Why Filipinos Fail to Detect Satire

Many Filipinos fall victim to satire sites. I myself admittedly had been taken by a few, being unfamiliar with them. One recent article tries to analyze why most Filipinos are unable to understand or detect satire. The reason given is the lack of intellectualism that allows one to understand it. I agree this is one […]

Does the Aquino admin support wrong notions of Pinoy Pride?

Back when I first hobnobbed with the current Get Real Philippines bloggers at the now defunct Filipino Voices, I agreed with them against voting B.S. Aquino, since I observed that his supporters subscribed to flawed populist beliefs, including that of Pinoy Pride. Those supporters still display the same attitude today. To again quote presidential spokesperson […]

CNN Is Proud of the Filipino/ Paul Walker Heroics Bola Lang Yan

    “What a fool believes, he sees” – The Doobie Brothers   My Strategic Management professor was good at what he did. He has seen it all. Putting the finishing touches on MBA students in the classroom before they face their grilling in front of three professors. Part of this prep includes grilling students […]

In the Gospel I See Noynoy Aquino

  Some of you will go to Church this Sunday. In the event you are Catholic I strongly you recommend you email this blog to your priest. Tell them they can take off having to write the sermon for Sunday. Move over Rover, let Father Gogs take over. Get Real Philippines   is my pulpit. […]

Zen and the Art of Noytard Maintenance.

  His lack of faith in reason was why he was so fanatically dedicated to it.   Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance   – Robert Pirsig The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig was probably mandatory hippie reading when it first came out in 1974.  I first read it […]

Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines

Some Pinoy Pride stuff had been in the radar lately. Local media ran a feature on a recently appointed American judge with Filipino blood (though the woman, thankfully, said she is an American first). Some NBA fans were quick to boast that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has Filipino blood. But same as the judge, […]

Pinoys’ Poor Money Habits

I often say in my articles that Filipinos refuse to mend their ways. That includes not only their habits with Pinoy Pride, but also their habits with money. We attribute poverty in the country to many things. But for me, one of the obvious things that people tend to gloss over is that Filipinos tend […]

Why greatness will continue to elude the Filipino people

So we want to be a “proud” people, do we? Well perhaps it is time we took the bull by its horns and ask ourselves: Proud of what exactly? You see, this is the 21st Century. Old notions of one race being superior to another or an entire people being anointed as blessed above the […]