President Aquino’s Second State of the Nation Address (SONA) 25 July 2011

Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is due to deliver his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) to a joint Senate and House session of Congress. What is he going to say? What is he going to claim? What achievements are he planning to present to the duly-elected “representatives” of the Filipino People?

Twelve months ago, Aquino delivered his first SONA to Congress. It was a laughable speech that…

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[…] devoted 1,558 words out of the 4,055 words in his 35-minute [speech] to whining about the plunder of the National Budget (whatever that means exactly) and the salaries and bonuses of some Government employees.

So bad it was that the top headline of the following day, We can dream again, came across as a sad “report” that “pathetically pleads for [that first Aquino] SONA to be perceived by the public to be a forward-looking solutions-focused message.”

Will the President step up and come up with a speech befitting a true statesman this time around?

Last Sunday, June 12, President Aquino delivered a speech on the occasion of the day marking the 113th year of Philippine “Independence.” The speech was in the previous day trumpeted by Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte as one that “is expected to be a preview of [the President’s] upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA).”

Unfortunately, for Aquino, Valte’s fearless forecast, it seems, was dead on target anticipating the renowned Presidential style of “communicating.” In his June 16, 2011 column Is he losing it?, Rigoberto Tiglao weighed in on Aquino’s “Independence” Day speech, describing it as “beneath the dignity of both the occasion and his office” and delivered “in the manner of a grade-school bully.” Tiglao was referring to Aquino remaining pretty much consistent with his juvenile style of demonising his predecessor, stringing up his “enemies” for lynching, and off-the-hip quips that he would like to believe makes him come across to the Filipino masses as a down-to-earth kind of guy.

And, just to reiterate, this would be the speech that, according to Valte, is supposed to be our “preview” of Noynoy’s 2011 SONA on the 25th of July.

This is disturbing to say the least considering how important a speech such as the SONA is. Back in July 2010, Ilda wrote an article anticipating Aquino’s first SONA where she highlighted how critical it would be to setting the theme of his presidency…

As economic expert Winnie Monsod had warned: “The President must be specific in his budget message during the SONA so that both houses of Congress can clearly understand what government plans to undertake annually for realizing such agenda.” For his part, blogger Benign0 also offers key performance measures for evaluating how successful the President is in meeting his corruption eradication promises. Obviously, people are waiting for P.Noy to speak clearly and realistically about how he is going to tackle the economy.

And as such.

P.Noy has to look at the big picture and not just Gloria Arroyo’s picture to delete vengeance from his agenda. So many times before P.Noy has been quoted criticizing former president Gloria Arroyo for overspending, something he claims resulted in a P340 billion budget deficit. It should be stressed here that the huge spending done by the former administration was not all for travels and huge dinners. As Senator Edgar Angara said, expensive dinners and too many travel entourages notwithstanding, if former president Arroyo did not pump-prime the economy, it would have contracted like other European nations did.

Even that time in 2010, Aquino sought to highlight in his SONA then the untenable national situation he “inherited” from former President Gloria Arroyo’s administration by focusing on revealing “shocking” figures showing her government’s budget-blowing expenditure that left his own government empty coffers. This strategy backfired when he seriously bungled the use of basic accounting terminology in his speech

In at least a thousand words, [Aquino] tried to tell us that his government is broke. But he did it in a way that would make anyone with even the most basic understanding of accounting principles cringe. Bottom line is that the concept of budget is not logically compatible with the concept of depletion. Whoever supplied the President with the fodder for yesterday’s SONA should step up and clarify.

I wonder what his communication “strategy” is going to be in this coming second SONA and, for that matter, in the next 12-month fiscal year of his government? Is his next SONA another one of his world-renowned gaffes in the making?

As the ABS – “Cojuangco Broadcasting Network” – CBN say: Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

167 Replies to “President Aquino’s Second State of the Nation Address (SONA) 25 July 2011”

  1. “. . . consistent with his juvenile style of demonising his predecessor, stringing up his “enemies” for lynching, and off-the-hip quips that he would like to believe makes him come across to the Filipino masses as a down-to-earth kind of guy.”

    But this is the Filipino archetype. You were expecting John Wayne? He is, in the traditional style, elevating himself by taking others down and pretending a hip coolness as if a regular resident at the tuba table out back under the mango tree. He lived in the US only a year or two after college. So he is fudamentally pure Filipino.

    He cannot shuck his culturally embedded style anymore than you can stop typing “s” instead of zed, in the colonial British style. Or anymore than I can stop defending my president, as a first option. It is an old American patriotic style, now being eroded by relentless bitterness aroused by internet deceits and sound bites.

    I trust that if he should show improvement, you would be candid enough to recognize it, not bury it in all the “yeah, buts” that just rehash his known shortcomings.

    1. Precisely my point, Joe. In a democracy, in principle, it follows that leaders who are elected by “the people” reflect the character of those who elected him or her.

      I’ve recognised him for stuff he espoused that I happen to agree with — like his stand on Reproductive Health for example. I lauded him in one of my previous articles for sticking to his guns on that one and even highlighted that this could be a very tangible and concrete legacy of his administration.

  2. If you have no accomplishments to show up. You can use the : Blame Game strategy. Blame Gloria Arroyo; Blame Marcos; Blame everybody on sight…This will highten your stature; and take away the focus on you…
    Don’t take him seriously; we know what the State of the Nation is: Noynoy Aquino does not need to show us: by his Delusion of Grandeurs and bouts of Paranoias Speeches…

    1. So true!!! But I won’t judge his performance as Philippine President until his term is due…

      Previous Administration, in some ways did something significant to the whole country and deserves appreciation too…

      What’s wrong with the Filipinos is that they only look on negative sides and disregard the bright side of someone…

      1. marami naman kasi d’yan magaling lang talagang pumuna, magsalita at lalong magaling magnakaw, yan din ung mga grupong kahit na sino ang maluklok, walang habas kung magrally, mga melitanteng kaligayahan na ang pumarada sa kalye para magingay dahil walang makain sa sariling pamamahay, e papano nga naman puro lang daldal ang alam, lahat na lang iniasa sa gobyerno, lahat na lang isinisi…sa totoo lang nakakasawa na kayo, nagsisikip lang ang daloy ng trapiko dahil sa mga kabulukan n’yo, e mula pa noong unga sona an’dyan na rin kayo e, papaano n’yo nahusgahan kaagad ang taong kauupo lang? di ba?.. malinaw lang na makadaldal lang kayo… sabagay yan lang talaga ang pinakamadali ang kumontra, sana magising na rin kayo sa katotohanan tulad ko, kc dati kagaya n’yo rin ako

      2. Hindi lang naman sa negative tumitingin ang mga pilipino.

        Nagkataon lang talaga ngayon na gusto na ng GAWA, KASI SAWA NA SA SALITA..

