On being ‘Matapobre’: Why looking down upon the poor is not such a bad thing

More Filipinos should wholeheartedly embrace the Matapobre Philosophy. Stated in English, being matapobre is an entire way of life of looking down upon the ignoramus lot that infests Philippine society. And why not? There is much to be learned from the rich and very little to learn from the poor. Why elevate poverty to some […]

Get Real Iglesia Ni Cristo!

Note: This is supposed to be another of my Sunday sermons but I decided to keep this secular because it would be very hypocritical of me to call out another religion while bringing up my own religious beliefs. So no, I won’t be wearing my stole, collar, chastity belt, garter belt and stockings this Sunday. Oh […]

Filipinos enjoy front row seats to the unraveling of the Iglesia Ni Cristo!

Filipinos are still at a loss as to what really is going on with the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Reports of abductions and hostage situations had reached the public mainly via news media and even via videos posted on YouTube. The reports are centred around handwritten signs seen by reporters displayed on an INC building last […]

Kristiyano Ba Talaga Tayong Mga Pilipino?

Linggo ngayon mga mahal kong kababayan at feel kong manermon. Oo, alam kong hindi ako pari o pastor pero nakasulat din naman sa Bibliya na hindi mo rin naman kailangan ng basbas ng kahit anong simbahan para mangaral ukol sa mga salita ng Diyos. Basta buo ang pananampalataya mo at bukal sa loob mo ang […]

Gay Marriage in the Philippines?

It seems that the Western World is going nuts with the success of the push to have gay marriage approved. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter and just about every other social media outlet. As of late, the craze has reached the Philippines and everyone has gotten themselves into quite a bit of a bind with […]

Death of The General Lee: But what’s the big deal about the Confederate flag?

Warner Brothers, owners of the iconic Dukes of Hazzard franchise has reportedly terminated the licensing of “General Lee” toys. This follows a recent shooting incident in the US state of South Carolina in which nine African Americans were gunned down in a church by white gunman Dylann Roof. The Dukes of Hazzard aired on the […]

Newsflash: Bongbong Marcos is a Philippine SENATOR!

Without a doubt, Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr is doing his country proud. He has saved the Philippines from the clutches of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (in the current form President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his minions railroaded through the House of Representatives). He has, in the process, demonstrated an ironic allegiance to […]