King of Comedy Dolphy faces the Inquisition

Today I find myself on the side of Philippine Media as they lock and load for what looks like the gathering storm of a monumental battle against the Forces of Primitivism. On the side of modernity is Dolphy, the King of Comedy, who stands before the Inquisition accused of heresy. This “heresy” involves what sounds like otherwise hilarious scenes in his latest film Father Jejemon — a movie that most likely will see its producers laughing all the way to the bank considering the publicity it will get (or may already be getting) as a result of this latest of Pinoy-style circuses.

One scene in the movie that sent the Church and other groups fuming was that of a priest, portrayed by Dolphy, accidentally dropping a host into the cleavage of a woman taking communion during Mass. Another showed a host getting stuck on the dentures of an old woman.

Joining the fray is the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) whose chairman Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares came to Dolphy’s defense asserting that “there was no malice on the part of Manong Dolphy in the movie. At times they get carried away, but that’s the reality in the industry”.

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The Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines, yet again, finds itself on the side of moronism, specially considering its presumptuous threats against the State:

[Church officials] have called on the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to delete the offensive scenes or face a boycott of moviegoers.

That remains to be seen, padres.

What a pickle these men-in-robes have gotten themselves into. They are up against two mighty pillars of modern society: (1) freedom of speech and (2) secularism. The latter, in particular harks to the headline of the first report on the matter that goes “King of comedy told to respect King of Kings” — inadvertently highlighting how perhaps our esteemed clerics forget that their “King” is not necessarily all Filipinos’ king.

The King of Comedy, unfortunately hasn’t been acting very kingly recently, instead bowing to pressure from the Choir of Angels:

“RVQ Productions, upon learning the public’s sentiments against some scenes on the teasers, immediately exercised self-regulation and deleted voluntarily the evoking scenes. This may be a good example where the MTRCB and a film production company have found a good accord, where the true benefactors are the viewing public,” Llamanzares said.

Zsa Zsa Padilla, the movie’s producer, is willing to delete some scenes even if it means added cost in the production.

What a shame. It would’ve been interesting to see who Filipinos are going to rally behind — the King of Kings, or the King of Comedy?

71 Replies to “King of Comedy Dolphy faces the Inquisition”

  1. di ba ang hostia laman ni hesus? e pag inipit mo yun sa boobs parang tit fuck na yun? tapos yung sa pustiso naman eh naipit ang laman ni hesus. ibig ba sabihin nun manipis ang laman ni hesus?

    pwede na pala akong mag-apply sa MTRCB napakadumi kasi ng utak ko.

  2. They can only do it to Christians.
    I dare them mock our Muslim brothers and their beliefs.

    One’s religious beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they are to us, MUST BE RESPECTED. It is something our own mother must have taught us.

    1. It would also be interesting if Antipinoy exercise their so-called “freedom of speech” and mock our Muslim brothers and their beliefs. That would be a wonderful experiment for mr. benigno.

      1. This is an Antipinoy site, not an Anti-religion website

        It’s a whole different story. It would be better if you engage in Atheist sites and Forums, there are people there who wholeheartedly give their freedom of speech about ANY Religion.

        1. Yes. Its supposed to be Antipinoy site, not a site to bash somebody else religion. I’m disappointed to turn Antipinoy into an anti religion bashing site.

        2. “This is an Antipinoy site, not an Anti-religion website.”

          —> Excactly. Then how come Mr. Benedict Ignacio (a.k.a. benign0) came up with a very lame article defending Dolphy and “Father Jejemon”?

          “…inadvertently highlighting how perhaps our esteemed clerics forget that their “King” is not necessarily all Filipinos’ king.”

          —> Religious beliefs, no matter how absurd they may appear, must be respected. Mr. Ignacio must keep in mind that it is respect that enables him and his friends to post their views here at Anti-Pinoy without the threat of reprisal.

          “The King of Comedy, unfortunately hasn’t been acting very kingly recently…”

          —> There is nothing “kingly” or “intelligent” with disrespectful behavior or lack of decorum. Intelligence or fame can never compensate for poor manners.