        PARANG tae sa palagay mo pupurihin o pupulutin mo yun kung alam mo naman na wala din naman maitutulong at magiging silbi para sayo.

      3. para saken naman kc it,s to early to judge president noynoy aquino,sa tingin ko maganda namn ang nagagawa nya sa ngyon. although my mga pangako pa syang hindi natutupad. sa tingin ko may panahon pa para gawin nya yon. siguro naman wala syang balak sirain ang pangalan ni tita cory aquino. kaya malaki ang tiwala ng karamihan ng mamayang filipino sa kanya… 🙂

  3. I was able to listen to the later part of his speech a while ago and I can’t agree more na andami a ring “blame others” na style. nakakasawa na, di bale sana kung mdaming achievements to date. i admit that I am not following his administration, but still, I can not see and feel the change he is promising. I can’t see any concrete plans on how he will about with his promises. In a country like us that we can see lots of potential from our people to prosper like our neighboring countries, we need a doer-leader, a leader who can make the wheel turn, not just deliver commands on how to drive the wheel. We have yet to see the real saviour-leader of the Filipino people.

    1. hindi ka nga sumusunod but you are searching for a change?? alam mo, ang pagbabago nagsisimula sa sarili natin.. now, slowly, i can see a lot of changes.. kayu nalang kaya maging pangulo.. ang gusto kasi ninu sudden na pagbabago pero sa sarili natin we cant offer change.. kung gusto niyo ng pagbabago, magsimula kayu sa sarili ninyu.. puro lang kayu reklamo.. eh kung tulungan nlang kaya natin ang presidente… isipin niyo naman siya lang nag-iisa tapos milyon tayo tinutulungan niya.. yun lang.. i year pa nga siya as president.. haaay nakuh.. tao talaga..

      1. haha… B0 is making fun of her spelling…hehe coz its so original to make fun of spelling… haha… its an easy way to undercut her point without dealing with it directly.. haha…

      2. haha.. now thats too funny! now, i’m the one who’s unoriginal, yet you are the one who made fun of someone’s spelling!

        also, the assumption trisha doesnt have and cant get a job abroad? haha… just coz of spelling? hahaha…

        you are too funny.

      3. for shame! but u found it funny right? it must be their problem then! u should lead every future blogpost with a spelling joke. once people are exposed to your humor, then they’ll love it too! but you have to keep doing it all the time. practice makes perfect!

      4. yup..that’s right i agree with you.simulan natin s sarili natin ang pagbabago n hinahanap natin kht cno pa ang umupo jan wala tayong mararamdaman n pagbabago walang mangyayari kung tayo mismo d natin mgawa un s mga sarili natin.

      5. us? your fans! we LOVE it when you dismiss an opinion by mocking irrelevant details like spelling and making mean-spirited insinuations stemming from it. it brings much laughter. its the reason u do it right? for the fans!

      6. when gabbyd thinks he’s witty, he really milks it for all he thinks it’s worth doesn’t he?

        so easy to bait, this guy.

        now he has formed a fans club. creepy.
        tawa pa gabbyd! woo hoo dali tawa pa hahaha woo hoo!

        o ano, ubos na?

    2. You have a point joel, that’s true sa tuwing maririnig ko sya magsalita laging may blame..

      Pinamana na nga sa kanya yun upuan ano opang action ang gigawa nya.. alam na nyang sira may plano pa ba syang sirain lalo yun.

      Mahirap din kasi paniwalaan ang isang salita lalo nat alam mo wala din gagawa…

  4. hay naku dami namani negative comment kay President Pinoy.dapat sa halip na magreklamo tumulong nalang un mga nagrereklamo un lang ang nagpapagulo. common sense naman Pnoy is not a superman. andun na nga un mga gagawin nya. but it doesnt mean na kaya nya lahat agad agad syem pre uti uti lang. un mga nagrereklamo kayo dapat maupo para maranasan nyo kung gaano kaghirap maging presidente.binoto boto tapaos ngaun magrereklamo kayo. Mga Pinoy talaga

    1. Wow, kung hindi magawa yun ng mga ibang presidente, lalo na nanay ni Noynoy, asahan mo yung pinuno mong tagapagligtas ng bayan na bilang sa slogan na ‘Kung walang korrup, walang mahirap’ ay may kaya? Talagang walang magagawa si Noynoy kung atupag lang nya ay wangwang at mag hunting ng korupsyon ng lumang administrasyon. Paano ung ekonomiya at trabaho? At least si Gibo at Gordon alam talaga kung saan ang problema, ayaw nyo lang makinig dahil Yellow Zombie ka. 😛

    1. WRONG!

      Fact: Ikaw ang PINAKABOBO at PINAKATANGA sa lahat ng naging pangulo. Kumusta ang mga pinatay mong mga 8 Hong Kong tourists? Are you smiling at them?

      Sensya na pero iyon ang TOTOO.

      *Daido thumbs down*

    2. Asa kung ikaw ang pinakamagaling na pangulo…

      kahit ang rating mo eh +45 ( good)
      Hindi kapanipaniwala..

      Wala akong nakita at nasaksihan sa mga ninais mong pagbabago..

