T3: The Mindless Bravado of the Tulfo brothers

And so the flames of gossip are alight once more. People got to see for themselves the laughable incident at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) involving Ramon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto; what seemed a perfect storm of bad moods and sheer coincidence took place, and we Filipinos once again stood witness to the fact that even celebrity figures with white skin like Claudine Barretto (together with her husband, apparently) are capable of such brutish violence. Philippine society once again got a glimpse past through the prim and respected images projected by our showbiz personnel using the ho-hum local media, and into their morally defunct attitudes. Once again, we got to see just how social screw-ups are not limited to ordinary Filipinos, but to celebrity figures as well.

Speaking of social screw-ups not limited to your average Juan, the same principles applies to machismo and muscle-flexing, whatever you may call it. There is this prevailing instinct among many Filipino men to show just how manly they are by, let’s see, drinking alcohol… and making children… and oh, how could we forget trash-talking and inciting fistfights and similar stuff?

Of course we’re familiar with the notion “suntukan na lang, ano?” (How about a fistfight?) whenever two men are in a serious argument (usually under the effects of alcohol, or absence of rational thinking). And recent events offered irrefutable proof that even famous faces on television are no exceptions from this way of thinking.

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Recently, the three brothers of Ramon Tulfo, Raffy, Erwin and Ben, expressed their utter contempt for the couple whom their brother had a fight with at the airport using their own program at TV5 (a Philippine media channel), T3: Kapatid Sagot Kita!. Having watched the video, it isn’t hard to see how hurt their familial ego was, and how they are so eager to flex their muscles to show who’s boss. In fact, this seems less of an attempt to console their brother, and more of a vanity project to show the Filipinos just how macho they are.

Oh yes, never mind irresponsible journalism; that you use your own program, something that can be watched by Filipino citizens (including children), to show how bloodthirsty you really are, to publicly declare your strength, that you can beat some guy to a pulp. Such trifles seriously cannot get in the way of these alpha-males and their display of mindless bravado, right?

YouTube users posted a video of these three bozos, but got deleted afterwards. If you want to watch the clip, try this Facebook link, courtesy of Facebook group, Petron Blaze Boosters.

Translation (apologies for any inaccuracies):

Ben: Uh dude, This thing… I’ve already started it, but you haven’t faced it for us. And it’s easy to talk and our tongues might slip. But in the name of fairness, right, because some people might think that we’re using the program T3, because a Tulfo is involved here, we don’t want to interview a fellow Tulfo, to a Tulfo about a Tulfo issue. So eh, the name, the word that I should use is—propriety, and at the same time, the ethics we will use that we won’t interview although we feel bad about the ones involved—listen to what I have to say—READ MY LIPS. It’s not yet done.

Raffy: The only thing I can say is this: um, Raymart, I’ve said this a while ago, uh, Raymart, Barretto… I said this on the radio a while ago, Balitang Tapat, you’re lucky because you have many lackeys, and my brother is alone. Nevertheless, I’m very proud of my brother, some of you got hit. If only my brother is there, doing a one-on-one match with you, your *ss would be on your mouth right now. He’ll break your bones, because my brother—everyone knows this—he’s a martial arts expert, aikido. You were just lucky because there were many of you. If only one-on-one… I hope we won’t meet at a mall, you pray for it you son of a b*tch, that we won’t meet at a mall—pray for it, light a candle from now; don’t let our paths cross. You b*tch.

Erwin: I can also say one thing about, uh, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto—you know, you just chanced to meet my brother alone. Maybe if we were just together in the plane yesterday… he was just ahead—he came from Davao—my brother just got there first… that will not happen, my friend. There are only two outcomes; either I am being interviewed in jail, or I’m being interviewed right here. But this is my message for you, Mr. Santiago and Ms. Barretto… you two are big, fat liars. You can ask anyone at the airport—people are laughing there—because my brother didn’t strike first. Especially to Claudine—Tulfos are not known to hit women. Even if Raffy scolds him, he still doesn’t get mad at a woman and just avoids her even when she’s wrong. You’re utterly full of lies, and you, Mr. Raymart Santiago, you were angsty only because you ganged on our brother. Why, it would be good if we had a four-on-eight; we can hold our ground if there are four of us versus the eight of you—no problem. Raffy said it right; we see each other at the airport. Just pray for it—I advise you, and your wife—don’t get out of the country for a while, because if we meet at NAIA Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, you’ll get what’s coming for you—I don’t care—even your wife will get what’s coming for her. Just pray that our paths won’t cross.

