Why Can’t SM Baguio Bashers See The Bigger Environmental Sin

On TV Patrol, I saw and heard Ka Noli De Castro introduce and SET THE TONE on a report about the cutting of SM Baguio’s 60 trees this way: “Pinutol na ang anim na pung puno sa Luneta Hill dahil sa itatayong seven storey sky park ng isang mall sa Baguio City. Ito’y kahit na nasa […]

Organic Farms and “Eco-Parks” are Ruining Baguio’s Mountainsides

For the nth time, numerous so-called “environmental activists” have come under the case of the vapors against tree cutting around Baguio. Once again, I’m inclined to reiterate on how gullible and how off-the-point the people of Baguio are, especially those who claim to be “for the environment.” Mt. Sto. Tomas, locally known as Cabuyao, is […]

Project Save 182 Adrift in Ennui After SM Baguio Revises Its Expansion Plan

The most recent word about SM Baguio City is that has revised its expansion plans and this will result in a lower number of pine trees affected.  Apparently, just like the way they harked to Olivier Ochanine’s petition to save the Philamlife Theatre, SM seems to be showing that it is listening to and responding […]

Why Baguio Is Dying

The truth is: SM Baguio is just a scapegoat of Pseudo Environmentalists, because they’re politicians who can’t go against the REAL CAUSES of ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION in Benguet and Baguio City: MINING CORPORATIONS who advertise in newspapers and give PR money to columnists, VEGETABLE FARMERS who fund political campaigns, and informal settlers who vote for them. […]

Feeling Triumphant Over “Sting’s Change of Manila Concert Venue”, What’s the Carbon Footprint on that?

Tree hugging and smoking grass probably kills people’s brain cells. Proof of the fact are the greenie, artsie types now celebrating Sting’s decision to change the venue of his concert in Manila over the supposed “cutting” of tree by SM Baguio.  They failed miserably to consider that online activism and concerts use a lot of […]

File Under Oddities: Sting Stung by Project Save 182, Moves Venue to Cuba-Ho

What is the connection between 182 trees in Baguio City and Sting changing concert venues, from Mall of Asia’s Arena to Araneta Coliseum in Cubao — or as I call it, Cuba-Ho? Man, great figuring from Sting.  If at all he is sympathizing with Project Save 182 over the sickly trees that SM balled up […]

File Under Oddities: Project Save 182 Misleads Sting into Changing Concert Venue

Appearing to crow about what seems to be a victory of sorts, Project Save 182 lawyer Cheryl Daytec-Yangot posted on Facebook that Sting had moved his concert from the Mall of Asia to the Araneta Coliseum. Yangot claims to have written to Sting’s representatives and apparently misinformed them that SM had cut the trees that her […]