      Para sa akin ikaw ang pinakamahinang namuno sa bansang ito..

      Magaling ka magsalita sa harap ng tao pero alam mo bang totoo kaya silang nakikinig sayo..

      Sa loob ng isang taong mahigit na pamumuno mo wala pagbabago mas lumala ang naging sisteme ng pamamahala..

      opinion ko lang naman. pasensya

      1. a president is a president, no matter what was his fault, why keep on babbling instead of encouraging the president to really act for a change rather than pressuring him with untactful words? the way you speak defines your personality.

      2. that is one reason why our country is stuck in the mud. We Filipinos are good fault-finder but not doing anything to change our “not so good ways” or compensate for it. remember, why we are called one nation. kung sabi na kulang kulang ang leader, tapos hanap lang ng hanap ng mali ang nasasakopan walang gawa… what would that make us in the future?

  5. did PNoy say anything about any programs or project regarding any asian countries with relationship to japan please i need it so badly

  6. @Rain, I did not hear anything from PNOY’s SONA which is related to diplomatic/economic relations and cooperation with other countries. It’s too bad he grossly missed this out (or really didn’t have anything to say in the first place). The housing projects he mentioned for soldiers and 2 other government agencies shows how his administration is marginalizing special sectors. How about the employees of the government agencies, the private sectors and most importantly the homeless and unemployed. If you implement a program, you must cover all sectors, not just a chosen few.

  7. Ang masasabi ko diyan sa sona kailangan magtulungan tayong mga filipino. Ang advice ko kay pangulo tanggaling na ang mga senador at kongresista malaki ang mga sahod nila at may pork barrel pa milyon milyon at ipagawa ng mga manufacturing government sa bawat nasasakupang ng mga governor at bigyan yung mga walang trabaho at libre ang pagpaaral at ospital. Ang batas nandiyan naman ang mga local government at supreme court. Uunlad ang pilipinas. Salamat po.

    1. yeah tama!! they are just only dagdag sakit sa ulo ng PINAS! we can’t decide what is best because of some argument which is sisiraan ka lang din imbis na 2mulong.. hahaizztt.. a president can make his/her decision without senate and congress!!

  8. I love the SONA though. As an ordinary people, we may not be feeling the change as of the moment but I’m glad that the governement is doing something to improve our country. I love the thought that we should stop being negative. We should remember that the government cannot do it alone. We also should do our share. Change should start within us. Let us all look forward for a better Philippines.

    1. Here’s a post of my friend from the AP Crowd:

      “LOL The President said that we should stop criticizing things in our country.. Skepticism is different from utak talangka… Utak talangka means you grab others down while skepticism is asking question about things you doubt about… He didn’t even gave facts about those things he bragged about…. I guess that’s the purpose of the brief speech he gave… that he will give false statements and he won’t give any supporting details about it.”

  9. I am agree to vincent remove the senate and congress why not to fucus the manufacturing government project (example; sardines in one province and all commodities using everday by the community) instead to senate and congress. The local government is there always argument in the senate and congress. Thank you.

  10. Critique on P-Noy’s 2011 State of the Nation Address

    1. The presence of the members of the Diplomatic Corps is grossly devalued with a State of the Nation speech using the Filipino language than the usual currency.
    2. In a scale of 1 to 10, it’s crystal clear that low to zero priority is given to any kind of infrastructure development.
    3. Countless times, P-Noy stammers showing only his equal discomfort with the Filipino language.
    4. Use of results of poll surveys is selective highlighting only that hunger was down from 20.5 to 15.1; credit rating upgraded 4 times; unemployment rate from 8% to 7.2% – but nothing more follows – so there were no numbers to crunch contrary to an earlier claim that the sona is built of hard and verifiable facts & figures.
    5. There is nothing much of substance in the speech and this might logically reflect the speechwriter’s less-than-average grasp of what high points to post in terms of P-Noy’s accomplishments.
    6. Generalizing from singular instances – electrification in an LGU, water supply in an LGU, and road in an LGU – is pedantic logic.
    7. P-Noy, fiction or non-fiction, made mention that – Conditional Cash Transfer have benefited the poor, PNCC rid of the virus of corruption, a costly P18 billion dredging stopped, reformed DPWH biddings saved P2.5 billion, annual rice imports adjusted from 1.3 million metric tons to 660,000 metric tons saving for the government in the process, and carnapping cases were reduced.
    8. When P-Noy speaks of sea change, he expects investment to flow in; he detects the problem of job mismatch; the problem of procurement as not being ‘centrally planned’;, government budget or funds as being ‘chopped-chopped’, ransacked,
    9. Our college dean gave P-Noy a grade of 4 which at UP means incomplete or in need of remedial and that not even surprised me a bit.
    10. It escapes comprehension why P-Noy favored PNP with the king’s largesse like a housing project to include those from the BFP, BJMP as well as the AFP to the exclusion of our un-armed and civilian agencies of government. In fact, with bulk purchases for the AFP, PNP, and DOJ even, it seems clear how P-Noy wanted to ‘militarize’ the justice department, for reasons known only to him.
    11. It appears as an uncharacteristic over-fixation a timeline of one year within which to jail public officials charged with graft and corruption with the Office of the Ombudsman to be ‘transformed’, sort of, into a special court to run after grafters in government.
    12. P-Noy could be in error to subscribe to the view that the CCT administered by DSWD has a 92% compliance considering that in reality, it has only benefitted about 200,00 though the target was 1.3 million and further that the final target is 2.3.million.
    13. The ‘utak wang-wang’ that he attacks might just become the position he defends in praxis – as future events are likely to manifest given that the strong anti-corruption campaign can be made as a good cover for actually committing it.

