Why I think Kris Aquino may be President someday

She is charismatic and animated. Perhaps she is the only child of the late national “hero” Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr who actually took after him. Indeed, she not only stands out among her dowdy, dull, and uninspiring siblings, she outshines celebrities that are far more glamorous in her industry.

Kris Aquino was the face of the Aquino family in the rough-and-tumble “revolutionary” days of 1980’s Philippine politics. Even then she’d be photographed and captured on video wearing her heart on her sleeve — crying openly when sad and laughing out loud when happy. She was a contrast to the reserved and snobbish demeanour of her brother and sisters — the result of the gated subdivision and private school breeding that one can expect to have been ingrained into the scions of the country’s most powerful feudal clans.

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Unlike her siblings, Kris chose the showbiz path. And she went into it full throttle — not like the way her other showbiz cousin, local equestrian champ Mikee Cojuangco went about it while trying to maintain her sosyal image in a sea of kajologan. Like Aussie Michelle Van Eimeren, Kris Aquino plunged into the world at the other side of the proverbial tracks and embraced the way of life over there without reservation.

In short Kris Aquino isn’t conscious.

I use the word “conscious” in the context of the way Filipinos do things in a half-baked manner because they are conscious of being perceived to be too into something. This is a bizarre cornerstone of the world-renowned Filipino Condition that fatally hinders Filipinos from achieveing world-class excellence. By unconsciously being “conscious” while doing something that is “out there”, Filipinos unconsciously protect themselves from the risk of mapahiya (being shamed for failure).

You can see this pa-conscious mannerism in, say, the way third-rate celebrities perform those dance numbers they are made to do by their managers on one or the other of those Filipino noontime variety shows that infest the airwaves. They look like they are going through all the motions, but their faces betray an I-don’t-normally-do-this-sort-of-thing-so-cut-me-some-slack appeal to the viewer.

Conscious ba.

So, perhaps Kris may be bakya. But I see nowhere in her manner that shows that she acts she is so while trying to make people believe she really isn’t so.

On the other hand, Kris’s brother current Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is doing such at a national scale. He is going about the motions of being President and doing presidential stuff, but really, we can all see that he really means to keep reminding us that “folks, I never really wanted to be President so give me a break…”

But Kris Aquino for President?

The thought does send a sharp chill up my private-school-straightened spine and offends my village-kid sensibilities. But after taking stock of the banal hypocrisy exhibited by priest-and-nun-educated Atenistas and Assumptionistas, perhaps re-evaluating what it means to be real could involve a lot more than engaging in an orgy of mutual high-fives amongst an inbred clique over a digital space accessed using electronic fashion accessories that each cost the entire annual budget for food of a small Sagada town.

While the notion that one person may be “better” than the other has always been a subjective call and the epicentre of endless debate (and the kernel of the dogma of vast religions), how real a person is (whether that person may be real good or real bad) seems to be a call we are able to make instinctively at a very primal level.

The nature of Kris’s popularity it seems is fundamentally different from — and independent of — the engineered “popularity” that Noynoy Aquino surfed upon straight onto his comfy seat in Malacañang. What draws people to Kris Aquino is primal. What draws people to her brother Noynoy, on the other hand, is just plain stupidity.

85 Replies to “Why I think Kris Aquino may be President someday”

  1. I think Kris is already good at being a commercial endorser, pero kung wala talagang iba then why n0t? I am still for Revilla 2016.

    1. I think Kris is already good at being a commercial endorser, pero kung wala talagang iba then why n0t? I am still for Revilla 2016.


  2. she has admitted to borderline personality disorder and is well known in the industry as a bicycle.
    another aquino nutcase in politics is the last thing we need.
    better she pays some attention to being a parent, that is if she gets over the SC ruling on hacienda luisita. how stupid is she to be so transparent and greedy. the chinese in her, not to mention her current chinaman in HK

    1. Are you implying that the “Chinese in her” is causing her greed and transparency? So bigoted. I suppose that’s the typical Filipino stereotype of being superficial in stereotyping others then? Good job.

