Justin Bieber and the reason Filipinos kiss Chinese ass

To be fair to this sad group of volcanic islands collectively known as the “Philippines”, even the mightiest nations on the planet kiss Chinese arse. I’m, of course referring to this whole “debate” around whether or not we should be attending what’s-his-name’s Nobel “Peace” Prize awarding ceremony in Oslo, Norway. There’s talk about this decision being driven by the superficial nature of the “relationship” that Manila has “maintained” with Beijing over the last five or so months since President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III became, well, “President”. I qualify this aspect of the nature of said relationship around which these “debates” rage as “superficial” because it is one defined primarily around events — the tragic hostage drama of Augsust 23 that claimed the lives of eight Hong Kong tourists in Manila and the plight of five Filipinos accused of smuggling illegal drugs through a Chinese port of entry.

Small minds talk about people, mediocre minds talk about events, brilliant minds talk about ideas.

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The trouble with events as philosophical pillars of one’s actions is that it ranks the calibre of one’s thinking far below brilliant and just a notch above small. The reality of Noynoy’s entitlement to lead our sad lot rests upon a popularity built upon three events — (1) the martyrdom of his Daddy in 1983, (2) the “revolution” led by his Mommy in 1986, and (3) her ultimate death in the months leading to the campaign for the 2010 presidential election. Three events are the undisputed pillars of the Yellow Empire of 2010-2016. But ask what ideas prop up this “mandate” to rule and the popularity that defines it, and we get no more than a lot of head-scratching.

What ideas underpin the question of whether to go to Oslo or not?

Scratch scratch scratch…

It’s best I step in and add a bit of brilliance to this “debate” and point out how simple all this really is.

China derives its power over sad nations such as ours from three key capabilities:

(1) The capability to manufacture what we want on the cheap.

(2) The capability to kick our asses if we do not do what they want us to do.

(3) The capability to buy our exports.

We therefore need to regard capability in terms of the fundamental origins of its value.

Consider Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber holds the capability to make millions of teenage girls happily hand over their money to him. As such, Justin Bieber enjoys power over his fans’ wallets. Where does this power come from? Simple. It comes from teenage girls’ brains being hard-wired to induce powerful biological responses to Justin Bieber’s capabilities.

But guess what: most people who are not teenage girls fall outside the sphere of Justin Bieber’s power. Indeed, the average thirty-year-old adult will find the idea of of shelling out $29.99 to buy a Bieber CD as ridiculous as the idea of an Eskimo lady buying a bikini.

From the brilliant perspective provided by that quaint example, let us now ask ourselves:

Why does the Philippines kiss Chinese ass?


It is because (a) we are addicted to buying cheap Chinese products, (b) we put our asses within the trajectory of a swinging Chinese boot, and (c) we produce products that are a tough sell.

These are key afflictions of the Philippine economy that place us squarely within the sphere of Chinese military-industrial power.

The solution is therefore obvious. We need to step out of that sphere and render those three Chinese “capabilities” of little value to us.

22 Replies to “Justin Bieber and the reason Filipinos kiss Chinese ass”

  1. if ever WW3 happens. we can’t always count on uncle sam to bail us out. they’re probably fed up by our incessant ass-kissing and BS. so the safest and riskiest ally to pick would be our singkit cousins. they already control more than 50% of our economy but have enough common sense not to enter politics. malas sa negosyo yun! hehe

    either way our country needs to stop eating itself from the inside out and be more self reliant.

    1. well, at least self reliant in a sense that no country can really hold total political control over us. Singapore is close to China but they are certainly not at all afraid with a country’s huge population attempt with their military compared to what they are wielding. Meanwhile the Philippines for the most part wield nothing but war relics from at least decades ago and a fighting force incapable of organization, which even now its supreme chief of commander would rather hide behind the scenes to see how a situation unfolds rather than dictate the flow of a battle.

      Due to failed diplomacy and what little we can take from China (except complaints like the poisoned milk and the murder of a pinoy in shanghai years ago), they could if they want to bully the country. Pinoys then would speak in rhetoric about how they shouldn’t be threatened, but ultimately the dragon can see through the reality of the nation that isn’t even capable of roaring back.

