Bus bombing on EDSA: PNoy Government under threat?

Who would have thought that the Year 2011 would start out with a bang? The smoke from the illegal firecrackers from the New Year’s eve celebrations haven’t even dissipated yet; now we have smoke billowing from public transport explosions, adding to the haze that an already dazed and confused Philippine population is struggling to see through.

Carnappings with murder in the last two weeks, assassinations of journalists last week and this week, a bombing of a public utility vehicle; it’s just another regular day in this lawless land called the Philippines.

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Why is there an increase in crime rate you might ask? There is nothing surprising about what is happening in the Philippines. Truth be told, when you have a weak leader; bad elements will rise to the occasion. Organized crime suddenly gets more brazen as an unsuspecting public let their guard down thinking that their holier-than-thou President will inspire goodness.

Sadly, this whole “goody-two-shoes” act by Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) just makes him look like a pushover. With four people dead and 14 people injured in the recent bus bomb blast, pushing him to his limits is exactly what criminals are doing at the moment. As expected, PNoy issued his statement in his usual mumbling style shortly after the devastation:

“Tignan muna natin ang ebidensiya bago maghusga (Let’s look at the evidence first before passing judgment). I don’t want to libel anybody. I have my suspicions pero hindi ako pwedeng mag-engage sa haka-haka (but I could not engage in speculations),” Aquino said.

Yes, boss; another fiasco, another investigation, which will likely lead to nowhere. The Mendoza hostage investigation – Where is it now?

Aside from having a weak leader, low apprehension and conviction rates contribute to the increase in crime rate. For all we know, the low apprehension rate might even be attributed to the allegation that some trusted members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) or the Philippine military may be in on the despicable acts of violence. And even in cases when criminals do get caught, the courts are often inefficient (or too corrupt) to punish them. In other words, impunity is the name of the game.

The government’s plunder case against former military comptroller Carlos Garcia is case in point. For reasons unclear, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez who took over the case allowed the retired general to post bail and possibly get away with plunder even when the case against Garcia was strong. It’s another legal wrangling favoring the accused.

Unemployment also contributes to the rise in criminal activity. PNoy’s promise of “walang corrupt, kung walang mahirap” fails to deliver because poverty drives most people in desperate situations to do callous acts just to survive. As long as PNoy does not implement any radical measures to create more jobs for the growing number of unemployed Filipinos, criminal activities will grow along with it.

The high crime rate in the country also leads to a growing need for private armies or “hired goons”. Those who feel the need to hire private armies include lawmakers or public servants because they are targets of political rivals who have no qualms about eliminating their opponents. Unfortunately, this situation makes our lawmakers less motivated to find effective solutions to crime. And worse, private armies, which often operate without proper oversight and supervision, are apt to commit abuses and violence themselves.

Our society is unfortunately under threat by bad elements that are slowly but surely taking over our country. The rest of the Philippine population however would dismiss this urgent situation as something that is “trivial”. They would panic for a day but party the next because they would rather leave it up to a divine being’s “will”.

185 Replies to “Bus bombing on EDSA: PNoy Government under threat?”

  1. Ever since the new administration started, I just feel less safe.  

    There was even a crime spree targeting taxi drivers. And they were minors from 13 to 16.  They rob the drivers and kill them.  It was a few months ago in Iloilo.

      1. The blame really should fall on those who wanted him to become president despite knowing that he is utterly unqualified for the position while exploiting the death of his mother — which is nothing but political opportunism.

        1. Why did he ran; if he feels, he is not capable for the job? Blame Game Again…The Oligarchs supported his candidacy; because they profited immensely during the term of Cory Aquino…he is part of the Oligarchy …

      1. There’s absolutely no reason to stay in the Philippines. Better to get out and live in another prosperous country and never come back again. Disassociate yourself with the Philippines and assimilate yourself to a superior race and culture.

        1. to lorenz: Members of the oligarchy tell each other — when one can be lord and master and can have an army of fans and adulating followers, Pilipinas is the right place to be.

    1. You can become an OSTRICH, bury your head in the hole on the ground…no see…no danger…simple solution….Noynoy Aquino’s solution to advisory threat…

      1. this is what we get for letting a mediocre old guy sit as our presidents. good for the yellow armies who stupidly voted him, now they know the meaning of the word “regret”.

        1. Oh they won’t regret voting him into office. They’ll just point at corrupt judges appointed by Arroyo, elected officials with relations to Arroyo, crime syndicates that Arroyo allowed to proliferate, or some other bogus story that puts the blame on Arroyo. Or if they can’t find anything else, they’ll blame non-Aquino-supporting politicians and voters for destabilisation plots, or syndicates that don’t pay tribute to Aquino. But it’ll never be Aquino, nor those he appointed.

      2. he is VERY REAL incompetent AND can hardly be denied, even if his incompetence is described by his yellow media as “laidback.”

    1. BFF UnderSec Puno iss PresiNoy’s eyes-and-ears special-person-leader over PNP. Pilipinas can sleep well at nights knowing that Noynoy has picked the best from among his circle of gurus to keep Pilipinas safe. 🙄

    2. dec 2010: noynoy dismissed the advisory and intelligence report of a terror threat in manila
      january 2011: he was quoted kanina saying na he can’t dismiss the fact na baka nga terrorist attack

      parang mga bluffs lang nya last year na di sya magdagdagdag ng taxes tapos nagdagdag
      tapos di sya magtatravel tapos nagtravel. aysus. ano bang klaseng presidente yan?! gawa sa ampalaya ang bibig? ampakla.

  2. And yet most of the country is on its knees at mass on Sundays. Do these murderers and other criminals go to confession and wipe the slate clean for the next stunt? Or does the gospel message just go over their heads. I hesitate to draw this conclusion but I get the impression that states where Roman Catholicism is strong also show high organised crime levels, Mexico for example.

    Regarding collection of crime stats, does anyone know how this is done? In our rural town of about 50,000 we seem to get a murder every 3 months or so. If this is extrapolated nationally it would give truly horrendous murder rates for the country as a whole.

    1. weird nga eh. you just read the local news sa newspaper and you will read about a politician get killed almost everyday. and yet the mainstream media is still contending na mas maraming journalists ang pinapatay by sensationalizing the issue and not mentioning na mas marami pang politicians ang pinapatay normally councilor, barangay captain etc.

    2. Because Roman Catholics love that moment where Jesus was already crucified and he forgave Dimas and promised him he will be with him in paradise, all because Dimas believed. The ignorant, catholic-mass going peeps took it as a go signal to SIN ON WEEKDAYS but ask for forgiveness on SUNDAYS.

      1. “The ignorant, catholic-mass going peeps took it as a go signal to SIN ON WEEKDAYS but ask for forgiveness on SUNDAYS.”

        Being a thinking Catholic myself, I have found a friend in you. A pity that most of my fellows act in that manner, but isn’t generalization stupid? (I’m hope being judged by the rest of Pandora’s ills! How surreal can that get?)

