PNoy and his Porsche: wishing for retirement?

When someone hasn’t lived a simple life, he wouldn’t have a clue what simple living means. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie tried living a simple life in front of the camera. The two rich gals had a ball making fun of how ordinary people live their ordinary lives. But it was for a television show and they were paid big bucks to get their hands dirty. After all that, Paris and Nicole just simply threw their muddy designer boots in the trash, changed into their tiny designer clothes and went to the nearest happening place to party all night long. One thing I can say about Paris and Nicole is that, they are not hypocrites. They know who they are and they don’t pretend to be anybody else. That is not something I can say about Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy).

PNoy is a person who keeps insisting he is a simple man who lives a very modest existence. His idea of simple living is having a Porsche for a car. He does not understand why people are making such a fuss about his new purchase. After all, he had to replace his old BMW, right? And to those who are wondering where in the world one would drive a car known for its horsepower considering Metro Manila is known for its horrendous traffic, they shouldn’t forget that PNoy is a haciendero. So wonder no more because he has a few acres of land to drive his Porsche around on and pretend to be someone from the show Top Gear .

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PNoy obviously does not have a clue what simple living means. How would he know, really? He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he is a member of one of the richest families in the Philippines; of course his idea of simple living is quite different from you and I. That’s the simple reason why he does not know where we are coming from. Even if he tried, he can’t. His minions did try hard to paint a picture of a simple and humble man but I guess the picture slowly faded to reveal PNoy’s true colours.

PNoy is even asking everyone not to judge him. What he is asking will not be easy for those who do not have anything to eat — those who can’t even afford that simple life, those who live in squalor. It is actually getting harder and harder for people to understand PNoy as it is he himself setting the trend for being judgemental. He relentlessly reminds the Filipino people every chance he gets of the perceived excesses of the past administration led by former President Gloria Arroyo (GMA) without realizing that he is starting to show the excesses of his own lifestyle.

PNoy was reduced to defending his purchase immediately after the media caught wind of the news:

“Unang-una no, ang hindi ho nailagay doon, third-hand ho ‘yan. Pangalawa ho, hindi ho gobyerno ang nagbayad n’yan. Ibinenta ko po ‘yung isang sasakyan ko at nagkataon ho meron namang buyer at ‘yun po ang ginamit ko pambayad nitong sasakyan ko (It’s a third-hand car. I paid for it from my own pocket)”

There was too much use of the words “po” and “ho” which made his statement so painfully patronizing, which unfortunately just annoyed many people including myself. And seriously, did he really have to say that he paid for it using his “own” money? His admission kind of sounds like bragging in itself if you ask me.

Could it be that PNoy is already preparing for retirement? Or worse, could it be that PNoy would rather have more time to drive his new Porsche around than to spend his precious days in Cabinet meetings considering he feels that his time for real “fun” is running out? “I just want to use my reflexes while I am still young” he said. I can imagine him probably imagining himself just chilling out with his friends talking about his car, but it is too bad for him though because he is stuck with a job he never wanted anyway. Poor PNoy and Pinoys.

According to the same news report, the president jokingly said that he might not be able to add to the car’s odometer reading of 10,000 kilometers for the rest of his stint in Malacanang, presumably because he won’t have time to drive it around. I just have to ask, why did he have to buy it now then? But then he goes on to contradict himself by saying:

“Kung maaliwalas naman po at nakaka-relax tayo paminsan-minsan, siguro naman po kapaki-pakinabang [yung Porsche] ‘pag gumagawa tayo ng desisyon (I want to relax sometimes, it could help me with my decisions)”

His statement above is enough evidence that he should never have run for the Presidency in the last election. He sounds to me like he is unhappy with his job. There is no evidence that he likes his job at all because he keeps talking about how hard it is. And he keeps looking forward to relaxing even though in the last six months; he hardly made a decision that would drain the energy of a real statesman. And he does not even have a wife or kids who could drain his energy after a long day. Even then, Filipinos have to get used to his whining for the next six years.

PNoy is sending out the wrong signal to the poor people of the Philippines. Those who don’t know any better, those who idolize him and try to emulate him will think that having a Porsche or a nice car is the secret to happiness or having a relaxed life. This might push people to do criminal activities just to satisfy the need to relax like their President. In fact, there have been reports of an increase in car theft in Metro Manila lately with two car dealers even being kidnapped and slain. The authorities are linking the murders to car theft groups. Perhaps, the situation can only get worse now that PNoy bragged about his new car.

Unfortunately for PNoy and his public relations team, this new car is a bit of a nightmare. The news of its purchase even made it to The Washington Post with the article emphasizing, “a third of Filipinos live on a dollar a day“, which is something that PNoy needs to be reminded of. Even his minion in the, Conrado “Noynoy is like Aragorn” de Quiros could not help but criticize PNoy for his move:

Certainly P-Noy’s position requires sensitivity to the public mood. Those who say that his acquisition of a Porsche, however second-hand, is ill-timed have a point. At the very time when MRT and other public transport fares are going up, it doesn’t particularly do for someone the public identifies with to remind them some are luckier than others.

De Quiros have always been too kind to PNoy and too harsh on GMA. He was also instrumental in putting PNoy in Malacanang particularly with his incessant articles portraying PNoy as “the one” due to the so-called Aquino legacy. It is too bad that he has been reduced to scrambling for kind words to describe PNoy nowadays.

Speaking of living a simple life, Facebook founder, billionaire, one of the most influential men in the world and TIME magazine’s 2010 Man of the Year recipient, Mark Zuckerberg is said to be seen driving around with just a $13,000 black Honda Acura. He is also reported to be just renting a modest, two-story house in a suburban street in California. He can be forgiven for living in a luxurious, sprawling mansion but despite his wealth – he is estimated to be worth $10 billion – he still lives a very genuinely modest life.

Mark Zuckerberg’s lifestyle is quite a contrast to PNoy’s lifestyle, indeed. Considering Zuckerberg is known to work like a horse and exceedingly loves what he does. But PNoy is living the Pinoy dream — being in power without the hard work, relaxing every chance he gets with all the fun and luxury to go with it.

And that is the simplest reason why the Philippines is still considered a basket case.

267 Replies to “PNoy and his Porsche: wishing for retirement?”

  1. another excellent read 🙂

    I have to agree that even though PNoy keeps thinking that he is like the rest of the Filipinos, he is simply not. It’s like trying to deny his own existence, that he is an Aquino after all and that he and his family are one of the richest people in the land. True, ‘simple living’ in PNoy’s terms is far different from the one that most Filipinos know – and live by. Well, guess now even people siding with the president will really feel the effect of having someone like PNoy as president.

    1. Sadly, judging from different forums I’ve been in, Noynoy’s rarara fans still insist he is not corrupt… all while corruption is staring at them in the face.

      It would probably take a Zimbabwe-like situation when these Yellowtards realize how wrong they are. (And by that time, I would try my best to shame them.)

      1. Hence, I felt the need to publish this article. It seems most of his supporters are still clinging to the lame excuse that he deserves it because:

        1. he can afford it
        2. he needs to relax because he inherited a lot of problems from the past administration.

        I just wish he and his minions would stop pretending that he is a simple and humble man.

        1.  do not have issues with PNoy’s Porsche acquisition, it’s his money and he has all the right to do as he pleases. if you have any problem with that, buy your own car or better yet run for president.  as if naman the philippines will progress exponentially if very smart people like you govern our country.most of our sc justices, presidents, senate presidents, reps have up educ but where are we now? your just a hypocirtical ***** thinking that she is above everybody else when it comes to mental capacity.puro ka lang daldal! fuck you!

        2. My mental capacity is above your idol, that’s for sure. The Philippines will progress when I am the President because I will try my best to convert morons like you to become more intelligent. Actually, using your common sense should be enough to turn this country around.

          Please read the article again because you missed the point.

        3. Okay lang sa akin that he can afford it. But I’d be more reasonable to hire a pedicab when I could tour around the circuitous nation with it than with a Porsche that may not serve some provincial functions, just because it’s too big to fit in a narrow alley (eskinita). Although it is true that you can afford X, P-Noy, it does not mean that buying X is the optimal thing to do with your bankroll, because there may be better options, like Y the Pedicab and Z the, er, Toyota.

          And as for inheriting problems, let me restate what I said in the AP Crowd: His conscience is his and his alone. Same with the administration and its problems. Do not carry inherited problems on your spine and then put it off in the basket for a while while waiting spontaneously for them to resolve, while you are reclining peacefully, beyond the din of sound and fury occupying the nation, behind your lovely, teddy-bearish Porsche. PAX

        4. Me siding with Ilda haha.  

           “do not have issues with PNoy’s Porsche acquisition, it’s his money and he has all the right to do as he pleases. if you have any problem with that, buy your own car or better yet run for president.  as if naman the philippines will progress exponentially if very smart people like you govern our country.most of our sc justices, presidents, senate presidents, reps have up educ but where are we now? your just a hypocirtical ***** thinking that she is above everybody else when it comes to mental capacity.puro ka lang daldal! **** you!

          Anyway, common sense cannot be taught in any university.  The run for president argument is a common argument launched by people with no good reason behind their thinking. Even if you do not have an issue with the porsche thing, there are lots of people do.  Do you think the people riding jeeps admire the fact that their president bears the suffering of the price hikes by getting a hot car?  I think noynoy mentioned in a speech before that all the good people of law enforcement do their job, but sorry if there aren’t enough money to fuel the cars?  Is this a straight, sincere, and non-hypocritical message coming from the beloved president?  So this is how the president can improve the country?  However, if the president did something of substance, something that improved the lives of the country, or did less of the mistakes he did in his term, then I might not be in this site.

          I just believed that Ilda’s article is critical, not hypocritical.  You know what would have been admirable?  Pnoy used that 4.5 million of his money to jump start pinoy innovations…to a degree.  

          I am thinking along the lines of an entrepreneurship program for capable individuals.  Start an education initiative to train his people.   Anything at all to delay his self-gratification. 

    2. Exactly frustratedcitizen! I’m glad you get it, which says a lot about your ability to grasp a simple concept that most Filipinos cannot understand. 😉

      1. Ilda, are you saying that buying a porsche makes pnoy corrupt? how?

        thats what dilaw is saying, pnoy is corrupt. do you agree? why?

        1. Paki basa lang “po” ng maigi ang article para “ho” maintinidihan “po”. Ok lang “ho” ba?

          I guess you couldn’t fault the article that is why you are just nitpicking on the comments.

          Sometimes doing little or nothing to stop others from committing corruption is worse than actually committing it especially if you are in a position of power like the President.

