Five Routes to the Presidency in the Philippines

With Mayor Rody Duterte’s trail-blazing ascent to the presidency, we may have to rewrite the books on the ins and outs of politics in the country. He was from a marginalized region of the country way down South with a thick Visayan accent, had no pocket money of his own to launch a national campaign, came into […]

5 Big Changes That Could Improve Philippine Media

After receiving considerable criticism for my last few articles, I have been asked to offer some suggestions that could improve the Philippine media and, subsequently, its viewers. Well then, you guys are in luck because I do have some ideas on how we can actually change the local media for the better. However, as you […]

Why People should stop looking up to celebrities

Recently, two TV personalities, RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer (who I never heard of until now) were shown in a video where they bothered a sleeping passenger in another car by honking their own car’s horn to wake him up. They soon felt the wrath of netizens, leading them to apologize for their apparent rudeness. […]

Showbiz ‘Bakya’ helps keep Filipinos Poor

Sorry, this #DongYan issue won’t die when people keep talking about it. Not just us. Other people, too. Actually, this isn’t about just “show of wealth” – which a wedding should not be (but that’s another topic for another day). It’s about what showbiz in the Philippines does. We write about showbiz because we believe […]

Showbiz Kilig: What Intelligent People Don’t Have

The recent wedding of celebrities Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes was a topic of the town, especially with how roads were blocked off to “exclusivize” traffic routes for guests, and no less than the president of the Philippines’ presence at the affair. While both aspects were criticized for the inconvenience to others and mixed up […]

Boy Abunda Misses an Opportunity to Defend ‘Showbiz’

I came across a recent piece written by Boy Abunda in The Philippine Star. Abunda contends that “Showbiz” is real as real can get and that he resents the idea of someone being a fake, a hypocrite or being deceptive when accused of “being Showbiz”. I must confess that while I do belong to the […]