Ben: Well for me, I’ll only do one thing; Raymart, listen to what I have to say for you; I clash against criminals, murderers—you’re a good person, but if you want a closed warehouse, with ambulances lying in wait outside—last man standing, we’ll lock ourselves in—let’s see what you got. Keep this in mind.

Erwin: We’re not yet done, Raymart, it’s not yet done… not yet done. Just wait for it—just wait for the lightning revenge of the Tulfos. Later, someone is available for interview live— (video ends)

It’s indeed a serious business if a family member is hurt. However, the Tulfo brothers must recognize their responsibilities; you are journalists, speaking on television, trash-talking about beating someone’s wife and fistfighting in a closed warehouse. Is this the kind of attitude we want to impart to our viewers? Eh, so much for journalistic ethics, Ben. Yup, that’s Filipino machismo for you. Suntukan na lang, ano?

57 Replies to “T3: The Mindless Bravado of the Tulfo brothers”

  1. ang tingin ko dyan ay si raymart ang unang nanuntok dahil mainit na ang ulo niya o ang kasama niya dahil hindi naman sila nakilala ni tulfo nakikiosyoso lang siya .pero kung nakilala ni raymart si tulfo baka hindi suntukin dahil mainit na ang ulo kaya nangyari natural magalit ang mga kapatid dahil pinagtulungan ang kapatid nila kung sa akin din nangyari magagalit din ako hindi magsasampa ng kaso si tulfo pero nabalitaan niya na idinimanda sya kaya nagdemanda rin sya ..

  2. I would be surprised if the Tulfo Brothers didn’t say anything about this issue. They have a reputation for being “mayabang” & “matapang” even back in Isumbong mo kay Tulfo days. I’ve watched some episodes of T3 when I was in the Philippines what I witnessed is that these brothers can just curse right on TV. Well I think the criminal, corrupt police and government officials deserved the cursing but I think this issue has become too personal to them because one of the great machos of Philippine journalism is badly hurt by award-winning drama queens.

    1. haqqnga ako sa mga turfo kung ang sabi mo ay binabatikos niya ang mga pulis dahil noong nandiyan ako sa pinas ay hindi m,o puwedeng murahin ang pulis dahil gulpi agad ang ibibigay sa yo ,sa tingin ko ngayon ay ang lalaki ng ulo ng mga artista dahil mayaman sila at marami na fan na nasisiraan na ng ulo at sinasamba na sila na mabuti sa mga istasyon ng tv at mga pinikula kahit na hindi maganda ang estorya ,,ang napansin ko sa mga teleserye ay puro child abuse at wife abuse ang estorya sa ngayon kailanga ng pinas ang mga tao na gaya ng mga tolfo para may voice ang mga mahirap na tao na inaabuso ng mga pulis at mga mayaman na tao..hindi ko kilala ang mga tulfo dahil matagal na ako dito sa USA ssi marcos pa ang presidente noon.

  3. well, it only shows that the renown “invincibility” of the Tulfo Brothers…are now in question…

  4. Did they really need to have that woman translate their threats into sign language?

    I find it quite absurd but I also find it funny.

  5. this is funny as hell. and u are right about filipino machismo. even the simplest things can turrn into a fist fight like say, a game of pick up basketball. or how about in the clubs just cause you and another guy’s eyes met (nagkatinginan lang naghamon na ng suntukan) truly the philippines is in a class of its own. amazing.

