Noynoy’s incompetence is the real reason why the ‘revolution’ remains ‘unfinished’

Yet again, Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III brings up the whole concept of Laban (“fight”) that characterised much of 1980’s politics. But it is a fight where there is none. Whereas there was a “fight” beginning in the mid-to-late-1970’s culminating in the 1986 “People Power” EDSA “revolution” for a return to the democratic ideals upon which the Republic of the Philippines was founded, there has been no such fight in the last 26 years ending this year, 2012. The Philippines already is a democratic country. There is no fight. But there is a need to build.

And yet Noynoy insists that the 1986 “revolution” Filipinos continue to latch on to is “unfinished”…

“With the things happening around us, it’s clear that the fight that started in Edsa in 1986 is not yet over,” Mr. Aquino said on the eve of the 26th anniversary of the uprising that installed his mother, the late Corazon Aquino, to the presidency.

See, Mr President, to compare a “revolution” to restore democracy where there was none to a fight for some nebulous goal in a country that already enjoys democratic institutional governance is something only a vindictive, uninspiring, and clueless leader like you would shove down the throats of a public who have, for 26 years, gagged on the quaint but empty symbols that now divide rather than unite — the colour yellow, the moronic hand gestures, and the tacky jingles.

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The President the Philippines never had

What remains the order of business for your term is to achieve something that will see you leaving your people in 2016 a Philippines that is different from the wretched country we see today. But how can you do this when rather than build, you would rather “fight”. Rather than galvanise your people, you would rather distract them. And rather than envision a future, you would rather stew in the past.

To this day we still fail to understand what it is exactly you envision the Philippines of 2016 to be like. Perhaps it is really just 2014 you have set your sights on — the year that your feudal clan’s precious Hacienda Luisita estate comes due for subjection to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Indeed, Uncle Peping I imagine can’t be too happy with the increasing shortage of time at hand to rectify the little setback of an uncooperative Philippine Supreme Court.

The truth is, it is your fault that Chief Justice Renato Corona now stands in the way of the salvation of the family jewels, Noynoy. It started when back in May of 2010 you threw a monumental tantrum over the prospect of being sworn in by an appointee of your personal nemesis (but not necessarily that of the Filipino people’s) former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The perspective you should have taken at the time, Mr President, isn’t really that hard to fathom…

You’d think people with bigger minds such as, say, Chief Executives would take more of a yeah, whatever atittude to trivial things such as whoever the hell will be swearing them into their offices. But then this is the Philippines where people with small minds vote people with even smaller minds into offices that wield immense influence over their future fortunes.

Ayan tuloy it could be that Lord Uncle Peping himself threw his own feudal lord tantrum at the mess you’ve made of Malacañang’s relationship with its peer branches in institutional governance…

“From the time of (President Ramon) Magsasay, the hacienda land was never lost. When Martial Law came, we still did not lose our land. GMA (Gloria Arroyo) and Cory had a fight during GMA’s presidency, we Cojuangcos still did not lose our land. Now that that you (Noynoy) are president, we lose the hacienda!”, the Tribune source quoted an elderly Cojuangco as he berated Aquino in the vernacular.

And so here we are at the turn of another year in this “unfinished revolution” you and your mob would have the Filipino believe they are still in the middle of. There is no “unfinished revolution” Mr President. There is only you blaming others for your incompetence and unstatesmanly demeanour and using the Filipino people to effect your family’s business agenda for you.

77 Replies to “Noynoy’s incompetence is the real reason why the ‘revolution’ remains ‘unfinished’”

  1. Tama si Tito Noy. Hanggang nandyan ang mga inappoint ni Gloria sa korte suprema, hndi mawawala ang corruption s bansa. At ramdam pa rin ang khrapan ng bansa mula sa mga gnwang kalokohan at pagnanakaw ni Gloria.

    1. There you go again with your blame games like what your precious president does vincensus ignoramus. When will you learn responsibility due to the fact that the likes of childish morons like you are also part of this country’s problem? Once again “genius” you fail now get lost.

      1. @domo

        I believe that vincenzo is too dumb to realize that he has been tricked by his tito noy.