    3. @Johnamendall 

      Looks like the killings in the provinces are slowly making its way to the main cities. I wouldn’t rely too much on crime stats. I am pretty sure there are a lot of unreported crimes. Media only tends to cover high profile killings or killings of people in their industry.

      1. just like the columbine ordeal in the united states. It happens more often than not in cities highly concentred with African Americans and unreported due to it being lumped in inner city related violence, but when it comes to middle class towns of america, OMG SOCCER MOMS and CONSERVATIVE DADS UP IN ARMS!!!

        As far as Manilenos are concerned, what happens in Luzon chalks up the most deal. Like George bush not caring for negros (during Katrina), they don’t care about Visayas and certainly, the Muslim centric region of Mindanao.

    4. @kickapoo
      and this is why god is dead in the philippines.
      too much of this “god as a genie” treatment then go back into their own merry ways.

      the philippine mainstream media are only concerned about their own profit so it makes sense to them to only cover high profile cases and the other low profile cases are up to those tabloid newspapers.

  3. i would agree.
    well written observations.
    especially the point that all know now how weak and ineffectual p-noy is.
    it was reported to day that the permanent drunk in the cabinet was saying in public that p-noy is scatter-brained and this is from
    his friend!

    he stumbles into a room
    he mumbles his speeches
    he bumbles his love life
    he fumbles any decision
    he crumbles under pressure
    his credibility tumbles
    the criminals rumble

  4. “I don’t want to libel anybody. I have my suspicions pero hindi ako pwedeng mag-engage sa haka-haka” from Aquino’s statement. from this statement I think his referring to GMA again, well he always find ways to associate this kind of incident to GMA.

    I guess this incident will be forgotten in a few days, PNoy will just do his routine:
    apologize, show sympathy, and will promise to conduct an investigation = back to normal

    1. @Socrates

      Check your Facebook newsfeed. There’s hardly anyone who want to discuss this issue. People just want to forget this is happening in their own country.

      1. yeah! I’ve notice that people just want to continue living and forget this kind of incident. I’m sure they will just say its God’s will

    2. Apparently, it has segued into talks of registering and validating personal info on sim cards due to the fact that the device used to set off the bus bomb was a cell phone.

      Like clockwork folks.

  5. and in the time of need where is puno.
    i am told on a shooting holiday in the states which no doubt taxpayers are paying for.
    the administration would be a joke if it were not the fact that lives are being lost whilst they drink, party and travel.

  6. private army? jose maria sison’s private army of NPAs have been bombing and setting buses on fire in mindanao and the visayas. it’s just a pity that when a bus in Makati gets bombed, the mainstream media is all over it like ondoy. kaya nga tamporurot ang mga probinsya. to think na noynoy let this happen by being lax coz he ignored the intelligence about the terrorist threat sa manila. he even got angry at the leaders of other countries for presenting the intelligence report via a travel advisory. and i call on those pinoys (soco and students) who posed smiling sa harap ng HK-hostage bus last year to pose and smile again sa makati-bombed bus. no wonder hurt ang mga HK kasi ang sentiment pa ng mainstream media and press that time was OA daw ang HK for reacting that way sa mga pics ng pinoys eh smiling citizens lang daw kasi tayo. collective karma yan sa atin. can they even pose smiling again? can noynoy go to the bombed bus and smile again? and what was dinky telling sa news? why’s she even there being the spokesperson when she can’t even read the list of dead and injured?! she was only saying something that we all know already — the victims were in a state of shock. who wouldn’t be in a state of shock after being bombed. stupid politician.

    1. We have no investigative journalists who have the capacity or passion to piece things together and present things to the public. The public is likewise in denial of the atrocities committed by the public officials they voted into office. 

  7. I’d agree. Our country is less safe ever since a weak leader took the post of being president.
    Everyday in the news you’d hear that someone gets killed by a gunman. Everyday.
    Now, bus bombings.
    Last August 2010, it was terror for foreigners.

    And we’re just heading towards the first year of the Aquino administration. What’s next?

    By the way, they say that the people needs to follow the leader. Well, it’s like the leader is not taking things and matters of our country on a serious scale. So, there goes most of the  people, following the leader, just leaving the work to someone else, and hope that everything will be fine, and pretend that nothing serious happened. So the criminals also follow the leader, doing their thing and pretending that nothing serious happened afterwards.

    1. That’s why the only solution is to get out of the country to go to a prosperous one and never come back again. Disassociate yourself with the Philippines and Filipinos and assimilate yourself to other superior races and cultures like the Americans and Japanese. Better to forget about your homeland because there is no hope and if there is it’s one with pure ignorance and desperation.

  8. Read this timely comment from God of War 3..

    “The measure of a man is what he does with power.” -Plato

    So in Pnoy’s case, he does nothing. Therefore, theres nothing to measure up.


    No one’s giving good news; even P-Noy ran out of it. (What I predicted.) It’s so appalling, the way they fill up the missing news slots. Gagawa na nga lang tayo ng news, bad news pa? Peace.

  10. Noynoy Aquino has no leadership qualities. His caliber was shown in dismal condition during the Tragic Quirino Hostage Incident. It is because, he oversold himself to the voters during the election. The Oligarch Media created myth and fantasy around him, that he is a very capable leader. In truth, he is not…


      AXIOM A (formerly AXIOM #69, not to be confused with that of Renato Pacifico’s aka James Thurber’s axiom #69): “The unintelligent are part of the news more than the intelligent.”

      AXIOM B ((formerly AXIOM #96, not to be confused with that of Renato Pacifico’s aka James Thurber’s axiom #96): “Distracting news is news that leads you away from real news.”

      1. It was like when Ninoy Aquino, Jr.; his father; allowed the NPA to bomb the LP Political Miting in Plaza Miranda. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. was seen in Newspapers the next day carrying an UZZI Israeli Machine Pistol.
        I am looking forward for Noynoy Aquino to emerge carrying a Machine Pistol infront of Malacanang Palace…a la Rambo….what a stupid show…why not bomb his Porsche…

  11. Nagbigay na ng statement si Presidente NoyNoy.

    He says :Makakasiguro po ang lahat …. tulad ng bombing noong bar exams, magkakaroon ng kalutasan po itong sitwasyon na ito. Nakatututok po ang lahat ng ahensya ng pamahalaan para masigurado ang kaligtasan ng lahat.”


    Has Noynoy Administration convicted anyone from the BAR EXAM bombing?
    Is anyone in jail from the BAR EXAM bombing?

      1. GabbyD, how I wish you’ll be more philosophical. More contemplative, I mean. Especially in the midst of an unthinking mob….

        Next, let me add, for amusement. From a radio station: “Hindi nagsisinungaling ang EBIDENSIYA, pero puwedeng MAG-IMBENTO….” Peace.

    1. ” …. tulad ng bombing noong bar exams, magkakaroon ng kalutasan po itong sitwasyon na ito. ”

      Wahahaha! I think Aquino means:
      Tulad po ng bombing noong bar exams, magkakaroon ng kalutasan po itong sitwasyon na ito. Malulutas nanaman ang stress sa akin dahil kakalimutan ng mga tao ang sitwasyon pagkatapos ng ilang linggo.”