    1. nong bata pa ako ay may liga ng basketball at natatalo ang home player ng nag free tro ang kalaban bigla nalang namatay ang ilaw dumilim ng binuksan ang ilaw putol ang kamay ng player tinaga ….yan ang pilipino noon..

  6. this is so f… stupid..really? how old are you guys?
    I’m sure kung nanuntuk man ng una si raymart dahil may reasons…we know this f.. brothers..they think they can say or do anything dahil nasa media sila. kung magsalita parang walang pinag-aralan…videong to eh walang evidence kung sino man ang nagumpisa..sinong ang bumastos..pinapakita lang pinagtulungan si mon…

  7. WOW I am shocked! In America they would have gotten arrested for just saying stuff like that!! Not to mention they would be all looking for jobs!! Thats wild!

    1. It’s something natural in the Philippines. You need to get used to it and not be shocked at all. Sometimes our [pathetic] government can’t do anything with people like these especially those in media.

      Only in the Philippines! And it’s “more fun in the Philippines” since such things can be said in our media (though yes it should not be said) and can get away with it.

  8. Yeah!!! That’s the Philippines for ya. People can do anything they want, anytime they want to. We are a bunch of spoiled freakin’ brats.

  9. What can you expect from the Tulfo brothers, it is but natural how they reacted but as to being proper and correct is totally out of the question. I will not be surprised if the Raymart camp would file grave threats and intimidation for these statements while they face charges and counter charges from Mon Tulfo. Case in point, their statements did not help their brothers cause. Funny how other people would respond so candidly as if they approve of the response of the Tulfo’s they should have their minds checked. Will the KBP take action for their behavior? Someone must make a stand and let these Tulfo’s know that no one is above everyone.

  10. Out of curiosity I started following the updates on Santiago/ Tulfo NAIA Terminal 3 brawl. I was shocked to see this video of the three brothers cursing in the national television. Their action can easily influence many people and consider it normal to curse and threaten someone. I wonder why it is even allowed to be aired. I mean there is really something wrong about our system. Regardless of whoever threw the first punch, the brothers shouldn’t have acted this way. It is plainly unethical! I hope that their station would do something about it; otherwise, we should all condemn this channel and program!

  11. Suntukan na lang, ano? <———- I cannot help but ask myself if this is doctrine behind the Philippines' foreign policy as well.

    1. Not really. President Aquino’s style is more of talk them to death. That and IQ golf (read: whoever has the lower IQ and EQ wins)

  12. look who’s talking here? if one of your kin gets hurt, woudn’t you do the same thing? you people are a bunch of hypocrites! shut up!

      1. hey arche… raymart beat my brother once in pasay market 20 years ago, along with his cohorts of thugs for simple reasons … hes a bully even when he’s still young, coward jerk …

        1. And I’m genuinely sorry to hear that. You can file cases if you want. You can be angry if you want; it’s your right.

          The point of my article is not to criticize the brothers’ anger. Anyone would be angry if he/she saw his/her sibling get beat up.

          What I do take issue is the fact that they PUBLICIZED their anger, which flies in the face of journalistic ethics.

          As I’ve said in my article:

          “It’s indeed a serious business if a family member is hurt. However, the Tulfo brothers must recognize their responsibilities; you are journalists, speaking on television, trash-talking about beating someone’s wife and fistfighting in a closed warehouse. Is this the kind of attitude we want to impart to our viewers?”

  13. wag naman tayong hipokrito. kung mkahusga din kayo sa mga tulfo parang mga santo din kayo ha. bugso ng damdamin yan eh. kahit sino naman, makita at mavideohan pa na kunikuyog ang kapatid mo. ano mararamdaman nyo? passive lang? wag namn kayong hipokrito. kung mka husga parang hindi nagkasala.

    1. “It’s indeed a serious business if a family member is hurt. However, the Tulfo brothers must recognize their responsibilities; you are journalists, speaking on television, trash-talking about beating someone’s wife and fistfighting in a closed warehouse. Is this the kind of attitude we want to impart to our viewers?”

    2. I think the Tulfo brothers really crossed the line this time. If ever their elder brother Ramon has a point, his three brothers definitely pulled down whatever support I have for them.