        Give up vincenzo, your argument is still terribly invalid.

        1. Tsk tsk tsk, d mo parin matanggap ang katotohanan gunggong na vincenzo.

          IKAW at ang tito noy mo ang dapat mawala!

        2. YOU and your precious president are the ones who deserve to get lost because you buffoons abused your freedom too much.

        3. Hehe, Vincenzo wants to destroy the judiciary in order to make the Philippines as an ANARCHIC state.

          Truth is Vincenzo is totally INSANE. Belat.

        4. nasa presidente ang problema! masyado nyang pinipersonal ang impeachment trial.. puro nalng kasalanan ni GMA at at kung sino pa ang corrupt.. hindi nya tinitingnan ang sarili ni wala nga sya nagawa sa senado sa congreso wala ni resolusyon na ipinasa wala.. katulad din sa nang yayari sa administrasyon nya ngayon walang kwenta! katulad nya rin wala kwenta incompetent may psyc pa xa na problema..

    2. this moron vincenzo is too predictable. he’s almost like a program seeking out criticisms on pbrain pnoy and automatically leaving nonsense comments/replies. what’s so clever about it is that if it really were a program, it really need not make sense, so any piece of rubbish remotely resembling a jejemon discussing some kind of showbiz quantum mechanics will do.

      you can even change a few things and end up with something completely different.

      original: “Tama si Tito Noy. Hanggang nandyan ang mga inappoint ni Gloria sa korte suprema, hndi mawawala ang corruption s bansa. At ramdam pa rin ang khrapan ng bansa mula sa mga gnwang kalokohan at pagnanakaw ni Gloria.”

      modified: “Lakas-tama si Tito AbNoy. Hanggang nandyan ang korte suprema, mawawala ang Hacienda Luisita sa pag-aangkin ng mga Cojuangco. At ramdam pa rin ang khrapan ng bansa dahil puro kalokohan at pagnanakaw ang ginagawa ni Tito AbNoy at mga ka-alyado nya.”

      benigs, don’t ever put this guy in the spam box. i think he was born to be an example for everyone – the dumb guy wearing a shirt that says “huwag gayahin. saksakan ng bobo.

        1. Boo f**king hoo,
          What’s the matter vincenzo?
          Ran out of recycled insults to throw at us you stupid sack of scat?

        2. do you even know the meaning of the word “moron” vincenzo? it means enlightened one. you’ve lost so much brain weight you’ve gotten lighter, haven’t you?


        3. Vincenzo, wear a T-Shirt with the words “I’m A Moron” printed on it. Lalo kang magiging sikat sa mga kagrupo mong Penoyista specially when you tell them that moron means the enlightened one.

        4. @Nutzi Vincenzo

          Who me? Corrupt? Your uncle is correct in saying that the revolution is unfinished… So let us finish it by forcing him to resign or kick him out of power by way of non-violent and unarmed Oplan Harap Patalikod.

        5. Fact: it’s easy to say that Gloria is corrupt while it’s hard to admit that we, as citizens, are corrupt. And that includes YOU, true moron.

        6. Kill all corrupt officials including Corona,the revolution isn’t finish yet because the masses or revolutionaries didnt kill the Marcoses and his cronies.

    3. Mali si Tito Noy mo. The issue of Corona’s appointment is resolved. Noynoy is doing this for his personal gain in order to save his Hacienda.

      BOBO ka lang. 😛

    4. You still alive? Well on the bright side your comments show how terribly biased you are compared to the rest of us. you do have your uses after all.

      Still who is this ignoramus and how long has he been doing this?

  2. Mali ka nanaman vincenzo, hindi mawawala ang corruption hangat nandyan ang gunggong mong budoy!

    You are still a stupid sack of scat you little tw@t

    1. Unti unti nang nawawala dhl nkakulong na ang pnkamaraming mgnakaw na si GLORia at mtatakot o hnd n mgnanakaw ang iba.

        1. hey anonymous, buddy, no need to get all riled up and using the same language as this doofus vincenzo. it’s best that this little boy stick out like a sore thumb here in an ocean of healthy middle fingers pointed at the wrongs of da pinoy society.

