Filipino motorcycle tandem assassins: a rapidly-growing national cancer

So is the average Filipino life just worth 10,000 pesos (USD200)? I heard that is the average going rate for a “hit” to be delivered by a pair of assassins riding in tandem on a motorcycle in the Philippines. That’s less than a month’s work for the average Filipino city slicker and about a day’s […]

Does the Eraserheads’ song ‘Spolarium’ tell of the rape of Pepsi Paloma?

What is it about the words in the Eraserheads’ song “Spolarium” that continues to intrigue urban legend mongers? Speculation surrounding how the underlying meaning of its lyrics points to the sensational 1980s rape case that links Philippine Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto to the alleged rape of 1980’s starlet Pepsi Paloma have finally made it to […]

Whistleblower galore: Philippine pork barrel scam is becoming a sad trial-by-snitch circus!

As expected, more pork scam snitches are coming out. And why wouldn’t they? Seeing how much of a celebrity treatment and the generous immunity to justice they are being showered by the government with, it makes complete sense to turn squealer. I’d hazard a guess that every other Philippine Senator and House representative is now […]

Only under foreign pressure: Ph gov’t cracks down on sexual abuse of children over the Internet

Child abuse in the Philippines has been going on for the longest time. It is in plain sight. Some of it is relatively benign abuse, like allowing children to grow fat on a diet of soft drinks and junk food or making them perform in exploitative television variety shows. Others are horrid, using kids to […]

MMFF 2013: A-Grade ‘Boy Golden’ loses to B-Grade Kris Aquino film ‘My Little Bossings’

Controversy has erupted over what is perceived to be politically-motivated selection of the honour roll of awardees in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Only two films were rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board in the 2013 MMFF — Shoot To Kill: Boy Golden of Scenema Concept and Viva Films which stars Governor […]

Hardly surprising: Institutionalised prostitution in the Philippine Government’s Middle Eastern outposts

It’s hardly even surprising that such things have been happening all along for so long. The Philippines’ Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) export industry is huge — at least 2 million Filipinos residing overseas can be classified as OFWs. The National Statistics Office (NSO) reportedly estimates that more than 52 percent of these are females and […]

Sleeping with the enemy: Carlos Celdran fails to notice Church and Media partnership in crime

Perhaps if self-styled shock activist Carlos Celdran weren’t too busy posing for self-portraits and posting these on Twitter, he’d notice that the bigger institution that needs a bit of spanking is Philippine Media. Much of what makes the Church powerful today is owed to the handiwork of “creatives” like now-Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III (ironic!) […]

The world ended for many Filipinos in 2012

After taking a short break during the Christmas season, Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is reportedly back feeling “recharged”. It’s been a busy 2012 for the President and his allies, indeed. He has been sick quite a few times during the year and it was a sign that his health was not a hundred […]