Madame President’s (and
    the First Family’s)
    Achievements – Unconstitutional “State of Rebellion” during Edsa 3 – Political asylum proposal for Estrada – Hospital and house arrest to Erap and Jinggoy – P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of two
    franchise bills – $5 million PCSO funds to finance the campaign of
    People Power Coalition senate
    ticket – $4 million kickback from the $470-million contract to
    Argentine firm IMPSA – Defending Justice Sec Nani Perez from accusations of receiving kickbacks from
    IMPSA – Retention of Angelo Reyes as Sec. despite allegations of
    corruption in the defense dept – Overpriced Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard – Retention of Winston Garcia as pres of GSIS despite accusations of
    mismanagement of GSIS funds – Overpriced construction of NAIA Terminal 3 – P9.5 billion contract for rice importation given to a Malacanang ally. Rice imported
    were found to be rotten and
    moldy – Undeclared San Francisco properties in her Statements of Assets Liabilities and Net
    Worth – Mikey Arroyo’s importation
    of 32 thoroughbred horses from Australia worth P384 million. – P321 million in campaign
    funds and contributions in the Jose Pidal bank account – Defense Dept selling arms and ammunitions to
    guerilla and bandit groups – Impeachment of SC Chief Justice Hilario Davide – Close ties to Pampanga gambling lords Bong and
    Lilia Pineda – Compromise deals with the Marcoses – Heavy support for the US war on Iraq and sending our troops into harm’s way – Invitation to warmonger US Pres. Bush to visit the Philippines – Suspension from office of staunch political enemies like
    Mayor Binay – Recall election against duly elected political enemies like
    Ed Panlilio – Approval of contractors for Northrail project despite the absence of public bidding – EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek presidential
    clearance before testifying in
    Congress hearings – Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency
    in 2004 – “Vote Buying” by giving
    away Philhealth cards – Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and PCSO tv campaign ads[/b] – Appointment of Ben Abalos , a staunch GMA ally, as COMELEC chair – Disqualification case against
    biggest election opponent, Fernando Poe Jr – Bribery of pro-FPJ groups to switch alliances – Govt purchase of debt-ridden
    Lopez-owned MWSS in exchange for ABS-CBN’s
    support of GMA’s candidacy – Deals with Iglesia ni Cristo for the church’s endorsement – Widespread cheating and
    anomalies in the 2004 election – Blocking by arroyo’s allies of
    all objections against
    questionable Certificates of Canvass during the national canvassing – “Hello Garci” ; demanding a one million vote lead against
    FPJ – Admission of “lapse of judgment” for talking to a COMELEC commissioner – Refusal to quit despite
    massive call for resignation
    and the quitting of key
    cabinet members (Hyatt 10) – Endorsement of the weak Lozano impeachment case by Malacanang’s congessmen
    allies – Proposal of charter change to divert focus from Hello
    Garci controversy – Proclamation 1017 ; Unconstitutional “State of
    Emergency” during EDSA 20th
    Anniversary; Threats to media
    orgs which are critical of the
    admin – Monthly payoffs to FG,
    Mikey and Iggy Arroyo to
    protect Jueteng – Fertilzer Funds for her 2004 campaign and govt’s
    inaction to arrest Agri Dept
    head Jocjoc Bolante – “Permit to Rally” for protesters – Calibrated Pre-emptive Response (CPR) Policy against all protesters – Fake “self-exile” of FG – Ratification of JPEPA treaty ; making Phil. the “trash can” of Japan – Extension of the useless Visiting Forces Agreement – Insistence on ineffective natural family planning and abandoning artificial
    family planning programs – Threat of vetoing the Reproductive Health Bill – Pardon of controversial
    convicted criminals like Ninoy’s murderers – Questionable SC associate justice appointments – Appointment of shameless
    lapdog, Merceditas Gutierrez,
    as Ombudsman – Swine scam ; fund for the Swine program were diverted
    to Arroyo’s 2004 campaign
    fund – Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political
    enemies – Insistence on charter change
    to shift to unicameral legislature and delay the 2010 election – Fraudulent and incredible signature campaign for charter change – Libel charges against editors
    of anti-govt newspaper Daily Tribune – Libel charges of FG against detractors like Bishop Oscar
    Cruz and journalists – Cash hand outs to congressmen and other allies
    to quash another
    impeachment (as exposed by
    Ed Panilio) – Inaction on the extra judicial killings of
    militants and members of left leaning groups – Praises for Jovito Palparan , alleged mastermind of extra judicial killings of
    militants – Lack of response to the
    unjustified killings of journalists – Subversion of the party-list
    system with Malacanang- backed party-list groups – Political dynasty in the congress (4 Arroyo
    congressmen) – A total of 2.8 billion pesos
    for all of GMA’s foreign trips – Pardon of convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada – Overpriced NBN ZTE Broadband Deal and kickbacks for the first family – Kidnapping of NBN ZTE
    scandal witness Jun Lozada – Removal of JDV , father of NBN ZTE scandal
    whistleblower Joey De
    Venecia, as House Speaker – Mikey Arroyo’s undeclared properties in California – One million peso dinner in a fine dining restaurant in
    New York City – National Artist recognition
    to a clown, Carlo J. Caparas – Removal of govt
    bodyguards for former pres
    and Arroyo critic, Cory Aquino – Gov’t special treatment to Ampatuans , close allies of the Arroyos – Gov’t arms and ammunitions
    to the Ampatuans’ private armies – Unconstitutional “Martial Law” in Maguindanao – Defense Dept’s acquittal of
    two accused Ampatuans – Excessive gov’t spending for
    GMA’s hometown Lubao, Pampanga – “Villarroyo” ; Secretly helping and financing Manny
    Villar’s campaign – Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of
    Pag-Ibig – Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park
    Administration. – Midnight appointment of an
    Arroyo lapdog, Renato Corona, as SC Chief Justice – 200+ other illegal midnight appointments – Absence of all Arroyo
    congressmen during the
    voting for the Freedom of Information Bill – Expensive and excessive print and TV ads about GMA’s “achievements” (paid
    using taxpayers’ money) – “Release” of “Koala Bear” as a plan to destroy the
    legitimacy of the election
    winners – Use of Independence Day celebration to highlight fake achievements – record high unemployment rate – record high debt and govt borrowing – record high budget deficit – 4.3% GDP growth for nine years (lower than the 4.7% GDP growth of the 2.5 years
    of the Estrada admin) – 7.3% 1st quarter 2010 GDP
    growth which is low compared to other Asian
    countries’ GDP growth – decreasing purchasing power of the peso – record high inflation – record high incidence of hunger – record high poverty rate – widening gab between the rich and the poor – failure to lower the
    skyrocketing prices of fuel, electricity and water – The Philippines being one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

        1. @FishCRAP
          Your list of GMA’s “sins” is full of FAIL like YOU!

          Go get yourself a REAL JOB, you stupid bum.

        2. Why qualify it as attention whore? Kris Aquino is a whore, plain and simple.

          And Fishball, you birdbrain, I bet if we cross out the hearsay and debunked charges there will be NOTHING left on that list of yours.

        3. Boo f**kin hoo fishCRAP.
          You are just a whinny emo that can’t accept the fact that your president is a LOSER like YOU. Your president has acomplished NOTHING in the past 2 years.
          The people are getting tired of your president’s incompetence. Your president’s days are numbered.

        4. Ummm… that’s a contradiction. Most of them are just fabricated and based on hearsays. I’m sure you get this from the media and that’s it.

          Noynoy has more sins than GMA had so far. Pointing out that he belonged to an oligarch family. 😛

        5. Fishball,

          “Widespread cheating and
          anomalies in the 2004 election – Blocking by arroyo’s allies of
          all objections against
          questionable Certificates of Canvass during the national canvassing – “Hello Garci”

          Teka, wasn’t PNoy involved in this fiasco as well? Just sayin’.

        6. Yes, Brianitus. It’s all right here:

          The unprincipled gall of Noynoy Aquino

          Some excerpts:

          “Noynoy’s little-spoken but nonetheless criminal deeds against the people did not end with the 2001 EDSA coup. During the 2004 elections, Noynoy allowed, or perhaps helped facilitate the electoral cheating committed against Fernando Poe Jr. in the conspiracy to fraudulently declare Arroyo as the winner of the presidential race. Noynoy as Tarlac congressman did nothing as stalwarts of his Liberal Party and others railroaded the congressional canvassing by refusing to open the contested COCs (certificates of canvass). As Daily Tribune’s Ninez Cacho-Olivares notes, Noynoy Aquino “kept his mouth shut even in the face of massive electoral cheating,” thus effectively preventing the Filipino public from knowing the real 2004 President-elect.
          The only time Filipinos got to know that Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) really won in the 2004 polls was when the Hello Garci wiretapped tapes came out, which primarily showed that Arroyo engaged in conversations with elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano in connection with operations surrounding the May 11, 2004 polls. However, even when the Aquinos already learned about the tapes, Noynoy did not immediately withdraw support from the Illegitimate “President.” In fact, he even voted AGAINST the airing of the tapes during the fifth Congressional hearing on the “Hello Garci” issue on June 30, 2005, the first anniversary of the surreptitious wee-hour-of-the-morning congressional proclamation of Arroyo as “President-elect.”
          Noynoy even praised Arroyo’s televised July 2, 2005 I am sorry” speech, claiming it’s a “good start” for the controversial administration. Cory, for her part, even warned against resorting to extra-constitutional means to remove Arroyo, even as they themselves had four years earlier ousted Estrada and installed the Illegitimate in her place.
          The sequence of events that his defense implies also constitutes falsehood: Noynoy Aquino actually withdrew support for Gloria only in July 8, 2005–six days AFTER he voted against the airing of the Hello Garci tapes. (As to why the Aquinos ultimately dropped Arroyo, GMA-7′s Stephanie Dychiu seems to point to the not-exactly favorable report of Task Force Luisita that came out that same month).”