        2. Sorry parallax for the harsh language but I think this little s*** really needs to be taught a lesson don’t you think?

        3. no need to apologize to me anonymous bro, i’m just a visitor like you. but there are more elegant ways to be crass with vincenzo. with this guy, it’s too damn easy. talo ka kapag ikaw ang uminit ang ulo, so just enjoy yourself.

        4. “Bulag ka kay Arroyo at hnd mo alam kung ilan ang ninakaw at pnapatay nya”

          Ows, nagmamarunong ka nanaman!
          sige nga ILAN nga ang pinapatay at ninakaw niya??? Bakit? Nandoon ka ba? Nakita mo ba talaga??

        5. Bulag din si Vincenzo since he loved the smell of blood of the murdered Hacienda Luisita farmers, the 8 Hong Kong tourists and even 19 soldiers who were killed by the MILF rebels.

          What can he expect from a nutjob. Vincenzo is a cultist.

      1. E nandyan sina Tupas, Quimbo pati ang AbNoy mong pangulo na may pinakamalaking pork barrell, bigger than the ‘stolen’ money that Gloria allegedly had. You jelly?

        She’s just a small fish.

  3. the people now know that p-noy is a 1 trick pony, and that is hacienda luisita.
    the re-electionists better think carefully – trillanes will have to think for himself for once- because if they convict corona and hacienda luisita decision is overturned then the people will not forgive them for their stupidity and putting short-term self-interest above the strategic benefit of the country

    1. Sinasabi lang ng mga kalaban ni Tito Noy yang Hacienda, ang totoo naman,hustisya para sa Pilipino ang gusto nya nating makamit.

      1. sometimes it makes one wonder if maybe this idiot leaving these ultra-stupid comments could be pnoy himself.

        i dunno which one the bulatao report describes better – the president or vincenzo. seems to apply to both.

        1. Please go easy with Vincenzo. We might lose him.

          Nawala na si JCC, twoface, and Harakiri.

          Nauubusan na ang blog na ito ng mga like-minded Penoyistas.

          Dadalawa na lang sila ngayon if we include Joe America.

          I’m having fun with how their mind works.

        2. don’t worry, trosp.

          they always come back.

          jcc just needs more of his useless blog posts to spam us with (by posting the link).

          harakiri’s probably busy rehearsing sepukku.

          joe america has a love-hate relationship with this blog because he’s a guy who usually thinks straight when it comes to most things; he only loses all grasp of reality when it comes to his idol pbrain. and he tends to miss my opening up a can of whupass on him.

          vincenzo will always need to come back. he’s a glutton for humiliation. (i actually have more fun trolling smarter people because vincenzo is just scraping the bottom of the barrel.)

        3. Parallax,

          I keep bashing my head to the wall every time I encountered Vincenzo’s comments. I keep asking myself what motivates him to keep on spewing his adulation for Penoy.

          Lang ‘ya, you’re spot on. This cretin has a “glutton for humiliation”.

        4. @trosp:

          why do that to yourself man? don’t take it out on yourself. vincenzo is too dumb that he’s numb to criticism, so much so, that if you told him his better half looks like pnoy’s dead toenail, he’ll just say “basta ako naniniwala kay tito noy!” no use getting irritated by a moron. just have fun!


          this is what comes up in my mind when i encounter vincenzo’s inanities:

          who are the idiots in your neighborhood?
          in your neighborhood
          in your neigh-bor-hood


          who are the idiots in your neighborhood?
          they’re the idiots that you meet
          when you’re trolling down the street
          they’re the idiots that you meet each daaaaaaaaaaay!

        1. Sinabi na ni Tito Noy na hnd sya mkikielam tungkol dyan kaya gawa gawa lang ng mga kalaban ni Tito Noy para magmuka mgaling ang matsing nilang si CoroNA

        2. “Sinabi na ni Tito Noy na hnd sya mkikielam tungkol dyan kaya gawa gawa lang ng mga kalaban ni Tito Noy para magmuka mgaling ang matsing nilang si CoroNA”

          Kung totoo yan vincenzo, bakit pinamadali ni aquino ang impeachment ni corona??
          Bakit din ang PAMILYA ni aquino nag file ng motion for reconsideration sa decisyon ng korte tungkol sa HL??

