Raymart, Claudine, Tulfo in excellent airport brawl


Bad breeding is at the heart of most issues that plague Philippine society and its culture of dysfunction. It is endemic at the macro level and ingrained at the micro levels — at the very threads that are woven into the very fabric of the national soul. This is evident in the manner with which manifestations of bad breeding amongst Filipinos transcends class, profession, and age. Certainly media personalities Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto, and Ramon Tulfo were not above succumbing to the condition.

Ramon Tulfo is an aging populist crusader known best for his slogan “Isumbong mo kay Tulfo” (“tell Tulfo what’s bugging you”) and a television show he hosts that sports the phrase as its title. He is also a columnist for the Inquirer.net. Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto are a husband-and-wife celebrity couple who were at their prime in the mid- to late-1990s.

Considering all involved parties’ respective affiliations to various media conglomerates, the stories in “news” reports may vary depending on corporate bias. But the gist can be summarised in a few bullet points:

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(1) Claudine and Raymart are at arrival area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 just off a flight from Boracay while Tulfo had also reportedly arrived in a flight from Davao. All parties were patrons of Cebu Pacific Air.

(2) Tulfo spots Claudine loudly verbally abusing ground personnel over “mishandled” baggage.

(3) Tulfo starts recording a video snapping photos of the spectacle with his mobile phone.

(4) Raymart gets mad and attempts to take the phone from Tulfo.

(5) Fists start flying.

Interestingly, Cebu Pacific seems to be a common denominator underlying bad and tasteless behaviour in da Pinas. Perhaps it has something to do with a really simple formula: Cheapskates flying Cebu Pacific + mediocre service + crappy airport = bad attitudes and hot tempers on landing. It seems, conditions are always quite in alignment for this sort of thing to happen in a land of oppressively hot and humid weather inhabited by tribes of self-important people. Of course, what makes this particular incident excellent media fodder is its illustrious cast of characters: has-been artista couple brawling with an aging populist crusader.

Considering the plight of former A-List celebrities struggling to remain relevant in today’s far more fast-paced media landscape of reality show products and viral stars, one can argue that Claudine and Raymart are victims too – they were caught flatfooted on video flying on a budget and then complaining about bad service.

Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw.

Speaking of which, isn’t Cebu Pacific famous for dancing flight attendants?

There you go.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Until then, isumbong niyo kay Tulfo.

65 Replies to “Raymart, Claudine, Tulfo in excellent airport brawl”

  1. The average “JUAN” can see that the elite is not living in the same world the average “JUAN” lives in! Wasn’t Tulfo the nut that raised so much hell about US Embassy folks that had a run in at a restaurant in Manila! Double standards abound in this country

    1. And President N/A is hurt that other countries consider this one a security risk. Take a swing at someone in a US airport, you’re probably going to get tased pretty quick.

      1. I don’t think it will be just the US Airports…any International Class Airports around World definately wouldnt allow this to happen.

        Just imagine the impression that is being conveyed to the Whole World. Airports = High Security Zone = Public brawls? What about the rest of the country?

  2. Apparently there are a lot of anecdotes about the appalling behaviour of the Barretto sisters.

    One of them involves Claudine, who was holding an economy ticket for a PAL flight and was asking that she be allowed to sit in the business class lounge while waiting for the flight. She was denied, of course, but then she was said to have said something to the effect of “what, you mean you expect me to sit and wait with them” while pointing to the people sitting in the economy lounge.

    Another story is about how elder sister Gretchen who works out at Fitness First in RCBC Yuchengco building was in the elevator when another lady stepped in. Grtechen allegedly asked her aid to tell the lady to get out of the elevator. The lady then in turn said “get out of my building”. According to the story, it turns out the lady was a Yuchengco. 😀

    1. Ooh, I don’t know who told you about the social climber’s run-in with the Yuchengco lady but a relative of mine has a personal account of that! 🙂

      Also, funny how Inquirer wrote a news about this and emphasized that Tulfo was a “martial arts expert.”

      1. I read that he was hit on the blind side. And his aging body and his not-so-quick flexes might have been the disadvantage

      1. I read the news in ABS-CBN that the NPC defended Tulfo and according to them “he was only practicing his obligation as a journalist”. And journalists are allowed to take videos and photos in a public place. And since the couple are public figures whose every word and action any member of the press are free to record and report”.