          In the end, it all boils down to this: It’s one thing to criticize the irregularities within the Roman Catholic Church and it’s another to mock Catholic rituals just to make people laugh.

          Gin is right. I wonder how would Mr. Ignacio feel if someone superimposed the faces of his parents over the bodies of pornstars just because that person has issues with Anti-Pinoy.

          If Mr. Ignacio really is the hard-hitting intellectual that he claims he is, I dare him to come up with an article bashing Islam and the Muslims.

        3. I think my esteemed colleague Mr BongV made a pretty succinct but astute response to your queries here. That you’d emphasis reprisals against people who ridicule rituals pretty much highlights the point I make in the article and all references to The Inquisition. Indeed, ridicule of the Gloria Arroyo is pretty much what characterises Noynoy and his Yellow army. If they then get subject to reprisals, we get howls for “people power”. Same thing with the Church and most organised religions — all institutions with bloody histories of suppressing the truth and crushing their enemies.

        4. In the end, it all boils down to this: It’s one thing to criticize the irregularities within the Roman Catholic Church and it’s another to mock Catholic rituals just to make people laugh.

          Oh, is the balat sibuyas on high alert right now? This is funny because it always comes down to personal taste if its a mocking or anything worst but above all, it is comedy! It doesn’t affect how people view or practice their religion. Not every catholic thinks like you who thinks the dogma is so important is above changing moralities and such. Grow up!

          Besides, the Muslim community would respond by bombing a highly populated center anyway.


          Anti-religion? More like ant-buffoonery of the CBCP. Philippines is NOT A CATHOLIC NATION, and horrible practitioners at that compared to S. Koreans.

        5. kristine0019

          You should practice tolerance. Some people do not believe in your religion and all dogma that goes with it so deal with it!
          Why does AP have to be an anti-religion website just to qualify to write about religion?!? I think your comment is not only lame but also idiotic!

      2. comedy is about generating laugh at the expense of people – either yourself or someone else – grow up

        @jay: You grow up. There is nothing funny, mature, progressive, intelligent or moral about generating laughs at the expense of others.
        @wow: Kung gusto mong galangin ka ng ibang tao, huwag kang mambastos ng ibang tao. Tonto. Estupido.

    2. Lookit, yo, Muslims are ignorant, medievally hostaged unreformed people.  Yo wanna be like muslims?  Then enjoy being poor, stoned and women 5th class citizens who are treated like animals.  You want christians that way?  HA!HA!HA!HA!

    3. The problem is that Christian fundamentalism is far more commonplace here in the Failippines, considering we are the lone Catholic-majority nation in Asia (if in name only at least). If you want to discuss Islamic extremism, then go about to discuss in countries where Sharia law is upheld with an iron fist such as Somalia, Iran or Pakistan. And while we can discuss about the insurgent problem of the MILF trying to create Sharia law in our country, it’s an evil we already know about. Likewise, respect is not a God-given privilege but a status that should be earned and that applies for organized religion as well. After all, religion by modern standards are institute of metaphysical concepts that can be ridiculed, discussed, and criticized by free-thinking men. But then, since you’re probably someone who listens to your mommy’s every command without context or reason, then you probably wouldn’t want that would you? Likewise before you make libtard comments like “all religions must be respected” or “all religions are good”; you should analyze your comments carefully. If Satanism is a religion, or radical Islam becomes the norm then can we still advocate respect for such things? And while I’m not a particular fan of Father Jejemon or Philippine comedy in general, jokes in the film are acceptable if not done to death by western standards and the fact that these jokes are only now emerging in our media and are even being censored by the self-righteous Catholic Bishops only serve to show how progressively backward we are.

  3. The King of Comedy, like many that make up the religious sector, is quite the “sinner.” 20-ish kids by just as many mistresses without marriage, and the institutions are keen to look the other way unless he does something really outwardly ‘blasphemous’ like this. Then he issues a token apology, a few ‘fixes’ here and there and it’s back to business as usual.