          Nagsarado na ang FV ano kaya ka bumalik sa AP? 😉

        2. i’m not nitpicking. i’m merely clarifying. 

          by agreeing with dilaw, do you think that pnoy is corrupt?

        3. What makes you think that I agree with everything that dilaw na mantsa wrote above?

          More importantly, what makes you so sure that PNoy is not corrupt? 😉

        4. huh? whats with answering questions with more questions? its a super simple question ilda. and i’m asking straightforwardly and earnestly. 

          ano pa ba ang sinabi ni dilaw? other than corrupt si Pnoy? 

        5. Ignoy’s purchase of that car is potentially a violation of RA 6713, Sec. 4, Para. H., which states “Simple living. – Public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.”

          That’s an impeachable offense. Close enough to a definition of corrupt in my book.

          And before you make the annoying, time-wasting point I know you’re about to make, that Ignoy’s own personal wealth provides him enough that purchasing a Porsche is actually appropriate to his income, I would like to point out that the Act prohibits the extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in ANY form, as in, it doesn’t matter whether he can personally afford it or not, it’s prohibited.

        6. @GabbyD

          What’s with all your questions, anyway? ;) 

          My answer was super simple too: What makes you think that I agree with everything dilaw na mantsa wrote? He wrote a few things. Paki basa lang “po” ulit.

          You haven’t answered my question too: What makes you so sure that PNoy is not corrupt? Is it because he said so?

        7. ano pa ba ang sinabi nya, maliban sa corrupt si pnoy? what “few things”?

          you wanna know my opinion? i dont know if he’s corrupt. he has no case on corruption, for sure. 

        8. Ok GabbyD. I will paste his whole comment:

          Sadly, judging from different forums I’ve been in, Noynoy’s rarara fans still insist he is not corrupt… all while corruption is staring at them in the face.

          It would probably take a Zimbabwe-like situation when these Yellowtards realize how wrong they are. (And by that time, I would try my best to shame them.)

          What do you think?

        9. ilda, getting a straight answer from you is so hard. its weird, coz u can answer it but you choose not to.

          you dont have to quote it. EVERYONE can read the original. so, do you agree with dilaw that he’s corrupt?

        10. GabbyD. I am merely demonstrating that I am quite capable of doing a GabbyD. 😉

          And the answer to your question is: What do you think?

        11. i have no IDEA what you believe in ilda.

          its alright. whatever you believe in is fine. i was just curious about it. 

          i have answered your questions straightforwardly. i would hope u would do me the same courtesy.

        12. @GabbyD

          You can find most of my beliefs all over this blogsite. You just need to keep an open mind. I used to tolerate your questions because they sounded innocent enough in the beginning. After more than a year of blogging, I’ve already figured out that you are just a time waster. You always follow your questions with more questions without really absorbing any of the responses to your original question.

          You are the last person I want to have a dialogue with because I don’t learn anything from you and you refuse to learn from other people.

          There is enough evidence to say that your support for PNoy was a big mistake so it baffles me why you still go on with your nonsense.

        13. @chino.

          answer it myself?

          mukha ngang ganun na nga. ayaw nyang makipagdialogo eh.

          i’m not trying to trick anyone. i’m honestly curious about what people believe, and why people believe the things they believe in. 

        14. Yo! Deejay Cy, on the red zone with Gabby D, yo! I’ll give you a straight answer, more straight than a slide rule, but, hey, let’s proceed in real-time storm of consciousness reminiscent of Proust, Joyce and Salinger. Yo! What’s your question, do I think because he brought that Porsche, he’s corrupt? Answer: I don’t know. Now you get your straight answer. From an alpha male hip-hopper, yours truly, Gabby D. Yo!

          To proceed: Yo! Anyway, miss ilda’s article is not about the corruption of P-Noy in relation to the Porsche he bought. Seems to me. It’s about the values of simplicity (hint, hint, Henry David Thoreau) and meekness (well, it’s the third Beatitude, you know, I know my new Testament even if I’m holding brass knuckles and bling-bling) a supposedly virtuous President must uphold in a tunultuous Third-World country, and flaunting the Posche in front of mass media-powered TV in a population subsisting on galunggong annd fried rice and whose main means of transport is callused legs seems to us deviating too harshly from that virtue. Especially with the way the PR Pep Squad inflated the issue, resulting in the smokescreening of more pressing issues. Yo! GabbyD, satisfied? I had a dialogue with you even if you ain’t appreciatin’. As Confucius said, I’ll teach you and it doesn’t matter where you’re from; rich or poor, from the slums or from the penthouses, from remedial-class to honors-class, you’re gonna get instruction from me, Deejay Cy. Yo, signing off for now. Good morning to you and to all your kinfolk.

      2. @benK

        sorry, but i think i will have to “annoy” you. 

        look at the IRR of RA6713:

        “Section 8. Officials and employees and their families shall lead modest and simple lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form. 
        Basically, modest and simple living means maintaining a standard of living within the public official and employee’s visible means of income as correctly disclosed in his income tax returns, annual statement of assets, liabilities and net worth and other documents relating to financial and business interests and connections. 
        Public funds and proper for official use and purpose shall be utilized with the diligence of a good father of a family. ”

        from the IRR, they qualify and define the notion of “simple life”, and contextualize the use of the phrase “extravagant or ostentatious”.

        you are NOT free to define extravagant beyond the definition herein. 

        oh, lemme re-phrase that. you are FREE to define them however you choose on this blog, but for the purposes of RA6713, you cannot.

        1. There you go again GabbyD, trying to confuse meanings and imposing your own erroneous meaning on something that’s otherwise loud and clear. Buying a Porsche is extravagance, period. And the Porsche is among the “assets, liabilities and net worth.”

        2. This president is a lazy & idiotic hypocrite, period! there is no need to twist the interpretation of R.A. 6713. It doesn’t matter whether he could actually afford the car because he was born rich. As a gov’t official and the President at that, he should have had the wisdom and the temperance not to flaunt his wealth at anytime during his term. What an insensitive fool he really is.

        3. confuse meanings chino? what are you confused about exactly?

          extravagant is interpreted based on the definition of “simple life”. Simple life is defined as above. 

          you are right — the porsche should be in the SALN. the bmw sold to buy the porsche should also be in his saln. 

          if any of this is confusing you, pls go ahead and ask some more questions.

        4. i said there’s evidence, but not necessarily enough to convict or to bring it to court. its enough to cause suspicion however. corruption cases are notoriously hard to convict — esp when there are no witnesses willing 2 testify. honestly, lots of cases are hard to convict, and there’s alot of uncertainty about how individual judges would assess evidence. furthermore, there is an issue of legal standing. for crimes against the state, the ombudsman is the one in charge. i have no idea how the ombudsman selects what cases to focus on. after the OMBudsman, the DOJ might do it. but the Justice Sec has lots of things to do, including current cases. 

          indeed, the truth commission is supposed to handle “old” corruption cases by former administrations, but we know what happened 2 that.

          thus, the “no cases” argument is much weaker than you think. 

          second, you are free 2 show/feel that Pnoy is incompetent. clearly, this is a matter of some disagreement. like “extravagance”, incompetence has an element of relativity to it. 

        5. If the evidence is weak and not enough to bring it to court, then why do you, PNoy and millions of Filipinos, keep saying GMA is corrupt? You rely on tsismis or haka-haka kung baga.

          Meanwhile, this blogsite and many others out there including some people from the mainstream media have been documenting from the beginning, PNoy’s vindictive nature, indecisiveness, incompetence and empty rhetoric, which has not helped improve the situation in the country.

        6. ah, this is interesting!
          first, lets deal with the canard — LEGAL evidence is DIFFERENT from having enough evidence to cause suspicion /belief in one’s corruption.

          the standards are different, and conflating them is wrong.

          indeed — you SUSPECT that pnoy is incompetent also. the SAME STANDARD thus applies to a person’s belief that one is corrupt (ie. not the legal standard, but a personal one)

          so when you say pnoy has a vindictive nature etc.., thats your opinion, based on your appreciation of the evidence. IN THE SAME WAY as when people say that gma is corrupt, based on their appreciation of the evidence. 

        7. You just proved to everyone here that we have a weak justice system and more importantly, you proved that PNoy is a weak leader.

          If the evidence against GMA is not enough to convict her, then it is not just a suspicion that PNoy is vindictive. He can’t go around town telling everyone she is corrupt. He needs to prove it first using our legal system. Otherwise, he is just spreading negative propaganda.

          If PNoy was more competent or at least had any common sense, he would have found a way to fix the system by now. Coming up with the “truth commission” was wrong from the beginning and not being able to use the existing system to fight corruption already proves that he is incompetent.

        8. i “proved” the philippines has a weak justice system? thanks! 🙂 galing ko pla…

          sadly, saying that LEGAL standards to prove guilt are high isnt proving anything. thats just the truth. 

          also saying that the DOJ and ombudsman are overloaded is also not reinventing the wheel. 

        9. “ He can’t go around town telling everyone she is corrupt. He needs to prove it first using our legal system. Otherwise, he is just spreading negative propaganda.”

          i cant state the irony of this sentence. if its “propaganda” to say one is corrupt when one suspects that, then its propaganda to say one is inept. 

        10. @GabbyD

          I already told you that corruption is a crime while being incompetent is not yet a crime. So therefore you need to prove in court that someone is corrupt before you can label her corrupt.

          And don’t forget, you already proved to everyone here that PNoy is incompetent. Here’s a reminder: He can’t even use the current legal system to prove that GMA is corrupt. Or for that matter, he can’t even find a way to go around the system to prove that she is corrupt, which says a lot about his and his legal team’s incapacity to do what they promised the Filipino people.

        11. before i respond, ayaw mong sagutin ang una kong tanong no?

          OK , MY REPLY:

           Pnoy hasnt given up on pursuing the legal case. Given the limits of the doj, he has chosen a different tactic. apparently, u believe that the DOJ has the capacity to do it AND to do all the things that still need to be done. 

          i suppose you COULD call that incompetence — but that would be the incompetence of the philippine govt for decades that has saddled EVERY and ANY administration. this is more accurately called a legal constraint, that affects everyone. if it affects EVERYONE, its not any perosn’s incompetence. 

          but whatever, the first thing you said is interesting — you cant accuse someone (label someone) as X if someone hasnt been convicted of X (if X is a crime).

          thats a fascinitating idea — certainly lawyers append the word “alleged”. generally speaking, actually i agree. 

          FIRST, and most important — i said that we SUSPECT CORRUPTION. thats not the same as branding someone as corrupt with the finality that a convinctioncan bring. 

          i challenge you: find an instance where Pnoy labels Arroyo as corrupt and guilty of a specific corrupt crime. 