        Claudine should’ve acted appropriately in the first place. Even if the brawl didn’t happen, there will be commotion in NAIA 3 as the typical “ususeros and ususeras” would take photos/video of Claudine cursing at the stewardess. If she had problems she shouldn’t be berating any employee of the company.

  3. If there’s something that bothers me until now, is how could these couple ganged up an old man? Seriously, I am having imaginations if my lolo would be in the same situation. Well I watched the video and the news from different stations and read the inquirer. The couple is so contradicting so ma-drama and so pa-importante!

    1. its not that they are pa importante or wat so ever u wil call it..it just happen na mahirap tlga mawalan ng bagahe..think about it if u will be on their shoes?ano kaya reaction mo..and customer is always right..maganda nga yan eh dahil lgi nlng may aberya sa NAIA 3 atleast ngayong may matinding ngreklamo siguro gagawa na sila ng way para mapunan ang mga aberyang yan ngbabayad naman ang mga customer nila,,si Mr. tulfo may pag ka mayabang tlaga!pati mga kapatid niya..kinakampihan siya ng mga journalist and columnist dahil part siya ng ganung trabaho!

      1. even if you lost a baggage, that doesn’t give you the right to hurt someone (physical or emotional) because you’re pissed/angry. besides i’m sure hindi naman yung attendant na nasa counter ang nagdecide na ilipat yung luggages nila to another plane so baket cia ang kelangan awayin?! i don’t think giving an attitude to people would resolve the issues in the first place.


  4. benign0, it’s really refreshing whenever you set your sights on showbiz personalities.

    Kanino magsusumbong si Tulfo?

    “It seems, conditions are always quite in alignment for this sort of thing to happen in a land of oppressively hot and humid weather inhabited by tribes of self-important people. ” Nailed it!

    1. If only there is such thing as animal class in the philippine airlines…who knows, Cebu Air might offer such in the future for the Filipinos.

    2. They should also have an airport lounge for has-been celebrities — so that they can all sit there and check each out one another’s facelifts before they go off on their budget holidays to Hong Kong. 😀

  5. What on earth is this? Sa headline pa lang ewan ko na.
    Benigno, what so excellent about a brawl? Does it mean its cool to brawl? Its actually a rude act. Pakiayos naman ng mga pinopost mo dito.

    Parang tabloid. Nakakahiya. Do actually think its nice to call this a good blog? Man, get your facts straight.

    Pakiayos ng HEADLINES mo sa susunod.

    1. It’s “excellent” coz it’s good entertainment. Celebrity idols versus populist idol. Pinoy idols certainly reflect the people who idolise them. That is my point. More popcorn? 😀

    2. @ano ba

      The author merely expresses that such actions coming from such personalities are at most, entertaining. Which means its not that important…which means its also not that important for you to have to suffer hypertension on.

  6. Allow me to paste the link to my classic article:

    Filipinos need to work on their ego

    Here are some excerpts:

    “The Filipino mind is Philippine society’s greatest enemy. If you read Philippine publications, watch local talk shows on TV or even just peruse other popular collective Filipino blogsites, you can pretty much tell what the national preoccupation is about. The national preoccupation is centered on the Filipino ego. To be specific, it’s all about who has offended who and who needs to apologise to whom. This preoccupation pretty much prevents our country from moving forward.

    The late master of psychology, Sigmund Freud would have had a field day studying the complexities of the Filipino mind if he were still alive today. The Filipino mind is full of convolution and contradiction, which is the reason why we remain who we are today, a nation of braggarts and show-offs. A simple misunderstanding can turn a non-issue into a nasty national spectacle. If you don’t believe me, just google the name “Ampatuan” or look up that fight at the Valley Golf Club in Manila that turned really violent when two prominent families just couldn’t stand each other’s presence. Even the funeral of the late President Corazon Aquino was all about bruised egoes for it was said that the family wanted to heed her wishes not to have a state funeral just to spite President Gloria Arroyo. The Aquino siblings couldn’t seem to emphasize this enough to the Media during their mother’s wake.”