      These people have their brains on their fists.

      1. The Tulfo brother’s reacted just fine. You would’ve done the same thing as a way to vent your frustrations upon seeing your brother get beaten. Anyway that program is not supposed to be watched by kids as we all know that the contents are clearly not for children that’s way its aired late. And let’s not be hypocrites here these things happen in all parts of the world. In their line of work when they get angry all the time at just a tiny act of injustice i think they are bound to react the way they did, more so that a sibling about 60yrs old is involved. Why im surprised they were a little calmer at that time, they must have at least gotten a hold of their emotions a bit. Im just saying its not a very disgusting reaction. They just want to state their side, and it just happen that they were in the position to have their frustrations heard.

        1. The feelings and emotions of the brothers are understandable. However, they hold a program in natural TV. They are seen as advocates of justice (I don’t want to use the term vigilante) to people. Having a program already gives them advantage because they can use it as platform. Granted, that their brother is the one in the disadvantage in the brawl, they should have at least waited for an investigation of the matter. If they felt that there was no justice done to their brother, then they can freely admonish after the authorities have investigated. It is not proper to preempt of threaten people on air because the receiver is one at the disadvantage this time. It is okay to express your anger but not on national TV. Besides, it is a personal matter. If they are professional journalists, they should leave the matter as soon as the camera is on. They are bringing liability not only to themselves but also to the company who gives them air time. They have every right to express their feelings and reactions but being part of the media does not give them the right to threaten anyone. Besides, it’s better not to comment. Loose lips sink ships.
          Even though the program is not menat for kids, kids can still watch them or adults who had the same attitude,. They will feel that it’s okay to pick a fight that will lead to another fight. Also, we’re in the digital age. The video can easy be shared in many sites like Facebook or Youtube.
          Finally, it is not being a hypocrite. It is doing the right thing. These guys have power, if you get my drift. You will gain more respect if you let the matter be judge by an impartial system. If the system does not work, perhaps, it is the time to take action.

        2. That would have been fine if humans have not evolved yet and alpha males beat their hairy chest to prove dominance.

          I understand they apologized already so beat the hypocrite crap. If my brother is Ramon Tulfo, I would have expected the worst. Being beaten by a Raymart, his pal and would you believe it, Claudine Bareto, I would have just laugh it off.

    3. I’d give my sibling/cousin a gun and let him/her decide.

      But I know my family, their much wiser than to use the gun

  14. Arche,

    It’s all about the resbak, isn’t it? Hmm, how do I translate that to English? Basically Pinoys rely on strength in numbers to intimidate people.

    I understand needing to do something about your brother getting whacked, but if they really wanted to teach those two a lesson, they would have thought of some other, more discreet, off-camera way.

    T3= tatanga-tangang mga tulfo

    1. Ah, yes. Resbak, a very common and often-heard word in colloquial Filipino language; why? The psyche of a typical Filipino man is associated with random brawls, and settling issues with more brawls. Usually with friends. ^^

      Indeed, no one’s telling the brothers to ignore the issue. Seeing your brother get beat up can really piss you off– no one’s being a hypocrite here. However, they also have a responsibility as journalists to maintain a respectable image in front of the camera. After all, kids could be watching TV at any moment.

      “T3= tatanga-tangang mga tulfo”

      Heh heh, nice word play. 8D

    2. I don’t think “resbak” (if I interpreted what you are trying to say correctly) is just prevalent in the Pinoy’s culture. In Malaysia, we also have a deviant sub-culture that aroses from the “Mak Rempits”.

      “Mat Rempits usually travel in groups and race in bustling city centres on weekend nights. In recent times, Mat Rempits have been linked to gangsterism, gang robbery,[1][2] street fighting, assault,[3] vandalism, theft and bullying.”

      More info about Mak Rempits can be gleamed from:


      1. Well, I’m not talking about organized gangs and gang fights per se. Gang wars do take place here though, but usually between young adults and teenagers.