          SECOND, and more generally speaking,  for political crimes, accusations of wrong doing frequently arent pursued in court, because of their political nature.

          take Nixon. he was never convicted for any corrupt thing he did in office. yet, people are free to have an opinion about his corruption. 

          take communist rebels. to one a rebel, according to your rule, is to be convicted of a charge of Rebellion. however, rebellion is also a political act. and as such, these individuals are labels as such even without conviction. 

          there are many other examples actually.

          THIRD, incompetence, depending on the context, is a crime. by your logic, accusing him of incompetence is also a no-no. 

        12. @GabbyD

          If you are really smart, you should already know the answer to your question after 3 days of debating with me.

          In one of your comments you said that you are not too sure if PNoy is not corrupt but can rely on the fact that there is no case of corruption against him. Is there a case against GMA?

          With Nixon’s corruption case, again, if you were smart enough to analyze it, Nixon resigned before impeachment proceedings started. And, while the criminal prosecution against him was still possible, the new President Ford pardoned him. This means that even before being convicted, he was already pardoned. So therefore, he was guilty of corruption. And if you use your common sense, the situation with Nixon is different.

          Some of what you said just doesn’t make sense anymore so it’s not worth analyzing.

          Regarding your challenge: gees, are you really asking me to do research work?!? Have you gone nuts?!? You do the research yourself. The onus is on you!

        13. let me elaborate on the THIRD POINT.

          in fact, BenK says that Pnoy violated the ethical standards act by being extravagant. 

          here, you may NOT call him him extravagant, because he hasnt been found guilty of the ethical standards law. 

          obviously, that CANNOT BE TRUE. you may call him extravagant, even IF he isnt “extravagant” as defined by the ethical standards law.

        14. @ilda

          i’m smart? thanks! actually, no one should have to guess if the other person is available. 

          about nixon, you missed the point. the point is, even IF he wasnt convicted, proven in the court that he did something wrong. people think he did something wrong. its valid to say he did something wrong. 

          this TOTALLY NEGATES your argument. 

          parenthetically, we this doesnt settle whether its a bad or good idea to rely on legal standards to be able to call someone something.

          this only proves (as in PROVES) that people dont rely on legal standards for ideological, moral, political opinions.

        15. @GabbyD

          Ahhh…sarap! I just came back from the beach. It was really refreshing to see the water, sand and the blue sky. Ikaw? I hope you can get a life because it seems like you spend the whole day just trying to annoy people on the blogosphere.

          You continue to misconstrue what people say in general. Here’s what I said:

          If you are really smart, you should already know the answer to your question after 3 days of debating with me.

          Since you have been missing my point for the last 3 days, hinde ka talaga smart. You just act like a smart a$$.

          I’ve had enough of your tactic of diverting the issue from PNoy and GMA. Stuff your Nixon comparison! You should realize that there is a big difference between how the U.S. handle their cases vs how we handle ours due to our weak legal system and the Filipino people’s lack of follow-through.

          It’s simple dude. Incompetent talaga si PNoy. You’ve been denying it since before the election. Now that he has been sitting in Malacanang for more than six months without having done anything significant, you should already accept it. Otherwise, I will be inclined to believe our suspicion about you: that you are just a paid hack.

        16. @ilda
          so i’m not smart? i’m so confused now! 🙂
          diverting the issue?! its 100% relevant actually. its simple — if u want to call pnoy incompetent, for whatever reason u have, then others may call gma whatever they believe she is (best president ever? most misunderstood? tall?)

      3. “After more than a year of blogging, I’ve already figured out that you are just a time waster.”

        “ You always follow your questions with more questions without really absorbing any of the responses to your original question.”

        ok. you are free to believe that. but you know this is not true.  i always, always am interested in what people have to say. i always argue with evidence, links, and context.

        1. And you should know by now that all the AP bloggers feel the same about you. It has come to a point where your “denseness” has started to look like an act.

          I’ve met high-school students who have no problem understanding AP’s message so I know that you just want to waste everybody’s time.

          Your questions give you away too, they don’t have a point.

          So have a nice life!

        2. actually, i understood what you wanted to say here. 

          in ur first response, tama ka. i have nothing against the fact that you dislike pnoy, and you find the purchase of the porsche distasteful.

          thats cool.

          i’m open to different opinions. i was curious about your opinion about how (allegedly) corrupt pnoy is.

          if you wanna write about THAT, i look forward 2 reading it.

        3. Yo, Deejay Cy returning to the red zone with you, GabbyD! Yo! Let me put you in some philosophical armchair for a while, GabbyD. “Extravagance” cannot be interpreted absolutely; an thing X is always extravagant or less extravagant in relation to another thing Y, and probably many other things too, yo! Oh well, let’s see So if every Filipino homie in this BIG WIDE GHETTO -yo, greetings to all ghetto folks with their videoke sets, just don’t turn it up so hard beyond 11 pm, yo! – well, if every FiIipino has a Porsche, then buying a Porsche wouldn’t be extravagance, but buying a helicopter will be. Yo! Got it? So if our average means of transformation are callused feet and cracked shoes, then, well, you got the idea GabbyD, fom yours truly, Deejay Cy, who’s gonna give free instruction here in AP, make some noise everyone!

          And of course, GabbyD, everyone is free to define extravagance in any way he or she desires, as long as that definition is defensible. (I presented mine in the above paragraph). Now the best definition will be determined according to tenability and sturdiness alongside other definitions. Yo! As a side note: That’s where country grammar slang comes from. By the way. Yo, signing off for a while. Good day. THE RED ZONE, with Deejay Cy!

        4. @ilda

          “Are you insisting that PNoy is corrupt? Why don’t you show us the evidence?”

          no. in case u have a bout of amnesia, i have asked you about YOUR OPINION about this about 5 times now. you havent answered. kundi hwag. i also answered your question about it above. 

          indeed! you can use whatever standard of simple life you want, but IN THE CONTEXT OF RA 6713, simple life is clearly defined! it is THIS STANDARD that “extravagance” is compared to. 

        5. Yo, GabbyD, RA 6713 is, well, an acceptable standard, but, yo, this article ain’t about that; it’s about the simplicity as lived by the taciturn greats of history like Gandhi and Thoreau, name your pick, yo! RA 6713 is, yo, ummmm, fodder for another article, but the matter is, everybody’s flouting it. Yo!

          As for P-Noy’s corruption, it’s for another article. Maybe when reading, you ought not to confuse your own purposes with the purpose of the writer as expressed by him or her or as implied in the article. Yo! That’s songwriting advice from yours truly, DJ Cy, yo!

        6. @cy

          i was replying to BenK. see the thread. 

          also, in the thread with ilda, i have no purpose other than divining her opinion. 

        7. oo nga ano. I placed the comment in the wrong slot. sorry. as for divining her opinion, try to deduce it from the article itself. =)

        8. Then do your best. Good luck, GabbyD. And, oh, try doing it without asking her. Just like I do with the Republic – you can’t ask Plato what he meant when he wrote that; you’ll have to interpret him yourself, or let others interpret it for you.

        9. @ilda

          ang hirap naman ng tanong mo. you are asking me to speculate about what other people think? 

          i THINK that this is coz people would like to give others the benefit of the doubt, generally speaking. without any decent evidence of wrong doing, why believe there is wrong doing?

          but my argument has a measure of psychological projection. this reflects my viewpoint for sure — i always want to give someone the benefit of the doubt, until evidence comes around so i can update my opinion.

          how about returning the favor? do you agree with dilaw he’s corrupt? why?

        10. Going by what you just wrote, do you think that dilaw na mantsa showed any evidence on why he thinks PNoy is corrupt?

          Do you agree with PNoy that GMA is corrupt?

        11. any evidence? no. thats one reason why i wanted to ask if you agreed with dilaw. [btw, 6th time na po]

          do i agree that gma is corrupt? certainly, she has been accused of it. certainly, she lied about not running. there is a recording of her speaking with a comelec official, for which she apologized. there’s evidence there, and its doubt over her behavior and motivations. 

        12. You are saying that there is enough evidence to accuse GMA of corruption, but how come no one is filing a case against her yet? She is not guilty until proven in court so people should stop talking about her like she’s already been tried.

          Meanwhile there is enough evidence to say that PNoy is incompetent and very unstatesmanlike. But sorry na lang sa mga Pinoys, because being a moron is not a crime yet.

        13. ah, my comment to this is in the thread right above.

          there — note i’ve replied to ALL of your queries. i’ve been forthright, have i not? 

        14. Iida, I admire your patience with Gabby D.  He is obviously a big time waster and is not sincere in having a dialogue with people here.  It is obvious that either he has permanent brain damage or that he is just playing a game.  I used to engage him over at FV, and I sensed then that there was something terribly wrong with his thoughts or non-thoughts.  He probably is mentally undeveloped or just a plain paid hack.

        15. @Miriam

          You would think that the gaffes and obvious incompetence exhibited by PNoy and his staff could silence the likes of GabbyD, but no; he is still relentless in his pursuit. He is the only one who knows what his point is, really. He just looks so silly trying to prove that he did not make a mistake supporting PNoy.

        16. how am i obviously not sincere? 

          i’ve been answering ALL of ilda’s questions in a straight manner.

          i’ve been using arguments, logic and links. 

          no one has disputed my arguments. 

          also miriam, i defended your opinions too, even as i didnt agree (remember that you predicted Gibo’s win, based on a different survey firms’ results).

          if you want to deal with the arguments, GO AHEAD. instead, you are calling me a paid hack. i have nothing but respect for you miriam because i only criticized your arguments, and NEVER you personally.


        17. Yo! DJ Cy here, on THE RED ZONE, Sunday edition with GabbyD again! Ala e! Tik-ti-la-ok! Beat in the chicken’s beak, yo! Gabby D naman, I know you’re overflowing with ideas and logic, but that’s that – overflowing. The problem, I now think, is with your form – not your substance. Make sure your form will not unnecessarily hinder others in their search for enlightenment, ala e!

          Today, yo! It’s all about HOW TO ANSWER ARGUMENTS. Basically:

          Let A be a statement.
          If you agree with A:
          (1) reasons why you agree with A,
          (2) supporting facts/anecdotes/philosophical basis for each reason.

          If you disagree, same.

          Now there may be terms in statement A that require clarification. Unless you agree to the definitions of those terms, there’s no debate…. How can I prove that ice is cold when your definition of cold is >50degrees Centigrade? Yo! Chill.

          Now let me put a controversial (3): Don’t put anything else other than the description of statement A, (1), and (2). That may clear up all the mess. Don’t experiment with style until you have known the basics. Yo! If you want to master simple prose, read Thoreau’s Walden.

          Look at all my posts here. You may dislike them (in form, yo!) but there’s the scintillating realization that you understand them. Yo! Good day, ala e!