    1. and even the killing of jose rizal,, you’ve mentioned all her shortcomings and misdeeds,, how about the accomplishments she has done

      1. That is insane yellow troll logic for you. They always find a way to insert impossible things to blame on PGma even though Fishcrap’s list is full of shit like him.

    2. @Fishball

      I almost believed in your list until I realised that even the ombudsman is having a hard time filing a case against her due to “insufficient evidence”. Not to mention the lack of witnesses. Why don’t you volunteer as a witness? You give me the impression you know about these allegations first hand. If not, obviously they are merely “hearsays” or in Tagalog “tsismis”.

      1. Fishball, like Persinoynoy and Lacierda… would respond —- who needs facts when you know the truth!!!!

        History is being rewritten by the one speaks for majority of Pilipinas because he won who won with 54% of the votes from 2010 elections!!! Hail, CAESAR!!!!

        And a question is still being ignored by PersiDente noynoy — Who Was Mastermind of Ninoy Aquino Assasination.

    3. these atrocities are ok with them because you have to understand that grp fans are happy with corruption/plunder as long as they consider someone competent. i dont see how gloria can be viewed as competent though. what i remember most are
      1. strong republic nautical highway
      2. journalists and students murdered

      1. You’re just like your precious pwesident you dumb flip. Everyone is corrupt even YOU. You morons are already suffering from corruption mentality. So you are still thinking that this country will be free without corruption at all? What are you a perfectionist? Do me a favor moron: if you want a perfect world, go make your own planet with just you and the rest of your kind.

        1. you are satisfied with corruption. i believe we should fight it. lets just agree to disagree. have a nice life.

        2. @jaks: You’re completely missing domo’s point. There will ALWAYS be corruption. The only way to deal on it is not to fight it but to CONTROL it. The difference is the progress and how the government met its year-to-year goals.

          Honestly, troll. You never realized that the problem is the SYSTEM and not the people around it. Oh yeah, are you satisfied with MEDIOCRITY? Have a nice life because this country would never move forward if people like you exist. Don’t mess with the critical thinking, enlightened Filipinos.

        3. Proof that you have no brains at all and acting like a street boy who sniffs too much rugby. Or you’re just a katoliban who wants a perfect world. I too don’t want corruption. But I’m not like you who is like a blood thirsty murderer that kills any corrupt person only to make yourself feel better. Now look who’s corrupt.

        4. there will always be murder and rape, lets not fight it just control hehehe so the country can move forward. very enlightened daido

          finally weve identified the problem is the “system” hehehe not very helpful daido what exactly do you mean by system so we can solve the national condition be specific idiot

        5. @jaks: Umm… what you’re pointing out is a small deal. Rape and murder are crimes yet you’re making it a bigger deal. It’s more like a TRIVIAL matter. All I know is that the Philippines grew worse after Marcos and it’s not right to blame one person (GMA). Just accept the fact that you’ve just blinded by what the media says to you.

          Corruption and rampant crime is not the source of the problem but more on the dysfunctional culture. It’s the SYSTEM and not the people around.

          Be specific, idiot. 😛

        6. kindly elaborate on this dysfunctional culture and “system” daido? its your last chance the noose is tightening.

          sticking to your fanboyism you have now arrived at “corruption and crime are trivial” and “worse since marcos”. ask the torture and kidnapping victims if we are worse hehehehe. from the pan to the fire daido

        7. @jaks: Of course. Dysfunctional culture are those who prefer stupidity, mediocrity, etc. Oh yeah, inability in implement laws should be blamed on our culture of impunity which it was imminent after Marcos left. “The Philippines has a soft, forgiving culture.” quote is a proof of that.

          How can I ask those torture and kidnapping victims if they were caught up by their emoness and if every factfinding committee is biased LOL. Nice logic you got there. Panning the fire can leaad your comments being deleted since you’re now resorting to trolling.

          Utak-squatter ka kasi. 😛

      2. You clearly missing the point. Corruption is more than just stealing money, etc. Its definition is like this: it was the inability or refusal to do what’s right. Corruption is not just the government but also the people.

        And if you think that PNoy’s bigger pork barrel, his blatant defiance of the rule of law, bribery and even allowing innocents killed (Manila Bus Hostage Crisis) are ok with you then thanks because you showed to us that you are a total idiot after all.

        And I disagree on your No. 2 because the murder of journalists and students were mostly based on hearsays and other kinds of conspiracy theories and blaming the past administration for this is total stupidity because the fact is they even exist before GMA came. Source for the record or it was all hearsay, idiot. 😛

        So what you’re looking on is a small deal. There are people who prefers corrupt officials w/ more achievements than people who are supposedly ‘clean’ yet they do nothing at all. With that kind of mentality, no wonder why we are considered a basketcase.

        1. 1. that is your own definition that i do not subscribe to

          2. i can praise and criticize gma and pnoy both. i am a fanboy of neither. you are a gma defender. im equal opportunity you’re a fundamentalist

          3. i disagree that the maguindanao massacre was hearsay and a “small deal”

        2. 1. Hey, I’m anti-stupidity and anti-mediocrity. I just want to say that the fact that people blamed GMA is because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. Does that make sense?

          2. Then I waas very right: you’re just TROLLING here. The point of the Maguindanao Massacre is how ‘datuism’ can be bad. The Ampatuans are the masterminds but bringing GMA is pure insanity so it’s still hearsay if you don’t have sufficient evidence. Will you believe to a psychopath named Harry Roque? Oh please.

          I must tell you that these kind of massacres have existed before GMA, implying that even sensationalized news being important information can be bad for us. And the Ampatuans exists before GMA and no one checked on them, not even Mindanao. Period.

        3. 1. i see. i guess your idea of being anti-stupid and anti-mediocre is to be a gma cheerleader.

          2. how is the death of 50 people a small deal? to deny that the ampatuans are arroyo’s pitbulls is to put on blinders. they even ensured that gma’s opponents got zero votes in maguindanao. i guess thats just a coincidence theyre not really connected. riiiiiiight

          (bad grammar ruined the rest of your post)

        4. 1. So you prefer ‘incorruptible’ yet incompetent nutjobs and wanted this country as a basketcase and never move forward for progress? Nice logic you got there. Keep on accusing me as a GMA cheerleader and you’re just keep on exposing your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Just as expected from an angry mob mindset of yours.

          2. It’s a small deal because those kind of election-related crimes had exist for a long time before GMA. The Maguindanao Massacre became a big news because it involves journalists. It won’t be an issue if they were just ordinary people. And speaking of electoral fraud, are you saying that past cases of electoral fraud before GMA doesn’t count? HERP DERP! The system is the problem, not the people in it.

          Every time and then, you just love to bark on the wrong tree yet no proof has shown.

        5. 1. i want incorruptible, competent, sexy, invincible, indomitable, punctual, sane president

          2. so the crux of your logic is because violence and fraud went on before gloria, she is blameless for whatever happened under her watch. ok fine hehe. but to extend your argument, would you say then that pnoy would also be blameless due to the same reasons? no you wont, because you are a gma zealot. both presidents should be accountable, command responsibility and all that

        6. 1. The president alone doesn’t make the democratic system work, fckface. Read a book once in a while.

          On the preference of leaders, there were Gibo and Gordon because that is what the country needs: people who concrete vision. Unfortunately, mindless mobsters would prefer atheltes, apelyidos and artistas. Sorry, but those kind of leaders that your looking for would be a very long time to make it happen unless democracy here wouldn’t be treated as a spectator sport. And it is.

          2. “Innocent until proven guilty” is much better compared to the mob mentality-based “Guilty until proven innocent” hehe. I’ve known politics more than you ever wished to be. I would never state the same reasons on PNoy because as of now, he never did a better job and all he has to do is to sleep on it and just wait for the media to come by to show us that he is doing well. Talk about incompetence if you ask me. And he keeps on wasting time chasing his political enemies; in other words, focusing on trivial matters. And he’s even corrupt because of higher pork barrel, his blatant defiance of the rule of law and even bribery like what he did to the 180 congressmen. Oh, and even Hacienda Luisita. 😀

          You said that both leaders should be accountable and command responsibility. But not PNoy. When something bad happens, one would blame it on someone else instead of taking responsibility. He is currently doing that. And that’s COWARDICe. If that is the case, eh bakit ang laging nakasulat sa papel mo ay si GMA? Gago.