  2. “(1) the martyrdom of his Daddy in 1983, (2) the “revolution” led by his Mommy in 1986, and (3) her ultimate death in the months leading to the campaign for the 2010 presidential election. Three events are the undisputed pillars of the Yellow Empire of 2010-2016.”
    If I could name a 4th pillar it would be this whole crap about Noynoy being a paragon of virtue. Usual palusot ng mga Yellow Army minions especially when they cannot defend Noynoy’s extreme lack of substance, extreme lack of work ethic, extreme lack of action or when they are pushed back in a corner after realizing that pedigree does not guarantee success.
    In fact, if you think about it, contrary to popular opinion of Noynoy being the embodiment of truth and integrity, events in his administration have proven otherwise. He ran claiming he was Mr. Pagbabago and capable of uplifting Filipinos despite not having done anything substantial in the 12 years of him being a lousy legislator. If someone came to me for a job interview told me that he was capable of leading the country into this era without bothering to back it up with a resume or credentials would any sane person believe he is credible or honest? Of course NOT! Does someone with integrity use his dead parents’ memory to prop up his image and popularity? Of course NOT! Does someone who is honest and humble take credit for the work of others despite having no participation in the legwork needed (anyone remember the MCC fiasco?)? Of course NOT!
    Indeed, Noynoy Aquino’s political existence subsists on lies, deception, and deluding the masses.

    1. I still think this Oslo boycott has a lot to do with basic intramural politics and the trading of favors for Pilipinas. Some one (from Maguindanao or from Forbes Park or Makati or Leyte or ??? ) is worried about HongKong canceling bail (or worse — like convicting for drug trafficking) for Congressman ronald Singson. Phone call made to Ochoa or even to PresNoynoy, kung puwede lang, tumulong lang naman.

      So when China passed on the word — boycott Oslo, Liu Xiaobao — bakit nga ba hindi. A political favor is important, baka magbakbakan later over sending GMA to jail or impeaching Corona, political favors :mrgreen: are important.

      the rest is history, so far. Noynoy did what he did. Except he said later “…it is not about Liu Xiaobao being a worthwhile recipient of Nobel Prize”, that Noynoy has already sent a letter and he wants to protect that the letter is well-received about the 5 mules. [ Is it true that Beijing has received a letter about “5 mules”? ] So we witness — Hongkong again slapped “BLACK 🙁 TRAVEL ADVISORY” onto Pilipinas — I don’t think PresNoynoy will call a press conference to ➡ question the intelligence of China or Hongkong about this TRAVEL ADVISORY.

  3. Just a little correction on history: Cory is one of the rallying points and ultimately the beneficiary of the 1986 People Power, but she is not the leader.

    I’d also like to disabuse the notion of China being a USA-style superpower, projecting its power via military might. Historically, China has projected its imperial power primarily through trade, with military might as a very good insurance to ensure commercial success. In other words, expect China to first use its money before it uses its arms.

  4. In terms of (b), it is impossible NOT to establish a relationship with China given that they are really looming right there. It’s like how India can buy its weapons from both Russia and Israel, they’ might be on opposite sides of the line, but they’re both accessible from where they are compared to having them brought all the way over from the United States.

    There is a rather blurry line between “building a relationship” and “kissing ass.” The former results in trust and long-term benefits, the latter is just for the diplomatic equivalent of ‘instant gratification.’ I doubt the Middle Eastern countries think any higher of us after having to grovel at their feet to release the OFWs on death row there.

    In any event, (a) and (c) are very closely related. Chinese products are ‘flooding the market’ in particular because the political barriers put up by our local capitalists make it hard if not impossible for our products of even comparable quality to compete. Couple that with old-time Marxist paranoia about how these products will actually destroy our industry if we so much as think about opening up from our protectionism, and the debate is effectively silenced.

    1. Well the middle easterners don’t really feel there is anything for us to offer. So its pretty much a matter of who addresses them regarding that issue and how. If anything, the relationship is greater for middle east and the main consumers of oil, being western nations who depend on them and have stakes on those companies for the most part.

      It just seems like kissing ass more due to the situation of the failed diplomacy, gaffes and the compromises the admin is willing to take in order to not blow things anymore out of proportion. The countries have always had a relationship, though not necessarily open on certain things as we’ve already seen.

      I do agree too that a/c are related, though it more has to do with the latter that you mentioned which then produces the situation now which is the former. They are manufacturing giants, capable of mass producing the kind of goods that pinoys can make, even more so with a focus on quality assurance.

      1. The quality seems to be spotty for the time being, especially given the products they ship over here compared to the products they are contracted to make for big-name Western brands. Apparently “Made In China” is still different from “Made-and-Branded China.” I met a local plastics manufacturer that makes bottles for local Colgate/Palmolive etc. He explains our biggest rivals are actually wherever in SEA the manufacturing’s going, particularly Thailand. It’s like how people still prefer the Toyota Vios over, say, the new Chery.