      1. The solution is simple if you are PNoy’s PR manager: give the people entertainment so they can keep their mind off serious stuff. Maybe they can come up with a new girlfriend for PNoy.

        1. Yup Miss ilda. In tonight’s TvPatrol program, they inserted the Russian Airport bombing incident that killed 30 people, in the midst of reporting the Ayala Bus bombing, thus overshadowing the latter in terms of intensity. Basically saying its no big a deal and not that serious. As usual, we see brief flashes of cut scenes of Pnoy with his trademark smile.

      1. Not really. They “ignore” it. Because frankly, who the hell cares about the country called Philippines? No one actually cares about the country. Bahala na. Yeah right. You go rot here while i go to either Japan, America, or Singapore where i will fulfill my dreams.

        As long as you’re here in the Philippines, you’ll forever suffer.

    1. They don’t feel the need to be competent because they know their popularity will still put them in the history books as the Philippine’s greatest leaders.

      1. Hey, ilda, do you know Mao Zedong? He was a popular celebrity to the people like Noynoy is now but what’s their difference? What’s the difference of the Yellow Army and the Red Guards? Do you think they have similarities?

        1. No i don’t care about Mao Zedong at all. What i care is if do you see some similarities between him and Noynoy Aquino and the Yellow Army with the Chinese Red Guards?

        2. They have a lot of similarities but very few differences. The most obvious differences are:

          1. The colour of their outfit.
          2. The technique they use for mind control and emotional blackmail.

        3. I think I know only one, but this one is too glaring: The manipulative scope of their party propaganda is very broad. While Mao has a Cultural Rev., let’s say P-Noy has – what is it – Showbiz Rev. Can you think of an alternative name? Peace.

        4. @ilda

          I knew it! Wish we had someone like Deng Xiaoping. Gordon just can’t match the oligarchies because he isn’t that popular and he is not really a part of them unlike Deng who was a comrade to Mao and a member of the Communist Party but disliked Mao’s handling of their country.

          If only a small fraction of the oligarchs want reforms to change Philippines for the better and become enlightened intellectuals, there would be hope and chance for the country. Alas, it is next to zero percent of happening.

          In these modern times, economic policy trumps any political ideology.

        5. Chairman Mao is a dirty man! His pedophilia makes even Damaso a pussy. His monstrosity makes even HITLER a pussy. And like the sitting Prez, he has a lot of Mao worshippers.

  12. p-noys reign

    bombs exploding, people dying
    criminals carjacking, mothers crying
    p-noy driving

    senators snoring, congress boring
    politicians stealing, celebs playing
    p-noy thinking

    ochoa drinking, puno shooting
    binay plotting, de lima working
    p-noy relaxing

    singson snorting, marcos fading
    estrada dreaming, arroyo lying
    p-noy sleeping

    poverty increasing,jobs decreasing
    commies rebelling,anarchy swelling
    p-noy dating

    FoI stalling, chinese controlling
    waters rising, climate changing
    p-noy grinning

    pacman endorsing, willie wailing
    kris a divorcing, abunda talking
    p-noy balding

    buildings falling, streets burning
    tourists fleeing,anarchy prevailing
    p-noy retiring

  13. p-noy r u listening

    no more joking
    i’m here choking
    seeing children dying
    & politicians lying

    voters are expecting
    people need protecting
    the country needs leading
    the clock is ticking

    stop spinning, start communicating
    stop playing, start working

    p-noy r u listening

    1. I am listening
      I am not joing
      I’m here eating
      your children dying not my children
      politicans laying
      voters not expecting
      people need not protectingcounttry needs no leading
      the clock is stopping
      I’ll go spinning, I will not start communicating
      I’ll am playing while Filipinos a-burning
      I am listening.  
      You are voting.  I am here presiding.  Filipinos willing.  They are not laughing.  They are leaving to heaven.

      1. Peace

        James Thurber
        please stop fiddling
        while buses are thrown out of their orbit
        when bombs are thrown out in the street
        when children die inside an omnibus
        when lovers ride and that’s their last
        when the government don’t know a damn
        when you ask, “Where’s the police?”,
        and someone replies:

        “There are none”

        James Thurber
        please stop singing
        where our country has a rifle crosshair
        where the justice system is all but fair
        where you commute and fear for your life
        where chances are high that you’ll be knifed
        where the goons make the rules and break them
        where you ask, “Why is this so?”
        and someone replies,

        “Well, honestly, I don’t know.”

        James Thurber
        let me ask you
        why is this overpopulated country such a jungle
        why do magistrates and judiciaries bungle
        why is TV a bad substitute for a book
        why once you begin to ask you are nuked
        why we don’t do something, when we suffer
        why we ask, “Why is God standing still?”
        and someone replies:

        “Because it’s His will.”

        Peace, punk, anarchy
        to your mom, dad, children, future generations

        When you finally have these three and exalt yourselves among all nations
        Don’t forget what James Thurber prayed in our time:
        Peace, punk, anarchy to all
        I lament your impending fall
        Peace punk, anarchy to all
        You’re just banging your head against a wall.



        1. FYI: James Thurber – referring to Renato Pacifico aka Subliminal Messenger aka many more aka’s. Peace.

        2. Who cares what his name is…he is just a blogger like you and me…are you bothered by this creature?

        3. Nope! Yo! I told you, peace. I admire his style, actually.

          Anyway, James Thurber is a famous American humorist.

          That poem is a response to that one specific post, as well as snippets of what I think. Peace.

        4. Poem stanzas writing, Anarchy waiting
          Filipinos fleeing, to foreign countries trying
          Foreign Slave Masters waiting; Filipino OFW slaves arriving
          Nation is Crumbling, while P-noy’s Porsche rolling…

  14. a few weeks ago the uk govt issued a heightened alert for the philippines. this is only done when there is specific knowledge of an imminent threat.
    this was shared with philippines govt who chose to ignore it.
    if the bus bomb is the resuld then p-noy and his incompetents and stay away puno have blood on their hands for not taking at least some additional precautions rather than doing nothing as per usual

    1. the fact that noynoy promised to pay for the medical bills of the victims means that they are acknowledging that they are responsible for dealing with the matter. pero how are they going to follow through with the matter? yan ang mahiwaga. dumdidumdidumdidum….

  15. It’s the sign of the times (zeitgeist). It also portrays the meltdown of many of our basic institutions – education, media, law, unemployment, family….I guess, after all, we cannot love each other or die. Because here it is not so easy to love anymore, given the general distrust we already have against the basic institutions that are supposed to run smoothly in any modern society.