  3. Her face is all over the tv already. What more if she becomes the President? The Philippines will be a big stage for her talk show and everyone will be the vast audience who will never get to talk and just be bound to listen until their eyes and ears bleed.

    Nakakatakot. Tapos yung SONA niya via Tweeter na lang, busy eh. Naka na.


      1. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

        Kris wil never do such a thing sa sona. Shes profEssi0nal

        Kung sino-sino pang basura ang gusto mong ilagay sa pusisyon—bakit gusto mo pa lalong lumala ang Pilipinas? Wala ka na talagang bait sa sarili.

  4. Hmm, let’s see… defense secretary would be a tossup between Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda? LOL

    For all her indiscretions and kaartehan, Kris is really a brilliant woman

    1. One thing’s for sure. Kris Aquino has legions of fans who will gladly follow her to battle — which is something that may come in handy come the time when we need to mobilise for war with China. 😀

  5. And I hope Kris doesn’t read this article. Baka seryosohin.

    I also hope Bong Revilla doesn’t read this article. Mahanap pa nya ang nangungunang loyalista nya. Baka seryosohin din nya.

  6. Holy Mother of God! If it comes to pass then that is the ultimate sign that God has truly forsaken this land. But I gather she is getting some political clout, on an international level as well. I heard sometime ago that she is being hailed as a UN ambassador. For what exactly, it seems to have eluded me. Not that I could really care about it. Mass exodus anyone? Maybe we should just all transfer to Mindanao and declare it an independent state and leave Luzon to these dogs and to hell with it!

    1. Love this comment!
      Let us, mass exodus to Mindanao! OR,

      as early as now, create a STOP KRIS and another AQUINO from seeking public office!

  7. No effin’ way. We had two women – one of them Kris’ own ma – run this country into the ground; we don’t need another woman to run this country.

    If Kris is going to be president, she should think twice, thrice over even, with regards to her choice of mate (please, not Junjun Binay!!!)

    How will the CBCP consider her marital history in throwing their support toward her?

      1. that sounded like prostitu-

        never mind.

        hey she’d also be the first president to have publicly claimed having an std and then gotten herself an endorsement gig for genital wash. that’s like noynoy endorsing truth serum. or iodized salt. (“hey buddy! looks like you could use some of this stuff!”)

  8. benign0, i beg to strongly disagree with the article regarding your very in depth analysis of kris’ supposed “primal” popularity.

    quite simply, kris is just the physical embodiment of the proverbial LIE that, stated consistently, as promoted by ABS-CBN, has gained the substance of TRUTH – to the ignorant who believe they are smart, and they are LEGION.

  9. Pag si Kris naging President baka mauso ang word na pokpoking he he bagay mayroon Noynoying baka magkaroon din ng Pokpoking

  10. Kris Aquino for President: Isn’t it ironic? The 1987 Constitution was enacted on Former President Corazon Aquino’s (Kris’ mother) administration and it is stated in Article II Section 26 that “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.” If Kris became a President, 2 of Cory’s children will become Presidents and 2 of her children will violate the Constitution.

  11. Let’s keep our focus…there are more pressing things than Kris-James issue, our government as to resolve. Our fellow Filipinos are wearing straight jackets facing death left under Malaysian custody. Our country is still mourning a harsh effect of our educational system. Let us not lose focus.

    Richard Dick Gordon

  12. Do they have the monopoly of knowledge? Are they the only Filipinos capable of leading us? If we are really the BOSS – let us stop this B—s–t! About time to tell them -Hoy magsitigil nga kayo. Nakakasawa na pagmumukha nyo! Iba naman ang bigyan nyo ng pagkakataong mamuno sa bayan! If not, then we deserve the shit we are in right now!