  11. totoo nga na ang sona ni pnoy kulang sa ingredients. Pero iyan ang totoo! Why not accept that our country had suffers too much! Bakit gusto nyo si pinoy magdeliver nmg kanyang sona na maraming mga flowers katulad nina Ramos, Arroyo na puros lang mga pangako ngunit napako ang bayan sa krus.
    Tama ang sona ni pnoy, simple ngunit nasa reality. Iyong mga critics (except those who are opposition in congress) walang magawa kundi mga negative kung magaling sila bakit why help our country…maybe we can move forward….maski sino pa ang presidente natin kahit si rizal magdeliver ng sona mayroon mga negative remarks. dyan tayo magaling. shame in those fellows who always criticised instead of helping….iyan ang mga pinoy walang monsod kung magaling ka di you must help instead of always criticising.

    1. Typical. There is criticism because there is something to criticise. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want to be criticised then either be perfect or don’t do anything. Strive for perfection at the very least and you reduce the amount of criticism you get. Simple maths at work. Then again simple minds cannot get even the simplest of maths. And that is the tragic story that is the Philippines. 😀

  12. Sana lahat maisip naman na walang perfect na tao, lahat magaling mag puna lahat puro advice, puro sana … dapat… Oo magaling na kayo ! bat nlang kayo ang manungkulan kung kaya nyo, anti o pro sana maisip nyo ang presidente isang tao din, wala na kayo magagawa nakaupo na yan ang dapat lang natin gawin ay makiisa ay suportahan, puro kayo daldal wala rin naman kayo nagagawa, meron nga dyan nagkaugat na sa senado puro lang din salita, wala naman nagagawa dami kasi mga inggitera at inngitero e,nag iingay ang nasa goverment kasi d na tulad dati puro bonus, biyahe at kung anu anu pang libre nakukuha nila, ngayon kasi wala na yun masasarap na buhay nila, mabuti nga … Oo may mga systema na wala pang pagbabago pero sa pag gastos ng pera ng bayan nahigpitan na Ito, mahigpit narin sa immigration ngayon, sa budget ng mga officials, budget ng brgy.. Atleast ang pangunahing problema na coruption ay nababawasan na.. Sayo P-Noy naway gabayan ka ng maykapal , bigyan ka ng lakas, ay mahabang pang unawa sa mga taong mapang husga at inngitera…sayo Saludo ako!

    1. kasi yung iba dyan ,,sinisiraan lang si PNOY,pero mabait aman sya,i think ..:)tama;kung may perfect na tao,si GOD lang yun,puro paninira..tsk tsk



  14. seriously? guys? u would actually let that SONA judge the way u look at PNoy?
    “ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” . a ‘common’ saying that speaks it all.

    identify ur objective. are u actually comparing him to the past presidents or what? then that’ll be the perfect time to rate him according to that objective.
    though… giving your opinions is also “goooood”…

    1. Trouble is, Noynoy has no words of any consequential substance to begin with and, on top of that, applies no of any significant effect. The whole point of the SONA is to showcase what the administration has achieved and has planned for the future. So, yes, I think it is fair to judge PNoy on the basis of his SONA.

      1. when you say FUTURE you are now taking an action.. to prove that right..

        But if you did not show anything proof na gumagawa ka ..wala kwenta wa epek na .. basara ang ibig sabihin nun

  15. Ang gulo nyu. Ang hirap sa ating mga Pilipino mahilig sa instant. Kala nyu nman kayang nyung maresolve ng isang click lang ang problema ns bansa. Ambobo ng mga ngsasalita ng gnun.

    1. sige nga dane, hanapin mo nga yung mga na-solve ni noynoy sa LABINDALAWANG TAONG panunungkulan niya bago maging presidente. malamang makikita natin diyan kung, more-or-less, gaano katagal bago malutas ni pnoy ang mga problema ng bansa.

      dali i-research mo tapos balik ka dito and tell us about all of his accomplishments.

  16. All I want to hear is about Hacienda Louisita. Land Reform! Five years is very long to linger. People of the Philippines are drowning fast in poverty and suffocating in deep illiteracy. We can’t say “one year palang naman, may five years pa”, we can’t always blow the whistle on GMA. Its all over, Abnoynoy should give straight direct command to all government sectors specially DECS to continue filing up the empty bricks of GMA’s wall. I will echo what Bonifacio said in Tejeros Convention, the SONA 2011 is a null!

  17. para saken naman kc it,s to early to judge president noynoy aquino,sa tingin ko maganda namn ang nagagawa nya sa ngyon. although my mga pangako pa syang hindi natutupad. sa tingin ko may panahon pa para gawin nya yon. siguro naman wala syang balak sirain ang pangalan ni tita cory aquino. kaya malaki ang tiwala ng karamihan ng mamayang filipino sa kanya… 🙂
    di poh ba MR. PRESIDENT?… 🙂

    1. too early to judge? hello? Sona was full of fail. Are you sleeping? And watch his interview with jessica soho after sona.

  18. yes. tama na… magtigil tayo sa pag.critize kung paano ipinapatakbo ang ating bansa…. KAILANGAN din tayo kumilos.. dahil kapag cila lng palagi.. wala ring epekto or bisa ang gustong mangyari ng ating pangulo…

    LETS WAKE up 🙂 WE need to start FOR a better CHNAGE…

  19. can we stop?even just for once? secede from our mistakes, learn from our past, and come out spiritually functioned?

    we have a lot of professionals and geniuses here in our country but we never progress! why focus on politics and avenge instead of putting ourselves in a one united view where all of us Filipinos would do the same? To draw our country together as one without blaming each other, instead helping each others!

    how about time will come where a foreign country, stronger than us would try to colonize us in the near future? Would the big tarps of politicians could help us in defending our country? Definitely not! And its not just our president, but for the citizens of this country. Defend the freedom and elevate our country just as our heroes did. Its for us all..for our good, with the Divine Intervention. I hope, the Phil. Preamble would help every one who would likely to read my comments..

