Next Pigs Will Fly: When Noynoy takes stock of his own agendas

Did the editors at the Philippine Daily Inquirer overdose on Dormicum? The normally so yellow publication that you can call it Chiquita shocked at least me that Rigoberto Tiglao called out BS Aquino for what he really he did and put it in perspective with a time line. In it, he describes various ambitions in play behind the scenes that lead us to where we are now. He even talks about the hollowness of this so called symbolic victory for the public good and transparency of public officials. In my lifetime they put a man on the moon and now the Inquirer has one of their own lay out the President’s personal agenda on the tax payers expense. I have about a decade left, maybe they will find the cure for cancer. Quick read it before they take it down.

This is not news for any of you who have ever spent two minutes on this website. What is news is where this is coming from. I am not a news source. When I really got into blogging about five years ago, I made it a personal guideline to always put part of me into something. It was OK to comment on something everybody else can see but there has to be something unique to me in the piece.

I totally understand why BS Aquino was so vocal to call for Corona’s resignation. You can see from Tiglao’s column that his family had everything to lose. I also understand Noynoy Aquino to be an imbecile to not comprehend the optics of the situation. So he had the motivation and also the lack of good judgement to give into his preservation instincts. Like the 6 year old who puts himself in harm’s way the day he gets a bike. The kid feels the bike is there in order to ride screaming down hills at top speed, Noynoy honestly feels the Filipino people voted him in so his family will be well taken care of.

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Anyone who saw A Few Good Men will remember that people high up in the military wanted the case against Col. Jessup to go away and die a quick death. So what they did was assign the case to Daniel Kaffee ( Tom Cruise) whose standard operating procedure was to plea bargain to avoid trial. The military in that movie did not anticipate the Kaffee character to grow a pair and this lead to damage that they could not comprehend.

I understand people trying to settle out of court because I was indirectly involved in a very memorable case where it was clear the plaintiffs wanted an out of court of settlement thinking the defense was not willing to pay the price in court. Two decades ago I worked for a certain business for 6 years. Five and a half of those years the business comprised of nineteen men and no women. Any business with that demographic over time will behave like a hockey locker room. One of those men decided to sue the business for sexual harassment. I assume the lawyer thought details would be too uncomfortable to bring up that the out of court settlement will just be a payment not to go through it.

The founder of the business decided to fight the case. I was called in as a witness despite having resigned three years earlier. The legal team had a simple strategy: “tell the truth”. No matter how embarrassing or how juvenile tell the truth. I forget how many witnesses came before me but I accurately remember the plaintiffs dropped their case the day after I testified. They wanted the settlement and seemed ill prepared for an actual trial. Whatever case they thought they had fell apart when they faced witness after witness saying the same thing over and over again. It was hard to challenge consistency. I knew for a fact that the plaintiffs did at best distort certain things and at worst totally fabricate things.

It was actually a nerve-wracking thing to go through at the time. It’s weird being a witness to a case and being asked questions in front of people. We were prepped and the venue was more a room than a court room but it was still strange. Of course when it was all over we could laugh at it. This brings me back to something I said in my previous blog that if you have to lie to make your point how good is your point?

I am still trying to get my head around an Inquirer voice not only calling Aquino’s actions for what they are but getting inside his head. I have said many times that Noynoy ran for President not because he wanted to but because people had things to gain if he was in power. Damn the fact he was neither motivated nor qualified. The story implies that if BS Aquino wants to make good on his promise of “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”, he should start by eliminating the corruption he sees in the mirror. Then wait to hear the oinks coming from your 8th floor window.

13 Replies to “Next Pigs Will Fly: When Noynoy takes stock of his own agendas”

  1. “Tuwid na daan” on Pnoy’s term? I knew, it ain’t real coz he, himself is a fake. Booooo to you, Pnoy!!!:/

  2. Anybody with a computer take a screenshot/save page before it follows the fate of de Quiro’s “The Wasted Vote” article?

  3. You know Ed, I used to hear a similar phrase “pigs will fly” when I was younger, something from Wayne’s World:

    “…and monkeys will fly out of my butt.”

    Maybe we have been underestimating BS Aquino’s intelligence after all :P.

    1. Isn’t that a line from Bruce Almighty? There was this Chuck Norris joke that said a crew secretly filmed Chuck and that footage was turned into the Walker Texas Ranger series. With the awe filled reverence Noynoy receives you could easily make a Noynoy Almighty movie out of his real life.

  4. I seriously think that the article by Tiglao at the opinion corner of PDI shouts “Hey! We’re not all yellow!” LOL

    Anyone who has a capability to think about Corona’s Impeachment Trial would notice that it really has something to do with Hacienda Luisita. Unfortunately the idea was dismissed by the masang Pilipino as an urban legend. Word war ensues.

    BS Aquino only flirted and serenaded masang Pilipino with his slogan “Walang corrupt, walang mahirap”. Ain’t using everything in his power to remove a threat to his clan’s beloved Hacienda that was supposedly distributed decades ago a form of corruption? Corruption takes many forms, I believe, not only just stealing or misusing the taxpayer’s money.

  5. In the Philippines, there is way way to win a case: Flash the Judges, a lot of money…the Judges will run an apparent trial (Mock Trial)…to show people, that they are doing their work. However, the result of the decision , or the winner of the case is already determined…Can you see real actors and a comedian, playing their roles in the trial. Acting to them is easy, because, it is their livelihood. Pontius Enrile, who is a consumate political opportunists, played his role well also. Ask them now to sign the waiver: they will be terrified..

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