    Now about the ‘unrated’ DVD edition, that’s a different story, hopefully.

    1. Lazzo, Lazzo, Lazzo, MTRCB and Arsobispo wanted a straight and c lean Filipino people.  They should start with Kris Aquino.  OK?  Kris Aquino is a publicly known bed jumper.  Oh, yeah, I forgot Kris Aquino is verboten to MTRCB, Arobisoppo and idiot peryodistas because she’s the sister of their adored media darling, benign0!!!!!  AINT COLONIAL MENTALITY GREAT?

  4. RESPECT. What if I portray your parents as pornstars doing a blowjob in front of the Quirino Grandstand during the hostage crisis, what would you say.

    If we got so easily get mad at Mislang because of her lack of decorum in a foreign country, as if she committed a heinous crime, this is worse because it disrespects the very Body of Christ.

    If you have an issue with the church and the Body of Christ, do it in a proper forum. Tell us why we have to take the host lightly and tell us that the host is just plain leaven bread.

    Sorry, but your argument shows your lack of class and lack of respect towards other people’s religious feelings.

    By the way, please send me your parent pictures and let me put their faces in a pornstars body. That is, if you have an issue with your parents.

    1. Lookit, let be understood, JESUS CHRIST LIKE WHITE PEOPLE.  JEWS ARE WHITE PEOPLE.  JESUS CHRIST IS JEW.  JESUS CHRIST PREFERS HIS OWN CLIQUE, RACE AND PREFERRABLY WHITE!  The brown-skin-punk’d-nose Filipinos are still waiting for Jesus Christ’s blessing for the past 490 years and still counting.  Lookit, That is why the church is now blaming Flippers for what is wrong with Philippines.  In actuality, It is Jesus Christ not controllinig our mind into law-abiding citizen.  DONCHA LOVE SATAN?  SATAN IS MEEK!  WALANG KIBO.  AND THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH.

      1. I like how people are now taking the argument that it’s now about ‘spirituality’ instead of following what really makes faith, well, faith. I think it’s just a stepping stone out of religion. THEY’RE NOT CALLED FUNDAMENTAL-ISTS FOR NOTHING.

        Wake the fuck up, people. You only have this life, after which you’re DEAD. After that, you’re gonna rot and all that’s gonna be left is a gravestone nobody visits. Why not make the best of what you have now before your brain dissipates, maybe do something constructive for society so you can die without regret?

    2. RESPECT. What if I portray your parents as pornstars doing a blowjob in front of the Quirino Grandstand during the hostage crisis, what would you say.

      I’d say get your mind out of the gutter, BRO. Then again, what do I expect from zealots?

      If we got so easily get mad at Mislang because of her lack of decorum in a foreign country, as if she committed a heinous crime, this is worse because it disrespects the very Body of Christ.

      Funny, because only the Catholics with balat sibuyas look at it that way. I practice a different religion/s that doesn’t focus on such archaic dogmas so I can give a thing called a rat’s arse. What Mislang did is heinous in a sense that she showed total ignorance as a representative of the nation, not necessarily thoughts and concepts there.

      If you have an issue with the church and the Body of Christ, do it in a proper forum. Tell us why we have to take the host lightly and tell us that the host is just plain leaven bread.

      BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I am indifferent to your suffering. Don’t you have more souls to help get to heaven than arguing how to taint the body of Christ? Or more minds to screw over with archaic concepts of morality?

      By the way, please send me your parent pictures and let me put their faces in a pornstars body. That is, if you have an issue with your parents.

      How about you spend more time hacking and less time praying and you can do such technological wonders. Oh and come at me bro.

  5. I dont want to be hypocrite on this. Pero when I was young, I am one of those kids that make fun of our church. Lalo na ung communion, “Katawan ni Kristo, Macho”…etc.

    Holy Communion is really Holy. And we should treat it that way. Pero really now? How much does an average catholic respects his religion? How many Filipino catholics kneel infront of the Tabernacle, that thingy where the Eucharist is being kept, as they enter the church?