        “Resbak” simply means “getting back on someone.” Many typical Filipino men are prone to picking up fights (usually with friends as back up) when involved in an argument. Fistfights in the middle of a drinking a session are commonplace in the Philippines.

        So, yes. I wasn’t really talking about gangs and stuff, although they do exist here. Thank you for your input. 🙂

        1. AH! I get you! Actually Mak Rempits are not actually about gangs per se. It’s a culture of picking fights with the hope of winning because you have numbers to back you up. Usually it starts with perceived slights and then escalate into something bigger and hence gangs are formed to protect against these so called “perceived slight”.

          At the end of the day, we both can agree it’s a very childish behaviour in the 21st Century.

          But to give credit to the T3 brothers, they did apologized for their remarks.


          Now, that deserve commendation as it takes a bigger man to admit his mistake.

        2. By the way, I am actually speaking from a personal experience (not in the Philippines) when I was just 15 yrs old coming home from school.

          For a perceived slight, I was attacked by 8 villagers twice my size with age ranging from 22 to 28.

          In in the end, it worked out well and funny actually as I was asked to go around the village to identify who my attackers was…funny because its not very often you see “macho heroes” jumping out of windows trying to escape the policemen apprehending them.

        3. Yup, I’ve heard about their apology. Well, I just hope that they’re sincere enough, and that this issue will get wrapped up as soon as possible. The fun in celebrity brawls do wear off pretty quickly, after all. For me, anyway. 😀

          But then… suits. -.-

        4. Yup, I’ve heard about their apology. Well, I just hope that they’re sincere enough, and that this issue gets wrapped up as soon as possible. The fun in celebrity brawls does wear off pretty quickly, after all. For me, anyway. 😀

          But then, yes… the suits will come.

        5. Hahahaha! Juvenile years are very educational if we pay attention (Less Tak Tak Mo or Wowwee). Many of the opinions I shared here were based on personal experiences.

          My father was a colonel in the Police (Special Branch) during the Malayan Emergency in the 1960s. The person interviewed in the History channel documentary on “The Malayan Emergency” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQLvKlAdvmk),

          Yuen Yeut Leng was my dad’s immediate superior.

  15. maiinit ang ulo ng tao sa Pinas dala ng sobrang init ng panahon, dagdagan pa ng mga problema sa pang araw araw na buhay, kung minsan mahirap talaga pigilan ang bugso ng damdamin lalo kung naiipit ka na sa isang pangyayari na hindi mo inaasahan at may nasaktan na mahal sa buhay, may masasabi at magagawa kang mali, emosyon ang iiral

  16. Mga kababayan, hangang kelan ba kayo mag papakulong sa rehas na ginawa nga intitusyon at at gobyerno sa bansa na dapat sanay minamahal nating mga Pilipino. Ang patuloy na pag puri, pag-samba, at pag kokonsiti sa mga taong imkompitensya ay ang pag papatuloy ng pag opresa sa ikauunlad at ika-aasenso ng ating bayan. Halos lahat ng komento sa mga pangyayari ito ay puro nalang sa pag sasang-ayon sa kalokohan ng ating mga kabayan. Kelan paba kayo magigising at matatauhan na sa pang yayaring ito ay makikita nyo ang bulok at bugok na systema sa Pilipinas. Ang sistemang BULOK ay patuloy nating pinupuri at pinalalampas kung kayat tayo bilang isang bansa ay walang kinapupuntahan. Nag inglis pa kayo ng nag inglis pero karamihan ng inyong mga komento ay walang katuturan. Walang kwenta ang inyong edukasyon kong hindi nyo naman ito nagagamit sa tamang paraan. Nais nyo bang maging BOBONG PINOY sa pang habang buhay? KaBOBOHAN ba ang ating ipapamana sa ating mga kabataan na syang dapat na pag asa ng bayan. Kung buhay lang si RIZAL ay kasusuklaman nya kayo.

  17. The best solution in this issue is to have the Tulfo, Santiago and Barretto families(including their parents, children, etc. shot, in public(Never mind whether the children will watch this; they should also learn how screwed up the country is). This is how the likes of Stalin and Hitler dealt with peace and order issues during their respective leaderships.