      3. @jaks: Here’s a hint. Those people (including you) overrate Marcos’ atrocities yet they what they missed is that he introduced a well-disciplined society. That is well applied to Singapore and Malaysia and no wonder why they are more progressed than this country.

        People are demonizng Marcos yet they take away what he did for the country. I must tell you that many also get killed during Cory’s time mind you.

        1. of course they were disciplined during martial law because soldiers would shoot you for jaywalking back then. this is discipline based on fear. is that your ideal society, soldiers are above the law?

        2. @jaks: Another point is the roaming communist threat during that time. What’s yours?

          Sorry, but I don’t even have a mob mentality like yours.

        3. @jaks: You’re basing it on your parents’ experience. Then I won’t believe because it can be very flawed or maybe they hate discipline or maybe they joined stupid rallies. My father lived thru the Martial Law days and no such thing has happened to him. Care to elaborate.

    4. Another emo whacko on the loose. DUH!

      If she’s really a thief, then bring it to court. Not on street parliamentary.

  6. Ilda,

    Wasn’t PNoy asked one time if he would let Gloria Arroyo seek treatment abroad if there’s an official statement about the severity of her condition? And his (unsurprisingly) elusive reply was:

    “We’ll leave it up to the courts.”

    If Gloria, for whatever reason, dies under his watch, I just wonder, how are his government flunkies and oligarch friends going to spin that one?

    1. It will be beyond their control if that happens. Remember, GMA was very popular with most of the rest of the world; if something like that happens, he is going to start hearing pointed criticism (and worse, from the Chinese) that is going to be completely out of his gang of fools’ range to put in any positive light.

        1. @ FISHCRAP
          You really need to have a doctor see you since you are displaying the symptoms of being a STUPID YELLOWTARD.

        2. What? Isn’t conviction of CJ Corona what you called for so that YOUR groups’ popularity be heightened? Nw hw does that relate to GMA?
          And he was not convicted for protecting GMA. Get your stories straight.

        3. Hehe, idiocy at its height? I’m sure you all get it from the media and not credible sources.

          Pity on those who are easily manipulated.

        4. What medication are you talking about. It would be a compliment for this fishshitball dud.

          Rugby ang binabanatan nyan. Yung itinapon na ng ibang user.

          I’m just wondering why you people are wasting your time with this dud. Seems to me that his comment readers would be those yellownoballstards who would like to read what is only in their agendas.

          Don’t feed the troll!

    2. FallenAngel,

      Don’t worry, GMA won’t die on us. The Universe will not get her off the hook that easily. She and her family still has to be punished and made to suffer with great pain for the crimes she has committed against the Filipino people and humanity in general.

      God is not sleeping.

      1. @Mina Jose
        What crimes are you talking about troll?
        Most of the alleged crimes that your cohort FishCrap listed down are only hearsays and LIES.

    3. @FallenAngel

      Yeah, he said that and then followed it with something like, if the court allows her to get medical treatment abroad, he will do something so justice will not be delayed. He is probably going to perform some kind of hocus-pocus and railroad it again using his army of small ladies.

      “We’ll leave it up to the courts” seems like “hugas kamay” to me. He can actually give them his recommendation now if he really has a heart.

  7. And Gloria still has pending cases, so she must remain there like what she did to Yogie Martirizar. Karma prevails.

    1. Kris, I just submitted a new article that somehow works it way to your Kuya from an unlikely source. Tell him I am ready for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 On Line Team Deathmatch now. PSN ID= spicyfishball. And Kris since you have a lot of pull with the webmaster of GRP Post , I hope my submission sees the light of day. Use those feminine charms that have served you so well in the past in enticing .

    2. Stupid just being more stupid everyday. No wonder why you’re being mistreated.

      Requesting deletion of FishSh!t’s comments.

  8. I think this observation of the President is actually true about those who voted for him; more like APATHETIC about what happens to people they hate. And this is because the apathy is driven by hate. And this hate, after all, is what drives his admin’s actions when it comes to GMA. Well, perhaps he does reflect the character of Filipinos in general, because my observation is that many Filipinos are hateful and apathetic. This is something that is not a stranger to people in poverty.

    1. No. Pinoy does not reflect the character of the Filipinos in general. He is an aberration. A freak. I would like to believe that Manny Pacquiao is more representative of our character. He begs to stop the fight when he sees that his opponent is suffering so much. Manny even tries to pull his foe up when the man goes down. Compare that to the actions of Pnoy.

      1. Manny Pacquiao has done more noteworthy things than PNoy. Pnoy has done NOTHING to ease the growing poverty of our country.

    2. @Chino

      Exactly. That’s why I said that PNoy could learn a thing or two from people in “sophisticated societies” about how to handle compassion. Obviously most members of our society are not sophisticated enough to care about other people’s wellbeing.

  9. Hurting people always hurt other people. Noynoy Aquino was hurt early in life, by the death of his father. He is hurt again, by Justice Corona’s decision of his Hacienda Luisita. He is against all who opposes him. He wants all his way…so he becomes Vindictive…we have a President who is: immature in thinking; spoiled by his wealth and position; and is trying to impose his will to the Filipino nation…Let us give him a good kick on his ass…

    1. Do not be misled by the call for compassion by the notorious senator-judges which include Enrile. They only want to redeem what they revealed as their true color during the kangaroo court trial. Did they show compassion when CJ Corona had to go out quickly for not feeling well? They only showed the very same character of their boss.

      1. @RF Garcia

        I thought about that too but I had to end my article. I wanted to say that Enrile seems less concerned about her health but more about what the international community would think if something bad actually happened to her. And it’s pretty silly of the Senators to try and flex their muscles now considering they already gave PNoy too much power when they allowed him to strong-arm the members of Congress by convicting Corona. I mean, good luck trying make PNoy listen to you guys now!

    2. @Hyden Toro
      Don’t worry, the time will come when we kick him hard out of malacanang along with his retarded lackeys like FishCRAP straight into a mental hospital.

      1. We are lead by a mentally unbalanced President. Remember Nazi Germany…lead by a mentally unbalanced Adolf Hitler…or the Soviet Union, lead by a mentally unbalanced , Joseff Stalin…Soviet Gulags, and Nazi concentration camps were the results…

  10. It’s sad seeing that GMA really is in a life-threatening situation and the people still think she’s acting.

    One must wonder what would happen if GMA does keel over one day. Will everyone suddenly feel sympathy, or will everyone celebrate?

        1. I think he is still more of a minority president than a majority one. He only got around 40% of the votes, meaning around 60% still doesn’t want him president. Peace.

        2. I suppose, but then at the same time, Erap was runner up. So I still find it sad that PNoy was voted into office regardless.

  11. Has anyone noticed that there is a history here in the Philippines of misapplying compassion?

    PNoy granted amnesty to Antonio Trillanes, a mutineer caught red-handed.

    PNoy couldn’t care less about GMA’s condition as stated above

    GMA pardoned Erap (not that what’s happening to her is karma or anything…)

    The senators who voted to convict Corona are now asking PNoy to stop pursuing cases against GMA and the former CJ? They didn’t have the foresight to think just how narrow-minded and single-minded he would be.

    We Filipinos not only have a soft, forgiving culture, we also a have culture where compassion is misapplied.

    1. The growing discontentment towards Pnoy is not faltering. Pnoy will face the growing wrath of the people and when he does, it will not end well for his family and his presidency.

      1. Why was he allowed to run in the first place? Isn’t there a sensible law in the country banning those convicts from running in any election? This is basic common sense in many countries. You will never see a convicted criminal running for any public office.

        1. Hi Nieves, sensible law? This is the Philippines. Never heard of anyone getting a DUI or DWI what more that? Specially if you know of anyone victimized by a drunk driver. If you have not please read Ilda ‘s piece on Senator judges having worse crimes than what Corona was accused of.

    2. @Amir

      Good point. Convicted criminals in perfect health do not deserve pardon especially when they are not even remorseful. But sick people should be given leniency particularly those who have not been convicted yet.

      The charges against GMA is very weak. I don’t understand why the people supporting PNoy on this can be so vile.

      1. people have become so vile…so hateful. it’s even encouraged. bs c. aquino’s idea of “unity” is joining him in his cause of throwing stones at his “enemies”. again, these people are not even the people’s enemies, but his own, personal perceived enemies. just look at what happened to corona.

        as i read your piece, ilda, i am reminded of some of my former schoolmates who are now doctors who were posting on fb during the testimony of cj corona. they were so mean and making fun of his health when he was brought back in a wheelchair. i couldn’t believe they were doctors. i’ve been tempted to ask one of them who was connected to medical city when corona was eventually rushed there, and then brought to the icu, “hey, i thought you said corona was just faking?”

        bs c. aquino just brings out the WORST in people. the zombies would deny it, but then again, they are already dead.

        1. Their sense of justice is screwed up. Apparently, it’s a-okay for them to bully someone like Corona if they’re perceived as “the enemy”. Double standard at its finest.

        2. @ici

          I read the same things on other forums. It’s terrible. That’s why I said that most of them are not sophisticated enough to feel any empathy towards other people. It’s hard to accept that Filipinos can think this way.