    “We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, to promote the common good, to conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law, and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace, do ordain, and promulgate this Constitution.”

    if I would be given the chance to talk to our president, the only thing I could say is that, never be pressured by criticism, be steadfast and stand up without listening to those who would only destroy the reputation of this country. Stop that divorce bill and the RH bill for the preservation of the basic unit of the society, the FAMILY. Just as the Father, the Son and the holy Spirit, 3 personas but considered as ONE. Its the same concept with the family. Filipino people needs reformation, stop corruption. Just like in management, apply autocratic style at first but never absolute. Maturity counts more than immaturity, better stop those bills before its too late where destruction of spiritual lives of Filipinos will become rampant. Remember, teach the youth with goodness and the right path. Thanks and God bless for your administration in succeeding its goals without stepping others shoes.

  20. no need..all we have to do is to encourage him to be a stronger leader of this country. nabaon na nga tayo sa hirap, ibabaon pa natin ang iniupo sa pwesto na tao rin nman. Tulong tulong na lang talaga ang magiging solusyon s lahat nga mga problema ng bnsa, eh kaso, puro daldal ang halos lahat, wala ng kumikilos.

      1. HOW is “encourage him to be a stronger leader of this country” the same as “pwede na yan”?

        do you know what pwede na yan means? its means no need to be stronger. its the opposte of what the commenter said.

        1. Hey I’ve got an idea, GabbyD. How about we run an online experiment that goes like this:

          (1) I put all comments of yours subsequent to this in the Spam queue.

          (2) You go off and get up on your soapbox elsewhere (say, somebody else’s blog) and announce to the world how the Admins of GR Post don’t practice “free speech” here.

          (3) We both sit back for the next couple of weeks (or years) and see if:

          (3.a) anyone out there actually cares about what you have to say about our Admin practices here; and,
          (3.b) anyone of the regular commentors here in GR Post actually miss your presence and clamor for a reinstatement of your comments.

          I think the above little experiment will be good for a few laughs.

          What do you think?

          Some small print for you to take note of before you reply:

          – “Yes” or “No” will be acceptable responses to the above proposal
          – A “Yes” answer will put the above proposed experiment in effect immediately (the period over which it will be effective will be revealed after said experiment takes effect).
          – A “No” answer will, effective immediately, subject any further comments you will make to criteria that will be applied in a decision to retain or mark your comments as Spam once in effect. This criteria is applicable only to YOU and subject to arbitrary modification by GR Post admins based entirely on our whim.
          – Any other response to this comment (beyond the recommended Yes or No) will be interpreted as a “Yes” (and the proposed experiment subsequently put into effect).

          Your move. 😀

      2. you can do whatever you want.

        what i wanna know is, HOW is “encourage to be stronger” the same as “puwede na yan?”

        what do you mean by “puwede na yan” anyways? borrowing from the princess bride “pwede na ya” doesnt mean what you think it means.

        i’m surprised tho. i thought ur smarter than this. but at the end of the day, its your call. but if u block someone who merely challenges you, that means you dont wanna be challenged.

        note also, i have never made stuff up. i always quote your own words to you. i have never used cuss words, nor have i ever name-called.

      3. benign0,

        this is the funniest thing i’ve read in weeks!

        see you AROUND gabbyd! mmmmwah!

        (paging joe america and his bitter childhood memories! helloooo!)




    1. Hindi ka nagrereklamo kase isa kang bulag! bulag ka sa katotohanan, binulag ka ng dilaw na propaganda ng mga Aquino! Sa simula palang, mula sa Nanay ni Abnoynoy na tuta ng kano, sinaksak na saating kamalayan na silang pamilya ay bayani, banal, may malasakit sa bayan. Isa itong panloloko, isang kahibangan na walang laman at IKAW ay agad na naniwala sa mga palabas nila. Ang payo ko sayo ay magsaliksik ka, pag aralan mo ang tunay na kulay ng mga Cojuanco Aquino.Alamin mo kung saan nangaling ng yaman nila. Imulat mo ang mata mong na biktima ng kanilang panloloko.Kung walang magrereklamo, tayo ay magmimistulang uto-uto, tayo ay magmumukhang tanga. Naisip mo ba yun? Ang rebolusyon ay para lang sa matatalino tulad ni Castro, Rizal, Lenin at Guevarra. Ang mga bobo ay hindi nagaaklas! Ang pagrereklamo ay para sa matatalino, isa itong simbulo ng pagkakaunawa sa isang sistema, isang paguunawa sa kung ano ang tama at kung ano ang mali! Kaya kung ayaw mong mag reklamo, wala namang problema, hayaan mo nalang ang sarili mong habang buhay na tanga!

  22. well the economy of the Philippines is still deteriorated. it seems like
    Pres,Aquino is not performing well. but still we have to give him a chance to prove to us that he is deserving to be our leader.


  24. There’s no perfect anything especially a perfect leader.
    Ang hirap nga sa pwestong yun eh.. konting maling galaw mo lang..sunod sunod na ang mga pang huhusga..
    It’s obvious how badly damaged the government is just before he took we cant blame him if there isn’t any much progress happening and besides,, he has only been president for a year..what do you expect? magic? nu ka hilo?
    Pero naniniwala ako sa kakayahan ni PNoy….
    through all this years ang mga namumuno sa atin ay lagi na lang pinapairal ang talino .. wala ang puso…Kaya naman mabilis malasing sa kapangyarihan eh… Dito sa bansang Pilipinas ang kailangan ay isang mamumunong hindi aabuso sa kapangyarihan.
    at syempre.,, bkit ba puro sa nakaupo isinisisisi ang LAHAT?
    sino ba nag papatakbo ng buhay mo? Subukan mo rin kayang kumilos para sa sarili mo.

  25. I believe that the biggest problem in the Philippines is corruption! If President Aquino’s only accomplishment is just that, I would not mind at all. Problema ng mga Filipino as what President Aquino said is Complacency. Its part of our culture to be forgiving, pero hindi po uubra na palagi na lang forgive and forget. Ginawa napo natin yan for how many years, may nangyari ba? Ang mga bansa mauunlad, they have good check and balance. Philippines is a nation of very talended and hard-working citizens, bakit ba ang hirap umunlad sa Pilpinas? Bakit ba, pag ang Filipino pumupunta sa ibang bansa, eh most of us excel and better ourselves? Kasi po, may mga opportunity. Eh sa atin ang opportunity is only given to a few sector of the society, kasi nga sa corruption. We should embrace this time of change, we should focus our efforts to possitive suggestions rather than reklamo. I once thought the Philippines is a lost cause, President Aquino change that! Sa mga taong nag-iisip na hindi maganda ang ginagawa niyang pagpapabayad sa mga may sala, bakit po pa, isa po ba kayo doon?