    So I put “Peace” at the end of my posts (as well as on EVERY post in EVERY forum and EVERY discussion, even non-Internet discussions, even in school discussions) because despite the 1946 independence, despite martial law, despite the exile of Marcos, despite Y2K, despite Pacquiao, Charisse and company, we’ve never known peace. Despite the atomic bomb, despite Beat, despite Watergate, despite Gulf War, despite 9/11, nothing has taught us that peace is preferable to war. Whenever we are riding outside we are not so sure we’ll emerge alive. Whenever we talk about someone with the fullest permissions granted by the Constitutional freedoms of speech, press, and expression, we’ll never know that if’s that the last time we’re going to use it. One bullet inhibits them all, and we don’t have only one, and we have no way to inhibit the bullets. Whenever we want ourselves educated so that we can work crimelessly we see our cohorts do the reverse, and to top that we see our educational budget slashed.

    Remember P-Noy told us he’s gonna become a “science president”? We’ll, that does not mean, for me, spending sprees in Math and Science (although that would be desirable). It also means much more: a deliberate use of the scientific method and all the logical legacy granted to us since the time of the Sophists and co. I’ve never seen him use that. I’ve never heard of him, and his cliques of cliques, to tell the courts to use these. Appeal to argument and our intellect? Heck, Tomas Andres knew a lot more: “Sometimes, pabonggahan or palabas needs to be utilized by the leader to assert his authority. In fact, use of loud amplified speech [as heard on TV] rather than reasoned arguments is more forceful in being elected by the people as a leader. As W.H. Auden lamented: “Mismanagement and grief/We must suffer them all again.”

    Every street is a tunnel with a roost of snakes at every corner. Every establishment is sure to contain a domestic tyrant. I remember when Adam chose the tree of knowledge over the tree of life….What happened since? We knew nearly everything, but we still don’t know what we are doing that in the end a crucified Christ had the impulse to report to God that his Great Experiment had failed: “Father, forgive us, they do not know what they are doing.”

    I’m not really feeling well. Especially in this unstable administration of his. Instead of seeing a majestic President you instead see a showstopper whose purpose is to persuade people that he’s actually doing something by merely showing up on TV. To restate what I said somewhere, slogans do not solve problems; they distort them. It obscures the real problem and makes us focus on the pseudo-problem presented on the slogan.

    Not my usual tone. GabbyD’s not yet around. Peace.

    1. “It’s not the president’s fault. He’s not the one who set off the bomb!” – Kontra ala GabbyD
      Just wait guys, PNoy’s having his Porsche customized. — “To the batmobile!” And then there will be no more crime.

      1. PNoy will become Batman…Binay will become his sidekick, Robin…Mar Roxas will become, the Joker…Kris Aquino will turn out as the Catwoman…

    2. THere are pinoys like my friend who believes in zeitgeist. His miscalculated mistake: He didn’t believe it would hit the Philippines first and foremost.

  16. I feel sorry for the lost of innocent lives… nakakaawa na talaga ang Pinas… very sad that people voted this inutile president who acted immaturely when the warnings and travel advisories was given to the Philippines… it really shows how immature Pnoy is and how he lacks true leadership qualities… They should have been pro-active when those advisories came out… Lagi na lang ganito sa bansa natin.. retro-active… pag may nangyari, tsaka pa iimbesitgahan at bibigyan attention… which eventually mapupunta lang din sa wala… Siguro Noynoy developed a sickness already within less than a year of being a president… BusPhobia!

    1. When you encounter a PNoy fan, she will tell you that what is happening is not PNoy’s fault.

      However, he is the head of state. The buck stops with him. If he can blame GMA and get away with it, we can blame him too.

      1. @ilda
        What goes around, comes around…the Christian Bible states: “You Reap what You Sow”. If you sow deception and deceit…it will come back to you in many ways. Our Divine Source Justice grinds slow; but it is sure and just…

      1. Sobra na man, gaba guid?  Haha.  Indi man na sala mag-boto sa iya.  Pero ang law-ay lang da kay ang gin-butang sa posisyon, di man mayad mag-padalagan sang Pilipinas.  Kung amu na namin mu na gaba te, pwede eh.  San-o pa ni matarong ang Pinas man.

        1. Did not vote for him. Was at first leaning but research made me stop. I aim for intelligence, but they way he makes decisions…a true student council is better than his way of handling things. Need I say? If gaffes persist, his govt is less competent than an elementary student council.

          Speaking of intelligence, maybe his brain gone dry? I am ashamed that my family supported him. I think I was the only one who dissented. They still said wasted vote. At least, my vote was not my regret.

          *rage mode* gome ne~

    2. Not sad at all. If the people voted an incompetent ruler then they deserve to suffer the consequences. If you don’t want to suffer then get out of the country and immigrate to a prosperous one.

      1. Happily working here in Singapore… but still, I worry for the safety of my relatives and friends… Given the remaining time that Noynoy will be the president of PH, do we deserve to feel unsafe for the next 5 years? Oh my gulay! Safety pa lang pinag uusapan natin.. Paano pa yung pag angat ng buhay?

        1. As I have said before PNUts electoral win, EVERYBODY better be prepared. Because him sitting on the top seat means its going to be a ripple effect, even those who are in the country but didn’t want his dumbass in the seat.

    3. So true, Pnoys smirk of a smile and buses with broken windows are becoming ordinary fixtures that describe what a typical day in Pnoyland looks like.

  17. For all we know this could be one of those false flag attacks. You know to stay in the business of the war on terror-there should be an ongoing war on terror. What if there isn’t one? Then they will make one up. They don’t want to go out of business you know. Like the war on drugs. Did it ever end? It didn’t. Its still open for business. And its being paid for with the blood of innocents. All for political expediency and the holding on to power. Noynoy: Prepare the fucking budget and throw a few pedestrians into the meat grinder ok? And by the way, how’s that superagency to combat all the shit we made up going along? I’ve seen Big Brother’s face and its a moron named Junior.

    1. What a stupid conspiracy you made there. I dislike the president but having him being behind this bomb blast? now now i don’t think he can pull this off with his incompetence. The war on terror doesn’t bring any profit to any government or even to any corrupt politicians except for arms dealers. Haven’t you seen our army using WWII weapons technology? Laughable at best.

      When it comes to terrorism, you’re dealing with extremists and you do know what an extremist is?

      Truth is stranger than fiction not only in the Philippines. Don’t think of only one country. I suggest you read matters and issues of our neighbors if you want to see the larger picture.

      1. @Lorenz

        do regular people have access to C4, or army issued stuff none the less? The root of that would come from people who DO. And of course pay off people who are willing to do anything for a big payoff.

        The claim as a ‘terrorist attack’ is even laughable, considering the attempt to tie it during that occasion of that day.

        1. The problem is that this bomb attack doesn’t benefit or produce any profit for the oligarchs unless if this attack was aimed at some politician which clearly isn’t but it could be indirectly.

          The point is war on terror produces no profit for anyone whatsoever except for the arms dealer so why would the oligarchs want the war on terror to continue as what is said by 515050?