    I think the ordinary catholic treats his religion the same way a filipino student treats his learning in school:
    A series of litanies that must be memorized for the sake of grades and not intellectual development. Kaya pag walang pasok, masaya.

    Same goes with average catholics going to mass:
    A series of litanies to undergo para wag mapunta sa hell. Kaya right after mass, maluwag ang feeling, hay salamat, natapos din. Time to INDULGE.

    Kaya hindi ako magtataka kung bakit many people will initially find Dolphy’s communion scene funny rather than offensive. They will only take offense once somebody starts to point out that its wrong to make fun of such.

    Having said all these, I can truly say somethings wrong with us. (Or maybe its just me)

    1. There is no Holy in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ has neglected his followers since the beginning of time.  Those who protest against Jesus Christ are the ones who are progressive.  Countries that uproot crucifixes in public places, saying prayers in school are the ones are progressive.  And the religious go to these places, countries whose citizens pukced like animals, then scream “I am blessed with a Visa”!  WHAT?  Visa to a country where animals uproot crucifixes where there is no state-sponsored religion?  YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!!!!!  

    2. Yes, just like how ordinary Filipinos treat their parents. Therefore, its correct to bash our parents in a degrading manner. If you don’t see it offensive, you must at least be sensitive enough to see that others might see it differently

      Again, respect.

      And yes, something is wrong with you.

      1. great video guys –

        On the Ten Commandments – though I didn’t see the Roman Catholic church baring its fangs in the US or Europe for that matter 😀


        Onli in da pilipins

      2. daaaang!… are you drunk? parenting and religion? try syoktong not gin for a change, it’s better… and it will give you a better perspective in life…

        1. daaaaang! @homer: are you calling marka demonyo gin bulag? or, are you referring to me as bulag? if it is the former, you’re smart, if you’re the latter, you’re gung gong…

        2. daaang! @homer… ay salamat… kasi, i don’t want to be called bulag… i am a sensitive kinda nut… being called names hurt…. perks man, mamatay man si renpacifico!

      3. @Gin

        Bashing parents in a degrading manner? We dont do that. Although yes we go through teenage life, thats were we discover our identity and most likely rebel against our parents. Which leads to a behavior that you describe as parent-bashing. But once you mature, a different perspective takes over and thats when you ‘understand’ grown ups.

        Parent bashing? Thats just you bro. Somethings wrong with you then.

    3. @Kickapoo

      As much as you look at yourself, look at the institution the country who

      – has let christmas mass become a haven for nothing more than youths to look for partners or for boyfriend/girlfriends to hang there JUST BECAUSE

      – Spoke down that Christmas has become commercialized and not pay respect to when Christ was born, which is funny lie in itself since Christmas was never a Catholic event/occasion but a pagan one. Also Christ wasn’t born in December 25th.

      Plus what can you do with a religion that has a repeating cycle of readings and events, like the Eucharist for a set amount of time?


      You are idiot to presume the exchange between family members as such, especially if you just glance at them. Your view of a happy family isn’t necessarily the view of others, but you can never ever accept bad parenting in any platform. Because it then creates a vicious cycle that creates even more bad parents.

      Respect is earned, not given.The moment you get your head out of the heavens and join the rest of us humans, the easier it is to understand.

  6. Dear Hypocrites, If you want to practice true unadulterated religion stay where you are.  Do not go to America, Europeaneses, Japaneses, South Koreaneses to be blessed with wealth.  STAY WHERE YOU ARE SO YOU CAN STARVE PRAYING FOR GOD’S MANAH.


      1. daaang! @homer: is that a promise? or a threat? if it is the former, hypo might like it; if it is the latter, hypo would welcome it… bwi hi hi hi

        1. UP…for the longest time, I’ve been ranting about these hypos who get all riled up when they take criticisms of their religion too seriously. It’s no use arguing with these uber-conservatives, so I went straight to the point. If you thought my dagger was pointed towards you, the hypos must’ve gotten to you too. Fyi, I’ve been a Howard Stern listener for over 20 years, so that should give you an idea where my morals/politics lie.

