It is not Noynoy Aquino’s fault that the Philippines is the worst place to do business in

The “shocking” news that the Philippines is actually one of the worst countries in Asia to do business in continues to reverberate among the chattering classes. Yes, personally I’m still getting over the “shock” of such a revelation. It made me re-think investing my personal fortune in a country where the only thing that I’d […]

Willie Revillame strikes again!

Filipino television star Willie Revillame certainly earns the big bucks the networks pay him. Recently he again exhibited his ability to draw crowds in stampede proportions to one of his shows. This time it was TV5’s Will Time Big Time which drew hordes hoping to score tickets being doled out for free for the show’s […]

Lawsuits flying back and forth over Jan Jan: a good show in the making!

There are certain “battles” that are worth one’s while choosing a side and joining the fray. And then there are some where it is best to just step out, sit back, and enjoy the show. The whole “Jan Jan Incident” is one of these “battles”. The whole thing had just turned into a circus. This […]

Filipinos should use the power of social media wisely

Social media is less than a decade old. Obviously, when I was a teenager there was no Facebook or Twitter yet. I am so glad for that. At one point or another in our teenage years, we all acted like space cadets. But at least only a handful of people close to us will remember […]

The real road that led us to Jan Jan, Willie Revillame, and TV5

Willie Revillame is on the defense. And like a cornered mad dog, he is lashing out snarling with bared teeth. Revillame cited several celebrities as, in his opinion, being guilty of “prejudging” him. Some headlines count them among people that Revillame intends to sue for libel. An report, lists the following celebs as having […]

Was it really all about Jan Jan?

Embattled top Filipino television personality Willie Revillame has taken a two-week leave from hosting his hit game show Willing Willie. This comes after key sponsors started pulling their ads out of the show following the alleged on-air abuse of a six-year-old boy last March. Some credit what is now looking like a concerted ad boycott […]

Sponsors of TV-5’s ‘Willing Willie’ under fire

In recent days, there’s been a clamor for sponsors of the popular game show Willing Willie to “take action” in the aftermath of the alleged abuse of a six year old boy by host Willie Revillame in that show. The behaviour of Revillame in the offending show segment has the potential of making the network […]

Willie Revillame and how we got the reform strategy so wrong since 1986

Stare into the eyes of Willie Revillame and you look right into the soul of the Filipino. Willie Revillame is The Filipino — the personification of the dreams and aspirations of the majority of the 100 million Filipinos who inhabit our little planet. In our condemning Revillame for his latest act of infamy, perhaps we […]