  12. Who is this creature Josie Torres? I hope you are not a Filipino. Im sure you are one of the yellow Pnoy lapdogs because you have absolutely no emphathy and compassion for Ilda. I just wonder why GRP prints stupid comments like those of this alien Torres.

    1. Josie Torres comment deleted. I was reacting to it above then it was gone. Hope my comment still makes sense without that troll’s insult.

    2. @RF Garcia

      Once in a while vile comments like hers get through the filter system. But we quickly put it in the spam folder. It’s really amazing how some of PNoy’s rabid supporters actually think that they have the moral high-ground with a mentality like that.

      1. @Ilda

        It is also amazing how they still support this incompetent president even though he has done absolutely nothing so far in these past 2 years of mediocrity.

        1. I will tell you nothing new. They bought the Noynoy hype emotionally. They bought all that anchoring to a not so glorious past. They try to defend their decision to back Noynoy logically. Then they lash out at anyone who makes sense. The spammers and trolls are just proof sites like ours are a threat to their house of cards.

        2. They refuse to admit their mistake in voting for PNoy that’s why they would rather continue defending him. They are starting to look ridiculous now.

      2. @Ilda

        My Parents and my siblings that didn’t vote for PNoy, refuse to admit that PNoy is incompetent. They had let themselves be brainwashed by the yellow media for 25 years. I only pray that they start snapping out of it.

        1. Some people choose to believe PNoy is “The One” because it is easier to accept what the mainstream media is saying rather than use their own critical analysis.

        2. Then we should start calling him Neo. Expect him to fly and dodge bullets. He is indeed superhuman the way the media has treated him and how others fell for it hook line and sinker. And like you said it’s not a masa thing. Including people I know who MBAed abroad. They don’t question his skills, his experience nothing. Literally handed to him on a silver platter. Moronic pinoy culture.

  13. As an outsider looking in, and one who’s first language is notnTagalog, I would have to admit, watching the news coverage leads me to agree that Aquino does somewhat have an air of arrogance. I wouldnt necessarily say cruelty but it strikes me as someone diametric to how non-Filipinos view the average Filipino as one of a warm and caring person. Especially since the President’s mother seemed so universally loved and cherished. One would think her son would have been viewed the same.

    1. Obviously, his upbringing has something to do with his lack of empathy. He cannot put himself in other people’s shoes because he doesn’t need to. Being a member of the oligarchy and the son of so-called “heroes”, he’s always had it easy.

  14. Huh!you’re not christian after all, accussing GMA of cases without evidences and merely believing on their hearsays (cases) is not a sign of a good devoted christian. And I’m referring to retard person in Malacañang =) not GMA gotcha!

    1. @traffice2000

      What are you talking about? Please read the article more carefully. There is no mention at all of Chriatianity. Are you just trying to add confusion to the issues at hand. I have one word for you — TROLL!

      1. RFF Garcia,

        Read traffice2000’s comment carefully. It’s directed at our “dear leader”, Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino. BS Aquino gives the impression that he’s very prayerful, religious and the like, but that vindictiveness and vilification just does NOT fit in. Plus, his case is flimsy.

      2. @RFF reply ko yan sa isang nagcomment kala niya eh binabanatan ko si GMA eh hindi niya naintindihan ko yung comment ko later on tinanggal niya kaya napunta sa baba yung reply ko..get mo? peace bro =D I’m on your side.

  15. Easy for someone with no real picture to call someone else a troll. Ilda is not a troll and I have corresponded with her one on one. You on the other hand will not be missed here should you drop off the face of Kris Aquino’s makeup. You are here with an agenda and it’s not to participate in the posted topics. That is a troll in my book.

      1. Ms. J. Torres, Ma. Socorro dela Cruz and Josie Torres are one and the same troll. She seems to be holding a grudge. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is also sanjo. 😉

  16. [it is easy to judge Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino by the way he treats his political enemies]

    Hi Ilda. You do realize that emphasizing the “BS” is tantamount to name calling regardless if those letters are actually part of his initials, don’t you? Don’t you think that the arguments and facts you presented in your article are already good enough to drive your point without you having to resort to such a low tactic?

    1. Election promise by Noynoy – sign waiver. That was 2010. Two years later still no signature after continuously publicly berating Corona. Do ad I say not do as I said. That earns the BS moniker even if those were not his initials.

    2. I was supposed to say “as” not “ad” . Anyway not one person has ever made the case to me why Noynoy deserves to be elected to the highest position in the land. Having the right mom who died at the right time is not a valid reason to be president. So what does he do. Makes a ton of promises that were on his website which were then erased after the election. One of them being the waiver that he would not sign. That does not seem to offend you but use of the President’s real initials (BS) does? Saying anything to get elected and then not following through when he does get elected? To me that is a low tactic. Yet you come at Ilda for using real initials. Noynoy deserves any criticism he gets. His fault for agreeing to run for President.

      1. Hi Gogs. Did I say or sound like I was offended by Ilda’s virtual name calling on PNoy? And did I say or sound like I’m not offended by PNoy’s broken promises and lame excuses? My point is, Ilda made a very good job of driving her point in this article but unfortunately she somehow ruined the impact because it seems that she’s not confident enough with the strength of her arguments and the veracity of her facts that she felt the need to resort to something that is tantamount to name calling. If you can achieve your goal of calling out someone’s bullshit by using sound logic and eloquent language, isn’t that more effective in driving your point than actually saying the word bullshit or even BS (regardless if that’s part of his initials)?

        1. @jong

          So you consider someone not confident enough because of what you perceive to be “something that is tantamount to name-calling”? Gee…for an atheist you are very judgemental, indeed. Don’t pretend you got the point of the article because if you did, you wouldn’t be quibbling on details.

          There are other more important points raised but you chose to focus your attention on something that you are not even sure of or not even “confident” enough to know what I meant by it. Frankly, it’s not my problem if you put malice into my use of his initials.

          I can’t imagine why you would consider it “name-calling” anyway. A lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact. 😉

        2. [Ilda: “Don’t pretend you got the point of the article because if you did, you wouldn’t be quibbling on details.”]

          Look who’s being judgmental now. 🙂

          [Ilda: “you chose to focus your attention on something that you are not even sure of or not even “confident” enough to know what I meant by it.”]

          Oh, I’m quite confident of what you meant by it. Of course, I’m willing to change my mind if I see another (previously-written) article of yours where you referred to Marcos as “Ferdinand Emmanuel ‘FE’ Marcos” and to GMA as “Maria Gloria ‘MG’ Macapagal-Arroyo” or to other personalities in the same manner.

          [Ilda: “I can’t imagine why you would consider it “name-calling” anyway. A lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact. ;)”]

          Are you actually saying that name calling and stating a fact are mutually exclusive? They’re not. In name calling, it doesn’t matter whether what you say is true or not; what matters is that your intent is to arouse prejudice towards your opponent. 😉

          Anyway, I’m sorry if I offended or annoyed you with my comment. That wasn’t my intent.

        3. @Jong

          Well, this is really interesting. A member of the Filipino Freethinkers questioning my “freedom” to use different literary devices. Feel free to read all my articles. I have about a couple hundred spread over various GRP sites.

          Please note that there is a difference between saying “A lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact” and saying, “It is a fact“. Did I say the latter? No.

          It will take more than lame pot shots to “annoy” or “offend” me. I actually enjoyed reading some of the other responses to you.

          Is there anything else you would like to discuss about the article? You are obviously stuck on this “issue”. Now on its second day, one can be forgiven for thinking that you really are quibbling on details.


        4. @jong: But isn’t “BS” a legitimate acronym for the name of the current Philippine president? “PNoy” and other monickers were all arbitrary creations as well. So what’s up with this small-minded focus on some people’s preference to refer to the president using the initials of his first two given names?

          Tsk tsk. Heritage of smallness talaga ang mga Pinoy. 😀

        5. [Ilda: “A member of the Filipino Freethinkers questioning my “freedom” to use different literary devices.”]

          Please read my original comment again and decide if it was really your freedom to use different literary devices that I am questioning. Here, let me repost it for your convenience:

          “Don’t you think that the arguments and facts you presented in your article are already good enough to drive your point without you having to resort to such a low tactic?”

          [Ilda: “Please note that there is a difference between saying “A lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact” and saying, “It is a fact“. Did I say the latter? No.”]

          So you’re not refuting my claim that you employed something tantamount to name calling?

          [Benigno: “But isn’t “BS” a legitimate acronym for the name of the current Philippine president?”]

          Hi Benigno. That’s totally beside the point of my original comment. You might want to read again everything I wrote. 🙂

        6. @jong

          If you were not questioning my use of literary device then what do you call what you are doing then?

          No, it is not “tantamount to name-calling”. Like I said earlier, a lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact.

          Frankly, your line of thinking/questioning is reminiscent of the Inquisition. I thought members of Filipino Freethinkers are beyond that kind of activity. Tsk tsk

        7. [Benigno: “So what’s up with this small-minded focus on some people’s preference to refer to the president using the initials of his first two given names?”]