        2. @homer: my thingy about religion is that: religion is like a big d!ck… keep it to yourself and do not, i repeat, DO NOT shove it down your children’s throat… do guide and do teach the children the right way as you know it, to the best of your ability, free from any religious dogma, and let them decide for themselves…

    1. @renatopacifico

      let me quote you…

      “Dear Hypocrites, If you want to practice true unadulterated religion ….” ok stop right there…read this: faith is personal. So stop meddling and stop giving ur unsolicited advice as to how a person can practice his/her beliefs. Giving your opinion here is okey, but trying to sound like an authority on religion is just plain silly.

      Just being honest bro, if you cant take it, just shut your hole, whichever that may be.

  7. daaaang!…. dear god, j.christ, hesusmaryahosep, santas, santos, allah ahkbar, muhammad, abus, buddha, anito, aswang, dwende, santa ate glo, santa ate cory, hudyo, gandhi, sexy gurlz:… PLEASE NAMAN, SAVE ME FROM YOUR STUPID FOLLOWERS! (caps, to seriously plead from gung gong religious fanatics to spare me!)

  8. Hey, yo, Gin!  I dO NOT BASH MY PARENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL TALKING FLESH!  God, God, Your God, The Hollywood Thin long-haired Hip Jesus Christ is just fantasy.  He was borned and died.  NOT MY FAULT.  I DID NOT ASKED HIM TO SAVE ME FROM HELL!  HELL COULD HAVE BEEN A HAPPY PLACE BECAUSE ALL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WOULD HAVE GONE THERE ANYWAYS WITHOUT YOUR GOD!  Now that Jesus Christ saved a sprinkling of souls, I still prefer HELL!  Because you and I are allowed to do what you are doing currently today.  In heaven, there are plenty of dos and don’ts.  HA!HA!HA!HA!
    BUT GIN, this I have to tell you.  When I go to Hell, I do not want to sit next to Dolphy.  Because he’d likely grab my Kris A.!  HA!HA!HA!HA!


    1.  If God cannot fix the problem, blame the Filipinos.
    2.  If Filipinos fix the problem, God gets the credit

    On 2 statement, became logically true because Filipinos believe in “GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSLEVES” thingie.  So, therefore, God works in the background.  HA!HA!HA!HA!  Waiting for a Filiipi9no success to get a VISA to amoral America then jumps in that God is instrumental to VISA approval.  DUH!  DUH!  DUH!  SUPER-DUH!  

    Above thinking is sooooo prevalent in 99.99999% of Filipinos!!!!!!!!  FILIPINOS JUST CANNOT GET OVER IT THAT THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MAKES WHAT THEY BECOME TO BE Not God.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.

  10. Maybe these episodes happened. Dolphy is just showing these episodes his movies. The Cleavage of a woman is just a part of her body. Like her face, or buttocks. It depends on how you look at these parts. If you are a dirty minded idiot. You will see the sexual connotation in any part of a woman. If not, you will just see it as a scene in the movie.

    Are our Priests and Bishops, good in fantasizing the body parts of women? Maybe, they look at their cleavages; when they serve them the Host for the Mass Communion.

    They are supposed to be Pure in their thoughts and don’t have dirty minds. Maybe, they are fantasizing that whore, Kris Aquino…whom they gave multiple marriage annulments. so that she can commit multiple adultery…

    1. . Like her face, or buttocks. It depends on how you look at these parts. If you are a dirty minded idiot. You will see the sexual connotation in any part of a woman. If not, you will just see it as a scene in the movie.

      True enough. I know some religions and religion based societies put more emphasis on this (i.e. Muslims, Shakers-Amish) but above all, it has no real cultural or even religious meaning. Of course women may speak up and say it as a means of exploitation, but imagine what you can say about who they are by how they dress regardless of occupation. Basically, perception is also a two way street that has nothing to do with respect. Because otherwise like those complaining here mentioning respect, they are giving it even LESSER value that way.