        As long as people continue to trust the established Palmolive/Unilever stuff, there will always be a market that can’t really be completely undercut by cheap Chinese dumping. Opening up to FDI should probably also be coupled with solid labor rights, to at least minimize the risk of something like the Foxconn suicides. If we can get the edge on quality in production before their local brands can nail it (and with 1 billion people to exploit, that might yet take a while)

        Worse comes to worse, opening up to FDI could give the Chinese the opportunity to set up regional branches here like Haier has branches in the United States. At least they’ll be providing jobs and stimulating the economy.

        Very wishful thinking though, I’ll admit. 😉

  5. Ninoy Aquino was no hero. He rode on the NPA Tiger. When he dismounted, he ended up inside it.

    Cory Aquino EDSA is a myth. The myth was contrived in the U.S./C.I.A. war room, to get rid of Marcos. Remember that the C.I.A. supported Marcos. Until Marcos was against the extension of U.S. bases in the Philippines. Enrile and Ramos were C.I.A. stool pigeons…

    The decision of Noynoy Aquino to set free those NPA operatives, caught in Morong, Rizal; shows his True Color. Does he has confidence in the investigative ability and intelligence network of the AFP? AFP people are dying in their fight against NPA insurgency. Then, he is hindering the AFP, in the fight.
    Which side is he in? NPA or AFP? Better wake-up, Filipinos. Your President is not only a liar, he is also traitor…

    You can easily delude people by repeating lies over and over again. Until, they will be accepted as Truth. This is how the Aquinos deluded us…

    As the saying goes: ” You cannot prevent birds from flying over your head. But, you can prevent then from building nest on top of your head.”

    We allowed the Aquino myths and lies to take hold inside our psyches. Until, we elected an incompetent and imbecile President.

    1. Ninoy Aquino has been accused of being just another oligarch. He’s also been accused of siding with the NPA. So which is it? Oligarch or communist? Because I don’t think it’s possible to be both.

      I for one believe Ninoy was a hero. This was the guy who said, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” He knew what he was getting into once he set foot back on Philippine soil, but he did it anyway and paid for it with his life. How many other politicians have done the same, or would even consider doing the same? It’s doubtful even his own son would do the same.

      1. A commie leader is a member of the communist oligarchy.
        A landlord is a member of the feudal oligarchy.

        Communist or feudal… same nature within the organizational hierarchy – the privileged mammal called … the oligarchy.

        Ninoy was a walking time bomb due to his heart ailment. He know he was gonna conk out anytime soon. He felt it would be a shame to die in Boston – came home and forced the hand of his political enemies. The rest is history, after Macoy said “okinam” to Ver and Imelda – Tabako, and Mang Johnny, unleashed their dogs of war to pre-empt the rule of Marcos’ chauffeur turned AFP Chief of Staff.

      2. Ninoy Aquino was a Politician. He was married to an Oligarch family/landholder. To keep the Hacienda Luisita safe. They have to play both sides. Ask any Ranchero, in far flung Provinces. Or any Haciendero. They have to pay Revolutionary Taxes to operate safely in the insurgent infested territories. Insurgents are people too. They have to eat; they need money to operate; they get sick or wounded. So, they need medicines They have families also, who have to eat.. Where do you think the funds of the NPA are coming, to maintain their protracted struggle with the Philippine government? Don’t be ignorant or naive…Ka Joma Sison is living in Amsterdam, Neatherland. Wearing good tuxedos; attending parties and eating Godiva chocolates… do you believe the Dutch government is giving him money?

      3. The most serious accusation I have heard about Ninoy is that he betrayed the position of the PEFTOK to the Chinese in the Korean War. Anyone want to look into that?

    2. The myth was contrived in the U.S./C.I.A. war room, to get rid of Marcos. Remember that the C.I.A. supported Marcos. Until Marcos was against the extension of U.S. bases in the Philippines. Enrile and Ramos were C.I.A. stool pigeons…

      I don’t suppose 9/11 was an inside job, was it?

      1. Learn about the Conspiracy Theory. The Bin Laden family, who have a Mansion in Baltimore, Maryland, were allowed to escape to Saudi Arabia, after 9/11…without being questioned by the American government of their role in 9/11. Remember, some of the 9/11 suicide bombers came from the Baltimore Airport…

        1. I was being sarcastic. There was a massive intelligence Charlie-Foxtrot in the leadup to 9/11, but to assume there was some sort of conspiracy behind it requires a certain level of…crazy. I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed that my assumption was right in your case.

          That in mind, I am confident in the incompetence of the Bush Administration that it couldn’t have been an “inside job.”

  6. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” – Robert Barreta.

    If ( and I said if) we expect foreigners to obey our laws while they are here, we should in turn obey laws while we are there. It’s a concept known as accountability . Something Noynoy and our people know little about since he was such a bum as a public servant yet he won the election anyway.


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