    1. You know what Illda, I know a lot of your countrymen in the states and none, I say again none of them seem to act like you say, but the ones here do! You just tweaked my brain! Is it just the environment or what! I don’t know just a thought

      1. Not true, among themselves, Da Penoys DNA comes out even in the States or other countries. Da Penoys carry Da Culture anywhere they go because they are “Prod Penoys!”

  7. Surely Tulfo knew the risks of trying to be “discreet”. But of course Raymart and Claudine acting like spoiled brats isn’t exactly admirable either.

    I couldn’t help but laugh when radio commentators said that news of this brawl eclipsed the mayweather-cotto fight on the same day.

    Cebu Pacific – you get what you pay for. Cheap service, lost baggage, in short, practically nothing.

    What’s appalling, but not surprising, is that the NAIA-3 guards didn’t allegedly step in immediately. I wonder how much truth there is to the statement made on radio that their mandate is to guard the doors only. They are not paid to help tourists, nor stop incidents. Might as well put stone statues in their place.

    1. For me they are all the same — self-important brats in a country that looks up to self-important brats. They may differ in terms of minor details like age and profession, but the bigger core of their character, their being Pinoy and as such suffering from the renowned disease called Da Pinoy Condition, trumps all of those minor differences in terms of sheer weight of influence.

    2. Actually if you watch the video, the camera focuses more on the women’s ample bums than the brawl itself.

  8. Now we’ve come to the lowest of the low. This a classic example of how ‘fame’ could actually get into someone’s head and to think the fame of this couple had waned a long time ago, it’s not so surprising how they dealt with all this. Berating service staff in public, no matter how upset you are is appalling and nonetheless, ghetto-class.

    1. Hahaha! The ghetto flight class is reserved for the has-beens of Philippine showbiz.

      The Barretto sisters always rubbed me the wrong way. Does the word ho come into mind?

  9. i feel sorry for these people. it only shows they are nothing but brusks and a bunch of morons. Personalities such as actors and journalists have rights but not to step on anyone’s ground. they all have faults here.

    given that they are all tired during the flight and it is really understandable to get easily irritated but behaving like kids fighting in the playground, what a scene.

    1. I agree.. to think their profession involves the public.. it only shows that they are not decent people and should not be idolized..

  10. Between this fight and the other fight which took place earlier in the day (Mayweather-Cotto), it’s a no-brainer to figure out which one provides more entertainment value for a majority of the populace.

    Pinas talaga…

  11. Which is why I always wear cargo pants when flying Cebu Pac, to store spare underwear in case they delay or lose my baggage. But every cheap-ass airline has that event.

    Besides, while celebrities are a $0.10/12pcs in the Philippines, none of those whose claim to fame comes from noonday shows have any real breeding. Like *no breeding whatsoever* (that includes the national clap, Kris Aquino). The kinder ones are so nice, they actually avoid attention even under the nastiest circumstances.

  12. Ahhh, this is fun.

    Two arrogant celebrities go head to head (Claudine Barretto and Mon Tulfo). A self-righteous crusader against a Prima Donna.

    I think I’ll just lay back and watch the sparks fly.

  13. NAIA 3 brawl..both parties have their own points and faults..but the fact here is that dont misjudged Ms. Claudine Barreto and His Husband Mr. Santiago,,in the first place khit kayo o ako mwalan ng gamit sa ganung time iinit ulo ko,madaling sabihin na She drag abuse the stewardees pero ikaw did u ask urself about it on how u wil react to that situation?naku khit foreigner magsisisigaw sa bulok na sistema na mwalan ka ng bagahe its just happen na si Ms. Barreto ang nagrereklamo..Its right to fight for customer’s right..si Mr. Tulfo considering He is a Man behind Isumbong mo kay tulfo should not act as if he knows the story behind,,minsan may pag ka mayabang din kasi siya at huwag niyang ipagdiinan na inabuse nila yung stewardees ganyan tlga sa trabaho if u cant accept worst scenario di ka mg gogrow sa work mo!!!di tama yung kuha agad ng picture or wat so ever at masipa o sipain ang babae!!then at the end of the day sasbihn pa na in favor daw sa knila ang magiging colum niya,,madaling mgpalusot pra pabanguhin pangalan mo..nwei para maayos na to mgusap nlng both parties and sa NAIA sana maging lesson ang ngyaring ito para laht ng pgkukulng ay mapunan..customer is always right..remember..