        2. Why? Because there is money and power in it. Its not as far-fetched as it seems. As I said, government has used “terror” as a means to control society, and in order to stay in power will spare no means to hold on to it. If you think Noynoy is incompetent to carry this one off, then look to the military. Its riddled with conspiracies mind you. Just look to Garcia and there you have one. It all about control. There are “extremists” in government too you know. You may have seen one voted in lately–Trillanes.

        3. I mean for those who still remember, ralph nantes still is fresh in my mind. The timing of his connection to a drug plant and possibly to narco politics and his sudden death from a helicopter was so convenient. Similar to the bomb incident where those in the government are claiming terrorists, yet there is a buzz about new policies that use the incident gather support. As well as the whole police to citizen connection as to whom should be fully responsible for safety. The citizens pay tax that goes to social services such as police and military. Yet on their end, they are lacking in budget to make progress and ultimately, guidance even from whoever controls them in the NCR, who happens to be hand picked by the President himself no less! No one is expecting PNoy to have some measure of governance past Manila, but he can’t even get his current home turf under control! That says a lot.

  18. what P-Noy lacks, among others, is hiya. Had he cloaked himself with such trait, even a little, he would have espoused wisdom in making decisions for the entire nation. 
    He would have placed the interest of the public ahead of his and his cohort’s,and wouldn’t have wasted the public trust he undeservingly borrowed and which is so misplaced.
    Hiya would have made him think twice, or even several times before he commences blabbing gibberish to the public, thereby, saving another mockery in the international community. Instead, he adorns his public statements with po or ho to convey an image of being respectful and humble while concealing the lack of merits.

    1. He does not need to be ashamed of anything because his handlers are protecting him from the repercussions of his incompetence. His popularity rating on surveys conducted by survey firms owned and operated by his friends and family members keep going up even after he commits continuous gaffes.

      1. Thanks Ilda, for giving that illuminating reminder 😉

        Given everything you have spoken of him, indeed, he doesn’t need shame at all. Nonetheless, he could have opted for wearing that hiya personality and perhaps things would have been different. He wouldn’t be relying, for instance, on family-maneuvered surveys about his popularity. In the first place, he wouldn’t dare “commit continuous gaffes” –to quote you on this ^_~ 

        Maybe, too, he would not have taken advantage of the opportunity presented before him when his mother died and run for the presidential position.

  19. Are you people really sure PNoy SPECIFICALLY could have prevented this SPECIFIC act from happening? If so, what should have he done?

      1. In fact supermalas20 is not thinking critically and so are you GabbyD. And it is a bad question.

        It’s no rocket science. Just as a student may not be expected to get the specific answers all correct, we should at least expect the student to perform or make an effort to get them all right. Likewise, if warnings such as those from the international community have already been issued, Noynoy could have been more responsive and increased security or put precautionary measures in place or, at least, not dismiss them so readily. He deserves to be chastised for his attitude. Safety is one of, if not, the top priorities of a President.

        He tends to be just reactionary and ‘after the fact’. He is not the pro-active type as good leaders should be.

        1. The only valid option for both “critical thinkers” is to do nothing about the imminent danger, which is why they think PNoy is off the hook.

        2. agree. These countries issued their travel advisories NOT FOR THE SAKE OF FILIPINOS but for the sake of THEIR CITIZENS, and these are backed up by their respective intelligence agencies. The Philippines should be thankful that these countries already flagged the threat FOR US because OUR intelligence agencies simply may not have the technology or manpower or whatever to have detected the threats that the foreign ones detected. What did your president do? We all know how he reacted to the advisories, then this bus attack happens. DUE DILIGENCE IS WHAT PNOY SHOULD HAVE DONE! The president should have our local intelligence agencies work with the foreign ones to fill in the gaps that we have instead of complaining. Maybe, just maybe, those 5 dead and many others wounded/maimed may still be enjoying normal lives right now.

      2. dear art,

        how do you know that the admin didnt do anything? there was a change in the police’s actions. 

        fact is, you cant protect buses because people enter and exit buses without security. i’m sure if u take buses, u’ll know this. in other places with entry chokepoints, its easier to protect from this kind of terrorism.

        further, the travel advisories had details wrong. with wrong details, u cannot act on it.

        if u can come up with a feasible plan to make bus travel safer for bombs the size of bags, i’m sure everyone would benefit. 

        1. @GabbyD

          Its called Making do with the taxpayers that they pay for social services like police and military and enforcing laws. The timing of this is too inconspicuous. You may be a bit late but all of a sudden the senate is buzzing about SIM card registration and using that bus incident as evidence as to why that should be implemented, along with the idea of the national ID system.

          The feasible plan is setting the tone earlier, not your knee jerk philosophy and trying to empathize the humanity of our country’s leader.

          Also, consider this: Do actual citizens have access to military grade items like C4? Or the money to make hidden purchases of it? Its easy to go after the fact when the problem has long existed and the consequence is merely exercising itself.

        2. I admire your CAN’T DO attitude. /sarcasm

          Wow, you CAN’T protect buses pala from terrorism! Someone pay me to bomb a bus in the U.S. or here because it’s so easy and fool proof! I’ll be rich!

          Wait, but what about the bomb’s purchase, CAN’T the government secure the purchase of explosives? What about the transportation from the acquisition of the explosive to the bus you mean to say the government CAN’T do anything about the transportation of explosives? That where ever it passed by, no one saw there was an 81mm Mortar being handled or they just turned a blind eye?

          If you don’t have the rights to criticize a government just because it’s difficult (not impossible) to protect your citizens from terrorism inside a bus, (http://beta.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/metro-manila/01/26/11/survivors-witnesses-recount-slow-response-bus-bombing-killed-5)

          then does it mean that,

          We don’t have the right to criticize a government just because it’s impossible to protect your citizens from a Typhoon Ondoy?

          Dammit, I want my rights back… 🙁

      3. did GabbyD flunk greek philosophy or something? Its like he’s trying to do all these circumspections from the wrong angles of the issue and claim its a form of thinking critically? Or is he honestly just begging the question?

        Anyway, in any security measure, bus bombings like these have occurred and are pretty routine attacks all over the world, usually done in with an element of surprise. The prevailing logic that prevents the 2 dolts from making this a critical question to ask is the fact that the president himself received warnings, hence with his authority under his OWN SMALL jurisdiction (which is funny since many who don’t see this don’t know the value of a jurisdiction, being your area of influence AND responsibility) can heighten security measures in an attempt to prevent motions of the individuals plotting this attempt and may even capture and trace it to the source of the potential act of terror. Alerting citizens beforehand may also help contribute to them being more aware of their surroundings as well.

        Now, if they are playing to Noynoy’s lack of ability to catch details like these, claim ignorance to the events to come and not prepare accordingly for the safety of his city and his people, rather than react after the fact, the two who are begging the question are actually correct. He would not be able to do anything SPECFICALLY because the person in question has not done anything worth noting that would improve the security against a potential terrorist attack. They would be correct, but they would also prove how dumb they are for even coming forward with such a question when the points are made.

        FOr the lucky two who get to read this, tell this extrapolation to your mothers and maybe, they may reward you for your introspective logic with a big chocolate chip cookie.

