Why Pinoys need Pride Deflators

I have already written much on the point that Da Pinoy’s attempt at projecting Pinoy Pride has only served to shoot oneself in the foot. The more Da Pinoy tries to project pride, the more Da Pinoy actually earns shame. Da Pinoys are probably saying, “enough of the shame already, please!” They’re probably sick of […]

Questionable circumstances of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death: Could it have been prevented?

Even as the country mourns the death of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jess Robredo in a plane crash this week, some questions are starting to emerge. An observation made by a certain Adolfo Mortera re-posted by Showbiz Government covers most of these questions in summary… [Philippine President Benigno Simeon] Aquino has […]

Thrilla in NAIA: was the Tulfo-Raymart-Claudine brawl really all about inadequate airport security?

It is quite ironic that in a police state such as the Philippines where around every corner and at every doorway, armed security forces stand ready to fire high-powered shotguns and assault rifles at any suspicious-looking loser, one or the other politician is now weighing in with their opinion of how slack security had recently […]

20 Reasons I Hate (and Love) the Philippines

Firstly, I think it’s better named “20 things to dislike in the Philippines.” It’s supposed to complement the video “20 Reasons I Love the Philippines” by the same director, Michael Goodman. Both videos are supposed to show the pros and cons of the Philippines from a foreigner’s viewpoint. Rather than a mere aimless criticism, the […]