      Which reminded me and would like to remind those if they have ever seen Kevin Smith’s DOGMA movie, which also came under fire by the Catholic institution.

      Which is funny since the priests and bishops should be the vanguard of morality, despite the fact they are human and may be impervious to impure thoughts. But in that case they should be above the average human in thinking about that. Hell, I know more people who have had more consensual sexual relationships who are above seeing what breasts and buttocks to a female are. Yet here have those siding with an old order why it is immoral for society to portray it a such.

  11. Oo nga naman. Ginawa nyo pang katawatawa yung mga pari. Di naman tama yan. Yung makatotohanan naman yung portrayal sa mga pari. Like pedophiles perhaps? Yan, totoo nangyari kaya magiging makatotohanan yung movie.

    1. Ito naman eh, magaling din magtago ang Church ng sarili nilang dumi pero madali din nila pagsabihan ang mga dumi ng ibang tao. Ayos lamang dahil yun ang trabaho ng simbahan diba? diba?

  12. Big deal. Meron ngang movie si Eddie Garcia na paring bumabaril, eto pa kaya, so what’s new? 😀

    On the other note, why did the writer presented a priest instead of any other people?

  13. I’m a Christian myself, but I sided with benign0 on this one. I don’t treat Christianity as a religion, I treat it as a RELATIONSHIP. That is, relationship with God.

    In Protestantism, there are many denominations, but they’re serving the same God. The only Catholic sector that I can admire is the Charismatic one. TRUE Christianity is not practicing traditions or such but a serious relationship with the Lord. In other words, SPIRITUALITY. That is why Christianity in South Korea is much better than in Flipland. And America wasn’t Catholic either since the first settlers in America came from England. And guess what: England is a Protestant country thanks to Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

    Take a look at the animated sitcom South Park. They satirize religion in their episodes but some Christians are offended; others had a good laugh at it. Trey Parker (one of the creators) states that he believes that there is a God. I also remember that most South Park episodes has moral lessons on it. Seth MacFarlene (the creator of Family Guy) is an atheist and I thought that he only created one episode on religion.

    So sa mga na-offend especially Gin: learn to practice TRUE Christianity and TRUE faith. And that is to admit that you’re a sinner and Jesus Christ died for your sins. Stop the Hail Marys and the veneration of saints stuff and look on to Jesus. He’s no stern judge; He’s the Son of God, God in the flesh. For God’s great love He gave His only Son and He is our Great High Priest, not Mary.

    The motto of the Nazarene denomination: “I’m not religious, I JUST LOVE THE LORD!”

      1. Sugoi story, aniki. But what I have said is more than just an opinion. It’s the TRUTH. I admire the South Koreans take on Christianity than in the Philippines, just like as ilda said, they have a sense of being spiritual while Pinoys (mostly Catholics) just take it because they just want to be “in”. Wanna know why the Philippines was included in the 10/40 Window (a missionary term coined by Luis Bush in 1990, depicting the unreached peoples)? Because although the majority is Catholic, they never really knew or heard about Jesus!

        PROTIP: I AM a Christian. I love the Lord. I’m in Christ. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. If I put the Christ in “Christian” then I AM NOTHING.

        1. Try telling that to the folks that believe that God actually created the earth 10,000 years ago and actually want to legislate that into education books. Here, the faith is more “reactive” than “active” probably because that’s just the way it’s always worked. But when the real secular FACTS come knocking, that’s when they start pushing.

          Or rather, that’s putting their spirituality in action.

          Ricky Gervais once said that “Forgiveness is a virtue, but nobody owns forgiveness.” Considering there are people of different faiths that believe in forgiveness, maybe they’re not so much exhibiting a religious trait as they are exhibiting a HUMAN trait.

          You ought to come back down to earth and see what these “moderates” are really doing to improve humanity. Then you might see that it’s non-denominational for a reason.