  13. Grabeh wag ka na maging presidente kris aquino bibigay nyo lang kami ng o-e-y moves mo pati masama ugali.

  14. what gives you the right to belittle the Filipino proletariats ability to make a sound decision regarding their future? And what is this bullshit about being a Filipino private school? Double bull shit. Of course every one is a product of their class background. Anyway ur Assumptionista crack is 5th rate journalism. Gross out. It is the sum total of what is all wrong in the Philippines. Class warfare. Zoom out, go and make tusok tusok fishballs mate.

  15. And please dont forget the BBB rating from Moodys, Standard and Poors and Fitch. That translates to billions or even trillions of pesos saved by the governement. Oh please people do your assignments. Obviously Philippine private schools give crap education. UP forever!!!

  16. wala ng moral talaga pinas. Hindi na ba tinitingnan talaga moral values for public position? Kaya puro garapal na sa pulitika, puro walang hiya. Kakatakot ang future ng pilipinas. Looking back at Philippines’ former glory, takot at hinayang ang nararamdaman ko… Paano na kaya yung mga next generation?

  17. To the person who wrote this article…are you nuts? Hasnt the country suffered enough? Another Aquino in office would be a disaster! Get your face out of the Aquinos’s asses! They have proven they are useless, greedy, self serving no good pieces of shit. I dare the Filipinos to vote her in, and you will lose the USA as an ally. Go ahead, do it! People all over are fed up with these crooks, to elect her or any other person associated with that family will only alienate all the other countries who are sick and tired of these people. The people of the Philippines must make the right choice using their brain not the heart. Show the world filipinos are tired of being a joke to the world. Im hopeful and confident they will finally rise and are serious about becoming a major player in the Asian region. To elect an Aquino again will only cement your status as a joke and as a 3rd world country forever.

    1. Dude, read the article again.

      (1) The piece is not about why I want her to win.

      (2) The piece is about why I think she will win.

      The big difference between the Concept No.1 and Concept No.2 is staring right at you just from the title alone.

      I am only slightly amused at your rather liberal use of quaint profanity and I tolerate it only because one of the editors here appealed on your behalf. But don’t push it.

      1. Dude, Im expressing myself because im sick of the images I saw. I hate seeing people suffer at the hands of these tyrants. Am I suppose to take things in stride when I see suffering? No way! Im a defender of those who have no voice. I am an independent thinker who is not a stooge, am not filipino and am an outsider who can see clear from halfway around the world what others dont want to see. If I get banned for showing anger over the abuse that filipinos have endured, then I am prepared. Am I pushing the envelope, maybe, but if you didnt have so many ignorant people on this site posting heartless comments then I wouldnt be so profane.

        1. Read this clause in the site’s Terms of Service:

          2.2.8. Use of profanity and other offensive forms of expression – We would like everyone to exhibit his or her wit without resorting to gutter talk. Consider that one of the most successful comedians, Jerry Seinfeld, is able to make people laugh without swearing. Get Real Post administration does not consider use of profanity necessarily bad. We simply recognise that it takes a certain rare wit and maturity to swear without coming across as crass or lacking in imagination.

          We tolerate profanity, BUT:

          2.3. Exercise of powers of moderation. The owners, editors, and administrators of Get Real Post will at their sole discretion exercise the following forms of moderation to enforce the above principles and guidelines:

          2.3.1. Deletion of offending user-generated content.

          2.3.2. Deletion of offending user accounts.

          Individual administrators and editors enjoy full discretion as far as the extent of leniency applied in the exercise of the above measures. As such, the extent of said leniency is not subject to any specific or explicit guidelines. Actions taken by Get Real Post administration are always considered final.

          You won’t be banned “for showing anger over the abuse that filipinos have endured”. You will be banned if you show uncalled-for disrespect to anyone in this community. Included within the scope of what I consider disrespect is the use of profanity that goes beyond the personal boundaries of tolerance of ANY editor or administrator of this site.

          I hope I have made myself clear as I don’t feel any pressing need to remind you of these stipulations again.

