We are all still waiting for technology to make our lives better

You gotta give credit to those who cheer on the inroads technology is relentlessly making into people’s personal lives. Technology, they say, is “making lives better” by “empowering” ordinary people to take greater “control over their lives”. The nebulous banter seems to resonate with consumers who remain wide-eyed in anticipation for the coming of the […]

Slackers have the first and last laugh

Pity all the Yahoos out there. After a good stretch of living the illusion that life as an employee in a (formerly) trendy dot-com company is a beach, a “bitch” of a boss comes around and bursts their bubble. In a move that had since set “work-life balance” advocates abuzz with angry chatter, new Yahoo! […]

Former Google pioneering exec now Yahoo! CEO – and pregnant!

A Stanford graduate and one of the pioneering software engineers at Google, new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer had much to do with the evolution of Google’s user interface and, as such, has had a direct hand in shaping the way users experience Google. Mayer joined Google in 1999 as employee number 20 and was the […]

US Stop Online Piracy Act pits Silicon Valley vs mainstream media

A bill is currently being debated in the United States House of Representatives that seeks to implement measures that will enable the US Government to control Americans’ access to “foreign” Web sites. The bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been criticised by big-name Internet business including the likes of Google, Twitter, and […]

Yahoo! CEO ‘f–ked over’ by Board

Perhaps it has something to do with the rise to business prominence of the ADD (attention deficit disorder) generation. This was, after all, the generation that was made to believe that they were necessarily entitled to a “rewarding career” where it was mainly their “creative potential” to contribute to “shareholder value creation” that would be […]

Hype surrounding the next social media “killer app”

I wrote a while back how “content without curation is just noise” which was an observation originally made by Steve Rosenbaum in a Huffington Post article cited in that previous article of mine. The basic challenge revolves around how we are deluged daily by a torrent of digital content coming from both older technology like […]