          Okay, my mistake. From now on I shall never again question any name-calling or any other tactics employed in the GRP blog.

        8. I don’t think Benign0 even suggested that. He was merely highlighting the fact that you are too focused on this. 😉

        9. @jong In response to what you say here:

          Hi Benigno. That’s totally beside the point of my original comment. You might want to read again everything I wrote.

          I don’t think so. Actually there wouldn’t be any debate, for that matter, if it wasn’t true that “BS” is, in fact, the initials of the president’s first two given names. Then your assertion that GRP is resorting to “name-calling” would stand on solid ground.

          Unfortunately the president of the Philippines does in fact have “BS” as his initials, which makes its use to refer to him a sound proposition.

          You are of course within your rights to question anything about what we write here in GRP, so long as you observe our Terms of Service when you do so. Pay particular attention to Sections 2.2.6 through to 2.2.8 and be guided by those items, plez.

          If you disagree with any of the “tactics” we employ, do cite them and state in precise terms, ideally citing specific examples, why you disagree with them so that we may take the time to reflect on how best to make your experience of our site a lot more pleasant.

          We value your input and appreciate the time you take to bring these issues to our attention. 😀

        10. [Ilda: “If you were not questioning my use of literary device…”]

          That wasn’t what you said earlier, but this: “…questioning my “freedom” to use different literary devices.”

          So to make it simple, I wasn’t questioning your “freedom” to use different literary devices, but simply your “need” to, particularly in this article where the arguments and facts you presented were more than enough to support the claim you stated in the title, that Noynoy does not have empathy and compassion.

          [Ilda: “No, it is not tantamount to “name-calling”. Like I said earlier, a lot of people would consider it simply as stating a fact.”]

          Whatever you say, Ilda. Sure, referring to Noynoy as “Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino” in no way attempts to prejudice the reader, whether explicitly or subliminally, against Noynoy as a bullshit president.

          Anyway, this will be my last comment on this thread. You may choose to reply but don’t expect to hear more from me, at least not on this article. You’re right, I’m too focused on something as petty as name calling. There are more important things to do than to be pedantic about what’s name calling and what isn’t.

          Peace! 🙂

        11. @jong

          Whether I “needed” to use it or not is beside the point. The point is, you are questioning it.

          Like I said, it’s not name-calling. You’re the one who keeps insisting and highlighting that it is. That’s what you call having prejudice. In fact, you’re the one explicitly attempting to prejudice other people against my freedom to use a literary device.

          BS is not name-calling and you failed to justify why you think it is.

        12. [Benigno: “Actually there wouldn’t be any debate, for that matter, if it wasn’t true that “BS” is, in fact, the initials of the president’s first two given names. Then your assertion that GRP is resorting to “name-calling” would stand on solid ground.”]

          There are some things I said in my previous comments that would answer that, and I don’t like repeating myself. So as I said to Ilda (now I’m repeating myself again! hehe), you’re right, I’m too focused on something as petty as name calling. There are more important things to do than to be pedantic about what’s name calling and what isn’t.

          Thanks, Benigno, for pointing out the pertinent sections in your Terms of Service.

          More power to your blog! 🙂

    3. Some people see “BS” for simply what it is, the initials of his given name. Frankly, calling him Benigno Simeon Aquino all the time is just too inconvenient, but there doesn’t have to be any associated derogatory meaning with it.

      On the other hand, others will see what they want to see, that every time Aquino’s name is mentioned, all they can think of is “bullsh*t.”

      Don’t put any meaning into words where there is none, and definitely don’t let your own personal biases get in the way of the message.

      1. Hi Fallen Angel.

        [Frankly, calling him Benigno Simeon Aquino all the time is just too inconvenient]

        Is “PNoy” or “Noynoy” more inconvenient to say than “Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino”?

        [every time Aquino’s name is mentioned, all they can think of is “bullsh*t.”]

        Well isn’t that exactly the author’s intention? Like I said to Gogs, if you can achieve your goal of calling out someone’s bullshit by using sound logic and eloquent language, isn’t that more effective in driving your point than actually saying the word bullshit or even BS (regardless if that’s part of his initials)?

        1. I am going to show my age here. I remember the days when the headlines would always include “FM”. Again, is that the same thing or different thing? Except FM is mostly known as Frequency Modulation and BS is known for a profanity.

        2. They didn’t call Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos “FE,” did they? If we’re going to apply the same logic to PNoy, we might as well call him “BA”. Unfortunately for PNoy, his parents gave him a name whose resulting initials don’t sound as elegant as FM or FVR or GMA. And this is what the author of this article took advantage of. Would she actually call Marcos “Ferdinand Emmanuel ‘FE’ Marcos”?

        3. I went to school with a guy named Frank Urinh. His initials were F.U. Nice enough guy, just an unfortunate abbreviation.

          I use BS most of the time (N/A for informal usage), because it’s technically an accurate abbreviation. That, and it’s an intentional slur. When he drops the supreme arrogance of suggesting that he personifies the nation by calling himself “P-noy”, I might consider being more grown-up about it. Just my point of view.

        4. Ultimately Jong, what we choose to call President Aquino is an inconsequential thing. As I just demonstrated, I would use “President Aquino” instead of PNoy, as I would like to retain some semblance of formality for the highest government post. But that’s just my style; there is no accounting for taste.

          Is the author intentionally driving towards the “bullsh*t” definition of BS when BS Aquino is mentioned? We can’t say, and we shouldn’t assume that the author is, just because she’s criticizing the president. Like I said above, we should simply just take it at face value as initials of his first name. Nothing more, nothing less.

          If BS as in bullsh*t enters the mind of the reader, then it’s a function of the reader, not the author. Mind you, though, this is a mightily petty thing to argue about.

        5. Jong, I get your point that some of us have more than enough tools in the shed to use that we don’t have to rely on the coincidence of his initials. Although I would be lying if I claimed my personal use of it was unintended. Granted with him, he is either taking credit for all that is positive or crying victim with all that is negative. Being human the initials BS are just to tempting to pass up. The thing is no one I know can think of any quotes from him pre – campaign 2009. He established our perception of him with his campaign. And just about any political campaign is BS anyway. Again, point taken but why must he tempt us so? Sorry if I took the shoulder from the high road.

        6. [Benk: “When he drops the supreme arrogance of suggesting that he personifies the nation by calling himself “P-noy”, I might consider being more grown-up about it.”]

          Benk, I admire your candor. 🙂

          [Fallen Angel: “Is the author intentionally driving towards the “bullsh*t” definition of BS when BS Aquino is mentioned? We can’t say, and we shouldn’t assume that the author is, just because she’s criticizing the president.”]

          Logically, what would her intention be? Can you actually imagine the author referring to Marcos as “Ferdinand Emmanuel ‘FE’ Marcos” or to GMA as “Maria Gloria ‘MG’ Macapagal-Arroyo”?

          [Fallen Angel: “this is a mightily petty thing to argue about.”]

          Is it? I respect Ilda as a fellow blogger and I have high expectations from the GRP blog, that’s why I’m a bit disappointed when she had to resort to something tantamount to name calling just to drive her point when her logic and facts would have already done an elegant job.

        7. How about, logically, there is no intention, or no underlying motive. What’s difficult to understand about that?

          If a writer uses ambiguity as a device, then it means he/she is leaving it up to the reader to draw his/her own meaning from the context. You obviously drew your own, and what happened is that you’ve been accusing Ilda of putting it in your head.

          And one more thing. This whole thing started because your first comment was an assertion, not an inquiry. See the difference? Did it ever enter into your mind that maybe you should have asked about the author’s intentions instead of telling her what you think they were? Not that Ilda will answer you in the way you think you’re entitled to be answered.

          If you can’t grasp the concepts of ambiguity and lack of intent/motive, then exactly what is your thinking free from?

    4. No,jong. Ilda never hits below the belt. What she meant by BS was “Big Shot” and not “B*** Sh**.” Right, Ilda? 😉

      On second thought…hmmmm

        1. hi ilda! this guy jong is an example of people trashing the sense of the story by going on details that they think are offensive to them. that’s exactly what happened to miriam.

        2. @Trish

          Unfortunately, yes. The discussion on the thread has completely gone to something irrelevant from the main issue, which is a shame.

          And you are right. The same thing happened to Senator Miriam Santiago or “MDS” as some people like to refer to her. I think we have to accept that most Pinoys prefer to focus on the manner or the delivery of the message instead of the actual message. That is part of the reason why we remain one of Asia’s basketcase. *Sigh*

    5. Nothing wrong with using BS because it is after all part of the guy’s name. Besides, he’s the one who prefers using it.

      1. BS is in the eyes of the beholder sometimes. Ever since he ran for president and he told the Filipino people that he is qualified and fit to be a leader of 90 million people. I say B.S. That’s just me.

    6. it’s not ilda’s – nor our – fault that his initials are “bsc” aquino. it’s a fact. besides, he himself don’t seem above resorting to similar “low tactics”.

  17. If the former leader is really in dire need then I do believe she should be transferred to a specialist but also to be fair the Hospital and specialist that performed the failed operation needs to be barred from practice and the area that treats this condition suspended until they can show proof of competence.