    1. @Kit

      Problema ng mga Filipino as what President Aquino said is Complacency.

      It’s funny that you mentioned that. I was wondering too why PNoy seems a bit complacent particularly when he was still a congressman and a senator. As I said in my recent article:

      “But had he done his duties diligently in Congress and the Senate when he had the chance, he could have contributed more to changing the mindset of entitlement or the ” wang-wang” mindset as he figuratively refers to the abuse of power by some public officials in Philippine society. Both his previous positions offered him more than enough opportunity to influence his peers and the general public to stop the “powerful few” from acting like “kings”.

      Please read: The truth about the SONA

  26. So you’re saying that he did not do his job well as a congressman and a senator, so he should not do good as a President? Parang unfair naman po yata yon. Also, I think if he had an opportunity to change the mindset of “some” corrupt officials when he was still in Congress and Senate, I don’t think its actually as easy as now that he is President. Yong mga nag-iimbistiga now hindi naman mostly kamara di po ba. It his cabinet members, right? I respect your opinion po, and kudos to people like you. We need critisisms to balance things. Sana naman po, eh di lang puros negative ang nasasabi natin. Also, ang problema sa Pilipinas, cannot be solved in 6 years, masyado na pong malala. Eh ang America nga ngayon, they are scrumbling tayo pa kaya. Let’s give him a chance. As I said, I would be happy enough if Pnoys only accomplisment is to eliminate corruption in our country. Sana rin po makita ng mga Pilipino na ang mga baluktot na ways, only will make their lives even harder. Matuto ho tayong magreport if ang ating mga elected officials eh gumagawa napo ng hindi tama, kahit na ikakabenefit natin. Kasi yong benefit na nakukuha natin is temporary lang. Ang longer term effect is sa atin din papunta. God bless po!

      Tapos hinayaang humawak ng Executive position.

      Watch his latest interview with jessica soho. And weep.

    2. @Kit

      So you’re saying that he did not do his job well as a congressman and a senator, so he should not do good as a President?

      When he starts including his “Kamag-anak, kaibigan at kaklase or KKK” in his crusade against patronage politics or when he initiates economic reforms, that’s when I’ll start taking him seriously. I have been writing about him since he announced his candidacy in 2009 but so far, I have not seen anything that can convince me he is for real “change”.

      Matuto ho tayong magreport if ang ating mga elected officials eh gumagawa napo ng hindi tama

      Well, that is why I continue to write about our public official’s shortfalls, which includes PNoy.

      1. Yon nga po, I agree. Pero sana huwag puro puna naman. Wala po ba talaga kayong nakita na ginawag niya maganda since he became president?

        1. Yes, I commend him for standing up to the Church in his support for the RH bill. Other than that, there is nothing special about his style of leadership. An ordinary guy can do what he is doing. During the campaign, I’ve already noticed that he was over promising. After a year in office, there is enough evidence to suggest that he might under deliver. It is my mission to remind Filipinos of the consequences of their choice in the hope that they will learn their lesson and choose wisely in the next election.

          Fighting corruption should not be PNoy’s only agenda. He is not even fighting corruption in the most effective way. Job creation should be his priority. When there are less unemployed, there will be fewer poor Filipinos. When the number of poor people goes down, there will be less corruption.

    1. This administration highlights the result of the popularity surveys when it is to their favor; when the result is against them, they don’t make a big deal of it. Instead of seeing the negative result as a sign that they need to shape up, they still find a way to congratulate themselves.

      Even Winnie Monsod noted that their use of survey results is very selective. Here’s what she had to say:

      “Selective data

      Meanwhile, Monsod hit Aquino’s supposed selectiveness in citing statistics – in particular his reference to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey on self-rated hunger in the second quarter of 2011.

      “Nitong taong ito, taumbayan na mismo ang nagsabi, nabawasan ang nagugutom sa kanila. Mula 20.5 percent na self-rated hunger noong Marso, bumaba na ito sa 15.1 percent nitong Hunyo, katumbas ng isang milyong pamilyang Pilipinong nagugutom dati, pero ngayon ay nakakakain na nang tama kada araw,” Aquino said in his speech without attributing the numbers to SWS.

      Monsod noted that Aquino discredited a similar SWS survey in the first quarter of the year, which showed that the number of self-rated hungry Filipinos rose to 20.5 percent.

      “All of a sudden, he is quoting the survey without reservations,” Monsod said. “If he accepted that hunger went down in the second quarter, then he must accept that hunger went up in the first quarter.”

      The economist said the President “went the way of all his predecessors, which is to showcase his accomplishments but forget his shortcomings.”

      1. The economist said the President “went the way of all his predecessors, which is to showcase his accomplishments but forget his shortcomings.”

        Ahahahaha. As opposed to, ummmm, the President who decided to showcase his shortcomings and forget his accomplishments.

        1. I suppose the concept of showcasing both their so-called “accomplishments” and their obvious shortcomings is totally alien to this present administration.

  27. i think P-noy is not yet doing much, He still needs time to do all of his plans, and well, if all of what he stated was true and felt by those who are in great need, it’s a two thumbs up for him:)

    1. @Abby

      Everyone here wants to support him. Like I said before, I don’t want him to fail. I just want him to change. He needs to be true to himself.

  28. it seems everyone’s a critic…
    sheer pessimism aside, could we relate all these negative reactions to the distant possibility that indeed, Pnoy has offered us hope, and that we’re just too impatient to wait for results? aint that simple sour-graping?

    1. PNoy’s critics can help him stay grounded. He just needs to learn to listen to the people outside his circle of friends. He won’t learn anything new from those who always agree with him.