        3. he’s careful not to mention it but it’s exactly what he’s doing.

          it’s like this, vincenzo. if you were in prison, and some other inmates are planning to spend valentine’s with you, they won’t tell you their intentions, would they?

        4. Vincenzo is a moron because the Hacienda Luisita case for him is pure fantasy and it was made by PNut’s enemies. That issue is REAL. It’s about time that the farmers were given justice thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision (where Corona is Chief Justice).

          So the monkeys here are Noynoy Unggoy and his fellow unggoys like Vincenzongggoy. 😛

      2. Justice? There is no justice from breaking the rules. The main issue on the Mendiola Massacre is none other than the Hacienda Luisita because her mom didn’t want it to include in the CARP.

        There is no justice from false reports and tsismis. 😛


    there is a ‘one con-trick pony’ in town trying to illegally grab land.

    senators beware.
    some have already been duped, others are on ‘commission’

    defend the peoples constitution, and do not support political prostitution

  5. vincenzo is on another planet – it’s called uranus – which is what he talks out of

    either that or he is not taking the medication for his OCD

  6. This is my suggestion on internal pest control a.k.a. the Nutzi Vincenzo vermin problem. Let us take a vote. All those who are in favor of totally ignoring the troll by not even bothering to answer him say aye!

    Option 1. All those for selective erasure/deletion of nonsensical and ridiculous statements say aye!

    Option2. All those in favor of moderator absolute termination of all his nutty posts say aye!

    1. ignore the ignoramus
      answering his stupidity encourages him – attention seeker and obviously only 10 pesos to a 100 peso bill
      he must be a mental masochist
      time can be better spent

    2. I have to oppose such measures of censoring him. I am still having the laugh over his extremely stupid comments. I will not be surprised if he will support SOPA, PIPA and ACTA and will petition everyone to support it, even though those two bills(SOPA and PIPA) have retreated for now. I am still not having a good feeling about ACTA though, as it is an international treaty, but if Vincenzo will petition support for such, he shall be condemned “enemy of the people”, as Noynoy shall be condemned.

  7. It’s the fashion nowadays to call JPE the president we never had. That’s cool. In the same vein, may I propose calling Serafin Cuevas the Chief Justice we never had? He was serving as Associate Justice when EDSA 1 broke out.

    We could take a lesson here. Cory Aquino wiped out the Supreme Court when she came into power. The official reason was that the SC, being composed of Marcos appointees, would be a hindrance to her reform agenda. Twenty six years laters, nothing has come from that reform agenda. Let’s stop doing the same things over and over while expecting different results.

  8. this weeks target – senator marcos
    – revive court case – ill-gotten wealth
    – ‘exclusive’ by propagandist raissa robles
    -p-noy ” corona like marcos”!!

    if that fails, ? state burial for ferdinand?

    desperate and despicable

  9. A good one BenignO. I agree with your very perceptive views. The dictator captain of the ship of state is at fault. His management style is mediocre, laid back and indecisive. There seems to be no planned course for our ship. No carefully plotted charts to safely navigate the ship of state. No contingencies to fall back on in times of crisis and storms. No chosen safe ports to dock in safety. The perils of the sea, the competency of the captain and his officers and the state of disrepair of our internal systems are stacked against us. We, the passengers of the ship of state are being distracted by political entertainment. We are deliberately mislead and misinformed of the real state of affairs in able ship handling, navigation and safety. There is division among the officers, crew and passengers. Where will the captain lead us? His course take us through dangerous waters. His path is unsure as he gropes in the dark seeking answers that his mind can never grasp. I say the captain should be relieved of command for leadership negligence and poor judgement.