        18. @cy

          in what sense didnt i follow your form? my argument was illustrated by an example, multiple examples actually.

        19. Back to THE RED ZONE with DJ Cy. Gotcha, GabbyD! Yo! You got the form right. I got what you meant, although I struggled with it. (But you didn’t state what statement A you are in favor or or against. Seems to me you’re answering three different statements at once. Please state which statement you are for or against while you’re writing, so at any point when debating we know what we are talking about). You got the form right. I got what you meant, although I struggled with it. Pardon. Peace.

          Ay, oo nga pala, refer to my controversial (3). I just put (1) and (2) to lead you to (3). (Palusot pa ako, tama ka naman! Yo! TIk-ti-la-ok! Ala e!) As Thoreau said, “Simplify, simplify.” Yo! (If you want to know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick test: If you can’t understand what you’re writing yourself, don’t expect others to understand it as well.) Peace, punk, anarchy. Yo.

  2. that is just a f*cked up president. kaya nga paulit-ulit na lang na paalala ng iba’t ibang NGOs, “ISIPIN MONG MABUTI SINO IBOBOTO MO”. pero it seems that we hardly learned, if we learned any. i voted last election and i somehow regretted the one i elected, even though he did not win. i think i should have voted for Gibo. he knows what to do and how to do it. PNoy knows how to relax and all. but these past 7 months, i didn’t even know any BIG MOVE he made. except maybe removing the PAG-ASA director and retaining his cohorts at DILG.

    1. He did nothing in the last six months that could have caused him to lose his hair. Although he already had a thinning hairline even before being the President, which could also indicate that he easily gets stressed out over simple matters. Which is a good enough reason to say that he is not qualified to bring us from “third world to first.” 🙂

  3. By the looks of things, he is not really a simple man. Having a Porsche car is not simple at all. It’s not nice to hear that your president is “parelax-relax” lang.

  4. Sec. 4 of RA 6173.(h) Simple living. – Public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.

    Arroyo’s Lobster and Steak dinner = Was around Php 900K to 1M = Stated it was paid by Rep. Romualdez’ own pockets = People, myself included cried foul, all over the media.

    Aquino’s Porche = Around Php 4.5M = Stated that it was from Aquino’s own pockets, either money from Hacienda Luisita, or criticize from being a legislator where he did not legislate. = Big Brother says you cannot criticize him, you have no right!

    As always with the Aquino defenders, (An AP contributor keep saying, was it ChinoF or BongV, or both?) “Good for the Goose but not for the Gander?”

    1. daaang! if this “simple living” thingy is enforced, majority of flipland’s traposakals are guilty…

      magkano ba ang sweldo ng mga hindot na to? por eksampol:

      veep owned ‘sang tambaks na units at hidalgo condos…

      arroyo clans own real estate properties in kalipornya’s gold coast…

      bottle hardened mistahs owned mansions in flipland’s millionaire’s row, ayala alabang, etc etc…

    2. “Arroyo’s Lobster and Steak dinner = Was around Php 900K to 1M = Stated it was paid by Rep. Romualdez’ own pockets = People, myself included cried foul, all over the media.

      Aquino’s Porche = Around Php 4.5M = Stated that it was from Aquino’s own pockets, either money from Hacienda Luisita, or criticize from being a legislator where he did not legislate. = Big Brother says you cannot criticize him, you have no right!”


  5. Minor correction… PresiNoynoy has yet to have an all-hands meeting with his entire Cabinet. If he were a Vice-President-Shoe-Sales who hasn’t met with his regional directors, he’d be in deep trouble by now from his Boss… but PresiNoynoy does not have a boss, what he has is a board of directors (campaign contributors).

    ————-And with his Porsche, what PresiNoynoy is saying is wether-wether. Tama lang ang panahon na magka-Porsche siya, kaya ganuon!! Kung nasa puwesto ka at puwede mo namang gawin, eh di gawin! Sino naman ang pipigil sa iyo, si Conrado deQuiros???

    1. I truly just hope there is nothing smelly about the Porsche purchase. It will crush a few Pinoys-in-Pinas if the Porsche was really 80%-below-true-value!!!! A gift from some folks who need PresiNoynoy to look favorably on some issues. Presi-Noynoy will be dealing with a lot of big-money issues and the president of a country being appreciative of their interests will surely be appreciated by FRAPORT or for whoever gets an inside-track on the Nuclear Power Plant or on the next PPP highway project.

      1. Nice point here UP.. Is PNOY defending his action because he got a good bargain (anyway)? What if he gets it for free, is it then better justified. Sadly, Filipinos do not realize corruption when there is one happening right across their faces!

      2. actually, i’m a little disturbed reading in daily tribune that the person who “arranged” for this purchase was given the much coveted appointment to meco, which like, pays “1M ++” per month.

        i dunno, i just read it. if it were true, though, well…

        great article ilda!  

  6. don’t worry we already have Mar Roxas as Chief Executive Trouble-Fixer, or something like that. 
    every time i see PENOY in the news, my stomach twirls it makes me puke. 

    1. Everytime I see this president on TV, I instantly switch channels since anything he says smacks of hypocrisy. I do the very same thing whenever I see his bitchy sister. 6 years is indeed a very long time.

    2. Heto na. Ipropromote ko na ang sarili kong axiom #69: The unintelligent are part of the news more than the intelligent. If you can’t bear with P-Noy for the next 6 years, then at least bear with the unintelligent parading on the news as a national amusement.

  7. daaang!… what are y’all complaining about my retarted prez gung gong?…

    after all, he was flipflams’ bet… flipflams in kalipornya endorsed and spent ‘sang tambaks na million in his campaign…

    flipflams held ninoy the turd parties insane diego and lost angeles…

    renpac emceed…

  8. Waiting for retirement and his sister to take over in his place.

    My God. I’m all for feminism, but that’s an even worse possibility than Sarah Palin as US President.

      1. Palin became infamous after she quit being governor of Alaska. She actually posted crosshairs on her website detailing anti-Tea Party congressmen, leading to the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last week.

        Imagine if there were a coordinated effort like that in our guns, goons and gold culture.

      1. So help the Philippines, God! Please we implore your most mighty power that this event never takes place in this country!

      2. Obviously they want her to replace BSA3 in Tarlac in 2013. That wouldn’t be so surprising given the other big showbiz names in those positions (Vilma Santos in Batangas for example.)

        I’m really worried about 2016. Maybe the Mayans were a little off?

        1. The new head of Comelec is promising to overhaul the department (just like the last head of that department). It’s interesting how he is going to deal with guns, gold and goons in 2016.

  9. You need an expensive bling bling car in the Philippines so the majority of poor people have something to look up to and dream about…Having a Porsche, Escalade SUV, Mercedes means you’re untouchable–not having to abide by the street laws nor be issued a ticket…let alone stopped by hungry and corrupt policemen who get their merienda money from poor drivers.
    I’ve ridden in a Porsche driven by a friend from South Forbes to Ayala Heights who did illegal U-turns, speeding and wrong side-of-the-street driving (in front of police men)…and guess what?……he wasn’t stopped.

    Are we a country just pretending to have laws so other countries won’t label us “uncivilized”?

      1. They’ve had enough of those relics they’ll “look up and dream about” in your words – Charice, PacMan, Brandon Vera(?), the Askals, mga artista, etc. etc., and I fear that too much of that will bring them to a perpetual state of stupor.

  10. And…speaking of Facebook founder the billionaire…YES, THAT IS VERY TRUE…many wealthy Americans, not necessarily billionaires, do live a modest lifestyle because really…what is the point of showing off in a country where character, talent, intelligence are what people pay attention to…unlike in the Philippines, well, I don’t need to explain how the people are here…we glorify ill-gotten wealth and ill-gotten heirs of ill-gotten elites…what ever they do, we go ga-ga, clap, drool and ask for more.

    By the way, are the Cojuangcos legitimately rich? Didn’t that family just rent Hacienda Luisita and decided to assume ownership of the land against the law? Ilda, you need to make a list of legitimately rich families who got to the top of the socio-economic ladder without breaking the law. That would really grab everyone’s attention.

    1. Here’s FORBES’ Top 40 as of july, 2010:

      1.Henry Sy
      2.Lucio Tan
      3.John Gokongwei Jr.
      4.Jaime Zobel de Ayala
      5.Andrew Tan
      6.Tony Tan Caktiong
      7.Enrique Razon Jr.
      8.Beatrice Campos
      9.George Ty
      10.Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.
      11.Inigo & Mercedes Zobel
      12.David Consunji
      13.Emilio Yap
      14.Andrew Gotianun
      15.Vivian Que Azcona
      16.Oscar Lopez
      17.Manuel Villar
      18.Jon Ramon Aboitiz
      19.Mariano Tan
      20.Robert Coyiuto Jr.
      21.Roberto Ongpin
      22.Alfonso Yuchengco
      23.Betty Ang
      24.Enrique Aboitiz
      25.Gilberto Duavit
      26.Menardo Jimenez
      27.Felipe Gozon
      28.Alfredo Ramos
      29.Manuel Zamora Jr.
      30.Wilfred Uytengsu Jr.
      31.Benjamin Romualdez
      32.Wilfredo Keng
      33.Tomas Alcantara
      34.Bienvenido Tantoco Sr.
      35.Frederick Dy
      36.Eugenio Lopez III
      37.Lourdes Montinola
      38.Luis Virata
      39.Jesus Tambunting
      40.Philip Ang

    2. You have a point pugot. One example of a billionaire who is known to be down to earth is the Mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg. They say he even takes the subway to work. This way, he knows what ordinary people go through. PNoy’s so-called simple living is not the same. It’s all talk for PR purposes. 

      1. I also heard that Warren Buffet lives a very simple life.  Also, I think in order to teach his son the value of money, he did not “bail” him out during his son’s financial hardship?

        1. That’s right Weizz. He still lives in the same house that he bought for $31,500 in Omaha in 1957. And yes, his son had to learn things the hard way. You ought to give PNoy a copy of his life story.

        2. I guess talking with fellow writers makes you think deeper. I went WOW when I heard that. Besides, those who live like that earns my admiration rather than people with big mansions or hot cars.  

          Large houses are impractical once the children leaves.  Hot cars have big taxes and not suited to the roads here.  

          My best friends belongs to a very rich family.  Yet, they have a moderately sized house.  Many cars maybe, but she dresses so simply and acts the same way too.  She shows her worth as a person through her artworks.  The use of talents more than financial wealth gives one a better worth as a person. 

        3. That’s right, Weizz. There are some people with lots of money, but with very little class,..and they usually can’t resist the urge to flaunt their wealth once they know they can afford it.