    I feel the main reason why she is being held is that so many journalist lost their lives, she also has been diagnosed with anorexia so she could be trying to gain sympathy through self torture and how many high level government and military leaders end up with health issues when called to testify or they just don’t bother showing up! They didn’t get that memo or some other lack-luster fake excuse that everyone seems to accept.

    1. I don’t even get why GMA is being focusedly blamed for jounalists’ or whoever’s torture or death. Journalists have been losing their lives in all presidential terms ever since Marcos. And if the memo came from the hospital, it’d be foolhardy to accuse them of releasing a fake.

  18. Impersonating a GRP administrator, editor, or contributor is an offense that attracts immediate comment deletion and flagging of offending party as a spammer on our spam filter database.

  19. hey ilda what about the whole hello garci, i am sorry episode? gloria has shown that she is a pathological liar and so its not impossible that shes fooling us all with a fake ailment

    1. Oh please you dumb flip that again? That is sooo mid-2000’s. You know what’s latest? Your precious pwesident who does the noynoying again and blaming the Jordanian journalist himself who got lost and believed to be abducted by a terrorist.

        1. Still, the joke is on you then because in fact, you’re not really educated on the issue of politics here and how does it work.

          I can say that you’re also a proven liar because you can never cite a source. Does that make sense? So you’re still EMO over GMA over small deals like the ‘Hello Garci’ schtick.

          So who’s emotional now? I think Yellow Zombies are like that. Are you? 😛

        2. @jaks: On the “Hello Garci” shtick? If your source is that GMA lied then why there are no charges filed against her?

          They were dropped. It was more like politics. 😛

        3. @jaks: If anyone is so naive it would be YOU because you are being so vindictive and malicious. The worst of its kind? I thought Yellow Zombies are like that. 😛

          Getting rid of Merceditas Gutierrez shows that Noynoy wants to control all 3 branches of the government and now Corona was taken out of office, he can do whatever he wants.

          Those who have squatter mentality are those who are naive.

        4. @Daido: The moron will never admit his mistake. He always think that he’s a perfect person when in fact he’s not. And then he’ll go hostile by attacking us with epic fail accusations and trolling. Now look who is corrupt.

          C’mon jaks the moron you’re sniffing too much rugby already. If you can’t say anything but trolling to us then please get lost. Traposakals like you don’t belong here. And I’ll say this again moron: make your own planet if you want a corrupt free world.

    2. Trolling at its worst LOL.

      Just accept the fact that you are very EMO over GMA and that’s it. You’re also a pathological liar since your answer would be NO. 😛

      1. I think this Jaks is the same guy I argue with on the GRP Community page in Facebook who keeps on ranting his fierce hate messages consistently.

      2. hey gma had some accomplishments like i said:

        job creation
        strong republic nautical hiway
        airports and seaports in provinces
        thousands of kilometers of roads and bridges
        500 billion tourism investments
        landbank small loans 150 billion
        uhhhhh botica ng bayan? hehe
        moving holidays to monday and friday so we can have long weekend hehhehe
        and finally election hijacking

        unfortunately short list of accomplishments compared to the plunder committed

        1. Right and you never include in your list like more infrastructure in the provinces, how she saved the country from the global financial crisis of 2008 and the 7.6 GDP increase in the later years of her administration. And they are lot of them, at least they were more important.

          The other list are more like a long list of controversies and allegations. Come on, what you are getting mad about is a small deal and I would never believe them if you have any credible source. Don’t get me on the “she lied” part because it was all politics. The fact is that there were election highjacking BEFORE GMA. Man, you’re becoming sooo stupid because of your EMOness.

        2. And everyone, including yourself, paid attention at her taking the people’s money (when it’s the government’s money to begin with) yet nobody was shocked and awe that PNOY took over 60 million pesos in pork barrel money? Oh, but of course not since the incompetent individual has not done anything bad and is compensating himself as a proud member of the Aquino family and taking his rightful place in the government.

        3. @Chino: Cory was made a saint, but corruption is more rampant and much worse compared to Marcos during that time.

      1. I’m amazed at people who say, “she is like this,” “it is like this,” when it’s obvious they’re the only ones who see things that way. Some people really think they see dead people. hehe

        1. But how did she lied? Did she admit that he cheated in the 2004 elections?

          You still need proof. Because AFAIK, you’re not even educated about how politics works in the Philippines.

        2. it is pertinent because theres a good chance shes lying about her supposed illness. but you cant see that because you are a gma diehard

        3. @jaks: We can’t see that because we are not conspiracy theorists on vindictive malicious morons like yourself. Resorting to FEELINGS and not on solid proofs and evidence is all that matters and not what you see on TV. It’s just political and nothing else.

          Just accuse us of being GMA diehards and you’re showing us that you have squatter mentality. Then what’s next, playing the victim card.

          Point completely missed but what did I expect from an angry mob mindset? 😛

        4. @jaks: Hard, solid evidence is all that matters than what you saw on TV. So the fact is your basing it on your FEELINGS. Nothing more. And worse, buying whatever the media says about the issue when none of you were there to demand the jailing or put other politicians pulling shady acts.

          Point completely missed but what did I expect from an angry mob mindset?

        5. So you love to accuse anybody even if they’re innocent eh? Well how will you feel if I accuse your best friend for secretly selling cocaine to a drug addict customer in a restaurant at Quiapo hmmm?

          Where do you get your accusations to us moron? Your crystal ball?

        6. you three straighten up. she admitted to the country that she lied about the hello garci tape. isnt this evidence that she could be lying about her current sickness?

          if you are all “critical thinkers”, hehehe, why do you readily accept her claims of being sick when she has a track record of lying?

          thats it. just answer the questions very simple. do not be hysterical

        7. @jaks: Simple. Just to be on the middle on it. Using the ‘Hello Garci’ scandal to back up your claims is pretty weak yet those charges were dropped off since there is no concrete evidence.

          So you’re telling to be vindictive and malicious. Being part of a mob society is brillant hehehe.

        8. @jaks: Still on the middle ground because if I even say yes or no, you will still find a way to troll on everyone here. Every politician does that, not just GMA. Double standard much?

          Esep-esep! Hwag maging UTO-UTO. 😀 Now I wanna ask: do you all get this from the media? Your so-called ‘proofs’ are now questionable. Since most of us never agree, you’re just resorting to ad hominem attacks.

        9. @jaks: Typical Pinoy mentality to be exact. Resorting to attack the person, not attacking the message.

          Sorry to say, but I think emo pricks like you are living in a fantasy world because they would just believe on what the media says rather than using critical thinking and analysis. Always get caught on the drama, much like their own teleseryes. Not mentioning on being too EMO on GMA w/o realizing the fact that they’re getting mad on something that it was a small deal.

          Wait a minute, those who live in a fantasy world are those who had an angry mob mindset, right?

        10. According to jak:

          “she admitted that she lied what more proof do you need”


          “you three straighten up. she admitted to the country that she lied about the hello garci tape. isnt this evidence that she could be lying about her current sickness?”

          jak, aside from your obvious fact phobia, you should be the one who should straighten up. It is a flatout lie if your claim that GMA lied in her statement in Garci scandal.

          (One thing for sure, if you’re not lying, you must have poor reading comprehension.)

          Below is the transcript of GMA’s statement inre Garci controversy.

          “Mga minamahal kong kababayan.

          For the last several weeks, the issue of the tape recordings has spun out of control. Tonight, I want to set the record straight. You deserve an explanation from me, because you are the people I was elected to serve.

          As you recall, the election canvassing process was unnecessarily slow even after the election results were already in and the votes had been counted.

          I was anxious to protect my votes and during that time had conversations with many people, including a Comelec official. My intent was not to influence the outcome of the election, and it did not. As I mentioned, the election has already been decided and the votes counted. And as you remember, the outcome had been predicted by every major public opinion poll, and adjudged free, fair and decisive by international election observers, and our own Namfrel.

          That said, let me tell you how I personally feel. I recognize that making any such call was a lapse in judgment. I am sorry. I also regret taking so long to speak before you on this matter. I take full responsibility for my actions and to you and to all those good citizens who may have had their faith shaken by these events. I want to assure you that I have redoubled my efforts to serve the nation and earn your trust.

          Nagagambala ako. Maliwanag na may kakulangan sa wastong pagpapasya ang nangyaring pagtawag sa telepono. Pinagsisisihan ko ito nang lubos. Pinananagutan ko nang lubusan ang aking ginawa, at humihingi ako ng tawad sa inyo, sa lahat ng mga butihing mamamayan na nabawasan ng tiwala dahil sa mga pangyayaring ito. Ibig kong tiyakin sa inyo na lalo pa akong magsisikap upang maglingkod sa bayan at matamo inyong tiwala.

          I took office with a mandate to carry out a plan for the nation. Since that time, I have focused on making the tough but necessary decisions to make up for years of economic neglect. We passed a comprehensive, fiscally responsible national budget; raised new and necessary revenues to invest in the people; and implemented new anti-corruption measures that have led to the highest collection of taxes in history.

