Rise of the machines to result in net loss of 5.1 million jobs!

According to a report on the results of a World Economic Forum (WEF) survey conducted across 15 economies that “account for approximately 65 per cent of the world’s total workforce”, robots and artificial intelligence technology will eliminate 7.1 million jobs over the next five years. The new technologies will, however, create 2 million “new positions” […]

OFW party could be over for the Philippines as Saudi Arabia runs out of money

A CNN Money reports today that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is running out of money. This bit of news is practically unsurprising considering the drastic movements in the traditional energy market seen in recent months. Within less than two years, oil prices have dropped from $100 per barrel to just $36. Why is this […]

Malaysian People Power: Aquino gov’t in bed with the corrupt regime of Najib Razak

It was with a terrorist organisation represented by a man using a fake name that the fate of a big chunk of Mindanao was deliberated by the Philippine government. Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III had virtually promised handing over rule of an “autonomous” Bangsamoro “state” in Mindanao to the Moro islamic Liberation Front. […]

Let’s Talk World Peace at a Gay Bar in Mecca

So in the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorism events that happened in France last week that shook the world, people ought to be calm and revisit the importance of tolerance (religious or otherwise). A lot of liberals, in their typical peacenik fashion, are trumpeting the idea that if only people learned to understand and […]

Malaysia’s crackdown on illegal immigrants: another door soon to close for TNT’s

TNT is a Filipino colloquialism which means tago nang tago, literally (those who) keep hiding. It refers to Filipinos who are abroad illegally – as in without proper documentation and legal clearance – and thus hide from the authorities in order to avoid being deported back to the Philippines. With the way that the number […]

Philippine economic growth rate and credit rating upgrade not enough to keep unemployment down

If you want to know how the Philippine economy is doing, you will find it hard to get a straightforward answer from the mainstream media. There’s enough spin to counteract every piece of bad news out there to do your head in. It seems the Philippine government is doing its best to project an image […]

Saudi Arabia shuts its doors to Filipino domestics

What exactly needs to be “clarified” between the governments of Saudi Arabia and the Philippines in the aftermath of a shutdown on any further granting of work permits to Filipino domestic workers? The announcement was reportedly made after a failure “to agree on hiring conditions imposed” by the Philippines. The stakes, as far as Filipinos […]