      Meanwhile, the people who voice out their concern and point out our public official’s shortfalls are actually the ones doing their civic duty as a citizen of this nation. There are only a handful of us who try and do that.

      There are a lot of people dying from hunger in our country even as I write this comment. Time is of the essence. Since PNoy wanted to be the President, I think he needs to spend less time away from drinking sessions with his buddies and spend more time tackling the problems of our country like unemployment and overpopulation.

      1. A smoker, he is, but a drunkard… not sure. But if he does drink, perhaps it’s called social life. everyone has one. I mean, Arroyo on her spare time would rather call Garci… let’s not be too judgmental.

        Voicing out concerns is one thing, criticizing him on a personal note is another. i understand where you’re coming from but personally, voicing out your support would be better.

        people are indeed dying from hunger. and for that, Pnoy assures us that the people behind this would pay… eventually. what’s sad about this is that people are already too jaded to give an ‘F’. But still, their sense of hope is all they have, and they see it in PNoy.

        for what it’s worth, i too am a bit impatient. the momentum is already there, especially when it comes to pursuing corruption raps. but i’m sure it would all be worth the wait. should we all hold our breaths? do we all have a choice?

        1. I didn’t say he was a drunkard. I said “he needs to spend less time away from drinking sessions with his buddies.”.

          Hey, PNoy was voted into office because the media gave him a saintly image. So you see, it is only fair for us to remind you guys of the type of person you “support”. They should have painted him in a more realistic manner instead. People with normal jobs can afford to have a normal social life. PNoy asked for the toughest job in the land so he can’t afford the same kind of social life we have especially not when there is still so much to do.

          Remember the Mendoza hostage fiasco? He was allegedly having dinner with his buddies instead of being in the office coordinating with Chinese diplomats or those handling the hostage crisis.

          Anyway, I think you are mistaking turning a blind eye to his obvious gaffes and shortfalls for “support”. There is a big difference.

    2. @1DC:

      if we – pnoy’s “boss” – have no SENSE OF URGENCY, then neither will he.

      kita mo, 12 years in public office, walang na-accomplish, pero NAGING PRESIDENTE. perfect for a people that thinks 1 year is too short to tell whether pnoy’s been on his bum since getting elected.

  29. @ Ilda on August 4, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    PNoy was chosen by 40% of the country, not because of the media, dear, but because of Arroyo. I think you’re confusing him for Villar (you know, the Willy commercials?). Please be careful with your words, those 40% might think you’re dismissing them as complete media-dependent idiots…

    Also, just because a person is president doesn’t mean it’s mandatory for him to give up his right to unwind. It would automatically be the most dangerous job to date. If that is so then, damn! we should re-elect Arroyo in the hopes that she’ll lose her mind in the process!

    and please, let’s not put the blame on PNoy for the Police’s incompetence. those guys should be prepared for everything before it happens, not take additional training just to save face afterwards. Those generals should have taken the heat, not this yosi-puffing, four-eyed baldy.

    Finally, people who choose to look at the bigger picture, at the potential of something greater even, are anything but ‘mistaking’ net noobs, so to speak. If you’re a team player, i know you can catch my drift…

    1. @1DC

      I hate repeating myself. I think it’s time for you to catch up on reading some of my previous articles so you can understand where I am coming from. You can start with this article:

      Noynoy Aquino does not work hard for the money

      Here’s an excerpt:

      “Even Philstar columnist, Ernesto M. Maceda backed Tulfo’s claim: “The President’s laid-back working style is demonstrated by his short working hours, and his irregular and infrequent Cabinet meetings. In addition, only one LEDAC meeting has been held so far.” And PNoy’s unconventional working habits have seen his popularity take a dive once again. To be sure, if PNoy keeps his working habits, there is only one way but down for him and his administration.”

      1. Spoken like a real critic who chooses only what one wants to see… which is understandable. there are detractors, then again, there are pessimists.

        oh yes, Maceda… the youngest Cabinet Member of the Marcos administration. the one mocked by then Manila mayor Lacson as someone ‘so young, yet so corrupt’… seems Maceda himself couldn’t please everyone. no offense sir Senate President… i love your work.

        we could quote everyone all day long… but have you actually quoted yourself? i mean, what u wrote was Maceda’s opinion. What’s yours?

        is your hatred towards the president and all he represents genuine? or have you only been influenced by what you hear without finding the truth out for yourself?

        anyways, good luck on your articles. although i think im not quite familiar with them. would appreciate if u send me copies though.

        hey, here’s an idea… consider this in one of your articles: “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”
        – Washington

      2. okay that’s it. i’ve read enough, 1DC.

        “a real critic who chooses what one wants to see”

        “hatred towards the president”

        these are just about as accurate as a teenager’s rant towards a parent who’s setting him or her straight. seriously, you’ve just come across like an emo juvenile yelling “i hate you” to the parent/s who grounded him/her. in case you are one, you need to mature a considerable degree for a while.

        and no, i’m not suggesting ilda is your parent.

      1. then why those harsh comments about the guy?

        i too am a bit disappointed about how slow things are turning out. but hey, he’s president for a reason. For those sticking out their sanity for him, he’d better stay true to his word about redeeming this country…

  30. Parallax on August 5, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Para to the rescue…

    stick to the argument or zip it, ‘Dad’…

    u guys in a relationship or sumthin?…

    1. alright, mister. yer grounded! i’m sending you to sensitivity school first thing tomorrow morning where your uncle joeam was sent against his will. and by george we’ll straighten you out than a blue pill ever will.

      now go to your room.

      1. okay, but don’t stay up too late. otherwise my steel-toed shoes are itchin’ for some kickin’ and boy, the itch will need scratchin’ given the right excuse.

        and be good to the nice lady. she’s one of pnoy’s “bosses” as well.

      1. hehe, got it!

        sorry if i got a bit rude… thnx for putting up with my comments Ate I1 & Daddy Para.

        good luck to you guys, your columns…

        where could i get in touch with your articles po?