  14. I think both parties should be arrested and / or given a fine for acting like children in a mindless squalor they did in NAIA3. They could have just ended things up in a heated argument discussion among themselves about that indiscrete taking picture by Tulfo but no, it ended in an embarrassing fistfight that eclipsed the fight of Cotto vs. Mayweather on the same day.

    Shame on both sides, I’m neither in favor of any of the parties. The government should give both punishments to teach them a lesson not do this in a public area especially in an international airport.

  15. Kitang kita naman sa video na sumasapak din si claudine! me posibilidad na doon nya nakuha yung galos nya! tapos sabihin nya na na-trauma anak nya. e sila nga ang sumusuntok kay tulfo habang hawak hawak sa leeg ng lalaki! mahiya naman sila! baka sa kanila na-trauma yung anak nila! na-trauma anak nila doon sa mga nakitang ugaling aso ng mga magulang nila! yakkkkkk!

    1. probably their kids are already used to see their parents that way. im also a parent and no matter how mad i am if im with my daughter i still try my best to calm down because i don’t want to answer to my daughter why i acted bad to other people. but that’s just me and i think the couple especially the mother has another opinion on that that’s why they reacted that way on the issues. 😛

    2. correct ka dyan! the santiagos claim that their kids could be suffering from emotional and psychological trauma and may be on the verge of being impaired. this could be true. i guess their children were truly shocked to see their parents gang-up and beat an old man and not the other way around. it’s funny how they are suing tulfo for child abuse. hello?! claudine should have been more concerned for her children’s safety instead of diving into the fist fight herself.

  16. i don’t think kung applicable pa ba sa panahon ngayon ang “customer is always right” it’s depends on a person kung paano nya ihahandle ang ganung situaton. kung naiwan man ang baggage ko for example, i will ask anybody responsible to explain to me why it ‘s happen. pwede naman po tayo mag isip isip muna kung makakatulong ba sa pagbawi ng baggage ang paninisi sa ibang tao?.. of course not! andun na yun eh, ang maigi nalang natin gawin is harapin at intindihin ang naturang kababayaan na hindi rin naman ginusto ng ibang tao. ang mga pinoy nga naman, napaka mainitin ng ulo. relax relax lang po tayo mga kabayan dahil jan sa mga negative reactions natin kaya tayo napapahamak. salamat po!

  17. I knew something like this will show up.

    Anyways I have observed that both parties have their own mistakes, aside from being assimilated with “Da Pinoy Disease”.

    Knowing Mon Tulfo and his brothers, who have an affinity towards the “oppressed”, must have a malice (or ill-intent) on taking a picture of the Claudine and Raymart and later show it in one of their many shows on TV5 if he gets away with it unscathed. The brawl only speeds up the process, with the brothers hurling threats like they always do, failing to see what ‘professionalism’ is all about.

    On the other hand, Claudine lacks self-control which sparks the encounter. Notice the “scratch marks” on her thighs made allegedly by Mon? Did I just noticed that they were somehow not convincing?

    Anyways both parties will have their professional liars (lawyers) do the talking. Pataasan na lang ng ihi, that’s how important is their ego.

    And now it’s been a week, and the said issue is a perfect alternative on Scarborough Shoal issue and the Impeachment trial, just in case you get sick from them. 🙂

  18. Offloaded baggages are a common problem in the commercial aviation industry. You cannot force baggages into the plane if it means you’ll be compromising the safety of the aircraft itself!

    My cousin was caught in the same situation a few years ago; she flew in a SYD-MLA-CEB route of a legacy carrier and her baggage was offloaded in Sydney. Severely disappointed, she complained tactfully (not with subsociety claudine manners). She was compensated and the baggage arrived two days after at our doorstep. No eksenas and brawls!

    1. oh thats what happens to me when my luggage got offloaded or missing luggage when I was on the way to the USA flying with Qantas Airways on last December 22nd 2007, it’s been 2-3 days after they found my luggage and was delivered to my cousin’s place so I had no problem about missing my luggage. I was worried about that.

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