  18. Re-edited version:

    The best solution in this issue is to have the Tulfo, Santiago and Barretto families(including their parents, children, etc.) shot, in public(Never mind whether the children will watch this; they should also learn how screwed up the country is). This is how the likes of Stalin and Hitler dealt with peace and order issues during their respective leaderships.

    1. The best solution in this issue is to have the Tulfo, Santiago and Barretto families(including their parents, children, etc.) shot, in public(Never mind whether the children will watch this; they should also learn how screwed up the country is)

      That’s how dysfunctional dysfunctional people views dysfunctional people. SO SICK.

      1. Hey… That is also Malthusianism if you ask me. We persecute those who don’t do good, leaving only those who are REALLY good.

  19. alam nyo pare ganon talaga yon hindi natin masisi na ganon ang reaksyon ng magkapatid..kung kayo kaya ang kapatid nyo ay nakita dyan sa video na pinagtulongan ano rin kaya ang maramdaman nyo..mga hunghang kayo at mga onggoy kau kung hindi kau masaktan din..ang mga tulfo ay daming tinutulongan na mga mahihirap na inaabuso samantalang itong mga onggoy na artista na nagpa bait baitan lang sa harap ng camera ay hindi ko alam kung nakakatulong ba sila ng mahihirap kung mayron man cguro hindi umabot ng 10…itong claudine nato ay kilala sa pagka tarantada at suplidita at hipokrita na tao at si raymart naman ay nadamay lang kasi under de saya..kaya ang payo ko sayo raymart magtago kana sa bolbol ng asawa mo baka may makita ka pang koto…

  20. yong mga tulfo na yan araw araw may tinutulongan na mga mahihirap na inaabuso at samantalang kau na nagkokoment ng masama sa kanila ay cguro ko sarili molang ang inaasikaso mo..itong mag asawa na raymart at claudine ay mga barumbado pala mga laking kanto or sobra pa sa inasal na nakita natin sa video..ang pagkakamali ng airlines ay ang sanhi ng gulo na hindi dapat si claudine ay mag asal aso kasi kasama mo ang mga anak mo kaya dapat sila ang idemanda ng child abuse dahil narinig at nakita ng mga magulang nila ang ginawa nila…si raymart ay bading din pala kasi hindi sya marunong manuntok kung di sambunot ng buhok lang ang alam nya at hawak sa leeg na iyan ang ginagawa ng mga baklang nasa kanto…hahayyy raymart at claudine baretto mga salot pala kayo pweeee…

  21. Deogracias, ikaw ba mamayan ng Repiblika ng BOBONG PINOY o ng Republika ng Pilipinas?
    mag komento ka pa bago kita tuluyang husgahan.
    Ikaw ba ay kagalang galang o kawalang galang na
    Mamamayan ng BOBONG PINOY.

  22. mon tulfo tama ginawa mo tawanan mo nlng ang pagsasampa sayo ng demanda ng santiago. nakita nmn sa video na wala kang sinipa at wala kng itinulak at wala kang sinkatn na bata. god bless u

  23. Sir dito sa VILLAREAL WESTERN SAMAR,naniningil ng 150 para sa pirma ng Atty. ang katanungan ko , my bayad poba ang pag file ng COC ? ito po ang # 09289973957

  24. sir meron lng po sana ako gstong ireklamo concern citizen lng po ako dto sa tayabas city quezon province po may tao po kasi na nandaya ng requirements nya pra mkapag work po cya dinaya po nya yung certificate of employment nya dahil hndi po sya binigyan ng cerificate dahil nagnakaw po sya ng pera.sa ngayon po nandyan po sya sa manila nagwowork at ang alam ko din po malapit n po mag abroad yung taong ito.. kaso po ito sa batas d po b ang mandaya ng documents sana po mabgyan nyo agd ng aksyon ito..kawawa po kasiung mga company na naloloko nya.. slamat po

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