Pacquiao family celeb circus growing around RH Bill

All of a sudden a whole bunch of celebrities known more for their non-intellectual “assets” than anything else are embroiling themselves in a national “issue” that confounds even the best minds in the Philippine “intelligentsia”. Across the Philippine media landscape, we get disparate reports of Jinkee Pacquiao’s contraceptive pill popping, Pacquiao-mother “Mommy Dionisia” lashing out at a Senator of the Republic, and the epicentre of the celebrity circus, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao himself “debating” the merits and demerits of Philippine Reproductive Health (RH) with no less than the House Minority Leader.

These otherwise lame plots thicken as public guffaws over the fool Pacquiao had so far made of himself and his Catholic conscriptors grow louder. The younger Mrs Pacquiao now denies the Champ knew of her clandestine artificial contraception ops, which brings one to wonder about the lack of openness between parties in the Pacquiao pair over what is an otherwise important discussion point for most married (or otherwise sexually active unmarried) couples.

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Meanwhile the Roman Catholic Church, it seems, is starting to tiptoe away from the political spectacle it had created, first remaining silent over the clobbering their posterboy copped in the hands of House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman in yesterday’s “debate”, then distancing itself from the Catholic jihad launched by some of its officers against the RH Bill.

The Anti-RH mob. It’s a mob that seems to do everything but think. Perhaps, as such, it may have been, to be fair, a bit too much to expect them to have thought twice — thought twice about (1) recruiting a boxer to be their mouthpiece, (2) finding comfort in the embrace of a Medieval institution that deems itself immune to critical inquiry, and (3) muddling dogma-specific arguments into their “debate”.

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