        4. there are two kinds of rich people: those who flaunt that they are rich, and those who don’t. those who don’t, i notice, seem to be the “old rich”. those who flaunt it are the “noveau rich”, mga biglang yaman. those who are also prone to flaunt are those who are in the 2nd or 3rd generation of rich families–unless they were also raised to live just as simply by their parents or grandparents.

          anyway, that’s just an observation.

      1. GMA’s administration has threatened Noynoy’s Hacienda Luisita land.

        Kaya nga where before, Cory and Noynoy were GMA supporters, the CARPification of Hacienda Luisita resulted in Cory and Noynoy joining the “GMA Talsik Diyan!!!” chorus.

        Malapit na ang Pilipinas Supreme Court decision on Hacienda Luisita, abangan.

        1. Cory and her supporters supported GMA to replace Erap after he was ousted and now PNoy hates her guts. Something happened along the way and your theory makes a lot of sense.

          I don’t know why GabbyD keeps insisting that PNoy and his family are not engaging in negative propaganda against GMA.

    1. The thing that most people don’t understand is, eating hotdog in NY is actually considered “hip” or “cool.” And most Americans don’t actually consider eating at a hotdog stand “beneath” them so I don’t know why  PNoy’s fans think he was actually being humble when he ate hotdogs from a hotdog stand. It’s not the same as eating in a karinderia sa kanto.

      Which reminds me, how come we don’t see PNoy eating at a karinderia among the tambays sa kanto?!? 

      1. hehe… you’re right… can we know what food they usually serve during cabinet meetings or other official gatherings that Pnoy goes to? interesting yun ah…

  11. Pnoy was 26 years old when EDSA People Power took place. Dont tell me from that year, till January 2011, almost 25 years, he never had the chance to use his reflexes to drive a performance car? What has he been doing those years?

    What has he been up to during his tenure as congressman and senator that he was not able to accomplish anything? If you become the most powerful man of a very poor country, shouldnt you be doing the appropriate things?

    He plays the blame game.
    He time and again protects the mistakes of his close friends.
    He lacks clout and the demeanor of a real leader.
    He rides on the economic accomplishments of the past administration
    He blames everything bad happening now to the past administration
    He has no interest in being the president
    He has no interest in reforming the 25-year-old Oligarch-bias 1987 Constitution
    He doesnt like flying to other countries for diplomatic purposes
    He purchased a luxury item while transport/toll fees are going up

    Cmon Mister president, can you at least give us SOMETHING to look forward to for the next 5 1/2 years!

    Like the many rich people in this country, you are quite detached from the poor people. I pay taxes so let me say this, EARN your salary!

    1. As I said in my other article: PNoy needs to come up with better excuses than blaming Arroyo

      Here’s an excerpt:

      Image-conscious PNoy now has a serious problem because it’s not just the Filipino people holding their breath for him to introduce new reforms to “improve” things; international organizations like the Heritage Foundation Asian Studies Center are also monitoring him. But will he have time to do any real work now that he just bought new wheels? He even said that constitutional reform is not his priority — without indicating what else constitutes his priorities.

      Please click on this link to read the full article: PNoy needs to come up with better excuses than blaming Arroyo

  12. Trying to make us more productive(reducing holidays) and insisting on what each of us can contribute while he enjoys a porsche after doing almost nothing! Great job Mr. President! 

      1. In the Philippines, if you can’t bombard the citizens with logic, then you should present an example. Correct. If he’s the “fiscalizer” as he claims to be, then in my report card he has already flunked the values part of it. PAX

    1. Speaking of holidays, he doesn’t get the meaning of economic holidays.  People spend more if there are long holidays because you go on vacation with your family. Going for a vacation stimulates the local economy.
      In reality, no one celebrates the meaning behind the holiday that we have.  We don’t go to Rizal Park to commemorate Rizal day, we don’t go to EDSA shrine to commemorate EDSA revolution etc. 

  13. Didn’t anybody notice the timing of this purchase? Just a few days before that BS aquino announced mar roxas as his “troubleshooter”, which means, he can just screw around malacanan and still have all the time to drive his car and “relax”.

    When I read about this purchase in the news, I wasn’t surprised at all. I don’t expect anything good from a retard. Puro relax, walang trabaho. I’d be surprised if he does otherwise.

    1. That’s true too. I think that was the original deal anyway. I have a feeling that Mar agreed to back out of the race because it was decided that PNoy could help the party win but Mar could still run the show.

    2. Kaya nga may sarili akong axiom #69: The unintelligent are part of the news more than the intelligent. Sounds so trite to you? Pardon me. I just want to practice my sentence style.

  14. Not really a good way to set an example I mean If I were to get an expensive car I would at least set an example to my people by getting a hybrid car rather than a porsche ( I mean even hybrids are not that expensive anymore). Way to set an example douche. 

    1. Indeed, BernardP. Indeed. But as De Quiros pointed out, he also boasts about his love of guns, which is setting a bad example to young kids. He is also unashamed of his smoking habits. As Winston Churchill would say: “He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.”

        1. Maybe he loves the idea of revenging his father’s blood with the same instrument that spilled it. Seriously, I’m all for an armed citizenry if that’s what it takes to minimize crime indices–at least Juan has a fighting chance against the lawless Pedro. Disarming the lawful citizenry in this country is akin to painting bull’s-eyes on them.

        2. At least Batman has the brains not to use guns as it’s the very same instrument that changed his life in the first place.  Even comic books have more brains than PNOY

        1. In a rendition of my sweet, urbane, luxurious prose: this is a country where the unintelligent are part of the news more than the intelligent.

  15. why don’t all of you just leave him alone and cut the guy some slack.. if he wants to buy a f**kin’ porsche, let him buy one!!! he has the money and best of all, he did not steal it.
    all these arguments about “he’s a bad president” and all that just make me sick to the bone and ashamed of my fellow FILIPINOs trying to put down WHOEVER is on that presidential seat.. why don’t you save all your “good” ideas and “channel them to productive” (that’s from my fave band pantera .. RIP dimebag)..=)
    now he could just have stepped aside and live a life of luxury if he wanted to.. but no, he chose to do something meaningful.. he chose to be a public servant, and i know that YOU know that he’s not gonna steal.. the blood of NINOY and Cory runs through his veins and his parents’ souls are in him.. it’s not easy to change a country.. especially when, in this example, we cannot seem to just get along and support each other..
    let him buy his car.. he deserves it.. it probably takes the stress off his head when he goes home and looks at it..

      1. Spoiled talaga, treatment sa presidency parang toy na tinesting at nagsawa agad. His insistence not to be sworn in by an Arroyo-appointed justice and his insistence to not reside in Malacanang are just signs of him being one. Then yung Porsche that just couldnt wait.

    1. @bak2u

      Your request to “leave him alone” is equivalent to allowing him to run the country to the ground. Just look up The Tea Party movement on the Net and you should be able to understand what we are doing. We are trying to give the government back to the people. PNoy is becoming full of himself because he thinks that he is above criticism. Can’t you feel that the crime rate in the Philippines is going up because bad elements can sense that the country has a weak leader?

      People like you do not have the right to tell us to stop criticizing him. PNoy and his minions haven’t stopped criticizing the previous administration even if the allegations of corruption against GMA and her cohorts haven’t been brought to court. No one has filed any case against her. PNoy and his minions are just good at bad mouthing people without solid evidence.

      He does not deserve to be in public office. Just because he is the son of Ninoy it does not mean he has the passion or the ability to be in politics. And Cory wasn’t even a great leader. Please check your history. If she was so great, why are the Philippines and the Filipinos still in this position?

      1. @ilda

        Thank you for your reply. And let this be a healthy argument.. i hope.

        When you said “People like you do not have the right to tell us to stop criticizing him” or the government for that matter… I’ll give you that.. indeed, i don’t have that right..

        And also, when you said you’re trying to give the government back to the people.. that is a very noble intention… and i hope you do a better a job at it by being more of the constructive type..

        Because when you said “He does not deserve to be in public office”.. well, who do you think should be? You are an idealist, i think.. It’s like telling more than 40% of your kababayans that they’ve made the wrong decision.. the very same people you’re trying to give the government back to..

        I did not vote for PNoy but I support him now that he’s there.. I might not know too much about my history but I think, Cory was one of the best presidents that we had.. imagine how we as a nation were able to finally stand up against a dictator.. and CHANGE that we’re hoping for, i think, is not necessarily for the Phils. to be a rich nation but a nation that is united despite being poor.. a nation rich in values and also being God-Fearing as what Cory’s example showed..

        but enough of the words and let’s get back to the root … do you really think buying a porsche is such a bad thing for a person with the money to do? .. i think he’s an honest man and he deserves to have a porsche if he wants one.. the fact that he did not keep it a secret just goes to show he is open about it..

        1. Bak2u… read the book Greed and Betrayal by Cecilio Arilio. After reading that book, I dropped Cory as one of the best presidents of the country. The patterns of corruption we see and the subsequent degradation of services and our political system, they increased during her time. I know many people who believe the country worsened not during Marcos’ time, but during Cory’s time.

          After the report of more Filipinos going hungry this year, it was bad timing to buy a Porsche. I don’t think he deserves a Porsche because he’s done nothing to earn it (and he already had a BMW, for crying out loud). He can be described as just a rich kid whose money used to buy the Porsche could have been used to pay his hacienda workers well. That he is honest… he may be honest about his being indifferent about his kababayan’s welfare. “I drive a Porsche while you suffer in poverty.” That’s the message he’s unintentionally (if ever) sending.

        2. As far as I am concerned, the late Cory and the rest of the Aquino family owe the Filipino a favour for putting them in power. If not for the people who chose her to replace Marcos, there wouldn’t be the so-called Aquino “legacy”. You have a lot of reading to do with regards to the “truth”. Please click on the link and read: Edsa Revolutions, Noynoy Aquino, and the Big Conspiracy

          As to why there are so many people who are making a “fuss” about PNoy’s new Porsche, please read this again:

          PNoy is sending out the wrong signal to the poor people of the Philippines. Those who don’t know any better, those who idolize him and try to emulate him will think that having a Porsche or a nice car is the secret to happiness or having a relaxed life. This might push people to do criminal activities just to satisfy the need to relax like their President. In fact, there have been reports of an increase in car theft in Metro Manila lately with two car dealers even being kidnapped and slain. The authorities are linking the murders to car theft groups. Perhaps, the situation can only get worse now that PNoy bragged about his new car.

