The 2016 Official Charles Englund Political Campaign Manual

Free political campaign advice from the Charles Englund Foundation (CEF): In the curious morass that is the Filipino collective psyche, a leader must never volunteer or present himself for political office, more so, not for the (cue trumpets) “highest office in the land” (or what people in other countries simply call, the presidency). To present […]

A Deadly Cocktail of Religion and Politics in the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of people who would describe themselves as “God fearing”; where their lives revolve around entrusting everything to God. 80% of the population consists of Roman Catholics. This is also a nation where the phrase “malling” exists as a hobby since Filipinos just love to spend their spare time hanging out in […]

Daang Matuwid: A Legacy Of Perversion

To be honest, I planned on simply chilling out for this week. After my rampage in the previous few weeks, I considered taking a short break from all the troubles of the country and the rest of the world and just spend some quality time with myself, my family and my friends. Heck, I even […]

Necropolitics: How Filipinos suffer from a bad case of Jesus Issues

When will Filipinos stop being such pussies about their future? At the moment, they are in the midst of a frenzy to nominate people who are all about the past and offer nothing to the future. As if it weren’t enough that Filipinos find some sort of perverse comfort in dwelling in the past, they […]

On The Perversion And Hypocrisy Of Filipinos

PERVERT! There, I had to say it. How did you feel? I’m sure there are those of you who probably got angry almost immediately. If that’s the case, then that at least means I have your attention. Anyway, this article is more or less a response to ChinoF’s latest article that showcases the blatant vulgarity […]

On being ‘Matapobre’: Why looking down upon the poor is not such a bad thing

More Filipinos should wholeheartedly embrace the Matapobre Philosophy. Stated in English, being matapobre is an entire way of life of looking down upon the ignoramus lot that infests Philippine society. And why not? There is much to be learned from the rich and very little to learn from the poor. Why elevate poverty to some […]

Get Real Iglesia Ni Cristo!

Note: This is supposed to be another of my Sunday sermons but I decided to keep this secular because it would be very hypocritical of me to call out another religion while bringing up my own religious beliefs. So no, I won’t be wearing my stole, collar, chastity belt, garter belt and stockings this Sunday. Oh […]