    1. “This is the captain of your ship
      Your heart speaking
      We’ve run into a little storm
      The boat’s leaking
      And if you haven’t guessed
      This is an SOS
      If you still love me answer yes –

      This is the captain of your ship
      Your soul calling
      You’d better turn yourself around
      There’s no stalling
      You’re running off your course
      You’ve got your signals crossed
      And now the compass points to love – love
      You’re going to lose a good thing”
      renata and the delrons.

      the rats will be abandoning ship soon

  10. BenignO

    Here’s a comical view of “incompetence” that could very well describe PNoy:

    Eight Principles of Incompetence:

    Zeroth Principle: Incompetence is driven by intellectual sloth.
    First Principle: Incompetence surrounds itself with incompetence.
    Second Principle: Incompetence is ethics-impaired.
    Third Principle: Incompetence abhors transparency and accountability.
    Fourth Principle: Incompetence does or says anything to defend itself.
    Fifth Principle: Incompetence always supports incompetence.
    Sixth Principle: Violence is the last refuge of incompetence.
    Seventh Principle: Incompetence is nothing but consistent with itself.

        1. since pnoy has reached his level of incompetence very early in life (mind you that he’s just as poor a sod in his fabricated exploits with women), murphy’s law is bound to follow him around! we have 15 million da pinoy souls to thank for elevating this guy to a level he’ll never live up to. a street sweeper will have made the philippines a better place in a week’s work than pnoy will ever be able to do in a decade.

          pnoy is the balat sa pwet personified.

  11. Hacienda Luisita is the root cause of this impeachment of Corona…People want to kick Noynoy Aquino out. People simply got tired of the Aquinos. They’re arrogant…they think they are above the law. They do not abide by the law…and they blame their political enemies for their failures…
    EDSA was not for you and me, the ordinary guys…It was for the : Aquinos, Cojuangcos, Feudal Oligarchs, Business Monopolist Oligarchs,Political opportunists, Family political dynasties, etc…it made our problems worse. Problems multiplied like rabbits. They piled and piled, until: they are now as Huge as our Garbage Dumps…
    Just look at our Squatters problems; our unemployment problems; etc…we cannot even feed ourselves…so we import rice…these are the Aquino Regime’s Legacy…

  12. it seems the yellow people headed by the cojuangco-aquino clan have a distorted understanding of democracy. they thought democracy is all about mass-assembling on the streets to forcibly unseat a leader. this cojuangco-aquino clan is destroying the democracy the filipino people championed 26 years ago. just respect the rule of law! tama na ‘yang appealing to public emotion epek!

  13. I suggest then we fight using the enemy’s weapons. Yellow against yellow.

    Let’s raise a streamer in front of Malacañang: “Tama na! Sobra na!”

    Maybe this time, the Pea Noy will wake up.

  14. The EDSA I Uprising was more of a restoration than a “revolution” because it restored the Old Oligarchy represented by the Lópezes.

  15. As a citizen and taxpayer – tama ang ITR ko – I find it unfair that many allowed such mediocres run our country. Sad thing is, even in the private sector we have this. Our culture has allowed this. And when people try to oppose such habits, they are criticized and destroyed by mobs. Middle class have been complacent as we allowed ourselves to be divided. The poor and non-tax paying citizen are easily prsuaded by propgandas and hell they get a say on votes. Nothing against anyone but lack of proper education led to our country’s continuous fall. Hell to GDP when inflation rate is uncontrollable.
    Unfortunately, our highest ranking official does not give a rat’s ass about it because he is seated comfortably in the confines of the palace and hacienda. As a leader, you must remember it is ALWAYS your fault since you need to be on top of EVERYTHING that concerns your constituents. Stop blaming others. If you admit you have opportunities, work on it and don’t tell everyone – they prolly have observed it before you noticed. Enough with the press release and mob mentality when those against you are willing to face you head on. Be smart and brave.

  16. The real concerned middle class should stand together and oppose mediocrity and incompetence, not just in writing because it is not being read and we are outnumbered by those who dreams of peace yet afraid to wake up and do something about the sad reality we face. our children deserve better.

  17. Those who are good at giving their 2 cents, see how good you are when answering this question: “ano ambag ko sa SONA?”, if you cannot answer, then shut-up!

    1. Uncivilized human beings a.k.a. TROLLS like you should shut up instead.

      I know you can’t answer because what I’ve said is TRUE. 😀

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