  20. This thread is ridiculous. You people hate PNoy so much, you’re all losing perspective and objectivity. Pati siguro alipunga nyo isisisi nyo kay PNoy! Wahahahaha!

    1. Well for one thing, developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada who have reliable secret intelligence has placed Philippines as a terrorist ravaged country and placed travel advisories a long time ago.

      Noynoy Aquino has chosen to ignore these warnings from these countries and continues to downplay the rampaging acts of terrorism and violence in the country.

      In North America, if something like the Hostage Incident happened, there would be reforms already for safety precautions. Evident changes that are enforced by the government. If a bus bombing ever happened here, there would be investigations conducted right away and prime suspects would’ve been established and sent all over the news within the next 24/hours.

      In the Philippines, the Hostage Indicent happened, no reform or changes has been made. The bus bombing? Noynoy Aquino would just say, “OMG YOU GUYZ STOP OVERREACTING LAWL IT WASN’T MY FAULT. THE FILIPINES IS STILL LYKE A SAFE COUNTRY LAWL SO UNITED KINGDOM STOP IT BECAUSE IM SMARTER THAN YOUR “SECRET INTELLIGENCE,” K, LIKE I’D KNOW IT IF WE HAD TERRORIST THREATS IN OUR COUNTRY BUT WE DONT OKEY?” *drives off on his Porsche*

      1. What about the warnings from other countries? If PNoy did heed these warnings, could you honestly say that he could have prevented this SPECIFIC incident? Did these warnings SPECIFICALLY pinpoint this incident and PNoy just chose to let it happen? Laughable.

        The truth is even if the country has the greatest surveillance and counter-intelligence capability in the world, incidents like this one will happen from time to time. What can we do about it? For our part, we can be more vigilant. And, yes, law enforcement can do a better job investigating these incidents. But are you willing to be strip-searched, your private life being constantly watched over and willing to be detained indefinitely or even assassinated for being suspected as being a terrorist? Those things are happening right now in the USA, believe it or not, as reactions (or overrreactions) to terrorism, real or imagined. It’s one thing to be extra careful after a bombing incident but it’s quite another to give up basic rights because of fear. If you overreact after incidents like this, while they are indeed gruesome and terrifying, they are also statistically improbable. (It’s not like you live in Iraq.) In other words, if you let it significantly affect your life and it pushes you into fear and loathing of everybody, then the terrorists got what they intended. Terrorism is meant to TERRORIZE people. Be vigilant, be more careful, but don’t jump in the lake.

        Seeing that you think PNoy is so carefree and incredulous, what measures should he then do after this incident? What can he do so that you won’t siht your pants?

        1. shit our pants? who’s shiting now with his comments defending an inutile president? You’re laughable! wahahahah

        2. The problem is we were given warnings about this. Instead of implementing measures to increase awarness or coordinate with the countries that gave us warnings, Aquino the Turd chose to ignore and lambast the warnings given to our country. Feeling nya he is in-control. That’s what you get with a relax attitude… Mas pinapatulan nya pa showbiz balita…Given the bus hostage incident last year, dapat meron na nagawa to improve the peace and order situation sa metro manila. After all the hullabaloo, investigation left and right.. may nangyari ba? Meron, crime rate shoots up.. Carnappings, murder, robbery and now terrorism… Galing naman ng presidente mo… Sabihin na natin this is a terrorist attack and it can happen even to other progressive country, pero atleast sila they exert extra measures to ensure the safeness of their people. Sobra retro-active ng presidente mo. Even nga yung pagiging retro-active nya eh wala resulta. Bulok!

        3. E ano nga ang dapat gawin ni PNoy SPECIFICALLY para di mangyari itong pagsabog na ito? At ano ang dapat nyang gawin pagkatapos ng pagsabog na ito?

        4. One of the tests is this. How would you have reacted if this Buendia-bus bombing happened 18 months ago under GuuuuLLLLLo-RRRR-YYaaa? If you would be like Fr Bernas, SJ just as defensive of GullOOrrrYYYA as he is now of Presi-Noynoy, then you are cool. If were like ManuelB — frothing at the mouth (if bombing under GuLorrYYYaaaa) but meek and under-dis-standing under Noynoy, you have your pants on wrong. Ganoon lang iyon.

        5. In addition to that UP, what if 16 months ago, Gloria received a an intelligence report, dismissed it, and then two months after, a BUS bombing occurs?

        6. Its true that we cannot prevent this from happening even if we have surveillance cameras. BUT… there’s a big BUT!!! Magkaka-idea or clue ka kung ano itsura ng suspects, and the police or whatever can even… possibly… follow their trail. And kung aware ang criminals na may nakatingin sa kanila… then most likely bababa ang crime rate. Kaso ang budget, hindi alam kung saan napupunta. Ano bang ginagawa ni Noynoy sige nga? Tanggal wangwang, ipakita ang sweldo, kumain ng hotdog, bumili ng kotse, ngumiti sa camera, sisihin si Gloria. Lahat po ng nabanggit ko, pakitang-tao lang, wala po yan naitutulong sa ekonomiya o sa kaligtasan ng bansa.

        7. Seeing that you think PNoy is so carefree and incredulous, what measures should he then do after this incident? What can he do so that you won’t siht your pants?

          Its not an opinion. The fact he chose NOT to take measures means HE REALLY IS carefree and incredulous, especially in a serious subject of citizen security! Know your facts and opinions kid!

          What can he do that won’t sh!t our pants? The very things that you seem to abhor and overreact to like what TSA does. As much as you use a slant regarding how certain americans treat the TSA tightening up, upon frequently traveling nationally in the last year in that country, as long as I did my part the TSA did theirs very well. That doesn’t mean I’m home free but at least I know they are aware and making the efforts to adjust to the heightened risk.

          And your reason for the bus attack to pin it down as an isolated case is purely rubbish considering PNut DID GET A WARNING from reliable intelligence overseas! And since he didn’t take measures to prepare, doesn’t it stun you, as a human for his ignorance that jeopardized the lives of innocent people? Anymore crap from you like this and I’d honestly consider you too inhuman to care for the potential security of strangers by defending the LACK of decision from someone who has the power and responsibility to do something, at the very least, to ease the worries of his people.

    1. Don’t know what you’re talking about, dude. And just because I don’t feed your all your illusions and delusions doesn’t automatically mean I love PNoy with a vengeance. He’s a bit ineffective so far and an obvious greenhorn. I would’ve preferred Gordon. (I voted for that guy.) But being ineffective and a greenhorn doesn’t cloud my judgment enough to blame him for this bombing.