  14. I don’t find the scenes offensive.  Neither I find them particularly funny.  I rather laugh at something witty and not a trying-hard way of making people laugh. That’s why I don’t watch too many pinoy comedies, even the scenes have not evolved. o.o 
    Though, there are gems every now and then.  
    Going back to religion, may I ask why?  Why do we fight because the host fell on chests or got stuck on dentures instead of fighting for the degradation of human values?  Should we fight for the betterment of integrity, honesty, and the value of life… instead of fighting over books, and this?  Pardon me, but my ideal version of a church is one that not only teaches, but does.  I know the word of God is important, but what is the action of God?  
    I live my life and give respect to God by doing good and not by blaming a movie for those “scenes”.  How many lives can be changed by teaching good, being a role model, etc. a the same span of time people spend texting and spreading the word to boycott the movie.
    On another note, I think this call to boycott is counter-productive.  I mean, it gave attention to that movie and gave it publicity.  I did not even know that that movie was made.   

    1. Especially those who are saying that this movie is a bad example for children or something… Is Dolphy a role model for children, just because he’s well known? If you as a parent to a child is losing out to Dolphy as a role model, no shame on the comedy king but on YOU as the immediate role model for your child.

      1. @ Jay

        For now, I do not have the experience of raising a child…I still have one semester left before I graduate.  So I’m gonna take the POV of the son or something. Hehe.

        You have a point.  Family should be the one to teach the meaning of values.  I know my family did well in raising us.  We were taught how to be entrepreneurs since grade 6 since my mom was raised in sheer poverty.  She taught me my grandfather’s rule of honesty.  My grandmother’s principle of humility and so on.  

        It was hard to obey what they taught when I was younger, but looking back it shaped me.  My parents are not really devout, but their teachings got me closer to God.  From their example, I chose to follow the “creator”. 

        Also, I think it is also a good idea to read on other religions.  Not necessarily convert, but learn.  Interacting with people from other religions will make you less ignorant too.  Once I was told that Muslims were not good, or troublesome.  Then I had the chance to join in a cultural exchange program, they are also human, in every imaginable way.

        1. @Weizz

          its coming from the minds of those clamoring, mostly in the United States but some in the Philippines, prevalently from mothers but parents in general who complain about these specific people in media being bad role models for their children. Now I know that sometimes, these famous people CANNOT escape their fate to be role models but as someone covered above, look at Dolphy’s life. There isn’t anything there worth chalking up to kids to be inspired to do one day. I’m saying that in general, parents shouldn’t lose out to these people who may be bigger (due to media) in their influence to their children. I still look t my mother as a role model as she is a natural genius but also showed me the value of good health and forming relationships with people.

          I’m familiar with the Catholic traditions from having been schooled through Catholic high school. Though in all, I favor learning a religion hands on and from different points of view. Even the religion I practice, Seventh Day Adventist suffers as a institution, with some churches having traditional views due to having older pastors who never really change the way they look at the message.

  15. Jesus Christ’s face is not even his real face.  That’s the face of Da Vinci.  So every portrait you have of Jesus Christ in your home is really the face of Da Vinci.

    1. @Haw
      Don’t mind what Jesus Christ face is. Study his teachings. It helps in our Human Development. So as other Holy Books like the: Jewish Torah; Gnostic Gospels; Apocrypha Gospels; Islamic Koran; Bhagavad Gita; ancient Greek Philosophies, other ancient books, etc…they are a wealth of information; given to us, as a legacy from past generations…

      1. Actually I don’t mind his face. it’s more of a trivia that I found out in Nat Geo. I do not mind following the teachings of JC, Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius etc as they are in essence, very helpful to the development of human morality.

    2. The man known as Jesus was born in the area now in the israeli country, so he would look more like a middle eastern person. But Jesus was not also a person, rather a symbol of God extending his covenant not to the israelites from the Old testament, but everyone in the world. Hence why some believe a universal Jesus, one that represents all of humanity.

  16. Actually, the priests’ anger regarding the scenes with the host is quite understandable. It’s the same as Muslims’ anger against Geert Wilders or Switzerland for banning minarets or France for banning burqas. Make fun of items that are deemed sacred and holy, and expect any follower of that religion to get mad.

