Recalling “Oeneta” – a play banned for being highly-critical of the Ateneo High School

Alumni of Ateneo High School (AHS) Batch 1986 will remember the play “Oeneta” produced by Section A in the junior year of that class. It was highly-critical of the AHS and eventually went on to be banned by the school. Section A is the top honours section of every batch at the AHS and is […]

The ivory tower that is the Ateneo de Manila University

It’s nothing short of a memetic explosion. Get Real Post articles that dissected and, in the process, eviscerated the ill-conceived conceptual foundation of a statement released by the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) faculty, denouncing Martial Law “historical revisionism” and baldly accusing Philippine senator and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos of “brutality” have strongly-resonated amongst […]

Tulong Dunong, ACIL, ICTUS, and other memories from up the Hill

If I lower my guard and take the comfy view that I am fundamentally defined by where I was schooled, I’d call myself an “Atenean”. When you are an Ateneo alumnus (and specially when you remain on as a faculty member), you usually come equipped with a lot of connections and the frame of mind […]