      1. 1) he did not respond to the intelligence report or showed any action to act on it last december

        2) aside from not acting on it, worse pa, he got angry at other countries’ leaders for issuing it via travel advisories. ok lang sana kung yung magtataho ang nagalit kasi wala naman syang magagawa talaga kundi magbenta ng taho. pero presidente sya eh. otherwise, si roxas na lang na BF nya ang lumugar dun

  21. @aboy. Yes, you people are sihtting your pants. When a bombing happens, OF COURSE the president (specifically PNoy) is the first person you blame. Holy accountability, Batman! Wahahaha! Talk about thinking calmly and rationally.
    Parang pag nagkasunog o may namatay sa heart attack, “Nananawagan po kami sa Pangulong Arroyo…” Wahahahaha!

    1. Oh my gulay! si mang Isko, yung nag titinda ng balot… sya ,sya ang may sala!!!… problem with people like you (yellow hordes) and mostly all our government officials, starting from your idol, you know nothing about accountability. It’s our leader, starting from the head of state which is accountable for the safety of his people… sabi sabi ka pa ng talk about thinking calmly and rationally… ikaw ba tsong, are you thinking at all?

      1. What should PNoy have done to prevent this SPECIFIC bombing? What measures should he do now after this bombing? O sya, mag-isip ka nga! Wahahahaha!

        1. Uulitin ko yung sinabi na sa iyo ng iba dito nang sa ganoon ay mapukpok sa utak mo, okey?

          Its because United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and France issued travel advisories last November 2010 about impending terror attacks in Manila. Yes, they SPECIFICALLY mentioned Manila, Philippines.

          And its because Pnoy himself downplayed these advisories as WITHOUT ANY ADEQUATE BASIS therefore not to be taken seriously. He said this on national TV during an interview and was documented in our local quasi-broadsheets.

          Here, read it and weep: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/205205/france-6th-country-to-issue-terror-alert-vs-philippines

          So far, the Philippine National Police found mortar shrapnel and the cellphone trigger at the blast site. Four innocent civilian lives were lost.

          Okey, to sum it up:
          Terror warnings issued out ….CHECK.
          Philippine President personally ignoring said terror threats……CHECK
          Violent act taking place against innocent civilians, which constitutes as an act of terrorism……CHECK

          With every element in its place, yeah, it is quite correct, appropriate and fitting for people here to directly blame the President. (Pnoy, winarningan ka na, pero binaliwala mo, eto na ngayot nangyari, anu masasabi mo?)

        2. Ano nga ang dapat nyang ginawa kung hindi nya binalewala yung terror alert? O sabihin natin di nya binalewala, ano ang dapat sunod nyang ginawa at hindi nangyari itong trahedyang ito? In hindsight, what should he have done SPECIFICALLY?

        3. You keep asking the same question tol… Haven’t you read the comments here? Dami inputs ng people dito… Hindi tayo expert sa peace and order… pero given na ang dami ng nag warning, he should have done something.. mobilize the police and army, increased security precautions in the MM and crowded areas… Eh ano ginawa nya, nag yabang, nagmaktol at nag paka imature… tingin ko mas lalo nya pa nga binigyan ng lakas ng loob yung mga masasamang elemento sa na mag terrorize talaga.. kasi hindi nya binigyan ng ukol na attention… parang ganito lang yan eh.. kung alam ng mga carnapper na mainit sila sa pulis ngayon, medyo hinay hinay muna sila para iwas sa huli… Dba ganun din kung nag raise sya ng concern against terrorism? Medyo matatakot yung mga nagplaplano kasi mas malaki chance na mahuli sila???? Prevention is better and awarness kesa sa idol mo petiks petiks lang…

        4. Nag tanong ka pa sa matalino, pwes may sagot ka na! Pag isipan mo nalang junior.

          Superlucky20 got super OWNED.

      2. Hmm… What could have Aquino specifically done?

        First and foremost, instead of “lash(ing) out at the United States and five other Western allies” (source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20101113-302958/Aquino-slams-allies-over-terror-alert) accepting them would already be a DETERRENT. In the mind of a terrorist, news that a Government/President who has accepted intel that an attack is imminent, would prevent him from pushing through the operation compared to news that “Mr. Aquino sternly answered the question on travel warnings against the Philippines, which elicited laughter from the crowd.” (source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleid=629619) Instead of blowing off the APEC’s info, he should have known, basis or not that there is something to learn from it, and following up on it. He shouldn’t have publicly ridiculed the report and with a blushing red face (source: ibid). The Allied countries’ cooperation was important, he could have bargained for more information. Where did the assessments come from? Why did they speculate that there is an attack? What else did they know? There is no such thing as top secret and anonymous if you have the will, the power, the money, the mind and the guts to protect your country.

        Second, if the terrorist(s) still didn’t lose his nerve from the President’s acceptance on the warnings, The President is duty-bound to hit the ground running by appointing capable officials—not OJTs—who can execute their duties effectively, upon assumption of office. Puno, at the helm of PNP is doing a very poor job. Robredo’s hands are tied and should resign because he isn’t allowed to shine. The result of this power sharing arrangement is the crime wave, hostage crisis and terrorist attacks. No Leadership = Confident Criminals
        (Source http://www.manilatimes.net/index.php/opinion/31653-robredo-should-resign)

        Third, since Aquino is an ‘expert’ in pursuing the Truth, and goes after the corrupt like his mother, he can look where the 5 billion pesos on Intelligence is placed and use them accordingly as the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces of the Philippines. 5 Billion pesos, 15 intelligence agencies under six departments and no one has a clue? Come on! Intel Contacts, Assets, Terrorist infiltration. Mere show of military force could already frighten anyone planning to do something in Metro Manila.

        Fourth, remember the controversial Executive Order 454? That’s already a show of power from a president. If Aquino has the same position, why couldn’t he use that power for ‘good’? Condisder the patriot act:
        * Introduced in the House of Representatives on October 23, 2001
        * Passed the House on October 24, 2001 (Yeas: 357; Nays: 66)
        * Passed the Senate on October 25, 2001 (Yeas: 98; Nays: 1)
        * Signed into law by President Bush on October 26, 2001

        It took four days to enact this law protecting the United States, one month after Sept. 11, 2001. Do we have members of the Liberal Party (which Aquino is a member of) being called to introduce a protection law for the citizens of the Philippines?

        But enough of these could have’s and should have’s the bottomline is he DIDN’T do his job and all this blew up right under his nose.

    2. we would not have blamed Pnoy had he chose to keep his mouth shut.  Instead he whined in front  of other leaders about the advisories.  imagine how those leaders must be feeling right now.  Pnoy just made a fool of himself.  He could have acted objectively and said we would look into these advisories.  

      1. eh ngayon nirereport nang mga news agencies..”security increased at mrt stations, at airports, at terminals, etc. etc.”..  ngayon pa na meh nangyari na? bakit nung pag labas nang advisory Pnoy never gave that order? sabi nang mga pulis daw ayaw nila mag panic ang mga tao..son of a..

        1. baka pinagkamalang reverse psychology. Dahil sobrang relaxed ang security, mataas ang chance na huliin ang mga criminal.

          But this is the PNP were talking about. HAHAHA!

