‘Unity’ is a double-edged sword President Rodrigo Duterte needs to wield carefully in his first 100 days

Here’s a thought. Let’s make use of the thinking of all these Martial Law Crybabies for a moment and start speculating as to what the first 100 days of President Rodrigo’s administration will be like. Specifically, let us consider this question: Will President Duterte push through the just resolution of all the crimes committed over […]

A skewed sense of ‘unity’

Has anybody noticed that Filipinos are quick to “unite” when one of them is praised or recognized for a good performance overseas, even if the rest of them have nothing to do with the success of said performance? “Proud to be Pinoy, woohoo!” On the flipside, has anybody noticed that Filipinos are also quick to […]

Starting From Scratch: A Possible Solution

I am a big fan of RPG games, you know, the ones wherein you play the role of a certain character and you progress through the game in an adventurous manner. It’s like reading a good adventure book wherein you yourself are the hero and how you save the princess/prince/kingdom/world/universe is entirely up to you. […]

A Nation Divided, A People in Danger

After the hullabaloo about the Yaya Meal incident (all credit goes to the author of said articles, Willyn Trabajador and Kate Natividad, respectively), I think it’s time we look at the issue from a wider angle. As I see it, just like our inability to appreciate silence and listen to what others have to say, this […]

Can sport unite Filipinos?

Why are Filipinos not even good at sport? It seems like our athletes had been waved a red flag one day and then simply gave up on trying to achieve world-class status on all types of sport — I know, I know, aside from boxing, of course. A sport is commonly defined as an organized, […]