          Unfortunately for PNoy and his public relations team, this new car is a bit of a nightmare. The news of its purchase even made it to The Washington Post with the article emphasizing, “a third of Filipinos live on a dollar a day“, which is something that PNoy needs to be reminded of. Even his minion in the, Conrado “Noynoy is like Aragorn” de Quiros could not help but criticize PNoy for his move:

          Certainly P-Noy’s position requires sensitivity to the public mood. Those who say that his acquisition of a Porsche, however second-hand, is ill-timed have a point. At the very time when MRT and other public transport fares are going up, it doesn’t particularly do for someone the public identifies with to remind them some are luckier than others.

        3. @Bak2u Why is Noynoy characterized by the Yellow Army and the media as being a “man of integrity” when he had nothing of substance to back it up before the presidency? How is he an “Honest” person when he basically ran an entire campaign fooling people na “SIYA NA NGA” by propping up the images of his late parents and not himself? Do honest people deceive millions of people on a national level?

          Don’t you think he is being hypocritical ?
          Does anyone remember that directive he HIMSELF ordered a few months back regarding government officials to be frugal in their lifestyles?

          Don’t you remember that before the presidency he criticized PGMA for her lavish dinner at Le Cirque? Nothing wrong with criticizing her for that lavish dinner but he himself shoots himself in the foot now that he is president. Isn’t he being a hypocrite? He’s simply becoming the “evil GMA” he PROMISED himself he wouldn’t be now that he’s in power.

          Don’t give us this : “all these arguments about “he’s a bad president” and all that just make me sick to the bone and ashamed of my fellow FILIPINOs trying to put down WHOEVER is on that presidential seat.. “ He came up to the people and told us “Kayo ang boss ko.” Let him be scrutinized then. He wanted to be a public servant so be it. He better show us that he is responsible. He so wanted to show the world he was to be the opposite of everything that the previous administration was, so be it. He stepped up to the job because he was asked to run because he was the son of Ninoy and Cory. I’m not gonna give him easy peasy time just because siya ang anak nina so & so. He tried to convince the public he could run on pedigree and not qualifications so be it. His actions basically opened the floodgates for him to be scrutinized.

        4. Why so butthurt, Noyfag?

          But the only thing I like PNoy is on the approval of the RH Bill. The rest is…..


          To be honest, I lived in the Cory days. The only good thing about her is to restoring democracy but she sucked as a President. When I was 2 years old, I’m experiencing the 12 hour daily brownouts. Man, that was freakin’ hell if you ask me. And saying that Noy being honest is nothing but a delusion made by Noyfags like yourself who still cling on it rather than face reality. And you’re a total coward if you, like the other Yellow Zombies, continue on your gaffes and blaming the past administration, etc. etc.

          Well, I’m hoping that he’ll do a good job this year. Let’s hope that this country will never go down the drain and I will NEVER believe on those manghuhulas.

    2. “it probably takes the stress off his head when he goes home and looks at it..”

      Bak2u, He’s a public servant and should face the stress. If he can’t, he should quit the job. Also, does he care about the the stress of the people when they who are in hardship see him luxing around in a Porsche? A public servant is subject to public judgment.

      “all that just make me sick to the bone and ashamed of my fellow FILIPINOs trying to put down WHOEVER is on that presidential seat..”

      Whoever is on the seat… that includes Dr. GMA. 😉

      “i know that YOU know that he’s not gonna steal..”

      How do you know that? And even if it is true, what about those around him and is attached to him who do steal, and yet he protects them?

      “the blood of NINOY and Cory runs through his veins and his parents’ souls are in him..”

      Blood does not influence competence.

    3. “now he could just have stepped aside and live a life of luxury if he wanted to.. but no, he chose to do something meaningful.. he chose to be a public servant, and i know that YOU know that he’s not gonna steal.. the blood of NINOY and Cory runs through his veins and his parents’ souls are in him..”

      darn it! can we stop with this piece of sh!t!???… this makes me s!ck… please tards, please…. you yellow hordes have really gone mental? p#!@%^ !n@ nakakadiri nang mabasa/mapakingan ang ganito pagrarason/pagiisip

    4. @bak2u

      Yo, DJ Cy here, on call in THE RED ZONE! Well, yo, let me tell you that the point of this article is not to disprove (or prove) that P-Noy needs the bling-bling Porsche, yo, dig that! The point of it is that how a man who claims through his PR Pep Squad to live a simple life then makes an odd purchase for a 4.5 million car when a 500,000 car would be just as functional for traveling purposes. Got the contradiction? Yo! The purpose, therefore, is to announce that a contradiction exists and is blatant that it gets indecent for public view.

      So, bak2u, let me give you a little country-schooling with my country grammar. It’s not about whether he deserves that car, what his virtues are in being a public servant, or whether the car sufficiently cushions his head. Yo! If you want to defend P-Noy or at least try to cast reasonable doubt on ilda’s opinions, then you should show that no contradiction exists when P-Noy says that he lives simply but then buys a 4.5 million peso car in a tumultuous Third World country, oozing with sound and fury, yo, signifying nothing. Ilda sees a contradiction; now you’ll gain my respect if you say, while beating your lungs while at its fullest volume, that no contradiction exists, then prove it. Substantially, don’t forget. Yo!

      And by simplicity I mean the simplicity of historic greats, like Gandi, Thoreau, and Diogenes of Sinope. Yo! I’ll repeat, as Confucius says, I don’t care what socio-economic class you’re from, whether you’re from the kingdom of from the caves, from the penthouse to the ghetto, you’ll gonna get dedicated instruction from me, DJ Cy. Yo! Good day to you and to your kinfolk. Peace, punk, anarchy for you, you’ll need it now and forever, amen, yo.

  16. buking na nga, sinasamba pa rin.

    “ i know that YOU know that he ’ s not gonna steal..”


    The blood of cory ka dyan. Ginamit lang yung pulpol mong idol dahil sa kasikatan nya. Sa Mayo, si Mar Roxas na ang pangulo. Pweh.

  17. It’s a funny coincidence that the title of this article involves the word “retirement” because P-Noy’s behavior reminds me of my grandfather who just wants to relax and retire. He feels so burdened like he didn’t know what he got himself into! I don’t know maaaan.

    I manage a few employees and if I wanted, I can buy a really expensive item and just parade it in front of them — but I don’t. Because at some point, you have to ask yourself… why? There’s a sense of shame involved in that, you have to put things into perspective which I P-Noy doesn’t have. Also my grandfather doesn’t have that too, but at least that can be attributed to his dementia.

    He can buy all the Porsches that his heart desires but after that, I have to ask myself: Was there anything P-Noy has done lately that has uplifted Filipinos’ lives? Anything that he did that really embodied CHANGE?

    1. You have more wisdom than 50 year old PNOy, Potaters. My main issue with this whole thing is that PNoy and his minions keep insisting that he is a simple and humble guy. There is enough evidence to say that he is not.

      1. The funny thing is, it keeps coming up in my relatives’ discussions — really sounding overdefensive about the whole thing. EH kung 3rd hand, 3rd hand – wateberrr! Magpakatotoo na lang sana. Yung hotdog stunt is such a glaring contrast. Kaya wag niya nang ulitin na magpahotdog hotdog dyan.

    2. “Was there anything P-Noy has done lately that has uplifted Filipinos’ lives? Anything that he did that really embodied CHANGE?”

      That’s indeed the question to ask when you use the word deserves for the Porsche.

    3. Oo nga, tama si ilda, you have much more wisdom than P-Noy. The problem is, like your name, para tayong mga root crops, not permitted to come out in the open. Perhaps that is the reason why the enlightenment is delayed so much? PAX

      1. Huh. I actually didn’t think of that when I chose my nick here in AP. Haha! Well yeah… maybe it is one of the reasons. It’s a hard life here and there’s a lot that a mindless mob can do.

  18. It’s funny how Filipinovoices closed shop, while Barrio Siete became nothing more than a celebrity gossip blog. What happened to these rara-Noynoy blogs? Tapos na ba ang pagbabantay nila for good governance kuno?

      1. People are now starting to be awakened…As U.S. Pres. Abraham Lincoln, had stated a century ago: ” You can fool all of the people some of the time…You can some of the people, most of the time…but you cannot fool all of the people all the time…”

        1. “You can fool all of the people, some of the time…You can fool some of the people, most of the time…but, you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”…qoute corrected…good old Abe Lincoln…

        2. Good quote indeed. Here’s the correct one:

          “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

        3. DIGRESSIONS by DJ Cy

          Yo! Burlesque quip a la the legendary Renato Pacifico aka Subliminal Messenger aka James Thurber: “You can fool SOME of the people all the time, and ALL of the people some of the time, BUT YOU CAN FOOL ALL FILIPINO ALL THE TIME”

          Yo! Peace.

    1. That site was so full of delusional yellow Bullcrap I laughed to death reading the comments section every time I entered that site. Go to the Noynoy Service Record part. It’s hilarious. Parang wala silang alam kung gaanong kahirap ang trabaho ng isang presidente ng buong Pilipinas. Puro dugo nina Cory at Ninoy lang ang sagot nila. That was the infamous site of the delusional “33 Reasons Why I Should Vote for Noynoy” by Hustisya and non sequitur essay “Why Noynoy is the Most Competent Candidate” by Professor Emeritus Wilfredo Villacorta of DLSU (yes the same guy in the ASEAN).

  19. And that’s how the Philippines fell (further) in thunderous applause!

    Honestly though, I was O_O!  At the news of the Porsche thing.  There I was, talking with my family on how to go from point A to point B without spending too much on transpo then PNoy’s answer is a Porsche.  A sudden thought came to mind and Chino had a witty reply on another post. Haha

  20. daaaang!… the part that stated, “His statement above is enough evidence that he should never have run for the Presidency in the last election. He sounds to me like he is unhappy with his job. There is no evidence that he likes his job at all because he keeps talking about how hard it is.”… prez gung gong was not a candidate…. he never wanted to be a prez… he doesn’t have the intelligence to be a head of state…

    but, he was thrown in the cage during the height of his saintly mommy’s death… t’was the best opportunity for the balasubas y magnanakaws to continue their rule… the flip gung gongs took the bait…

    flipland’s current situation is not at all his fault… he knows it…

    he doesn’t give (bleep) about the lowlifes… i am not at all surprise in the outcome… i put the blame on you >>> FLIPS!… puro kayo gung gongs!

    ms ilda, don’t bother to delete this post… it is on self delete mode…

  21. P-Noy buying a Porsche – no problem. I’d buy one too, if I had the cash. But P-Noy flaunting it and defending its purchase is a different matter because the President is not merely an isolated character; he is supposedly, from the contractarians’ (Locke etc.) time up to now, a representative of the aspirations of the nation. Thus how he thinks and behaves is subject to public scrutiny, and therefore not immune to criticism, even from the most prying and calculating eyes of the sternest critic.