        2. Yawn! You threatening me? Because you got offended at what I said about your article? Im sorry I didnt agree with it. Isnt that why you have the comment section? So people can comment and give their opinion? Go ahead, do what you want to do. Seems like you are behaving like the Aquino regime. Trying to silence me? Tsk tsk, shame on you!

      2. if GOD doesn’t strike HIS wand to keep an aquino away from politics, then satan will let his wife win but if I strike my wand to stop her and any of the aquino family cheat the election to run the country, then she and satan must leave the world.

    2. Dude, did you even get sarcasm in the article? If you did, you would realize your soapboxing and attempt to leverage yourself on a higher moral ground is irrelevant.

      What a crock of dingdongs

    3. proud american, check – your comprehension just does NOT exist. Go back to basic reading, hopefully you’ll do better next time you open your mouth, comprende? Do You Understand English?

  18. Is this like testing the waters? Please….not even in your wildest imagination. Is this a big joke? Cause no one is laughing…Get Real indeed!

    1. I agree. What a circus it would be! The one who thinks she would win are the type of people who keeps their country in the 3rd world.

      I heard she told the whole Philippines before that she had STD. Who does that? Typical “only in the Philippines”. Thats one of the reason I guess this writer thinks she’ll win the race.


    2. Well, I think the whole point here is if we do not want her as president, then it is up to filipinos like you and me to change the perspectives of other filipinos. The author merely highlighted reasons, which are existing now…. what are we going to do about it? Tell your peers and friends, social networks etc of how stupid we can all be if we let her become president.

        1. They (we) are dumb, that is why we have Pnoy as president (well for those butthurt idiots, if you are not hurt, then you are not dumb, you know what I mean). That is why I think this site helps a lot as a game changer for the Philippines.

        2. I cant vote here. So im not butthurt and I am not dumb. Now, if another Aquino sits as president, then truly PH is in deep shit more than ever.

        3. Tell you what, Ms Muffin, I have been at it, sharing these articles, telling my peers and workmates about how the country can progress, I still get burned a lot. This dumb filipinos would rather treat running a country like a cockfight or boxing match or even like a basketball game in which they vouch for names and teams, complete with wagers. Never mind about who can lead the country to progress. It is in fact like brand loyalty to most resulting in a polarized/fragmented nation. The only way for the country to progress is if majority of the idiots take the red pill so that they can be unplugged from the matrix and wake up to the real world and face the challenges as a nation.

      1. Not to be negative but, haven’t we tried enough already? I mean how many times do we have to get the brainwashed population to wake up and look around them, they aren’t listening and we already are up to our necks in these idiots causing more problems for the whole country. I know its wrong for me to think this way but look at how many corrupt politicians that have been put into gov and did absolutely nothing but cause more strife.
        We of the small few who are educated enough to understand what our current situation is in the Philippines hardly pierce a hole into these issues. We can try to vote for new politicians but then how many people will try to rig the votes to the corrupts favor. Try to impeach a politician, they would still be present in government still gaining profit from the expense of the people.
        We are better off revolting. Like with the people in the Ukraine and Egypt who removed their president, at least they did away with someone corrupt. Look at the US Articles of Confederation, it promotes the removal of its own government if it ever gains to much power. We need to do something, if it leads to violence fine. There is never such thing as “no casualties” in war, fights, etc. People from different countries risked their very lives for true democracy and freedom, why can’t we do the same? We are constantly losing to these people and the more we do, the less our voices are heard. There is alot to change in this country, and one thing in particular is its government and the very culture of the Filipino people. we continue to be people who submit to suppression then what happens to our credibility and our rights as rational human beings. We give in to emotion but we are beginning to lack the foundation of being able to act pragmatically.
        I hope I do not come across as rude and I apologize, I just hate how things are being done in the Philippines.

  19. The article is about “Whether we like it or not, due to the stupid nature of Pinoys, when Kris run for the office she will surely win”.

    Of course, we won’t vote her and like her to win. But never underestimate the power of stupid people in huge numbers.