  22. superlucky20
    I am not specifically and solely blaming p-noy but i am saying that the chief executive always has to take responsibility and accountability. the buck stops there.
    with great power comes great responsibility not just opening burger joints.
    and it is more specifically the ignoring of the uk wsrning and generally not showing strength of leadership in anything which is leading people and criminals to walk all over him.
    he made the promises.
    we want action not bad speeches.
    he cant keepblaming gma or god for everything that goes wrong and in the last 6 months it has been a catalogue of disasters.
    the accidental president has become the accident prone puppet.
    you keep the faith. dude.

    1. How then should he accept responsibility for this bombing? Should he say sorry to the whole country while bowing? Should he resign? Should he commit hara-kiri? Wahahaha! And how should Binay accept responsibility if another bombing occurs?

      Is part of this “great power” you speak of predicting the future? (Including future bombings) Wahahaha! And are you really serious that since PNoy is so “wimpy,” it’s open season for kidnappers, arsonists and terrorists? Are you saying PNoy will personally pass judgment on every one of them? Sino sya? Si Judge Dredd? Wahahaha!

      Hay, you all hate PNoy so much, you blame him for everything and accuse everyone who doesn’t ride with your fantasies as part of Ricky’s PR group! Wahahahaha!

      1. woah!… easy…. I can’t believe a person who voted for Dick Gordon doesn’t hate the guts of PNoy.. no no no , we don’t blame him for everything… but we do blame him for the consequences of his incapacity to lead our country…

      2. Let me put in my view on this. What are the things the president can do:

        1.  Speed up the investigation process.  Equip the police and other investigating bodies so that those involved will be put to jail.
        2.  Improve the counter-intelligence role of the police so that future bomb blasts can be avoided or intercepted.
        3.  Impose the rule of law properly.  This is a republic and so it must have laws properly implemented.
        4.  Heed terrorist warnings next time.  

        Superlucky, secretly I want to eat my words and still wait for Pnoy to prove us wrong and he can be competent.  Yet, that hope is waning.  

      3. superlucky20,

        The very least Aquino could’ve done was to acknowledge the travel advisories given out by other countries instead of stamping his feet and throwing a tantrum. That way, there wouldn’t be so much “I TOLD YOU SO BUT YOU DIDN’T LISTEN”.

        At best, in addition to Weizz’s reply:

        Increase police visibility

        Issue public guidelines and warning on how to avoid, spot and report suspicious items. If someone leaves behind a package, instead of people thinking “Wow swerte, naiwan niya! Baka may pera dito!”, they would instead inform the conductor and driver and vacate the vehicle.

        Pre-emptive measures that Aquino could’ve enacted, right? Even if the bus bombing STILL happened with casualties, this would enforce his message and show that Aquino is serious, no?

      4. @Superluckless

        How should he deal with? He’s had field exercise with the august hostage situation. He should actually show some competency, something he hasn’t done EVER in his career. It would also score more point with chicks than an object that is meant to overcompensate.

        And sadly you don’t have proof that its been SAFER since P-NOy took over, considering he messed up on the former bus crisis and now seems to auspiciously announced his inability to prevent a clever on in his home turf, Manila, nonetheless. Going back to his stupid slogan, I have yet seen real justice implemented in his term so far, especially the latest case of the car-jacking, the suspects AND the insurmountable evidence against them, only to be saved by friends in politics. Same old, same old. So no Judge Dredd for you bro, not when everyone with the power to do so is a limp wrist wimp with no cojones.

        If anything, looks like you have a problem of dealing with it.

  23. P-Noy and clique naman, please stop indulging in magical thinking, please don’t think that mere incantations wrapped in slogans and one-liners can banish all the bombs and the bullets in this part of the planet. Our country is a terror hotspot. Just mobilize anyone who needs to be mobilized and please stop hiding behind that tortoise shell of yours. That’s why I keep saying, “Peace”, although I’m despairing.

    And despair is sometimes the progenitor of crime.

    Applies to everyone else as well. Please. Don’t let the sign of the times get you. It’s no small matter. And don’t make such situations our historical legacy for our children. If they judge us, you’ll see why. Peace.

    1. OK, heres an additional observation which I posted at the AP Shoutbox:

      Its only standard and common sense for Newspapers to print the headlines in bold black font on a white background. But why is it, in ONLY two instances, Philippine Daily Inquirer subdued the headline by printing it over a photograph, thus reducing its effectiveness as a headline.

      I mentioned two instances. One, during the manila bus hostage crisis…
      August 25 Inquirer front page

      and Two, during the Ayala Bus bombing…
      January 26 Inquirer front page

  24. i can’t even go home without the feeling that something’s gonna happen to me..

    mrt, lrt and buses = bombs
    taxis = holdup
    cars= carjack or carnap
    i can’t even enjoy walking.. who knows what kind of evil forces are awaiting me..

    so what does that leave me with? ano mangalesa na lang ako? i wonder what would pnoy feel if his porsche gets carjacked or carnapped..

    1. Dumami ang pasahero ng MRT dahil takot na mga tao mag-bus. Ung MRT naman, kunwari nasisira ung escalators at coaches kaya gustong mag-taas ng fare.

      Pag may sumasabog na bus at lumalakas ang kita ng MRT, sino kaya ang nakikinabang?

      Kung hindi matutuloy ang charter change, sino kaya ang makikinabang?

      Tataas ang rate sa tubig. imbes na P3.per magiging P13 pesos na…..sino kaya makikinabang?

  25. Lousy country. Lousy people. Lousy system. everything is lousy. no need to be intellectual to overcome lousyness. intelligent philipinos are lousy too.

    1. FLASHBACK by DJ Cy

      Majority or minority, noisy or silent, it doesn’t matter….

      “If 20 million people say a foolish thing, it’s still a foolish thing” – Anatole France


    2. Now now, don’t give the superficially intelligent majority something to think about. They may once again rekindle the passion in their hearts to follow a dumb leader by showing their pride by making dumb arse decisions themselves.

  26. You know, even if it seems AP is attacking da prez, at least they are siding with the innocents here. Its not their fight to go against potential terrorists, or whoever orchestrated this bombing incident. If they wanted it to be their fight, and rightfully so, the palace would reform laws that would allow citizens to legally carry arms. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting scenario?

    For those 2 brave yet unfeeling to be vocal about siding with the callous indecision of the leader and to accept that deaths are common, are no better than those who commit murders out of neglect or non pre-meditated. I may be an anti-pinoy, but I have the decency to care about people who pay their tribute to be protected, but won’t get it in any way, neither the choice to protect themselves, period.


  27. How you manage your house is a simpler way of how you manage a country.

    We can see that sometimes the strictness of the parents will result a good-natured and well disciplined children. Usually well-bred and civilized family would want only two-three children, they limit the resources they(the children) can use, they give them responsibilities(cleaning the house, taking care of some things, etc etc)

    But most urban poor families just let their children loose, hence there are rugby boys, and minors on the wrong side of the law…

    Crime rates increased and there are terrorism happening in the country… There are traffic problems in the streets and a whole lot of shitload that his musics will notsolve

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