          Nothing should stand in the way of this work, or the next phase of my reform agenda, which includes new investments in education and social services with our new revenues; and an expansion of our successful, anti-corruption and lifestyle checks.

          That is why I want to close this chapter and move on with the business of governing. I ask each and everyone of you to join hands with me in a show of unity, to help forge one Philippines, where everyone is equal under the law, and everybody has the opportunity to use their God-given talents to make a better life.

          Our nation is strong and getting stronger. The progress is steady and I ask you to walk with me on this journey to rebuild our great nation. I remain your humble servant and promise you that I will fulfill my constitutional oath of office to serve the people to the best of my ability.

          God bless the Philippines.”

          jak, where is your “GMA lied” evidence?

        11. @jaks: So are you saying that she cheated in the 2004 elections? Those charges were dropped because even the said voice on the tape was never considered as evidence. Not to mention the lack of witnesses. She just talked to an election official and that’s it.

          So where’s the cheating shtick? Just accept the fact that you’re just trolling here so I can request for the deletion of your posts since you didn’t even contribute in the discussion. Character assassinations and personal attacks are cup of you tea.

  20. Ilda

    From Wikipedia: “Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III; born February 8, 1960), also known as Noynoy Aquino or PNoy, is a Filipino politician who has been the 15th and current President of the Philippines since June 2010.”

    So, officially, BS is also known as “Noynoy” or “PNoy.” In fact, I refer to BS as “PNoy.”

    But note that the letters “P” and “N” in “PNoy” are deliberately written in caps or, separately, as “Pee” and “Noy”

    Interestingly, here is how Urban defines the terms “Pee” and “Noy”:

    1. @Domingo

      Publications normally refer to a person’s full name followed by his initials or nickname in open and close parenthesis or quotation marks. As in: former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. I have always referred to President Noynoy Aquino as PNoy in my previous articles. However, I noticed that a lot of columnists also refer to him as “BS” Aquino. I think using either PNoy or “BS” Aquino is quite acceptable. I don’t really understand why “Jong” from Filipino Freethinkers made such a big deal of it. 😉

  21. Some Filipinos: if someone is even just suspected of being guilty, or yes, even proven guilty, they deserve to be mistreated, spit upon, abused, hated, kicked, humiliated, all the evil done to them, etc. Whatever happened to basic decency?

    1. what do you mean some filipinos? this is a very general statement that adds nothing to the discussion. you can basically add anything after “some filipinos:” it woud be technically true. come back. try harder.

      1. All I’m stating is my honest opinion, and yet you attack it. You wonder you get fed upon here like carrion by the vultures. hehe

  22. Objectively, the point about GMA should be just this:

    If there is really a possibly fatal illness that can be verified by the doctors, then the former president deserves treatment. If she cannot get it at the current facility, then she should be allowed to get it elsewhere. If she dies, then she becomes a big problem of the current admin.

    It’s clear that she won’t be remembered as an Icon of Democracy and playing the sympathy card might be like asking for the moon at this point. With all those allegations hounding her, GMA is notably one of the most unpopular presidents that this country has ever had. Add prison time, time outside of the limelight, people will forget about their remaining positive feelings for her soon. It’s sort of like removing fangs from an opposing snake.

    From an observer’s viewpoint:

    It’s also clear with me is that PNoy shut the door on any possible reconciliation between their camps. It’s clear that PNoy wants to destroy GMA as a political force. Aren’t GMA allies already fragmented and have almost assimilated with the new norm of the power structure?

      1. former fleetwood mac member bob welch, if i’m not mistaken, has a similar spinal condition as gma and was not recovering in spite of his spinal surgery as well. fearing the thought of becoming an invalid for life, he decided to commit suicide instead so as not to burden his loved ones.

        it’s serious and really not something to be made fun of by anybody. not you, not me, and certainly not bs whose father was allowed to leave the country by marcos to get his bypass operation in the US.

        1. Bob welch committed suicide because he did not want to be a burden,not because he was in unbearable pain.There is a big difference.The condition itself IS NOT LIFE THREATENING(what part of that do you not understand?) and the Lady is in a hospital,and might not even need to be in one..

        2. @Joe: The vindictiveness is still there. Those who enjoy schadenfreude are not stating facts after all. They use in order to make themselves feel better.

    1. @brianitus

      With all those allegations hounding her, GMA is notably one of the most unpopular presidents that this country has ever had.

      Judging by the way some members of the Philippine media conducted their trial by publicity during the impeachment trial of former CJ Renato Corona, I am inclined to think that the unpopularity of GMA is a result of the same kind of black propaganda perpetrated by her political enemies. Let’s not forget the exaggerated claims of 45 properties and $80 million supposedly owned by Corona. Filipinos should realize now that GMA’s enemies may have been exaggerating some of the allegations against her for years.

      There are also people in government who have a stake in major publications and TV networks who are said to be allies of the incumbent President.

      It is unfortunate that most Filipinos fall for the black propaganda. Some of the allegations against her are bordering on the ridiculous that anyone who believes it must be lacking in critical analysis. They can’t even realize that there are no formal charges filed against her in relation to the allegations floating around in cyberspace.

      What simply flies over most people’s head is the fact that some things like Lito Lapid’s undeclared millions doesn’t even get coverage on TV or doesn’t occupy the front pages of news publications the way allegations against GMA and her allies do. That’s blatant double standard.

      1. Ilda,

        Admittedly, GMA’s popularity wasn’t helped by these two stunts:
        1. The “I will not run” speech
        2. The “Hello, Garci” and “I am Sorry” affair

        The second was most damaging, it meant that she was fair game. That was the height of impropriety for some, as she admitted to calling an election official on national TV. Most treated it as a total loss of trust. It made the introduction of other “scandals” readily believable for people. If you’re looking for the game changer, it’s “Hello, Garci.” All the rest is gravy.

        1. Hi Brianitus

          1. The “I will not run” speech

          GMA was not the first politician to have said she won’t run again but then decided to do so. My goodness, can’t a woman change her mind without being crucified for it? Did she commit a crime for changing her mind in the first place? Perhaps it was a political move at that time and she is a politician after all, but I cannot believe that Filipinos are holding this against her.

          Geesus. Rock stars say this all the time too. They say they are retiring from the concert scene but then a few years later you’ll see them performing at a come back tour. So I find this reason so lame, I’m sorry. It’s not enough to justify not allowing her to seek medical treatment. In fact, if Filipinos cannot move on from this, I hate to say it, but there is nothing to be proud of as a Filipino. Most of us focus too much on the trivial stuff. This is what’s keeping us from moving forward.

          2. The “Hello, Garci” and “I am Sorry” affair

          First of all, her “I’m sorry” did not signify admission. Besides, at that time, congress rejected the bid to impeach her. Since that was the case, the Filipino people through their representatives in congress, already allowed her to finish her second term. We should respect that. The rest of the citizenry need to move on from this episode because even Ombudsman Morales had to dismiss the bribery case against her in the 2004 election for lack of witnesses and evidence.

          Let’s not forget that BS Aquino himself let GMA off the hook when he voted against playing the “Hello Garci” tape during the fifth Congressional hearing. He played a key role in covering up the “truth”.

          Now unless someone wants to file the necessary charges against her again in relation to the “hello Garci” allegations, we should all just move on. We should now focus on BS Aquino because he should be accountable too for keeping his mouth shut when he should have been more vocal about uncovering what really happened.

        2. Hi, Ilda,

          I just stated the things that killed GMA’s credibility during her term.

          As far as that laundry list of alleged wrongdoings is concerned, I say process those that can be processed. If the people can’t prove she’s guilty of a crime, then set her free.

          And yeah, she admitted to calling an election official. She didn’t admit to cheating. However, it was on the unethical side of things.

        3. @brianitus

          I just stated the things that killed GMA’s credibility during her term.

          Regardless of what people think she did, she is still a human being and she has rights like everyone else especially since she has not been convicted yet. It just seems like those who keep saying the same thing about GMA can’t think outside the square anymore. They cannot see beyond her faults despite the fact that BS Aquino hasn’t achieved anything significantly different from what she has achieved during her term. In fact, he is just continuining on from where GMA left off.

          And yeah, she admitted to calling an election official. She didn’t admit to cheating. However, it was on the unethical side of things

          I don’t condone electoral fraud but those who keep complaining about how GMA cheated in the election make it look like she invented cheating. Cheating during elections in the Philippines is nothing new. It had become systematic even before GMA came to the scene. We are talking about veteran thugs and professional handlers who know what to do on election day. Some people even claim that Miriam Santiago was cheated out of the Presidency. We’re not even sure if PNoy actually won the 2010 election. Some are claiming that it was Erap who won. Unfortunately, people only choose to focus on GMA because she has become the favorite escape goat for the lack of progress in the country. BS Aquino needs to make her look bad so he can continue to look good.

      2. And you still have no proof to back your claims.

        Apparently, it seems you’re saying past electoral fraud case never exist. Your point?

      3. @jaks: Another hypocritical statement, showing everyone to justify one’s mediocre thinking.

        I can only respond to #3. Sorry, but being President is not a popularity contest. And you still insist on your allegations of electoral fraud. So where are the charges? The “I Am Sorry” shtick should never be counted as evidence yet mindless mobsters would count it as one.