    Therefore, we judge him, not because of the immorality of his purchase (which is another matter), but because we thought he represented us, and the way he acted and commented on it bordered on heedless flaunting which deviate so hard from what we expect a national representative should do.

    Those who defend him – may be the same people throwing parties here and there, one per street corner, etc. Those who villify him – do so because he failed to be the exemplar of supposed humility and economy in a troublesome Third World country.

    And, here’s a post I made from AP Crowd:

    Damn. I forgot I’m in a country where the unintelligent are part of the news more than the intelligent.

    To add:

    So P-Noy’s flaunting the Porsche, and everyone at heels defending him in the news, might give the Philippines distorted value systems related to marketing and purchasing.


    1. Let me add: I don’t know what his PR men, women and children are up to, but what’s with the hotdogs? Maybe it’s an attempt to polish P-Noy’s image as a thrifty man, which, however, could not cancel his tumultuous relations with his land.

      And with the car…it backfired. Horribly. His PR boys and girls couldn’t cover it up. So they defended it. It backfired again. What’s next? PAX

    1. Yeah, we’ll all sniff the same traffic, I guess.

      At, oo nga pala, di gagana ang “wang-wang” sa EDSA, lalo na sa mga kotseng tumatakbong parang langgam sa EDSA,

      Sorry, yo, peace, punk and anarchy for you, you’ll need plenty of that. PAX

  22. He’s already being stupid as a president… He’s also being stupid on making a decision to buy a car like that… I’ll buy these kinds of cars… When I’m in Germany, USA or Australia, since I’m here stuck in the Phailippines, my choice of car would be the cheap cars out there… Luxury isn’t needed here, its necessity…

  23. Oh yeah, Cy put up a good thought there, one that we applied to Mislang’s tweet and the Monsod speech to students before. You can comment like that if you want, you can buy a Porsche… but why the hell do you have to make it public? To allow it to be announced in the media? Ba’t hindi nalang tumahimik? There’s the problem.

    1. Yo! Some corrections. Replace “because of that glinting car” with “us”. Makes more sense? Yo! Just checking city grammar beyond the call of duty! Yo!

      1. Welcome to THE RED ZONE, with DJ Cy, with you too, Potaters! Yo! Potaters naman, ang dami mong mata. You’re exceptional. I’ll tell you why shortly. But I’m gonna try to see things from one of your eyes first. Baka sinadya niya na Porsche talaga ang bilhin para makagawa talaga ng ABSOLUTE DISTRACTION. Yo! Paano kaya kung Toyota or something ang binili? Hey? Still there? Anyway, nauubos na ang distractions niya. Once di na niya magamit si Shalani na pangdistract, dinump na niya. Wangwang naman. Tapos, parang naubusan ng tunog ang wangwang, eh di (recalling attentively) pagstay naman sa street niya sa halip na sa palasyo. Di kinaya kasi, ano ba, yo! Kung saan ka man tumitira, la kaming paki, yo! You’re a citizen of the Phils., not of that street. DIg that! Yo! Tapos, yung hotdog naman. Eh lahat naman tayo kumakain ng hotdog, so it’s no big deal, it ain’t caused a fiery fuss over nothing. Yo! I hope I’m not keeping you hanging. Tapos, si Liz Uy naman. Eh basted, kaya wala rin. (Anything more?) Ngayon naman, yung kotse. What’s next?

        You are exceptional, potaters. You theorized one of the modern practical functions of the mass media: that news serves as an active distractor. That is quite new. Media organs of oppressive parties use news to INDOCTRINATE; more civilized democracies use news to INFORM. Advertisements tend to PERSUADE and, if carried too far, DECEIVE. But those four functions have been eternal. I don’t think news has been used before in a massive scale to DISTRACT, as you theorized, potaters.

        Sana may gumawa ng thesis na: “The Practical Functions of News in FIlipino Society during the Past (specify time period)”

        And distraction serves a paradoxical function – distracting news is news that leads you away from real news.

        I salute you. Cheers. Good night, yo!

        1. Commercial: Yo! Anyway, make that my axiom #96. Distracting news is news that leads you away from real news, yo!

  24. daaang!… hay naku, flips, puro kayo hilo…

    my retarded prez gung gong NEVER wanted to be a prez in the first place… he did not run for the highest office… the magnanakaws y balasubas saw an opportunity during santa corakot’s death… he knows that he does not have the faculty to deal with flipland’s misery… the media made him the puppet…

    and, YOU, FLIPS, TOOK THE BAIT… buti nga sa inyo…

    (hey, yo my flip retarded prez, can i hitch a ride from u?

    1. daaang ulit… old adage still applies >>> when fate handed you a lemon, make lemonade…

      in flips case >>> when media handed you a rotten galung gong, eat it! …

      ay sus ginoo, flips, puro kayo gung gong… ngayon, fry in your own stupidity…

      what’s the lesson learned? oh i forgot, this is not the first case… flips are nut case!

  25. If it is your nature…you cannot hide it. A Fox may dress like a Chicken, to think he is a Chicken. However hard it restrains itself, to avoid…he will always go for the chicken, and gobble it…because that is the Fox’ nature. A rich man may become a”balatkayo”, as a poor man. So hard he tries, he cannot hide his vices of acquiring expensive cars, like a Porsche…Too many Hypocrites already in our political system… we are tired of them…we want the genuine people…

    1. Yo! DJ Cy, here in the newest installment of THE RED ZONE! Chili peppers on the loose with brandy, wanna try? With some house-rocking music to boot? Yo! concerned_citizen, well, half of the people you’re referring wouldn’t understand your sentence. Yo! And I’d bet my heart that no more than 5% of them will understand what “oligarch” means. Hey! That for you, concerned_citizen, for being so concerned. Yo! Is there a way you can rephrase that so that it will be intelligible for our homies at the shacks and the railways? Yo! Do that and you’re one stair-step closer to toppling a regime. Yo! Credits to Corona(TM) for my lightly-ruled notebook riddled up with slang terms. Yo! THE RED ZONE, with DJ Cy! Good day everyone!

  26. p-noy could have bought a porsche anytime in his life. so the more interesting question is why now.
    his mother would have never allowed it.
    he is starting to be the little boy he was never allowed to be and basking in the attention and adulation he never got.
    and he is no longer being intimidated by all the women – mother and sisters in his life.
    the sadness is that he is enjoying the toys and freedom and being diverted from the issues and not stepping up to the plate.
    leopards dont change their spots.
    it is called peter pan syndrome.
    power corrupts and in p-noys case it will not be financial but morally.
    his words come from speechwriters and not from the heart. like a 14 year old child as he is when his emotion went into hibernation he will get bored and prefer to go out to play with his buddies.
    guns and cars and fast food!!!
    it says it all

    1. omg, you have peter pan syndrome…i refer it to midlife crisis. that is really funny.

      PNOY is a dream patient for shrinks….lol. 

    2. Yes, why now? The timing is really bad. 

      I read somewhere that his mother never wanted him to run for the Presidency and even as a Senator when she was still alive. She knew like only a mother can know what her son’s capabilities are. 

      1. I also read somewhere Cory being quoted: “By a mere act of switching off the television, we can easily free ourselves from the influence of media”..or something to that effect. I didnt know why she said that though. Probably alluding to something

    3. I really think that one of the qualifications a President should have is the proficiency to write a coherent speech from coast to coast. PAX

    1. Someone said that a nice car is a chick magnet. Obviously, there is something to be said about the women who easily fall for men who use cars to attract women.

  27. apart from being inappropriate as a president, it just reeks of 50 something bachelor DOM experiencing midlife crisis. Maybe he thinks that getting a Porsche will get him more girls…*snicker*

    PNOY is having really grand delusions when in reality he’s a ne’er do well. All the Porsche, GMA bashing, and links to beautiful celebrity women WON’T change that fact. It’s only smoke and mirrors.

    How long will this last? I am eternally embarrassed we have a president like him.

      1. This is why he needs Mar. He knows that his incompetence would eventually become so obvious even his spin-doctors could not hide it. Mar is useful in more than one way. Mar is way more competent than PNoy and a good source of advice, and if PNoy continues to screw the country up, he can always blame it on Mar. See now he has a fall-guy. Also, PNoy needs to balance the Samar and Balay factions. Binay might make his move if PNoy continues to fail. As a sort of insurance, Kris is already being close to Binay’s son.

  28. ismelina
    mid life crisis is normal
    peter pan syndrome is a psychological term and much more deep rooted
    understand the difference and you will start to understand.
    look up dsm 4 for full definitions of personality disorders

  29. corruption is rife and despicable but i think the elephant in the room and the reason the philippines declines whilst its neighbours rise is the other side of the same coin, namely tax evasion or avoidance.
    bir list the top 500 tax payers.
    on that list no senators congressmen ex-presidents or current president and of course no cojuangcos. are they all living in poverty.
    on the basis of that list i am the 400th highest earning person in the philippines.
    rubbish. i am a foreign pensioner with good income and life but no luxury cars houses mistresses or 5 star holidays abroad.
    my friend who has runs a stockbroker company is very wealthy. yacht plane houses etc but does not feature.
    he said he pays no tax and anyone with money does not. he said look how pacquio is paying less as he earns more.
    he said that he had many clients who earn 50 million a year but will pay nothing in tax.
    sort out the tax system and you will have money for infrastructure education and hospitals.

    1. daaaang!…. it’s outright lack of LAW ENFORCEMENT?… tax laws enacted by ivy-leagued-country-clubbed-ferpeckt-englitzched traposakals, written on sheeet paper…

      congressman doktor super duper billionaire hero saint fcukiao earns more than flipland’s GDP…

  30. DIGRESSIONS by Deejay Cy

    SAVAGE: I heard P-Noy just bought a car worth 4.5 million kids –
    SIMPLE: You mean, bucks. What awful wordplay. Better stick to bucks.
    SAVAGE: Oh, well, my depiction is just right. Especially in a country where 4.5 million or more kids live on less than a peso a day… you’ve gotta dig that straight fact right up, yo! So it’s 4.5 million kids. Correct?

    1. prez gung gong’s work ethics:

      mar roxas: prez gung gong late kana naman.

      prez gung gong: Late kasi rolex ko.

      mar roxas: Problema ba yun. E di i-advance mo.

      prez gung gong: Sige.

      Makalipas ang ilang sandali….. ……… ……… …..

      mar roxas: Oh, saan ka pupunta?

      prez gung gong: uwian na! drive muna ng porsche and eat ulong’s hotdog… merienda…

      1. Yo! DIgression again. Rolex man o simpleng wrist strap ang relo mo, kung parehong palpak, eh ‘di palpak. Take that! Nasa gumagamit.