      2. Of course some cynics would say that you refrain from stating a preference so you can preserve a pristine platform from which to criticize those who have the courage to make clear their choice. I’m happy to say I have nary a cynical bone in my body, having turned over a new leaf under the scorns of ridicule heaped upon me at this here site.

      3. “the courage to make clear their choice”

        you mean “the INSISTENCE upon others to pick their dumb choice”. you yellows are still in campaign mode even a year after your chicken (pun might be intended) has taken over the coop.

        “the scorns of ridicule”

        hahahahaha! geez, joe. if you take it upon yourself to be the self-designated online peddler of pnoy’s vaporware then it follows that you’ll be at the receiving end of whatever criticism your yellow prince might garner. capisce?


        oh, everybody don’t forget: The Manila Hostage Massacre documentary on History Channel, tonight at 10PM

        here’s the airing time schedule in case you can’t see it tonight:

        Sunday 07 August 10:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 9:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Monday 08 August 4:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 3:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Monday 08 August 8:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 7:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Monday 08 August 4:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 3:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Tuesday 09 August 11:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Wednesday 10 August 5:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 4:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Wednesday 10 August 11:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Thursday 11 August 2:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 1:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Friday 12 August 11:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Saturday 13 August 2:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 1:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Saturday 13 August 12:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 11:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Sunday 14 August 6:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 5:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Saturday 20 August 11:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Sunday 21 August 5:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 4:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Tuesday 23 August 11:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Wednesday 24 August 5:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 4:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Wednesday 24 August 11:00 AM HK/SIN/MAL 10:00 AM Thai/WIB
        Wednesday 24 August 5:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 4:00 PM Thai/WIB
        Saturday 27 August 1:00 PM HK/SIN/MAL 12:00 PM Thai/WIB

  31. @ Parallax on August 6, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    nice, vocal, & pretty as well…

    what are u waiting for Dad? make a move on her already… ur kinda slow, like PNoy

    1. sshhhhh. you’ll wake your mother up.

      just gimme a couple minutes to make you something else, we’ve run out of cereal. ah, okay. i’ll make you some sloppy joes. mmmm, sloppy joes.

      speaking of, did you know your uncle joeam had to be DRAGGED OUT of sensitivity school because he liked it so much there he never wanted to leave? apparently every other patient i mean student there was pinoy.

      man, that kid was so sensitive he could feel all of his friends with his face without touching them. i mean, looky at this comment from uncle joe right here:

      Joe America on August 7, 2011 at 9:40 am

      do you suppose he made a google alert with his name on it?

      1. Speaking of google alerts, Para, looky what i’ve found:

        “I write in anonymity because I can be disagreeable in the extreme. Sometimes I don’t even agree with what I write, but being provocative is the antidote to being complacent. Stirring the stew ensures the flavors mix.
        Bottom line, I am very interested in the well-being of the Philippine community. Many, reading my perspectives, will assume otherwise, but that is their limitation, not mine.
        -Joe America

        as the well versed, articulate intellectuals that you all are, debates are inevitable, but a balanced presentation of views and opinions should always be welcomed, not mocked upon or alienated especially when views are somewhat diversified.

        yo’ll play nice now…

      2. i’ve been putting up with joeam’s politico rhetoric since the fv days, and pandering is something he does so well that i don’t take his “I am very interested in the well-being of the Philippine community” at face value.

        what he presents are nowhere near balanced views – they just appear to be because they look acceptable to polite society and they echo the fad of the day. i don’t care how many times he will insist that he wants the well-being of the country if heeding his constant caterwauling is the equivalent of the remaining thinking pinoys shooting themselves in the foot like everybody else did. no thanks.

        this should have been revealing to you: “Sometimes I don’t even agree with what I write, but being provocative is the antidote to being complacent.” sounds deep, but b.s. nonetheless. he isn’t above disparaging people who beg to differ, so be it. all who disagree with him are the ones waking him up from his complacency. of course, you can’t rouse a guy pretending to be in deep slumber. indeed, that’s our limitation.

  32. woah, Para, get a grip man!

    Looks like you guys go way back… similarly, it’s apparent that we’re way past the issue of PNoy’s Sona here. It’s like you guys are way beyond the gracious exchange of opinions, and that now it’s personal.

    don’t mean to intrude, but have you guys tried sorting things out?

      1. LOL!

        you guys must have to excuse my ignorance about how things work around blogs like this for i’m relatively new to this realm of manifested thoughts… be friendly guys, for a student like me already finds the environment intimidating

        I do admire everyone’s commitment on delivering sharp ideas and the justifications you guys make on every criticisms your opinions receive, while retaining craft, tact and wit; not to mention your sanity.

        must be a lot of work…

    1. same here, 1dc. i tried being nice to him once, and he replied nicely as well, and then he went back to his old confounding antics. (i don’t really mind, because it gives me an excuse to open a can of you-guessed-it on him.)

      i won’t keep you from reading his stuff. go ahead and figure him out. he’s got a good brain on him, though he seems to lose it all when it comes to defending, er, i mean, “supporting” pnoy, as he says. same difference.

      1. LOL! you guys are something else…

        Thanks Para… Not only Joe’s work, but i plan to follow everyone’s work on GRP.

        Stay true guys, you owe it to your followers

      2. joe and me, we’re mara and clara, oil and water, pork and beans. oh, wait. never mind.

        stay cool, 1dc.

        and don’t forget tonight on history channel asia at 10pm – the manila hostage massacre documentary.

  33. LOL! You’re killing me man!

    Anyways, noted ‘boss’ Para…

    would you guys be talking/blogging about this documentary afterwards? Sounds like a plan, right?…

    1. if anybody writes about it and i don’t have any work brought home, i’ll take a dip.

      i’m really curious as to what pnoy had to say about his noodles that evening, and how his buddies liked the fried rice.

  34. @ Joe America on August 7, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    and indeed, good perspectives are what i expect…
    everyone has been impressive so far. will take in as much as i could muster.

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