        Now I can see why you’re laughing. That’s because you treat democracy as a spectator sport. Get it? Got it? Goooood.

      4. hahayzzzzzzzzzzzz no one said anything about a popularity contest. i merely said the simplest explanation why she is unpopular is because she stole the elections from fpj. thats it. very simple.

      5. @jaks: Hays, flawed logic is flawed. Just because she said “I am sorry” that was televised doesn’t mean concrete evidence. That’s pretty weak if you ask me. If you have any concrete proof aside from ‘lying on national TV’ then go ahead and bring it to court, not to rely on the pussyfooting called trial by media. Rely more on concrete evidences and facts and not what you see on TV.

        You’re dealing with too much trivial stuff, do you? That’s the reason why we can’t move forward as a country.

  23. general question to commenters. ever notice how it’s posts by ilda that always get the most comments compared to the rest of the grp writers? why do you think this is? i am curious. thanks all.

    1. Simply because she more blatant than most writers. And because she tries to answer point by point.

      So what’s your point??? Confused here…

    2. I enjoy the writers here with the possible exception of myself. Still for me , I will tend to participate in a thread if I can add something that has not been said yet regardless of author. There are always trolls and those of us who strike back at trolls with various degrees of zeal.

      1. People who are narrow-minded will consider simple concepts “controversial”. A topic about human rights would be too controversial for most Pinoys like Jaks, indeed.

        Why don’t you create your own blogsite and tell us how many clicks you actually get? That way you’ll have more credibility with your unfounded allegations.

        If we follow your logic, shouldn’t the webmaster be the one creating all the controversies then? You are not making any sense at all.

      2. Looks like some troll is just looking for attention.
        Too bad it isn’t working.
        It is only making him look STUPID.

  24. I remember that GMA won by a margin of one million votes. Visayas, particularly Cebu, handed those votes to her.What I also remember is that the contested votes that came from Lanao totalled 400 thousand plus votes. So, 1M minus (sabihin na natin) 500k votes, that still gave her 500k more votes than FPJ’s. ILDA, mali ba facts ko? and my mathemathical prowess? lol on math thing….

    1. Boyet/ Sanjo/ Jonas/ Fishball / Kris Aquino/ Bemby all spend so much time here because they look for intellectual stimulation. You sure as hell ain’t getting that from the current President.

    2. I don’t have the ability to delete posts. You on the other hand come in here with multiple ids and intent to insult and contradict anyone and everyone then cry foul at deletes. Come in here for discussion fine but if your intent is to tweak and insult don’t cry if that is how you are looked at as a whole. Regardless of how harmless your occassional post is. Most of the time you have an axe to grind with the culture of this site. It’s not our fault Noynoy Aquino is an airhead would not be where he is if not for his mother’s death. How can you idolize that?

      1. Don’t you get it Daido? That is exactly why the victim card is the deck. For someone like Sanjo/ Jonas and whatever id he cares to make today. Comes in here with shotgun insults and wonders about deletion. There is a phrase “your reputation precedes you”

      2. There was that time that preceded your silent mode either voluntary or involuntary. You insulted about 4 or 5 people straight. Including me. I have been challenged before but kept it level. Unless it’s you or Kris who loves just flying in the face of things for the heck of it. If you are always being deleted why come back? If you disagree with everybody why come back? Go somewhere that makes you happy. Where your kind is not deleted. Where you can feel the sunlight on your face and the grass in your feet. Where you are appreciated and not scorned. Is it really that stimulating for you to clash with everybody here all the time? Since you disagree so much do you think we all need enlightening?

        Did you draw the short straw from Malacanang’s version of Joseph Goebbels?

        For those of you old enough to remember Casey Kasem’s long distance dedication. This one’s for you-

    1. Trosp, that was an ‘innocent’ statement coming from you. I’m surprised. You have no idea what’s happening here? C’mon!

      1. Jonas,

        I’m not “innocent”. You really have a reading comprehension problem and would always want to play everything to the narrative you want to write.

        You don’t have no idea on what you’re comenting here.

        I’m aware that idiot comments are deleted here.

        For your reading comprehension, my last comment was to remind the webmaster why he is in deleting mood again.

        To prove to you you’re an idiot, the below is your previous comment –

        “Sayang ‘tong blog na ‘to. Kung hindi lang pikon at atrebida itong si Ilda, it still can be saved. Right now, I think the only ones who will post here, especially on Ilda articles, are those loyal dogs of hers. ‘Yung mga walang backbone na gaya ni Trosp, Gogs,, they will continue to rub each other’s egos here. (ACCODRDING TO YOUR OTHER COMMENT – “SHOTGUN INSULTS? CAN YOU SHOW PROOF OF THAT?” IDIOT, WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT.) Akala ko pa naman matino itong blog na ‘to because of benigno. I was really, really disappointed. Ilda and her cronies didn’t even give a decent fight. Nag-collapse agad on some witty comments and remarks. They immediately pushed the button when they felt that they are being threatened not by physical force but by logical ideas. Sayang.”

        > Tangna, sobra yabang mo. Sa isip mo, yung logic mo lang ang magaling. Ikaw lang ang may backbone the way you’re labeling commenters here with different thought as yours.

        > You keep doing the same thing and you are expecting different result. “Sayang ‘tong blog na ‘to. Kung hindi lang pikon at atrebida itong si Ilda, it still can be saved. Right now, I THINK THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL POST HERE, ESPECIALLY ON ILDA ARTICLES, ARE THOSE LOYAL DOGS OF HERS.” Then why are you still around commenting here. Gusto mong ibaluktot ang tuwid? Idiot, you have a misplaced backbone. To mention also that you don’t know what you’re writing.

        > You’re disappointed and thinking that all commenters here should shame your same failed logic. You want the bloggers and commenters here not to disappoint you or else, what?

        > You’re resorting to sockpuppetry because you’re paranoid your comment will be deleted. Again, the way your idiot mind works, aside from possessing a failed logic, another of it is that any comments from persons named jonas will be deleted! Idiot, how do you think they’ve detected your sockpuppetry?

        And you’re still around heh…

  25. THe charges are non-bailable.The Lady is being cared for better than any other prisoner in the country right now.That is compassionate.Ignoring the rule of law because she is a former President is predjudicial towards anyone who is not a former president.What is all the non-sense about being caring human beings?She did not even need those operations.She was walking ,talking,eating just fine and may have done it to gain ‘compassion’ from the soft as diaper-crap minded Filipino’s who seek sympathy every chance they get.Coddling criminals is for the weak at heart.Keep criminals in jail so others will not be tempted to do the same thing.

    1. Arroyo isn’t a criminal yet. She needs to face those charges but many will disagree due to your angry mob mindset. 😛

      If there is concrete evidence, then deliver the punishment, not on the trial by media BS.

      Vindictive and malicious minds will always fail.

      1. You are just making things up and believing yourself if you think I have an angry mob mindset.The charges are non-bailable,I did not make the law.Nor am I accused of breaking the law.Preferential treatment is already being given to the Lady as Oxycontin and even Morphine injections are both capable of being administered in a jail cell.Breaking the rules for the rich is what you want to see done,if you want the Lady released on bail.That would just be more preferential treatment for the rich and powerful.
        Proceed to trial already,how about that?
        ***I see a lot of insults thrown around when someone makes a point in fact that can not be refuted(like this post!)with provable facts.

        1. Even you state facts, the joke is on since I still see vindictiveness in your comment.

          Yes, proceed to trial already. But the question is WHEN? What are they waiting for? If the charges are there, then go. No to wait for the pussyfooting known as trial by media.

          If you are talking about breaking the law, please tell that to De Lima and Noynoy. They’re far more worse, TBH.

          Missing the point after all…

  26. from what read, this is what we filipinos are. which is precisely the reason why we are among the most corrupt people in the world: Misplaced compassion. Let us be blunt about this: Sick or not a thief should be made to pay for thievery. Glory baby’s is an open-and-shut case: If she’s found guilty then she must be jailed whatever her physical condition is; if she is not found guilty she should not be imprisoned. Simple and thereby truly fair, right?

  27. Ang mga taga Veterans’ Hospital lang ang magpapatunay kung totoong may sakit siya..why dont u ask them?Even Jesus forgave the sinners–if proven true..di pa nag napapatunayan eh..compassion is the word

  28. Maraming naawa sa ating mga Yolanda victims…magaantay na naman ba tyo na kumilos pa ang international community to show compassion..Di ba sabi ni Anderson (after 2 or 3 days ng Yolanda)there is no government,nor military presence here…we see dead bodies everywhere.Di naman ganito ang tinuro ni Lord noong kinwento Nya ang story ng Good Samaritan…

  29. Ang tinuro ni Lord ay mahalin ang enemies..mahirap ngunit ito ay isang marangal na gawain…lalo nyang makukuha ang paghanga ng mga Pilipinos kapag ginawa nya ito…Noy2 will not be forever be a President…ang buhay ay parang gulong..malay nya ay baka maging presidente ang anak ni Gma or probably apo…alalahanin nya ang terms na “Gulong ng Palad”!

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