A Look Back into the Abyss: The Atrocities of World War II

World War II is probably¬†one of the most influential events in all of human history and continues to affect the modern world even as we speak. While World War I was actually more brutal and the Cold War had much more horrifying implications, World War II is certainly the go-to point in history when people […]

Jeepneys remain a stark symbol of the Philippines’ utter failure to prosper

Coming up with a great product — an innovative one even — is just 20 percent of the job. You also need to develop systems to produce it and market it. That system is also known as the business enterprise. An example of a failure to complete the remaining 80 percent of the job is […]

You could have heard a pin drop

I found something in my mailbox this morning that I thought might help provide a few folks who are in the business of noisily proclaiming what amounts to no more than a hollow pride in “Being Filipino” with a bit of perspective. Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At […]

How the media management regime of the Aquino Government mirrors that of Nazi Germany

Go figure. Certain media outlets like Rappler.com, and its cadre of “online journalists”, for example, seem to have first crack at “reporting” stories about administration “achievements”. The biggest media conglomerate in the country, biggest broadsheet and online news site, and the most popular mass entertainers all seem to exhibit a palpable bias towards the Yellow […]