        And, oh, I think P-Noy just wanted a P4.5 million sanctum to smoke in.

  31. daaang! i love this talk about prez gung gong’s incompetencies…

    flip HILOminatis & gung gongs blame the retarded one whence flipflams in kalipornya and nevada supported and campaigned hard for him… even the flipflam millionaire widow (forgot her name) spent countless hours, series of dinner parties, ‘selling” him as the “flipland savior”… a diamond in the rough daw…

    well, guess what >>> diamond in the rough in, feces out…

      1. To quote:

        “Sure, being a showbiz personality is one thing and being the president of the land is quite another. But where did we get the idea that the president should live like a monk? When I elect a presidential candidate, I don’t expect him to take a vow of poverty just so he can put on a stupid show. I expect him only to run the country properly and righteously, period.”

        A lot of people are up in arms kasi ba naman, ang presidente BS aquino tamad na nga, pa porsche porsche pa para mag relax! Inuna pa ang lakwatsa kesa magtrabaho.

        I don’t think anybody will complain if he actually did something, and ran the country properly and righteously as he is supposed to.

        1. @kusinero. Its great to point that out. That’s all we’re asking naman di ba? We just want the president to do his job. He can enjoy his riches after he has shown his capacity as a leader.

        2. “I expect him only to run the country properly and righteously, period.”

          How can he do that when he basically spent twelve years in Congress smoking, drinking, shooting, sleeping, b!tching, and dating Rosalie Palmer and her five daughters? Has he done ANYTHING MEANINGFUL in his time in Congress? Nyet, non, nein, iie, hindi, laa, NO!

  32. Let’s put it this way: those who defend on PNoy having a Porsche are morons.

    That’s idiocracy to you.

    If GMA was criticized by having a luxurious dinner but she uses her OWN money, then why not the same as PNoy kung talagang sa sariling pera din naman iyon???

    Talking about gaffes, people.

  33. In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” their commandment read: “All animals are equal,” but later in the story, the pigs took over and added: “Some animals are MORE equal than others.”

    Hindi ko sukat akalain na Animal Farm IS PHILIPPINES

  34. That’s an excellent article Ma’am, to be very honest that I’m getting sick and tired of the verbal garbage of the yellow zombies that he bought the car with his money which is hypocritical. (I bet that majority of his supporters are financially challenged but they won’t admit it.) I guess that our idiot president’s recent action as of now is bad timing and not to mention downright insensitive.

    Just wait a sec, I remember that our idiot president is a BS Economics graduate… And he’s handling our economy the wrong way…

      1. Your welcome Ma’am, It’s just the I’m the kind of person who is the silent type and didn’t talk
        too much to people but I’m doing my best to learn as much as possible despite of my age
        as a college graduate…

    1. daaang! chiruu naman naman naman…. santa doktora ate glo phd, doktoriyt in economissed…

      she turned flipland into an “enchated kingdom”… the land of beggars…

  35. “PNoy’s anti-corruption slogan wins Asian award”

    President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III bested other heads of state for his communications platform of promoting transparency and accountability. The group gave credence to Aquino’s “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” line that he has been trumpeting since the elections.

    In fact, Aquino had made sure that this would be brought into the public consciousness, it said.

    “We nominated President Aquino because we believed that he is the person to drive lasting change within the political landscape of the Philippines. It’s a great thrill to see that our efforts have translated in a concrete result not just for the President, but also for the country,” said EON Chief Executive Junie del Mundo

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm…. this breaking news makes me want to go to the bathroom and take a crap OR crap at Noynoy’s Porche since it looked nice

    1. Obviously it’s another PR campaign. Unfortunately, hanggang slogan lang sila. The reality is very different. They can come back in a few years to follow-up what’s happened.

      1. Yo! Welcome to another edition of THE RED ZONE! Here’s your ever-omnipresent host, DJ Cy! What type of promotional stint is that? Someone here nominates a government on the basis of a slogan – a government that thinks that the slogan does all the problem-solving and the troubleshooting, like a magic panacea. Yo! Hey! Still there?

        I mean, can you put feathers on a car then make it fly? Yo! Got the idea? Well, I’m signing off. DJ Cy greets you all, a happy weekend.

    2. Haha oh wow. There’s too many things wrong in this that I can’t even start to enumerate them. Ow… Ow… My brain can’t handle the amount of fail being spontaneously generated by this news.

    3. The logical equivalent of the slogan is “Kung may mahirap, may corrupt.” This one is easier to analyze. I wonder whether this version will get awarded? Unfortunately, overheated rhetoric overpowers cold logic.

    4. The slogan is logically equivalent to “Kung may mahirap, may corrupt.” This version looks easier to analyze, and therefore is more vulnerable. I wonder whether it will win an award? However, in the field of political campaigning, overheated rhetoric overpowers cold logic.

    5. What better way to answer back Pnoys slogan with another slogan:

      “Wag kang kukurap, hanggang wala nang Mahirap,” Mr President.

      In other words, START working!

  36. daaang!… my prez gung gong’s work habit is the embodiment of flips work ethics >>> MEDIOCRITY… he represents flip bestestestestest flip leader…

    what y’all complaining about? y’all are lucky that he shows up for work even though he’s 3-4 hours late… lookit, senatong ping lacson hasn’t shown up for months… and his kotongs continue to flow…

    what a way to earn a living…

    1. pahabol… and right now, over half of traposakals, tongressman y senatongs are in ‘merka on biznez tripping… bwi hi hi hi hi hi…

      flips, puro kayo sira!

    2. From what I heard from the PSG, P-Noy leaves his official residence to go to work around 10AM. Sarap naman ng buhay nya, he goes to work late, tapos he’s still complaining and he needs more time to relax. Being president means devoting your time for our country…24/7…

  37. nakakalungkot bat eto pa naging presidente natin. sa campaign slogan palang niya walang wala na, i mean come on, “walang mahirap kung wlang corrupt”. ay sus. -_-

    sana pala ginawang campaign slogan nalang ni gordon eh “mabait ako” nakuha pa niya siguro ang puso ng taong bayan at nanalo siya lol

    1. Gordon used the wrong PR tactic. He should have known better than to show his disgust for stupid people before the election. They surely turned on him.

      1. ewan ko ba bat ang karamihan sa mga pilipino eh lagi binoboto na president ay walang integridad, they always go for the simple one. Pag pinapakita naman ng isang presidential candidate na matalino siya at may maganda siyang vision para sa bansa natin, sasabihin ng iba(like my dad)

        “Ay wag yan,matalino yan, corrupt yan, parang si gloria sa sobrang talino, corrupt” sheesh napapa wtf nalang ako -_-

        Nung sinabi niya yan, and how he defends Pnoy as well whenever I argue with him, natakot ako at biglang pumasok sa isip ko, panu kung karamihan ng pilipino ganito rin mag isip? mabait daw si pnoy, nasakanya raw ang dugo ni ninoy and cory di daw siya mangcocorrupt….. DAMN ._.

        Well anyways nice article again Ilda, I’m looking forward for more of your pnoy article. It’s one of the few things that make me smile whenever you point out his dumbness haha

        1. DIGRESSIONS by DJ Cy

          Yo! Choose one – matalinong corrupt or bobong hindi corrupt. Just a thought experiment. Yo!

        2. COMMERCIAL: And choose exaclty one, and defend it. Although I fancy that intelligent people are less likely to be corrupt and unintelligent ones are more likely (thus my own version of axiom #69), what if we’re stuck with two evils on one plate? Which value are we more likely to cherish?

      2. Gordon should have hired some FHM girls to dance during his speech. Then do some funny quiz show to dole out some cash at the audience. That oughta make him win.

        Of course if that happened then Gordon must have hit himself in the head pretty hard.

      3. The problem with Gordon was his lack of political machinery, if local officials had supported him, he would have won.  He definitely had more TV ads than Teodoro for example, and yet Teodoro got more votes, even though many local officials from his party rejected him due to their perception that he would not win.  I guess many members of the thinking public voted for him as well due to enthusiastic and online campaigning of his mostly young supporters.  Gordon was my second choice, Teodoro got me interested in Philippine politics again and shared his vision for the Philippines.  He should run again in the next election.

        1. @Miriam and Miauw

          He was competent for the job for sure but did not use the right PR skill or machinery. He was frustrated with the use of emotional blackmail by the Aquino camp.

        2. Peculiar that people will vote on the basis of how winnable a candidate is. It’s not like they’ll win anything if the person they voted won. I caught all my cousins doing that. Sad thing is they used to advertise for Gordon on facebook. Then they turned tail and went voting for Aquino.

    2. daaaaang! the original version: KING CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP…

      i have not met a king corrupt (corrupt king) na mahirap…

    3. I’d say our election system really awards popularity and winnability rather than platform and true competence. If we can reform the election system among other things, we’d see a different story.

      1. daaaang! it’s LAW ENFORCEMENT, pure and simple…

        all civilized countries do it, why not flipland?

        flipland is not lacking in written laws… flips plagiarized all western and eastern laws written, tweaked it, to incorporate in the flipland’s laws & regs books…

  38. With the past admin, people like Chiz Escudero easily critized every luxurious splendor made by the first gentleman. Where are those criticisms now? Why is Chiz and his buddies are silent all of a sudden? Of course, he’s on Pnoys side. 

    Buying a Porsche is not corrupt. I myself am also amazed of a Porsche. But on the practical side, it won’t work for my situation. I usually drive here in the city and seldom go out of town. Even if one goes out of town most of our express ways, like SCTEX, have speed limits. It is not really practical to own a Porsche here.

    Pnoy’s buying of a Porsche is not corrupt or evil in anyway, but what makes it a blunder is his decision making. He made a decision based on what he wants and not on what he needs. To me he thinks and acts like a teenager. “Pera ko naman ito….gusto ko naman mag relax”. 

    I live in a subdivision near a large squatters area. When leaving home by myself I choose to take public transportation to save fuel and parking expenses. I get to walk with some of the squatters when we make our way to the terminal. I know that most of us here experiences this. We wait in long lines for the next jeepney or FX. To those who take the railways, most of us here experience squeezing-in into the MRT or LRT. This is just a few of the many experiences that simple life here in the Philippines. Pnoy, has no idea what simle lifestyle is. It would be better for him to keep his mouth shut on the topic. 

    Conrado de Quiros is right. What a time for Pnoy to get a Porsche. When most of the people, whom he should serve, are having a difficult time to make ends meet here he goes. He gets a Porsche and looks forward to relaxing. 

    Excellent article Ms. Ilda! 

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience using public transport outoftheblue.

      PNoy should try and use the public transport himself going to work. Only then can he claim to know and understand the problems of the average Filipino.

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