    Also, I don’t think the CBCP’s reaction was that overboard. At least they don’t go around telling their followers to strap bombs to cars or suitcases or themselves and go blow something up. But still, to say that people should boycott the movie is a bit much for scenes that are attempting to make light comedy and not purposely offend or ban the religion in any way. They could’ve just said that they were unhappy with the scenes.

    I’m an Atheist who has had a keen interest in studying religion, mostly Islam and Christianity. If you want to see real over-the-top reactions, try hanging out with Insert Religion Here Fundamentalists. It’s like arguing against a brick wall with a tape-recorded voice and responses – You might take it seriously, but to everyone else it’s hilarious. Eventually they’ll plug their ears and endlessly quote passages from their holy texts. I’ve tried a few times against an INC member, Catholic and a Muslim, to the point I just gave up realising it was a fool’s hope to even think of changing their views.

    1. For a Christian myself, I can even share the Gospel to an INC member and to a Catholic and to a Muslim and even to a Catholic. For me, nothing is impossible with God.

      1. I’m glad you get along with other religions, AlvinEternal. Every religion has similarities, such as promoting virtuous behaviour and honourable, selfless acts and a “Brotherhood, Unity, Peace” aspect, which I think is captured best in Jesus’ words: “Love thy neighbour as thyself”(Matthew 19:19) or the Quran verse “Do not revile those unto whom they pray beside God, lest they wrongfully revile God through ignorance”(6:108). Sadly there are those on the opposite side of the spectrum who would scream damnations and abuse any non-members of their religion(a.k.a. “infidels” or “non-believers”).
        Regardless of belief, I think the tolerance and understanding that you’ve displayed is what Fundamentalists lack, leading to so much strife and bloodshed between religions. Unfortunately, it’s the intolerant Fundamentalists who have the loudest voices that pressure governments to enact laws favourable to the majority religion or commit atrocities against minorities.

    2. @birdigator

      Especially if they are devout for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. Religion rather… destroys their ability to reason and put together logic. So they trade in inherent instinct and the ability to be creative in their minds for a black book with rules written and proverbs with how one is suppose to live their lives.

      Expressing their anger is one thing, as I have said that the Catholic community has also expressed their sentiments when provocative media comes out that puts them in the spot (like Kevin Smith’s DOGMA). But in a secular nation, that should be the fine line. The problem is, as you already read in the article, they are willing to go beyond and and try boycott the film, which makes you think twice since no one saw this film coming (and alas, Dolphy’s humor is about as stale as he is), and they did him and the production a favor in giving his boregasm some unneeded publicity. When media gets desperate at times, they are willing to stoop low to score some attention, even it is negative.

      1. Hm, I haven’t thought about that. Negative publicity is still publicity, so these scenes were put in knowing that the CBCP would react this way, prompting the public to go and see what all the fuss is about and be reminded that Dolphy hasn’t really passed away yet. I must admit my curiosity was piqued a bit and I wanted to see how grave these scenes really were, though I wouldn’t have the stomach sit through the entire movie just to see a few scenes that I’m sure would end up on YouTube one day. 

        Sly, cunning foxes, these media people are. No wonder the masses are held firmly in their grip.

  17. daaang! “FAITH”…. a bought a prez gung gong doll (peks man, mamatay man si renpac)…. i put my “faith” in him… just like your faith in your god, i would defend my “faith” in my retarded flip prez till bedhopper k. akin’o join the convent.. either explanation needed or desired, period!!!!!!

  18. everything is fine, except for the last part, making the “king of kings” and “king of comedy” face each other, or implying that that would be interesting. the conservatism of the church is stupid, and i like your idea of hurling them. but i believe it should not be dolph’y escapist, ha-ha comedy that should counter the other’s conservatism. 

    the idea of exposing the flaws of something for the sake of posing an alternative gets problematic if the alternative posed is likewise, hmm, questionable. this is an argument of worldviews, how we understand the operations of the world, and in that case, both the church and dolphy, a pop culture icon, are of doubtable value.

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