    The only way to prevent this is to inform and educate the ignorant masses that Kris, or even Josh were never cut for the presidency.

    You know the hashtags our local channels provides during newscasts? Exploit it.

    1. Im sorry, SHE WOULD NOT WIN… because we will make sure this time a 24hrs 7days a week vigil and will beg the media all over the world to PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON THE NATION PHILIPPINES AND HELP REPORTING WHAT THEYVE DONE TO THE NATION! wala silang hiya…. Lets BOYCOT ABS-CBN kasi—- kaya nagging sikat yan kasi FREE AIRTIME SYA…WHERES THE EQUALITY SA REAL TALENTS

  20. Correct me if I am wrong… Does Kris Aquino have a psyche problem just like BS Aquino? It would be interesting to put a genuine truthful survey to determine whether she has a chance for the presidency. May I suggest that Kris stick to show business? I wonder if she has the stomach to go into a battle zone or inhale the sickly, sweet smell of death in a disaster area? Stay with showbiz Kris. The presidency is far too stressful for you to handle.

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  22. Why Philippines have Incompetent & Corrupt Leaders?

    1. Leaders nowadays only need to portray an image of being good or clean (Facade only). To be President, you need to be an opposition & always accuse your predecessor as being corrupt/bad to gain people support and stay in position/power.

    2. Religion also has a tendency to spoil Leaders or Role models in many ways – relying purely on God”s blessing. Hence, an easy life results to false public service due to no effort/work = Lazy & Idle Mind (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity).

    3. In a Goon (Mafia) Society like the Philippines – people will simply group together to gain majority, to rule over minority and abuse that power. Thus, people (including Leaders) simply join a Group for protection, to be stronger and to be spoiled in many ways = lazy & idle mind. The Goon concept applies to Religions, Politics/Government, Media, Showbiz, Sports, public or private sectors. But conflicts will happen if the common interest of a certain group clashes with another group.

    4. Majority of our President/Leaders (in Government or Congress) are ff.:
    a. Lawyers-whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (negative).
    b. Popular Actors/celebrity – whose nature of work is movies/TV/media.

    We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:
    a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build (positive) b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.

    5, Corruption in my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind, selfishness/greed and materialism because corrupt people/Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing public funds or receiving bribes. Money should be circulated around to create more business opportunities, employment, expenditures and to fuel the economy. Jessie J “PRICE TAG”
    “It’s not about the money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance.”

    1. It would certainly be a Heaven-sent if we can get a presidentiable from the architects/engineers department with enough background/knowledge in economics, and with a deep-seated need to serve the people. But sad to say, you are right. The only presidentiables that come out are those you mentioned.

  23. NO MORE TO ANY aquino demonshits running for any position. the sitting president was declared by the HOCUS PCOS MACHINE in 2010 which is why we have a factual but illegal gov’t running the country as well as stealing money from us.

  24. I was an anti Marcos before and even joined the 1986 People Power but only to get disappointed by its result after 28 years. But on this coming 2016 presidential election I will vote Bongbong Marcos should he consider running for president. I’ll choose BBM because I believe once he becomes a president he will not do things that will further destroy their name’s reputation instead he will do all his best in leading the country in order to recover the good reputation they once had.

  25. For me Bongbong Marcos has the more capability to make and achieve total reforms to our country’s political problems compared to all possible candidates who are just riding on their popularities. I said this because BBM have come from a disgraced family name and I believe that he will do whatever rightful ways there is that he must do to lead our nation and put it on the right track in order for him to regain their once respected name. Kung nalagay sa masama ang pangalan niyo at nabigyan kayo ng pagkakataong mamuno, gagawa pa ba kayo ng hindi magandang hakbang para sa lalong ikasasama ng pangalan niyo? Just come to think of it!

  26. If ever she consider running for whatever office –She should first, start going and live for a year in Mindanao, in the mountain and eat by hand and live like an ordinary folks… otherwise she will just -prostituted us and made our Nation a new Sodom and Ghomorra–

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